Wyatt: Prince Harry ‘did not consult’ Chelsy Davy before he sued the tabloids

Sometimes, I’m actually left utterly aghast with the frenetic crackhead energy of some of the royal commentary in the UK. If you told me that Petronella Wyatt was in a near-constant state of coked-up, posh-accented, stream-of-consciousness delusion, I would believe you, because that’s exactly how she writes. Wyatt has a bug up her bum about Prince Harry and she’s hellbent on spreading her cracked-out lies and delusions far and wide. Wyatt was part of the scheme, last month, to convince everyone that Harry and Meghan were on the verge of divorce. This month, her cracked-out delusions are about how cruel it is for Harry to testify about how Chelsy Davy was stalked and harassed by the British media. That’s not all – Wyatt also wants to convince people that Harry and Boris Johnson are “more alike than you might think.” She’s written two columns in the broke-ass Telegraph about those subjects this week. Here’s part of her exclusive about Chelsy:

How does [Harry] square his gallant protection of one woman with his willingness to throw another to the wolves, and indeed to the tabloids? Pity Chelsy Davy, the Chandleresque blonde whose youthful dalliance with Harry is now known to people who weren’t even born when it happened. Was it right to drag her name into court?

Davy is married, and has a young child. Did it not occur to Harry, who feels every prick of life like a dagger, that revisiting the flora of their affair might distress this blameless person who, unlike Meghan, backed out of the strobe lights? Did he even bother to consult her before he sued?

According to a Davy family friend, he did not. Once again, his willingness to share details about personal relationships with women makes him less Lochinvar than louche. His constant cri de coeur is that no one comprehends how he feels. Well, Harry my boy, I do.

In the meantime, he is inflicting pain on his former girlfriend, something on which both he and his feminist wife would do well to ponder.

[From The Telegraph]

It occurs to me that Wyatt and the rest of them are actually mad that Chelsy Davy hasn’t come out and given them content. She hasn’t given any interviews in years, and she’s literally just raising her child and minding her business. Wyatt couldn’t even get anyone in Chelsy’s family to talk to her – she’s just going off a “Davy family friend,” which could be anyone, even someone at the Telegraph. Anyway, I would guess that Chelsy was much more upset about a tracker being placed on her car and airlines being paid off to reveal her travel info than she is about Harry’s testimony about those subjects.

As for the “Harry and BoJo are alike” piece, it’s possibly even more cracked out than the Chelsy Davy one. I think this part is the crux of Wyatt’s argument:

Born in the US, Johnson believes in the dreams of lucre. The love of money, natural in a prince, now runs in his veins like a bacterial sickness. He was always stingy. When I knew him, his idea of a treat was Pizza Express, which, admittedly, is more Andrew than Harry. Living off the largesse of others, a very Harry habit, it seems has recently enabled Boris to buy a £3 million house in Oxfordshire.

Then there is the lure of beauty. The meretricious charms of a fair one has caused both men travails. Carrie is, in many ways, an aspirant Meghan. She, too, persuaded her husband of the woke virtues: carbon net zero, animal rights, conservation, sustainable fashion. I hear she intends to launch her own lifestyle blog, modelled on Markle’s The Tig. “Carrie loves Meghan, and wants to be a global icon,” said a former Downing Street aide. “She wanted to be like the Princess of Wales, but that was taking it a bit too far.”

[From The Telegraph]

They’re mad that… Harry has money, success, a beautiful wife and liberal politics. And they’re trying to say that Carrie Johnson is trying to be the next Meghan. This bitch is giving me a headache, Jesus.

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  1. Shawna says:

    Harry is not “your boy.” Ick.

  2. Eurydice says:

    Harry didn’t consult Charles or William, either. It’s his life story and his case. And who says that Chelsy is feeling pain over this?

    • Amy Bee says:

      Charles and William didn’t consult Harry when they decided to smear Meghan in the press.

  3. Nubia says:

    Has Chelsy ever done an interview or been on camera? out of sheer curiosity would like to see what she sounds like.

    • Normades says:

      To my knowledge no. She’s a good egg and the two have remained on good terms

  4. Digital Unicorn says:

    Chelsy got a raw deal with the tabs in part because of Mumbles and her family. I remember all those stories that painted Chelsy as the party girl who fell out of clubs drunk while Mumbles was the studious student – BS. It was Kate who was the party girl who was papped multiple times falling drunk out of clubs and into taxis flashing them as she did it. It was Chelsy who was the studious student who earned a law degree. The Mids worked with the tabs to create that narrative – am not sure if Harry would have married her if the paps had treated her better as the army and therapy changed him long before Meghan came along.

    • Tessa says:

      Chelsy was treated badly by the tabs. I

    • Tessa says:

      Chelsy and harry most likely decided not to marry. The relationship did not stand the test of time.

    • Amy Bee says:

      Harry said in his book that he and Chelsey agreed to break up because they wanted two different things. He was focused on his army career.

      • Ginger says:

        Yup. The split was amicable. Harry was very focused on his Military career and Chelsy loved being free. Teej saw this and helped them break up. I get annoyed when people think they broke up because Chelsy didn’t want the royal life. They wanted different things and Harry admitted he didnt see a future with her.

    • Lizzie says:

      Chelsy is a smart lady who apparently was just as smart when she was younger when she realized she wanted nothing to do with royal life because it came with the tabloids who appear to engage in all kinds of rampant illegal behavior.

    • Caren says:

      What I remember, Chelsey did keep up partying, but was able to go to school at the same time. She’s that smart. After law school, she worked as a lawyer, but then decided she didn’t like it. So she started her jewelry business. Now, she also has a travel agency. I don’t remember her or her family ever giving an interview.

      • ABritGuest says:

        It’s been reported since 2020/21 after Harry launched his cases that hackers had put trackers on Chelsy’s car etc & a PI had tried to get medical records & details like if she had had an abortion. So I would imagine Harry would have given chelsy the heads up that her name would be involved similar to how the press reported that she & other exes were contacted when Harry was writing his memoir.

        Chelsy did give interviews & comments to the press back when her & Harry were on/off & has since when launching her jewellery business etc. I don’t remember her saying anything particularly indiscreet but mainly how the press attention was overwhelming at time. But she did engage sometimes which is one reason that royal experts like Phil Dampier were such fans of hers.


      • Ginger says:

        I saw on Twitter the other day where she talked to Tatler recently. I didn’t read it. And yeah, Phil loves Chelsy. I have a feeling she talked to him some .

      • Blueberry says:

        Il sorry-i don’t understand Chandleresque. As is Raymond Chandler? Crime
        novels? Florid metaphors? Please help.

    • Rebecca says:

      The partner of the “spare” tends to be treated badly by the press.

  5. Tessa says:

    The derangers now want chelsy and harry to get back together.

    • Ginger says:

      Those same derangers hated Chelsy when they dated, they just like her now because she isn’t Meghan. They don’t REALLY like her.

    • BQM says:

      Which would mean the breakup of two families with very young children. Nice.

  6. Lili says:

    Living off the largesse of others, a very Harry habit. WTF! ye Tyler perry helped them escape from Canada and they stayed in his house for a bit till they could sort themselves out. That was a brief spell. Harry isnt sponging off anyone.

    Then there is the lure of beauty. The meretricious charms of a fair one has caused both men travails. Interesting she Petronilla didnt include herself in that category. i sense more bitterness towards Boris that she didnt manage to land the Whale. As for Carrie being the next Meghan, she should go for it since BoJo has dumped himself all the way out of politics

    • BeanieBean says:

      I couldn’t quite figure out what she was trying to say. Did she attempt to tie ‘love of lucre’ to being American, as Boris was born in the US? But then again, ‘love of lucre’ is ‘natural’ in a prince? What does that even mean?

      • Lorelei says:

        I knew absolutely nothing about this woman so I just Googled her, and two things: apparently her nickname is “Petsy,” which is how I think we should all refer to her here from now on since it’s so dumb.

        Also, there was this on Wikipedia— she’s always been a horrible “journalist”:

        “In 1996, when interviewing the proposed Labour Minister for Women Janet Anderson, Anderson joked that “under Labour, women will become more promiscuous”, which Wyatt reported as policy.”

        That last sentence— “She wanted to be like the Princess of Wales, but that was taking it a bit too far.”— killed me. I don’t even know exactly WTF she’s talking about, since Kate’s position isn’t exactly one that anyone else can emulate, so it makes no sense, but it’s just so stupidly funny.

    • bisynaptic says:

      Oooh, I forgot about her BoJo connection!

  7. Over it says:

    I think that Harry and Meghan might actually be this petronlla woman wet dream.she doesn’t sound lucid

  8. MSTJ says:

    Didn’t Boris date and dump Wyatt at some point? Seems she has an axe to grind with him. Hmmm!

    The British tabloids and their reporters who benefited financially from intruding on Harry and Chelsy’s privacy and in some instances it seems they unlawfully intruded on said privacy are running sacred and are attempting in various ways to intimidate and somehow convince Harry to stop pursuing his court cases from going forwarded. It seems this is another attempt via Wyatt.

    • MipMip says:

      Yes! Came here to say this. Wyatt was mentioned by the BBC just this morning because of the BoJo report that just came out. They had an affair in 2004 while he was married and he lied about it, which led to his FIRST resignation as MP.

      The incestuousness of the British establishment. Barf.

      • Jan says:

        Seeing Carrie’s children must make Petty feel some how, after her slipping on a banana twice for the clown.

      • Lizzie says:

        Petronella, take note, YOU had an affair with a married man. Chelsy and Harry were dating for years, neither married to others at the time. Cannot imagine getting dumped by Bojo, but I guess he has some standards. Stay in your lane and stick to writing about your idol, Camilla.

  9. HeyKay says:

    Leave Chelsey out of everything. Decades old.
    The tabs are just going to endlessly churn out items on Harry for attention.

  10. Mads says:

    Wyatt is an establishment stooge; her father was very close to the Queen Mother, Margaret Thatcher and Murdoch. She was one of Johnson’s side pieces, which tells you everything you need to know about her lack of morals and credibility.

  11. tamsin says:

    I would believe that Harry may have given Chelsea a heads up. This Petronella is one bitter person. Is she the one who was involved with Boris at one point?

    • IRONE says:

      I don’t think he gave her a heads up. He had filed this case in October 2019 and at that time he was still a newly father and the press was bullying him and Meghan all the time. It would have been weird for him to prioritize talking to his ex-girlfriend.

      • tamsin says:

        Perhaps the lawyers may have, though.

      • Gobo says:

        These are not mutually exclusive actions. Letting his ex know that she would be mentioned in court would in no way detract from him supporting his wife and child while planning his actions regarding the press. I would be surprised if he didn’t, he seems a considerate man.

      • Christine says:

        Just a suggestion, read Spare.

    • Lizzie says:

      He probably did give her a heads up. Hate for Hire is just making things up.

  12. equality says:

    Is Harry revealing anything that the tabloids didn’t already cover in detail by their invasive methods? But, sure, let’s blame him instead of being self-reflective. And isn’t “living off the largesse of others” what the “working” royals do? And thse “woke virtues: carbon net zero, animal rights, conservation, sustainable fashion” Aren’t all of those things that Charles and William advocate for also? I’d also like to see how exactly she considers all those things bad. If Carrie really does see those things as important, that ups her in my estimation.

    • Jais says:

      Yeah, the majority of everything that is happening in court was already brought up originally by the papers. If we people followed this logic, no one would ever sue or say anything and the papers would continue to use these practices.

    • MoonTheLoon says:

      I doubt Carrie is sincerely interested in these things or we’d have heard of it and her efforts towards these causes by now. It sounds more performative and an attempt at reviving her shabby image. Assuming this isn’t one of dear Petsy’s delusions. I think Carrie is more like Khate then Meg.

  13. L4Frimaire says:

    These columnists sound so ignorant of the legal process and are so threatened by this trial. Has Wyatt made a disclaimer that she was Johnson’s mistress while he was married to his former wife and she got nothing out of it? This woman sounds so bitter. She’s part of that same buzzard group that can’t understand that the Sussexes earn money in the private sector to pay their bills, so apparently it’s just greed that drives it. I guess living off the taxpayers is noble when you’re privileged in her eyes. She sounds so upset they Meghan is attractive and a dreaded “ feminist “. I have no interest in Carrie Johnson, so good luck with whatever she does since she’ll need to take care of petulant man-baby Boris along with his 3 kids.

  14. Blithe says:

    So, she admits that they are “wolves … and tabloids”Good start. These people get paid to lie and fantasize. Interesting — and despicable— job description.

  15. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Hate to go the the woman scorned trope, but…who scorned you Petri? Was it BoJo?

    • Talia says:

      Well yes, he did. They had an affair while Boris was married to a previous wife, it went messily public in 2004 and he didn’t leave his wife as ‘friends of Petronella’ claimed he promised to do.

      She’s never forgiven him and she hates Carrie for managing to get the ring when she didn’t. It’s all a bit pathetic bearing in mind BoJo is the ‘prize’ in question.

  16. Mary Pester says:

    Oh dear, I’m beginning to think this woman (for want of a better word) has been to see Joseph one two many times, because every time she puts pen to paper of finger to keyboard she hears in her miniscule little brain “any dream will do”, and of she writes. I wish boris had taken her with him, and YES I really do hate her (and him) that much. Hey Petrolhead Wyat, NEITHER man wants you and Chelsea is happy with her life., and did SHE give you permission to talk about her?

    • Blithe says:

      Excellent point Mary Pester. This woman makes bank dragging people’s names into the public eye — without their permission. Very nasty, twisted stuff here.

  17. CC says:

    What does ‘Chandleresque’ mean in this context? Does Davy go around saying, “Could I be anymore of a prince’s ex-girlfriend?”

    • Rapunzel says:

      I think she means like the sexy blonde in a Raymond Chandler novel

      • Lorelei says:

        A lot of her writing requires deciphering. It really does seem like she writes her columns toward the end of a sleepless three-day bender or something.

  18. Maxine Branch says:

    The gossips making the most noise must not have read Harry’s Memoir. He clearly stated how they broke up and why. If I recall properly, they both agreed the relationship was not working so it ended. Harry’s African family set down with them both and this is the conclusion the both of them came too.

  19. Heat says:

    Chelsy Davy has not, will not, and does not entertain the press in any way.

    If Harry had called her to let her know about this court case, no one would ever know.

    And how is this dragging her name through anything? Harry’s point is that it’s not just Meghan who has been hounded by the paps; it has been a pattern that has spanned his entire life.
    Ms. Petulant Wyatt needs to sit down.

  20. maisie says:

    funny (not funny) how Wyatt goes on about Chelsy’s kid but isn’t willing to give any consideration to the fact that Harry has 2 of his own, who he gave up his British life to protect from the likes of her.

    • Lorelei says:

      They don’t consider the Sussex children to be actual human beings worthy of consideration or respect. It’s disgusting. I mean, a good number of them STILL don’t believe that they actually exist, and that H&M “rent” children for photo ops. They’re batshit crazy.

  21. Amy Bee says:

    Petronella Wyatt is delusional and her obsession with Harry has no bounds. It’s also important to remember that she’s a friend of Camilla’s. Plus where was her concern was Meghan’s name was being dragged through the mud by the press and Royal Family?

  22. SARAH A says:

    I’m sorry, but I don’t like when he said “these factors led her to make the decision that a Royal life was not for her, which was incredibly upsetting for me at the time..”!! That was so unnecessary. Imagine if Meghan said something similar about her ex-husband or ex-boyfriend? He got jealous when he watched Meghan’s love scenes in Suits even though she was acting but he has no problem talking about his ex in this way.

    • Tessa says:

      And some gossip rags are running with Harry’s comment. One has a cover story if Meghan being upset about it. I saw this on a news stand.

      • SARAH A says:

        He shouldn’t have said that and I don’t blame Meghan if she was upset.

      • Feeshalori says:

        It could be that because once again the media interfered with a relationship that caused it to fail, he was extremely upset about that. I mean, how many times can a romantic relationship be ruined due to outside intrusion and he’s going to remain calm about that. I’d be pretty upset about that myself if I were in that situation.
        And I see sevenblue has basically said the same thing below.

    • equality says:

      Most people are upset when a romance ends. How is that such a terrible statement?

    • sevenblue says:

      He is saying that to show that the illegal behavior of press affected his relationships. I believe the ending of almost every relationship he had was in some part due to press intrusion.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      SARAH H, so you think Meghan would be happier if Harry had said that he didn’t care when they broke up? If you don’t care about someone, you aren’t in a relationship with them (unless you’re Fails & Wails). I think Meghan would be upset if he just strung someone along than that he is upset when they break up. I truly don’t understand what you’re saying.

      • MsIam says:

        It’s deranger speak, dont expect it to make sense. I doubt that Meghan would be upset about Harry’s feelings for an ex-girlfriend when she had a whole ex-husband. It’s the here and now that matters at least to most reasonable people.

    • Ginger says:

      Well I’m sure Meghan would say that when her first husband cheated it was very devastating to her at the time. Break ups ARE devastating. Some of Harry and Chelsy’s breakups were because of the media but they ultimately broke up because they wanted different things.

    • Alexandria says:

      Sarah, he said “at that time”.

  23. Blithe says:

    This type of “reporting” is nuts and unethical. Even if some random “family friend” was actually consulted, who’s to say that said “friend” knows anything at all, let alone knows accurate information about Harry and Chelsy’s communications? As in : be for real. None of my family-of-origin “friends” know anything at all about my communications or my relationships. Legitimate opinion pieces are fine —when they’re labeled as such, as is clearly labeled fan fic. This stream of consciousness mess should either be illegal or prominently slapped with labels that say: Not News, Unverified, For Entertainment Purposes Only.

  24. Lizzie says:

    This is pure Hate for Hire. Harry and Chelsy were serious gf/bf for many years, hardly an affair.
    Petronella; trash is as trash does.

  25. girl_ninja says:

    These parasites will never get over anything to do with Harry. Any angle they can make a story from they will, even if it’s nonsensical. Losers.

    • Kim says:

      Right? If “sources” had said that he had reached out to Chelsy, the story would have been that he’s pining for her and wants to leave Meghan. Like it doesn’t matter what Harry & Meghan do, the tabloids will always tell you it’s wrong.

  26. Lizzie says:

    Is there some contest between this ex mistress and Camilla T to see who can make up the most lies? I feel like there might be.

  27. B says:

    Bitter jealous hag says what?

  28. sammi says:

    So Petronella’s 2000 to 2004 relationship with Mr Johnson (who did not leave his wife as he said he would) means she knows him so well that she can link others she does not know at all to Boris the Liar? Myabe her judgement and behaviour is more like Boris —birds of feather fly together. Let’s hope no one digs into her medical records at the time or the USA right wing may well turn against her big time especially the pro lifers!

  29. MsIam says:

    Once again, the telling of something is always made to be worse than the actual thing that happened. So of course Chelsy shouldn’t be angry at the press for their intrusive behavior but at Harry for talking about it. In public. Where people can hear about what happened. The abusers code of non-ethics.

  30. DeeSea says:

    What even IS this style of writing? (I can’t bring myself to call it “reporting.”) I’m embarrassed for Wyatt and her ilk, who seem to truly believe that using $10 words can elevate a story like this out of the bargain bin. I cringe every time I read one of these overwrought pieces that use loads of word salad to say absolutely nothing of substance.

  31. ales says:

    Petronella Wyatt a bitter and twisted side piece who declares herself to be an expert on everyone else. Still selling stories about her cheating with BoJo, ignoring the pain for his wife of 25 years and their children. There is an old saying “Once a liar, always a liar” Someone colored with revenge in mind cannot be called reliable. Is this the standard of the british media, the highest bidder with the nastiest story wins the race. Never worry about the truth, its irrelevant.

  32. Vi says:

    Are we sure chelsy doesn’t contact the press? They seem to announce her milestones in a timely manner. Someone is briefing them. They promote her and the husband interest.

    • tamsin says:

      I think Chelsy is still on instagram where she seems to post occasional updates and pictures.
      And she is still a socialite and attends high profile art and fashion functions.

  33. Ginny Kinslow says:

    I, as an outsider American do believe that Camilla is behind most of the Wlliam/Kate and Harry/Meghan hate articles in the press. How else could she even seem less guilty of destroying their mother’s marriage and life! Sometimes in life, the bad guy (Camilla) really does win.