QEII couldn’t see, hear, walk or focus in her final years, but she was mad at Harry…?

Queen Elizabeth II was in very poor health in her final year, and likely in poor health for the better part of a decade. The noticeable shift came in the fall of 2021, when QEII was hospitalized overnight and then her hospitalization was covered up by her courtiers. After that, she began quiet-quitting huge chunks of the job of head of state. Some claimed that she had a form of bone marrow cancer. Some claimed she was merely off-balance and prone to falling and was far too ableist to use a wheelchair full time. What kills me about all of the back-and-forth about QEII’s health is that the courtiers consistently used her poor health as a cudgel against the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, yet no one was supposed to question why they got a severely ill (and perhaps senile) queen to “sign off” on sh-t like “ensuring Camilla is known as queen” and “making sure Andrew has the money to pay off his rape victim.” Well, guess what these people are crying about once again?

A friend of the late Queen Elizabeth has dismissed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s reported decision to stop spilling royal secrets, saying the couple should have held their peace in the last months of the queen’s life when it was clear the queen was dying and was in great physical pain. The friend’s furious response came after a story in British tabloid The Sun claimed that Harry and Meghan will stop making content slamming the royal family, with an anonymous source saying: “That period of their life is over as there is nothing left to say.”

The bereaved friend’s outraged reaction represents a rare insight into the closely guarded and highly secretive circumstances surrounding the death of Elizabeth, who died in Scotland in September 2022 as a result, The Daily Beast understands, of bone cancer.

The friend of the late queen’s told The Daily Beast: “For the last years of her life, certainly from when her husband died [in April 2021], the queen was in a lot of pain. In the final months, of course, it got very much worse; by the time of the Platinum Jubilee (June 2022), she couldn’t see very much, she couldn’t hear very much, and she was easily confused. She barely moved from her apartments in Windsor Castle. Appearing on the balcony at the jubilee required a titanic effort.”

“That was the time for Harry and Meghan to bite their tongue. Instead they produced this unending stream of incredibly hurtful films and interviews attacking her life’s work. For Harry to announce he was writing a memoir when his grandmother was not just recently widowed but actually dying herself, as he must have known she was—well, the cruelty of it takes the breath away. The idea that they are now going to take a vow of silence after all the damage they have done, even if it was true, which I very much doubt, will do nothing to assuage the anger and disgust some of her friends feel about what they did to the queen in her final years.”

Although the palace refused to comment at the time, and her death certificate simply cited “old age,” her friend Gyles Brandreth subsequently reported that the queen had been suffering from bone marrow cancer at the time of her death. The bereaved friend told The Daily Beast they did not know the exact type of bone cancer with which the queen was afflicted, but said they saw no reason why Brandreth should be incorrect.

Sources have told The Daily Beast that she also found it increasingly difficult to focus or concentrate on complex matters for more than a few minutes, and that the ongoing pain of her condition was partly responsible for her withdrawal from many aspects of public life. Although she was never photographed in a wheelchair, she used one regularly to get around the palace, a source previously told The Daily Beast.

[From The Daily Beast]

Let’s recap – at the same time that Prince Andrew was facing a civil trial for raping Virginia Giuffre, at the same time that Charles was trying to achieve his goal of having his mother proclaim his drunk wife “queen consort,” at the same time that William carried on with his rose bushes, that throughout it all, a very fragile, cancer-ridden, grief-stricken and perhaps senile 90-something queen was most affected by her grandson announcing that he would write a memoir? THAT was her biggest concern, that was her biggest drama? The further we go on this, we’ll have monarchists saying, with a straight face, that they can’t believe Harry would do X, Y and Z, all while his grandmother (the head of state) couldn’t walk, focus, see or hear for a year. And then they’ll turn around and say “but of course she was well enough to make her feelings known about how Camilla should be called ‘queen’.”

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  1. thaisajs says:

    Just cause Angela can’t talk about the King thanks to her new NDA, doesn’t mean she can’t talk at all, I see.

    • Moxylady says:

      Harry – “I’ve got this signed letter from gran telling me to publish 10 memoirs and 15 documentaries …. “

    • Barrett says:

      My husbands Grandma lived to 99 and had major health problems in last year but I will say she kept her brain and never had dementia or senility. She was smarter than all those younger than her but did not have the energy to contribute to family drama. She would tell it like it is , still follow her investments in stock market and just wanted to go be w her husband in heaven.

    • PrincessK says:

      Lol! You suspect the ‘friend’ is Angela.

  2. Amy Bee says:

    The bigger issue is that the Palace forced the Queen to continue working when she was ailing.

    • Dee(2) says:

      Yeah that’s exactly what I was thinking. Also this is clearly a bunch of people trying to hide behind the reputation of the queen to defend themselves. Because why would I be stressed out about someone talking about how much they love me and respect me and was in a crappy environment but held out for so long because they didn’t want to let me down? As opposed to you know my heir only caring about his mistress turned wife, my other child being an absolute predator that I have to pay money to hush up lawsuits for, and my heirs heir having a completely different life and personality than the facade that is out in public and cracking as we speak.

    • Couch Potato says:

      Yeah! In some of the other monarchies the monarch are on sick leave when necessary, and the heir steps in as regent.

    • Becks1 says:

      Exactly. The Palace covered up the queen’s illness and forced her to work rather than just admitting she was sick and having Charles installed as regent. I mean according to this she was so sick they could barely get her out in public for the Jubbly events, but she stayed on as head of state?

      • Kathleen says:

        Now we know why Harry was concerned about the people around her.
        All this nonsense about H&M not writing anything more about their life in the RF is from the remark Harry made in their documentary last year. All Harry said was that he did not expect any apology or accountability from the RF and he and his wife were moving on. This is not a new statement. The desperate tabloid media is combing through everything H&M have ever said for talking points. Very trite.

    • Ollie says:

      To the extent she was capable, and wasn’t suffering from focus problems due to taking pain medication, she may well have insisted upon continuing to work as long as she was physically able to do so, even if only part-time; it’s not at all clear that “the Palace forced her to work rather than just admitting she was sick.”

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Ollie, does that mean she could focus? see? hear? Either she was competent or she wasn’t. This article would have one conclude that she wasn’t competent. The bm need to pick a lane and stay in it. Otherwise, people will be wondering if the QE2 actually KNEW that she was telling everyone she wanted the Escort to be known as Q-C. People will also wonder if she actually understood she was giving millions to get Andew out of the courtroom before he had to testify.

        Is the bm doing this to send a message to the brf, or are they really this shortsided?

      • PrincessK says:

        Her courtiers were running the show completely.
        The ‘recollections may vary’ nonsense came straight from the mouths of courtiers and the Queen just signed it off.
        The Queen Consort thing was forced on her, nothing at all to do with the Queen’s wishes.
        Do they think we are fools!

    • Christine says:

      I am stunned that THIS is thought of, by anyone, as being some sort of defense of the royal family.

  3. She was mad at Harry? I recall a time that was reported that when Harry came to England and still had Frogmore cottage that the Queen went over for a visit all by herself. Now that doesn’t sound like she was mad at Harry that sounds like she wanted to see her grandson.

    • Mary Pester says:

      @susanCollins, yep Susan, so mad that the pictures published pictures of her DRIVING HERSELF to frogmore, so mad that she ensured their security for the jubilee trip and sent her own car to pick them up from the airport!!! But they want to carry on carrying on, whilst at the same time their own words and press pictures prove their LIVES.IF the Queen was as fuddled and and unable to see or talk, was that a body double stood on the balcony, speaking to Louis and pointing out the red arrows to him? And did that same body double have tea and and marmalade sandwiches with Paddington

      • Debbie says:

        @Christine: Some people are born to tug at their forelocks and bow down to others who live in castles.

    • Mary Pester says:

      @SUSANCOLLINS, OOPS for LIVES read LIES ( morphine day sorry lol)

  4. Couch Potato says:

    If she could barely see, hear or consentrate, why would the family and courtiers tell her anything about H&M’s interviews etc if they thought it would upset her? Anyone with an ounce of care for an elderly lady would keep things that would upset her away from her. That would include Andrew’s interview as well.

    Not that I think it would olset her. She knew damn well how her spawn had turned out.

    • Moxylady says:

      Exactly this.
      Palace thinks this is a good look.
      “She was riddled with pain, confused, could hardly see or hear and so we took it upon ourselves to inform her of the lies we were spreading about the Sussexes but you know… as if they were true. For maximum EMOTIONAL
      DAMAGE. Then we shoved her to various events and her muscle memory just took over thank god”

      • Anna says:

        So they basically abused old, sick, deaf and blind person for the sake of “continuity” or whatever the like to call it? They could not let this poor woman rest in her final days? What kind of strong drugs was she pumped with to make her fit and alert for an event?

      • Is That So? says:

        I wouldn’t put it past the manipulators to tell Elizabeth, who could not see, hear,
        or move the worst interpretation of anything that was said on the Oprah interview in their attempt to break any and every bond she had with Harry.

  5. Polo says:

    Blah blah same ole same ole another “friend” of some royal mad at Harry and Meghan and on and on it goes. I’m sure we’ll hear how mad they are after Harry gives his testimony or how mad they are when Meghan announces her next project. ..

  6. girl_ninja says:

    The idea that they are now going to take a vow of silence after all the damage they have done, even if it was true, which I very much doubt, will do nothing to assuage the anger and disgust some of her friends feel about what they did to the queen in her final years.”

    F!ck off. What a bunch of bullshit. Those palace courtiers assisted in targeted harassment of Duchess Meghan since before she and Prince Harried married. Spare me “what they did to her in her final years” because they didn’t do shit, and they were probably the only ones in that family who actually considered her besides maybe Princess Anne. Cammie and Waity couldn’t wait to get their grubby hands on her jewels and Charlie was desperate make sure his Mistress Bride got her title.

  7. Mel says:

    This family and the people that surround them are weird. She wasn’t well obviously, so you all took advantage of her and forced her to sign off on Cams and Andrews nonsense. Harry knew she wasn’t well and was being manipulated, that’s why he said the people around her weren’t great and they didn’t want him to see her. From his description of his relationship with his grandparents and any video when you see them interacting, they obviously enjoyed being around him. So bitter, so salty…

  8. MsIam says:

    But she was fine with Andrew, evidently. These “friends” of the queen need to realize they are not doing her any favors by attacking Harry. The cat is out of the bag. This just proves why Harry wanted to tell his own story.

  9. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Was she getting chemo? Was she in hospice care? Why wasn’t she allowed to retire? These are the questions that should be getting asked, as opposed to whether she was mad at her grandson for doing the things her own son has done, but it’s a sin because he’s not the heir doing it.

  10. Lili says:

    there would have been no right time for them to release their projects 2 to 20 years they were always going to be bashed for it so i glad that they released their stuff while i could still see hear and read

  11. aquarius64 says:

    I would not be shocked if in the final hours E2 left this world like G5.

  12. ABritGuest says:

    If Elizabeth died due to bone cancer why did her death certificate say she died of old age? Was that a lie from the palace? & shouldn’t it be concerning that the head of state who is meant to ensure checks & balance was apparently so very ill & frail but was working until the last minute, meeting the prime minister & signing off on budgets & important legislation? Especially when this friend claims that news of a memoir would have rocked her so?

    If she was so very frail & ill does that mean the blessing for camilla to be known as queen consort was manipulated? And why is she never upset about Prince Andrew including paying to settle Virginia Guiffre’s sexual assault claims so that she could have her Jubilee party but a memoir was so shattering?

    • Sid says:

      “If she was so very frail & ill does that mean the blessing for camilla to be known as queen consort was manipulated?”

      Yes. I have believed that from the start. As I see it a lot of the so-called statements from QEII were actually from Chuck, Willileaks, and the courtiers in disguise. Like the fiasco with Harry’s Remembrance Day wreath. The initial story was that QEII had no idea he was denied the opportunity to have his wreath laid. Then later the story flipped to being that it was QEII’s decision. I believe the initial story was the truth. Then there was the fiasco with Lili’s name announcement. The initial story was that QEII was absolutely delighted. Then the story flipped to how QEII was upset over it. Again, I believe the initial story was the truth. Oh, and there’s the story about whether or not the Sussex children got a photo with QEII when they met with her. In these cases, and many more as I see it, Chuck and his cabal were looking for every opportunity to try and make the Sussexes look bad, and used QEII to do it whenever possible.

      It all goes back to when Chuck and his sex offender brother committed a coup and got Geidt out and installed Young as QEII’s secretary. The very fact that they were able to do that to the QUEEN should let us know that she wasn’t calling all the shots.

      • Jaded says:

        Edward Young is an evil, EVIL man. It was likely EY who stonewalled Harry’s planned visit with QEII at the last minute. It was definitely EY who refused to pass on Harry’s request to RAVEC to reimburse his RPO protection. I wonder what other travesties he’s responsible for? He and Jason Knauf are utter monsters.

      • Tessa says:

        Yes did the queens statement count when she was so sick. Charles could have.made his own announcement after the queen died.

      • bisynaptic says:

        No good can come to a woman surrounded by a pack of men—especially one as feckless as QEII had been.

  13. JCallas says:

    All lies. HMQ personally invited the Sussex family to the jubilee. We know she talked to Harry on Zoom. They named their daughter after her…

  14. Brassy Rebel says:

    Gaslighting, gaslighting, gaslighting. The Sussexes never in any way attacked Elizabeth’s life work. They have never expressed anything but respect and love for her, even naming their daughter after her. I just can’t with these people…

    • Christine says:

      It really makes the point that Meghan had zero chance, with any of these people, ever. If THIS is the stick they are currently using as a cudgel, they are all batshit crazy and evil.

  15. ales says:

    Making up more stories, there are no limits to the vile behavior of the BRF, royal insiders and the gossip writers. They must be hiding so many secrets, the intensity of the attacks on Harry, Meghan and their children has intensified. Using the Queen, who was notoriously private, to further gossip, is a low act, she cannot dispute anything. Their imitation royal friendships and fake family love, obviously require no loyalty or integrity, they are all racing to get publicity first, wonder how many of them are well paid for their lies and exaggerations.

  16. Snuffles says:

    “ with an anonymous source saying: “That period of their life is over as there is nothing left to say.”

    So, they make up a fucking source/quote and make up another fucking source to fake respond to the fake quote. Got it.

    • Eurydice says:

      Exactly. Make up a story and then make up a bunch of people to get offended by it. In the old live journal days we used to call them sockpuppets. They’d cause huge wars, with fake people on both sides and then real people would get sucked in.

  17. Ash says:

    It’s wrong for Harry to live his life but it’s okay for Elizabeth’s “friends” to spread her private health business to the world?…… ok, sure.

  18. equality says:

    No more to tell? That is not what PH said. He said there were at least 400 more pages worth to tell.

  19. Over it says:

    Royalist are very strange people. Imagine being mad at Harry and Meghan for existing while you got the likes of Andy and Chucky and cameltoe and wank and buttons. Like gtfoh.

  20. Is That SO? says:

    You know their hate and fear of Harry is off the charts, when they are willing to besmirch Elizabeth’s mythology to hurt him.

    It is only tw indict Harry they would admit that Elizabeth was not an
    immortal anointed to be queen by the divine, and worst of all for a head of state, suffering from diminish mental capacity.

  21. Tessa says:

    All those jubilee events. The queen could not attend most of them
    Not the best idea to have made it a major event when the queen was sick.

    • Christine says:

      It’s almost like the royal family itself serves no purpose, huh? Pick a day, any day, of the year, and call it Queen’s Day, or something. You can still have a party, England, we have the 4th of July, celebrating history.

  22. Tessa says:

    The photograph of c and c and the wails posing and grinning for the cameras before the queens funeral said it All. Imo.

  23. Vi says:

    What took Elizabeth down was whoever kept giving her covid, Charles forcing her to ok Camilla, her hatchet man Philip dying, and her Favorite Beloved son Andrew having problems. Andrew and Camilla was probably the leading causes. If Andrew didn’t have issues Camilla would be princess consort!!!

    Elizabeth was doing fine enough to met Liz truss- England new pm, a day before she passed.
    Elizabeth cut back working to only doing things she wanted to do. She earned that right. She started royal duties via her mother at like age 3. I believe she died from old age sped up by long covid.

  24. j.ferber says:

    Harry was right in worrying about who was surrounding the queen in her last years. It sounds like elder abuse to force her to work when she was ailing so badly.

    • ScorpnThoughts says:

      I remember the outrage from the usual suspects & palace aides,courtiers,etc when Harry spoke up saying he’s concerned about his grandmother’s care…and this entire article basically says the same thing🤔

      Once again,HARRY WAS/IS RIGHT 😎

  25. HeyKay says:

    If QE was in such poor health why wasn’t Charles made Prince Regent?
    QE and PP were both in their late 90’s, retire from public life.

    Charles has had 40-50 years training to be King and he still could not find a way to take the burden off his Mother?

    Charles and Camilla are awful, cruel, vile humans in the ways they treat their family members.

  26. Well Wisher says:

    In the Queen’s last Christmas speech, she referred to the friend that was quoted by the Dailybeast as “My son’s Prince Charles’s heir”.
    She did not say “my Grandson” nor iterated his place as “much loved member of the family”. I noticed that this trend of thought was trotted out before the late Queen was buried.
    Not unsurprising, it is being dusted off and being used because of the growing opposition to the monarchy and the Prince of Wales, notwithstanding the pending court cases.

    What is not a good look is settling a case with the person who promised to demolish the monarchy, the very one that one of the victims of the hacking breach is due to personally inherit, praising the same person who benefited from hacking of one’s parents, whereby one’s father is still being referred to as ‘tampon prince’ now ‘tampon king’.

    Stop aligning yourself with the late Queen, and projecting on your brother…….

  27. Noor says:

    Stop quoting the late Queen Elizabeth just to throw smears at the Sussexes . The Queen is dead; she cannot defend herself. May she rest in peace.