Jill Biden will invite the NCAA women’s basketball winners & losers to the White House

The women’s NCAA basketball championship was held on Sunday, and the LSU Tigers defeated the Iowa Hawkeyes. The game was the highest-rated NCAA women’s game of all time, millions of people watched here in America. Including President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. So many people joined together to protect LSU’s Angel Reese’s right to talk her sh-t after the game too, and Angel Reese is such a star. Those young women deserve all their flowers. So… Dr. Biden is making a pretty bad unforced error here: she apparently wants to invite the Tigers AND the Hawkeyes to the White House. Ugh, Jill, stop.

First lady Jill Biden said Monday that she wants the defeated Iowa women’s basketball team to be invited to the White House in addition to the national title winner Louisiana State University. She watched LSU’s 102-85 victory over Iowa from the stands on Sunday night.

Biden, speaking at the Colorado state capital in Denver, praised Iowa’s sportsmanship and congratulated both teams on their performance.

“I know we’ll have the champions come to the White House, we always do. So, we hope LSU will come,” she said. “But, you know, I’m going to tell Joe I think Iowa should come, too, because they played such a good game.”

The White House didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment about whether President Joe Biden would also extend a White House invite to Iowa — and whether it would be a joint visit with LSU or a separate engagement.

Following LSU’s victory, Tigers coach Kim Mulkey said she would go to the White House if the team was invited.

[From The AP]

While I’m sure there’s some precedent for inviting both teams, it’s really the wrong move here. It absolutely feels like “The Tigers are mostly Black, so we have to give something to the white women of Iowa too, they’re the same!” They’re not the same! All respect to the Hawkeyes, they did play well and they should be proud of themselves. But no. Only LSU should get an invite to the White House. Angel Reese agrees!

Update: FLOTUS’s office is walking this back and saying only LSU is invited to the White House.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images, Angel Reese’s social media..

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  1. JJ McClay says:

    Oh man. This is such an own goal. She should NOT have offered this. Any other year, it might have been a non issue. But with the infuriating racism on display here, this was such a bad call.

    Do better, Dr Biden.

    • Jacqulyn Smither says:

      She is going to have to walk this back. I can not ever remember the losers being invited to the White House. Black people are tired of white people trying to award whites when black wins. The reason she is in the White House is because black women help Joe win South Carolina. If this is not corrected The president will pay the price come next election. Black women are tired of the lack of respect. It might sound petty to whites but it is not to blacks. I am sure the President would not have made this mistake. The subject of race is very complicated in this country, you need to be sensitive how you handle situations. I am sure Jill meant no harm but she made a huge mistake that will need to be corrected if Joe want to win again. Democrats can not win the White House without the black vote. I hope they correct this situation today.

      • Tacky says:

        Jill Biden works in a building full of political advisers. Seeking the advice of any one of them would have prevented this stunning disrespect of Black women.

      • Blithe says:

        Some of us voted for Joe Biden with our fingers crossed. Those of us who immediately think of Anita Hill when we think of Joe Biden are tired of being courted for our votes — and having our often desperate loyalties conveniently overlooked when it comes to political power, meaningful constituent services, and, yes: respect.

        @Tacky, I admire your optimism. I wish that I too felt that “seeking the advice of any one of them would have prevented this stunning disrespect of Black women.” Since I don’t know much about her advisors, I’ll just say that in my view and in my experience, it’s unlikely. Jill Biden’s “misstep” is a very familiar one to some of us.

        All these public-facing white people had to do — from Keith Olbermann to Jill Biden — was to treat the members of the championship winning LSU team with the same respect and even grace that is routinely accorded to other champions. So far, they haven’t managed that. I’m glad that these “missteps “ are getting the attention and the pushback that they deserve. I hope that this can be yet another opportunity for learning, grace, and growth — especially for those who actually have the power to address and actively dismantle systemic racism on multiple levels. My fingers are still crossed here.

      • Sarah says:

        Are we really surprised by this? She married Joe Biden who is infamously known for advocating for school segregations,was despicable with Anita Hill, voted for the Crime Bill… She ,at least, has a lot of implicit bias and this incident really highlighted it. Or she doesn’t think before she talks? Or it was a calculated move because of the Iowa caucus?

      • Surly Gale says:

        She’s walked it back
        The White House will host the winners
        As it always has been
        As it needs to always be in future
        And right now.
        Precedent matters to some people, so they can damn well live by their own rules.
        Big mistake, Jull. Huge. Glad you listened.

    • FancyNancy says:

      LSU beat Iowa by 17 points. That’s a shackling in basketball. Iowa was NEVER close. I don’t understand the need to include Iowa in a tradition given to the winner. She stole LSU’s moment and it’s not right. She need to apologize to them profusely. She also dumbed down women’s sport. It’s as if she is saying that women can’t handle losing so we need to acknowledge both.

    • Whyfortheloveo says:

      I admire Dr Biden so much but this was a dumb a$$ move. First the racist abuse directed at LSU has been God Awful. Men are allowed to get into fights and talk trash but a woman better behave? Oh and a black woman better be extra polite? No ! And Fancynancy your point was spot on. My first thought was “women don’t need their hands held Jill.” 50 years of fighting for equal treatment in sports just ignored so she can give the team that lost a cookie.

      • Lorelei says:

        I don’t follow sports at all and know next to nothing about any of them, but even *I* was like “Yikes” when I saw this headline last night. Has a losing team EVER been invited to the White House along with the winners? Such a bad move.

      • Whyfortheloveo says:

        Good Start Crisis team. LSU gets their moment and if Jill’s tender heart is still unable to recognize how sexist it is to treat the losing team like children…she can send them a muffin basket.

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      I should honestly not be shocked when older white women do this sh** but I was. Especially the part about praising Iowa’s “sportsmanship.” DOG WHISTLE. It’s not a direct quote, so maybe FLOTUS didn’t actually use that term. But that totally reads as “the mean black girl who won taunted the poor white girl, let’s give the white girl team something to make up for it!”

      Do better, Dr. Jill. And apologize to LSU for the disrespect.

      • Whyfortheloveo says:

        TigerMcQueen this is so true. This is such a good example of someone of influence demeaning an entire team because she didn’t bother to get the full picture. I’m glad she is trying to fix it, but it should not need to be fixed this was a big big mistake. Also, besides the racist and sexist overtones of this situation, do we need to support the idea that everyone wins Jill? That didn’t go great during your husband’s election. We almost had an overthrown democracy because a jerk wouldn’t admit he lost?!? People lose and the go on with life. It’s OK women can lose in sports too. Really we can we are tough

    • MGD24_7 says:

      To First Lady Biden:
      Oh hell NO!

      I agree with your comment. I have never seen the winning and losing team go to the White House. When did that happen in either men’s or women’s sports? Someone enlighten me.
      I saw a comment on another site suggesting the winning team contact Michelle Obama and ask if she would meet with them to take the picture. Best Idea.

  2. Dutch says:

    Iowa are the Hawkeyes and LSU are the Tigers. The closest precedent may be Olympic silver and bronze medalists invited to the White House. I guess the litmus test will be if San Diego State, last night’s men’s championship gets the call too because to this point no runner-up in an American sport’s championship has ever been invited to the White House

    • kirk says:

      Decent comparison to non-gold Olympic medalists. Actually it’s hard to grasp the hyperbole surrounding Dr. Biden’s well-intentioned comments were quite focused on Title IX gender equality impact. People wondering why we live in divisive society?

      Question why “I’m going to tell Joe I think Iowa should come, too…”

      “Jill Biden will invite the NCAA women’s basketball winners & losers…” please.
      False equivalence.

      • Blithe says:

        People rarely really think that anyone actually wonders “why we live in a divisive society.” Most of us know quite well both how the “divisiveness “ was created and who has continually benefitted from the divisions.

  3. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Absolutely NOT! Don’t be a Karen, Jill.

    • Simone says:

      Are we surprised that Jill Biden is a Karen? Joe Biden has a lot of racial controversies..SMH … I was disgusted when I read this news. This is peak white feminism: she just illustrates our point yesterday ,how white women players need to be coddled and protected.Would she have fine the same if LSU have lost?
      At least,I know where I stand with trump ppl and the GOP… but now I really don’t trust some of these white liberals ,SMH

      • Cams says:

        They are limousine liberals. They always harrass regular working folks. Example being the the “paypal/internet money transfer rules” if they really wanted to get money laundered the threshold would be like 6 grand. Instead companies like PayPal have to report to the irs if someone gets $600 a year. You can sell some old clothes and books and make $600. It’s to give regular people more hoops to jump through.

  4. girl_ninja says:

    No. No. No. While I appreciate Mrs. Biden this is the wrong move and should not be done. There is ONE ladies national championship winner and THEY alone should be invited. This coddling of white women is tiring and actually hurtful as a black woman. My Lord.

    • Louise says:

      Wrong or not (and she is), she also still DR. Biden.

      • girl_ninja says:

        I KNOW her title. Thank you so much for your unnecessary and unwarranted correction. Have a great one.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        Louise is being as much of a Karen as Jill 😂

      • Typical Virgo says:

        @Louise- 🙄 (rolling my eyes AT you in case it’s not clear)

      • Typical Virgo says:

        @Louise- ALSO the Dr thing would only be 100% necessary if the individual was DIRECTLY addressing FLOTUS, or if FLOTUS was in her presence, or if it was an article or something about FLOTUS. but the comments section of a blog? Nah

      • Fabiola says:

        What does her title have to do with anything? I hope she got chewed out by her husbands team for making such a stupid statement. If this happens, then they have to invite every runner up forever.

      • Is That So says:

        Jill Biden didn’t issue an invitation to the institution where she worked, she issued an invite to the White House as the president’s wife.

    • girl_ninja says:

      By the way, I do not think that FLOTUS is a Karen. I think SHE thinks she’s being a peacemaker.

      • FancyNancy says:

        I’m sorry but was a peacemaker needed? Most of the outrage is a result of the treatment of Reese by the public. I have yet to see anything from Clark or any member of the Iowa team complain about their lost. These women have played basketball probably the majority of their lives. This isn’t the first time they have lost a game. No one asked Jill to be a peacemaker. What she did was shameful….PERIOD.

      • SarahLee says:

        A peacemaker for what, exactly? No. She’s giving out the equivalent of a participation trophy to a group of women who probably don’t want it anyway in an effort to pacify a bunch of bigots.

      • girl_ninja says:

        I disagree that with you FancyNancy and SarahLee. It wasn’t needed but I think SHE thought/thinks it was needed. Very much mom vibes. Not an excuse, but a reason. Just a thought.

      • FancyNancy says:

        “Mom Vibes”…..I’m sorry but what type of mothers dims the light on one child to make the other feel better (your analogy). Jill Biden is the FLOTUS. Her job is to support the President not “play mom” to College Basketball Players. She wasn’t needed and she made the situation worst for all. She has done damage to herself, women’s sports and 2 elite basketball teams not to mention the country as a whole. I doubt she will ever recover from this in the minds of many her husband is expecting to stand out in the hot sun for hours to cast a vote for him. Maybe instead they will remember this moment from Jill and decide it’s not worth it.

  5. Becks1 says:

    This really was such an unforced error. I can see Dr. Jill thinking “oh they both played so well lets invite them both!” but that’s not how its done, I don’t think that’s ever how its been done, and they just need to invite LSU as the champions.

    • Nic919 says:

      I was surprised when I read this story because it does not give the message she wants. I hope someone from her staff realizes this and the invite goes out to LSU only.

  6. Truthiness says:

    LSU needs their own day, they earned it.

  7. Bex says:

    Solidarity is for white women.

    • Drea says:

      Exactly… We saw it these years when white women in Hollywood bonded and voted for Andrea Riseborough and excluded two black women,Viola and Danielle(and said that their places were a lock,not Michelle Williams or Cate,lol) and now Jill is having empathy for team Iowa,made majorly of white girls.

  8. Surely Wolfbeak says:

    Ugh. It reminds me of the high school that had its first black valedictorian and decided that that year it would have two valedictorians.

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      You said the whole word AND THEN SOME. Happened at my school too. Only three Black families in the whole district. The Black kids EXCELLED each year. When it came time to announce the valedictorian the second time a Black kid was at the top (there was like a 4-pt. spread, at least, in GPAs with the Black girl indisputably the highest ranking)…they made FOUR valedictorians so the white kids could get their participation trophies!!! It has haunted that now-woman till this day. Jill Biden needs to take her stank opinion and white-woman-coddling to the woodshed….

    • Lorelei says:

      Two valedictorians? Are you kidding me? I hope there was a ton of blowback for that nakedly racist move.

  9. aquarius64 says:

    Wrong call, ma’am. Tradition states the WINNER of a sporting event gets an invitation to 1600. Not second place. You’re doing Iowa no favors. The Iowa Hawkeyes will look like sore losers accepting a pity invite. This was raging on Twitter as a big no even from Iowa fans. Notice Iowa is silent on this. It’s embarrassing for them.

    • Turkeylurkey says:

      Why would Iowa even want to go? This would be the equivalent of a participation trophy. Terrible misstep by First Lady Biden. How about the third and fourth place finishers, they played their hearts out too, are they invited, and so on and so on down the line…

    • Cams says:

      My first thought was ” if Iowa isn’t racist this move is deep embarassing”. This girls want to turn pro. Who wants to play against them now. Who wants to film commercials with them now.

      Carter needs to hire a pr person so this doesn’t stick to her.

      She can’t trash talk anymore. Can’t have fun because a bunch of adults have killed the good vibes.

      This has been unfair to her if she isn’t racist. If she is racist or petty then she would love this.

  10. Flowerlake says:

    A positive note: it’s good to see women’s sports are attracting massive viewership.
    Same for women’s football/soccer.
    There used to be almost nobody watching that in Europe and now the big tournaments draw huge crowds.

  11. s808 says:

    Uh, no. Iowa lost so they can go home and LSU can go to the White House.

  12. NMB says:

    I assume since women’s basketball has been so incredibly big and amazing this year, Biden thinks everyone should get the proverbial participation trophy. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out….

    • equality says:

      In that case, why not invite all the teams.

    • Kelly says:

      They would never do this to the men’s team. It’d not just racism but epic sexism. At her age, she should know better.

  13. OriginalLeigh says:

    I hope this gets vetoed by POTUS. How is it even a special moment for the winners if the losers are there as well? Why not just invite the entire Sweet 16?

  14. SaySo says:

    No Jill. Wrong way, wrong road!

  15. Emily_C says:

    This is deeply embarrassing, to say the least. It’s not going to help anyone. Just invite the winners — anything else is very indicative of how being “nice” doesn’t mean you can’t be racist.

  16. Brassy Rebel says:

    Hopefully, she was just caught up in the moment and only the Tigers will be invited. 🤞

    Meanwhile, hats and other cool championship gear is now available at the LSU store website!

  17. Amy Bee says:

    Bad move by Jill and hopefully the WH social media team were watching what was going on Black Twitter last night and tell her that Joe can’t invite Iowa.

  18. JCallas says:

    Would the invitation have been extended to LSU if Iowa had won? NO. And we know why.

  19. Beach Dreams says:

    I have so many thoughts on this, none of them nice and most of them too mean to state out loud. All I will say is that Jill thoroughly deserves the dragging she’s getting right now and then some.

    • Typical Virgo says:

      @Beach Dreams- 10000%!

      But remember it’s DR Jill derp derp derp…….j/k 😁

      • Kingston says:

        @Typical Virgo

        Erp…..the joke fell flat.

        What do you mean by this? She is indeed Dr. Jill Biden and she earned every bit of that doctorate.

        Are we suddenly gonna diss all non-medical doctorates now? And BTW, Dr. Jill’s doctorate isnt an honorary degree. She did the work to earn it as an excellent scholar.

        By all means, lambast her for her tone deaf comment, but leave her person out of this.

  20. Louise177 says:

    This is such an FU to LSU. It really devalues LSU’s win and makes it look like the preference is to only invite Iowa not LSU.

  21. mellie says:

    I think she’s in ‘teacher Jill’ mode here….but yeah, no. This is the National Championship. No participation trophies. Winners only. Sorry, not sorry. Iowa can go next year IF they win it all. If invited they should respectfully decline.

  22. Eurydice says:

    Huh, I thought the Iowa caucuses didn’t matter anymore. What a terrible idea.

  23. Slush says:

    Typo in the last paragraph, Kaiser. The Tigers are mostly black, not the Hawkeyes.

  24. Lilly (with the double-L) says:

    Yikes. No, no, nope. We’re still at a time where Native youth get threats and violence when our teams win and have to rush out of games (you can search about beer thrown at Tribal youth or Plummer team in Idaho). Angel Reese admirably faced so much racism and stayed true to herself. It also devalues White House honors plus young girls and women don’t need messages that you have to be nice and meek.

    • Debbie says:

      I still remember what grown men did to young children during the beer incident. Shameful.

  25. Lala11_7 says:

    Just based on MY TWEETS ALONE…I DO NOT see POTUS Joe Biden risking the DEM BASE for a Kumbyah moment to APPEASE FLOTUS…cause Twitter was ON 🔥🔥🔥🔥 last night over that BS…and FLOTUS floating that suggestion…SHOCKED but didn’t SURPISE me…folks sometimes get TO COMFORTABLE & forget…


  26. Caitlin C says:

    Are the Philadelphia Eagles getting and invite to the White House too ? Seeing as they lost the Superbowl. If I was the Iowa team I would refuse this makes thrm.look weak as h*ll. Angela Reese was completely right to call this out LSU won the tournament fair and square.

  27. Carrot says:

    The Bidens are such big fans of sport, I took Dr. Biden at face, that she was so appreciative of the game she’d just seen! I don’t think she was playing peacemaker or Karen. I think she only and truly meant what she said, that she wants to meet the losing team as well. She didn’t say at the same time. To me this sounded like real enthusiasm and personal, overall delight with the sportswomanship she got to observe

    • poppedbubble says:

      Sorry @carrot. Nope. Even if this was her mindset, and I have no reason to think that it wasn’t, it was the wrong move. So in essence, you’re saying she’s being selfish because SHE wants to meet them, instead of it being an honor given to the winning team.

      • Carrot says:

        I’ll add: Dr. Biden didn’t suggest the winners deserve to have anything less than their time to shine. She wants to see the women from the losing team too, in recognition of their contribution. Whatever else, these players are gifted peers. Perhaps Dr. Biden wants to make the most of her opportunities and interact with as many talented people (who are likely to go on to much bigger things in life) as she can? Excellence wants to be around excellence.

      • Ameerah M says:

        Nope. She wants to do what WW and white folks have done since the beginning of time. When confronted with Black excellence they want to “level the playing field”. It’s no different than that high school who had it’s first Black Valedictorian and then magically decided to have TWO Valedictorians and picked the white kid who was SECOND in grade average.

      • Carrot says:

        @Ameerah M , I don’t see that at all in this situation. I think Dr. Biden was thrilled with the match and wanted to meet all the women. I don’t think there was more to it. She said what she said and it’s taken out of context which is unfortunate. I see this ire as really missing the forest for the trees

        This sports appreciation isn’t the same as making a white kid who isn’t first, the new also first on account of white. It’s a false analogy. Two groups of gifted athletes reached the basketball championship. One group prevailed because that’s how the game is played. Basketball can’t end in a tie.

        Appreciating both teams isn’t wrong. Arguably, loving the excitement of a live game is what drives ticket sales. If we really want to dig into race, then let’s be real and look at remuneration, grooming of college players, pro team ownership (so white) and be critical of the US furthering a racist, slave paradigm in college and pro sports

      • Kingston says:

        ” I don’t see that at all in this situation. I think Dr. Biden was thrilled with the match and wanted to meet all the women. I don’t think there was more to it. ”

        Its fckud-up rationalizing like this that perpetuates racism. When folks on the receiving end of racism TELL u that its racism, fcuking shut the h3ll up and LISTEN! Racism is not bomboclaat debatable.

      • Carrot says:

        @Kingston, For me, I’m on the receiving end of racism daily. Hafu, thanks. Don’t think I don’t listen because I disagree. Don’t think I don’t deserve an opinion because it’s not the same as yours. Many things can be true at the same time.

    • Eurydice says:

      If she wants to meet the Iowa team, she can go to Iowa. Inviting them to the White House is a special event that should only be for the winners.

      • Carrot says:

        @Eurydice Fully agree she can go to Iowa. If she really wants to meet everyone, I hope she does. I do think she was imprecise and people ran with it though

      • Eurydice says:

        Her quote is not imprecise; it’s very clear and in words of few syllables. What’s imprecise is from where those words came. Was it unconscious racism, an outmoded idea of how women should behave, the idea that everyone should get a pat on the head and no one should feel disappointed, a personal desire to meet the Iowa team without the inconvenience of another trip. Who knows? But, whatever the reason, it was a really stupid thing to say and no matter which way people would run with it, it wouldn’t look good.

      • Carrot says:

        It wouldn’t make sense that the winning team should share the glory with the losing team. Who thinks that ever? I thought she really was just excited and wanted to meet the people on each team. I missed the part where she specified how she wanted both teams to come together at the same time for one event.

      • @poppedbubble says:

        @carrot: “I know we’ll have the champions come to the White House; we always do, so we hope LSU will come,” Biden, who attended Sunday’s game in Dallas, said Monday in remarks at the Colorado Capitol in Denver. “But, you know, I’m going to tell Joe I think Iowa should come, too, because they played such a good game.”

        Whether she meant the same time or not, that is how it reads, and that is how it was interpreted in the context of all of the racism and misogynoir. The two cannot be separated here and that seems to be what you’re trying to do.

        Whatever she meant or whatever her intention, people were right to call her out based on her literal statement. Context is key. She whiffed on this one. Hard. Her team is certainly aware enough that they put out a clarifying statement.

        Interesting that you are unable to acknowledge that whatever her intent, she shouldn’t have said it. Instead we get her language was “imprecise.”

      • Carrot says:

        @@poppedbubble Like I said, imprecise. I don’t condemn her or the remark because in context, I took her words differently to how others understood her.

        And I don’t feel like this is defending the old white lady from her white fragility. Context matters, as you said, and I saw a woman that excited and not parsing her sentence. Not her best unscripted moment but even in context, doesn’t make the remark racist or even mean.

        You think (in good company) people were right to call her out. I uphold your right to think it as much as I disagree. And I’m not taking a contrary stance for the sake of attention. Do I think this is a Susan Hussey situation or even close? I really don’t.

        Yeah, I have a regular, all day, every day problem with racism in sport and everywhere else. I didn’t see it in this instance. Not to mention sexism and elitism, lots of isms. I’m good with standing up for what I think is right. Same as you.

        I saw such delight in Biden that I didn’t climb on board this one. I don’t agree with the majority today. I think Biden was feeling joy in the moment. I don’t think she was in any way trying to take away LSU shine. She’s feeling the backlash regardless.

      • Sammy says:

        But how Jill was able to feel for the Iowa team but not what Angel Reese has to endure after the game? Didn’t she see the discourse happening and white ppl attacking Angel Reese? And how she was compared to Caitlin Clark? I would have understand her excitement if she was asked just after the game not a day later when she certainly saw how Angel was treated by the white media, and she says this, adding fuel to the fire!!
        Maybe she isn’t some old white racist lady but she is a white woman who can empathize with white girls but not with black girls, and has a lot of racial bias.
        She was clearly trying to take LSU shine and how the girls can enjoy going to the WH with all this controversy…SMH…
        And I really hope she is feeling the backlash and looking at herself and her biases cause this was certainly not it…I was pretty neutral about her but I am really angry at her.

  28. tamsin says:

    Are the winner and loser of the men’s teams also invited together? Jill is taking away an achievement from the LSU. It’s like telling them they have to share their gold medal with the team they defeated. Those women deserve to have the spotlight to themselves.

  29. Jess says:

    As Elie Mystal said on Twitter, the LSU win over Iowa is really showing how bad white America still is (I’m paraphrasing – his wording is better than mine, but that’s the gist). Stop coddling white America – esp at the expense of Black women!

  30. Farah says:

    Maybe it’s for the Iowa caucus? All of this is messed up

  31. Ashley says:

    I knew there would be blowback if Iowa lost because the media made the entire tournament about one person and this was a mostly white team against a mostly black team. And let me make myself clear, there is no denying Caitlin Clark‘s talent and the fact she did bring in viewers and is the reason a lot of people watched but this is crazy and it feels like we’re back in the 50’s where they’re protecting the poor white woman from the blacks. Everything I have seen since that game ended has been pure racism. The old white racist men have come out in drones. I don’t understand how in the world Jill Biden doesn’t see how tone deaf this is, especially in this situation.

    • Fanta says:

      She is so tone deaf that I don’t understand how she thought this was a good idea? Jill is a smart woman so how did she think this was gonna fly?

      • Cams says:

        For her to be a teacher…. I’m blown away. She taught at risk youth and community College. Maybe she only worked a few days a month?

  32. Kelly says:

    Such sexism from a woman of her generation and that has to remind others to call her Dr. SHe’s treating top athletes like they are second graders at basketball camp.

    • Farah says:

      Yup, I saw sexism and racial bias from Dr Biden. Why didn’t she do it to men? Why didn’t she decide to invite the Eagles to the WH? Or the Celtics ?Would she has done that to Georgia when they won the College championship?did she invite TCU?
      As a prominent woman in the world, I don’t know why she thought that was a good idea: these women are fierce competitors like men so why being so condescending ?
      She has a lot to unpack

  33. jferber says:

    I think maybe she’s trying to do a coming together/healing type of gesture–like President Obama invited Dr. Louis Gates and the white police involved in answering the call that he was breaking into his own house. Remember? But yes, I can’t remember a losing team ever being invited with the winning one. The haters don’t deserve a place at the table.

    • Cams says:

      I assume it’s ” well everyone wanted Iowa to win so I will invite them”. Plus, tge wording Jill used implies she had to invite lsu. I didn’t vote for her or her husband. I won’t ignore their nature.

  34. Sue says:

    Her press secretary stepped it back and said that just LSU is invited. As they should be.

  35. Likeyoucare says:

    Well well well probably the LSU will decline the invitation and the white house will make history to invite the loser team for the 1st time.

  36. AnneL says:

    I’m going to give Dr. Biden the benefit of the doubt here and assume she meant well, that she was in “teacher mode” as others have said and just wanted to celebrate the achievements of both teams and all of the excitement and interest they generated.

    That said, it’s a bad call and it takes away from LSU’s victory. They deserve the spotlight here. She should have not have even suggested or thought about it. It looks wrong. It feels wrong. It is wrong. I hope she reflects on that and learns from this mistake.

  37. snappyfish says:

    So I’m going there. I watched both teams play this season and both are really good. However, I was stunned….and I mean stunned to see what a bad sport Caitlyn Clark is. She not only was praised with the “you can’t see me move” when Angel was treated like a terrorist when she did the same but what I didn’t see Angel to is get a technical foul for throwing the ball off court and then performing the world’s worse rendition of “what did I do wrong?” Both of these girls are athletes and for one to be praised for trash talking and the other called trash for talking is beyond reprehensible. Everyone who did so should be ashamed and I’m looking at you Keith Oberman. Only one walked away with the title AND but the MVP and everyone needs to recognize. I get the whole “they are both great” but actually only LSU is the champion here. I’m glad to see the WH has fixed this egregious error.

  38. jferber says:

    Snappyfish, yes to everything you said.

  39. Scm154 says:

    Good to see that Iowa agrees!

    Caitlin Clark:
    “We’re all competitive. We all show our emotions in a different way. … Angel is a tremendous, tremendous player. I have nothing but respect for her. I love her game …I don’t think there should be any criticism for what she did. ”
    “ Caitlin Clark to ESPN just now: “I don’t think Angel should be criticized at all. No matter what way it goes, she should never be criticized for what she did. I compete, she competed.
    “It was a super, super fun game. I think that’s what’s going to bring more people to our game”
    “I don’t think runner-ups usually go to the White House. I think LSU should you know enjoy that moment for them”

    Plus Coach Lisa Bluder about an hour ago:
    “I gratefully acknowledge the First Lady’s sentiments, but a day at the White House should belong solely to the champion, LSU and Coach Mulkey.  We would welcome the First Lady and President to come to Iowa’s “House” – Carver Hawkeye Arena — any time!”

    • Emily_C says:

      What the coach said is EXACTLY what I was hoping Iowa would say! The perfect way to handle this. I have no idea what Jill Biden was thinking — she put everyone in an awkward position and looked terrible doing it herself.

  40. Sane Person says:

    Ok so this is a bad look and pretty ridiculous. That can be true AND Jill Biden should also not be canceled. Chill out, people!

    • Sammy says:

      I am not cancelling her but I am certainly holding her accountable : I want her to examine her biases( sexism and racial ).