The ‘Ted Lasso’ series finale was a remarkably miserable end to a great series

SPOILERS for the final season of Ted Lasso.

I didn’t write anything about Ted Lasso’s finale yesterday because I only watched the final episode late in the day on Wednesday. I have to admit, the third season was not “must watch” for me at all, and there were several weeks where I delayed watching the latest episode until the weekend. While there were some good parts of Season 3, I hope even diehard fans can be honest and recognize that this final season was a bloated mess of half-finished and forgotten stories, weirdly uneven storytelling and Jason Sudeikis completely sleepwalking through his performance.

That is something that will stick with me, and I hate that it will stick with me – Jason Sudeikis was absolutely f–king miserable in Season 3, and his misery affected every part of the show. It was shocking to watch “Ted Lasso” disassociate with everyone (especially Rebecca!!) as they were sobbing and telling him how much they’ll miss him. There were also so many parts of these really significant plotlines which just… happened off-camera. We never saw Nate make the decision to quit working for Rupert and handing in his resignation. We never saw Lasso tell Rebecca and the team that he was leaving. We never even saw Colin *actually* come out and tell his teammates that he’s gay. The choices were so f–king weird.

As it’s been said, I understand that Sudeikis was going through a lot of sh-t in his personal life with Olivia Wilde and the custody fight for their kids. That drama was peppered into so much of the third season in really obvious ways as Sudeikis “worked out” his feelings through Lasso and his ex-wife. Then at the end, Lasso goes home to Kansas and actually returns to the home he shared with Michelle and their son? Are we supposed to believe that they got back together? The final shot of Lasso breaking the fourth wall as he coaches his son’s soccer team was also just… like, he didn’t look happy. He looked like a man trying to get through the day as he has a nervous breakdown.

Do you think they’ve set it up for the spinoff? The Richmond Way? With Beard and Roy Kent and basically all of the cast except for Sudeikis? Maybe.

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  1. NG_76 says:

    It wasn’t miserable at all. I thought it was a wonderful finale. I am so sad that it’s over.

    • Seaflower says:

      I enjoyed it as well. The right mix of bitter sweet, character moments and hopeful. Loved Rebecca meeting her man from Amsterdam, Rupert’s fall, Kelley knowing her own mind with the boys and the woman’s football team. I thought the end with Ted was the panic attack starting but then fading into the distance as he was truly happy.

    • Julie says:

      Me too!

      • Cara says:

        I loved it also and don’t understand all this recent Ted Lasso hate. The funniest episode of Ted Lasso EVER took place during the third season. I was happy to see other members of the cast getting their moments to shine too. It was an extremely generous thing to see in an industry that is based upon narcissism. Some people are behaving toward the Ted Lasso series ending like they do about Harry and Meghan leaving royal duties. This irrational hate really highlights the total emotional dysfunction present in our culture. Why can’t people just let anything go anymore? What harm was done? Was a crime committed? Why is there now this constant need to control other people and their choices?? Watch or don’t watch … and then maybe move on.

    • Leanne says:

      I thought it was great. It left a smile on my face.

      • smcollins says:

        Same! I actually watched the finale twice yesterday, made me cry like a baby (in a good way). I kinda get the criticism of this season in regards to some of the unevenness, but at the same time I think people expect too much. At the end of the day it’s just a tv show and I think people just need to ease up and enjoy it for what it is.

      • kirk says:

        I really don’t understand all the hate for Ted Lasso on this site. Original stance was moderated from open dislike to grudging respect after so many people raved about it S1-S2. Then S3 criticism hinged on how the reviewer could have done so much better than Jason Sudeikis and other writers! That position is understood when considered with background articles siding with Olivia Wilde against Jason Sudeikis in their personal split. Jason looked fine, not miserable, on late night talk shows and at White House meeting. Ted Lasso, all of it, is great. Jason was proved right thinking a skit for a commercial could be expanded to a scripted show.

    • SarahLee says:

      Agreed. This was my least favorite season, and I do think Sudeikas phoned it in – as evidenced by his stellar performance in this particular episode. The problem with the season is that the writing pulled everyone apart. It’s an ensemble show, but the ensemble needs to be together for it to work.

      I thought it wrapped up nicely. I enjoyed it. I cried. I’ll miss this show very much.

    • atorontogal says:

      I loved it – balled my eyes out!

    • VoominVava says:

      I also loved it and am sad it’s over. I sort of liked that things happened off screen. We know it happened and they put some fun quips and jokes in the show instead. I didn’t miss it. ** SPOILER ** I LOVED the beginning where they were insinuating that Ted stayed over at Rebecca’s and then Beard comes out and then his girlfriend. OMG I laughed so much because they got me. I for sure thought it was a 3 some or something LOL

    • Dierski says:

      I’m late to the replies here, but I also thought that the finale ended the show well. I loved it!

      I’ma be right here for all that Brett Goldstein continues to write and produce – between Lasso & Shrinking, I’m a fan for life!

  2. manda says:

    I loved the first season and was unhappy with how the second went, and haven’t watched the third. Not sure I will because it just sounds awful! (Spoilers never bother me.) Interesting theories on what happened, it’s really too bad they let it fall apart bc wow, the first season was so good

    • LadyMTL says:

      I’d give S3 a try, IMHO it gets better as it gets closer to the end. I did find it was a bit of a mess overall (like they were trying to pack two seasons worth of storylines into one) and the finale was a wee bit predictable but def not miserable. Plus there’s some fantastic stuff in S3 with Jamie and Roy.

      Anyway, to each their own but I personally found a lot of the criticisms of this season to be exaggerated. Was it great? No, but it wasn’t a stinking pile either haha.

  3. SAS says:

    No, the spin-off has got to be about the women’s team surely. I’d watch that.

    Yea, this season was weird and extremely unbalanced. I’d be interested to see if it works better to binge it rather than week by week but I’m honestly not that motivated to repeat it!

    • Jen says:

      I would absolutely be here for the women’s team spin-off. That would actually be a smart move, as you could keep a few of the key players like Keely and Rebecca and Higgins, and being in Roy or Jamie occasionally as recurring folks not the main cast.

    • Bookie says:

      That’s a great thought! I’d watch that show.

  4. Jess says:

    I loved the first season, liked the second, and had been “meh” on the beginning of this season. Then I saw all the articles saying how bad this season was and decided to stop. Based on the above, I’m glad I did.

  5. Dee says:

    We loved the finale. So happy for Rebecca and the women’s team. She got her rom com meet cute. I didn’t need to see Ted tell the team he was leaving. You knew it was coming and you felt it. Loved Keeley saying, “I get to choose?”

    • Laura says:

      Agreed, this season was great, as was the finale! We rewatched the series before the season three premier and I didn’t see any dip in quality at all. I’ve very much enjoyed many parts of this season and the finale.

      The only part that irked me is Keely not wanting to be with either Roy or Jamie, but after a few hours distance, I guess I can understand she’s over her football boyfriend phase of her life.

      I figure if the show goes on, it goes on without Ted. He did what he needed to do to bring the club together. Ted Lasso ended the way it should have. I’d happily watch whatever spin-off comes out.

  6. Lolagirl says:

    The first half of season 3 was terrible but the second half was pretty good. The finale was well done though Sudaikis was a bit off in the acting… far less emotional than I thought he was. It was strange that he went back to his old home and did not attend Beard’s wedding. But overall a good ending.

    • Ula1010 says:

      Ted would be at that wedding and be Beard’s Best Man.

      I hated Michelle’s relationship with the therapist and that they would meet Ted in London. Stay back in the hotel, pal.

      We didn’t need Zava, Sam’s restaurant, and Jack.

      • Scurryalongnow says:

        I am STILL, yes STILL angry at the irresponsible way the Michelle/therapist relationship played out. If any one is not aware, ethical guidelines for social workers or other mental health professionals are very, very clear (no matter what state you are from) dating a former client is NOT OK, and the general best practice is NEVER. There are some variations about how long to wait, ethically and legally, but based on the timeline it looks like this was maybe a year after treatment. I cannot stress how wrong this is. And that Sassy and Dr. Sharon never said anything about just how wrong this is really angers me when the show seemed to truly want to destigmatize mental health and therapy.

      • Ula1010 says:

        Scurryalongnow, I don’t understand why they wrote that storyline. Ted’s initial interactions with Dr Sharon were so bitter. He was so mistrustful of his therapy sessions and it turns out that he was right to feel that way. When Ted finally told Michelle how he felt about her relationship, her response was basically, nothing. For a show that supposedly champions mental health, this was a big mistake, IMO.

        In season 1, I could see why it would be such a strain to be married to a Ted Lasso and his positivity, but the writers ruined Michelle.

      • Becks1 says:

        The therapist thing really bothered me – no way would a reputable marriage counselor start dating one of his clients like that – but then I also wish they had fleshed it out more. Like if you’re going to do it, do it. Tie Ted’s issues with therapy in the second season to how things went with the marriage counselor (Dr. Jake?) or have Ted learn about the relationship before Dr. Sharon comes into the plot, so we understand why Ted is so distrustful of a mental health professional like that.

        But as it was….that was one of the worst plot lines in the show to me. They could have put Michelle with anyone else if they wanted to put her in a relationship.

    • Ginger says:

      Beards wedding was a dream.

      • Anna says:

        Then why were the couple from Beard After Hours in there? Ted didn’t see them.

        That was the worst scene of CGI I’ve ever seen in my life btw.

      • Feeshalori says:

        I thought it was a dream too because Ted was still on the plane while the wedding was taking place.

      • Dani says:

        It actually wasn’t a dream! Brendan Hunt (Coach Beard) did an AMA on reddit and was asked that question.

  7. acha says:

    You know. I came over here fixing to disagree, but I have read your points and think they are valid. This WAS a way for Jason Sudeikis to “get home” to his kids. He WAS miserable about his breakup. The third season DID lack a whole lot of the charm of the first two.

    I do have to say that I enjoyed this season for what it gave. Even a mediocre Ted Lasso hit a lot of my catnip — sports, respect for women, wacky solutions to normal problems. I found the last episode a huge relief perhaps because of what you identified — Ted/Jason finally got to go home, and the resolution for him was the final huge hug with his son.

    High points of the season for me were: the Amsterdam episode and the last two episodes. Low points: everything with Zava, that was pointless and boring.

    • Andreea with 2e says:

      The Amsterdam episode! I liked Rebecca’s meeting her mysterious guy too, and Higgins indulging in his passion for jazz. But I loved loved LOVED the Jamie/Roy dynamic! How excited Jamie was to sightsee, and how Roy was everything but. And Roy learning to ride a bike, in his grandpa’s memory.

      Thing is, I absolutely did not like the beginning of season three. And I thought that having a full episode set in Amsterdam will be even more boring than the ones before. But I think that’s when the series turned around, and it became so much better after/with the Amsterdam episode. The later episodes are worth seeing for Jamie/Roy’s friendship if nothing else.

      And of course Rebecca’s happy ending in the last episode was just the icing on the cake 🙂

      • acha says:

        the Roy/Jamie chemistry is off the charts — I adore their relationship growth, and even if i sekritly think it would be an amazing OT3 with Keely, i will be perfectly happy if they are best mates forever. Great ending to that arc.

        I agree the last half of the season was leaps and bounds better. For a rewatch i’d start at amsterdam and watch from there.

  8. Jessica says:

    I actually loved the finale! I hope we see more Roy and Jamie if and when they do a spin-off.

    There is an article out today about the newspaper headline of Zhavro going to play in LA and that may be a spin-off with Ted coaching that team. I really hope not. Though I can’t explain why that character was even around at all. Or Jack for that matter.

  9. Becks1 says:

    I did not expect to cry as much as I did!!

    What bothered me the most about S3 was what you said….that so much happened off camera. I mean even the episode where Ted is on teacher conferences all day….I feel like there must have been things said there that made him think “I should go back,” so when his mother came and told him his son missed him it was kind of the final push, you know? We didn’t see Keely and roy kiss, and then that weird fight between him and Jamie. And then we didn’t see Ted tell Rebecca or the team he was leaving – I feel we were owed an emotional moment of Ted telling the team his reasons for leaving. We didn’t get to see Nate quit!!!

    but at the end of the day…..I think it was a good ending. I think most of us always knew it would end with Ted going back to the US. Love Roy Kent as manager, love Trent Crimm, love Keely’s career going so well, LOVED Rebecca’s ending. that was the best part for me.

    • frankly says:

      The whole season was everyone saying, “The craziest thing just happened! I can’t believe you missed it!” over and over and over and over.

      Even the beginning of the finale kicked off with, “Thanks for letting us crash here after that great party! That was wild! So fun! Everyone got so crazy and emotional! And revealed big news! Anyway, here are some sad pastries.”

  10. Mia4s says:

    More of it worked for me than didn’t. It really wasn’t about Ted in the end which was…odd…but Jamie and Roy, Beard, and most of the players were entertaining as hell and very touching. So would I watch a spin off with the set up we have? Hell yeah to be honest.

    The other option would be a special or miniseries. The World Cup is in North America in 2026. Ted is there. Lots of players we know would be there: Jamie, Sam, Dani, etc. Roy could be there (for any reason he could come up with to convince us is not about supporting Jamie 😂), Beard visits just because. Could be fun.

  11. Inge says:

    I thought the season started slowly but went uphill and Amsterdam was an amazing episode.

    I liked the finale, sad to see the series go.

    Team Rebecca and boat guy. If it ain’t Dutch it ain’t much eh? 😉

  12. Inge says:

    Btw I preferred Colin’s coming out this way.

    • Blubb says:

      Yes! I do not need to hear him say the words. What I want to see is the relief after it is out, the reaction and what it means to him. Like, can we please have a coming out that will not end in frustration and broken friendships. Sure, in real life we’re still not there yet, especially in sports.
      But why can we have shows about dragons and zombies-but- don’t-call-them-zombies but when a coming out is refreshingly unproblematic, everybody is like naaa, I don’t buy it, too unrealistc.
      I hope that one day it will just be like this, that everyone is just “who cares bro, love you”

  13. Wendy says:

    The hot takes about this season crack me up — they all seem to be coming from critics who either barely paid attention to this season or had intense expectations for an outcome between two characters that wasn’t at all supported by what was actually happening in the show. Media literacy is at an all-time low, I tell you what.

    • Wilma says:

      Yes, I’m all for criticism, but a lot of critics haven’t been paying attention to these storylines that were all started in season 1. If you rewatch the show you can see everyone knew exactly where they were going. Also, the point was to see the effect of the Lasso way on people, so of course we followed the storylines of other people, particularly Keeley who was always set up as the female equivalent of Ted.

      • Becks1 says:

        I don’t understand the people mad that Ted and Rebecca didn’t get together. That would have been an awful ending in so many ways. They were/are close friends, having them end up together would have ruined the show IMO. Her ending was perfect.

      • Wendy says:

        Exactly, Wilma — there were a staggering number of callbacks in the finale to moments throughout the series including the pilot episode. So much of the criticism (including this post) seems to be coming from people who went into this show thinking it was going to be a fun, light sitcom. Then the depth and breadth of storytelling in subsequent seasons threw some folks for a loop, especially the kind of viewer who watches with half an eye while they dick around on their phone. There are just so many points in this post alone where I can tell the writer didn’t understand what they were watching. It’s disappointing.

        And Becks1, totally agree. I loved Rebecca’s ending. I loved the whole thing.

  14. Atticus says:

    I absolutely loved this season. The first 5 episodes were a little meh but I ADORED the episode in Amsterdam (“Sunflowers”) and every episode after that. I think it was clear they were exiting Ted and his end game was going home to Kansas so throughout the season, he faded out bit by bit and it became more about the team. Season 1 definitely had more charm but it was very much the fish out of water humor that created the comedic tone. Season 2 started the shift to character development and heavier plot lines (especially with the introduction of Dr. Sharon and the themes of mental health). Season 3 was an even more pronounced shift into character exploration and less about the outright comedy but I still found it to be funny and charming and endearing as hell and stayed up late Tuesdays to watch it as soon as it was released. I thought the finale was very satisfying and does set it up for either a continuation via spinoff (“change the name…it was never about me”) or it could be the end and it was all wrapped up. Loved it and thought the writing and acting was superb.

    I think the Beard wedding was a dream Ted was having on the plane, as it ends abruptly as he gets jarred awake upon landing. I loved how a couple of episodes ago they made Rupert human and almost sympathetic so we could see why Rebecca would have ever been in love with him but in the end he was truly a bad guy and his downfall was all of his own doing and it wasn’t Rebecca stooping to his level to bring him down. Loved Keeley’s journey and that she chooses herself in the end. Loved Nate’s redemption arc. Loved the bromance between Jamie and Roy, and that they addressed the Keeley issue between them, resolved it, and stayed close because it is a true friendship. Loved Trent Crimm this season and especially his story with Colin. Loved that Colin got to kiss his fella at the end. Loved seeing Sam succeed and loved seeing him with his dad (loved his dad!!!!). Alter ego Dani Rojas, come on, that was fantastic!!! Mae and the pub regulars! So much good stuff!!!!!

    Even Zoro, Shandy, and Jack had purpose – Zoro showed the team they didn’t need a marquee superstar to succeed, they only need to believe in each other. Shandy and Jack were to challenge Keeley (I am so glad neither were around for too long, especially Jack).

    I think a lot of the scenes that were left to the audience’s imagination (Colin coming out, Nate quitting West Ham, Ted telling Rebecca and the team he’s leaving) were smart choices. Scripting some of that would be very delicate and in the end, the reaction of those receiving the news and how they all move forward with it is all that matters. They didn’t have enough time to really flesh those scenes out in a way that would do justice to them and trying to do a little would feel rushed and half assed so leaving it out completely and totally up to the viewer’s imagination was a smart choice, in my opinion.

    Long post but thanks for letting me vent all of that out! 😊

    • QuiteContrary says:

      Yes, to all of this, Atticus.

      I absolutely loved the finale and wept through most of it. This show was just pure goodness and light … and Ted’s detachment as he prepared to go home made sense to me. He had resolved to be there for his son, to spare his son the pain of his absence.

      • Spillthattea says:

        This too. I’m going to miss it so much. I’m still recovering.

      • Atticus says:

        QuiteContrary – yes! I agree Ted had made up his kind and was withdrawn to protect himself. I think he wanted to go home but was surprised at how torn he felt when the time came to actually leave – he says as much to Beard on the plane. Such restrained acting by Sudeikis, as I’m sure he must have been emotional in real life and having to hold it in while others were able to cry.

        I left one major piece out that I absolutely loved – Higgins!!!! He had so many brilliant moments as the voice of reason and grounding but also super sweet and funny. And I adored his and Will’s relationship and their shenanigans in the Red Light District!

      • Becks1 says:

        Higgins is one of the most underrated characters on that show. He’s just so funny but grounded like you said. And so sweet. I loved the christmas episode mainly bc of the scenes at his house.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Higgins was one of my favorite characters and he reminds me of Stephen Colbert.
        And I loved the barbecue sauce goal, that really stuck me in my feels.

    • Spillthattea says:

      Spot on!

    • ChiaWombat says:

      I just read Brendan Hunt’s (Coach Beard) AMA on Reddit and he said the Beard/Jane wedding was real — that whole sequence was real, they just wanted the closing shot to be Ted returning to his boy.

      I totally agree with your assessments though.

      Also… I think part of the point of season 3 was allowing Ted to get comfortable with being unhappy. His marriage fell apart because he had toxic positivity. He’s comfortable with being uncomfortable now, and that’s huge growth for a person like that.

      • Atticus says:

        Becks1 yes that Christmas episode is one of my favorites!! Feeshalori I loved the BBQ sauce goal, too!!

        ChiaWombat, that’s interesting the wedding sequence was real…sad Ted wasn’t there for it but I guess it makes sense he was home with his son. Great point about Ted becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable. It really is major character development.

    • Dragon Fruit Girl says:

      You’re welcome to feel that way, but one of the basic rules of good writing is to show the necessary beats. We were cheated out of that.

  15. Me-Me says:

    Oh, wow. I totally disagree with this take! I loved the ending. Happy times all around. Ted is left in limbo, but as Ted said, it wasn’t about Ted at all…that was the point.

  16. Ginger says:

    I loved the finale and I wish season 3 was more like it. I did find it odd that Ted didn’t seem emotional leaving. Maybe it happens off camera? I know he gave a nice speech but he didn’t seem all that bothered.

    My favorite part of season 3 was Jamie and Roy being friends, Nate going back to Richmond and Keely’s co worker Barb. I could have done without Zavra and Jack, two very pointless characters that were boring.

  17. Valentina says:

    My friends are die-hard fans and they all hated the ending. I thought this season tried to be everything all at once and it didn’t go anywhere.

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      I also hated the ending. Everything just felt off, and Ted seemed depressed AF and back where he was at the beginning. But I liked most of the season, I just felt the finale tried to tie things up too quickly.

    • Kim says:

      Same here. Asked the hubby what he thought after he watched it last night (second go round for me). And her was like “eh, it was fine” kind of sums it up for us. But I did think it was a bit lazy

  18. Honey says:

    I, too, really liked the last episode/ending. The Sound of Music’s So Long Farewell was really sweet. Also think the fade-out/disinterest of Ted over the season was very much the point. He had examined his own mental health and discovered what he really valued and needed for his son.

  19. Sunshine says:

    Colin did actually come out to the team?

  20. Diamond Rottweiler says:

    Whatever its ups and downs, a show about transformative kindness, the quality of the acting, etc., I will always be a heartfelt fan. Having said that, this feels like one of the few shows that actually ran too short. It’s become a thing with a billion channels and streamers to do these super tight runs. Often it’s the right choice because it essentializes the story arch. In this case, it awkwardly truncated the story threads set up in the first two seasons, relying on too many large time jumps and off camera reveals to move the story forward. The narrative pacing definitely wanted one more season before the finale. But I assume Jason Sudeikis felt out of his league when his show runner Bill Lawrence started spending most of his time with Shrinking. Nonetheless, I think Ted Lasso is a flawed masterpiece, and the show so many of us needed in the moment, given the GOP’s performative cruelty.

  21. Spillthattea says:

    Some valid points here, but I loved it anyway. Yes. Season 3 was uneven and JS was obviously struggling. But be like Ted and have a heart! Thats the whole point of this show. Some of the arcs were just brilliant, like Jamie and Roy and Rebecca’s. I full on sobbed like a baby during the finale last night and am betting on a spinoff. 🙏🙏❤️

    • Dragon Fruit Girl says:

      We can have a heart and still point out where the writing or the acting didn’t deliver. That’s okay. 🙂

  22. Nic919 says:

    The episodes this season were way too long. While I expect the series finale to be over an hour, way too many of them prior to that dragged on. The Amsterdam episode was good because it focused on Rebecca because Hannah Waddingham is amazing and can make anything good. But it was obvious Sudekis was just not present for most of this season and often the episodes seemed aimless. It wasn’t the worst thing ever, but a huge drop from earlier seasons. They did manage to end it decently, but there was always something a bit off.

    Maybe it’s because Bill Lawrence left this season. Whatever it was the magic wasn’t there for me.

  23. CruzMom says:

    Agreed on this take. This finale it home with a few of its characters but then completely did a disservice to the rest. It did seem clear that Jason Sudekis was miserable. He was indifferent-to-cold in his scenes with Rebecca and Nate, two people whose arcs were closely tied with Ted (as fully realized person, not just a Mary Poppins character). I wonder if the season’s rumored heavy rewrites completely changed Ted’s story arc. It seemed like Sudekis just wanted an ending where he got his wife back.

  24. Slush says:

    Eh, I wouldnt call it “miserable” exactly…but it did go right along with the rest of the season in being subpar and aimless (IMO). It’s just such a bummer to see how this show, which started out so strong, just couldnt stick the landing, even with extra long episodes. Oh well, at least it was only 3 seasons to invest in.

  25. MsK says:

    This was a depressing week of television for me…the ends of Ted Lasso, Succession, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Barry. I enjoyed the final episode of Ted Lasso but agree that it didn’t live up to the first season. The finales of Succession (a freaking master class in how to end a show) and Mrs. Maisel (I cried) were so good and satisfying and believably true to the characters. I loved Rebecca’s arc and it still made me laugh but I wanted more from the writers and the characters.

  26. khaveman says:

    Jason Sudeikis literally collected a paycheck. His acting was absolutely terrible – like Rebecca is ugly crying almost at the airport and Ted just wanders off. What?? Jason texting and on the phone so much all season. Nate poof is all better now and no showdown with Rupert when he quit? Jamie’s crying depression out of nowhere. Too much happened off camera and it did the viewers a huge disservice. The storyline was so disjointed.

  27. Rnot says:

    I liked the finale but didn’t love it. The third season was definitely the weakest but it was still enjoyable. I really wish that they’d skipped the screen time spent on Zava and Shandy and used that to better flesh out Nate’s redemption and Keely’s growth. I hated that the couple’s therapist never lost his license. I really hated that they ended it with Beard and Jane bringing a baby into their toxic abusive relationship. I hope that there’s a spinoff or a couple movies so that I can spend more time with these wonderful characters.

  28. Blubb says:

    I loved everything about the whole series. It was just a little fairytale-like thing of beauty, just people being or becoming good, kind people who are not perfect but care about one another. No unnecessary drama, but far from being dull. Actually very deep and emotionally raw at times. It took me a little time until I trusted the show to not mess me up with a “so and so got hit by a car/murdered/raped”. It became a little safe space where you can reflect your own feeling on different topics without fearing to be ripped up just to get outrage or raving reviews.
    I cannot stand all the dystopian shows where everyone dies, rapes and betrays all the time, they bring me down as I find the real world depressing and scary enough.

  29. Shirley says:

    I think Jason knew he couldn’t continue past 3 years and he set the ending up so that there could be a variety of possible spin offs.
    They were a talented cast and I hope we will see more of them in the future.
    I loved the series start to finish and I will miss it.

  30. OperaCake says:

    For the first time, I started disliking Ted this season. At the start of the season, 100% of his dialogue was folksyisms and it was a bit much, plus he just seemed so lazy, getting paid to coach and still not caring one bit about learning about the game… He just irked me. Now, reading the OP’s comments on Sudeikis, my read is that he was burnt out, and so he wrote Ted that way too.
    I was happy to see less and less of the character, it’s like the charm was broken, I couldn’t see him as genuine anymore. And same for part of the show: all the men communing over loving the Princess Diaries, putting on that musical bit, etc., none of that felt organic. It was like that part of the show was a psyops to convince women that men can be good and sensitive. You know that some “nice guys” IRL are wearing their Ted Lasso stanning as a badge of honor, a proof that they’re feminist. The way they worship the show and Sudeikis on Reddit is downright scary. Meh. I’m not buying it.

  31. Anna says:

    Brendan Hunt did a Reddit ama and said over and over again the Beard wedding is real and not a dream.

    I have to say I can see why the third season was so awful once I heard his explanations for certain plot points (the dr Jake problem, Jane being abusive—according to Hunt she isn’t, “just toxic”🙄) I would think that the moment you have to start explaining the same questions everyone had you haven’t really done your job as a writer, but what do I know? Disappointed but what can you do?

    • Rnot says:

      I was profoundly disappointed by his repeated insistence that she’s not abusive. They may not have intended to write an abusive relationship but that is unequivocally what they ended up depicting on our screens for 3 seasons. I think the writers will be looking back from the not-to-distant future and cringing over the way they handled the Beard story line. I hope so anyway. It’s a serious flaw in such a good series.

      • EBS says:

        I think there are a lot of seriously flawed relationships in Ted Lasso. Beard-Jane, Rebecca-Sam, Michelle-Dr Jake, and honestly everything to do with Dr Sharon, as wonderful an actress as Sarah Niles undoubtedly is. It’s like the writers have never heard of boundaries, safeguarding, or appropriate relationships.

      • OperaCake says:

        I agree. The show’s a fraud imo. It has this veneer of caring about mental health and emotional intelligence, but a lot of it is just cosmetic.

  32. Eenie Googles says:

    It was cheese, with lots of dull speeches, nothing creative, and not funny whatsoever. Like an 80s sitcom. Like something for children. Worst series finale I’ve seen in a long time.

    Just because it’s not dark doesn’t mean it has to be written at a kindergarten level.

  33. Nessa says:

    Diehard fan here .. and I enjoyed this season. Everyone is gonna have a different take but I thought it was a great season and ended well.