Johnny Depp got a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival premiere of his film

The Cannes Film festival began on Tuesday, with the world premiere of Jeanne du Barry. The star of that film? Johnny Depp, who looked “fresh” from the hairplug salon. His plugs were the only fresh thing about him – this convicted wife beater looks ugly inside and out. The less said the better.

It’s truly unfortunate that people still cast Depp in anything, and it’s despicable that the Cannes Film Festival not only put Depp’s film in competition, they gave him the opening-night premiere. An audience full of misogynists gave him a standing ovation too. Even his hairplugs wept.

A few more things about Depp – just a few days before his appearance at Cannes, Dior renewed Depp’s contract with the label. Depp has long been the face of Dior’s men’s cologne Sauvage, and now Dior is giving him something like $20 million for three more years. That money will go straight up his nose or in his scalp.

Meanwhile, Brie Larson is on the Cannes jury, and she (alone) was asked specifically about Depp. Like, I think it was fair to ask her the question, but I don’t blame her for giving a non-answer. I also think every Cannes jury member should have been asked about Depp. Let’s hear where everyone stands.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. girl_ninja says:

    I heard that the movie got a 51 rating. They’ll clap at anything at Cavan huh?

    That is truly one grotesquely ugly man. Look at his forehead. Are those holes and not just deep lines. Disgusting.

    • AlpineWitch says:

      While I cannot condone anything that puts the bloated scarf monster in any positive light, I can understand the fact he was once a talented actor and some people in his business still hangs onto that.

      But putting him in an advert for a cologne? That’s supporting misogyny in the open as Scarfie has nothing to offer anymore in the good looks department now.

      His ugly inside matches the outside at this point.

      • Tacky says:

        I have no idea how the man sells cologne. He’s so grimy and gross no one wants to get a whiff of him.

      • Concern Fae says:

        Every time one of his ads show up online, I click through and report it as offensive content. They have to keep track of that somewhere, right?

      • DarcyP says:

        Bloated scarf monster? That is the best thing I have heard all day! He will forever be known as the BSM from now on!

  2. BW says:

    It seems like all films at Cannes get ridiculously long standing ovations. I don’t trust that as a measure of how good the film is. I’ve hated most of the films that got long standing ovations at Cannes.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Exactly. The reputation of the Cannes Film Festival is vastly overrated. They will hype pretty much any film and any actor. This actor is especially gross.

      • kirk says:

        Nice to know how others esteem (or not) CannesFlix. Never paid much attention myself. Neither had I paid much attention to Brie Larson. But from now on I’ll be seeking out her works specifically. Her answer to that weird press question 💋

  3. Josephine says:

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the jury found BOTH of them guilty. He was just awarded more money because his career is bigger and thus the damage presumably larger. But I thought both were found liable. People truly disgust me – the length we will go to protect men at all costs. I’m so glad he has the face he deserves.

    • CherHorowitz says:

      Yes exactly, the mainstream perspective seemed to be that once Amber was found to have done something, that magically erased everything Depp had already been proven to have done?!

      The things I saw on Facebook that day from my own contacts was the final nail in the coffin that made me delete Facebook. Of course not before a final rant that anyone celebrating ‘woo go Johnny!’ should be ashamed

    • ML says:

      JD decided to sue AH (for insinuating that he abused her) in Virginia, which was favorable to him. So, in the US, yes, they were both guilty and he won.

      It’s appalling that of all the people at Cannes, Brie Larson is the person being held responsible for JD. Probably because she didn’t applaud Casey Affleck back in the day, however there was a whole CAST of people who made a movie with him there who did not get asked this same question.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Yes, and why shouldn’t they direct those questions to every Cannes jury member?? They are the ones that should be faced with these questions but to single out Brie?? Just stop.

    • Jais says:

      She was found guilty of defamation bc she wrote an article about surviving abuse. She did not once put Depp’s name in the article and yet a jury found her guilty of defaming Depp. However, he was found credibly guilty of abuse in a UK court case. That’s my understanding but please correct me if I got it wrong. Either way, I can’t with this. Vomit in my mouth when I see him and especially with the standing ovation. Like I did, I can’t.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        I know. It’s impossible for women of abuse to have or gain any form of justice or protection from their abusers but more importantly, it’s the white, cis, wealthy and powerful men that gain the system. And if you are a WOC you are basically screwed as there is no justice for WOC, period.

        How and why anyone would stand up and openly cheer this has-been, abusive, coke, alcohol riddled corpse escapes my mind.

  4. Southern Fried says:

    Why the holy hell would Dior re-up his contract? I’ve assumed they’re a respectable company and he’s an obscene pig.

  5. littlemissnaughty says:

    Nope. To think that this man was the hottest thing in Hollywood, amazing. Also, is he really a box office draw anymore? Is it worth it? And why, Dior, why??? Does HE really sell perfume? I need numbers on that, these marketing people are all high.

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      Why would anyone buy perfume that he is the face of? He looks like he smells bad and makes me think the perfume stinks too.

  6. Allie Mae says:

    Thanks for your article, can’t stand the adoration of this man. I got rode hard and put away wet when I stuck up for Amber Heard on Facebook.

    • Lady D says:

      I got slammed the same way in 2005, when I stuck up for Denise Richards over Charlie Sheen.

      • Gelya says:

        I got rode hard about Amber too. It is wonderful when people do that to you. Least you know who they really are.
        I got rode hard for Megan Fox and Paris Hilton too back in the day for taking up for them.
        Last year Brendan Fraser gets a beautiful and emotional standing ovation. This year we give it too an abuser. Canne jury are hypocrites.

  7. Belli says:

    It’s so weird that he’s the face of a perfume. Who the hell looks at that man and thinks “I bet he smells good”?!

  8. Emily says:

    He’s disgusting. Everyone clapping for patron saint of “men’s rights” should be ashamed.

  9. ML says:

    JD makes me nauseous.

  10. Franklin B says:

    He’s trash. And anyone getting up out of their seat to slap their palms together for him are also trash

  11. BusyLizzy says:

    Maiwenn (who directed the movie) has openly defended Polanski and recently assaulted a journalist. She’s trash and so is Depp. Cannes should be ashamed of promoting those people.

    • Léna says:

      She’s trash, can confirm. And it’s almost sad because she is herself a victim of Luc Besson. Truly sucks because her movie Polisse is amazing, one of my favorties, can’t bear myself to watch it anymore

      • Marion says:

        Came here just to write the same thing. Maiwen has an unfortunate pattern.
        Luc Besson, Polanski… She even propelled Joey Starr to acting stardom with Polisse…
        I like her movie ADN though I still have problem with her, kinda find her unsufferable!!

  12. Elle says:

    He looks like his soul manifested his looks.

  13. Léna says:

    Arf, so I agree with all the comments. Depp is trash and I’m baffled by Cannes / Cannes festival for giving him a platform, also not surprised coming from French people (I’m French myself).

    Also a bit confused at Brie Larson, I guess she doesn’t want to get another hate campaign but wasn’t she a part of the fund that helped Heard during her first trial? Must be so difficult to have morals in Hollywood when only old white men are backing Depp and other abusers, I guess sadly, some have to downplay their support to victims just to be able to get roles.

    • Barbie1 says:

      Brie is very dissapointing. She wasn’t willing to speak out against abuse when given the opportunity.

      • Popcorn says:

        Brie is not going to jeopardize her career over Johnny Depp.

      • Kristin says:

        I don’t think that’s fair, as Brie Larsen has spoken out against abuse, unprompted, plenty and received a tremendous amount of hatred heaped upon her as a result. Also would add that I’m tired of people primarily putting the onus on women to call out abuse against women. A panel of men up there and not one of them was asked that question, just Brie. Maybe she’s at the point where she’s going to protect herself and her own mental wellbeing, and none of us should demonize her for that choice.

  14. Amy Bee says:

    He looks like he’s wearing a toupee.

  15. Jessie Quinton says:

    I can smell the stank through the screen. 🤢

  16. ChillinginDC says:

    Didn’t Don’t Worry Darling get a standing ovation?

    Anyway, he’s trash and ran her out of the freaking country. Terrible ass man.

  17. Lens says:

    The only thing about the perfume thing I can guess is, they didn’t fire him from the campaign when he was first found guilty of credible evidence of abuse in the UK (amber wasn’t sued as part of that trial it was the UK tabloid) and I assume their cologne sales didn’t go down (in fact they might have gone up with the insane fan support he gets) so you know, profits over anything so they kept him.

  18. Selene says:

    That damn eyeliner.

  19. grace says:

    Johnny Depp = El Savage! I can’t with this ball of misogyny and drunkenness. I can’t believe his ads with Dior sell perfume. He would be the reason NOT to buy it!

  20. The Old Chick says:

    One of those faces you deserve moments. Alco bloat.’it’s disgusting how he and Pitt are embraced. Not sure how to navigate Hollywood now.

    • Lady D says:

      I would suggest from a distance. Plus, TV shows have made amazing leaps and bounds over the past decade. Still Hollywood, but not supporting the big films and their *stars*

  21. Ameerah M says:

    Pretty much every film gets a standing ovation at Cannes. I heard it lasted 3 minutes. One person on Twitter who attends these events said that is actually pretty short for a standing ovation. Most at Cannes last up to 10 minutes. Either way – France is still leagues behind when it comes to how the deal with abusers. They seem to enjoy defiantly celebrating them. Having said that…Hollywood isn’t far behind. Hypocrisy and wanting to ignore problematic white men is the de riguere there. As for Brie…I get why she was asked. But every juror should have been asked.

  22. K says:

    He looks like a turd wearing a toupee. Barf vomit barf. Utterly shameful.

  23. Neither Heard nor Depp was found guilty of a crime. Guilt is a word used to describe crimes. Neither of them were charged with a crime. Neither were convicted of a crime in the US, Australia [where some of the alleged events occurred], nor England.

    Defamation can be a crime in some places, but neither was accused or convicted of a crime of defamation.

    Both were found civilly liable for the tort of defamation on evidence in a long trial in the US based on the extensive evidence and the law on defamation in the US. The jury determined civil liability issues only [not guilt] in that case. The case in England only involved civil liability for defamation based on the evidence in that trial [which did not include as much evidence or as many witnesses as were admitted in the later US trial and based on the British law.

    There was never a finding of guilt of any crime in any of the litigation so far. It is not accurate to say either Heard or Depp was convicted of either a crime of battery [unlawful touching] or a crime involving defamation. The discussion here, using terms of legal import incorrectly inflames emotions rather than leads to communication/discussion of accurate information on these two public figures.

    • Nori says:

      I think I understand what you’re saying Ann-Pearl and agree. In my opinion they are both garbage people. Amber was in trouble for domestic abuse in other relationships and lied about donating money, etc. JD is flaming garbage. This isn’t a “perfect victim” narrative. This is two privileged sociopaths and one is wealthier.

      • Kitten says:

        Please Google “reactive abuser” and educate yourself. Resorting to abusive behavior as a survival mechanism is not the same as engaging in a pattern of consistently initiating abuse.

  24. Kirsten says:

    That’s totally inappropriate to ask Brie Larson that question. Members of the jury didn’t select the films that show at the festival, and she can be outspoken about a cause without having to answer for specific individuals. That question was only intended to put her in an awkward position. If that reporter wanted to interrogate why Depp’s film was shown, he needs to ask festival organizers.

  25. Lululu says:

    Sorry, Johnny D, this isn’t your Brendan Fraser moment. I can’t believe anyone is acting as if he’s been exonerated when his entire case was “she made me do it.”

  26. Popcorn says:

    The film industry is run and supported by abusive, misogynist, racist, colourist, controlling people. The French actress that recently retired because of sexism and racism is a real one. Brie and the other MeToo activists have no interest in jeopardizing their career to call out these people.

  27. Trish says:

    Idk why anyone is surprised by this. Hollywood people still love Roman Polanski. Asking Brie Larson is totally fine imo because she made herself a big proponent of metoo and timesup which of coarse is another joke because like I said Hollywood is fake and loves toxic men. Brie included, her answer here was cowardly because she could have made a statement, but she chose to stay in the club. There is no unproblematic celebrity at the end of the day because that lifestyle is based in fakeness and no one should be looking at these people for what is moral or right.

  28. Truthiness says:

    I read a devastating review of Jeanne du Barry at It described the movie in shambolic terms and said that it was a relief when Depp’s character got smallpox so that he’d finally have some emotion to his face.

    Dior, please drop this guy.

  29. j.ferber says:

    Depp is beginning to look like a demon. WTF is going on with his health? Is it alcoholism? Drugs? Because he looks neither normal nor healthy. Not that I care.

    • Doris says:

      Telegraph stated that it would be a stretch to say this feels like the first spark of a glorious Depp comeback.

      God i despise him and Dior sucks.

  30. Sass says:

    This is appalling. Just utterly horrendous.

    I’m so sick of this industry, protecting and celebrating abusers.

    Johnny was so beautiful once upon a time. A little bit too intense for me but just truly gorgeous. He looks hideous now. And he was a really great actor. But he became oversaturated thanks to Pirates, and it was basically every film he was in was the Johnny Depp Show.

    Then you add in his abuse scandal. He got away with terrible things against Amber Heard. Openly. People basically said she deserved it…that Johnny would NEVER, but if he DID, she deserved it.

    Just despicable, the lot of them.