Was Prince Harry angry about Prince Andrew during his brief UK visit?

Last Friday, Prince Harry was photographed by a tourist as he left St. George’s Chapel in Windsor. As it turned out, Harry had spent Thursday night at some undisclosed location, then he went to his grandmother’s crypt to pay his respects on the one-year anniversary of her death. His visit ended up becoming THE story, as Buckingham Palace scrambled to shrug off the visit as “private” while Kensington Palace went on rage-briefing spree because Harry’s simple gesture made William and Kate look garish and silly. As the day went on, we also heard that a few other royals did the same thing as Harry: made a simple stop by the Windsor crypt to pay their respects to QEII. One of those royals was Prince Andrew. Well, the Ephraim Hardcastle column has an interesting wrinkle.

Awkward times at St George’s Chapel when Prince Harry turned up to pay his respects to his grandmother a year after her passing.

A source says that, during his visit, Harry discovered that a special service attended by Prince Edward and Prince Andrew was scheduled a few hours later.

Apparently, Harry wasn’t impressed at confirmation that fellow exile Andrew, who he took a swipe at in his autobiography, Spare, over the Virginia Giuffre imbroglio, is being brought in from the cold.

His attendance wasn’t publicised but he is now a fixture at family events, having grudgingly accepted that he won’t be returning to a full royal life. Harry, says the source, left St George’s ‘wearing his finest scowl’.

[From The Daily Mail]

Previously, I wondered if Harry really sought “permission” to visit the family crypt or whether he simply informed the palace as to his plans. Now I wonder if the palace did not inform Harry that some of the family planned a private service at the crypt and that’s why Harry was upset, if he really was. I mean, this is a story with many layers of family bullsh-t and many different levels of “treating Harry poorly.” Also: “the Virginia Giuffre imbroglio” is a hell of a way to describe “Andrew’s close friendships with human trafficking pedophiles and credible accusations of rape.” Harry has every f–king right to be angry that his family is perfectly fine with a rapist but not okay with a man who is trying to heal himself of years of abuse and neglect.

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  1. ML says:

    If what Ephraim Hardcastle writes is true, who does this benefit? Harry is not going to be thankful or accessible to the DF, so they don’t need to kiss him on his behind. PW was furious about Harry stealing his thunder when he flew to Wales. Emphasizing Paedrew’s acceptance and sanctioned participation reflects poorly on KC. Why was this published?

    • ShazBot says:

      So that Ephraim had a column. It’s all made up.
      Harry wasn’t scowling and he probably didn’t care – the service wouldn’t have fit in his timetable and her children attending a service at her crypt is a perfectly normal way to acknowledge her passing.
      This is a dumb, made up nothing burger.

      • ML says:

        Shazbot, when it comes to Harry I totally agree that the RR makes it up on the fly if the RF doesn’t feed them talking points.
        This article sort of has a “bites the hand that feeds you” feel, because it doesn’t seem to paint KC or PW in a good light. That’s weird to me.

      • swaz says:

        I guess this propaganda didn’t stick the first time around🤢 🤢so they’re bringing it back again 🤣🤣🤣

      • DK says:

        @Shazbot, ITA.

        And I think we need to start coming for journalists who frame Andrew’s rape as somehow equivalent to Harry’s protecting his family from serious, credible threats of violence.

        Hardcastle wasn’t quoting or paraphrasing anyone else when he referred to them as “fellow exiles” or framed rape as an “imbroglio,” and I think we need to call out writers (on Twitter/X/whatever and elsewhere, not just in these comments) for BS like that:

        Ephraim Hardcastle doesn’t believe women/survivors; he thinks rape is a just a spot of imbroglio; Hardcastle supports Prince Andrew’s pedophilia, etc.

        If they want to frame that as equivalent to what H&M did, they need to stop pretending they’re just doing so bc the BRF does. That was 100% his framing and his thinking on display in those paragraphs.

        And he and other journalists need to start answering for it.

      • Kingston says:


        Thank you!

        I guess cb has to make these threads…..its gossip, yeah? But we dont have to give any credence to them. None at all. Not even the equivocal: “…..even if this was true….”

        Because: Its. All. Lies.

        Earlier this week (yesterday?) I posted on a thread of yet another pathetic BP/KP minions’ attempt to persuade the gullible about H needing to have “sought permission” before being “allowed” to visit betty’s crypt.

        It was yet another iteration of this story so I felt the need to remind folks of the many such examples of the leftovers scrambling to “prove” that they still have control over H (you will notice that they dont dare do this with M anymore) in which my refrain was: ‘THE LYING CRUELTY PART,’ where I laid out how the cruelty was the thing with those leftover grifters in palaces, especially in their response to instances when H&M make moves that “shock” the leftovers and put them on the back foot.

        In such instances they and their puppetmasters in the shidtmedia spend 2 weeks and up to a whole month and beyond, churning out twists and turns and version after version of the story, centering themselves in H&M’s decisions and actions.

        And the cases I reminded us all of included:
        1) H&M’s stealth visit to betty just before they arrived in the Netherlands for IG22 (rmbr how they tried to persuade us that they knew about it all along? hee hee hee)

        2) H&M and their kids’ private visit to betty during the jubbly, where they took loads of family pics. How do we know this? Because the leftovers in palaces told their puppetmasters in the shidtmedia that H&M wanted to take pictures and had brought a photographer but where DENIED! lol

        3) Princess Lili’s name announcement and the shidtmedia hysteria that followed

        4) H&M’s announcement of their Netflix deal in 2020 and, caught on the backfoot, the leftovers wrote story after story about how they “will examine the deal to ensure it upholds the values of betty.” lmfao

        If I larf I die!

        So you see, folks. This is THEE pattern of the leftovers whenever H&M catch them unawares. They and their minions scramble and L.I.E. and runaround like so many scrawny chickens without heads as they try to play catch-up to the Sussexes in their effort to “prove” to their minions that they still have control over the Sussexes.

        So, people, dont ever forget and dont ever get it twisted: this is what the leftovers are left with:…….picking up shidt that H&M drop on their way to their greatness.

      • MSTJ says:

        @Kingston yes, yes, yes 🙌 👍 👏

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      I don’t think it’s true, at least not the part about Harry being angry about Elizabeth’s kids having a private service. It’s not like it fit his timetable (or that he would have wanted to attend a service with his gaslighters).

      But what this story does do is get ahead of the news that Andrew the Pedo was able to attend an official service honoring TQ, while putting any negative spin on the false narrative that Harry was “angry” instead of the very real and damaging fact the firm is just fine with keeping Andrew the Pedo in their fold.

  2. equality says:

    So he visited his grandparents’ graves and wasn’t all smiles? Imagine that.

  3. Bettyrose says:

    History will remember that all this unfolded simultaneously in the final days of the monarchy. And it won’t be a good look.

  4. hangonamin says:

    I would be angry too if I watched my family side with a pedo but leave me out to dry. Shows you the RF fam will “protect” you if you shut up and don’t question anything from the monarch/heir and bring up family drama to the public. there’s a lot of skeletons in that family. I wouldn’t be surprised if some other shady family member is a pedo/rapist. if there’s anything we have seen in #metoo is that powerful men have no boundaries. especially from a family that believes they’re god divined to rule…

    • Elizabeth Kerri Mahon says:

      Andrew Lownie, in his biography of Earl Mountbatten (Prince Philip’s uncle) and his wife, lays out evidence that he might also have been a pedophile.

      • Jaded says:

        Yup. Both he and his wife had an open marriage and were bisexual, they frequently enjoyed threesomes, and he apparently had a thing for young boys. The FBI had quite a dossier on them that characterizes them as “persons of extremely low morals”.

    • sevenblue says:

      “Shows you the RF fam will “protect” you if you shut up and don’t question anything from the monarch/heir and bring up family drama to the public.”

      Didn’t the royal family use Meghan and Harry as scapegoat to take the heat from other members including Andrew? So, even when they shut up and got on with it, the firm never protected them the same way they protected Andrew.

      • hangonamin says:

        i’m using protection in a loose way. you’re right, protection comes with strings…the strings being you’re willing to have them throw you under the bus to make someone look better. aka, we will “protect” you from the really bad cancel level stuff (pedo andrew), but you gotta be willing to let us use you when the press is bad for the monarch/heir. basically, you’ll be in the “royal fold”, we will pay for ur security, you’ll get to live on royal property and use royal privileges, but part of the deal is you don’t air how shitty we are, shut up and take what is given, and let us use you occasionally. similarly, andrew gets to still be in the family and royal, but let charles throw him under the bus once in a while to look good. Meghan was never going to be the shut up and take abuse type of woman.

    • Snuffles says:

      If Harry didn’t realize that fact before, he’s certainly realized it by now. I’m sure over the past almost 4 years after removing himself from that toxic situation, he’s come to realize a lot of things. And I think after 4 years of detoxing and healing from that situation, years of therapy and telling his story, he’s come to accept the situation and knows who they are and that they will never change. I don’t think he’s angry about it anymore.

    • Megan says:

      @hangonamin: Accusing people of being pedophiles is what Majorie Taylor Gangrene does, and it’s disgusting. If you don’t have credible proof, stop doing it.

      • Kingston says:

        Who did she accuse, tho? Did she name anyone?

        Because EVERYONE knows that powerful people EVERYWHERE, including the British aristocracy & the nobility (and the clergy) throughout history, have ALWAYS abused the vulnerable among them and in their society, in general.

        In particular, the sexual abuse of children by the powerful (and others bigger than them) remains a chronic problem. All over the world.

      • hangonamin says:

        i’m sorry…are we really doubting andrew isn’t a pedo? that somehow he’s a nice guy who just met virginia through the fantastic duo jeffery epstein and ghislaine maxwell and nothing happened? that he settled out of court with virginia bc he’s innocent…literally thats the MO of Weinstein who loved to do secret settlements with NDAs after he sexually assaulted all of those women.

      • Megan says:

        Andrew is a pedo. Suggesting other members of the BRF are pedos without any evidence is gross and it’s disrespectful to victims to throw the term around as an insult.

      • hangonamin says:

        @Megan i didn’t accuse anyone directly. but just so you know look up Kincora Boys’ Home and royal family. do you understand how powerful the RF is and how good they are at cover up? you really think you’re going to get direct evidence. this is a family where members have literally given up their special needs children bc they don’t fit their perfect blue blood facade. don’t defend them. rich extremely privileged white ppl do horrible things and it’s time we highlight it.

    • MSTJ says:

      @Hangonamin – I don’t believe Harry was angry about anything. Harry has put SPACE between himself and the toxic royal mafia family/institution. He is moving forward and I don’t believe that he is in any way expecting validation or approval from them. I liked what he said to the veterans at the IG opening ceremony – they don’t have to prove that they deserve what they’re worth because what they did in their service to their country was for all of us (highly summarized) – and I think it applies to him. He knows his worth and does not need validation or acknowledgment from the royal mafia family/ institution. He’s free and no longer controlled by them. That’s why they try to spin propaganda to manipulate the narrative in England when he does something that catches them off guard. He’s thriving with his wife and children in the US (far away from the toxicity) and I’m so happy for them.

  5. I seriously doubt this crap article. Harry went to pay his respects to the grandmother he loved. He didn’t need some service to do that. He paid his respects privately and it sucks that someone got a picture of him coming out of the chapel. I think if there was no picture they wouldn’t have had a story to write about Uncle pedo being part of the family again. Well actually they would have found some other way.

  6. Dee says:

    Harry is not an exile.

  7. Catherine says:

    They are just trying to be a part of the news cycle that the Sussexes are currently driving. Hoping to inject some negativity. They did not know he was going to the chapel. Now they want to claim they have some inside info about his thoughts and feeling. BS.

    • Ace says:

      That’s what this is. Put Harry’s name on an article and it gets more clicks that if they just write about the pedo.

  8. Steph says:

    I’m not sure I believe this bc I feel like Eugenie would have told him. However, I can see finding out about it at the church annoying him if it’s true but only to an extent bc I doubt he could have gone later. I think he fit the visit in as best he could.

    • May says:

      I saw a report, have no idea if it’s true, that Harry had been accompanied by Beatrice and Eugenie during his chapel visit. If true, I could very well imagine the girls telling their father about their impending visit and a hastily arranged, later, “service” happening. Make no mistake, those girls’ loyalty is first and foremost to their father. In any event, I don’t see Harry getting angry about a service for the Queens children. Unless, his visit was supposed to be kept secret from the royals and someone blabbed.

  9. Steph says:

    Tin foil theory: I think a lot of ppl from the rf are part of that aristo pedo ring that they talk about in “Tell me who I am” and Andrew knows who they are that’s why he is being kept in the fold.

    • Betsy says:

      I don’t know about “a lot of ppl from the rf” but I would agree that it seems likely that at least some royals would be part of the aristocrats/wealthy mfs circle that commits these crimes. I don’t think that’s tin foil, as it seems the truth about the criminals beyond just “Epstein and Maxwell and Prince Andrew with this one specific victim” has never been revealed. I think it’s a lot of influential people with a lot of power (and I would guess Andrew had more victims than just Virginia Giuffre). We’re unlikely to ever hear their names in connection with their crimes.

  10. MSTJ says:

    I call BS. They continue to insert their narrative around whatever Harry does because they never know in advance what he is going to do unless he announces his plans publicly.

    I strongly believe they all scrambled to do something publicly after Harry was photographed leaving the chapel (except the Wales whose trip was planned). Andrew was grinning like a Cheshire Cat at the entrance of the chapel – no doubt happy to be called upon to do something publicly (show his face at the chapel) on behalf of the King – greeting Edward (who traveled from Bagshot to show his face).

    It’s already been telegraphed publicly on so many occasions that Andrew is in the fold, why would Harry be concerned in any way about another any action his family takes to embrace Andrew? As usual the toxic royal mafia family/institution and their sycophantic propaganda arm (tabloid media) does their spin to promote their narrative about the Sussexes.

    The Sussexes are out of the toxicity and thriving away from the propaganda and I love it. Continuing to pray for their financial independence and wellbeing. 😇

  11. tamsin says:

    I’m confused. Did they plan a service after they heard that Harry visited the crypt? Anyway, I’m glad that Harry got a chance to pay his respects on his own and was not a part of a performative ritual by the rest of his dreadful family. I think Eugenie and Beatrice loved their grandmother, though so don’t want to knock them if they visited. As well, what was the reason to link just Andrew with Harry?

    • MSTJ says:

      A tourist posted a photo of Harry leaving the chapel early in the day (Sept 8) and then another photo of Andrew and Edward at the entrance of the chapel later in the day. After Harry’s visit was publicized it seems he other royals got out of their palaces to be seen publicly paying respects to the late Queen. Except for the Wales’ 10-minute service in Wales, no public event was planned for the royals to pay respects prior to Harry’s visit.

      My take is that, BP scrambled to control the narrative after Harry was seen leaving the chapel after paying respects to his grandmother.

      • Jais says:

        Was there an actual photo of edward and Andrew leaving the chapel? I really don’t remember seeing one.

      • MSTJ says:

        There was one of them I saw at the entrance of the chapel. Not sure if it was coming or going to the chapel. Apparently it was a tourist photo from social media based on reporting.

      • Harper says:

        I saw a previous mention of that service with Andrew and Edward but it was reported to be in honor of Charles’ ascension to the throne and not about Betty. If that was the story Harry heard at the crypt no wonder he scowled. (If he did scowl since The Fail are all liars.)

  12. CrazyHeCallsMe says:

    Sounds like more made up tabloid fan fiction. They just have to make up crap to attach themselves to Harry. This clown’s source is all in his head.

  13. Becks1 says:

    Is this the first we’re hearing about a private service with Edward and Andrew there? I just thought they went to pay respects privately, like Harry.

    Anyway….harry didn’t seem to have a scowl on his face when he left, he just looked…..like he had just visited his grandparents’ graves for the first time.

    Do I think he’s probably rolling his eyes at the Andrew situation? Yes. But I think a large part of that is because he probably has a much better idea of how bad it looks for the royals.

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, I think more disgusted and “seriously?” And was Andrew ever “out in the cold”? I mean, yes, he’s not a public figure anymore, but I don’t remember him being shunned at family events.

      • Becks1 says:

        He was never shunned! Even a month after the Newsnight interview he walked to church on christmas morning with Charles. Not part of “the” walk, but nonetheless Charles made sure it was known that he and Andrew were going.

      • Eurydice says:

        @Becks1 – that’s what I thought. Andrew’s not a “fellow exile,” nor has he been “brought in from the cold.”

    • Amy Bee says:

      @Becks: Some hours after Harry visited Becky English tweeted that there was evening service that Andrew and Edward attended at St. George’s Chapel. Given that the talking points was that the family except for William and Kate were going to mark day quietly, I have my doubts that story is true and it was only leaked to the press to save face after Harry was seen there.

    • QuiteContrary says:

      I agree with all this Becks1. Harry has so much more sense than the rest of his family combined.

  14. Libra says:

    If we can believe that there was to be a special service to which Harry was neither informed or invited, as it was known he was in town, than I can believe he was somewhat annoyed. It’s like finding out your family has invited everyone but you to dinner.

  15. MsIam says:

    Harry was scheduled to fly to Germany so he wouldn’t have been able to attend any ceremony later. Plus Andrew has been pictured at family events before including the coronation. Harry knows how his crappy family thinks so why would he now be upset that they are embracing Uncle Pedo? This is just more BS from the trashloids, pretending they can read Harry’s mind.

  16. Amy Bee says:

    I don’t know what to make of this story except the Palace is trying to make up for not being sufficiently outraged that Harry had the temerity to visit his grandmother’s grave on the first anniversary of her death. I don’t believe Harry spoke to the Palace about visiting St. George’s Chapel and for once the Palace read the room and shut up about Harry paying his respects.

  17. Julie says:

    I would be very surprised if Harry gives any thoughts to his family. They had their chance when he was very clear on his book tour and nothing happened. That door is closed. Maybe it’s not locked yet, but Harry does not play their game. As for Andrew, it look like he is used as a tool by the brf and the toxic press to demonstrate to Harry that he is more important than him. Harry visited his grandparents rest place a few hours ahead of the opening of the IG. I doubt his mind was anywhere else but in Germany. Both brf and press are pathetic.

  18. He wasn’t angry, he didn’t ask permission, and no other relatives went there.

  19. Noor says:

    Who is scowling? The reporter, Hardcastle , the media ? Definitely not Prince Harry. He has moved on.

    • Well Wisher says:

      The story has no legs…..
      Most of the comments emerging from the Fail are from the dreamers/haters…..
      No one seem to want to engage them, especially British veterans…..

  20. Julianna says:

    I dont know abiut Harry “scowling” when he left but he looked like someone that just left his grandmothers grave. Though, I’m sure Harry is disgusted that Andrew is welcomed with open arms and has never been on the out despite what he has done. And abuse continues to be hurled their way every chance they get.

  21. Yesgirl says:

    I think Harry barely thinks of them or what they do or don’t do. He does what he wants when he wants and I don’t believe he ever asked for permission. BP wants to make it sound like Harry still feels under their control and permission. The place was opened to the public and he happened to be there and no one knew he was doing it until someone took a picture. They would have had so many articles out if they knew about him disrespecting her memory. He definitely hates being lumped in with Andrew but I don’t think he wishes he had been with the firm that day.

  22. Jay says:

    Why would Harry have any thoughts on a service he wouldn’t have been able to attend? How would he even know what Edward and Andrew’s plans were? Why would he care about Andrew being back in the family fold? In my view, he wouldn’t and doesn’t.

    Hardcastle seems to be putting his own spin out there under Harry’s name ( to get clicks). But isn’t it interesting that even a royal insider seems to be warning the RF about Andrew? Although he is using euphemisms to describe Andrew’s crimes, I think he’s clearly criticising Andrew’s continued inclusion in family events, such as being driven by William and Kate at Balmoral. Even the rota knows that’s a bad look.

  23. Mary Pester says:

    Think these idiots need to realise that Harry doesn’t give a flying fk about Andrew the paedophile, in fact I have a feeling if someone asked Harry about his paedophile uncle, he would say either “as long as the Atlantic stays between us, I don’t care or think about him, but, if the rest of the Royal family are happy to consort with the paedophile, surely you should be asking them 2 questions, the first one being WHY and the second being” what does he have on them. Or Harry Could give a true military answer, as in, “well I wouldn’t pss on him if he was on fire, does that answer your question!

  24. Well Wisher says:

    A non-story…….
    A fail trying to create two scapegoats ……
    Envy is a disease….

  25. Eliora says:

    More fake news. Even if (and that’s a big if) Harry did learn that Andrew was attending a service for QEII later, why in the world would he share his feelings (of displeasure) with anyone. Harry knows he can’t trust those people. Please.

    So really this nothing burger story boils down to “man leaves beloved grandmother’s grave with…a grave expression.”

  26. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    I’m pretty sure Harry doesn’t give a cr@p what the royal family does anymore. But *I’M* angry that a pedophile rapist is still living in his royal residence, while Harry was reportedly kicked out of his, and has the “half-in/half-out” life that Harry was told is impossible (at least, isn’t what this line about Andrew means: “he is now a fixture at family events, having grudgingly accepted that he won’t be returning to a full royal life”)? How can the British people tolerate this? The misogyny and racism is so blatant.

  27. Nerd says:

    This sounds like total BS. Harry didn’t attack his uncle in his memoir. He pointed out the obvious discrepancy on how he is reported on for choosing to remove and protect his family from racist attacks and threats while his uncle is hardly even reported on when he has been accused of something far worse which is rape and befriending paedophiles and sex traffickers. His mention of Andrew is based on the unfair and immoral reporting of him for doing the admirable thing while there is silence for someone accused of something far worse. We all saw the photos of him leaving the church and no one was accusing him of looking angry or pissed off in those photos and anyone with sense would know that a man who lost his own mother and battled that pain wouldn’t be angry that another man, regardless of what he may have done or been accused of, would remember his own mother on the anniversary of her death. He went to the church because this was his way to memorialize his grandmother, it didn’t matter what others were going to do.

    • Eurydice says:

      I think the problem here is that rape and befriending pedophiles and sex traffickers is not considered by the RF to be far worse. As long as Andrew denies it (never mind the $12 million payout), they can all pretend it didn’t happen. And Andrew is willing to suffer the humiliation of being sneered at, as long as he can hang with the family. This is how they’ve always dealt with morally dubious situations – instead of “Never complain, never explain” it’s “Never admit, never apologize.”

      But Harry isn’t letting them deny anything. He’s out there, loudly showing the world how they operate and telling them they’re wrong and he won’t put up with it. The RF can’t pretend that Harry isn’t doing this – and that’s why they think he’s worse than Andrew.

  28. TangerineTree says:

    “Ephraim Hardcastle” is a name under which the Fail publishes a column in which it/the real writer is not identified. Someone here on CB mentioned it once, and I have tried to find the current author/s (no real luck). The Fail prints trash as a matter of course, and the articles by “EH” seem to be more of the same.

    • Eurydice says:

      I think it’s a fellow named John McEntee. He’s been a gossip columnist forever and for many publications and has written a memoir – he seems to me to be an ardent royalist.

  29. L4Frimaire says:

    Sounds like a big nothing burger, just trying to stir up more strife. Meanwhile we’re all in Düsseldorf.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Yep~ A giant nothingburger. Harry had a schedule to followl He’s not concerned about what others had planned. He visited the graves of his grandparents that he loved. That’s it. No one else factored in his choices. re: the BaRF leftovers.

  30. blunt talker says:

    I don’t think he was angry about it-I think he probably feels this is the way his family operates even if it makes them look bad and stupid -these were Andrew’s parents also-as long as Harry can come visit in his own way-to hell how the others want to visit-Harry did his part in his own way.