Rihanna on naked pics: If you don’t do it, then I feel bad for your boyfriend


Here are new pictures of Rihanna club-hopping in London’s natural state of inclement weather. According to the photographers, there was an unfortunate incident with Rihanna and an unbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh. Yeah… some guy just whipped out his umbrella, and a gust of wind turned it inside and out, and Rihanna thought it was hysterical. That’s about it. Honestly, I find her Working Girl-esque shoulder pads to be more newsworthy. What’s up, Tess McGill?

Anyhoodle, Rihanna was interviewed on Hot 97 the other day, and she was asked about those nude cell phone pics of her going around in May of this year. Rihanna confirmed that the pics were of her, and that she sent them to an ex-boyfriend. She also said the pics were “hot” and that she doesn’t feel ashamed about it: “If you don’t send your boyfriend naked pictures, then I feel bad for him.” Oh, no… Rihanna, no!

R&B singer Rihanna has said the “humiliating” leak of naked photographs of her was “the worst thing that could possibly ever happen to me”.

The star told US radio station Hot 97 she had originally sent the pictures, which appeared online earlier this year, to an ex-boyfriend. But she defended the initial decision to take the photographs, which she described as “hot”.

“If you don’t send your boyfriend naked pictures, then I feel bad for him.”

The 21-year-old singer has had a rough year, after being assaulted by former boyfriend Chris Brown in February. Brown, himself an R&B singer, was sentenced to five years’ probation for assaulting Rihanna in August. He has since apologised to fans for his actions.

The naked pictures of Rihanna appeared on the internet in May.

“I just felt like my whole privacy was taken before that and then, when that came out, I thought, ‘oh great, so now there’s nothing they don’t know about me and my private life’,” Rihanna told Hot 97.

“It was humiliating and it was embarrassing – especially my mum having to see that. It was two days before Mother’s Day, so I was nervous. I sent her flowers first before I called and then she texted me – when the world is against me she’s always there supporting.”

The singer added: “If it’s wrong, she will still let me know but she wouldn’t come down on me like, ‘oh my God, what were you thinking?’”

[From BBC]

Dumb kid. Way to encourage your young fan base to enter into amateur pr0n. It sounds like Rihanna was only really embarrassed by what her mom would think, not what everyone else would think. Here’s the thing about naked photos – if you’re just some average person, some dumb, drunk college girl or someone like that, I can understand why you wouldn’t think it through, how you get caught up in something and suddenly your breasts are all over the internet. Take the Carrie Prejean stuff – like, I understand why she made masturbation videos and sent them to her boyfriend – because she was a dumb 20-year-old who wasn’t famous, and didn’t think the whole thing through for when she was going to be preaching “traditional” conservative values like breast implants. What I don’t understand is how and why famous people do this stuff. If you’re Rihanna or any somewhat famous celebrity woman, don’t you understand that the photos will always get out? Always. Trust me.

Rihanna is pictured out and about in London, very late at night/early in the morning on November 29, 2009. Credit: Pacific Coast News.

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  1. la chica says:

    sounds to me like she is just taking the upper hand in the situation, wanting to sound like she is in control.

  2. cvb says:

    There is no cure if you are just stupid. I’m talking to you Riri.

  3. barneslr says:

    What is it Judge Judy says? Beauty fades; dumb is forever.

    And this girl isn’t nearly as beautiful as she has herself convinced to be.

  4. eternalcanadian says:

    That is the most stupid thing I have heard, “If you don’t send your boyfriend naked pictures, then I feel bad for him.”

    Why should anyone send naked pictures to their boyfriend? That’s degrading and they’ll be flying around the Internet just like that. Women, don’t degrade yourself or give up power by pimping your sorry naked arses on the phone or the Internet.

  5. Firestarter says:

    Why not let your boyfriend see you naked in person? Seems to me that is much more satisfying than pictures that will no doubt be used against you later on when the relationship doesn’t work out.

  6. DoMaJoReMc says:



  7. myself says:

    Chikki chikki boom boom ,Rihanna ,the girls that didn t send their naked pic to their boyfriend are the one who feeeeeeels soooo sorry for u and the others dumb one that did the some!oops,And u feel sorry for their boyfriend ????why???coz they didn t get their ass to publish over the net!!wahooo,so sorry for them!!if u r boyfriend want to see u naked ,get it live honey ,for most of the boys thats more then enough,except if u dont deliver good:(…..hummm ,by the way ,i didnt see any dumb naked pic of any boyfriend on the net yet…i mean in general ….oh Rihanna,boys make u believe everything,they have so much control over ur dumb mind,and woman i cant wait to see ur next pic over the net,yeah or i ll feelllll soooo sorry for ur boyfriend if u dont!!!boooooooooom

  8. fizXgirl314 says:

    when did this woman turn into a total slut? got any opinions worth dispensing rhianna? no? then SHUT UP… :/

  9. SolitaryAngel says:

    @ Firestarter: Ditto! The more she opens her mouth, the less intelligent she shows herself to be.

  10. Frenchie says:

    Thanks for sharing such a good advice, coming from a 21 year old, with your previous success in love relationship…

    Now I get it (thanks to the header picture), she intend to be a revival of Grace Jones.

  11. Cinderella says:

    Rihanna looks to be one troubled soul.

  12. Firestarter says:

    Just because she went through a horrible episode with a man, doesn’t mean she should now act like a strumpet. It isn’t cute or youthful, it is just inappropriate and kind of sleazy!

  13. QB says:

    When someone releases picture of her naked or a video of her , i’m going to feel so happy for her boyfriend.

    She is just asking for someone to hack her phone , so then she can cry and go in to i’m a victim publicity tour.

  14. Laurie says:

    Dear Rihanna:

    I feel sorry for those who don’t consider it foreplay when your boyfriends knock out your back molars in the process of attempting to throw you out of a moving vehicle. I mean *that* is just SEX-AY!

  15. Peach says:

    I’m so glad I got out of highschool before that mess with cellphone cameras and naked texting.
    Now I’m old enough to know that nothing lasts forever (usually) and there is an extremely good chance that you and your boyfriend are going to break up. I mean, really good chance you’re not going to make it until death do you part.

    There is also quite a good chance you break up angrily. So…why on earth would you give naked pictures to someone who you very may well end on bad terms with? It’s just so dumb. I mean, yes, that is pessamistic. But still. It’s true for a giant percentage of you ladies out there.

  16. snowball says:

    Just when I think I couldn’t like her any less, well, this happens.

    She needs to go someplace where she’s not expected to speak. Or sing, in my opinion.

  17. N.D. says:

    Can believe you’re so prude and over-cautious, guys…
    see, if you gonna worry so much about ways your boyfriend can do you harm when your relationship went caput, then you better not have sex with him at all. Or if you must then use only missionary position because otherwise he may later tell everybody about your tastes in bed and can you imagine how embarassing it’s going to be if they are non-traditional even in the slightest? Playing some sexual games with your boyfriend is ok, taking photos, using toys, telling stories, playing roles – it’s all OK. Posting those photos on the net whithout permission – that’s what’s wrong. And hiding from life and from love and their jollies is not the answer to this kind of wrongs.

  18. Ana says:

    Wow I never realized how tiny she is. Nice linea nigra.

    Anyway, I’m 21 years old and even I know better.

    And all those sex tapes…what are the point? Why not just do it in front of a mirror if you’re so obsessed with watching yourself?

  19. Cat says:

    Hey Rihanna- if you send naked pictures to your boyfriend, I feel bad for you.

  20. Amee says:

    my goodness and to think i used to like her-i didnt think she was THAT stupid she proved me wrong.

  21. snowball says:

    @17 – I think you missed the point. Well, several points.

    @18 – what does having a line on her stomach that develops in pregnancy have to do with being tiny? Or with her? Just curious, I didn’t know she was ever preggo.

    Reading through these posts, some of it I had to break out my hax0r dictionary for … isn’t there school today?

  22. ! says:

    Wow you guys are real class acts, calling her a slut because she took some racy photos for her boyfriend. Do you hear yourselves talking?

    What’s with the slut shaming, seriously? There’s always gotta be an attack on a woman expressing any sexuality whatsoever…Firestarter, Fix, I really expected more out of you both. So WHAT if you think she was unwise to take those pictures, does that honestly make her a slut? Does taking those pictures somehow make her an irresponsibly promiscuous woman?

    Maybe we should all stop acting like a woman acting sexual in anyway is “beneath her”, as another poster put it. Putting such a high value on a woman’s sexual purity is both damaging and unfair. Its what causes a lot of stereotypes and disparities that end up with women being discriminated against–we’re supposed to be “pure” and “moral” and “above such things”. So in the end we’re constantly crucified for ever succumbing to our desires, while men get to walk around claiming they’re victims of their penises.

    She is MORE than her body, and her vagina, and I WILL NOT value her less as a person because she chose to be sexual. SHE IS MORE THAN HOW MANY PENISES HAVE BEEN IN HER VAGINA, she is a sum of her parts. And whether or not you like her style, her music, whatever–she’s still out there, accomplishing things, setting her goals and achieving them. At least she’s contributing to society.

    How dare you define her by her sexual behavior? How dare you reduce her entire being and sum up her worth in terms of how she has expressed herself sexually? Would you like it if someone did that to YOU? Would you like it if your entire value were reduced to how sexual pure you’ve been? That is just dehumanizing and wrong. It takes away from who she is on the inside, the efforts she’s made, the talents and skills she has. Who are you to judge her and take that away from her?

    As for how “stupid” it is to take pictures that will inevitably get out, well we all make mistakes, we all think it won’t happen to us. And OMG here’s a shocking thought: maybe Rihanna didn’t give a crap if everyone saw her semi naked. Most of what was shown is what we’ve already seen in paparazzi photos from revealing outfits.

  23. Leticia says:

    Firestarter, well said.

  24. ! says:

    *sorry, meant Fiz

    BTW here’s something else maybe none of you thought of: what if Rihanna enjoyed it? What if the pictures were her idea, and she got a thrill out of taking them? Does that make it any more or less acceptable to you? Can you see a woman expressing herself sexually as anything *more* than having been coerced by some man? Some of us own our sexuality, instead of being manipulated into it. Some of us don’t appreciate the stereotype that women don’t have the same desires as men and are therefore wanton sluts if they express themselves sexually. Is that ok, or shall the slut shaming begin anew?

  25. lucy2 says:

    By now every person in the public eye should know better – these things always come out somehow.
    I feel bad for her in a way. She seems to have some self esteem problems and real relationship issues. Plus she’s not coming off as too bright.

  26. fizXgirl314 says:

    whatever, this isn’t about her sexuality… this is about her stupidity… that is obviously not an empowering thing to say… feeling sorry for the boyfriend? Really? so now every guy out there should feel entitled to naked photos because rhianna said so?

    if she feels so sorry for all the poor boyfriends out there then maybe she should send them all pictures of her vag… she can take it up as her celebrity cause… what a dumb fuck…

  27. Firestarter says:

    !: I hang my head in shame! I see your point and to a degree, you are right.

    I just think,personally, that she seems to be going to the extreme with her sexuality lately, since the whole CB incident.

    No, you are correct, none of these things make her a slut. I just hate to see young girls think like that, when honestly you do live to regret things later.

    TMI here, but a few years back I was an idiot and let my boyfriend (the lousy scum bag woman beater) make a “sexy” tape. After the whole mess with us ended, he proceeded to invite his pals to his place to watch our little movie. Unfortunatley for him, his plan to embarrass me backfired a bit, as I started to get many calls from his friends for “dates”. I am not proud at all of what I did, and naively, I assumed he would never betray the trust I had in him ( of course to be abused physically later on I knew I was screwed having done the tape, literally and figuratively). My point is, I was old enough at the time to know better, but did it anyway. I hate that the tape is forever out there and I can do NOTHING about it, NOTHING!

    Side note, I did not accept any of the dates I was offered as a result of my stupidity!

    I just hate other girls and women to be stupid and trust a man when he says “This is just going to be between us” because when that relationship ends, so does his agreement. There is nothing wrong with pictures or movies, if you are willing to chance a bunch of people seeing intimate details of your personal life. You need to really think this stuff through and I think like me, Rihanna isn’t.

  28. Kevin says:

    Every time a girl sends her boyfriend an erotic phone photo an angel gets it’s wings.

  29. Blackwood says:

    I like the fact that she owned up to what she did and is not embarrassed to admit it. The person who leaked the photos is the low person acting with no morals, not her. The pictures were meant to be private, and the jerk released them. There should be no issues in sharing something so private if it weren’t for the fact that some idiots are not chivalrous enough to save the details to themselves, and act with a certain level of maturity after a break-up.

    I do, however, take offense with the condescending way she defended herself… am I supposed to feel bad, or sorry for myself just because I don’t enjoy taking naked pictures of my own body? That’s absurd.

  30. snowball says:

    Are you sure, Kevin? I thought it was “every time a girl sends her boyfriend an erotic phone photo, a ho gets her lucite shoes.”

  31. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Men like pictures. Nobody’s heard of Penthouse or internet porn? They like to look. What a lot of women don’t get is they actually like looking at their woman and if they don’t get to, the “Male Gaze” will get re-directed elsewhere.

    #1 Don’t let him take pictures with your face in them. He’ll know it’s you and that’s enough to turn his crank.

    #2 Get your uptight bums to the local galleria and get some glamour shots done so he can put your picture in his wallet and show people how beautiful he thinks you are.

    And just so we’re square on this: girls who let their men take naked pictures of them are not sluts. The boy-men who circulate them on the net are straight up pieces of shit. Put the blame where it belongs.

  32. ligeia says:

    there’s a difference between saying “yeah i did it, so what?” and saying “yes i did it and if you don’t do it too then i feel bad for your bf”. don’t try to impose your choices on other people riri, it makes you look overly defensive, insecure about the choice you made and not very bright.

    also, guys love to brag and i’ve had men show me pictures of semi naked chicks they were dating at the moment and i know that these pictures were sent to everyone on their friendlist as well.

  33. hatsumomo says:

    God Rihanna is so craptacular! This girl may honestly believe she is the greatest thing that happened to planet earth.

    I may be in the minority here, but HELL NO would I ever let my man take naked pics of me! How sleezy! And you what Rihanna, I feel sorry for you! While I may seem purdish to you, I’VE never been hit, degraded, or had my worth in life based upon my looks or how slutty I can be! So HA! Take that for your pity and shove it!

  34. Jules says:

    Maybe if she didn’t treat herself as an object, then men would not use her as a punching bag.

  35. TwinkleToes says:

    This trick is just showing how crazy she really is. cRaZy. Snowball, hon, this isn’t Dlisted and you aren’t Michael K. This site has it’s own identity, I suggest you get yours. And when did the Celebitchy slogan change from Stylish Celebrity Escapism to Escapism Can Be Smart? Kaiser, you little scamp! I know you had a hand in that.

  36. diva says:

    All of Rhiannas graphic sexual interviews will come back to haunt her years later and will surely get her dropped from Covergirl. I’m sure Covergirl isn’t going to renew her contract based on her new oversexualized image and lyrics. They are just being sensitive not to drop her now since it would appear that they are dropping a victim of domestic violence. She is also not going to gain any new endorsement deals by her new “image” and being half-dressed. It’s a shame she doesn’t have any common sense or a better management team around her. She will fade into obscurity soon enough.

  37. Firestarter says:

    Let’s pick on people why don’t we for what they post!

  38. bo says:

    I am so upset by this.

    Why don’t we just say “If you release photos given to you in confidence, you are an asshole.”

    People should be able to invest all kinds of personal and intimate things when they are in a relationship.

    We as a society should have the balls to say “The stupid one is the one who ISN’T TRUSTWORTHY.” Have we given up hope on correcting the behavior that actually needs correcting?

  39. bo says:

    Jules that’s maybe the most twisted comment I’ve ever read online. You are responsible for your actions. Other people are responsible for theirs. That’s the end.

  40. WTF?!? says:

    She needs to just stop talking. She’s making Megan Fox sound like a Rhodes Scholar.

    And as crass as the statement was, I kinda see Jules’ point. She likes the thug life and the bad boys. If she wants to be treated like a lady, she needs to project that.

    Oh, and LOL at Kevin.

  41. diva says:

    Just a note to those that may be new to blogging etiquette, it is considered childish and impolite to respond to call out other bloggers and it is just as childish and immature to respond. Now that I have educated all of you on the the etiquette on blogging proceed…..

  42. cuppycake says:

    The nice, understanding young woman to young woman opinion:
    She’s probably talking like that because she’s embarassed. Also, young celebs OBVIOUSLY think that every relationship will last forever, and there’s no way such footage will leak!

    My real opinion:
    Bitch is stupid and egotistical. And looking at pictures of her hair/clothes makes my eyes bleed.

  43. Alex says:

    So… I’ve sent sexy pics to my guy to keep him company when I’m away on business and suddenly I’m a sleazy slut who deserves to be smacked down by my man since I’ve objectified myself? Really!?!

    Wow. Some people are so closed-minded it is scary! I don’t think any less of anyone who doesn’t want to take sexy pics of themselves so why do you think less of me???

  44. journey says:

    grace jones? i thought she looked more like woody the woodpecker (that’s an archaic cartoon character for all you young ones out there).

  45. orion70 says:

    How does ANYONE think back on ANYTHING that they did with a man who went on to rearrange their face, and think it was “hot” ?

    Maybe it’s just me, but the subsequent experience would taint just about everything that preceded it. I can’t fathom saying to someone, “you know that guy who beat me up that time, well there’s that, but that thing we did that time was HAWT, and I feel sorry for you not doing the same thing”

  46. Kevin says:

    TIA Bill,,, post more.

  47. Cat says:

    I can see what Jules might be saying- girls with low self-confidence, who are too willing to ‘give it away’ tend to attract sleezeball types who might beat them. They get male attention to satisfy low self-confidence,and the man gets to use them. If you respect yourself, you won’t (usually) attract abusive types. I don’t know if that’s the case here though.

    And #41, what planet are you living on?? Lol responding to others is part of the fun!!

  48. snowball says:

    Twinkle Toes, do I know you? Why are you being such a, well you know what?

    Have a cup of decaf before you blow a tube, sweetcheeks. I know exactly where I am. Do you?

  49. Firestarter says:

    @Snowball- TT has a few people on here she likes to “play” with. I have been on the receiving end a few times. Pay no mind! It depends on the day . We all get it at some point!

  50. fizXgirl314 says:

    you can put the blame wherever you want as often as you want… it’s not going to get the message across as quickly as taking away “nekki pic privileges”… maybe that’ll teach them not to leak that shit?

    this sort of situation has happened to just about every girl i’ve know… mayber not in picture format, but rumors and gossip and the such… It’s funny because women have a repuation for gossiping, but men do some vicious shit and get away with it… I think somhow our defenses are down when we’re with other men and we also seem to let it go faster…

    maybe we as women should all collectively revoke any electronic sexy time privileges until men get their shitty act together… maybe THEN they’ll learn not to mess with us???

  51. NicoleAM says:

    I wouldn’t have much of an issue w/ celebrity sex pics/videos if these chicks didn’t tell everyone how “humiliated” they felt when it leaked. I never understood why celebrities did such things and then were surprised with the end result. Unless you want everyone to view the pics, don’t take them! Your b/f can see you naked live and in person!

  52. Ana says:


    I don’t think (of course I don’t know for sure) that she has ever been pregnant but she has the line.

    It really had nothing to do with how skinny she is. I just noticed it with the outfit.

    I don’t think you necessarily have to be (or have gotten) pregnant to get it. It is common in people with darker complexions. I have seen people with it that had not had children yet.

  53. Ana says:

    Btw-let me add that I don’t think it is a bad thing. I have one too.

  54. mollination says:

    yeah I think it sounds like she said that in a “I’ll laugh at myself before you can laugh at me” kind of way, only very “peeing your pants is the new cool thing to do” ala Billy Madison.

    And secondly, those pictures weren’t that hot. Her body is, but the pics weren’t.

    And lastly – who knows which one of us will end up winning the lotto or some other random way of acruing fame, so I’m just gonna go with “never” do it. Though I’ve done it before, when I was young and massively dumb for some guy.

  55. Lia says:

    Rhi, dear…. considering how stupidly you have been handling your life up until now, I would think you would already know that most of us women have no interest in what you think. Our boyfriends are quite happy without having a twit like you feeling sorry for them. The person who we should all be feeling sorry for is the poor schlub who ends up with Rhianna, who is much more impressed with herself than she should be. You got nuthin’, honey, other than a good publicist.

  56. Annabelle says:

    !: I see your point. So, so true.

    However, its kind of like, she is disrespecting us if we don’t act as sexually as her. Just like its wrong to call someone a slut, its kind of wrong to say “I feel sorry for your boyfriends if you’re not sexual as me”. Kinda bitchy.

    Rihanna goes on about wanting to be a role model but PLEASE. She is soo not.

  57. lola says:

    go rihanna!!

    you need to have have a heart for this girl,she had an Bad year already!!


  58. Jazzy says:

    Did anybody hear about this?


    a 13 year old girl sent a topless picture to a boy and it got sent to other people. she was ridiculed so badly that she committed suicide. So sad. Whether Rihanna likes it or not, she has young girls who look up to her. That is fine if this is her opinion but i think she should have kept it to herself.

  59. Aspen says:

    “Does taking those pictures somehow make her an irresponsibly promiscuous woman?”

    It most definitely makes her irresponsible. He obviously was a piece of trash undeserving of either her body or her faith. Throwing one’s body around and allowing men who don’t rate to use it is both irresponsible and promiscuous.

    Giving some nice boudoir shots to a man who is committed and loving and trustworthy so that he has something to “remember” you by when he’s away is not the issue. At least…it isn’t for me.

  60. rhia says:

    Jazzy- you are so right. If that was her opinion she should have kept it to herself.

    That said-I actually think it just came out wrong. I think she meant something along the lines of…I like to keep my man happy.

    With everything that’s been going on with her- I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s become a tad bit defensive in public. She’s young and I just think she needs some guidance.

  61. ! says:

    I can see your point annabelle. Still just a shame that the same people who would say “A woman doesn’t deserve to be raped ’cause she wore a tight skirt” are the same people who would slut shame her. Even worse, poster Aspen would have you believe that choosing the wrong man is what made her a irresponsible slut. Give me an effin’ break!