Quinn: King Charles will never tolerate the Sussexes being ‘part-time royals’

One of the Windsors’ biggest mistakes of the past thirty years was the decision to shrug off Prince Harry and Meghan’s offer to be “half-in” the institution. The Sussexes came up with an elegant solution to everyone’s problems: Harry and Meghan would still have royal protection, they would still represent the crown, they would still work for the crown, but they would be able to live in Canada or America and build their lives away from the toxicity of Britain. We were told that QEII hated the idea. In retrospect, I think that William, Charles and the courtiers hated the idea. The Windsors bet big on the idea that Harry would come crawling back if only they dealt with him with all-stick and no carrot. All of those decisions made in January 2020 have blown up in the Windsors’ faces for years now. They know it too. Which is why they keep trying to relitigate it in their favor and justify their boneheaded decision. Speaking of:

Prince Harry won’t be accepted as a “part-time royal” by King Charles or Prince William, a royal expert has warned. Both the Duke of Sussex and his wife Meghan Markle decided to sensationally quit royal duties in 2020 and have since moved to the United States to carve out a new life. It had been reported that Harry and Meghan previously wanted a “half in, half out” role with the royals, but this was vetoed by the late Queen.

And according to royal author Tom Quinn, the new monarch Charles and heir to the throne and Harry’s older brother Prince William will also not tolerate a “part-time” role for the Sussexes.

He told the Express: “The whole emphasis between King Charles and Prince William is that you cannot go against the late Queen’s firm belief that you can’t be a part-time royal. You can’t hobnob with celebrities in America for six months and then come back here and pick and choose which events you want to be part of. I don’t think Charles and William will agree to that simply because Elizabeth hated the idea.”

[From The Daily Mirror]

Gotta love the rewrite on this narrative, because it wasn’t so long ago that the grey-beard courtiers were telling Charles that he could and should change “the Queen’s ruling” on the half-in situation. Of course, that’s partly the Windsors’ obsession with control – they want to believe that if THEY decide to change course, Harry will come to heel and accept their ruling. While QEII and the courtiers had their own punitive, unhinged reasons for rejecting the half-in solution, it turned out to be the best thing for Harry and Meghan. Harry broke free of his abusive family, he’s rich, happy, thriving and living the life he always wanted. If the half-in solution had been accepted, God knows what kind of control the Windsors would still be trying to exert over Harry and Meghan’s lives.

Anyway, there’s another reason why the media and the Windsors continue to relitigate the Sussexit – it’s because there’s a huge division in “what the family wants” versus “what the media wants.” Charles, Camilla, Kate and William are so petty and insecure, they are genuinely happy that they don’t have to compete with the Sussexes on a daily basis. Meanwhile, the media is starving for anything related to the Sussexes and they’d do anything to bring them back (anything other than “be nice to them and treat them fairly”).

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  1. OMG stop beating this dead horse. The Sussexes have left and want nothing to do with you!! They were only willing before they left to do part time for the Queen. You missed the chance you had. The leftovers you backed are going to expire soon so deal with that. You have been dumped.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      @Susan Collins – Agree with you 100%!

      Who said the Sussexes even wanted to be ‘part time Royals” after all that has been said and done?

      The tabloids are really scraping the bottom of the barrell for Sussex content.

      • ShazBot says:

        This is because of WellChild. They’re acting like this is Harry doing a “royal engagement” and not just a person supporting a charity they’ve supported in kind and financially for years.
        He’s making them look bad so they’re trying to act like he’s trying to come back to the fold. Maybe they think it will make WellChild dump him but they never have been good at reading a room.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        I was wondering if I missed something. There’s no evidence that H&M have put that three and a half year old proposal back on the table. It’s royal commentators doing that.

      • AnnaKist says:

        I remember reading right at the start of H and ends move to the States, that they had made a suggestion to leave half the year, in the US and half the year in Britain, where they would carry out the Royal duties. In short part-time, Royals. Evidently, the old man furiously knocked that idea on its head., and H and M left.

        Fast forward to 2023, and Charles is talking about streamlining the monarchy to modernise it. What could be more modern than part time workers? The whole world has done it. I think part time Royals would have been perfect for H and M. And I would bet my bottom dollar that even in six months they would do double the work of the Wails. Charles is an idiot. A petty vindictive stubborn idiot.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        “I think part time Royals would have been perfect for H and M. And I would bet my bottom dollar that even in six months they would do double the work of the Wails.”

        Which is EXACTLY the reason why KFCIII and Peggington Wails would never agree to the Sussexes being part-time Royals.

      • Kingston says:

        @ShazBot says:
        “This is because of WellChild. They’re acting like this is Harry doing a “royal engagement” and not just a person supporting a charity they’ve supported in kind and financially for years.”

        Ding ding ding! Youre perfectly correct. Theyre trying to pass off H’s attachment to WellChild as a “royal patronage.” Just as they tried an failed to pass off his recent visit to Japan and Singapore as a “mini royal tour.”

        I am larfing.

        Those knumbskull Rotarats and their puppets in palaces are trying desperately to fit H&M in the royal cage they escaped from……wanting to taint everything the couple does, with the odor of BaRF.

        But they wont be able to continue their desperate clutching of H&M’s coat tails after Heart of Invictus drops tmrw, and after the week of the Games in which H will be the toast of over 22 nations IN HIS OWN RIGHT!!!

        And nor will they be able to continue their desperate clutching of H&M’s coat tails when H’s news cycle ends and M’s begins!!!!

    • ML says:

      Yes, stop beating a dead horse and stop hiding behind a dead queen who had words put into her mouth by KC and PW!

      • Couch Potato says:

        This! The queen had several cousins working half in half out already. If Chuck, Willnot and the courtiers hadn’t put their foots down to get complete control of Harry, I think she would’ve agreed to it.

    • Concern Fae says:

      What makes the whole thing even crazier is that cheapskate Charlie had told Harry Meghan would need to support herself financially.

  2. Amy Bee says:

    Why are we talking about this again? The decision was made for them to either accept all in or leave. Harry’s made his choice and the press should accept it. Even if they had agreed to half in, Harry and Meghan would have left eventually because the Palace would have had control of their lives. The best decision was to leave.

    • FHMom says:

      This is the truth. It’s the media that can’t let it go. Harry and Meghan made their choice and have moved on. The BRF has moved on. It’s the press that keep beating this dead horse and promoting hatred. They should be focusing on the charity work and future endeavors of the Sussexes not the past.

      • Amy Bee says:

        The Royal Family hasn’t moved on. They still brief against Harry and Meghan. The press should be focusing on the royals Harry and Meghan left behind in the UK.

      • Yesgirl says:

        The BRF has not moved on. They are still attacking and planting stories against H&M. The issue here is the the BRF wants to be able to use and attack Harry when it suits them but I feel now its also that the RR is bored with BRF and wants more H&M content. The BRF is trying to ride Harry’s news cycle and attach themselves somehow. The whole HRH being removed, Will going to the US around the same time and this lunacy are just a few examples. The only ones that have moved on is H&M.

      • Debbie says:

        I’m with those saying that the BRF hasn’t “moved on.” In addition to what’s been stated, they also seem to follow the Sussexes’ schedule and, in turn, schedule their own events (big or small) to try to compete with the Sussexes, and still complain about being “blindsided” or “upstaged” by people taking a walk a continent away. Nope, still obsessed with keeping up and getting higher visibility, hence William’s habitual jaunts to America now.

  3. Lorelei says:

    Well, Harry and Meghan don’t even WANT to be part-time royals, but go off, I guess, Charles, if it makes you feel better about yourself and convinces you that you’re the one in control 🙄

  4. Moxylady says:

    Yes. We know. No half in and half out. That was 3 1/2 years ago. Oh nk! Charles is saying jt again! So that must mean they want to come back but have been snubbed because why else would they act like this needed to be reiterated unless it was being questioned? Def not because H&M get clicks and they are trying to distract from William telling the lionesses to fuck off.

    I believe that option wasn’t even proposed because one of the handlers made sure it didn’t get photocopied or some shit?

  5. Patricia says:

    You have been dumped!! Love it!!
    Thank you, Susan Collins, I am still laughing so hard that I can’t drink my coffee.

  6. Mslove says:

    Um, wasn’t this issue already settled? The Sussexes have moved on. I guess the BM will have to make up more silly stories about the remaining lazy & dull royals.

    BTW, if the BM would print the truth about said royals, they could make a lot of money and get their self-respect back. Just saying.

  7. That foursome has no star power. They have no charisma, no motivation, no genuine empathy or kindness, no passion, no self awareness, no style, and no clue!

  8. aquarius64 says:

    Another way to blame the Sussexes for the current roster of royals being lackluster.

  9. Blithe says:

    Part-time royals say WHAT? It would be a hoot to be a fly on the wall, listening to Lazy William natter on about not being a part-time royal, when he’s less than a half-time worker himself. The odd thing is that there are many many examples of half-in / half-out royals. I guess this rule is different for the Sussexes. I can’t quite put my finger on what might be different about the Sussexes….

  10. Jais says:

    Honestly, in retrospect, thank all that is holy, that they did not accept half-in or anything close. I’m so glad Meghan does not have to deal with that evil. And it’s hilarious to watch as they have no control whatsoever over the Sussexes. There wouldn’t be a Spare.

    • Debbie says:

      Exactly. And just imagine this royal bunch having a say in the Sussexes’ ventures when they were out of England? What do you want to bet that they would turn down or refuse to allow the Sussexes to do profitable business deals simply because they wanted to prevent the Sussexes from gaining any meaningful financial independence. That way, they’d always be struggling financially to pay their bills and may be tempted to take part in shady deals like Sophie and her husband or the Yorks with Epstein, and even Charles and his suitcases filled with cash.

  11. Lurker25 says:

    “You can’t hobnob with celebrities in America… and then come back here and pick and choose which events you want to be part of.”

    Isn’t this EXACTLY what pegs and buttons want to do? This is EXACTLY what they did with that American earthcrap thing, wasn’t it? They invited all those celebs (bet they invited 3x more than those who turned up) for their personal hobnobbing enjoyment, then after a few days of getting booed at basketball games and bemused/lukewarm-critical US press, headed back to UK to pick and choose which events they would attend **cough*lionesses*cough**

    It’s always projection with these people.

    • Harper says:

      Exactly. Meanwhile, we are reading about lazy do-nothing Kate wanting to hobnob over tea and crumpets with American celebrity Dolly Parton.

    • Layla says:

      @lurker25 @harper
      That’s the thing it’s okay for W to hobnob with celebrities for half of six hours but “HOW DARE HARRY DO ANYTHING DOESNT HE KNOW IM THE HEEEIIRRRRR!!!”

      Also BAFTA? TOP GUN premiere with his desperate top gun bedroom slippers? BOND premiere where K cosplayed an Oscar? WilliamShot Vanity prize? That’s not hobnobbing?

  12. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Am I misremembering? Didn’t Harry say in the documentary that the half-in proposal WAS ACCEPTED, but then William released that stupid statement saying he didn’t force Harry out and forged Harry’s signature, so Harry decided he’d had enough and peaced out? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Anyway, the Sussexes didn’t re-offer to half-in, so what are these idiots banging on about?

    • Amy Bee says:

      No it wasn’t accepted. Talks were still going on. He was given the choice of staying all in or leaving and when William released that false statement Harry decided to leave.

      • SOMI says:

        He never decided to leave.The courtiers (The Bee) pushed the idea of ​​leaving everything completely and forced Harry to leave. Harry was and still wants half in & half out.

      • PunkPrincessPhD says:

        In Spare H details a proposal that was sent to him (and Meghan) that had 5 options – from “all in” to “all out” and 3 steps in between. A sort of sliding scale of “working royal-ness”.

        He and Meghan had settled on 3, right in the middle. When H stepped into the room with ERII, Charles, and William, he was suddenly told “half-in half-out” was entirely off the table.

      • Jaded says:

        @PunkPrincessPhD — exactly. Harry and Meghan were totally knee-capped yet again by William and Charles (and the weaselly courtiers) and that plus the Frogmore and RPO security debacle sealed their fate, which turned out to be the best choice.

      • Layla says:

        Just re-read Spare again last night and every time I think It can’t get worse, it does. C is such a wimp “something something darling boy” and W is the absolute worst. And to think, this is our fUtUrE KinGg. An insecure, petty, jealous, abusive, gaslighting hypocrite. *insert video of Meghan’s quiz on Dave* “Fantastic”

      • Lorelei says:

        Why do the literal MONARCHS allow courtiers — basically just employees— to call all of the shots? Especially when it comes to issues as important as this? I thought the entire point of being King or Queen is that you’re the one with the power, not some rando no one in the public has ever heard of.

  13. Is that so says:

    “Prince Harry won’t be accepted as a “part-time royal” by King Charles or Prince William, a royal expert has warned.“

    HUH? Who are they warning?

    “The whole emphasis between King Charles and Prince William is that you cannot go against the late Queen’s firm belief”?

    REALLY? The best understand it, Charles has gone against everyone of Queen Elizabeth’s publicly stated, beliefs, and actions

    I guess it’s OK to try and hobnob with celebrities in Kensington palace, but not in Hollywood. #DollyParton.

    • MsIam says:

      I know, does that whole “Queen consort” thingy ring a bell anyone? Charles and William don’t give a flip about the late queen’s wishes, especially when it comes to the Sussexes.

    • Mary Pester says:

      @is that so, but the best part of it is, William and Kate do work half in and half out lol, if there is a celebrity within a hundred miles they are in, but if its charity work or anything non celebrity they are out.! Or should we say, they are working from home lol (both of their separate homes)

    • WaterDragon says:

      And never forget, the Queen gifted Frogmore Cottage to Harry and Meghan. Then Charles totally disregarded the Queen’s wishes and stole it away from them. So much for giving a rat’s ass about the Queen’s wished.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Copying myself from yesterday for people who don’t understand how this works.

        When QEII said ‘gifted’ she meant ‘allow you to live there’. She considered the ‘allowing’ to be the ‘gift’. She used the exactly same words about Anmer Hall. She didn’t hand over the ownership of the house, she simply allowed W&K to live there.

        Royal Lodge (Andrew), Bagshot Park (Edward), Thatched House (Princess Alexandra), Fort Belvedere (Weston family, Canadian friends of Charles). All of those are Crown Estate properties with formal, legal, public leases. Those leases can be purchased decades in advance, can be sold, can be inherited.

        As a poster shared months ago, Frogmore Cottage is not considered a Crown Estate property. It is a ‘royal peculiar’, one of several, that are considered part of Windsor Castle. The monarch can do whatever they want with it except sell it. No long-term, legal leases are made on those properties as they are NOT Crown Estate properties.

        Harry and Meghan paid back for the refurbishment and paid rent on it as they were leaving – to get people off their backs. They CHOSE to do that, so they could walk away and not have people holding ‘freebie housing’ over their heads.

        The situation around their housing was always weird, with no public info given about a formal lease at the start. If they’d chosen Apartment 1 at KP it would have been less strange. That housing would have been paid by the Sovereign Grant, like Nott Cott was.

        And QEII would have intended it as their working royal home. If they were no longer working royals, she may have agreed with the idea that they shouldn’t live there anymore. Why did Charles send them packing? It was likely a failed attempt to get Andrew out of Royal Lodge so William would stop screaming at him about it.

      • WaterDragon says:

        @notasugarhere, thank you so much for your detailed explanation. I think I am starting to grasp the situation now. It seems confusing for an American like me (or maybe I am just dense)..

        All in all, I think Harry and Meghan are well out of it. I would certainly NEVER trust a word uttered to me by the “Royal Family”, the Rota Rats or ANY courtier if I were them.

        Here’s hoping that Spare Part 2 sees the light of day one day soon.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Nota, you’re right, but isn’t it sort of an unspoken thing that when the Queen “gifted” a couple with a home, it basically meant permanently? (Barring circumstances such as a divorce.) I get that W&K don’t own Amner, but my understanding is that it’s theirs for as long as they want it…?

      • notasugarhere says:

        Not always. With Anmer, she kept changing it. It was for lease before W&K moved in. The luxury kitchen designers who paid their own money to redo the kitchen, which Keen yanked out.

        Before that the Van Cutsems lived there. They might have had a lease, or she might have let them live there free ‘gifted’ for while. Before that it was the Duke and Duchess of Kent. But when they broke up and the Duchess left to teach music under her maiden name? Anmer Hall was ungifted from the Duke of Kent and he moved to his current ‘cottage’ at KP.

        I think another ‘royal peculiar’ may be Garden House where her cousin Margaret Rhodes lived free for years. That could have been the home QEII ‘gifted’ to AK47. Charles has since revoked the ‘gifting’ and is in negotiations to purchase her a home elsewhere. To get her off the Windsor estate and out of the handful of houses the monarch controls personally.

  14. MrsCope says:

    One, reiterating that you are never, ever, ever, ever getting back together screams thirst for attention. Not sure who is thirstier, the media or the Fab Four!

    Two, decide which one it is Royal Family: Are celebrities cool or not? You make enough of them Dames and Knights, and seem to enjoy rubbing elbows with them or inviting them round for tea (cough, Kate, cough)

    Three, “because the Queen didn’t like it,” isn’t a reason to stay the course. Any other time going against the Queen’s wishes or having a different- stance was seen as modernizing or some other feather in the cap.

    There is nothing you could do to get the Sussex Family half in at this point. And it is only downhill from here. You think he wants to be in the fold with Wills as King? Never.

  15. Laura D says:

    I’m really beginning to think that part of the current royal duties is to rehash old stories about H&M. Seriously, we’re paying them a shed load of money to represent the country and all they do is whinge about H&M. It’s ridiculous. H&M offered their services for free on a part-time basis. QEII, Charles and William said no. Everyone knows what happened next yet the royals and their rottweillers are still bleating on about it!

    Could the purpose of this latest regurgitation possibly be to take attention from:
    1. The royals extended summer holiday(s);
    2. William shirking his duty as FA President;
    3. Andrew needing taxpayers to pay for his security;
    4. The Invictus Games.

    All all this sniping and bitaching about something that happened over three years ago isn’t doing the BRF any favours whatsoever. In fact all it’s doing is drawing attention to how very little they do for vast amount we pay them. Surely, the best way to keep H&M from “nicking” their headlines is to get off their arses and do some work?

    • MoBiMo says:

      5. The Dan Wooten story and how it relates to KP….. gone pffffft as everyone predicted.

      • Lorelei says:

        Yeah, he’ll wait a little while, until he thinks everyone has forgotten about what he did, and then he’ll slither right back into writing his slimy columns.

  16. QuiteContrary says:

    Like Blithe pointed out, William and Kate are part-time royals — if that.

    I will always love that Meghan wore green on her last official engagement — the color of renewal, growth and rebirth. And that Harry wore splashes of green, too.

  17. Eurydice says:

    At first, I thought this was “same old, same old,” but it’s a variation. Now Charles and William are putting the blame on Dead Elizabeth. Like they’re telling the BM – “We know you want Harry back, but there’s nothing we can do about it – Dead Elizabeth wanted it this way.”

  18. Mary Pester says:

    Mmmm, here we go again, rewriting history! The QUEEN never vetoed the half in half out, it was Charlie, William and the bee! They all whispered and plotted and Harry said fk the lot of you, I don’t need them, and he has been proved so right. But look at the mess the Royals have created for themselves. Their hypocrisy is clearer than Charlie’s sausage fingers,,PRINCESS ANNE, the PRINCESS ROYAL is half in and half out, she has her own equestrian business, she has the Gatcombe farm business and still does Royal duties!! Look at what others in the family are doing, so let’s be honest (because they won’t) they are treating Canada and America as If they are on a different planet,!! even though Billy has been to the US. How easy would it have been to arrange for Harry and Megan to liase their diaries with some duties for half of the year, it didn’t even need to be 6 month incruments, it could have been monthly or like katey and Billy, just 40 engagements over a year. It was jealousy pure and simple, plus the fact that Billy could have claimed a migraine or Kate a new wiglet or button fitting, and expected Harry to drop everything IF HE WAS HERE. So they lost the most popular hard working couple and are left with a workshy couple of idiots, that is not even bothered about propping up the king and the crumbling monarchy. So deal with it you Royal suckers, your choices, your downfall so bloody well own it

    • notasugarhere says:

      They could have chosen Canada, New Zealand, any of the other 15 countries that had the BRF as head of state at that time. William wanted them banished to ‘Africa’ of course.

      It also continues to ignore Prince Michael of Kent and his for-profit work while being a working royal.

      I suspect we did not know how cognitively impaired QEII was for several years before her death. These things Charles or William are claiming ‘in her name’ may never have happened, or happened under duress.

  19. Noor says:

    The big question is why not ? Others have done it. William was a part time royal until 2017. Sophie and Prince Edward had their own PR firm and media company respectively before they closed it down. Prince Micheal of Kent was a businessman with charities patronages and honorary military appointments. The media is already saying that Charlotte and Louis would probably have their own careers in addition to being royals.

  20. Flying fish says:

    William and Kate are part-time working Royals.

  21. Maxine Branch says:

    The Sussexes are gone. They are not coming back. Re-litigating an issue from 3-4 years ago will not change their decision. The Sussexes are rich happy and thriving and at peace with their decision. Enjoy the choice you and Harry’s birth family made by running them off.

  22. MinorityReport says:

    Without even reading this deranged mess, the 👏🏾 Sussexes 👏🏾 don’t 👏🏾want 👏🏾 to 👏🏾be 👏🏾 anywhere 👏🏾near 👏🏾 Y’all.

    Keep their names out your mouths. 🙄

  23. Lili says:

    Interesting that they make the statement of not being able to go against the late Queens wishes, she is only being brought up now because of the anniversary of her death , ever since she diedCharles has been overturning her decisions to the point of evicting his own kid from a place he paid for that was gifted to him by the said queen, how messed up is that.

    • Islandgirl says:

      This! The Queen’s name is used conveniently. The Queen gifted Frogmore to Harry and Meghan and Charles evicted them.
      I really feel that these stories are sometimes literally made up by the storyteller so not even sure if this is coming from the BRF.
      But they deserve to be played like this, especially William and Charles. They sold their souls to the devil, and now they have to live with the consequences.

  24. Ash says:

    Tom clearly hasn’t read Spare. The Queen was ready to give the Sussexes what they asked for, it was Sausage Fingers, Incandescent, and Edward Young who forced her to change her mind.

    • PunkPrincessPhD says:

      This part – the proposal sent to H&M had 5 options/5 levels. It was only at the summit that H was told that the part-time options were no longer being offered.

  25. Aline says:

    The concept of part time royal is too much, even for someone who likes M and H, like me. Being a royal is the height of underserved privilege.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Aline, then they should get rid of ALL of the part time royals. It’s silly to think part time is some ‘big bad’ when so many of the brf are doing just that. At least, it’s silly from an American’s point of view. Perhaps there is a British view that is different. Beatrice has a job and will still be go to events when asked, as will Eugenie. We all know that Zara and her thug have made a fulltime job of making money, but still go to events when asked. And those as just the younger ones that come to mind.

      From the outside, I would say the one who cheapens the royal family is Zara’s thug. His commercial pursuits (reality TV) are the ones they should be concerned with.

  26. The Old Chick says:

    Hey Tampon. No one asked you’re opinion. I hate to break it to you but you’re not very important in the scheme of things. You’re a less than mediocre, jealous pos who has little influence in your country. Sorry but. Harry has no fucks to give. You’re small in stature and small in mind and personality.

  27. Reign says:

    Prince Harry wrote about having no funds to buy day to day clothes or an ability to live in a warm, well furnished home. He had no personal money and was tied to his father. His father has openly stated he wanted to slim down and have less with more. The idea that a person can make their own money and still be part of the RF isn’t new.
    It’s simply control and manipulation.

  28. Well Wisher says:

    “Prince Harry won’t be accepted as a “part-time royal” by King Charles or Prince William, a royal expert has warned. Both the Duke of Sussex and his wife Meghan Markle decided to sensationally quit royal duties in 2020 and have since moved to the United States to carve out a new life. It had been reported that Harry and Meghan previously wanted a “half in, half out” role with the royals, but this was vetoed by the late Queen.”

    Finally, clinging to the pass is mentally unhealthy, it is time for the family and media to move forward…

    The Queen was in her twilight years, so the decision otherwise would not have been successful since the two heirs at the time was dead set against it. Remember how loud and abrasive was at that meeting, refusing to have eat together, he could not stand being sociable even in sharing a meal.
    So the Queen basically ‘go along to get along’, the father made the decision at the behest of the son, who promised Murdoch that he would control the brother….
    Now the ides is dead in the water, because wounded egos of lazy incompetents cannot tolerate the actions of the couple who seem to have a work ethic, with an abundance of charisma…

    “Meanwhile, the media is starving for anything related to the Sussexes and they’d do anything to bring them back (anything other than “be nice to them and treat them fairly”).”

    Agreed..I may add that originally they wanted Meghan and Archie gone, while that want is still there, there is a acceptance that news of the entire family sells so they want them as content. Greed and the need for distraction as news has made it impossible to accept the Sussexes’s person-hood(s).

  29. B says:

    LMAO they “cannot go against the late Queen’s firm belief that you can’t be a part-time royal” but they can take back a house she gave her grandson?

    Its so obvious they just make rules up as they go.

  30. tamsin says:

    When the late Queen Elizabeth II made a decision, no one ever said “and Prince Charles agrees.” Why is the new Prince of Wales brought into every decision that the king makes? Is Charles only half a king? Is William co-king? Is Charles such a weakling that he needs to hide behind The Incandescent One?

    • Nic919 says:

      I think Quinn is being briefed by KP because the more recent stories from his book related to throwing pillows not vases and other things specifically linked to William and Kate.

    • Lorelei says:

      Excellent point, @Tamsin!

  31. JCallas says:

    All of them are part time royals. The Wales barely work six months a year.

    • Lorelei says:

      They’re not even part time. During the months that they’re “working,” we only see them a handful of times, and many of those are when they’re attending sporting events or movie premieres.

  32. Athena says:

    At this point it’s comical. Most sane people must be saying, “what? We’re still taking about this”?

  33. tamsin says:

    Having the part-time proposal rejected is the best thing to ever happen to Harry and Meghan. If they had remained, I can imagine that every business decision would be sabotaged by the cretins that call themselves courtiers to keep the Sussexes suppressed. And how would this part time living in another country work when the children start school? The family would have to be separated during the year.

  34. one of the marys says:

    “I don’t think Charles and William will agree to that“
    What strange wording. It’s framed as if it’s still on the table and being revisited by M&H. C&W don’t have the option of considering this anymore, M&H are not clamouring to return.
    Also the Fab Four being happy not to have to compete anymore is such lies. It’s obvious they’re still operating a one sided competition, analyzing and reacting to their every move. How tiresome

  35. Jaded says:

    Funny how the tabloids and BaRF get all *het up* and start rehashing this old nonsense just as Harry is about to arrive for the WellChild awards and Invictus, with Meghan doing the closing ceremony, at which she will shine brightly as she always does. They cannot tolerate the Sussex’s star power so they set the rota dogs on them, only to have it backfire and make themselves look even more stupid and spiteful than they already are.

  36. AC says:

    The BRF and tabs keep bringing this topic up to remind everyone that they are Desperate for HM to come back 🙄🙄.
    From the People pics, Harry seems to be genuinely happy leaving the gym in Santa Barbara.

    • kirk says:

      IKR? Too bad tabs and BRFCo dealt themselves out of having first-hand knowledge of the whereabouts of Harry & Meghan 3 and half yrs ago. So sad. Guess you’ll have to rely on other sources in order to cash in on their popularity.

  37. Saucy&Sassy says:

    Are those cheers I’m hearing from Montecito? Why, yes, I believe they are.

  38. Cel2495 says:

    Who cares? That boat sailed 4 yrs ago! They clearly don’t care and have moved miles from that toxic family and living their lives. The BM is obsessed with them and writing 💩 everyday to get a reaction. Let them starve M & H!

    Prob they are secretly begging and bribing the family to let them be part time royals like Meg and Harry would ever go back even as part time … they free, have taste freedom and they clearly don’t need them but the other way around.

    The desperation here is palpable 😂

  39. Lily says:

    There are rumors that Beatrice and her husband would be part time workers also there is some lord some distant relative of the Queen who works par time for the FIRM for over 20 year now so no half in half out is only going if you are fully white

  40. Winter Day says:

    Omg these bitches are exhausting. Harry and Meghan left almost 4 freaking years ago. They are not going back. Seriously, the royal lunatics need to buy a clue and get over it.

  41. bisynaptic says:

    LOL Daily Mirror/Mail/Express, 2040: “Will the Royal Family accept a ‘half-in” arrangement for the Sussexes?”