Kate Gosselin on the end of ‘Jon & Kate’: “It’s too soon”

I watched most of the Jon and Kate finale last night and while I’m not “team” anyone, I’m definitely leaning toward Kate as the more responsible parent. Ultimately it’s in the kids’ best interest that the show is finished and that the most dramatic moments of their childhood are no longer captured for our entertainment. I came away with the definite impression that it’s Kate who is the level-headed parent who will work to treat them with compassion while planning for their futures. Sure she’s a drill sergeant in her way, but Jon seemed more like a petulant teenager than a parent. TLC has an axe to grind with Jon as he put a stop to their most lucrative show, but it’s not like they forced him to look like he’d just got off a three day bender or to go on at length about his lost youth and new girlfriend. The difference between Kate and her careful words and well coiffed appearance and unshaven Jon in a dirty t-shirt couldn’t have been more striking.

Kate started crying while talking about the end of the show. She said it was too soon and that “I feel like it’s been taken from us” and “the kids are already missing it.” (We don’t have that clip here but you can watch it on Radar Online.) She said several times that Jon will always be her children’s father and that she would work not to say negative things about him to the kids. She also said that he was always going to be a part of their lives and that she would welcome that. Jon, on the other hand, mostly went on about himself and how everything affected him. He barely seemed to talk about the kids at all. During his filmed custody time, on a trip to sell lemonade to raise money for volunteer firefighters, he got annoyed with his nine year-old twins, Mady and Cara, and told them they had to stay home. He was really short with them, and seemed vindictive, saying things like “you’re done. Goodbye. See ya!” The thing that seemed to set him off was one of the twins saying “I like stuff we do with Mommy.” Daddy has a hangover and he’s not taking any back talk.

Here’s some of the stuff Jon and Kate said separately on the final episode of the fifth season of their reality show. (Not all the quotes are in order.) There won’t be more episodes of “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” but Kate will surely be back on some kind of show. Jon will probably continue hanging around low-class events like one of those sucker fish on the side of a neglected home aquarium:


Kate on the end of the show
This is a very bittersweet goodbye for me, because the kids are already missing it. He’s still their dad, and they love him… they need to see him. Our show has provided opportunities that we wouldn’t otherwise have. I feel like it’s been taken from us, from me and the kids…

I feel like it ended so suddenly, and I feel like it’s been taken from us, from me and that kids.

I never had a clear picture of how it would end, but I think it’s too soon.

On her feelings about how the series came to an end.
It’s sad, it’s needless, it’s useless, it was totally avoidable…. I basically could go to work and my kids could go with me, is how I saw it…

Our show has provided the opportunities for us to travel and do and see, that we wouldn’t otherwise have.

Jon on how he supposedly changed
I think I became more educated about myself… I gotta stop being a kid, I got to grow up one day and take initiative and be a man. I think what might have happened was I got divorced and never had the sense of freedom. I got married at 22, so maybe I reverted back to 23, because I never had that freedom…

Kate on her goals for herself and her kids
I think through all of this scrutiny I wish that people could see that maybe I’ve been thrown in the same boat with Jon, but the truth is I’m in a completely different boat going in a completely different direction… my goals have not changed… I want the best for my kids.

Jon on his bachelor life and “work” in NY
NY was a big eye opener for me. I kind of just picked a place to live and started living there. Now I know like where I hang out and stuff like that is totally different… it’s three hours from my house and where my kids are, which means it’s like work, it’s like I have work again. Although I live there, it’s not like I’m at my house and work’s at my house… I couldn’t leave. Now it’s like I have a place to go.

When I get sick of the city and all the press and the media… I go back to my country place and I’m chill. So it’s like I got the best of both worlds right now.

Kate on how she talks to her kids about Jon
The kids ask a lot of questions… I need them to see a hardworking parent that is… not just saying they want the best but really I want the best for my kids. They come to me with questions and I answer them… matter of factly. When a behavior is unacceptable I’ll tell them that, but I try not to do it in a disparaging way. I don’t want them to look back and remember me as tearing their father apart who they love.

Jon on how he is going to change
The biggest thing I’ve learned is you make these mistakes, you learn from them and you move forward… I know what I have to do to save our family from being resolved [sic] and I know what I have to do to be friends with Kate and I know what I have to do to continue my relationship with Hailey and move on. There’s like a whole bunch of things going on, but they kind of all tie together.

Kate on Jon’s girlfriends
They don’t know about girlfriends at all. That’s just too warped for them. It’s too unhealthy for them to know. They’re learning at this age by watching us what it’s like to be an adult and that’s the last thing I want them to know.

I really just think that relationship… [Hailey is not mentioned by name] is just a symptom of the real issue. So I don’t envision a future there involving my kids at all.

Kate on Jon always being her kids’ dad
They love him and they need to see him. My goal has really been to remain neutral, state the facts, not say negative things about them. It is what it is. He’s still their dad and I will never discourage him from being with them.

Kate on if any good has come out of the last eight months
I’m a lot stronger than I thought was ever possible… I can tell you who my true friends are. I have never known how much I would need people around me and friends to support me, to get me through… that there are people who will listen and listen and give advice and never grow tired. Those are lifelong friends.

Jon again on how he’s going to change
I’m going to have to take initiative for myself and do the best I can as a father, and I’m always going to be there for my friends. No. Matter. What…

It’s unfortunate our marriage failed, but our family shouldn’t have to fail.

[Transcribed from final episode of Jon & Kate, aired 11/23/09]

For all the things you can say about both Jon and Kate, they seem to be honestly trying to do what’s best for their kids. Kate hasn’t said anything about Jon that we don’t already know, and she’s been very reserved in her criticism of him. It looks like they’re about to reach an agreement in their divorce, and Jon even brought Kate roses in some kind of dual attempt at conciliation and positive press. Even if their divorce is settled amicably, it’s not like this story is over. Jon is being sued by TLC for breach of contract and that case is set to go to court next month. We’re sure to hear more explosive details in this family circus. Not that much would surprise us at this point.

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  1. Jazz says:

    “Too soon”?? There’s been over 100 episodes, how much longer do you want to pimp them out for? The show should of ended a long time ago. As for the “you’re done” thing, Kate used to say that to them all the time.

  2. gillie says:


    ….”Jon in a dirty t-shit “

  3. taya says:

    This woman is so full of herself. Why don’t she just say that the reason why she does does want the show to end is because of the freebies and fame. Stop using your children for money Kate and lying to the public about your kids missing the show. Oh please! Those kids finally have a moment where there are no cameras filming them take a crap. This woman is pathetic.
    Jon might not act like an adult all the time, but he IS the most mentally stable parent. All Kate does is hate on her daughters because she is jealous and treat her boys like sh*t. Kate is by no means the better parent.Do you even watch the show?

  4. DoMaJoReMc says:

    KHate, you have your fancy car and your designer shoes (just like Jon), so stop with the whining. Your mani-pedis will have to be paid for BY YOU for a change.

    I’m so tired of the calculating answers and the self-rightous attitude here. I agree w/ Jazz…I have heard her dismiss the kids in this exact same way as Jon is being accused of doing. Like I have said before, at least Jon is transparent with his A-Hole-Ness, whereas KHate is so muc more SNEAKY. GOOD RIDDANCE TO THESE PEOPLE, but I wish the children health, happiness and life-long counseling. They will need it.

  5. Firestarter says:

    Not soon enough.

  6. Dolkite says:

    An open question:

    What is so fascinating about these people?? Okay, I can see the interest in seeing how two people manage havin eight kids, but for this long?

  7. bros says:

    yah exactly jazz-I feel like its been taken from them, they are already missing it. since when is a reality TV show and cameras in your face all the time some sort of right or entitlement. sorry your kids dont get to live in a TLC-provided fantasy 24/7 and you have to have a normal life. yeesh. these kids were paraded everywhere in plot device-inspired excursions that filmed well for TV. it was one fun event after another-of course life is going to feel a little more boring now that TLC isnt needing freaking clips for commercial promotions. shut up kate you whiney greedy cow.

  8. snowball says:

    Jazz, that “too soon” quote bugged me too.

    Jon sounds like a moron, as usual. How can he afford a place in New York and another one “in the country”? He reminds me of a teenaged parent who whines about not having enough me time, then dumps the kids somewhere else.

    It’s hard to believe he actually chronologically is older than 12.

  9. lin234 says:

    I think it’s because there are so many families that may identify with their situation. (Divorce) Especially, since they were supposed to be the young, Christian, happy but stressed out family on a network directed towards families. Plus, people love nothing more than watch a train wreck going by in slow motion. Reality stars are cheaper to produce and it helps that both Jon and Kate have been giving them plenty of fuel for the media to keep them in the news.

    Personally, I used to have sympathy for Jon but I will never be sympathetic towards Kate. She’s a lot smarter than Jon and is conniving enough to use to media to her advantage. She only cares about herself or else she would have stopped the show and tried to work on her marriage for the sake of her kids. Now her kids will look back at their parents renewing their vows and promising them they’d be together forever as the biggest lie in the world. Kate keeps trying to look like the victim but she’s the one who ended the marriage without trying counseling. Everything that has happened is by her own doing.

  10. YeaRight! says:

    My prediction?

    Kate will have another TV show. Kate will marry a very wealthy man.

    Jon will resort to doing XXX movies. Jon will marry some ex-porn star.

  11. Neelyo says:

    I’m sure the kids are upset. The TLC production crew were probably the most stable adults in their lives.

  12. MonicaBee says:

    I watched a few minutes of the finale before I fell asleep.

    It appeared to me that Jon was hopped up on something. He was so jittery and anxious and kept coughing/clearing his throat. Kate, OTOH, seemed calm and reserved.

    I am not Team one or the other. I can definitely understand why Kate wanted to continue the show, and I can’t say I blame her. It was a source of income for her; I imagine that she’d actually lose money (groceries, child care, etc) if she went back to work as an RN.

    I hope the kids turn out alright.

  13. lastwordlinda says:

    Just a complete disaster from day one and the kids are the victims. TLC has some responsibility in this as well since, like all reality shows, they would push for things to happen to boost the ratings. If you don’t think so, you are naive. No reality show is “real”.

  14. Sarah says:

    ok – I have to admit, I did not even know this show existed before the cheating/divorce scandal broke this year, nor have I even watched a reality TV show until I tuned in to this one.

    That being said, despite all the negativism towards these two (including on this website by all of you — over and over again as is you personally have been affected by their decisions), I am going to say that I can see where Kate is coming from.
    These 2 people have 8 children to feed, cloth, put through school, etc. Their collective income prior to “Jon and Kate Plus 8” was less than 125 grand a year.
    If you, a mother of 8, were faced with:
    Option #1- Work full time, 12 hour shifts as a nurse, with 8 children home and barely make enough to do the basics, and none to do the day trips, vacations or buy the fun stuff, etc.
    Options #2- Stay at home full time and raise my children. Have camera crews in my house 3 mornings a week (1 morning of which was simply Jon and Kate filming in their basement on the couch). With this, be able to afford everything my children could ever dream of, be able to move to the country and live on a beautiful property where the kids can run and play for miles and play in their new treehouses or new bikes….to be able to take them all over for vacations and activities. Never have to worry about money or putting their through College. I could go on and on….but you get the drift.

    Bottom line- option #2 sounds amazing.
    Those kids, including the older twins, have experienced/seen/learned more in their childhood than most.

    I don’t know about you, but I would love to take the day off work and take my kids to an organic farm – did you see those kids faces when they were milking the cows? That was priceless. They had that experience and many many more similar ONLY because of this show. Bad mother? I don’t think so.

    All of you talk about the ramifications of this show on the children because of the exploitation. I can only assume you are referring to all the publicity around them NOW, on the paparazzi hounding the family….but, as everyone involved with the show has said, up until this year there were no paparazzi – no one. They did 4 seasons prior to this, without incident.
    For all of you out there berating this couple- what are your comments about ’18 and counting’ parents? I have never seen the show but it is pretty obvious from the commercials that they are diligent parents raising their children. They are doing the EXACT same thing. I don’t hear anyone bad mouthing that couple.
    Sorry. Rant is done.

  15. Yae says:

    “Jon will probably continue hanging around low-class events like one of those sucker fish on the side of a neglected home aquarium”

    Oh that was just perfect.

  16. snowball says:

    Uh, word, lastwordlinda. 🙂

    In sorta non-related but related way, I caught part of a trial on In Session (used to be Court TV) that featured a case that I’d actually seen played out on “The First 48.”

    When they got to the testimony of the Detective, they had to go explain that nearly everything on the show is scripted. All the little comments from the detectives as they work the case, all those “new leads” they miraculously get when the case is going stale..all scripted. I already knew they played around with the order of the interrogation scenes, because one second the guy’s got a can of soda and he’s just wearing a wife beater, then the next shot, he’s got a yellow tarp thing on and no drink, etc., but I thought at least the detectives’ comments were somewhat spontaneous.

    I was crushed.

    And on topic: Sarah, you seem very unhappy. Every time I read one of your posts, you’re going off on everyone. Why not post something nice and happy or if you can, something funny?

    Running around bashing people who bash..well, you can see how that looks hypocritical.

  17. Rosalee says:

    I am sick of both of them, Kate’s control issues, Jon passive laziness. I couldn’t understand the draw to this show nor can I understand the media’s continued courting of Kate. The ratings were low and it should have been an annual special not a week program, after all how many times could kate be a bitch and moan, Jon whine and run to get Kate’s purse, juice or whatever the misplaced item of the week was..the kids were sweet but too young and not interesting enough for an hour long weekly program.

  18. Judy says:

    Love how TLC gives Kate a script and then acts like it’s impromptu. And Jon was creepy last night. Ugh to them both. Goodbye. Good riddance. Poor kids.

  19. Sarah says:

    Snowball – Have written only 1 post in the last year. Not too sure who you are mistaking me for.
    I have to laugh though – you are calling me ‘unhappy’– this from someone who calls themselves “Snowball”, spends their time glued to the TV watching Court TV and being “crushed” that Reality TV isn’t what it seems.
    I’ll take ‘unhappy’ any day over your happy 🙂

  20. birdie says:

    ditto @ Sarah

    I think the family had a lot of benefits from the show. I truly don’t think the TLC program was exploitative. The scandal and bad press that came after Jon’s affairs was probably hurtful to the kids, in the sense that they will google dad one day and see what a gross loser he is.

  21. snowball says:

    I’m not mistaking you for anyone, Sarah. You were spewing venom in one of the Brangeloonie threads.

    I can’t even address the rest, you’re just too SMAHT for me, child. Your overreaction just proved all of my points.

  22. lucy2 says:

    “I got to grow up one day and take initiative and be a man” Um…yeah, this should have happened years ago when his first kids were born.

    Both of these “parents” need to shut up and go away. I’m glad the show gave them financial security to raise all the kids. Hopefully it didn’t scar them emotionally in the process, but I can’t see how it didn’t – the whole world watched their family implode and both parents go on national TV and cry and bitch about each other.
    Good luck, kids, you’re going to need it.

  23. Firestarter says:

    Actually Snowball, I think the other Sarah goes by SARAH, all caps. Just like there are two Teri’s one with a small t and one with a cap. There are also two Judy’s and so on and so forth.

  24. atticus says:

    @Dolkite: “What is so fascinating about these people??”

    It’s really not that complicated. What is fascinating about them is that they put themselves out there and subject themselves to all of this judgement, which these days is entertainment for the public. People love to hate them because they can say, well I’d never be that type of parent, I’d never do that to my kids, I’d never blah blah blah. I agree wholeheartedly with Sarah. Unless you’ve raised 8 kids of your own, shut it. For all of the people who constantly attack them in any post about them – saying they should just go away – why are you even bothering to read the post and take the time to comment on it? If you really don’t like them, ignore them! There are plenty of other public figures to judge and attack for fun.

    After all of this, I really feel for Kate. It makes me want to find Jon and punch him in the face when he says “now I have the best of both worlds, I got married too young and now I get my freedom”. Jackass. You weren’t forced to get married at 22. You made a choice. So maybe in hindsight it sucks. Tough sh!t You have kids – 8 of them – you don’t get the luxury of saying I want a do-over. Talk about manning up – don’t use big words you don’t understand, Jon. You’re a child.

    By the way, he totally looked wasted on the show last night. I could practically smell the alcohol coming out of his pores through the TV.

  25. Celebitchy says:

    Sarah is right, there are different sarahs on this site and she hasn’t commented under that computer and e-mail address before. I would suggest that instead of using your real name you use a different name or put some numbers or an abbreviation after it to make it more unique. You can also sign up for gravatar to add an icon next to your name.

  26. wow says:

    Khate will get another show…and it will fail miserably. She has nothing to offer in personality or out of her womb.

    And no man in his right mind would go near her for a serious relationship (wealthy or not wealthy) because #1 – she is a headcase, #2 – she comes with baggage. I don’t know many men (again wealthy or not wealthy) who’s going to jump for joy at taking on someone else’s 8 children.

    Unless there’s a man out there who hasn’t come out of the closet yet and needs a “beard”, I’d say she’s not going to get many takers. The Brady Bunch was a fictional show and it turns out, so was Jon & Khate plus 8.

    Bye, bye Khate… you won’t be missed.

  27. Jenny says:

    It didn’t end SOON enough! What if everyone with a litter of kids was given a tv show. These two dyfunctional moron wanna-be celebrities are not important and should have never whored out their kids in order to not have REAL jobs. Get jobs and raise your own kids already!!

  28. BiggieShortie says:

    I can’t wait until BOTH of these assholes are nothing but faded memories. Kate might present herself better, but she is just as putrid and as much of an ASSHOLE as JonBoy.

  29. LolaBella says:

    I for one am OVERJOYED that the show is over!

    These final interviews just prove that both of these parents are selfish and narcissistic to the nth degree.

    Despite how Kate comes across as the more attentive and dutiful parent, she is clearly upset that the show ended too soon FOR HER; her agenda, her quest to get free stuff and be a celebrity.

    Jon is being an inconsiderate a-hole running around like he’s 22 and has no cares or responsibilities in the world and using his children as pawns in his quest to be a CELEBRITY.

    They are both disgusting and need to go back into obscurity and just be loving parents to their children.

    BTW, Kate if your new talk show doesn’t work out because everyone is sick of you, you’re going to really regret all those bridges you burned when your ego got in the way of people trying to help you back in the early days of the sextuplets’ lives. The family that you pushed away, those are the same ones you’re going to need when your ‘fame’ disappears.

    You are both horrible people and your children have suffered because of your greed and selfishness.


  30. bella says:

    I am tired of Jon & Kate as well. That being said, Kate is obviously the more child-oriented parent involved. Jon is too busy grasping his waning youth with the type of grip usually reserved for the drowning.

    Kate speaks about the children, how this affects them, their future, etc…

    Jon speaks about himself. Which is what he does every time he gets in front of a camera. Dude, get over yourself. You are not single, you are not child-free, you are not 22 or even 23 (though that may be your IQ). Stop acting like a teenage animal in heat. It’s very unbecoming of a (supposed) man your age.

  31. Vermithrax says:

    Not soon enough for the rest of us.

    Sorry if that’s been said twenty times already… I knee-jerked this post before I had a chance to read the rest of the thread.

  32. nj says:

    This mess is what happens when you treat family planning like a science project. Sarah, you make a lot of sense and I admire your compassion for these two parents who were overwhelmed by their children. But they are not owed a tv show for the rest of their lives because they made stupid decisions in trying so aggressively to conceive when they already had two children. Giving birth to six infants at once is unnatural in the sense that no normal set of parents can handle them under normal circumstances. Even now, neither parent has any patience with those kids. Kate would rather be flying around the country on book tours and Jon moved 3 hours away. All the money and nannies and freebies only made it bearable. Kate is weeping for fear of having to stay home with the kids herself. If that show ended in ten years it still would have been too soon for her. Kate wants no part of a normal life that is supposed to involve some hardship and that was made clear when she cut off their families.

  33. Tassi says:

    I agree with Sarah 100%! Could not have said it better myself.

  34. Judy says:

    @Firestarter: There are two Judy’s?

  35. Firestarter says:

    @Judy- You and one with a small j.

  36. boo says:

    I love the drama on this site!!!

  37. lin234 says:

    I completely agree with you. Kate and Jon already had two healthy girls when they decided to go for fertility treatments. They were both in their twenties with kids so quite frankly I don’t see why they went with treatments. People are giving Kate a pass for rude behavior because of the way Jon has been acting but there are plenty of stories where she has been rude and ungrateful to a lot of people who have helped her. Just because she birthed 8 kids doesn’t make her entitled to fame and fortune.

    The family with the “18 and counting” kids is completely different. They were self-reliant before they had the tv show. They planned and had one child at a time naturally. I’ve only watched a few episodes but I saw one where the mother was buying a bunch of clothes at a secondhand store whereas Kate disowned her parents for donating mismatched cribs to her.

    While the show provided the children a chance to do a lot of things they wouldn’t have otherwise, chances are they have forgotten a lot of the activities they’ve already done because they are so young. When they look back on their childhood, will they remember going to a farm or beach or their parents bitter public divorce? I know some big families with parents on average salaries where growing up money was tight but they were still able to have a lot of fun together.

  38. nj says:

    I agree with everyone who pointed out that they cut off their families once they had enough money to not need help from them, as any normal family (with any children, let alone eight) would. Now that is something I would watch- a broken-down, exhausted, ungroomed Kate turning to the snubbed family members for help all these years later. That would be really fun!

  39. Cinderella says:

    Preach it, NJ. You are speaking the truth.

    What shocks me most is that Kate has friends. Yikes!

  40. Bill Hicks is God says:

    The end is always “too soon” for famewhores. Adios!

  41. HarbinsMom says:

    How can anyone say that Jon is the more responsible parent when he arbitrarily threw Cara under the bus last night in reference to the posters? Granted, Mady was being ill, but he purposefully made her sit things out because she played the *Mommy* card (as children will do, divorce or not), but Cara didn’t do a flippin’ thing wrong. He was just being spiteful, which is a great role model. Of course, Jon is the poster child for responsible parenting according to some people because the hate for Kate is overwhelming for some. I don’t agree with everything she’s done or said, but I’ve watched the show for a while and it’s clear that Jon was a brat for most of the marriage, so in a void, someone had to take control. Maybe she took too much some times, but he very rarely took any.

    The guy is a complete sleaze. At least she’s trying to parent. He’s off on a vacation….he himself said it. He LIVES in NY now, not in PA with the kids or even near them. He’s off in NY, shmoozing any woman with a pulse that doesn’t have a fully functioning brain.

    Kate is well rid of him. Unfortunately, the kids aren’t so lucky.

  42. MattinPS says:

    Jon is clearly on some type of stimulant drug during one segment of the show. I thought cocaine helped you lose weight, clearly, not the case with Jon.

  43. Goddess711 says:

    I dunno – say it’s you with 8 kids, at first you don’t know how you’re going to feed them all because your husband is a douchebag. You think you can make the marriage work because you love and believe that the Douchebag is going to get a brain or a conscience, grow up and help. With the miracle of the new millenium on tv you get a show. Suddenly your have your answers to money problems and have to learn how to be sensible and responsible because your douchebag husband hasn’t decided to morph into adult, instead he’s gone the other direction. While you’re trying to keep your brain cells (and trust me, 1 newborn is enough to drive any woman into the hospital with fatigue), you’re getting smart with people and money, your marriage is not worth paying attention to anymore (because you had to make a choice; focus on the little kids or the big kid) but you at least have the security that the tv show that provides you with so much will keep providing while you take care of 8 kids and your personal life publically goes down the shitter. None of the people on this board would still be up for putting up with bullshit from anyone; now the monetary future is uncertain for Kate. Why should she be berated for juggling all the balls and not pretending she’s the poster girl for false emotions? She’s a tough broad but does not deserve the negative comments that have flown about her all along. This is reality that has been blown public, and anybody who comments on here knows that real life isn’t the white pickett fence or the Hallmark Heartwarming Movie script. Nobody really has it in their heads that they’ll marry a guy, have 8 kids with him and if it doesn’t work out, toss him on the used guy heap and move forward. We’re programmed as women to jump in and stick with it no matter what.
    I love Kate – wouldn’t want to be around her or anything but what strong woman! I think she should be commended for not killing this douchebag ex of hers. She calls an asshole and asshole; those kids have a great mother, there will be no revolving door of revenge f**ks, no addictions or dumbass behavior with escapism drugs or alchol, she’s got her focus off her crotch and on the kids. I pray to God she finds a spectacular guy who is also a lawyer and will kick Jon’s ass from here to next Tuesday when he tries shit with the kids.

  44. Squirtle says:

    I seriously doubt it! You all have NO IDEA what the eff you are talking about and it’s pretty funny that you can sit at your computer and make judgments about how other people chose to live and raise their kids…I’d like to see how you would look under a microscope! The show was not exploitive to the children that is complete bullsh*t and anyone who has watched more than one episode would agree.
    Maybe you’re going to accuse TLC of exploiting dwarfism “Little People Big World” or Siamese twins “Abby & Britney” or people with obesity or other serious medical struggles that you would never possibly understand if there hadn’t been a documentary educating people about real life and real people!
    There are a lot worse things to watch on TV and it’s a shame the show had to end because of Jon but I’m not going to sit on a pedestal like the rest of you and claim “OH THANK GOD WE’VE SAVED THE CHILDREN!!”

  45. Squirtle says:

    And by the way you’re not that clever. Oh look I spelled Kate with an H so it’s like KHATE!


  46. Anastasia says:


    Anyone who thinks Kate has the kids’ best interest at heart has been fooled by her acting job. And it’s not even that good of an acting job. Girlfriend is about herself, numero uno. She gives lip service to the kids, but actions speak louder than words.

    Jon is an immature douche and probably going through his teen years now after getting out from under her miserable thumb for so long.

    I don’t think it speaks volumes for HER judgment that she married and had eight kids with the guy.

    This show should have ended after maybe three specials. It’s exploitative of the kids in the extreme and should have never been produced. They SOLD their kid’s home life and private lives for money and fame. Just let that soak in for a minute. That’s what they did.

    Yeah, I bet they can’t wait until the kids at school start summarizing an especially embarrassing incident to them or quoting them. If that hasn’t started already.

    Good riddance, I say. She won’t find a man, she has EIGHT kids and is a miserable, narcissistic, verbally abusive control freak. Good Lord. You’d have to be a glutton for punishment to hook up with that.

    I hope they both just go away.

  47. Anastasia says:

    Uh hey Squirtle, I’ve seen the show and YES it is exploitative that their kids have not have a private life for four of their five years.

    And the other shows are exploitative as hell, too, especially where children are concerned.

    TLC is just the freak channel, it’s a JOKE.

  48. pete says:

    You go Squirtle and Goddess711-