Prince Harry is getting a rock star reception in Germany with the Invictus Games

By most accounts, Prince Harry arrived in the UK on Wednesday or Thursday (no one knows) and stayed at an undisclosed location Thursday night, possibly somewhere in Windsor, and then on Friday morning, he stopped by his grandmother’s crypt at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor and paid his respects. Then he was off to Heathrow, where he flew to Dusseldorf, Germany. On Friday and Saturday, he visited many of the delegations and spent time with the veterans. Then on Saturday evening, he spoke at the Opening Ceremony.

I’m including photos from the Invictus Games Host City Reception, where Harry wore a smart blue suit and probably another Hermes tie. The man walking with Harry – the man with the fancy necklace – is the mayor of Dusseldorf, Stephen Keller. Harry got a rapturous reception at that event – hundreds of people, if not a few thousand, were waiting to catch a glimpse of him and they cheered loudly when they saw him. The German media said he was greeted like a pop star, with people shouting out “Harry, I love you!” I’m also including photos from the Opening Ceremony, where Harry spoke to the competitors and their families. He made special mention of Team Nigeria’s first time at Invictus and how Meghan learned that she has Nigerian ancestry.

There are videos and photos below, this is by no means comprehensive though – there’s just too much happening during Invictus to keep track of every little thing. Harry is always super-busy during Invictus and he likes to ensure that every diplomatic delegation and every Invictus team gets some facetime, so I imagine he’s been booked solid ever since he touched down in Germany.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.

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  1. Sandy8 says:

    Very smart suits I see here (the blue colours on both men ARE REALLY nice) ❤️

    he looks confident and dapper, good stuff.

  2. MF says:

    He looks fantastic—handsome and happy. You can tell he’s thrilled to be there and loves promoting the games and shining a light on the athletes.

    • HennyO says:

      I believe that that’s why Meghan goes a bit later, at a much calmer period, when the games are further on-going. That is, to allow Harry to have his mind and energy set and focused on all the numerous speeches, meetings and diners/breakfasts/lunches with Invictus officials, dignitaries, sponsors, and meeting up/photo ops with the participating teams/vets and the volunteers. And …in the proces, to promoting the games and to visit some matches.
      They all, especially the vets and the families/kids, want to see HIM.

      In the end, it must be draining. Despite the fact that these games for veterans are one of his main life’s works, being such a prominent name and face of the games is really a heavy duty too. I hope that he doesn’t burn himself out and has a good rest after the games.

  3. He deserves all the love and accolades that they are giving him. He looks great and his speech as usual was from the heart and full of positivity. Keep going Harry.

    • SIde Eye says:

      I agree Susan Collins! May he and his family continue to soar and help others do the same. I love seeing it!

  4. Normades says:

    Love to see it. I don’t remember when the Sussex’s were in Germany the last time but I remember they also got a hug welcome. The German people love them.

    • Lia says:

      Yes, we do!!
      And not because they are connected to the monarchy (most people don’t think much of it, we abolished ours ages ago) but because the these two stand for everything that is so important in our world right now!

    • The Old Chick says:

      A year ago, just before TQ died. Pretty sure they were there for the 12 months to invictus. It was massive.

  5. LooneyTunes says:

    *Meghan sings in Beyoncé “Let me upgrade you”* 🎵 Wow! He looks great. It’s ironic that salt island was calling Meghan a gold digger when she’s the one who upgraded his style and lifestyle.

    • Angelica Schuyler says:

      @LOONEYTUNES I said the same to a friend of mine who is decidedly anti-Sussex. Meghan gave Harry the total glow-up. The drip (outfit) is tight! Look at what the love of a good woman has done for him. He is happy, smiling, and thriving. I love to see this! The naysayers can go crawl in their corners and weep some more.

      • Caribbean says:

        It infuriates me when people say that Meghan had access to money and could do this and that in the RF in the UK, while Harry has made it VERY CLEAR that was not the case.
        Harry was barely taken care of, or given access by his family, then Meghan came along and USED HER OWN MONEY to buy things for them.
        Not only was she not given access, but I believe that she would have been financially broke(n) (and emotionally broken) if she had stayed.
        She was not shown any gold to dig.

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      Like, they don’t realize he married up! And you gotta be a strong, confident, impressive man to know and show it.

      • Christine says:

        That’s my favorite part of Harry. He legitimately knows and believes that he married up, and he is always so proud when people are excited to meet Meghan. That is a real man.

  6. Ana Maria says:

    this makes me happy! to see him look effortlessly like a rock star, he seems fulfilled and engaged with the people around him; he is a kind, good-hearted man with tons of charisma; this must be killing William, Kate and his dad🤣

  7. Polo says:

    I’ve been so impressed with how much support Germany had given to Invictus!
    Over 20k people showed up for the opening ceremony. There were so many veterans with tears in their eyes during the ceremony. This means so much to them.

    Also I was really struck by how confident Harry was in his speech. It didn’t look like he was using cue cards at all. He’s come such a long way from just a few years ago once Meghan came along.
    Hoping the rest of the week goes incredibly well for each participant!!

    • The Old Chick says:

      There was auto cue. But he’s always been a competent speaker. Unlike other members of the family 😒

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      He’s always been a good and competent public speaker, but his PTSD caused problems before therapy. Obviously, the help has really taken his speaking skills to the next level. Wonderful to see.

      • Laura D says:

        @Brassy Rebel – I also wonder how much help Meghan has given him when it comes to speeches. As member of the BRF he was probably told to “get on with it.” Whereas Meghan would probably have given him a few “acting” tips.

        Slightly OT: When comparing what he wore for his speech at the first IGs to what he wore yesterday Meghan’s influence is there for all to see. The guy has spare cash and it seems obvious to me (at least) she’s told him how to wear it!


      • The Old Chick says:

        Yes exactly. His invictus speech 2016 /2018 were really the same. Utterly from the heart and from experience. That’s what I saw this time, not Meghan. However his appearance was rough 🤣🤣🤣 the fact he had no money for clothes was disgusting. And he didn’t even have a proper haircut. But his speeches were all him, like 2023.

        We all know, all of us who are fans, know now what therapy has done for him. But both fans and the derangers say it’s all Meghan. It’s not. He’s said that. It’s genuinely offensive to someone of his background and experience that his wife gets the credit or the blame. That’s why on CB I pull people up for it. It’s unfair.

      • Smithy says:

        Laura if you look at all his speeches, he’s always been good at it. Go back in time. Meghan doesn’t do everything for him, he’s pretty damn competent and did a lot more than M had before they met. Stop infantilizing him.

  8. s808 says:

    I’m looking respectfully but lemme just say he looks GOOD. That suit is tailored to perfection. I watched the Opening Ceremony and it was fantastic! What Harry and the IG team have managed to do is just amazing. His legacy is set for life. I teared up a few times, after watching HOI and seeing what these veterans go through to even get to the games….yeah I was a little emotional lol. I hope everyone has a fun week!

    • Becks1 says:

      He looks SO GOOD. That suit is *chefs kiss*

      And his confidence and stage presence and charisma just takes it all to the next level.

  9. ML says:

    Omg, I recognized Taira from Heart of Invictus!
    Danke Germany for the warm welcome, and this is really nice to see how well Harry’s initiative for wounded veterans has grown into such a success.

    • windyriver says:

      Pretty sure the flag bearer for Denmark in the opening ceremony was also part of HOI. I remember everything about his story but embarrassed his name escapes me for the moment…

  10. Jais says:

    I really just love these games. Hope all the athletes have an amazing week. Huzzah 🎉

  11. Lara (the other) says:

    We went to the opening ceremony yesterday and it was absolutely amazing.
    I think the seltsam were almost Sold out, around 20.000 people cheering.
    Wunderful atmosphere between fun (loved the Australian Team coming in to Down Under everybody could sing along to) and goosebumps during the ongoing standing ovations for the Ukrainian Team. And the extra applause for the new teams from Nigeria, Israel and Colombia.
    Historically, Germany has a difficult relationship with the military and it was fascinating that the invictus games are celebrated without serious protests (for background, whenever a military public event happens, there are usually anti military protests).

    • AMTC says:

      Thank you Lara for the first hand account – as an Aussie I absolutely loved that! And loved the love and respect for Harry – who does real work. BTW had to cringe at Princess Karen at the World Cup Rugby today completely copy keening Meghan’s hair and white outfit from her appearance last year at Invictus.

      • BeanieBean says:

        I just checked whatkatewore to see the photos & compare with Meghan’s outfit. And yes, it’s an all-white copy down to the too-long trousers (obv different blazer style). But that’s not the interesting thing–McQueen made two ‘white’ versions of this jacket–one is called ‘ivory’ (looks white) and one is called ‘optic white’ (looks white). Kate apparently has BOTH. That’s right, two white jackets, same style, same designer, dang near the same color–or the same color for all practical purposes. I am gobsmacked!

      • Lady D says:

        The first picture of her yesterday on the front page made her look like a wooden dummy. The picture was up for less than an hour before being replaced by video. It was honestly a little scary.

    • Lia says:

      @Lara wow, I’m so happy for you!!! Are you at the closing ceremony as well?

      • Lara (the other) says:

        I have another event on the evening of the closing ceremony, but I will watch some of the competitions. Düsseldorf is just an hour by train.

      • Lia says:

        That’s unfortunate, because I’ll be there!
        I need a little longer than you, I live in southern Germany. But I’m really looking forward to it! 😍

      • Lara (the other) says:

        @LIA I wish you an amazing time. I am sure the closibg ceremony will be at least as amazing as the opening ceremony, if not better.
        And please write a comment how it was. 🙂

      • Giddy says:

        @Lara or Lia, I have a question. Is it true that Jeff Bezos underwrote every ticket to the IG? I read that somewhere this week and am impressed if that really is the case.

      • Lara (the other) says:

        @Giddy Amazon is one of the main sponsors together with Boeing and the entrance to the competitions is free for evereyone thanks to Bezos. Maybe the best thing he has ever done. And the tickets for the ceremonies are reasonably priced with further reduchtions for military personel, police and firemen and -women.

      • Christine says:

        I hope you all have a great time, and thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

    • Lauren says:

      The write up I read from DW mentioned that one of the antiwar groups would be protesting at the city hall reception but nothing else. The group was also careful to tell the media that they were protesting Boeing, because of its involvement in selling weapons, and the German Army’s supply of Ukraine not the actual veterans.

    • SarahCS says:

      Thank you for sharing this with us, honestly I’m tearing up a bit just reading your comment. What a fantastic event.

    • Dot Gingell says:

      What a wonderful experience Lara. Many thanks for sharing it with us.

    • Just me says:

      How fortunate for you to be able to attend. I am not much of a sports person (aside from tennis) but If I were better situated in life I would love to attend the Invictus Games. The veterans are so inspirational and I greatly admire Harry’s work with them.

  12. Alexandria says:

    Looking good Harry! This is how someone looks like when he is engaged and he gives a damn. Good luck Invictus athletes and enjoy the Games!

  13. swaz says:

    I’ve been watching it on YouTube live FANTASTIC ❤️❤️❤️

    • Christine says:

      I love how easy it is to watch this year from the U.S.! It’s so much improved from just last year.

  14. Amy Bee says:

    Try as they may the press and the Royal Family are never going to succeed in separating Harry from the veteran/military community.

    • Lady D says:

      Are we sure that Harry wasn’t adopted? I was around when Diana had him, but still… one of these things is not like the other.

      • sparrow says:

        Same thoughts at times, Lady D. But Harry has Charles’ close-set eyes. What we know for sure is, Charles visited new born Harry, started joking about his red har, and then buggered off pronto to play polo.

      • ThatsNotOkay says:

        Harry and Charles look sooooo much alike now! The only think slightly different is Harry’s nose. Charles was considered handsome by some in his day. Now William…William looks like Edward. And not Edward when he was young. Edward now. Oof.

      • Jay says:

        I understand that many people joke about this (edit: about Harry not being related to the Windsors), or pretend that it’s a compliment because Harry is the odd one out in his mostly garbage family, but he’s a dead ringer for young Philip!

      • Fortuona says:

        He is the spitting image of his cousin George McQ and is a Ginner like his aunts

  15. Eurydice says:

    What an incredible accomplishment! Congrats to Harry and to the veterans for their hard work, perseverance and courage – so many years of dedication and inspiration to get to this point.

  16. Kingston says:

    It was a beautiful thing, seeing H embody his role as Founder & Patron of The Invictus Games.

    Try as they might, using all the tools of propaganda, incitement of hatred, dehumanization and demonization, those nasty, worthless creatures doing the bidding of the brf mafia-cult will never succeed in wrestling IG from H.

    In fact, the harder they go at him, the more the global community of decent people are supportive of him.

  17. Noor says:

    Well done Prince Harry. It is all due to his hard work and good support. When the Games was first held in 2014 in London , it struggled to attract crowd. But 2 years later when the Game was held in USA it attracted 56,000 people. Since then it become bigger and better.

  18. sparrow says:

    That video was amazing! Lovely to see Harry being Harry.

  19. Noor says:

    The British royals are increasingly looking petty, churlish and out of touch in ignoring the Invictus Games.

    • Mary Pester says:

      @Noor, that’s because they are, one columnist called them out, saying they look like petty, jealous children! He also finished by saying, the pair are also keen to make up for Missing the world cup, well they can try 😂😂I really laughed when I read that last line!!!

    • Jais says:

      It’s really amazing. I get that the family has issues with Harry, but at the very least they could shout out the veterans participating. It’s nothing short of shameful.

  20. Nanea says:

    A friend is an ex-army trauma surgeon.(Bundeswehr, Germany, for NATO)

    She also did two tours in Afghanistan, the second time at the same time as Harry’s second. She didn’t know he was there.

    She’s in Düsseldorf now for Invictus, she offered to do voluntary medical care/work, as she’s “work friends” with the chief of the German organising committee, General Alfred Marstaller. She has met Harry, but they didn’t “mention the war”, she likes him and his mischievous sense of humor.

    We talked this morning, and she said that the opening ceremony made her cry a lot. She was following the event from the nosebleeds, as she had to be near an exit close to medical service area.

    She said even far removed from everything, Harry’s speech and that of our Minister of Defence felt sincere and truthfully emotional, and the teams coming in, the cheering, the applause, the cameraderie will stay with her for a long time.

    We’ll be in Düsseldorf from Wednesday afternoon, and we have tickets for the closing ceremony. I am really looking forward to taking it all in.

  21. slippers4life says:

    He looks fantastic. I am so happy for them

  22. Ash says:

    I cried watching his speech. I’ve never served but the sacrifice millions have made is heroic and unimaginable. They deserve this and so much more.

  23. Mary Pester says:

    Harry looked his usual hot, accomplished self. The MUTUAL love between him and the veterans is clear for the world to see, except if you work for a British rag like the Daily Mirror, who managed to find a so called “talent agent, WITH an O. B. E dontcha know, who said that jaguar land rover ended their sponsorship of Invictus because of the toxicity of brand Sussex!!, he, Mr OB. E,, said that Harry and Megan had damaged Jaguars relationship with the Royal family! WTF I was getting ready to throw something, until Jaguar cried bullsht and put out the statement saying they had come to the end of the agreed sponsorship deal and that invictus had a new sponsor. I just hope one day these idiots spin themselves into oblivion, people have called them out for saying there were “hundreds of protesters there, when there were very, very few and only one man with a cardboard sign, who looked a right idiot saying” bomber Harry “, maybe we should send him a copy of spare!!!

  24. Turkeylurkey says:

    In case anyone was wondering, this is USA delegation:

    President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. today announced the designation of a Presidential Delegation to Germany to attend the Opening Ceremony of the Invictus Games on Saturday, September 9, 2023. More than 550 wounded servicemembers will represent 21 nations in 10 adaptive sports at the Invictus Games.

    The Honorable Bill Nelson, NASA Administrator, will lead the delegation.

    Members of the Presidential Delegation:

    The Honorable Dr. Amy Gutmann, U.S. Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany

    The Honorable Carlos Del Toro, Secretary of the United States Navy

    The Honorable Cara Abercrombie, Deputy Assistant to the President and Coordinator for Defense Policy and Arms Control, National Security Council, The White House

    The Honorable Jessica Lewis, Assistant Secretary for Political-Military Affairs, U.S. Department of State

    The Honorable Terri Tanielian, Special Assistant to the President for Veteran Affairs, Domestic Policy Council, The White House

    The Honorable Sheila Casey, Special Assistant to the President and Executive Director of Joining Forces, The White House

    The Honorable John Tien, Former Deputy Secretary, U.S. Department of Homeland Security


    • Marley says:

      Thanks for posting. That’s an impressive list!

    • windyriver says:

      Quite a group. Terri Tanielian is described as “a nationally recognized expert on veterans’ mental health”. Joining Forces is a WH initiative to assist veterans’ families started during the Obama administration by Michele and Dr. Jill, and “reintroduced” (as per the DOD website) by Dr. Jill in early 2021 (presumably not much going on with it during the reign of the Orange terror?).

    • AC says:

      This is a great!

    • Christine says:

      I watched wheelchair rugby today, and at some point in the U.S./Canada game, the announcer said that the active U.S. military stationed in Germany is making a strong showing, and cheering on all the athletes.

      After each game, troops in uniform came out to congratulate and shake the hands of the athletes. It made me cry some ugly tears, I love so much what Invictus has done for the entire extended military family.

  25. Harper says:

    That opening ceremony was a big WOW. What a force for good Harry is in the world. A real superhero fighting to bring hope and encouragment to the downtrodden and forgotten.

  26. Over it says:

    So proud of Harry . A king among men . Wank could never and it’s eating him alive that Harry is all that his lazy entitled ass will never be .

  27. Mslove says:

    No three month vacation for Prince Harry. He’s too busy making a difference for injured veterans across the globe.

  28. Eliora says:

    I am looking respectfully because this Prince is looking too fine!

    Harry and his wife are truly the ones who carry on and do good and by doing so, they are doing well. Their light and their sprit is undeniable. That is why they shine so brightly and get so much love from people around the world. The people’s Prince and the lovely Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (aka Duchess of Success 😉).

  29. Mary Pester says:

    @Noor, that’s because they are, one columnist called them out, saying they look like petty, jealous children! He also finished by saying, the pair are also keen to make up for Missing the world cup, well they can try 😂😂I really laughed when I read that last line!!!

  30. Ncki says:

    Meanwhile, American media is studiously ignoring the games. The lead headline in People mag right now is “Kate played beer pong”. It’s disappointing they would ignore an entire event that celebrates veterans just to further the anti-Harry narrative.

    • Jan says:

      People have to stop looking to other for Validation.
      Invictus Games is about helping veterans, and they appreciate the games, because these are men and women who reached the depths of despair.
      The U S team is huge.
      Enjoy the games and stop expecting the British Media to publish anything positive about them.
      CBS morning show featured them and I think NBC did also.

      • KO says:

        Thanks @ JAN!! I totally agree.
        This obsession with YouTube views and who is reporting what misses the point completely. Stop engaging with petty stuff! If you have social media promote the games, the clips, etc. Ignore everything else.
        If you see positive articles about the games click on them.
        And by the way. The media is reporting on the games.

    • sevenblue says:

      I think, the media is waiting for Meghan to report on it. The last time, the most of the coverage included Meghan and after she left, there was little reporting on it.

    • Jais says:

      Eh, I’ve seen people mag and us mag covering the IG games also. Which is awesome for veterans and veterans issues. At the end of the day, those mags are about gossip and clothes so of course Kate will be covered. But what I love is that in covering Harry, they’re also spotlighting veterans.

    • Polo says:

      They haven’t ignored it. Invictus has been one of the lead headlines the last 2 days. This is the first day it’s not at the top of People’s website

    • Tessa says:

      The quotes a bout keen karen being competitive playing beer pong came from an embarrassing interview by mike tindall with the the keens.

  31. Smee says:

    It’s amusing to me that Willy longs for this kind of reception but he never gets it. His lack of sincerity is glaring obvious (same for his boring wife). You can’t manufacture charisma or demand adoration. H&M are naturals, like Di.

  32. Jaded says:

    I sure hope WanK watched the opening ceremony, they must be SEETHING. Compare the two events — Harry gets a huge standing O from 20,000+ excited people, makes a heart-warming speech and has the whole arena in the palm of his hand. Meanwhile, WanK go to Wales, a small group is there to greet them (likely paid for), make a 10 minute church visit, tour a seaweed processing business then f*ck off in their heli.

    Go Harry, go Meghan!!

  33. Jess says:

    He looks good and charismatic for sure. It’s nice to see someone use their privilege, power and resources to lift up others and spread joy. No idea what William and Kate and that lot are up to but Harry is getting good press and seems like a genuinely good Apple from that rotten tree.

    • Iolanthe says:

      Harry is Diana all over again and ghastly William is a clone of Charles. This must be eating them alive ..those fake royals who are absolute parasites. Harry shines and radiates genuine compassion , he is so real and speaks from the heart . The Waleses are an embarrassment and not worth discussing.

  34. AC says:

    I saw clips yesterday and it was very very impressive. Large and enthusiastic crowds too.
    Re WK, all I saw on Twitter yesterday was someone posted an interview of Them (don’t know how recent) claiming William winked at Kate 😀. Prob trying desperately to show they have the same caliber of affection as HM from the concert last wknd. And Kate showing up on the jumbo screen at the rugby games and got a big applause from the crowd 😆. Pales in comparison to Harry in Germany. And wait til Meghan arrives .

  35. Jennifer Smith says:

    Anyone else recalling the one or two people who showed up when Wm went somewhere? There were all these barricades and no one showed up.

  36. Agnes says:

    No wonder the rest of the Windsors hate his guts lol lolz 🧐🤣😅

  37. sparrow says:

    Proof if it were needed that the DM is in the pocket of W&K: Determined to ignore and pull focus from invictus, they’ve posted an article about when Meghan supposedly reacted with hostility towards the royal aides who wanted to help her at the Windsor flowers. There’s no way the article wasn’t rehased by order of KP.

    • Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

      DM has been rehashing lots of Sussex v Cambridge articles lately, almost as though WandK don’t do anything currently of interest.

  38. Chelsea says:

    To give an idea of how much Harry was running around on Saturday: the man went through FOUR different outfits. He started out the day in his black Invictus polo when he had breakfast with Team UK and visited with some more Invictus teams then he changed into that amazing blue suit to go to city hall to meet with the mayor then he was in a different tie-less suit for the actual opening ceremony before slipping into a Black buttoned up Invictus shirt for his radio appearance with the German minister of defense(and it looks like he also met with the mayor if thaf city as well).

    I’m always amazed at the way that Harry works during the Invictus Games because it’s not just that he’s working all day(he is) but it’s also the way he switches between so many gears through the day to go from playing diplomat to moral support and spectator at the events and then to charming spokesperson with the media and then back again. It’s not easy but he makes it looks like it is. It’s also really great to see how much support there is in Germany for this; there were apparently 20k+ at the opening ceremony and you could tell by how loud it was in there on the telecast.

  39. Cassie says:

    Harry is amazing and it’s a pity that the games don’t get the attention they deserve .
    However in Australia on news last night they actually showed parts of it and interviewed a guy who said they would never say a bad word about Harry because of how he created the Invictus Games for them and how much it has helped them .
    Better than nothing I guess and our Aussie team seem to be having a wonderful time .

  40. jane says:

    so sad that william and charles dont care about harry life father like son they only care about those nasty bitches they married sad!

  41. jferber says:

    Harry IS a rock star and for all the right reasons. Never vanity, only service and humanity. Good on you, Good King Harry.