Heritage douche: Prince William ‘has no ego at all. He doesn’t seek the limelight’

For months, the Heritage Foundation has spent a lot of time, money and effort trying to get their hands on Prince Harry’s American immigration/visa records. They’ve sued DHS and repeatedly gotten their “case” thrown out of court. Heritage’s operatives openly brief the British media about their attempts to get Harry deported back to Britain, and whenever DHS slaps back at them, Heritage’s Nile Gardiner runs to the Mail and the Telegraph to mock and smear Harry. Gardiner is a British MAGA, basically – he’s a British guy attached to Heritage, all part of the unholy Tory-MAGA alliance. Well, Gardiner also had some big thoughts about Prince William’s New York flop trip.

Nile Gardiner, a US-based foreign policy expert and Royal Family enthusiast has poured praise on how William conducts himself but lashed out at Harry and Meghan. He told Daily Express US: “Prince William, to his great credit, is a very humble figure. He is very low and lives a life of service to the country – he understands the gravitas of his role. William dedicates his life to preparing for the role of being king and understands the significance of that. He epitomizes the role of a public servant in the truest sense, and there is much to be admired in that approach.”

“The Prince of Wales has no ego at all. He doesn’t seek the limelight or glory, whereas Harry and Meghan do seek the spotlight, as is especially the case with Meghan, and I think we saw that last week at the Invictus Games. William carries out his duties with a sense of service and that is definitely not the case with Harry and Meghan, especially not the case with Meghan.”

Mr Gardiner also believes William’s trip and how he is received by the American public won’t be affected by the absence of his wife. He continued: “Princess Kate is also a very popular figure in the US and William is probably more widely known to Americans, but her absence on this US trip won’t make a huge difference.”

[From The Daily Express]

I mean… William is not a selfless person who puts the needs of others ahead of his own. He is a deeply selfish, self-centered, egotistical, violent psycho who assaulted his brother and tried to drive his sister-in-law to suicide, all because he was jealous that people weren’t paying attention to HIM. William is also tremendously weak, stupid and petty, and this New York trip was just William throwing a tantrum about how he wanted to do everything Harry did and he wanted the exact same photo-ops too.

Something to keep your eye on as all of this falls apart is the fact that William is the poster boy for this kind of transatlantic right-wing derangement. William is being used as an explicitly political figure, a representative of traditionalism, anti-wokeism, anti-inclusivity, anti-diversity, and anti-modernity. The people who hold up Will and Kate as their perfect Aryan prince and princess are the same ones who are mad whenever William deviates from the conservative agenda. Also: it’s been clear for a long time that there is real money behind the Sussex hate campaign, and that money shows that there is a larger political agenda against Harry.

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  1. Loretta says:

    “whereas Harry and Meghan do seek the spotlight, as is especially the case with Meghan”

    “that is definitely not the case with Harry and Meghan, especially not the case with Meghan.”

    This man is obsessed with Meghan

    • Chloe says:

      Not considering Invictus, you can count the amount of times Meghan has been seen publicly this year on 1 hand. If you do count Invictus you might need both hands. Doesn’t sound like someone who seeks the spotlight to me

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        And in those long periods when she is not being seen in public, her detractors demand to know where she is and usually invent some elaborate conspiracy theory around why we’re not seeing her. Then when we do see her, she is accused of seeking attention. Make it make sense!

      • AnnaKist says:

        And that’s the thing. Invictus has been Harry’s baby. He has nurtured and grown it from the start. William could have been a part of that, but no. He prefers to go on holiday and laze about.

        Well, he could have had an idea too, and seen it through to fruition, but he does not have the imagination,, creativity,, commitment, the ingenuity or the energy to see anything through properly because he is just not interested .If he had been a supportive brother to Harry, he could have been at Invictus as well, along with his wife Imagine the good price they would have got if they were there doing the same things as Harry and Meghan were doing. But because things as they are, it is Harry and Meghan get all the accolade and photo ops.

        All these stupid articles, since Invictus just reveal even more the pettiness and jealousy of William and his supporters. But I did say it the other day on here that William wants what Harry’s got’. It must be really choking him that Harry is doing so well, when the Windsors expected him to be a monumental failure_ And just like your typical dog in the manger William now wants it. Tosser.

    • Missskitttin says:

      His article about Wllz mentions H&M more than it mentions Willz lol

      • swaz says:

        Guys !!! William is using Harry’s name for clicks 🤣🤣🤣 I googled Prince Harry and all William articles came up 🤣🤣🤣

    • swaz says:


    • Ciotog says:

      These people would take Harry back into the anti-woke brigade. Never Meghan.

  2. Bad Janet says:

    OMG 😆

    The knee slappers that are already coming out in this divorce rollout are absolutely adorable. It’s like someone in high school who gets caught sending themselves fake love letters from a secret admirer.

    • Daisy says:

      Think William so self centred and just not a very nice person..
      Harry is so much better in every way.
      It’s jealousy with the Wales of Meghan being able to conduct herself in public speaking ..The Wales have scrappy pieces of disjointed paper and speak in little sentences ..They so pathetic both of them.
      Meghan and Harry were wonderful at Invictus.

  3. Sandy8 says:

    Well clearly this is about William from a parallel universe. The William we all know in THIS universe has an ego the size of a small, peg shaped planet.

    • WHAT says:

      Am I looking at this 🤔 right

      William wore skinny ties and he is doing a lot of Harry’s mannerisms. Holds his hand on his jacket like harry. Doesn’t Harry wave and holds his jacket like that.

      The first five pictures of will on the bottom before Harry and Meghan.

      Didn’t harry do that at the first Invictus event when he was with the Mayor and defence Minister walking down the carpet with all the flags

      • Em says:

        You know scare and crow are so deeply dysfunctional that they watch videos and have mood boards so they can replikate Harry and Meghan.

    • Kristen from MA says:

      I was just thinking, “Does this guy live in opposite world?” I mean, come ON.

  4. Smart&Messy says:

    Watch your back, Keen! Your absence is inconsequential.

  5. Jay says:

    I think “no ego” is being used here as a euphemism for “no charisma”. William didn’t fly all the way to New York during the UN meetings to try and stay under the radar! He’s just unimpressive.

    Also, this British MAGA guy has real malice in his voice when he talks about Meghan and it’s scary.

  6. His next article, “7 ways to get that boy to notice you”

  7. MinorityReport says:

    Kate is in danger. What’s with all this “we love Kate, but she’s not really necessary” shit? You in danger girl!

    • nutella toast says:

      @minorityreport You’re not kidding. How many articles and mouthpieces of William have to say, “Kate? Meh.” for her to get anxious? I mean…if that’s not causing pillow fights between the Wales, I don’t know what is. If someone kept publicly saying how irrelevant I was (and I’m no one), my husband would say, “Knock it off – that’s my wife”. Instead, William unbuttons his shirt one more button (ironic, isn’t it?).

    • Snuffles says:

      Well, if William REALLY wants all eyes on him, getting a divorce and becoming a swinging bachelor prince would do it.

  8. Chloe says:

    The same William that was telling everyone that this trip would be HIS moment as a global statesman? Okay… whatever makes Neil sleep at night i guess.

  9. BQM says:

    Have we found Dan Wooten’s successor?

  10. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    I have found when seeing articles like this, if I switch the names around, switching Harry for William and Meghan for Kate, they make much more sense.

  11. SussexWatcher says:

    Clean up on aisle 5! The Other Brother’s But I Wanna Be a Statesman (stomp, pout, rage) tour was a flop and an embarrassment…time to send out the sycophants to spin an alternate reality.

    The Prince of Pegging is a very humble figure?! He lives low? He doesn’t seek the limelight?! Lies, lies, lies. Pegs is the epitome of spoiled entitlement who has his own helicopter on standby. He just inherited £650m. He lives in literal palaces. He is neither humble or living low.

    And not seeking the limelight?! I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the ways that statement is delusional. I can’t imagine going through life being so detached from reality where you can just stomp your feet and throw rage tantrums and then people parrot your wishes as truth.

  12. Miranda says:

    George Carlin used to have a bit talking about how stupid people are, sorting them into categories: Stupid, Full of Shit, and Fucking Nuts. The punchline back in the day was that Dan Quayle was all three, but I think that we can certainly apply to these Heritage jackasses, too.

    Also, the irony of an allegedly super patriotic, traditionalist, conservative organization like Heritage carrying water for the British monarchy will never not be funny.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Never thought I would see the day that Americans would proudly proclaim their royalist sympathies. But then, apparently, Vile Nile is not American.

      • Debbie says:

        In this matter, this Niles guy is serving the same purpose at the Heritage Foundation as the Russian people who try to influence U.S. elections.

  13. Becks1 says:

    LOLOLOL. Yes, because everyone who hates the spotlight plans a 2 day trip to NYC during the UNGA and schedules photo ops with the Sec Gen as well as NY firefighters etc.

    There’s a difference between seeking the spotlight and the spotlight finding you naturally. The latter is true for Meghan, and she is very good at taking that spotlight and shining it on others.

    William tries desperately to get the spotlight focused on him and there’s just no interest there. This trip was all about his ego* and it was just so pathetic.

    *I know we have been calling the Jealousy Tour but I like Ego Tour better because it fits better with “rainbow tour” from Evita……”lets hear it for the Ego Tour! It’s been an incredible success…..” (sarcasm)

  14. equality says:

    So which pair keeps the media notified of their activities? Which pair has Instagram, Twitter and YouTube accounts? Which pair constantly sends media pictures of their children? I guess, all that is Kate’s doing and PW would fly under the radar if she didn’t do all that.

  15. Dee(2) says:

    There is absolutely a larger agenda on both sides of the Atlantic. On the right side there’s the very real concern of people asking loudly,why are we paying millions of dollars to this family every single year if someone in that exact same bloodline can do what they are supposed to be doing better, with long-lasting results, and for free? On the left side there’s the really real fear of showing that a white male can prioritize diversity, inclusion, his of color family and most importantly stand up to his racist family members and still be successful. Neither side wants to see the long-term results of someone with as much privilege and as much power as Harry proving them wrong.

  16. Harper says:

    Laying low is now what they call coming out for work twice a week and otherwise being on vacation.

  17. Maxine Branch says:

    I so agree with everything Kaiser wrote re this article and it is scary. The forces United against the Sussexes are truly the far right extremist. William is their perfect choice, he is dumb, ego driven and without morals. Problem for these folks is he also lacks charisma and is delusional. The articles written supporting this man’ recent flop trip to New York shows how they must stroke his ego in order for him to feel as if he is thriving. Example: sexy, hunk, zero ego, crowd appeal.

    Happy the Sussexes are in America and have the support of some of the wealthiest American’s in the United States. Happy they are deeply in love, have tons charisma, are service driven and stick with their moral compass. Also interesting comment suggesting Meghan seeks the limelight, when it is exactly the opposite, the limelight and those folks choose to focus on her because the dynamic of Meghan and Harry as an interracial couple with Harry’s background draws the limelight and their err towards her.

  18. Projection translation =. Peg has a huuuuge ego and desperately seeks the spotlight. Photo op Peg knows nothing else.

  19. Noor says:

    Nile is spouting nonsense and he and we, the readers know it.

    The monarchy should worry that no article on William and Kare is complete or readable without mentioning the sixth in line Prince Harry who is no longer a working royal.

    • Allyn says:

      Nile Gardiner is the British Nick Adams. The only way Gardiner could be more Adams is if he talked incessantly about being a Hooter-eating “Alpha Male.” 😆

  20. Amy Bee says:

    This Heritage stooge is deluded. KP declared that this trip was about making William a global statesman. So William definitely has an ego and is evening limelight all because he’s jealous of Harry.

  21. MSTJ says:

    What I’ve observed from the coverage of William’s trip is the absolute linkage of everything he did to Harry’s name.

    Over the pass few days whenever I googled Prince Harry, the top search results are all about Prince William 30+ stories before getting to one about only Prince Harry. And the stories are all embellish William.

    They’re chasing Harry’s global popularity to elevate William.

    I suspect there is likely a social media agenda to do the same also. I think there are likely pro William people/trolls/bots that are posting/tweeting/commenting to drive engagement and elevate his name for global visibility. Unfortunately I expect many people who support Harry and Meghan Will unwittingly help elevate the engagement and his visibility globally when they post/tweet/comment about him.

    KP will likely consider his visit a success once they accomplish the elevate visibility for him, never mind much of the content is propaganda, the goal is elevating his profile globally 🌏 using Harry’s name.

    • equality says:

      I think you are correct. The only way PW articles get clicks is by mention of H&M.

      • MSTJ says:

        I believe they knew that he wouldn’t get the visibility (online media/social media) without linking everything he did to an article about Harry. I believe it was their PR strategy for the trip and they are happy with the engagement it generated. Do in their opinion I think they believe the trip was a great success. They might be able to generate 3 to 4 weeks minimum of articles out of the visit, all linked to Harry’s name which will generate online engagement back and forth with the William and Harry camps.

        Harry’s supporters will likely unwittingly engage on social media to defend the crazy and incorrect stuff that will be posted/written and William’s name will be elevated as a result. 🤷‍♀️

        IMO, it’s like the Hillary/Trump 2016 election craziness and false information from Putin’s playbook that elevated trump with the MAGAs and the culture wars. Noise, noise, noise. Not the majority but very loud.

    • swaz says:

      OMG 🙄 I tried it and it’s true. I googled Prince Harry and all William articles came up 🤣🤣🤣

      • MSTJ says:

        Yep. As much as I’m entertained by the royal gossip, I always make it a point to focus on the PR agenda.

        The royals need to remain visible in order to be seen to be relevant to their subjects. If Harry and Meghan succeeds in setting up their own ‘royal court’ in the US (that’s how the royal circles view their life here) and rise in popularity, the British royals will be devastated. Their relevance might be in doubt, not just from their lesser subjects but also by the aristocrats. People would want to mingle and be in favor with the Sussexes rather than the Windsors. American wealth and influence goes beyond property ownership and lineage.

        The media is in it for the money and they have court battles with Harry so they’re invested in ‘game’.

  22. Linney says:

    The shade being cast at Kate lately is really something. What happened to St. Kate the Perfect and Savior of the Monarchy? I’m not convinced they will divorce unless William wants to re-marry, but lately I’m wondering. This cool, sexy, relatable dad narrative along with who needs Kate? makes me agree with other posters that an announcement might be coming soon.

  23. Kittenmom says:

    Wasn’t this entire unnecessary trip 100% about Willy’s ego? Dope.

  24. Mslove says:

    Y’all, the reason Pegs doesn’t work is because he has no ego, and is humble, not laziness, lol.

  25. nutella toast says:

    Oh my word @kaiser you are traumatizing me this early in the morning – I look at my screen and all I see is a sea of huge white foreheads with William stories attached. Arrghhhhh!!!! Have mercy and at least put one Ginger pic in there so I don’t choke on my coffee.

  26. Tessa says:

    William loves the spotlight and he is not humble.

  27. Mary Pester says:

    Would someone please call my doctor, I think I have taken to much morphine, as that is the only way that I could possibly read what I have just read! No ego, please, his ego is so big it needed a SEPERATE seat on the plane! He tried to emulate his brother and FAILED. He had his minions brief he had to visit the UN, but the UN said “no you don’t, but you can pop across the road, he wades into the river, where he probably asked”, +OK, please show me the ones with pearls, I need a few hundred more “. He made a point of stopping the car where there were ALREADY crowds, just so he could believe in his own little mind that they were there for him, not the ferry, not the glorious 911 memorial, just little willy. He visits the fire station that Harry visited, but sorry little willy, no gifts for you. He was asked about Kate, and it was Kate who? Mr Gardner needs some help. Those ROSEY hued monarchy glasses needs ripping of his sycophantic nose. William is an ego driven, bone idle, jealous, little poser. And maybe Harry should start charging royalties the way they keep using his name

  28. Betsy says:

    Heritage Foundation also has plans for turning the government into a tool of the fascists if a Republican wins in 2024. It’s Project 2025. So of course they’re looking for a stamp of royal approval. They probably watched The WIndsors and think we should established William and Kate as our prince and princess.

  29. Tessa says:

    William dresses badly

  30. MsIam says:

    I find it interesting that these right wingers are trying to sell William to a bunch of climate change and science deniers. So either William is a hypocrite or these folks aren’t are not understanding what Earthsh*t is. It both more likely.

  31. Lau says:

    One : he’s too lazy to actually find the limelight.
    Two : the limelight is never seeking him anyway.

  32. Marivic says:

    A lie repeated several times over becomes the truth. Their truth. The British media’s truth. William’s truth. The Royal Family’s truth. People are being lied to. It’s a propaganda war against Meghan and Harry to convince and change the minds of people who support Harry and Meghan. Well, we can see through the lies. William’s Jealousy Tour in NY is a big flop. And the rotas, William and the RF cannot accept this so they try to convince themselves stupidly. Delusional lot.

  33. Blithe says:

    Well, I do agree with one point from the article: William is, indeed, “very low”. It will be interesting to see how this plays out — as William’s sponsors get their money’s worth.

  34. GDubslady says:

    The Tory MAGA alliance fundamentally cannot work because Trump is anti NATO and would love to see the UK split up, stripped of the Commonwealth and the NATO alliance eliminated. MAGA cannot help the Windsors or the United Kingdom. MAGA is America first with Europe on its own and China, Russia free to take advantage of any power vacuum a dismantled NATO would leave in its wake. A lot of Tory Brits are making this mistake bc of all the foreign cash pushing this alliance but at its core it doesn’t work.

  35. Mel says:

    I’m sorry but wasn’t his entire sad, desperate trip to NY all about the ” Look at ME, NOT HIM, ME???!!” So, so thirsty,

  36. HennyO says:

    As I said in a previous comment, these “William the Great” pieces are prewritten/ghost-written by Willy’s KP propagandists, as handouts to the sycophantic reporters/commentators and other right-wingers/monarchists, who are willing to put their names (and what is left of their royal propagandist career) to amplify the “William the global statesman – the most sexy single dad to be – the king ready – the more populair than Harry” propaganda.

    This sad little man is going to collaps sooner than late; in no way is he able to deliver and to meet up to the expectation his lackeys create for/about him.

    Compared to Prince Harry’s 20 years of global work experience and being an ambassador to his grandmother and country, Willy will have to work at least every single day for the rest of his life till he becomes king (if ever), to beat Harry’s current legacy in any given field. Yeez, I’m already worried for the Brits with the prospect of a dictator king.

  37. Well wisher says:

    There is no redemption nor growth for the self-righteous who believes the worst lie about selves…..
    No hope for maturation and the embrace of the duties and responsibilities of adulthood..
    No Peace.

  38. Saucy&Sassy says:

    Okay, I guess. Do they think this will start a ‘thing’ here in the US with media to continue this talking point? Other than tabloids–maybe–I don’t think so. This will fade just as quicky as his appearance in NY.

    To the bm and Heritage Foundation and MAGAs: Believe it or not, we have much more important issues in this Country. The UK needs to keep its stuff there.

  39. Is that so? says:

    This fantasy is being written for the white supremacist cult, and the history

    I think it’s important to push back against these lies on social media, even though it seems futile because you’re never going to change the minds of most people posting in forums. In the future when historians want to tell about this time period they’re going to be scouring social media for information. I strongly believe we cannot let the racist, sexist, classist lying narrative be the only view that’s there .

  40. jferber says:

    No ego whatsoever. Yes, if nothing else proves it, this does. They are 100 percent liars and have no shame or integrity.

  41. phlyfiremama says:

    Translation: he is too lazy to work and wants to continue sucking taxpayers dry.

  42. Kristin says:

    Oh goody, another British asshole trying to Britsplain to us stupid Americans how much we love and adore the royal family, particular the walking, talking penis otherwise known as Prince William. As much as they mock the Kardashians, these Brits fail to recognize that to Americans, the royal family are exactly on par with the Kardashians; good old fashioned, trashy tabloid crap that you peruse while waiting in line at the checkout counter at the grocery store. And NO ONE finds Prince Baldemort some kind of “sex god”, or whatever ridiculous language the British media used to try to brainwash Americans into thinking this penis with teeth named William is melting the panties of women all over America. For fuck’s sake, just go back to England and jerk off in private to your posters of Prince William and leave us innocent Americans in peace.

  43. bisynaptic says:

    “Prince William, to his great credit, is a very humble figure. He is very low…”
    — He’s literally the second to the very top of the pile.

    “…and lives a life of service to the country…”
    — Again: he’s near the topmost, in the social heap. It tends to work the other way around.

    “…he understands the gravitas of his role. William dedicates his life to preparing for the role of being king…”
    — By being a bossy tantrum-rage machine.

    “…and understands the significance of that.”
    — He knows he can get away with it.

    “He epitomizes the role of a public servant in the truest sense, and there is much to be admired in that approach.”
    — Not bloody likely!

    “The Prince of Wales has no ego at all. He doesn’t seek the limelight…”
    — Isn’t that the point of his position? And the point of his “altruistic” endeavors, to deflect a little of the limelight that shines on him, on to worthy causes? How else could it work?

    “Princess Kate is also a very popular figure in the US and William is probably more widely known to Americans, but her absence on this US trip won’t make a huge difference.”