TMZ: Taylor Swift & Matt Healy didn’t break up because of his racism, okay?

It’s been so many years, I’d forgotten how much I enjoy “sources close to Taylor Swift” briefing the media about her breakups. Granted, she did the same thing a few months ago when she and Joe Alwyn broke up, but this Matt Healy split is really giving us some vintage snake drama. By all accounts, Taylor and Matt have been done for about a week, maybe more. I genuinely believe that they were seeing each other or hooking up for months before we heard about it. The timeline is important, because back in February, Healy made racist comments on The Adam Friedland Show. Some of those comments were about Ice Spice. As soon as Swealy became a thing, Taylor suddenly had a collaboration with Ice Spice, one of the most obvious and ham-fisted PR exercises I’ve ever seen. Well, Taylor is still mad that people saw through her little PR exercise, which is why we’re getting TMZ stories like this:

Matty Healy put Taylor Swift in a pretty sticky situation recently — it involved a troubling podcast appearance he’d made — but we’ve learned that controversy is NOT the reason they’re no longer dating.

A friend connected to Matty’s band, The 1975, tells TMZ … Taylor was aware of Matty’s remarks about Ice Spice on the podcast before she started dating him. While it’s true her fans applied plenty of social media pressure over it, the friend tells us Matty and Taylor were used to the noise, and simply blocked it out.

ICYMI … Matty went on the “The Adam Friedland Show” back in February, where Nick Mullen, Friedland and Matty openly laughed and made derogatory comments about Ice Spice … even mocking her with Chinese and Hawaiian accents. Amid Matty and Taylor’s romance, the clip resurfaced online last month, along with a separate interview clip of Ice expressing her love for The 1975. BTW, all of this was brewing as Taylor and Ice prepared to release their collab, “Karma (Remix).”

Awkward timing to say the least, and although Matty ultimately apologized for offending Ice, some fans felt his mea culpa lacked sincerity. The podcast episode has since been scrubbed from several platforms.

Nevertheless … we’re told all the Swiftee angst over that is not at the root of them pulling the plug on their relationshp — and, instead, it has more to do with the fact they simply don’t have time for each other.

Everyone knows Taylor’s Eras tour is packing stadiums across the U.S., and will for a few more months — and Matty’s friend points out The 1975 is in the middle of its European tour now. We’re told they still care for each other, even though things didn’t work out romantically.

[From TMZ]

What an amazing communications strategy, to argue that Taylor and Matt didn’t break up because of his racism, they broke up because of their tour schedules. Yeah… I don’t believe it. As a lot of Swifties have noted, Taylor is not responsible for Matt Healy’s bullsh-t. But she is responsible for knowingly dating a man who has a history of racist and problematic words and behavior. Which is exactly why she threw together that Ice Spice collab in the first place – some damage control to protect her own image and try to rescue Healy’s image too. It blew up in her face and here we are. “While it’s true her fans applied plenty of social media pressure over it, the friend tells us Matty and Taylor were used to the noise, and simply blocked it out.” Absolutely none of that is true.

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  1. OMG. The reason should have been racism and she should not have f d him in the first place. She talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. I guess I know who she is.

    • ML says:

      Well, tbf she could have also dumped him due to antisemitism, anti-islamic, and misogynistic remarks. She didn’t choose to do that either.

    • Fabiola says:

      If she already knew about the pod cast then why are people saying they broke up about it if she knew beforehand?

  2. Normades says:

    I think they’re still dealing with each other and she’ll continue to see him on the DL. She has the financial means to do so, « schedules » aren’t the same for someone ultra rich like Taylor.

    • Anna says:

      It certainly hasn’t stopped her so far.

      She should’ve just taken the L and kept eating her salad, the more they try to bury this the bigger the body looks.

  3. ML says:

    It certainly sounds as though she was forced to dump him against her will, doesn’t it? Someone as jet-happy as Taylor is fully capable of conducting a long-distance relationship, so that excuse doesn’t fly.
    Out of curiosity have any of her friends “unfriended” Tatty on social media? If not, she’s probably still seeing him surreptitiously.

  4. Laura says:

    This was in the People article too. “No one tells Taylor what to do, she’s on top of the world!” Interesting strategy, to insist that the racism and the degrading porn and all else were not dealbreakers for Taylor. Why not say nothing, and then her fans could claim that she was just so heartbroken she couldn’t see, and once she did that’s *obviously* the reason she broke up with him?? It’s just like “for the record, we want everyone to know that Taylor is totally cool with all the sh*t he has said and laughed along with”.

  5. Lia says:

    Idk, It looks like he is not willing to go away quietly like her other exes, except for Calvin Harris?
    He is putting it out there that she was totally aware of what kind of person he is and condoned all of his bullshit. Her PR better buckle up!

    • Kateee says:

      I too read it as half warning shot.

    • Elenor says:

      I’m sure her other exes are very much enjoying this public self-humiliation of Taylor and her exposing herself to be such an asshole, though. And yeah, Matty won’t shut up and will keep exposing Taylor, if Taylor tries to pin all the blame on him.

  6. Kateee says:

    So we are going with “lol Taylor knew he was racist the whole time, it was just noise to her, nbd.” That is the best PR move she could manage? Or is this from his people? Yikes either way. They must still be involved or still under showmance contract or they would’ve burned each other by now. Two petty Betty spotlight lovers.

    • Emily says:

      I think it’s coming from his people. Before he was seen with Taylor most people didn’t know him and his comments didn’t have a big enough stage to generate the type of backlash he’s now getting. It benefits him to say, no, we broke up because of distance.

      Taylor’s people should say “Taylor knew Matty through friends and trusted their judgement; so she wasn’t aware of the things he’d said that are online including an interview where he calls her mom pig. When it was brought to her attention, she ended things immediately. This isn’t what Taylor stands for.” (whether it’s believable or not).

      Taylor won’t say anything bad because Matty has a mouth.

      • OriginalLeigh says:

        Matty called Taylor’s Mom a pig?!

      • Arizona says:

        no. he has worn merch for a podcast run by this awful person who he is friends with, who called Taylor’s mom Miss Piggy and also accused Taylor of faking her eating disorder.

  7. janey janey says:

    When are we going to hold people accountable for sleeping with Nazis. It’s the floor, people. Like seriously. The floor. To not associate with actual racists?

    • Myeh says:

      That’s just it though. It’s not the standard anymore. Nowadays we’re expected to be tolerant of racists and not oppress them with using our rational arguments against racism and be “civil” and consider both sides. There is no accountability and no responsibility because that’s the new white supremacy playbook which is basically the old one which has been allowed to grow more brazen in recent times.

  8. Sean says:

    Tin foil hat theory:

    They’re still together but on the DL. Over the next 4-6 months, we’ll get stories about Taylor “doing more” to address prejudice. Maybe she visibly gets “involved” with charities/organizations that work for inclusivity, etc. Meanwhile, there will also be stories about Matt “working on himself” to reevaluate some of his “controversial” viewpoints and “grow”.

    As we gain distance from the current backlash, snippets will drop about how they’re “still talking” accompanied by pap shots of them sighted together at restaurants, going for walks, etc. But this will all be explained away with “they’re just friends”.

    Then one day, we will hear about their triumphant reunion. Love saves the day!

    • Anne says:

      We must be wearing the same tinfoil hat! I just posted something very similar. Could not agree with you more– if this breakup was real, you’d think Taylor’s camp would be going scorched earth on him to salvage her image. We all know she can do a relationship on the DL if she wants to (see the first two years with Alwyn…)

    • HeatherC says:

      All this and Taylor’s PR making sure everyone knows that Matty worked on himself all because of Taylor.

    • Coco says:

      Not Tin foil this is definitely believable and has been done before by other celebrities.

      • Shawna says:

        Oooh, Coco, who? *gets popcorn ready*

      • Coco says:

        Just to name two.

        Goop for one who was cheating with her current husband while she was still married and so was he. Then when the divorce happened, Chris was blamed for cheating, while she and Brad F went on a DL, and then what months or almost a year later they surface as a “new couple”

        J Lo fake break up with Casper when he was photographed, going into the back of gay sex shop were more happens then just shopping. ( If you catch my drift,) and she had a book to sell. Did the whole public break up while she promoted her book; while still dating on the DL. They resurfaced as a couple once she was done, with the book promotion . They rebrand his image only for it to happen again.

      • Shawna says:

        @Coco – thank you! I totally missed both of these stories.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Sean, this tin foil hat theory is ringing truthfully and loudly. TS knows who he and openly accepts him added to the history that TS’s PR people are usually the first out of the gate putting out a statement. This is simply cover for her to keep banging this misogynist and racist twat in very private settings simply to quell her fans.

      MH is who he is and no amount of apologies nor persuasion will change who he is, it’s imbedded into his DNA along with his compatriots as well.

    • Normades says:

      I also had the same theory but another possibility is (puts on tin foil hat) is that he threatened her not to challenge or smear him in the media. Like in retaliation he’d say his own sh!t about her (possibly sexual) and him being a loose cannon troll, she would believe he’d do it. So his sources are releasing that it has nothing to do with him being a garbage POS and she won’t say anything otherwise.

      His cryptic comments at his last concert did have the air of a man scorned.

      • Soe says:

        Read the original write up. It states that this is coming from his team. So it’s more a case of him like you said being scorned and not wanting to let her get away with trying to pretend she had a problem with his racism. She dumped him for image reasons and hes not gonna let her get away with pretending otherwise. I really hope this becomes a messy break up, because she deserves it.

      • JaneBee says:

        Baseline assumption would be that her team insists on NDAs with anyone she is involved with – even other celebs. Unless she has gone completely crazy for this guy and has cutoff guidance from her parents and team, it seems unlikely that she would keep it up with him on the DL.

        Maybe she’s now reached the level of 1% wealth that she no longer has to give a shit about her fan base? But it seems contrary to the MO we’ve seen from her throughout her career.

        He publicly kissed a security guard at his most recent concert in Denmark. He hangs out with alt right Russian trolls who have insulted TS and her mother. She might be able to overlook his disgusting racism, but ignoring the personal seems impossible for her.

    • SarahCS says:

      I’d put money on this playbook happening.

      Assuming he’s willing to run with it and lose some of his ‘provocateur’ (BLEUGH) persona.

    • Fabiola says:

      I doubt he cares what people think of him. His fans like him and that’s all he cares about. The people he offended are never going to be his fans so he doesn’t care about their opinion. Same with Taylor. It’s like when people kept trying to cancel Joe Rogen but he is too huge to cancel and he has his fans. The people that don’t like him don’t matter to him since they were never going to like him.

      • JaneBee says:

        It seems maybe a stretch to compare Healy to Joe Rogan. Healy has nowhere near the same following or even one comparable to other male musicians. Presumably he and his band mates are not so delusional that they aren’t focused on growing their fan base.

  9. WiththeAmericann says:

    I don’t understand how anyone could be intimate with someone who is a racist misogynist. Nothing turns me off faster. Gross. Taylor really showed herself here.

    • Kitten says:

      Right. If that isn’t a deal breaker for you then WTF is???

      • Elenor says:

        Her deal breaker is when her partners don’t kiss her ass all the time and have wills of their own.

    • JanetDR says:

      @WiththeAmerican, Absolutely! Plus he is not attractive in any other way.

  10. girl_ninja says:

    That she’d rather embrace the racism of her former lover is interesting and pathetic. Maybe she and ole Marsha Washburn have more in common than Taylor would lead us to believe.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Yes, very, very true!! As they say, “birds of a feather flock together”. TS knew his entire history and still chose to openly date him. On what planet did TS think that this would not look badly on her??? TS is the master of manipulation with her songs scorching the earth of her previous partners all in the name of “art”.

      • Debbie says:

        I don’t know that dating a guy with his history would be a dealbreaker for Taylor’s fans. Isn’t she known as a favorite of neo-confederates and neo-nazis? I don’t know if it was due to the whole Kanye incident when she won that award but since then they’ve been openly rooting for her. In short, Taylor Swift knows her audience and this won’t affect her album sales at all. At all. In fact, she may get another Grammy for it.

      • JaneBee says:

        @Debbie That portion of the fan base moved on when she spoke out against voting for Trump, filed her suit against the radio DJ for sexual assault, and went on the record as supporting the LGBTQI+ community (at least on paper). She loses more fans/money globally by associating with Healy than she would pick up in the US for appearing to ‘realign’ with the right.

  11. GoldenMom says:

    Possibly stupid question, but why is everyone SO excited about Taylor Swift? Many online videos of how amazing it is to be a family that supports a child who worships her, clearing schedules for her concerts, general frenzy….is she all that? It feels like someone telling us she is fabulous without having any actual charisma.

    Looking for a youngster to explain.

    • Shawna says:

      One of the students I mentor is a massive fan. I think for girls growing up, it’s powerful for them to see someone documenting the girl experience from the inside and not being apologetic about sharing the feelings that come with adolescence/growing up. It’s the same reason I haven’t bothered to keep up with the new music: she’s old enough to be past this shtick, but she keeps peddling it. She infantilizes herself and, by extension, her fans.

    • AnneL says:

      I don’t have a Taylor worshiper, but my daughter is in her mid 20s and pretty much grew up with her music. She burst onto the scene with all of these angsty-sweet teenage songs, mostly about love and boys, and just captured them at the right moment I guess.

      My son’s GF is around the same age as my daughter and she’s still very into Taylor’s music. Not posting online videos about it or anything, but going to her shows, listening to all of her music, etc.

      As others have said, she cultivates this para-social relationship with her fans. She tries to be a kind of “Every Girl,” blank slate, relatable type. Even as she makes a fortune and jets around the world, lol.

      • GoldenMom says:

        OK, that explains it, thanks! She does seem like car crash, probably helps make her relateable. I would agree, generally, with what Shawna says, it does seem very teen angsty. One would hope it is something to outgrow, but who knows? Everyone wants to belong. And she is clearly making BANK so why would she change?

        Again, thanks for the explainer. I do feel older when reading about this kind of DRAMA….

      • Shawna says:

        “And she is clearly making BANK so why would she change?” Exactly! I watched the documentary she put out, and it seems like she is totally driven and needs constant validation that she’s a good musician. She’s going to stick to what works rather than risk losing that validation.

      • February Pisces says:

        Taylor markets herself as the underdog and speaks to other young people who feel the same. Expect for the fact she hasn’t been the underdog for like 15 years now. She’s one of the most successful musicians in the world, is a multi millionaire, and is leader of a girl squad made up of skinny white blonde models who all act like she’s their queen bee. She dates only celebrity men and then complains when the dump her. That’s suppose to be relatable to young normal girls for some reason.

    • Sass says:

      This. We just had to take a connecting flight from Munich to Chicago after the Italian airport employees went on strike and our flight out of Venice was delayed which caused us to miss our initial connection to Toronto. While waiting in Chicago for our flight home, a woman asked if we were in town for “the concert.” What concert I asked.

      Taylor Swift of course.

      I wasn’t rude but I just said “oh no this is a connecting flight; we are coming home from Italy.”

      People wasting all their money and time on her when she’s not all that good. Literally a grown woman in her 40s flew 6 hours to see her in another city.

    • Abbie says:

      I am Swift’s age and I never understood her appeal either, nor did I ever see any special talent in her. She can sing and that’s about it. Her lyrics are bland dumb pop any teenager could write. But she’s pretty and white and selling young adult angst so I guess it worked, especially since she broke out during the Twilight era…
      We gotta remember her target audience isn’t actually people her age or older, but people 10+ years younger than her who were literally small kids playing with Barbies in preschool when she became famous with her vapid princessy love songs

  12. Bee says:

    Wow. I wonder if this is spin from Ratty’s camp. I can’t imagine Taylor’s team would think this is a good look. Because it isn’t, at all. Come on Taylor! Everyone knows not to fsck racists!

    • Twin Falls says:

      It says in the article it’s coming from his camp.

      A friend connected to Matty’s band, The 1975, tells TMZ …

  13. Sasha says:

    Well done Joe for walking the high road through the breakup. Taylor spectacularly tanked her own ship and all it’s done is make Joe look even more like the (stable, nice, non-racist) one that got away.

    • Normades says:

      Yea, Joe is gonna come out of this OK. He knew just to lay low and let Taylor shoot herself in the foot. She was so gung ho about rolling out this new relesh that all talk about Joe subsided. Now he’s not even a part of the conversation and she’s worse off for it.

    • Amando says:

      And the beauty of it is… that’s just the kind of person Joe is naturally. He isn’t the type to kiss and tell or bad mouth anyone to the press. She lost a good one.

  14. Anne says:

    Tinfoil hat time! Anyone else feel like this is entirely performative? No bridges being burned with this break up PR talk-track… and given the public reaction, if it was real, you’d think Taylor’s camp would be all “omg! Taylor had no idea he was such an awful person! She’s seeing the light and kicked him and his problematic ass to the curb!”. All this so far reads to me like they are setting it up for a “reconciliation” in a few months. Things to watch for 1) ‘TrumanBlack” not getting reactivated on social media, 2) Taylor staying single.

  15. Mallory says:

    TMZ is the known outlet for trash men to go to & get their spin on a story out, to the detriment of women.

    • Coco says:

      Yes and TMZ is also a outlet that the Kardashians and other shitty women used to put out
      their story.

      Let’s be real Taylor didn’t “break up” with Matt, because of his racism , anti- systemic or sexism, because she already knew about that when she started dating him.

    • Plasma says:

      So why Taylor dated this trash man to begin with?

      • HeatherC says:

        That is the question. And one that her PR team will be quick to dismiss and hope it blows over. Because the “why” of it comes up directly against her carefully curated pop image.

        Then again, from my casual observances (mostly on this site), it won’t affect her and she’ll write an album about being misunderstood or something. Apparently she has fans who wear adult diapers so they won’t miss a song in a 3 hour concert, they’ll happily gloss over this and she’ll be fine.

        She should call her next album Teflon.

  16. Daisy says:

    “A friend connected to Matty’s band…” lmao oh you know he’s mad he got dumped because she cares about the public’s opinion. But you know, his behaviour was pretty well known and she went ahead with it in the first place, just didn’t expect her own fans to absolutely despise him and the relationship. This can turn even messier, he’s not going away quietly and we know Taylor wants her image very controlled. I’m expecting new “leaks” from team Swift soon if Matty’s “sources” keep talking.

    • Coco says:

      Matt reputation is already in the gutter and his Fans already know what type of person he is, so there’s nothing Taylor can say I can do anything to hurt his already damage image.

      Taylor on the other hand is the one who’s image is vulnerable, I doubt she would say anything or do anything that would make him expose her even more.

  17. lucy2 says:

    If this is from her team, it’s a really stupid move. When all the racist crap came out, they should have issued a “they are very different people, and Taylor was uncomfortable with the statements he has made, and ultimately decided to end the relationship” kind of comment.

  18. Freddy says:

    Worst PR strategy ever: “she was fine with his racism, but she couldn’t handle the conflicting tour schedules”…What an ally is she to non-White basic Beckies

  19. Amble says:

    I guess I’m in the minority here but I honestly don’t understand the fuss about her or her music.

    • Sass says:

      I’m there with you. I liked her brief country era at the beginning. After that I lost interest. I find much of her music derivative and uninspired. I’ve said before that it’s like she doesn’t know what her musical style is. That’s because she’s emotionally stunted and doesn’t know who she is. Imagine being 33 and being this immature. No excuse, only discussing it. She’s old enough to know that THIS behavior is inexcusable. A 12 year old knows it. Ffs. But back to the music: I think she’d have been better off as a songwriter because that’s where her strength and passion really is. But the narcissist in her needs that spotlight and constant adoration; she crumbles with even mild criticism.

      I tried. I’ll be honest, I tried to be fair and I gave her music a shot. I do enjoy some her songs, but not a whole album. I might like enough collectively to say I like a whole album – maybe a dozen from various albums. But I find her albums to be bloated and in need of editing. Too many songs per record. It’s a LOT. Nobody is telling her no. She needs to finally hear it. Overall I think she’s got a mediocre voice, she’s a bit of a tryhard, she’s got rich parents who paid for her fame, and she needs therapy.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Her songwriting skills are painfully overrated. She does come up with the occasional catchy and even clever lyric, but otherwise, her writing is just…not great. Of course her fans will think she’s the best songwriter of the generation (LOL, not by a long shot, delusional Swifties.)

      And well, let’s not get into her “singing”, lol.

    • lucy2 says:

      I don’t either. The music of hers I know is…fine? Nothing spectacular? Nothing I would pay hundreds or more to see her perform? But to each their own I guess.

  20. Sass says:

    Lmfaooooo how does she not see that saying “it’s not the racism it’s just timing” is WORSE?! Wtf is this clownery? Taylor…bye girl bye.

    • Soe says:

      It actually says in the tmz report it’s coming from his team which this write up didn’t mention. . Which is glorious because ratty wont go quietly …

  21. Soe says:

    This isn’t coming from Taylor’s team. Her PR isn’t this dumb. It says the source is “ a friend of the 1975” which means that ratty also wants to have his say lol!
    Hes making sure everyone knows she had no problem with his racism behind the carefully curated nice girl image.

  22. Beach Dreams says:

    Regardless of whose team this is coming from, it’s obviously true. She knew this man for 10 years, she knew what he was about. At the end of the day, the small portion of Swifties who were distraught by this relationship need to accept that their fave isn’t nearly as progressive as she proclaims to be. That should’ve been obvious given that she’s been involved in plenty racist and problematic shit of her own throughout her career.

  23. Kebbie says:

    So I’m probably completely alone here, but I don’t believe any of this stuff with Matty was real.

    I think Joe dumped her. She was bitter and embarrassed, so she found the biggest famewh*re she could to play along as her new boyfriend. He was a terrible choice PR wise, and it blew up in her face. She can’t throw him under the bus because he could tell people the whole thing was fake to begin with. So now she’s stuck with him leaking to TMZ and she can’t do anything to hit back.

    That’s my conspiracy theory.

    • MipMip says:

      Lol, agreed Kebbie. I wrote the same thing below, but much longer. Yours is more succinct. 😀

    • H says:

      I agree, this was never real to begin with. Blind items said he was talking shit about her all over town.

      Blind items also suggest a news story is about to come out about that favorite adult entertainment website of his. She was getting ahead of it IMO.

  24. MipMip says:

    I think this was always a PR relationship. It was supposed to help her look she was “winning” the Alwyn breakup and give MH a bigger profile by association. I also think she and JA actually broke up last year. The last time she liked his instagram posts was in May 2022. They were setting the stage for this showmance back in January when she played at the 1975’s concert. The overlap rumors were probably part of the “relationship” PR plan but the racism was not.

    I am sure her PR team did a deep dive on him and knew all his issues beforehand, hence their attempts to scrub them from the internet. I think he did that Friedland podcast without them knowing and her team had to scramble but it was already out. TS went, “I don’t care, I’m doing it anyway” and everyone had to act accordingly, even though it seems like her PR team are pretty annoyed that they have to deal with this whole mess.

    Supposedly they were briefly involved at the end of 2014 when TS was seen at several of the 1975’s concerts. Coincidentally, the best evidence for the TS-Karlie Kloss relationship (Kaylor happened) is the pictures of Kaylor kissing on the balcony at one of those concerts. There was some reporting on the kids but her PR team came out HARD to throw cold water on those rumors.

    After that, the Matty and Taylor rumors came out. Conveniently, they overshadowed the Kaylor kiss.

    I think MH did her a favor then by letting her use him as her PR beard. It went well for him then, the 1975 got some recognition from the rumors and everyone moved on.

    I think after the JA breakup she tried to engineer another PR showmance with him but now it’s 2023 and this guy has been saying racist and misogynistic stuff for the last decade-plus and he was put under the microscope. And now, I think he and his side are pissed. I’m sure he is under an NDA but that won’t stop the shady mudslinging. Each of them probably blames the other for the guts to their reputations.

    I used to be a big fan of TS. But it’s over now.

    • MipMip says:

      *kiss not kids
      *hits not guts


    • Soe says:

      No comment on your gaylor theory apart from why does anyone want to claim this problematic poster girl for white feminism. She’s awful. But Your theory about the joe break up doesn’t track. He posted her cats in his insta story in February of this year. Also why would she like any of his post after may 2022 when he hasn’t posted anything after may 2022?

      Apparently ratty has been going around telling random hook ups ( it’s on a podcast from some girl who hooked up with him- posted on ontd) that he had a one night stand with Taylor back then. But they didn’t date as people have speculated just a one night thing.

      • MipMip says:

        Not sure what my Kaylor comment has to do with claiming her. I said I am no longer a fan. Doesn’t change the fact that there is a lot of Kaylor proof out there on the interwebs.

        Anyway, she’s obviously very calculated. I would not be surprised if she had an ironclad legal agreement with JA to keep up appearances that they were together for several months while she rolled out the break up. He could easily post an old picture of her cats. She also wore his jacket somewhere and there were a bunch of articles about how “she’s wearing his jacket they’re so in loooove”. Lots of breadcrumbs and gooey articles planted but nothing actually linking them.

        JA must have cleared his insta because he had several posts after May 2022 when I looked a couple of months ago. There were several from earlier this year. I’ve got the screenshot.

        And Matthew Healy says a lot of things. Maybe they did hook up once over the years, it still tracks (FWIW I think she is bi and her relationship with JA was legit), but it doesn’t negate that she needed damage control from the balcony shenanigans. There was something for a long time with her and Karlie. It’s what most of her 2010’s albums are about.

        Hookups aside, they’re nothing but PR.

  25. Emily says:

    When Matty drags Taylor through the media, as has has done before and is threatening to do, she’ll miss Joe’s desire for privacy.

  26. Ceej says:

    I hate that they can scrub the podcast episode. I mean, I’m glad that their racist misogyny isn’t inspiring others or there for Ice Spice to have to hear…

    But it means in a year the podcast hosts are hoping no one will even remember and they can pretend they aren’t pigs. Healy might be too big for that 1 year but he’s hoping in a few that there’s no evidence of it so he can start pretending it was never that bad. Ugh.

  27. j.ferber says:

    She has so many good things in her life and she is a talented, rich, ambitious woman. I wish she’d sort out her love life and put it on a private setting if she can. Then, if Shakira foolishly gives up Lewis Hamilton, Taylor needs to grab him. It’s the only sensible thing to do. (Of course, I’d advise any woman to grab Lewis Hamilton if she has the chance.)

    • Soe says:

      Like Taylor would date a black man. Her V****a is as racist as John mayers d***k.

  28. j.ferber says:

    Soe, I hate to hear this.

  29. Melissa says:

    If tour schedules caused breakups she didn’t want, she would do less touring. Tour schedules don’t cause breakups; other things do (and tour schedules can exacerbate that, but it’s never THE thing).

  30. phlyfiremama says:

    Well, I think she looks WORSE because she didn’t break up with him for his misogynistic racism. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  31. Purplehazeforever says:

    This relationship was about as real as Santa Claus.

  32. Lisa says:

    During her recent shows she casually confessed she became alcoholic and also was crying while performing random songs. It seems she’s spiralling. She had 2 breakups within 2 months.

    • AnneL says:

      Did she really? Well, if she is spiraling, she should put her mental health first and maybe cut back on touring? I don’t know, maybe it’s actually therapeutic for her. Or at least….affirming. But I imagine it’s physically exhausting and that can take a toll on you emotionally too. She’s not 25 any more.

    • Coco says:

      Yet no News or media outlet has said anything to that affect..

  33. Veronica S. says:

    Ah, learning the lesson she should have when she was much younger — a partner that treats others like shit will treat you the same when they’re done getting something out of it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Kebbie says:

      Oh, come on. Taylor has never learned a lesson in her life and she definitely isn’t starting now!

  34. Lelu says:

    I’m baffled by this PR. She DIDN’T dump him because of his racism and misogyny, it’s just that their schedules don’t match. Soooo… she’s actually totally cool with his racism and misogyny? Surely the smart PR move would be a “friend” leaking something like “as she got to know him better, they started having differences of opinion on major issues that were a dealbreaker for her.”

  35. Miranda says:

    Can her fans even explain why her personal love life is such a failure? Because every relationships of hers failed and crashed, each and every one of them, and almost in every case there was some type of drama, from Taylor. Considering that a lot of her exes then moved on, settled in their lives with their wives or fiancees or long term partners, and some of them are not even yet 30, so they just live their life casually, while Taylor is like this…..

  36. Spillthattea says:

    I kissed a racist and I liked it
    Thats some bad blood right there