The Waleses will go to Singapore later this year for the Earthshot Awards

Last December, the Prince and Princess of Wales headed to Boston for the Earthshot Awards. According to the British press, the Boston trip was supposed to be William and Kate’s bold attempt to “win America back” from the Sussexes. William and Kate actually fought that hype before they even flew out – they really tried to lower expectations, as always, because the bar is in hell for both of them. Still, the bar wasn’t low enough – the Boston trip was a flop, and the biggest story coming out of the Boston Earthshot ceremony was that William flew out a bunch of celebrities to appear in person… all while refusing to invite the prize finalists and winners to Boston. Something else happened too: Earthshot was such a flop, it’s taken them more than five months to announce the location of this year’s prize ceremony. William just announced it today: they’re going to Singapore, y’all.

The Prince and Princess of Wales will travel to Singapore later this year for the final of William’s environmental award. The couple will travel to the south east Asian country in November after it was selected as the destination of the third annual awards ceremony for the Prince’s Earthshot prize. During the event the five winners of The Earthshot Prize 2023 will be awarded £1million. The ceremony will also feature performances by world-renowned musicians and artists.

Announcing the destination today, Prince William, 40, said: ‘The Earthshot Prize is all about showing the world that solutions to some of the biggest environmental challenges we face are out there. After two years of discovering impactful ideas and innovations, I am delighted that The Earthshot Prize is travelling to Singapore, where the ground-breaking solutions of our 2023 Finalists will be celebrated.’

Last year’s ceremony took place in the US in Boston, when guests arrived in hybrid vehicles and were encouraged to wear vintage, recycled or reusable clothing. Kate, who presented an award, wore a rented lime green Solace London dress from fashion platform Hurr and teamed it with an emerald choker worn by Princess Diana.

[From The Daily Mail]

William and Kate have actually been to Singapore once before, as part of a “Diamond Jubilee” tour in 2012. From what I remember of that tour, they were well-received in a mild way – like, some people wanted to see them, but they weren’t doing big staged events or anything. I’m curious to see the reception they get this year. I also suspect that this is more about William wanting to hang out with really rich people. He’s trying to forge his own wealthy connections and get people to hand him suitcases full of cash too. Anyway, I think we can guess that none of this year’s Earthshot finalists will be invited to appear in person in Singapore.

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  1. Singapore is a very clean and environmentally woke. Why do they want Peg to come pollute the place? Looks like Peg just wants a nice vacation.

    • Jk says:

      I used to live in Singapore. They do glam very well. Maybe Will wants to network with crazy rich Asians.

      The shape of his head though… It’s just.. does he chew rocks?

    • Moxylady says:

      I honestly wonder if William is patenting their ideas under EARTHSHOT or something so that their intellectual property financially
      benefits him but also these ideas can’t be implemented without being “bought” from him.
      Like why not publish these ideas – like an open source save the world environmental task force thjng – so that the world can benefit?
      I wonder if there is more to the complete hush around the winners ideas than palace incompetence.
      I’m wondering if he’s preying on the intellectual property of those in incredibly precarious situations for his own benefit.
      Colonizers gonna colonize.

      • Mjane says:

        Earthshot does not take any ownership. The idea is to give small firms enough seed capital to scale up to the point where they can attract real investors—like angel investors but without equity

  2. Becks1 says:

    So they can’t do any royal tours but they are going to fly to Singapore? How environmentally friendly of them.

    • Mjane says:

      Charles must approve any tours they take and the rumor is that he and Camilla are planning to do significant traveling this year and next

  3. S808 says:

    So they just aren’t going to any commonwealth countries huh?

    • Dee(2) says:

      I don’t think they’re going to go anywhere where there could be legitimate criticism of them based on an established relationship. They’re definitely not going to the Caribbean, and I think they’ll stay away from Australia and New Zealand because they’re worried about Republican sentiment and the obvious comparison to Harry and Meghan. Singapore is not part of the Commonwealth so no worries about uncomfortable questions and expectations, and they don’t have to compete with the Sussexes.

      • SURE says:

        “Singapore joined the Commonwealth in October 1965 after gaining independence, and regularly participates in the biennial Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings (CHOGM).”

      • Dee(2) says:

        ETA- didn’t realize Singapore was a Commonwealth country. I still think they are avoiding places with large republican sentiment and anywhere Meghan and Harry went though.

    • Elvie says:

      Singapore is a commonwealth country.

      • Cece says:

        It’s a commonwealth country but it’s a Republic with a President. It’s an independent country so not tied to the royals/UK. Not all commonwealth countries have the monarch as the head of state! So there’s no reason to worry about protests or unhappiness. People may not be that excited about UK royals, but they won’t be angry at them coming there.

      • Alexandria says:

        We are a Commonwealth member country. We are a republic.

        And I’m not welcoming him. Yucks. Too bad.

  4. Pinkosaurus says:

    Brexit is going to make it a lot harder for William to solicit bags of cash since you can’t buy a fast track to EU citizenship anymore 🤣 Not sure the UK has the same cache it used to, although there’s always war criminals and tyrants willing to pay for more medals.

  5. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Cue MADtv skit (sung): *Lowered expecta-aa-tions!”

  6. Jais says:

    If a bunch of people are flying to Singapore for these awards anyways, then I do think the contestants should also be flown in. How’s that different than flying them in at a later date for a reception at Windsor or wherever. Otherwise it should all be zoom awards, which is clearly the environmentally friendly choice. But that’s not the case here. So if it’s in Singapore, the contestants should be in Singapore.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Better yet, choose one city & have the awards there every year. Bring the nominees. Present them with a check, then & there. But that would mean Willy Boy wouldn’t be able to have what Harry has with Invictus. Talk about your copying.
      I realized after writing that that W is only copying H on the differing cities every year. Awarding people in person? No, W isn’t going to copy that part.

  7. Layla says:

    So I guess whatever Meghan is seen wearing tomorrow or next week is what we’ll see the copykeen version of on Kate for this event.
    W had better remember to fly out the winners and nominees in all that haze of desperation he’s currently walking inn

    • WHAT says:

      I didn’t hit submit fast enough. You beat me to it 😂. Two awards ceremony 🎑 for Meghan Markle. You better believe Catherine will show up wearing her cheapest version she can find. Remember also to see how Meghan does her hair and 💅

      • Layla says:

        @what lol I’m sorry but hey great minds do think alike

        We gotta remember to keep this record so when she does eventually repeat Meghan’s look we can se we called it 😂

  8. Mia says:

    I’m in tech so maybe I’m biased, but so many international companies just laid off tons of people in Singapore, I can’t imagine anyone being happy about usless ultra wealthy people coming to visit.

  9. HeyKay says:

    Why can’t they just Zoom this entire thing?
    Save all the jets flying a bunch of people from every place on the planet.

    Zoom the awards, post the video on SM. Done.

    Oh, that’s right. W&K could not have a very luxurious vacation at the tax payers cost, if they Zoom the entire thing.
    These people disgust me.

  10. Lucy says:

    I would like to know anything, anything at all about the past winners. Like, what were they doing? How is it repeatable elsewhere? Have they been paid? I know more about Kate’s fugly green dress than I do about the winners. I can vaguely remember that Costa Rica won one of the first year prizes? But that’s the sum of what I know. I don’t know why or what or how.

  11. Eurydice says:

    I wonder how much William has to say about what happens with Earthshot now that it’s a separate non-profit. He’s president, but does he actually manage anything? Now that I think on it, who actually manages Earthshot?

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Eurydice, it seems to me I read that Jason Knauf was part of that. Found it:

      “Four new trustees have also been appointed to the Board, joining Christiana Figueres, who is Chair, David Fein, who is Vice-Chair, and Founding Trustee, ‘Tokunboh Ishmael. They are:

      M Sanjayan, CEO of Conservation International, an environmental non-profit dedicated to protecting the nature humanity needs, which has been a supportive Global Alliance Partner since The Earthshot Prize launched in 2020
      Jason Knauf, Global Leadership Fellow at Conservation International who has worked on the Prize since its conception in his former role as CEO of The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
      Zoë Ware, former Assistant Private Secretary to The Duke of Cambridge, who oversaw the creation of The Earthshot Prize from Kensington Palace and now works for the FCDO
      Jean Christophe Gray in an ex-officio role as the Private Secretary to The Duke of Cambridge.”

  12. Kittenmom says:

    They can’t possibly get away with not flying in the award winners again!

    Knowing how stupid they are, I guess they might try.

    • tamsin says:

      I think the winners were flown to Windsor because someone finally realized how apalling it was to fly in celebrities and entertainers and not people trying to save the environment. A friend of mine who is a bit of a deranger rattled on about the types of projects that won, so the information is out there for people really interested in the winners, and they were featured if only by zoom. I would never have guessed Singapore, but did they not have some kind of Asian summit on the environment recently? And a few of the winners have been from Asia.
      Anyway, there doesn’t seem to be any kind of criteria for deciding where to hold the awards. Perhaps it’s whichever country can be persuaded.

  13. Over it says:

    Last year earthshit vacation to Boston was too cold for them so now ther want one with nicer weather where Kate can have her crack babies poolside of her private guest house. And Wank can stare at all the yummy daddies and maybe mummies in their tiny bikinis

  14. Mary Pester says:

    Oh christ, here we go again. We are going to see pages and pages of earthshot sht for weeks to come. So to save the planet they flew to Boston and because it needs a bit more saving they will fly to Singapore. But NONE of the British rags will point out the bloody hypocrisy of this!! More to the point, I wonder if any winners will actually get the money this time.

  15. Moxylady says:

    I wrote this super long thing on how to actually improve this shit and it disappeared.
    Hello Williams team! This is what y’all need to do.
    Hire a British actor. Hire a camera crew, a director and an editor.
    Make one initial video where the actor talks to Prince William and he describes his dreams for EARTHSHOT. That it helps change the world for the better. Easy.
    Go to each of the top ten finalists. Have the very kind and gregarious actor follow the finalists around to see the conditions they are facing and the challenges they are overcoming with their idea. See how their idea directly impacts their community.
    William can have montages kf him reading the proposals, looking at the “accounting”, serious phone calls, looking at nature whatever.
    Post each video across all socials. Post them separately but concurrently. Maybe one a week so that you can learn from the mistakes and do re-edits. William can introduce each video if he wants – this week we are looking into the blah blah blah of x who comes from x. They are trying to do x. Let’s have a look shall we?
    Then have the 10 finalist “shark tank” their ideas in Singapore to investors. That’s a ton of footage with no work for William. Because all world changing ideas should have a chance. And then the show.
    Almost no work for him. Tons of excellent PR. And lord knows you guys might even save the world.

    • BeanieBean says:

      This is brilliant! Nah, they’ll never go for it.

    • Queenmumanne says:

      That is a wonderful idea! Almost like Walt Disney’s wonderful world of color! But with no humorous, charismatic, talented, innovative, smart Walt Disney!

      • Truthiness says:

        I thought that commercial was already 💯 a rip off of Disney and Epcot Center, with Tinkerbelle stardust zooming through the air. I can see a media guy pitching “Disney meets Climate Crisis” and Pegs thinking it’s genius.

    • Queenmumanne says:

      And since this earthshot thing is going to be an annual thing, maybe make it a bit fun and come up with a mascot. I don’t know. Some animated cartoon thing and do a segment with William and the cartoon character like the queen and Paddington bear.

    • Layla says:

      This might sound silly but keep a record. That way when they adopt this they don’t take full credit cuz you KNOW the derangers and media will rip their hair out and lick WanK’s boots about how perfect they
      I’ve noticed these past few years that the few suggestions that have been made either here or by @kaiser and @celebitchy on the podcast have actually been implemented later on at some point
      Exhibit a) the covid chop chop tour, they didn’t bring anything for any of the children or the nhs workers but after that podcast where the suggestion was made , a few weeks/days later they had sent haggis to nhs workers in Scotland
      There’s definitely someone from the team who is reading and listening to the podcast I’m sure of it

      • Moxyladyi says:

        I know right?
        Like hire me as your flipping PR consultant for THIS only. Because I actually care about climate change. I’m not interested in the rest but just the follow up material alone on each finalist would be years worth of positive material and legitimately help the world.
        I have so many ideas about this. Ughhhh. It’s so uninspired right now and it could be amazing if they actually just FLEXED on it.

  16. Moxylady says:

    I just can’t deal with someone having the platform to enact far reaching global change – that would actually benefit them too! – and then screwing it up to the point that it’s a laughing stock within three years.

  17. crazyoldlady says:

    Of course!!! They have been watching “Crazy Rich Asians” and can’t wait to sneak away to Palawan, Seychelles, etc. I mean, one can only go to the Caribbean so many times before those vacations get a little old. This way – Earthshot pays! Never mind the carbon footprint of hauling this fake event around the globe.

  18. Arralethe says:

    Oh for goodness sake. Why can’t they just appear by videolink instead of the cost, hoopla and ridiculousness of going in person? At least if they’re going, they should incorporate a state tour of the region, and make it worthwhile.

  19. San Diego says:

    This is All about connections and gaining exposure for W&K. Guaranteed they will start pushing them heavily on SM in Asia to increase their following. I do think they will get a rock start reception and the British Media will be filled with how popular they are.

    • booboocita says:

      Y’know, I don’t think they will get a rockstar reception. It feels like the bloom is off the rose, so to speak. They don’t get the coverage in international media that Harry and Meghan do, and Boston was a flop by any definition. So was the Caribbean tour. I’m sure they’ll get a few mentions in the local press, and the BM will fawn all over them as usual. But once you’ve seen one brother and his wife being dynamic and energetic in the pursuit of their causes, then compare them to the limp, uninspiring duo who just want to be worshipped, welllll …

  20. AO says:

    In hindsight, this was such a terrible outfit from Kate last year. Looking at it with fresh eyes and it’s simply tacky and atrocious. And her face is so tight from Botox in the pictures. What was she thinking?

  21. Robert Phillips says:

    Charles had a tough time getting entertainers for the coronation. Wonder if William will have the same problem.

    • Dhianna says:

      Maybe KKKHate should have played her piano for the entertainment. Keep it all in the family.

      • Jk says:

        It would be hilarious. Every other Asian kid plays the piano a million times better than her.

  22. Cindy Maner says:

    Did they ever pay the winners from the last two award ceremonies?

  23. j.ferber says:

    Is he still running that scam? Like Kate’s stuff, there is no real message/purpose/goal. Hers has to do with the Early Years (what, exactly?) and his is Earthshot, supporting environmentalism (how, exactly, and who were the winners and what were their projects?) Just really vague and unhelpful. And the nerve of William flying to Boston for Earthshot and stranding the winners in their home countries. He was the STAR, you see! The winners of the prize were NEVER even seen and could even be fictional people. They never got to explain what it is they did to improve the world (and its climate? don’t know). Both of them are SO bad at large causes they “create.” They’d do far better to donate to and volunteer at existing charities (which they do not do, just show up empty-handed for photo ops). So in the macro and micro sense, they are worthless poseurs.

  24. Gabby says:

    Guests are encouraged to swim to Singapore and fashion their Earthshot outfits from used bags, so as to offset the carbon output of flying those “world renowned” musicians and artists and the green carpet to the event.

  25. tamra says:

    You’re a mean one, Mrs Grinch…

  26. Bree says:

    I read the headline as “The Walruses will go to Singapore…” and now that’s forever what I will call them.