Gwyneth Paltrow to spend “months” away from hubby Chris Martin

Chopard Flagship Boutique  Launch in Hotel La Mamounia

At the beginning of the month, Star Magazine reported that Chris Martin had been cheating on his wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, with Gwyneth’s “younger version” Kate Bosworth. Various sources had Kate and Chris making out and hooking up at a U2 concert and at various California restaurants. After that, many people claimed that Gwyneth and Chris’s marriage was “over” despite Chris’s denials and threats of a lawsuit against Star Magazine. For the past few weeks, Gwyneth and Chris have been rather quiet, although both have been spotted out and about in London, separately. But that’s not even newsworthy – they always did things separately, and it’s really difficult to even find photographs of the two of them in the same frame. The latest solo venture for Gwyneth was her attendance at the Chopard boutique opening in Marrakesh on Thanksgiving. And now The Daily Mail’s gossip girl Katie Nicholl is reporting that Chris and Gwyneth will be spending “months” apart come the new year:

It’s been a rocky few months for career-driven stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin – and things don’t look set to improve in the New Year.

Just weeks ago, Coldplay singer Chris, 32, was forced to deny reports that he cheated on his wife with Hollywood starlet Kate Bosworth.

And now I’m told that the couple face months apart when Gwyneth starts working on two movies next year.

Gwyneth, 37, left, took some time out to look after their children, Apple, five, and three-year-old Moses, but has just signed up for the new films.

‘Gwyneth will be spending a lot of time away to focus on her new movies,’ says a source. ‘She goes to Berlin in the spring to make The Danish Girl. Before that, she will star in a small-budget independent musical set in America’s Deep South. She loves singing so it was a role she couldn’t turn down.’

Busy Gwyneth is also committed to promoting Iron Man 2 with co-star Robert Downey Jnr. But a spokesman insisted her new schedule ‘leaves plenty of time for her family’.

She even incorporated an attendance last week at the star-studded opening of a hotel in Marrakesh, Morocco, alongside Miranda Kerr and Jennifer Aniston. The actress looked every inch the Grecian goddess as she appeared in a one-shoulder dress.

[From The Daily Mail]

Is Gwyneth looking for a way out? Is she starting to gather her wits about her and begun to formulate an exit strategy? Who will be Gwyneth’s next conquest post-divorce? I know, I know. I’m jumping the gun. If she leaves Chris, she’ll probably spend a few years single, and giving interview after interview about how amazing it is to be a single mother. Then she’ll find some minor European royal (probably gay) to marry her, and she’ll finally be a princess! That’s how it’s going to happen, I swear.

Chopard Flagship Boutique  Launch in Hotel La Mamounia

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  1. Firestarter says:

    His music would have driven me from the marriage ages ago.

  2. snowball says:

    I doubt either FishSticks or Chris is that upset that they have to spend months apart. Do they even live together?

    I wonder most about the kids. They’re almost never mentioned – who do they go with?

    Ha, Firestarter, I’m with you. Although I like that Vida song – which of course they were accused of ripping off from another band.

  3. Firestarter says:

    Snowball- I can stomach one song too, and that is that “Yellow” song. I think it was one of their first hits years ago.

  4. Cinderella says:

    It’s only news if you can spot the two together. Their marriage is such a joke.

  5. Just a Poster says:

    I’ll own it, I like a few Coldplay songs. Vida really helped me during my health crisis.

    I agree with Kaiser, maybe this movie came at”just the right time” for her. She can hide out in work for a bit while thinking of what to do next.

    I don’t wish heartache on anyone, and I am hoping she has enough gumption to say HELL NO! in her.

  6. sickofit says:

    “some minor European royal (probably gay)”
    hahaha thats so going to happen!

  7. Mairead says:

    She honestly hasn’t looked that good in years. Marriage crises seem to suit her 😉

    And considering she seems to think herself as a reincarnation of Grace Kelly, is a high-profile romance with Prince Albert of Monaco in the offing, thereby confirming your suspicions Kaiser 😆

  8. crash2GO2 says:

    I admit I love ‘Yellow’. Adore it. And ‘Vida’ as well. Chris’s voice is wonderful IMO.

    Those of you who didn’t think she looked bony, look at her collar bones poking out the top of her shoulders. I don’t think I’ve seen that before. At any rate, I think Kaiser’s probably right. Gwyn with either marry royalty or another rock star.

  9. zevon says:

    She looks beautiful. Although you were being snarky when you said she’d marry royalty, I think you’re right. I know that many people don’t like her, but I appreciate that she just is who she is.

  10. LolaBella says:

    I like one Coldplay song and that is ‘Fix You’; it gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. All their other stuff sounds like they’re trying to sound like other groups (The Beatles and U2 especially, IMO).

    Gwynnie, if the marriage isn’t working; if he’s cheating on you and you’re not happy, END IT. Too many times people decide to stay in a marriage (for the children, for financial reasons or just to save face so that no one will see them as a failure) but in the end you just end up hating and resenting each other and becoming very bitter people and potentially screwing up your kids psychologically.

    Forget about keeping up appearances and admit that the fairytale has ended and move on.

  11. Leticia says:

    He seems constipated and she seems smug. Match made in heaven.

  12. Raven says:

    Speaking of princess, I read something yesterday that struck me about her. Someone mentioned that she said in an interview awhile back that it took her years to get over Brad. It was this person’s theory that Gwyneth realized that had she married Brad Pitt, with his popularity and her background in a top Hollywood family, that she would be considered royalty now. This person felt like Gwyneth is “burning with regret” for what she could have had and is working extra hard to try to show everyone how happy and fulfilled she is.

    To me that explains Goop and her comments, which always come off as arrogant and hollow. She lost Brad through her own stupidity (apparently she cheated on him) and then lost her dad, with whom she was close. Since then she has floated around Europe and England essentially on her own, pretending to be something she’s not.

  13. ccoop says:

    Aside from the jutting collarbones, she’s also got a strap mark and some serious armpit-boobage. And why is she wearing that violet lipstick with the coral dress? And that hair… okay, I’m done.

  14. elina says:

    Sucks if she is going through marriage issues but I cant stand her

  15. Firestarter says:

    And why would marrying Brad Pitt have made her Hollywood royalty? It would actually be the reverse, since she comes from Hollywood royalty, if there is such a ridiculous thing. I am sure she had no more difficult of a time getting over him than she did any other man.

    It is laughable that people act like Pitt is the one man no woman can possibly manage to ever get over! If I am not mistaken, it was Paltrow who left Pitt and not the other way around. I was under the impression, she cheated on him and they had a falling out, and she and he went their separate ways.

    While I am not Paltrow fan, the woman does have an Oscar and comes from parents that are rather large in film and tv. so I doubt Paltrow is mourning over Pitt at all. I do not see Pitt with an Oscar.He is not that bloody special!

  16. TwinkleToes says:

    Raven, you’re right. All of that obsession with Spain is because she is trying to show that Prince of Spain who dated her twice that she is happy and he made a mistake. It’s so obvious. Gwyneth never cheated on Brad and he dumped her, just to dispel the internet rumor. He dumped her when his star started rising and he realized he didn’t need her godfather Steven Schpielberg and could make it on his looks alone. She went along with Chris after another royal from Greece dumped her too. She needed to realize that Grace Kelly wasn’t half Jewish as is Gwyneth and European royalty shuns that background. Would have saved her a lot of heartache. I’m wondering who carries the gene for the lazy eye Apple has. Probably Gwyneth.

  17. diva says:

    Gwens makeup is all wrong in this picture, fuschia lipstick is for young girls in their early 20s. She also needs to get her roots done. She doesn’t look very together fashionwise. She always seemed like a rather boring person, and I am sure Chris got tired of her and her Goop nonsense.

  18. Kevin says:

    I didn’t read anything at the time about her cheating on Nadley, but I did read that she had a problem with his reefer madness. I also read that she dumped him. I don’t think Juliette Lewis ever got over Pitts, nor did J Anuston.

  19. GatsbyGal says:

    Dear god, everything about that look is wrong. The dress simply does NOT work as toga wrap…both her shoulders should be covered. And the hair…did she fire her hair guy? Because her roots are hideous. Not to mention I’ve always thought the blonde hair made her look like an old bitch. She should try a more strawberry-blonde color instead. And don’t even get me started on that lipstick…holy shit.

  20. moo says:

    I absolutely hate that hairstyle… on ANY woman. You are not 15 any more… this is not the 60’s any more… is it to hide the plastic surgery scars? It SUCKS!

  21. cprincess says:

    Grecian Goddess?
    I dont think so -she looks and is completely sexless…..