Meghan Trainor is sorry for saying ‘F teachers’ on her podcast

Meghan Trainor is pregnant with her second child. Her son Riley is two years old. She’s written a book on motherhood called, Dear Future Mama: A TMI Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, and Motherhood from Your Bestie, which puts herself as an authority of sorts as a new mom for others, even if the premise is that she wrote the book because she was caught so unaware of all these things. I bring all this up because when someone puts themselves up as an authority, words matter. Meghan recently came under fire for telling everyone that she let her husband Daryl Sabara completely shave her prior to a potential second C-Section so she’d look good. Shaving prior is not recommended by the medical community, let your doctor do it.

Meghan is apologizing again for careless words, this time for “misspeaking” about teachers. Was she though? I’ll let you decide. Meghan has already said she plans to homeschool Riley and his three siblings she intends to have because she does not trust the US school system. Most of that fear is of school shootings. On her Workin On It with Meghan Trainor & Ryan Trainor podcast, she reiterated their intentions, only this time, she let her emotions get the better of her and set off about how awful American schools were. Their guest, Trisha Paytas, who named her daughter Malibu Barbie, brought up her concerns about bullies. But when she mentioned teachers, Meghan interrupted to say, “F*ck teachers.” Four days and several angry comments later, Meghan issued an apology, claiming she, Daryl and Trisha had all been bullied by teachers, but that’s actually not how she feels about them, she loves teachers and other pleasstopyellingatme PR stuff.

Meghan Trainor has apologized for her “careless” comments about teachers and her intentions to homeschool her children as a result.

“Teachers of TikTok and teachers of the world, I recently said ‘F teachers’ on the podcast and it’s not how I feel,” the pregnant “Mother” songstress, 29, said in a candid Sunday, April 23, TikTok video. “I was fired up because we were talking about how sending your kid to school here in America is so horrific.”

Trainor — who shares son Riley, 2, with husband Daryl Sabara — and her brother Ryan Trainor had welcomed influencer Trisha Paytas to their joint “Workin’ On It” podcast to chat about parenthood. Paytas, for her part, welcomed daughter Malibu with husband Moses Hacmon in September 2022.

“We’re homeschooling our kids,” the “All About that Bass” singer quipped during the Wednesday, April 19, episode. “Everyone on TikTok is like, ‘This is what it’s like having kids in America. I have a bulletproof backpack.’ I was like, f—k all that.”

Paytas, 34, agreed with the former Voice U.K. judge’s remarks, adding that she also worried about potential bullies and teachers. “F—k teachers, dude,” Meghan interrupted.

The Grammy winner has since claimed that both she and the Spy Kids star, 30, had been bullied by their former educators and that hearing Paytas’ own story made her feel angry.

“I did not mean [to say that about] all teachers,” Meghan said on Sunday. “I love teachers, I fight for teachers. I think they have the hardest job and they are the most underpaid. They are the most unappreciated when they literally raise all of us. I don’t want to make excuses, I just want to [say] I am so sorry.”

She continued: “I am so sorry to any teachers I made feel bad and I will remind myself that my words definitely could have a consequence and I will be more careful.”

The Dear Future Mama author also thanked TikTok user @GalsGotMoxie for raising awareness about her unkind comments.

“I am sorry for being careless with my words. I LOVE teachers and I am here for you ❤️,” Meghan captioned her TikTok video. “Let’s work to make schools a better place together.”

[From Us]

I’d like to take this moment to remind everyone that three of the four writers here were raised by teachers, none of whom bullied Meghan, Trisha or Daryl. I won’t argue that school shootings are terrifying and active shooter drills are nothing our kids should be familiar with. But Meghan doesn’t need to insult so much of the population to justify her choice to homeschool. Just make it and stand by it. As for this teacher thing, I’m at a loss for a response. While there are some bad teachers out there, the majority of them are doing a Yeoman’s service under terrible conditions. Often, they sacrifice far more than they ask. I’ve known a lousy a teacher or two, but overall, there are so many more to whom I am entirely indebted for both me and my kids. This is just such a nasty comment on Meghan’s part, and I don’t care how fired up she was, it’s coming from a place of truth to trip off her tongue like that. To further my point, it took her four days to apologize. If I insulted an entire profession, I would issue a statement as soon as I realized what I’d done. Her statement wasn’t good enough to need four days to craft, this was damage control after enough people complained.

It’s a shame too, because LAUSD teachers, her district, just had to strike for livable working conditions. They have to fight for everything they do for those kids in, again, the second largest school district in the country. Her timing and words are unfortunate. F*ck Meghan Trainor. Oh wait, sorry, I was just fired up. I don’t feel that way all the time. Let’s work to make Meghan say better stuff. I’m here for you ❤️.

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  1. Flowerlake says:

    This is exactly the type of mom that makes teachers quit and find another job.
    And then the parents are complaining about their not being enough teachers.

    This is actually a thing in my country: parents are one of the main reasons teachers quit the profession and find a better paid and less stressful job. In some school, they don’t have enough teachers anymore to have 5 days of schooling.

    • Genevieve says:

      At first glance I thought that said “5 days of shooting,” but then whew!

      But for the main point you’re making – yeah. I’m a teacher and though I’m not USian and wouldn’t complain about my salary, I’m at the point where seeing a parent email sends my anxiety sky-high. (The majority are great/fine, but the difficult ones are a lot)

    • Colleen says:

      Agreed. Teachers are overworked, underpaid and unappreciated. My SIL and 2 of my sisters are teachers and the stress they are under is way out of proportion to the benefits. But they love the kids so they stay. Most of the teachers I’ve met and had in my life are the same way. She sounds uneducated and out of touch. And that is a lame apology. She meant what she said but she can’t take the heat. And how is she able to teach women about motherhood? Her kid is 2. She has no idea.

      • Fabiola says:

        Meghan sounds like an idiot. She should stop talking. How is she speaking on schools when her son has not even attended school yet? Also, in regards to her friend complaining about bullies, why would you name your kid Malibu Barbie ? As if you’re not putting your kid out there to be made fun if cuz of her ridiculous name.

      • Lorelei says:

        Thank you for bringing up the Malibu Barbie issue. I get that it’s nowhere near the point of this post, but I cannot get over it

      • BeanieBean says:

        I feel the same way about her worrying about her kid being bullied. I believe everyone should name their kid whatever they want, spell their name however they want, and know full well that kids can make fun of any name, but still. You officially name your child ‘Malibu Barbie’–setting her up for teasing–and complain when the teasing happens?

  2. WingKingdom says:

    So, how exactly does she “fight for teachers”??? Sounds like bs to me.
    Also, f-ck Meghan Trainor.
    -a teacher

    • TOM says:

      -a retired teacher (38 years in the job and I loved it) and president of the teachers’ union local (4 years)

    • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

      Thank you for all your sacrifices and great work. I’ve known so many great teachers. They’re the cornerstone of society, a beacon on so many levels. My oldest son is married to one. The year they got married, that wicked snowstorm hit and ruined the pipes in their new home along with other disasters that year. Suja juices was doing a teacher sweepstakes where you could nominate a special teacher, so…I wrote an essay lol. And I was a finalist! She received something like a years supply of Suja and classroom supplies. That’s crazy right? Love teachers, Fuck M.

    • Lorelei says:

      Her faux-apology was so over the top that it’s just laughable. She “fights” for teachers? Please.

  3. R says:

    I get being worried about the quality of America schooling and all the shootings. Teachers are overworked and underprepared to deal with kids from backgrounds that’s not white, not straight and not Bodie-abled etc…but to tell off teachers while planning to homeschool your kids??? what kind of quality of schooling are her kids gonna have??? Inadequate schooling plus having wealthy, famous parents? I have my questions around how those kids will turn out…

    • Concern Fae says:

      People forget that homeschooling is a new thing. It was banned in all 50 states until lawsuits in the 70s and 80s. It has been a negative experience for the country overall.

      I remember a friend of my parents saying that part of the purpose of school is to teach people that their kids are just kids. Everyone else loves their own kids just as much as you do. Your kids aren’t special just because they are your kids. No wonder there is this backlash to schools these days.

      • ama1977 says:

        Hard agree. I’ve got two kids in public school right now (4th and 9th grade) and I’m smarter than the average bear (lol) as is their dad, but they’re getting a much more well-rounded education from the school system than I could ever hope to provide. The education piece is only part of it; there are so, so, SO many benefits to children participating in formal education outside of the home. It would take hundreds of thousands of dollars and a small army of people to provide all of the benefits of a school setting at home. Homeschooling is a vanity project for people who don’t know what they don’t know.

        Yes, the always-present threat of violence at school terrifies me. Yes, it enrages me when I have to console my elementary-age kiddo after they’ve done active shooter training at school, because she’s old enough to know that it’s not “okay” or “normal”. Yes, I want to go HAM on every elected official who took NRA money to look the other way instead of DOING SOMETHING about our country being awash in firearms (looking straight at you, Ted Cruz.) However, since we also know that movie theaters, grocery stores, malls, concerts and parades are also not guaranteed to be safe and I’m not willing to live life in a bunker, we choose school.

        Also, daughter of a career educator and not a Meghan Trainor fan (the aforementioned 4th grader loooooves her) but seriously??? Do better than “F*CK TEACHERS” Meghan. You should be mortified and I’m GLAD you’re getting yelled at.

      • BeanieBean says:

        @Concern Fae: I didn’t realize that. I’m guessing that was in response to various Supreme Court decisions regarding desegregation & bussing. I think that’s when a lot of private/religious/charter schools originated as well.

    • Frippery says:

      R, your comment is confusing. There are many, many teachers who aren’t white. The majority of my teachers weren’t. I don’t feel that *teachers* are not prepared to deal with any children except white, I feel that teachers are increasingly hampered by poorly written, vague and rushed laws restricting what they can teach about African American history or, when age appropriate, orientations other than straight.

      They are very prepared, they just aren’t allowed.

      • Kitten says:

        Agreed. My SIL is an ESL teacher in a public school system that is 41% Hispanic. She’s a white woman who couldn’t be more prepared to deal with kids of different backgrounds, races, and languages. In fact, I think teachers these days are more prepared than ever to deal with that stuff.

      • R says:

        @Frippery, i live in a west european country. All of my teachers have been white. Same for my younger cousins. I still remember the times when teachers would look around to see if there was a muslim student in the room before talking shit/spewing stereotypes about Islam/Muslims. Same with kids from Congolese background. Government is ‘officially’ centre right leaning, but the biggest political party is courting the very hard right voters ( think trump alike voters). Government also recently decided that this country doesn’t need to issue an apology for their colonial past ( exact words, ‘too radical and useless to issue one) . many years ago, the most progessive newspaper in the country depicted Obama as a monkey and they refused to apologise for it. Today ‘being woke’ is seen as too radical , dangerous for society and reactionary. My anxiety levels during covid was at a all time high as an Asian diaspora. Asian kids (6/7 years old) were getting yelled and beaten by adults. So, yes, i still stand by my opinion. There are good people and good teachers out there, I’m not completely cynical yet, but….I see a kid of colour and I know what challanges lies ahead of them in this country. Reason why I’m in the process to move back to the west european I was born in . at least they apologised for their colonial past, Asian community is bigger and I don’t need to speak French at my work place. Win win win.

      • TeamAwesome says:

        I was prepared to teach my content area. I was prepared to differentiate instruction. I was not prepared for what to do when a child throws a chair, chokes another student, or runs out of my classroom. I was not prepared for parents to get so mad at me that they turn red in the face and make me think they are going to come over my desk at me.

  4. ML says:

    Ugh! There are educators in my family who decided on that line of work because they really want to help kids learn. It’s not because of money, status, or a stress-free environment that people decide to teach! I gave English lessons to immigrants (it’s hard to get a job in the NLs if you can’t speak English) and kids for a few years and parents are one of the reasons I left.
    If MT had a bad experience, it would make sense to say what it was. One of my kids has dyslexia (now called a language issue), and the first grade teacher blamed her difficulties on the fact that I spoke English at home. She’s the exception to the rest.

  5. Mcmmom says:

    This infuriates me.

    My 16 year old has wanted to be a teacher since she can remember and between the school shootings and the lack of respect (and pay) given to teachers by so many, I worry for her. Stuff like this doesn’t help.

    I’m over Meghan Trainor.

    • HelloDolly! says:

      As a college professor who almost taught k-12, I find her comment gross and narrowminded. I never knew she had these kind of politics—never was a super fan but now REALLY over her.

  6. Josephine says:

    Nah, screw her. Her real sentiment came out and now she’s pretending that she cares about teachers, you know, those people who literally stand in the lien of fire to protect kids because republicants like her are working day and night to dismantle and maim public schools.

    The vast majority of teachers are super heroes – politicians are hate-bombing them so that they can divert public funds to private religious schools and keep poor Americans as poorly educated as possible.

    Screw her and the blind, dumb horse she rode in on.

    • Frippery says:

      Meghan Trainor has been pretty supportive of reproductive rights and same sex marriage. I don’t think she’s a Republican.

      • Josephine says:

        she may sign-on to causes that she thinks her fan base cares about but her thinking is pure entitled republicant. she doesn’t strike me as a voter but if she does vote i hope she isn’t as ignorant and bigoted as her comments suggest she is

  7. Ocho says:

    If you or your child has ever been bullied by a teacher, it is devastating with life-long consequences, including PTSD, anxiety and self esteem problems. Unfortunately, this is more common than people want to know, particularly for children who are perceived as atypical or “unacceptable” in some way or from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. It would have been more productive and responsible for her to describe how things should improve rather than denigrate an entire group of people. Understandably, I don’t think teachers will want to listen to her, and she missed an opportunity.

    • Josephine says:

      While I agree that being bullied is devastating, particuraly from someone who is supposed to care about your development, please don’t throw out quasi-statistics without backing them up.

    • Rackel says:

      A lot of Teachers bully kids. For various reasons. For the teachers that say ” it doesn’t happen”, well they are part of the problem. Either they are bullies or they don’t recognize a bully.

    • R says:

      @Ocho, agreed. Teachers have to work under incredible pressures and expectations under a tight budget while having to make sure kids knows and understand the ‘end terms’ (basic knowledge and information every student should know) as our education system calls it. Teachers have a front row seat to all the issues a child is facing. I honestly don’t begrudge a teacher for not knowing how to handle a child with trauma, that’s a lot to deal with and a lot of pressure. They’re ultimately not the parents of the child and being finely attuned to every needs and wants of every students is impossible. Even then, they’re still human, still have their own unconscious biases and conditioned in the (white) patriarchal society we live in. Paired with their own problems and personal issues. I don’t begrudge any teacher feeling overwhelmed, under supported and burnt out. Bad teachers or indifferent teachers can do so much damage. But you know, I rather have kids in qualified schools with educated teachers than parents who think they know better how to school/educate their kids, cause teaching is way harder than most people think it is.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Hmm, well, I had a junior high school history teacher who, in concert with the boys in class, sexually harassed me so much I refused to go to school any more. I also stopped eating. My mom went down to school to fight on my behalf & the school’s resolution was to switch me to a different history class. That was it. You can bet that had lasting affects on me, but do I think to myself ‘f*ck teachers’? No. That guy, hells yeah, but I had some great teachers, outside of him.

      • R says:

        @BeanieBean, so sorry that has happened to you. I’m a survivor of rape, sexual abuse and familial abuse as well. I had moved around a lot and when I came to the country im currently living in, had to deal with all that abuse and the trauma, culture shock, catch up on school terms and learn another language. I wish I could say teachers knew what to do with me, cause I was really, really withdrawn and anxious and had frequent panic attacks but they didn’t and I don’t have any grudge towards them, cause they are just human and doing what they could. That said, we need teachers and we need to make sure they have the support in order to do their job. School and teachers prepares you for for real life as an adult. Good and bad.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Virtual hugs to you R. I can totally relate to being so anxious & withdrawn & having panic attacks that nobody knew what to do about. Heaven knows my mother tried, at least I had my mom on my side.

  8. Linder says:

    I have never forgotten the very bad teachers I had but it made me appreciate even more, the good ones. It’s a tough job and not everyone is cut out for it. Bullies exist in all professions. She will never live this remark down. It makes her look like a tool and not very bright.

  9. Miranda says:

    On one hand, I’m happy for the teachers who won’t have to put up with her. But on the other hand, I worry for her kids because she’s obviously too ignorant to be educating them herself.

  10. CFY says:

    Nah. Her words may have been careless but also sincere AF. She meant every word and she’s only tossing out this quasi “apology” because of the backlash and negative attention and likely she was urged to do so by the PR and management professionals in her life. As others have pointed out countless times – this was not a heat of the moment caught live. This was recorded, edited, and used as promotion for her podcast. And to my knowledge, which could be out of date, it hasn’t been removed or taken down. So this trick, who has never been particularly impressive and has been telling on herself for years, has again been totally honest about who she is.

    I’m the daughter of a teacher AND I was also bullied by teachers and a school librarian in elementary and middle school. And I’m a child free adult. But I still believe in the importance of the profession and this girl is… a piece of shit, honestly.

    • Kitten says:

      Yes allllll of this. Extremely well-said.

      So many lessons could have–and should have–been learned during the pandemic, one of them being the importance of teachers and an acknowledgement of the difficulties and stress that comes with such a challenging job. Instead, we have an entire political party demonizing a noble profession and celebs like Trainor feeding into it. My family is full of educators on many sides and they are all caring, thoughtful individuals who are deeply invested in the impact of their job. I don’t condone bullying, especially if it’s an adult bullying a child, but teachers are human and allowed to have a bad moment from time to time. I really don’t think people understand how much patience, compassion, and self-restraint is required to be an effective teacher. Again, no lessons learned during the pandemic.

  11. Ceej says:

    I have four close friends who are teachers and they do so much with so little resources and admin BS to make a difference in the lives of their students. Are there people who shouldn’t be teachers? 100%. They usually say things like “I thought this job would be easy” but they are the exceptions to an industry of people who are underpaid, overworked, stressed and using their own funds to supply their classrooms with what kids needs. F Meghan indeed.

    But my goodness, the stories they tell about parents attitudes towards teachers. How quickly some parents have forgotten how desperate they were to have schools reopen during a pandemkc after spending a mere week of 24/7 with their precious angel…

    Edit: also it is a smart decision to homeschool your child if you’ve named them Malibu Barbie because kids are ruthless and that is like spreading out honey and getting ants.

  12. lamejudi says:

    Did she craft this statement while sitting on her side by side toilet with her spouse?

    Yeah, not listening to anyone who lives like her.

    • Whyforthelove says:

      Before law school I spent 4 years as a teacher and both of my parents were teachers. F U Meghan Trainor

  13. Becks1 says:

    I didn’t listen to the podcast so I’m trying to pick up on the context from this post, but it sounds like she was saying in the context of being worried about school shootings maybe? Which makes zero sense to me, because I know that my kids’ teachers would take a bullet for my kids. They should not HAVE to ever be in that position, but I know they would. Our school principal started crying at our last PTA meeting talking about their preparations and plans if there was a shooter at our elementary school. And we’re going to say eff those people??

    School shootings aside, we’re going to say eff the people who are underpaid, underappreciated, overworked, and who just keep getting more and more added to their plates? Look I’ve had some bad teachers. My kids so far have been lucky and really haven’t but I know there’s always a first. But I feel like even a bad teacher is doing their best and didn’t go into teaching thinking “I’m going to be the worst teacher ever.” They’re all doing a job I know 100% i could not do.

    I’m not sure what point she was trying to make but it was a really really bad one.

    • Juju says:

      I agree Becks. The trauma of school shootings isn’t just inflicted on children but the entire teaching and educational professions. It boggles my mind that she could transition from “school shootings are so horrible” to “f-teachers” in the same conversation. And her comments come from an extreme place of privilege that she fails to acknowledge. Her version of home schooling will likely involve a teacher that she pays just to teach her kids in her home, or in a co-op. Most American families don’t have the choice to be a single income family while a parent (usually a woman!) gives up their career to teach the kids. Congrats to people who can make this work and it was the right path for them, I just think Megan’s comments don’t acknowledge that the US public school system is the only option for a vast majority of the kids in America.

  14. Jamie says:

    My son is a teacher, my DIL is a teacher and my daughter works with kids who have developmental issues at a school and on behalf of them, f*ck Meghan Trainor and her crappy songs.

  15. Rackel says:

    Teachers who bully can devastate a person’s whole life. They can flunk you, other you, take your lunch, and other things. Just because YOU havent seen a bully teacher doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

    • Coco says:

      I’m not sure when the last time you have been to school, but with public schools teachers are not able to flunk kids even if the kids need to repeat the grade after the no kid gets left behind rule from Bush .

    • Jamie says:

      You obviously have not been in a school in a long time. Bullying kids far outweigh bullying teachers. Most teachers are there to educate kids and enrich minds. They certainly aren’t there for the paycheck. Educate yourself!

  16. Frippery says:

    It’s a mixed bag with public school. Some teachers are good. Some are amazing. Some have no business teaching. And like life and a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. I know that if I had the resources, I would love to provide my child with the most well rounded, expensive and *safe* education possible. But public school is important because that’s how kids get exposed to ideas, children and families that are different from them. You don’t necessarily get that same exposure with private school or home schooling, which can leave kids less prepared for a world that doesn’t look or act or think like them.

    But I don’t know how you arrive at “F teachers”. That’s a pretty broad statement to make. Like, all of them?

    • Kitten says:

      People sending their kids to private schools are a huge reason why public school systems fail. Look at Houston as an example.
      And it’s not just about exposure to different ideas. If people don’t have their kids in the public school system, they won’t be invested in what kind of teachers are hired, who gets nominated for school council, whether schools get rebuilt or maintained, etc etc.

  17. cheryle says:

    I feel sad that Meghan will be the one “teaching” her children. She is an imbecile.

    • Lattenow says:

      Agree. Megan is an idiot, and should not be spouting off her nonsense and insulting teachers

  18. Malificent says:

    This hits hard especially this week. My son’s favorite high school math teacher was just diagnosed with what may well be terminal cancer. The kids, staff, and families are all heartbroken — he’s the most talented, wise, capable, and warm-hearted guy — and he deserves a long and happy retirement. And I’ve watched the school struggle to find a long-term sub who can teach higher level math because so many teachers have left the profession because of the pandemic and burn-out — and so many talented young people don’t consider teaching as a career because of the lack of respect and pay.

    I get the fear of sending your kid to school in America. I live 20 minutes from Columbine High School, 20 minutes from the Aurora theater shootings, and 20 minutes from East High School where two deans were recently shot while trying to do a mandated patdown of a kid with a history of bringing weapons to school. My kid has done more active shooter drills since he was in kindergarten than tornado drills. And I’ve lost track of the number of actual lockdowns he’s had.

    But enough with the “I got bullied by my teachers” nonsense. At some point, we all got bullied by a teacher. And most of us, hopefully, also had wonderful teachers who supported us and saw things in us that we maybe didn’t see in ourselves.

    I’m not categorically against homeschooling. For some kids, it can be the best choice for a variety of reasons. But I see so much conceit and entitlement in these attitudes that parents always magically know best and can do best for their kids. They want their kids to live in a tiny, safe little world where they never encounter any kind of negativity — which will leave them completely unprepared for the real world as adults.

  19. NMB says:

    Most of the kids who are “bullied” by teachers are not following the rules and expectations teacher/schools lay out. I’m a teacher. I have high expectations for behavior and academic achievement for students. Research says high expectations lead to high performance AND closes the achievement gap. Kids have to work to meet those high expectations. Families need to have those same expectations for their kids. I had a student who was earning a B in her writing. She felt I was “bullying” her because I never gave her an A. She had her parents complain about me to my boss. The kid never came to tutoring sessions with me, nor did she ask for feedback during class. She played hockey around the clock, so she didn’t have time to work on her writing outside of class. In short, she was not doing any extra work to earn herself an A, but I was the problem according to her and her parents. I was the “bully.” This is what “bullying” by teachers looks like to the vast majority of parents. I’m not saying bad teachers and a-hole teachers don’t exist, but I’m saying teachers have zero respect and are usually treated as they are the ones in the wrong.

  20. chill says:

    F*ck Meghan Trainor. Oh wait, sorry, I was just fired up. I don’t feel that way all the time. Too right.

  21. Erika says:

    My partner works hard everyday at his school and loves his kiddos. F Meghan. She’s always been wack with lame tracks. Oops. Sorry.🫢

  22. Isa says:

    You can speak about your own experience and fears without denigrating the whole profession which is underpaid, overworked, and over legislated. I have just now began to unpack the anger and resentment from the way I was treated by my teachers, but I still understand that they’re not the same ones that teach my kids. My kids LOVE their teachers and it makes me so happy they’re having a positive experience.

  23. Paige Liberato says:

    Some people shouldn’t be educators, just like some people shouldn’t be nurses. Yet I don’t hear people denigrating the entire medical profession.

    Trainor is espousing a right wing talking point and it’s gross. Her “apology” isn’t thoughtful and lacks substance because she doesn’t actually have anything meaningful to say on the topic.

    I’m disappointed in her and I imagine she’s lost some fans over this.

    • Peanut Butter says:

      Yes, she’s grabbed on to a horrible, selfish, rightwing talking point, not to mention trashing an entire profession, many of whom have undoubtedly supported her music in the past. She deserves to lose fans and revenue over this, particularly given that her “apology” reeks of ass-covering instead of a thoughtful, regretful response

  24. Peanut Butter says:

    “I fight for teachers” 😂😂
    What a load of BS from another overprivileged, overconfident, over-rewarded sack of hot air. I remember her vapid, clueless comment several years ago about never having voted & not caring to do so. Great role model for young girls 🙄

  25. MaryContrary says:

    I miss the days when entertainers just entertained-if you sing, you sing-no podcasts, no shilling. She is so unbelievably dumb that it’s really a shame that she has such a large platform.

  26. Elsa says:

    As an educator and a person, I cannot stand her. However, as she seems to be the worst kind of parent, she can homeschool with my blessing.

  27. Kim says:

    Thank you for speaking out against Meghan’s hateful comments. I’m a kindergarten teacher. Hope she enjoys homeschooling, lol.

  28. Anon says:

    This last lausd strike was not about the teachers. It was for the support staff… teachers aides, cafeteria staff, bus drivers, janitors…. The teachers were “striking” only in solitary because as union members you don’t cross picket lines. It was so annoying to see the teachers vilified again for showing support for the coworkers so barely make a living wage.

  29. BeanieBean says:

    I am who I am because of my teachers and my mom (my very first teacher)–and the rest of my family & friends–but mostly my teachers & my mom. I still have strong memories of several teachers, going all the way back to grade school. We need more support for public school teachers, not less.

  30. Kate says:

    F-ck you too, Meghan!
    – teacher of 15 years who is leaving because of continual public abuse

  31. Fl@minora666 says:

    So this dumbitch had one good song a veeery long time ago. She doesn’t strike me as particularly intelligent. She doesn’t strike me as someone that has much to say about anything that’s really useful and I can’t imagine why she’s still in the celebrity ecosystem, because what has she done lately ? Oh wait, she had kids and it make her an expert.

    Her comments about teachers are absolutely ridiculous. There are good teachers and there are bad teachers. We all had good teachers and we all had bad teachers. But a good teacher can change your life for the better so please honey think before you open your big fat pie hole. And recognize that many teachers are dedicated and good and mostly are underpaid for the garbage they put up with.

    By the way, I’m not some disgruntled ex-teacher or teacher, but I know a few teachers. (Not necessarily disgruntled).

    • Abby says:

      A good teacher can definitely change your life in profound ways, co-sign from personal experience.

  32. Nokitty! says:

    And this is why I’m glad I never got into Meghan Trainor.

  33. Gelya says:

    This former teacher says F Megan. I was not a bully and fought for my kids. I was an inner city teacher too. Try that for a week Megan. Come back with your thought process about teachers.
    I did homeschool my son. He had special needs. I had that village to help me.
    Yes, there are bully teachers. I see Megan followed in their footsteps to become a bully too. I can’t with her.

  34. Abby says:

    I gotta admit I don’t understand this concept of home-schooling. Granted, I’m not American, but still. Like isn’t primary education mandatory? Shouldn’t that be taught by professionals?
    I 100% believe your average Joe is not capable of teaching kids all the nuances of math, physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography, art, native and foreign language. All of which are mandatory subjects where I’m from. Ain’t no way in hell one single person (your average parent with no training for these subjects) could provide the best type of knowledge environment for a child that could rival having 10 people who all studied individually these subjects.
    Like why would you set up your kid for failure and lack of knowledge? Why?
    In addition, if you don’t expose your kid to various different ways of critical thinking, what are you raising? A mini-me robot? A replica of your self? Are people that vain they want their kids to just reflect their own narrow views?

    • Gelya says:

      Abby since I mentioned I did homeschool above in my post I am assuming you were tacking on a reply to mine.
      I wrote I had the village to homeschool my son. He had special needs that the school system in my area could not provide for him. It was not an easy decision to make at the time.
      I was a teacher who had a lot of resources available to give my son a well rounded education. I had a lot of help. I was surrounded by a large group of retired teachers and professor’s who helped me fill in the gaps that I was not able to teach. My son would have three different teachers per day on most days.
      My son had a huge social network where he was never isolated.
      I know my situation was different than most homeschool parents. Education is my top priority in raising a child. I believe in a well rounded education.
      Trust me my son was never a mini me, lol. I always teased him that we were not related. He was so opposite of me with a mind of his own. I loved it.
      I think and hope that most parents that choose homeschooling today are taking advantage of the wide array of resources that are now available like satellite classes, homeschool association tutoring, etc…
      Pandemic changed the way our children are educated and opened up more resources and opportunities for our kids.