Shania Twain: Life is too short to wear boring clothes

Here is something I rarely get to say: I agree with Shania Twain. At the Country Music Awards, Shania wore a couple of outfits. One was the two-piece shorts outfit above and the other was the red and black sheer dress with cutouts pictured at the bottom of the post. I thought she looked great. Several people thought it was inappropriate for a 57-year old woman to wear such revealing clothes. So Shania responded to those folks by posting the photo dump above of her in both outfits and writing the following caption letting everyone know that she’s not going to cover up anytime too soon. Because for her, clothes are the way she expresses herself and she’s not about to start dressing boring now.

For me fashion is a powerful tool that helps to convey my personality and express my creativity and other than getting to hang out with my friends for the night, it’s one of my favourite things about attending award shows! Life is too short to wear boring clothes!! 😘 Thank you to the team behind my @cmt #CMTAwards looks ❤️‍🔥

[From Instagram via Huffington Post]

Like Shania, I too use clothes to express myself. Sometimes as an extension how I’m feeling, sometimes to mask my emotions and sometimes I’m just pretending to be someone else. I was raised by one of those moms who adhered to The Rules, like hair lengths after a certain age, what women should wear at each decade, etc. I’m constantly scandalizing her with pleather leggings, corsets, long hair, etc. I don’t love all of Shania’s outfits but that doesn’t mean I don’t think she should wear them. Like Celine Dion, I love seeing women wearing these wild works of art and loving every minute of it. Tracee Ellis Ross is another one, only she almost always gets every note right in my book. I’ll admit I’ve changed a top or something at the behest of my kids, but other than them, I’m the only one critiquing my outfit, thankyouverymuch.

Shania also discussed her colorful hair lately. She said she’s having fun with it because she’s going grey so why not? She’s done blonde, pink, bright red, brunette and auburn. Again, I don’t love every shade she’s done but I like that she’s playing around. It’s been kind of like a guessing game to see what Shania will show up as next. If this is how she’s approaching 60, good for her. We should all go into it with as much whimsy. Plus, I’d rather she talks about fashion than politics, anyway. Although, props to her, she did just make a big statement about diversity in country music.

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  1. Flowerlake says:

    I got a lot of my happiest clothes second-hand.
    Even in winter, I often wear colorful clothes, and am always surprised I see so much black and gray clothes when we need cheering up most in winter 🙂

  2. PrincessOfWaffles says:

    I quit wearing the ultra short skirts because i wanted to give a good example to my kids. That was probably useless lol. I agree with shania: wear what makes you happy, the rest is not our problem. She looks great, whatever she did with her face looks amazing, she is bangin.

  3. Bee says:

    I LOVE this. She’s setting a great example! Life is too short not to wear what you love.

    OK this is hilarious… I was typing this at the same time as #2.

  4. JustBitchy says:

    Sartorial style – but she needs to stop with the fillers.

    • Kelly says:

      Yeah I don’t personally care for the clothes but what shocked me is that she doesn’t even look like the same person anymore. If someone had shown me these pictures and asked me to guess who is was, I never would have gotten with Shania.

    • Granger says:

      I was just coming here to say this. I do not recognize this person at all. I’m kind of shocked, to be honest, at how different she looks. And not in a good way, unfortunately.

  5. Giddy says:

    OMG, I can’t begin to imagine looking that good no matter her age. Of course when I read she is 57 I wanted to sit down and cry. Shania is a gorgeous woman and she’s having fun with her hair and her clothes. Good for her! She’s not doing anything appalling, and a lot of “fashion rules” are stupid anyway.

  6. Big Bertha says:

    I’m all for not GAF and wearing whatever you want regardless of one’s age. However, those outfits are not fit to be worn by anyone. They make a 25 or 60 year old look equally cheap.

  7. pollyv says:

    I love her and I’m glad she’s having fun but I just gotta say it, she’s always had the worst taste in clothes.

    • The Old Chick says:

      I’ve always loved clothes but I’m waaaay older than her and a US 16+ so I can’t wear her swag. But I do love colour and animal print just more conservative. She’s had work and looks great. I’m happy for her.

  8. ooshpick says:

    She’s looking a little ginger spice….

  9. otaku fairy says:

    She’s right. People just need to stop applying their own limits and the values that were shoved down their throats to people who clearly don’t care for those values. You’re not actually a better person, more self-respecting, less deserving of/at fault for abuse, or in any other way of higher value than some woman because your necklines are higher (or in the case of males, because what you’re showing is flatter and less round). You’re not even really less of an attention-seeker, because there are so many different ways to seek attention while still looking the part you’re ‘supposed’ to play. The goalposts seem to shift with the age thing too- anything fun and immodest is either sad and desperate because a woman is young, or sad and desperate because we feel that she’s too old to still be using fashion to express herself in that way.

  10. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    Cannot stand her. She claimed Natuve American rights because of her step-father despite not being native herself. She’s another Rachel Dolezal.

    • Ms single malt says:

      I think you have over reached here. Shania is a status Indian, was adopted by her indigenous step Father and became a member of the community. Both the Canadian government and indigenous communities recognize adoption in their membership codes. Hardly a Rachel Dolezal scenario.

      Shania’s childhood was one of poverty, she suffered the tragic loss of parents in a car accident and yet she looked after her siblings, hasn’t turned her back on the northern communities she was raised in (donates time, provides funds to charities for the hungry and encourages/supports young symphony players in the Timmins orchestra.

      She is a rags to riches story. I love seeing her thrive. Her clothes might not be my choice but I celebrate her joy in expressing her own sense of style, fashion. She looks like she feels fantastic.

      I think musicians early in their career get pigeon holed, told to wear certain clothes or present a certain narrative. But 25 years later can we not appreciate Shania’s hard work, tenacity and barrier breaking?

      • Wen 🇨🇦 says:


        Thank-you ! She is a treasure!

      • ccincanada says:

        i agree, i am canadian indigenous and we adopt from the heart. shania loved her step-dad and he loved her, otherwise he wouldn’t have adopted her. she raised her younger indigenous siblings after her parents died, and has never tried to monetize her indigenous status. in fact, she’s known to have worked to support programming that helps feed children in poverty here in canada. it’s something she struggled with herself as a child.

        i love her for loving herself unconditionally. she’s an inspiration.

  11. Gelya says:

    I have been laughing at her fashion choices. I love she is doing this. I noticed during Peri we are trying to figure out what to wear without feeling like Winnie the Pooh. Then I noticed in full meno women really upping the ante and playing with fashion. I love it so much. I am looking forward to being Shania. I am assuming she is full meno now. My biggest pet peeve is people hating on those who are having fun. She is having fun. Jealous haters need to shut up.

  12. Ms single malt says:

    These are award show outfits worn by an entertainer. Good for her. I am certainly entertained when I see her outfits. Peri menopause has been a challenge for me – weight gain, graying hair, sleeplessness and more. Kudos to women who appear to be thriving thru this maniacal hormonal time while in the public eye. So many critics.

  13. shanaynay says:

    I have no problem with her clothes. However, I think she needs to leave her face alone. She was gorgeous when she first came on the scene, and she’s still very very pretty, but to me, she doesn’t look like herself anymore. Am I alone on this?