Did Prince Harry ‘call the divorce lawyers months ago’? LOL, probably not.

The British media has little to no access to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. That’s been true for years now, and the only outlet which seems to have some kind of insight on Harry and Meghan is the Telegraph, and that’s mostly because Bryony Gordon works there (and she’s friends with Harry). What I believe is that the royal rota makes up Sussex stories to comfort themselves, because they’re just sad that they don’t have these two charismatic royal stars around. There’s so much unacknowledged wistfulness, so much pathetic yearning for the good old days before the Sussexit. Of course, there are other elements too – a billion-dollar hate campaign against the Sussexes (because they are THE story) and a massive projection of William and Kate’s marriage problems onto the Sussexes. We see that over and over again – if Will and Kate are trying to hide something or they’re getting criticized for something, magically the story is projected onto the Sussexes. Is that what’s happening with all of the “marriage trouble in Montecito” stories? Perhaps.

A prominent author and socialite has claimed Harry and Meghan have had “problems in the marriage supposedly for some time” amid rumours the prince called in divorce lawyers “months ago.”

Lady Colin Campbell, 73, was commenting on reports alleging Harry had been spending time alone in two hotels, one near his home in Montecito and another in Los Angeles, the Scottish Daily Express reports.

Lady Campbell, who is known as Lady C, claimed to GB News: “There have been problems in the marriage supposedly for some time. I mean, I have heard from five totally reliable sources that Harry called in the lawyers some months ago. The problem is that the information doesn’t necessarily match up with their public face. But of course, their public face is to an extent slapped on for monetary gain.

“And also if there are real problems in the marriage, which there do appear to be, Harry’s going to have a heck of a time extricating himself, because he has been very overt about all of his failings and all of his drug-taking.”

During a discussion with Dan Wootton, Lady C said: “He’s not in a very good position legally in terms of preserving his position, especially in terms of custody of the children, but I don’t, I don’t know that it’s got to that stage yet. And you also have to be very careful what you believe, because anything coming from Montecito can very easily be a lie.”

[From The Irish Mirror]

So, she heard from “five totally reliable sources” that Harry called divorce lawyers, then she says “anything coming from Montecito can very easily be a lie.” Are they worried about being sued? Are they worried about WME? Because this sounds like a bigger hedge than I’m used to from this delusional a–hole. Again, I think these “Harry & Meghan are having marriage problems, he’s coming back to us” stories are mostly wishful thinking, but it makes me wonder what all of these people know about the Wales marriage.

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  1. Steph says:

    I’m cracking up at the idea that Lady Campbell has a single reliable source, nevermind 5. 😆😆😆

    Also, it’s been 5 very stressful years. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are having a bit of a rough patch. It happens. That’s nothing to criticize them about.

    • Tessa says:

      I don’t think they are having a rough patch. I think they are stressed out by the dysfunction of the media and of his family.

      • Steph says:

        I don’t have an opinion about if they are or aren’t bc it’s very normal. I wouldn’t be surprised either way. It’s not the gotcha moment narrative the BM is trying to create.

    • Chaine says:

      As soon as I saw Lady Colin Campbell my response to this is all a huge eyeroll. No doubt it is rough being in this global media spotlight for years on end. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have their moments and are in counseling, because they both come from toxic families and when you don’t have good models of marriage and parenting, you may need some outside guidance and coaching. But divorce attorneys, I doubt it.

      • Robert Phillips says:

        Could it possibly be he was talking to a law firm. And in that firm there are lawyers who specialize in divorces. Along with others who specialize in other things. Like suing tabloids?

      • Rapunzel says:

        Robert Phillips- 100% agree. Notice she says “the lawyers” not divorce lawyers.

      • Steph says:

        @robertphillips definitely could be. Just the idea of them having lawyers for any reason is enough for these dummies to run with.

      • Christine says:

        She didn’t even have the guts to write “divorce lawyers”, she knows nothing, except for the fact that Harry and Meghan have zero fcuks left to give for anyone in the British media.

    • Louise177 says:

      I doubt this story is true. This woman has no sources in the Royal family or with the Sussexes circle. If they were still in England I’m sure they would be extremely stressed. But they don’t have to deal with the family and courtiers. The British tabloids try to be in their faces but it’s not as effective since they are an ocean and continent away.

    • Nef05 says:

      “5 totally reliable sources ”
      “Everything from Montecito is a lie”

      She can’t even keep her own story straight. Why do ppl listen to her? She was married to a peer for about 10 minutes, 30 years ago. I doubt she’s ever been in a room with royals her own age. Let alone the younger ones.

      • Kathleen says:

        The whole pointy of all this innuendo is in the hope that Harry and Meghan would take the bait and show up in public just to prove them wrong. I hope they don’t. Leave the RR and the derangers twisting in the wind.

  2. Nicole says:

    I don’t believe this for a second. Santa Barbara is 2 hours away from Los Angeles. I don’t see Harry being that far from his children on a regular basis, especially when they have a guest house on their estate. I find it highly implausible. I really wish British press would learn the geography landscape before making assertions. At least try a little bit.

    • Snuffles says:

      I know, right? They can’t even bother to try and make their BS plausible. They’ve got a whole ass guest house if Harry or Meghan don’t want to sleep in the same house. And why on earth would Harry endure LA traffic to stay at a hotel? Why on earth would Harry be that far away from his children on a regular basis? Even if you believe that Harry and Meghan are having problems, Harry would always stay close by to be with and protect his children.

      I’m of the belief that this is William deflecting and protecting his marriage problems onto Harry. Harry is thousands of miles away and William still can’t stop using Harry as his personal scapegoat.

      • SarahCS says:

        I wonder if someone got a lead once that Harry stayed over maybe around business meetings/a dinner, etc. and that has formed the basis for all these stories.

        Or it’s 100% utter nonsense and wishful thinking.

      • Becks1 says:

        @SarahCS yeah its either 100% nonsense or Harry did it once and someone told someone in the British press. And if he did stay at a hotel in LA…it was not to escape his wife and children, for the love of pete, lol. The likelier scenario that makes too much sense is that he did it once or twice because of the timings of meetings or something – maybe he had a late dinner with someone and then an early morning meeting. And yes he has a driver but maybe he was trying to be respectful of the driver as well and not making them drive back to SB at midnight or something.

        that said…..I am convinced this is because William is never at Adelaide, he lives FT in KP or Norfolk, and someone knows it besides the press (maybe a parent at school, etc.) We’re hearing Harry and Meghan are on the brink of divorce, we’re hearing Harry contacted lawyers months ago, we’re hearing Harry lives in a hotel bc he can’t stand to be on the same property as Meghan, etc.

        It makes perfect sense once you swap William and Kate for Harry and Meghan.

      • Someone_Hears_a_Who says:

        A previous article, which was shared on Celebitchy, that had made the hotel claims said the hotel he stayed at in LA was after doing a Barry’s Bootcamp.

    • Heat says:

      I have to travel for work, sometimes. And, sometimes, I’m only 1.5 to 2 hours away.
      But, if I’ve worked all day long, and/or have more meetings the following day, this lady is staying in a hotel. Full stop.

      • equality says:

        But you don’t have security guards to drive you back home.

      • Bee says:

        Even if they did have security guards to drive them back home, sleeping in a hotel is more restful than bein jostled around in a car. even a limo. and nobody says they’re taking limos.

  3. girl_ninja says:

    “But of course, their public face is to an extent slapped on for monetary gain.” Project much old Lady Cambridge. What an old loser.

    • Debbie says:

      So she says, as she’s getting paid to speak (about people she doesn’t know). It’s rich with irony, isn’t it?

  4. equality says:

    Her one true statement: “you also have to be very careful what you believe”.

    • Barbara says:

      It’s hilarious that she inserted “supposedly” in her comment. Afraid of hearing from lawyers? lol

      • Ginger says:

        She knows she is lying which is why she said if. She had ACTUAL proof she wouldn’t say “supposedly”

        Lady C has been screaming about a divorce for years and nothing. She apparently has a YouTube channel that you have to pay to view her videos and her subscribers are mad because her “exclusives” are nothing.

        These divorce rumors are probably about another royal couple.

    • Mary Pester says:

      @equality, especially when it comes out of this old crows mouth. She KNOWS NOTHING, BECAUSE SHE IS NOTHING just a money grubbing old grifter who has NO TIES OR INS with the Royal family, and has been told time and time again to STOP using the title LADY as she stopped being able to use it many, many years ago. Maybe Wooton is her long lost brother, son or just a simpleton she knows, because friends??? Not when she charges people to have tea with her. Even her adopted son’s stay well clear

  5. Shawna says:

    “…Harry’s going to have a heck of a time extricating himself, because he has been very overt about all of his failings and all of his drug-taking.” Um, is the detestable “Lady” CC trying to stabilize the Heritage Foundation’s deportation attempts? Nasty.

  6. Becks1 says:

    Yeah they’re on the brink of divorce. it’s SO OBVIOUS. Can’t you tell by the way he devoted pages and pages in his memoir to how incredible and amazing he thinks Meghan is, or the way he looked at her in New York two weeks ago like she was the best thing that ever happened to him, or the way he walked away from his role in an ancient institution to protect her, or the way he interacts with her and her mother in public, etc.


    • Nic919 says:

      When asked what was in his list of perfect woman, his answer was “she’s the list”. When asked his favourite smell on Colbert, he says “his wife”. This was just a few months ago.

      And when they were together last week for Meghan to get her award, he was drooling over her dress.

      Harry cannot give any more signs that he is still very much into Meghan.

      But you know who we have seen look distant with each other for the last five years….. yeah.

      • Becks1 says:

        Man I forgot about ‘she’s the list” and his favorite smell being Meghan.

        it’s hilarious that he really cannot be any clearer about how much he adores Meghan, and we still get these stories.

    • Bb says:

      This is the comment I was looking for, and I’m surprised it didn’t come up earlier. There are so many ways that a public facing couple could manage a rough patch in their relationship, but nothing we have ever seen in public would suggest that’s actually happening. If anything, every indication suggests they lean on each other when life gets stressful and have demonstrated really healthy communication & conflict management in the past. This level of speculation is absolutely bizarre. I also think the timing is interesting, on their 5th wedding anniversary the squad was recirculating all the “I give it 3-5 years” from haters when they got married. So many people expected relationship drama, what they got was the opposite, so they’ve decided to manufacture it.

      • Christine says:

        Same. FFS, Harry titled the section in Spare about Meghan, “The Captain of My Soul”. Clearly they are on the brink of disaster.

  7. “ And you also have to be very careful what you believe, because anything coming from Montecito can very easily be a lie.” Please replace Montecito with Colin Campbell/ rota rats/ British media/ Camilla P-Bowles/ Carole Middleton/Waleses.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Colin Campbell knows nothing. Her supposed “5 reliable sources” are derangers.

      5 of CC’s other lies (which there are quite a lot of)

      Meghan only became black after she met Harry.
      Meghan only married Harry so she could become President of the United States.
      Meghan faked her pregnancy and Harry may or may not be the father of her fake pregnancy.?.
      Doria doesn’t love Meghan.
      Racism and sexism doesn’t exist in Britain.

      Adding a 6th: Americans are dumb. (Is it because we don’t believe the above 5?)

    • Nic919 says:

      It is ridiculous that this woman uses a name for a marriage which was annulled. If she wasn’t spreading hateful lies and H and M the media would be ignoring her because it is a joke that she knows anything.

  8. Snuffles says:

    I can’t believe this is an actual post. LCC is a fountain of BS. In a sea of BSers that is the royal rota, she’s at the bottom of the totem poll. It’s 100% projection and wishful thinking.

    That said, there is nothing Harry and Meghan can do to stop it. They will just continue to live their happy, productive lives while the haters delude themselves. This story will go the way of the Heritage Foundation’s deportation story. No where.

  9. Beverley says:

    They pray for a Sussex divorce every day. It’d be great for tabloid business. And they’d be giddy , thinking about Harry breaking Meghan’s heart, or vice versa. They want to see H&M in pain because how dare they marry, be in love, have gorgeous babies, make their own money, thrive and Meghan’s biracial? A British prince with a Black American? It wasn’t supposed to be this way…and now they’re gone, leaving the Rota Rats without the big payoffs.

    • Robert Phillips says:

      I know it won’t happen. But I wish Harry would come out and announce that even if they divorced. Which their not. That he isn’t moving back to England ever. I think that would shut a lot of this down. Because they still believe he will come crawling back someday.

  10. Maida says:

    The desperate wishcasting is so, so obvious. “Supposedly,” “I don’t know if it’s got to that stage yet,” etc. etc.

    The fact is these commentators know nothing and are just wishing harm on the Sussexes because they’re so bitter they can’t let them go.

  11. Andy Dufresne says:

    Correction: it was William who called the divorce lawyers months ago.

    • VivaLasVirgos says:

      I wonder what the plan is for the divorce. They would definitely be talking to the in house PR clowns before anyone else, so trying to guess the chaos that constitutes planning for this lot is pretty much impossible.

  12. No Harry did not but I bet Peg did and now we are having all the sh*t on Can’t stories. The projection continues.

  13. Jasper says:

    Thank goodness the British media thinks they’re so irrelevant! Imagine how many stories we’d have about them if they weren’t!
    And WHY on earth do these shows keep calling on noted liars like Wooton and Lady C. Everything they’ve said about the Sussexes has proven to be dead wrong and yet they keep getting booked.

  14. HeyKay says:

    Just silly.
    The tabs are really reaching on this.

    Maybe when the WAG strike is over and shows start filming again there will be some new items for them to cover.

  15. Amy Bee says:

    Even Lady Colin doesn’t believe what she’s saying.

  16. Lizzie says:

    On the brink of divorce and he called lawyers months ago. Oh yes 100% he did, only it was TOB and not PH. Apparently, the lawyers told him to wait until after the coronation then have the tabloids start running daily disparaging articles about her and her family. I love this game of telling everything about the wails then pretending it is the Sussexes when it is so obviously not about the Sussexes.

    • acha says:

      100% Lizzie. “It’s a healthy marriage, the only things they throw at each other are pillows.”

  17. Tessa says:

    What a horrible person Campbell is. She is not one to preach about other people’s marriages.

  18. acha says:

    Pretty sure this story is about Willy and Kate, with different names subbed in after the GB News held Willy’s b*lls over the fire about his story, and Willy promised away everything in return.

  19. Tessa says:

    Campbell did a hatchet job on Diana gaslighting her before and after Diana died.

  20. MsIam says:

    Always the “I’ve heard” but never “I know”. Well I heard that Lady CryptKeeper sleeps in a coffin by day and drinks the blood of children by night. By five ” totally reliable sources”. So there.

    • MsIam says:

      When Harry was still the UK, these same folks were saying “Oh he consulted an attorney! Its for a divorce!”. Why would people think Harry wants to divorce Meghan? She’s not the one making his life miserable.

    • BothSidesNow says:


  21. Dee(2) says:

    So beyond the fact that they don’t interact like that in public at all, we’re supposed to believe that these random people know all of this because Harry and Meghan are out here living apart and at parties alone and seeing divorce lawyers, but NO ONE in the American gossip market picked it up five months ago when he was busy doing promo for his book? No Lady Colin Campbell five thousand miles away broke it? C’mon son.

  22. Fátima says:

    This Lady “C” says Harry and Meghan have been splitting up pretty much since they got married. This couple feels a deep love for each other. They let go of the past to build a new life. Why won’t this press and evil people leave them alone.

  23. Hello Kitty says:

    hilarious and ridiculous A) these two actually like each other and are very physically attracted to each other, and B) even if they didn’t, they are trauma bonded to each other because of the all the shenanigans. So no one is buying that.

  24. Patricia says:

    Anything to get attention, Ms.Campbell!! You remind me of the Queen Side Piece in looks, attitude and alcohol consumption. And,may I suggest a California Road Atlas?
    I know its a stretch, but you might try getting a few fact in your writing every now and then.

  25. Peanut Butter says:

    Like Angela Kelly, Lady C-you-next-Tuesday is an awful human being. British media now love to forget that, following medical advice at the time, George Arianna was named George William at birth and raised male due to a congenital malformation. Now imagine if that had been Meghan — the BRF & Heritage Foundation would crucify her for having had surgery and changing her name and wrongly assigned gender in accordance with who she really is. I respect Georgia for her past perseverance in the face of prejudice, ignorance and scandal in her youth, but I despise how she uses her immense privilege to treat others like garbage. Some people use their adversities to become better human beings, but not this piece of work.

  26. Quincytoo says:

    Jeopardy theme music here:

    Double Jeopardy question
    Royal wanting a divorce

    Alex Who is the other brother ?

  27. Heat says:

    What is all the b.s. about Harry’s “dr#g taking”? He admitted that he took dr#gs when he was young and hurting. Big deal. So did a LOT of people.
    If everyone who ever tried dr#gs when they were young lost the possibility to have access to their children later in life, there wouldn’t be enough foster homes on the planet to deal with the need.

  28. Izzy says:

    Because we know that this ratchet family and their rota cronies project everything about themselves onto Harry and Meghan, we can safely assume that the subject of a divorce between Lord of the Peg and Lady Gawp has been discussed at some length, repeatedly, behind closed doors, and possibly now with lawyers involved.

  29. Shirley says:

    Harry works in San Francisco, at Better Up, not Los Angeles so I doubt if he spends much time in Los Angeles. Lady C has no access to any Royal, she just makes stuff up to get attention. These people have never experienced true love and have no understanding of the power of the bond between Harry and Meghan. There is no place for love when you are so full of hate

    • Hail says:

      Harry doesn’t commute everyday to BetterUp. He doesn’t need to drive to San Francisco because he’s not a “regular” employee, he’s just an impact officer who gets paid in stocks.

  30. Moniquep says:

    Ok, I’ve been a quiet reader of this and most of the Sussex friendly sites/channels, but have never posted a comment until now. After reading all the H&M divorce crap, I have to say this. 40yrs from now Harry and Meghan will be sitting peacefully in their lounge chairs under the tree in the backyard, watching the grandchildren frolicking in the expansive yard; and stupid rr/media trolls will still be predicting that divorce is eminent.

    • Harper says:

      Welcome @Moniquep! I agree that peaceful under the tree is the Sussex life theme.

      It’s the Wails who probably called the divorce lawyers, but there has to be a code name on the file in the attorney’s office and you know that code name is Sussex vs. Sussex.

      • Moniquep says:

        @Harper thanks for the welcome.
        Do these delusional tabloid media and rota 🐀 talking heads truly believe that Harry would ever walk away from the most beautiful, intelligent, articulate woman he never thought he would ever find; and the two most adorable children that their love produced, as well as probably the best mother-in -law he could ever ask for. To do what? Move back to nott cot and live with his hand out to his crappy father and incandescent with rage brother?? If that happens we are in for a new ice age where hell will freeze over.

    • Lady D says:

      You are probably right about the RR’s and the Sussex’s. They will be hounded until the end of their days.

  31. tenzing says:

    I’m surprised that there are plenty who take that hack’s word as gospel, nobody in the know will come near this vicious gossip, she is shunned by polite society, the closest she will get to anything royal is buying a ticket for a palace tour or ascot. sadly twisted soul who is obsessed with mm but still manages to publish her filth, even this bottomfeeder manages to make a buck from the billiondollar hate industry, mindboggling really.

    • Christine says:

      To be fair, “polite society” in England is not the best judge of character, as they are all desperately seeking relevance. See also: the royal family.

  32. Hail says:

    One thing I’ll never understand is why people entertain these types of stories further by doing “what ifs” and “well, maybe”. This story is false, period. Doesn’t need a what if or a possible truth. It also doesn’t need to be rationalized by claiming it was switched with William & Kate’s marriage stories. Colin Campbell is the same “woman” that claimed Meghan was born intersex. “She’s” been pushing this “Harry is divorcing Meghan” narrative for years now. Stop promoting this “woman’s” delusions on here.

    • MsIam says:

      I totally agree with you. She’s as bad if not worse than Scamantha. She just has a different accent.

    • Eurydice says:

      Very logical and I totally agree. But the problem with logic is that it cuts short all conversation. The reason to hang out here is for speculation and conversation. I know LCC is full of crap, but that’s not the point.

    • Debbie says:

      @Hail: Did she really use her own unfortunate birth affliction to try to smear Meghan with it? Jesus, this person is insane.

  33. WiththeAmericann says:

    I’ve never thought their love is somehow magical, mostly because I don’t believe that about anyone (yes I’m cynical about love, not sorry). I’m also not the type to stan anyone for same reason. People always disappoint because they’re human. But this story by her majesty of fake sources is 100% baloney.

    Every marriage has issues, they’ve even discussed their conflicts and how they resolved it. One thing that really stood out to me was how much space Meghan gave Harry to sort out his family issues and how much he really does want to protect his wife. As real life goes, I’m not sure it gets much better in marriage.

  34. Nic919 says:

    Unless someone has observed Harry going to a lawyers office in LA, which is unlikely, the law office isn’t the one talking about who their clients are. Even consultations are covered under solicitor client privilege.

    So seeing as the people saying this are in the UK, this is entirely made up.

  35. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    Supposedly this story is actually about William and Kate’s marriage. William and Kate are known to arrive separately at events, which indicates William spends time away from Kate. Reliable people have said that William cheats on Kate, and that William and Kate scream and throw things at each other, which would be actual physical abuse if true. I don’t know if it’s gotten to that stage yet, but William’s temper is well known, which would be a problem regarding custody of the kids. I believe William has contacted lawyers before. The problem is, this doesn’t necessarily match their public face, which could be slapped on for monetary gain. Of course, you have to be careful about what you believe because any report coming from KP, Windsor, or Adelaide could be a lie.

    • Debbie says:

      I think this story is more in the nature of “wishful thinking” on the part of this C U Next Tuesday and the BM. I also don’t think it’s about any impending divorce for WanK either. Although they don’t seem to reside in the same residences (or cities) sometimes, I think that William would need a whip and a chair (and a fainting couch for Ma Middleton) before he could extricate himself from Kate. That chick isn’t going to go anywhere quietly, you mark my words. And I also don’t think that William wants a divorce at this time either, for no other reason than because it would create a “vacancy” in Duchess of Wales department. Who says he’s found a permanent replacement for Kate yet? Until he does, or one or the other publicly embarrasses their spouse, I just don’t see any divorce filings from either one.

  36. Truthiness says:

    If there’s a bit of truth here (a big leap all on its own, I know) it could be they need estate lawyers. A good family estate lawyer is worth far more than his/her weight in gold.

  37. hangonamin says:

    what probs happened is harry talked to lawyers for his team (probs for his pending lawsuits) and mayyyyybe one of the lawyers he talked had an associate or someone in the firm that also did divorce law or something (this is my layman’s understanding of law firms)…and somehow it turned into harry is talking to a divorce lawyer LOL. i think they’re fine.

    • MsIam says:

      Or she’s lying as usual. The fact that she’s talking to that rat faced Wootton is a good indication.

  38. blue says:

    It’s hogwash. Didn’t happen.
    Besides, anyone living 2 hours away from their attorney would just arrange to Zoom or Facetime the consult instead of risking a sighting if privacy were a concern.

  39. tamsin says:

    So William has consulted lawyers, Kate’s response is to act out, and George will give mummy her own title when he’s king- maybe Duchess of Buckleberry.

  40. AC says:

    100% agree. This is a classic example of a strategy that usually happens in a toxic work environment where one tries to Deflect and undermine on other teams to hide one’s Failures. I wouldn’t be surprised it’s about WK marital issues and also trying to deflect the facts that the Middletons are Bankrupt and have always been snaking into the British aristocracy. No matter how hard they try to deflect , the real Truth will Always come out . And all the time, Karma comes into play.