Prince Harry ‘didn’t hear from Charles, he wanted to hear from his father directly’

People Magazine published additional excerpts from their cover story this week: “Why Harry’s Going Without Meghan.” In yesterday’s excerpts, we learned from “sources” that the Duchess of Sussex was thinking about going to the coronation to support her father-in-law, but she didn’t want to have to put herself through “the scrutiny” of the British media. “Scrutiny” being some kind of euphemism for targeted hate campaign. Anyway, these new excerpts are putting more of an emphasis on Harry’s perspective. Keep in mind, for days now, Buckingham Palace has been leaking a steady stream of “olive branch” stories, trying to make King Charles sound magnanimous and wise, a doting father and grandfather who has heart-to-heart conversations with his darling boy. Except that sources tell People that Charles didn’t even contact Harry directly for a while.

The coronation invite: When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex received an email about the royal event from Charles’ office — and not from Harry’s father himself — it became clear that the “sit-down” the prince sought to talk through their issues following the release of his memoir Spare wasn’t going to happen, a close friend tells PEOPLE exclusively in this week’s cover story. “They didn’t hear from Charles. Harry wanted to hear from his father directly — it’s always through somebody,” the friend says.

Harry & Charles eventually did speak over the phone: With the coronation just weeks away and the big question of whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would attend the historic ceremony remaining, the estranged father and son ultimately connected — although not in person — and had “positive conversations,” a source says.

Charles’s first wish: A source who knows the royals tells PEOPLE it would be King Charles’ “first wish” for Harry to join them at the coronation. “Despite the wounds, it’s his son, and I can’t imagine he wouldn’t want him to be there regardless of the hurtful things that have been said,” royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith adds.

Why Harry is going: For Prince Harry, his solo appearance at the coronation has everything to do with his desire to have, as he has stated, a “family, not an institution.” “This is about a son showing up for his father rather than the optics of the institution,” the close friend says.

No family reconciliation: “What they wanted wasn’t achieved,” the insider continued. “But at the end of the day, he’s going there to support his dad.”

[From People]

Yeah, I believe that Charles and Harry weren’t speaking and that the e-vite came through staff. I think Charles has regularly cut off personal communications with Harry over the years, and I’d be willing to bet that father and son did not speak over the phone from, like, October of last year through March. Charles was pissy about the Netflix series and Spare, and his punishment was clear: evicting the Sussexes from Frogmore Cottage. My other theory is that Charles’s childish silent treatment was probably the major reason why Harry didn’t confirm his attendance until last week. He was like: I can give you the silent treatment too, dad. Harry went radio silent about the coronation and Charles freaked out and eventually called Harry. I bet you that’s how it happened.

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  1. Zoochy says:

    Agreed that that is most likely what happened. Charles is trying and failing to control the narrative.

    • FancyNancy says:

      Charles didn’t freak out….the media freaked out. IMO, Charles really belived that the world cared that he is King and wanted to celebrate with him. I believe that Charles didn’t care if Harry/Meghan attended or not at first until he started seeing his unpopularity. Trust me if Charles could get away with a coronation without Harry he would. However he knows he needs someone to bring the world media to the Coronation…..but not even Harry could save this disaster!

      • Sam says:

        Of course Charles freaked out! What makes you think it was all the British tabloids? All these articles about Meghan and Harry have been coming for months straight from Buckingham palace!

    • SarahLee says:

      Precisely. And just like the Queen’s funeral, Harry is going to walk into Westminster Abbey – looking like a fine ginger snack – and the media will have him in every photo and camera shot that they can.

      • Joanne says:

        SarahLee, I read your comment as “looking like a fine ginger snap” and thought that sounds appropriate and tasty.

    • Emme says:

      Agree 100% that Charles blinked first. A weak man versus a warrior, Harry was always going to break his father’s childish sulk.

    • Kathleen says:

      I understand that as a counsellor of state since 2005, Harry is more or less obliged to be there. I am not sure if that is true. Does anyone know about this? Counsellors of state are to be domiciled in the UK and Harry isn’t. He may be removed from the list.

      • Jenna says:

        Technically, I believe they don’t have to be out of Frogmore Cottage for a little bit longer. But I think trying to remove Harry as Counsellor of state was one of the reasons for his eviction.

        Maybe Harry bought some property in the UK, and we just don’t know about it. If/When they try to remove Harry, it would be great if he could pull out of bill of sale and say, “well actually, I bought a house ages ago. Being able to earn your own money is great!!”

  2. Brassy Rebel says:

    Charles is desperate to have Harry there. The optics of him not being there would have been intolerable. But I think he will be equally desperate to resume the abuse and leaking against him once it’s all over. Charles hasn’t made any meaningful concessions as far as we know. Picking up the phone and making a call is not monumental progress.

    • Snuffles says:

      I think Harry knows this and that’s why he’s giving his father the bare minimum. Just here for the 2 hour ceremony and then straight back to Montecito.

      • Well Wisher says:

        Harry knew that they would not respond well to boundaries, so necessary for him and his family well being.
        He did not capitulate, but by going for the duration of the service, reiterates that his interest lie in royal family not the institution.

    • OriginalMich says:

      The optics of having Harry but not Meghan and his grandchildren are arguably worse. For centuries to come, the books written about Charles will be focused on how he treated his first young wife and how he treated his youngest son.

      Charles has always obsessed with appearing noble, wise, and great but he is so selfish that he doesn’t understand what those qualities really mean.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        They are using the excuse of Archie’s birthday for those optics. But that begs the question: who chose Archie’s birthday in the first place for this totally unnecessary taxpayer funded extravaganza? I think the choice of date was very deliberate.

    • Grace Yancy says:

      To FancyNancy.
      You’re 💯!
      The entire institution thought they could get away with this farce of a so called coronation.
      The entire con-a-nation is a fraud.
      They need Prince Harry there.
      Harry didn’t want his wife & kids to go through that brutal indignation from the minions of Rupert Murdochs called the Royal Rota Rats(BM).
      Harry said in that interview with Bradby that he still believes in the Monarchy, not the institution.
      I applaud Miss America & The Heartbreak Prince.

      • Robert Phillips says:

        I believe Harry is going for England. Not his father. Harry is proud of his country. That’s why he enjoyed serving in the military. I personally don’t believe Harry will even see his family while he is there. Except for watching them from the Abbey. Everyone keeps talking about reconciliation. Harry has given in all he is going to. The next steps will be William and Charles going to Harry in California. Which neither of them will do.

      • Normades says:

        I agree. He’s not doing this to ‘support his father’ but because he made a vow to the Queen/King and the military.

        His jerk father has done nothing for him and this is his last duty to the crown imo.

  3. Amy Bee says:

    Yeah, I think if Harry hadn’t gotten that personal phone call from Charles he wouldn’t be going to the coronation and the fact he’s flying in and out says that nothing had been resolved.

  4. Jais says:

    This sounds right. Hilarious if Charles actually thought he was going to get an answer without talking to Harry first. The whole time the BM was screeching about Harry not giving Charles an answer was just bc Charles couldn’t call his son.

    • Becks1 says:

      LOL, agreed. I think that’s what happened too. He got the invitation or email or STD or whatever, Charles’ staff called to follow up , and Harry was like, yeah I want to talk to my father before I make a decision. As weeks passed and Harry stuck to that, there was probably panic at the palace (and panic in the press) and Charles finally called him.

      • TheOriginalMia says:

        I’m glad Harry didn’t cave. Charles would rather hide behind his Grey Men than face his children. That’s why his reign will be characterized by these moments of childishness, pettiness, and weakness.

      • ML says:

        The palace staff clearly needed to convince KC to call his own son and that took months. They must have been freaking out, because they know H&M sometimes drop receipts. Could you imagine if KC never contacted Harry personally, H did not attend and then later let it be known that his father who ostensibly wanted him to attend never even spoke to H personally?! That would have been a PR disaster.

  5. Linda says:

    Plus.. Charles is a scorpio. And if there is one thing we are good at.. is holding grudges. I dont see Charles moving in the right direction.. ever

    • Maxine Branch says:

      I am a Scorpio as well. And I do hold on to grudges but I also do the right things as a situation warrants it regardless the circumstances . I have always believed and practiced not cutting off my nose for spite.

    • Sue E Generis says:

      And Harry is a Virgo. This is a death match.

    • TheOriginalMia says:

      Scorpio as well. Charles is thee worst Scorpio man. We hold grudges, but when we are plotting revenge, we aren’t usually as obvious as this weakling is.

  6. Maxine Branch says:

    Charles seems determined to make his reign the last. A decaying institution full of vanishing money, jewelry, and the way he knees to the tabloids re his treatment of his younger son and his sons family is not the trajectory he thinks it is. Grateful Harry has decency and a sense of self worth by doing the minimum he has to re this coronation. Applaud Meghan for her decision. Of course I will not be watching this nonsense I will get whatever from Twitter. Kinda hard to believe Britain thinks he is the best his country has to offer and after him is an absolute Tory puppet and an ill tempered bully.

  7. sara says:

    i feel like harry and william probably have a relationship the other billionaires and 1% have with their kids…which is not a lot of daily contact and “have my ppl set things up”. once you get to a certain level of wealth and privilege…you just don’t function as normal people.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      I don’t support your theory that is the case with the 1% as there are many wonderful people within this socioeconomic position who do have loving relationships with their children. IF those in the 1% love their children, as well as every other socio economic group, they make the time, effort and place the relationships with their children a priority!!

      There is NO excuse for Charles’s abusive, petty and spiteful behaviour towards Harry, Meghan and his grandchildren EXCEPT that he doesn’t love them unconditionally, period!! Charles was merely acting out of desperation, NOT to extend this ridiculous narrative that he is extending an olive branch as he is incapable. What I imagine with having a relationship with Charles, as a father or any other person, is that every action is conditional on HIS terms.

      My father was exactly like him. Everything was conditional, even his love as he ceased his relationship with his second eldest as he deemed that she was gay since she had a female roommate.

    • Kristen from MA says:

      I wonder if Charles has a cell phone. You could say that no, he doesn’t and that it’s a generational thing, but my mother is Charles’ age and she has a cell. We don’t talk often but we do text regularly.

      It’s so odd to me that this man doesn’t talk directly to his children (unless pushed to so, as in this situation). As someone who isn’t rich, I think it would be great to have “people” to do things for you, but the things you don’t want to do yourself (errands, etc.).

      • Anastasia says:

        Didn’t QE have a burner phone she used to talk to harry? Or did I make that up in my head?

  8. C-Shell says:

    Was there ever a more spectacular coward than CIII? Well, maybe Bulliam, but his cowardice is obscured by his under-developed frontal lobe and inability to control his impulses. CIII is just a monumental wimp. That Harry emerged from that cesspool the upright, strong and courageous man he is is downright miraculous. And, he knows how the game is played and has been masterful at using it to gain freedom for his family. I believe he will also gain some meaningful concessions, like in-country security, given time.

  9. Harper says:

    Cue the story about how betrayed and hurt Burger King feels now that CRex is giving in to Harry’s demands and talking to him on the phone.

  10. Chuckles is getting a big olive branch extended by Harry to attend his chubbly with a very brief visit. Chuckles doesn’t deserve the class act son that he has in Harry.

  11. Julie says:

    I know its a bit silly but, has Harry’s representative confirmed he is coming? I distinctly remember him confirming that the palace does not speak for the Sussexes nor their friends.

    • Scooby Gang says:

      @Julie, I’d been wondering about this as well. Would Charles see that as a last resort move? Would he think that by having BP announce that H is attending – before even getting an RSVP from H – that it would force H to attend?

      I have to admit, a part of me is holding onto the hope that maybe – just maybe – something will happen that results in H not attending.

      Could you imagine if H&M’s spokesperson eventually announces that H never said he was attending – and the ridiculous lying and briefing on BP’s part is why he won’t be there?

      I know. Wishful thinking. But we can dream.

    • Ace says:

      I have actually thought the same thing lol. It’s probably just a matter of BP announcing in relief that Harry told them he was coming, but it seemed weird that there hasn’t been anything from the Sussex spokeperson. But I guess if somebody asked they could have just pointed to the BP statement.

      I do wish he didn’t show up after all, and not just because it would be hilarious having the British media lose their mind waiting for him, but it looks like Harry still wants to give his father a chance and I can’t begrudge him that.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Julie, H&M have repeatedly stated that unless it comes directly from them, it’s utter rubbish and garbage. And no one close to H made these statements as we all know that those close to H&M would never consider speaking for or about them.

      This is all utter KFC, BP and the gutter RR’s making these claims as they have twisted it into fitting their ongoing narrative of how loving KFC is with Harry, Meghan and their beautiful family.

    • kirk says:

      Yes, a spokesperson for the Sussexes said Harry was going. The Sussex statement differed from Buckingham Palace which said they were “pleased” he was coming.

  12. Louise177 says:

    When the spokesperson said that they received correspondence from the Palace, I knew something was up. Not following up with a phone call is pathetic. I doubt Harry would attend if he didn’t speak to Charles directly.

    • Em says:

      What did speaking to Charles directly accomplish? They’re still out of a house in the UK, the briefings still continue and Charles has not publicly acknowledged his grandkids

      • Well Wisher says:

        It depends on Harry’s expectations in terms of direct communication with his father, if any, and importantly about common courtesy.

      • equality says:

        Well, QE didn’t publicly defend them even when the hype was that her nickname was stolen by them and they maintained a relationship with her.

  13. Em says:

    Why is Harry going then? Why give these people positive PR, increase engagement and help out your father when he won’t even see you worthy of a “private” apology?

    As a Sussex fan, I will never understand this decision, they lost their house, Meghan is still getting attacked, Harry is having to spend thousands of fees to fight for security and his father is supposedly the king.
    He needs to understand that his relationship or whatever he had with the Windsors is effectively over, they literally declined invites to his kids birthday and to her christening.

    He needs to start treating them with the disdain or even indifference they show him, his wife and kids. This isn’t the time to be a bigger man.

    • one of the marys says:

      You have to be able to live with yourself. He may need the certainty that he’s done all he can to reach his father.

    • Nermine says:

      As long as they invite him to their (high profile) events, he will go. Even if that means leaving his wife and children behind.

    • MaryContrary says:

      He is a still a prince, and 5th in line to the throne. He has respect for that, and for the history. I’m not surprised he’s going to the coronation ceremony. He’ll soldier through that, and then he’s out. He’s not going to any of the other surrounding events.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ MaryContrary, I am in agreement. H’s attendance is simply in support for recognizing that KFC is now the Head of State, nothing more. IF H was attending simply for due to his personal relationship with his awful father, he wouldn’t be attending. KFC, and the rest of the BaRF have made it perfectly clear that he, as well as his family, are not welcome. I think that M’s decision not to attend was the best decision that they made as a family. Meghan has no delusions as to how she will be treated by the RR’s, as well as the the entire BaRF. As KFC only invited H&M, it’s perfectly clear where his “love” falls regarding H, M and their beautiful children.

  14. Lauren42 says:

    I felt really sad reading Spare because it was so clear to me that Harry DOES still love his father and want to have a relationship with him. I think the double whammy of duty + dad was too much for him to ignore. I hope that after the Chubbly, he finds the strength in the members of his family who love him and do right by him, and leaves these jerks in the dust.

    • BQM says:

      I felt the same. And Charles, who always seemed to be looking for unconditional love, had it RIGHT THERE in his younger son. It’s pretty heartbreaking. If Charles had been a better man…..

  15. Chantal says:

    Charles the Worst. Is it C-Rex’ lifelong ambition to be the absolute worst at everything? I don’t understand how he continually manages to complicate and/or eff up the simplest things. For someone so concerned about optics, he sure goes out of his way to do the opposite of what should be positive and easy PR wins.

  16. Noor says:

    Perhaps Charles should reflect on major “mistakes” such as
    1. Citing no money for Meghan and Archie upkeep and security
    2. No Prince title for Archie and Lillibet
    3. Withdrew security on short notice before Harry is financially independent
    4 Did not nip in the bud William’s feuds with Harry and the leaks and smears on Meghan by palace insiders,

  17. HeyKay says:

    Charles is just a terrible Father. Too weak to speak to his son and try to reconnect.

    • Jaded says:

      Agree. And I also think Camzilla has him by the short and curlies, and she certainly doesn’t want any kind of rapprochement with the Sussexes. Her boozy lunch date with Jeremy Clarkson and his subsequent vile rant about Meghan says it all.

  18. aquarius64 says:

    I still think Harry is going out of duty and duress. Harry is still Counselor or State and because of that he’s required to be at the Chubbly; and he wants to make the kids are not to be targeted by the Firm any further. By going alone he and Meghan rob the rota rats money shots and new content.

  19. Ace says:

    It makes sense that Harry would wait for his father to actually call him and ask them to come considering what happened with the Jubbly invite, but I still think these sources People are using have never talked directly to Meghan or Harry.

  20. Mary Pester says:

    Charly boy must have a whole bloody forest of olive trees given the amount of times we have heard the “Charles has extended an olive branch” crap!
    Harry will go because he is 5th in line to the throne, PLUS he is also someone, who, if something should happen to william and Kate, is one of the people who will stand for George as regent
    Now, Charlie boy was panicking he saw the poles,, not only is the monarchy at its lowest in people’s opinion than it has been since BEFORE Elizabeth 2nd came to the throne but over 51 %are saying HE should pay for the coronation himself! Charlie can’t stand being unpopular, he knows the majority never have and never will accept his side peice as queen (Queen tampon is making the rounds), he backed BULLYAM and Kate as the ones to shore up his popularity 🤣🤣🤣🤣, people are sick of them being awol all the time. People have finally clicked that they don’t like to work and wheel their children out when they get any bad publicity. BUT one day Charlie woke up, turned to his Wife (AHHHHHHH, imagine waking up to THAT face beside you),and said “mummykins the peasants are revolting” the scrotum in a wig turns and says “, what’s new?” Charlie says “but mummykins they want me to spend my own money for our crowning” Camzilla gives one almighty screech, puts her teeth in and says “no, no, no, I need your money for my children and my gin, what the hell are you going to do about it, you idiot, do something and put that bloody teddy down”
    Charlie says “mummykins what about Henry?”
    Camzilla says “what about Henry, he said no, and besides, we don’t know what he’s been up to so we can’t leak anything”
    “but mummykins if Henry comes, oh god, I’m going to have to start calling him by” Harry “aren’t I, as I can’t really call him darling boy now can I, not after ALL the sht we have rained down on him, if HARRY comes, people will see I’m kind and loving and magnanimous”.
    “well get out of that bloody bed and call him you idiot, I’ve only got 25 bottles left and it’s Thursday Already, oh and while your at it, send your rage monster son and dippy daughter in law on a jolly, that way they are out of the bloody way, because if that stupid woman shows me one more wiglet catalogue or lip gloss color, I swear I will wrap it around her neck, now, chop chop, mummykins needs her cornflakes…… Harry will walk into that Abbey, and BLOODY OWN IT

  21. Sharma says:

    Oh i just assumed they stop talking. Probably started before qe2 passed.

    Then harry said his dad isnt taking his calls in one of those tv interviews, i believe he was speaking to a woman.

    And ofcourse they arent speaking. After the funeral uniform -snub-, both sides are now furious. Linking harry to andrew over an interview! An interview that charles would do if he was in the same boat! Yeah, everyone is mad.

  22. Jojo says:

    All Harry’s life his family have viewed him as naive, impulsive, not very bright, downright stupid even. I think they based these views on three things.

    The first, his dislike of traditional classroom based rote learning, he’s basically an active/kinaesthetic learner and enjoys ‘doing’ rather than reading about ‘doing’. Nothing wrong with that, we all learn differently, not being traditionally academically inclined certainly does not mean someone is therefore stupid.

    The second, he never participated in, or even gave them a hint that he seemed to understand, the continual ‘behind the scenes’ power games, plotting and press/palace manipulations that they all undertook while competing for position, influence, publicity.

    The third, he never seemed to question the status quo. He just accepted whatever they did to him as the way things were. From remodelling his childhood room while he was away, giving him a basement room or run down cottage to live in as an adult, limiting his finances to keep him dependant on handouts to playing ‘the fuck up’ to William’s ‘golden boy’ image.

    They are now, particularly C & W, in total bemused shock because they are realising that not only is he actually a very intelligent individual and that, when he needs to, he can actually play the game better than they can. They’re also learning, in real time, that their lifetime perceptions of Harry as a person were based on their own complete misreading of his true personality and natural abilities. They have dismissed and ignored him so much throughout his life that they underestimated his true potential, determination, strength and innate talents. It will take a minute for them to now fully adjust to this new reality where they have to take Harry seriously and recognise his true value. I think Charles will eventually get there, even if it’s just because he wants to piggy back off Harry’s successes. However, William never will imo. William’s entire self image is too tied into the premise that he outshines ‘stupid’ Harry therefore he needs to cling to his old perceptions no matter the mass of evidence to the contrary. I feel so sorry for Harry having to deal with these people for the rest of his life, the saying ‘you can’t choose your family… etc. has never been truer.

    • Jaded says:

      Great comment. His family utterly destroyed his self-esteem — he started getting it back when he went into the military, then when he met Meghan and she clearly saw the damage done to him, she got him into therapy. He’s like the caterpillar who morphs into a butterfly. She saw the innate intelligence, humanity, integrity and compassion in him and encouraged him to believe in himself. His own effing family can’t stand that he’s been so successful, personally and professionally. They can rot.

    • Patricia says:

      Excellent, JOJO and Jaded. So well thought out and said. I have been saying for years that the wrong one was born first. Harry is ten times the man that William could ever hope to be. Isn’t it just a joy to see Harry become the man who many of us knew was always there? I think that is why I so admire Meghan for her “miracle working” unqualified, non judgemental love.
      My greatest hope is that someday Harry will see his family for what they truly are, understand that there is no changing them and so he can move on with the wonderful life he has made for his family. I think the Sussex have made a great start and, I don’t know what afterlife holds, but I hope both his mother and his grandmother can see this.

    • Rnot says:

      One quick quibble because accuracy in criticism matters. It wasn’t his childhood bedroom. He moved into it when he was 19 and she took it over after he moved out at age 28. There are so many better examples of their cruelty than that one.

      “I used to live here at Clarence House, from when I was nineteen until I was about twenty-eight. After I moved out, Camilla turned my bedroom into her dressing room. I tried not to care. But, especially the first time I saw it, I cared.”

  23. Saucy&Sassy says:

    This is a pretty story that ultimately makes KFC look good. Harry is going for his father!!! I think Harry is going because it’s his duty to do so. Do I think Harry actually talked with KFC? Well, the jury is still out on that one. I believe that getting the security that he demanded is why this took this long. KFC wanted to control Harry, and Harry wasn’t having any of that.

    I read an article on Spoutible that the BBC and iTV, and one more, were arguing with KFC about who owns the video of the coronation. They don’t want this to be like the funeral where KFC determined what would be cut and what they could use. Why does the UK this it’s a democracy? They don’t have freedom of the press.

  24. Silkworm says:

    I never understood why Harry keeps his British titles and the his place in the LOS. Why not give the the toxic titles up? Do you really need them in the US? His titles mean nothing here. If the RF are toxic, why is he going to Chuck’s coronation? The RF aren’t going to change their minds. Harry needs to move on. He needs to renounce all of his titles and those of his children. Harry needs to give up his and his children’s places in the LOS. Harry can’t save them. Why torture yourself, and your family over people who no longer care about you?

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Silkworm, Harry already answered that. It wouldn’t make a difference. Do you really think that if he gave up the DDoS titles the tabloids/media would stop their harassment and bullying. They won’t. As far as the LOS, it doesn’t come into play unless something happened to the entire Wails family, which I hope never happens. If Harry did take himself out, then Andrew would be up to bat. Interesting thought.