Princess Kate’s ‘friends’ are very upset by the ‘Kate is too lazy to travel’ accusations

Royal reporters desperately want to talk about the Princess of Wales’s absence from Prince William’s NYC trip, and her upcoming absence from his Singapore trip. There are two concurrent lines of gossip. One is that William doesn’t want to be anywhere near his wife these days and he ordered her to stay away so she wouldn’t make an ass out of herself overseas. The second line of gossip is that Kate is Forever Lazy, too lazy to actually do an odd event here or these outside of a 30-mile zone around Adelaide Cottage. Both versions have some truth to them, imo. Well, Kate and her mother heard about all of this Singapore gossip and they want us to know that Kate is absolutely NOT lazy. No mention of what William wants though…

Friends of Kate Middleton have hit back at anonymous suggestions that she should be doing more foreign trips as part of her remit as Princess of Wales, saying the fact that she is widely considered one of the most popular members of the family shows that the public support her focus on raising her young family. A friend of Kate’s told The Daily Beast that the accusations were “absurd.”

Accusations of shirking official duties have long dogged both William and Kate, and surfaced again over the summer when William failed to attend the final of the women’s soccer World Cup in Australia. Now the suggestion has been aired again, but specifically in relation to Kate, in an item in the Daily Mail’s usually well-briefed Ephraim Hardcastle column (Hardcastle is a fictional byline and the column is usually written by an editor based on newsroom gossip and in-house tips).

A source close to Kate told The Daily Beast: “If the accusation is that Kate isn’t puling her weight, that is absurd and everyone who knows them knows it. It is not exactly a state secret that she has three children aged 10, 8 and 5 on whom the future of the monarchy depends. She works incredibly hard. They have had this type of criticism from the press before and I’m sure they will have it again. It’s water off a duck’s back. Real people understand that you have to prioritize your children at that age, and you can’t both just go flying off to New York at the drop of a hat. The fact that they both consistently receive very high approval ratings shows that the public get it, even if the Daily Mail wants to find fault.”

[From The Daily Beast]

Oh, Carole was BIG MAD. Carole – or someone a lot like her – was screaming down the phone at Tom Sykes. Nothing says “it’s water off a duck’s back” like furiously briefing the Daily Beast’s Royalist columnist at the merest hint of behind-the-scenes drama. As for the Hardcastle column in the Mail… they didn’t exactly say that Kate was too lazy to go to Singapore (although it was implied), but the main thrust was that the Foreign Office and the government wanted Kate to travel more, especially with the kids, but she was refusing or William was refusing. At some point, we’re going to need an answer about who decided that Kate wasn’t going to Singapore. Also: “It is not exactly a state secret that she has three children aged 10, 8 and 5 on whom the future of the monarchy depends.” Oh, honey. It reminds me of that shady Tatler story calling her “the kingmaker.”

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  1. B says:

    You know who’s going on that trip?
    The valet is going.
    Ha ha.

    • Smart&Messy says:

      The valet who is responsible for clothing, accessories, equipment…

      Edited to add: thank you CB for adding the Downton Abbey valet photo to the slideshow! I loved that character, the actor was fantastic in it. I also love how many things it implies as to what this new valet will be doing for Peg.

    • ML says:

      WHO is the valet: do we know if this person is a man? From yesterday’s article: “Prince William has hired a new valet, so he can spend more time focusing on his extra duties as heir to the throne. It is understood the new member of the Royal Household started their role…”
      “Their role.” I keep wondering if Peggington hired a woman for this role.

      • Jaded says:

        The term valet is used for a man, the female version is “Lady’s Maid”, so I doubt Peggy hired a woman for the job. Besides, what woman in her right mind would want to handle his underthings….eeewwwww.

    • Taytanish says:

      Bwahahahahahaha, 😂😂😂 the NEW MOST RECENTLY HIRED valet that is 😂😂😂
      And on whether NEW VALET is a man or woman, it doesn’t matter, the valet will be in Singapore but KKKHate won’t, LOL. I love this for the both of them, LOL.😂😂

      • Lux says:

        @jaded, but if William is not a lady, can he still hire a “lady’s” maid? These royals are so “progressive” I wouldn’t be surprised if they just called everyone “valets.”

        But the neutral pronoun IS interesting. Unless it’s the preferred pronoun of the valet, I can see that if it was a man, they would’ve just gone with the he/him pronouns. Daily Fail is far from “woke” and they’re proud of it…

      • B says:

        I see what you did there.
        But I’m not sure exactly how to categorize William.

    • RoyalCommoner says:

      Is the valet’s name Rose? Rose Handbury?

      • acha says:

        I’m sure Rose can show him or her the ropes. And the saddle. And the bit.

      • Bee (not THAT Bee) says:

        Rose would NEVER. She is above all that!

        The new “valet” might be a man or might be a woman. Clever disguise in any case.

    • Gayle says:

      I actually think he is cosplaying Harry. Harry is global and takes trips alone, and does his own thing. Willie is jealous of that! When Meghan and Harry are together, there is a lot of PDA, and Meghan becomes the center and Harry loves it. Whereas, Willie hates the attention Kate gets. He can’t show the PDA because he doesn’t feel it, and Kate does embarrass him. He is on edge when she speaks. He can only TRY to complete when it’s one-on-one. And he thinks the “valet’ will help him look good thinking that’s all it takes to compete with Harry until he finds out different.

    • Eleanor says:

      She is starting to look a little like Heather Debrow, TRHOC. Not good.

  2. Em says:

    These people are so boring, even their clearly manufactured controversies are boring. No one cares if you travel or not crow, thankfully you remembered in your briefing that the children are important to the monarchy and not you.

    • Zut Alors says:

      So is Tom Sykes their personal grievance disseminator? Is he their unofficial US spokesman?

    • Megan says:

      Apparently people care a great deal if she travels and Kate is making it clear she won’t be shamed into doing it.

      • faulous says:

        ‘Real people understand you have to prioritize your cildren…’ No love, real people are working their arses off and selling their stuff to try and stay afloat during this cost of living crisis.

      • Megan says:

        What does this comment even mean? It has nothing to do with what I said, love.

    • Ohwell says:

      ” manufactured controversies”

      I feel the same way when I read the rota’s tales. They are creating drama for clicks.

  3. LadyE says:

    “Real people understand that you have to prioritize your children at that age, and you can’t both just go flying off to New York at the drop of a hat.” Drop of a hat?? Oh really?? Is that how the NY trip was organized? A last minute thing popped onto the schedule with short notice? How very interesting! lol

    • Rapunzel says:

      Lol, it’s funny how that slipped out.

      • LadyE says:

        Right?? Heehee this is too funny to me! I mean I think it’s 100% true and was super obvious from how William was totally disconnected from all the UN events- this was *so* obviously not a well planned in advance trip. I appreciate Kate’s mom confirming it though! LOL

      • MsIam says:

        Interesting. I may be remembering wrong but it seems like NYC was announced around the same time Harry announced he was going to Singapore? Like in late July? Contrast with the Daily Fail saying the Sussexes planned their NYC trip six months in advance. No wonder Baldemort couldn’t round up many prominent folks to meet with him. But I call b.s. about Keen not going at the drop of a hat. I bet if William wanted her there she would have gone.

      • Taytanish says:

        She “can’t just leave at the drop of a hat” is very amusing. She literally spent 10 f’n years doing absofuckinlutely nothing but waiting for him to call her and demand she drop everything and come do his bidding “at the drop of a hat” and it never bothered her not even once!!! Why now?

    • Nic919 says:

      Makes me wonder if it was Kate speaking to Tom or Carole. That was very direct.

      • Lorelei says:

        I hope Kate and CarolE are smart enough to still use a third party because you can best believe that Tom – and all of the other RRs- likely record calls like this.

    • Bee (not THAT Bee) says:

      IDK how the Beast pays its writers, but at the Fail, that’s six more words that would rack up at least 30 cents.

      I think the bigger point is that Kate does want to travel, but William can’t stand to be around her. They’ve both looked much more comfortable doing separate (and unequal) events solo for a long time now. That’s the real story if you ask me.

    • Belli says:

      Hahaha exactly. That comment is also designed to swipe at Meghan for attending Invictus.

    • Lily says:

      Great catch. I thought these trips were planned at least six months in advance.

  4. Brit says:

    Kate and William are a mess. The press is mad at those two because they lost their money makers and stars in part because of William and Kate. I feel it’s going to get worse.

    • Kelsey says:

      I sure hope it does!

      • Kimber says:

        Right? Also since it’s really only THE FIRST FIVE YEARS of one’s life that’s ever so important… all the ‘children’ have reached this milestone. I think they would be ok with her traveling occasionally.

    • Ohwell says:

      The media worked hand in hand with the palace to run out Harry and Meghan. They have no one to blame but themselves.

  5. Jais says:

    Why is this overdone reaction making me laugh? 😂Nothing says unbothered like calling up the daily beast. Isn’t the DB an American publication? Why don’t they just call the Daily Mail? Will no one at the DM leak their complaints about the injustice of suggesting Kate is lazy? Has Camilla completely taken over the DM and what’s left is the DB?

    • Snaggletooth says:

      Jais what an intriguing question!! Where’s Tominey? She broke the story but no follow up about how Kate never puts a foot wrong?? Hmmmm.

  6. Yep Carole is pissed that all the work she has done is now going up in smoke. Peg doesn’t want to live with her and doesn’t want to do any photo ops overseas with her. QEII had four children and still managed to get out there and do her job. The bus for Can’t has been sitting idle until recently and now it is all tuned up and ready to run her over again and again and Carole isn’t going to be able to stop it because it has come for her about her shady business.

    • Ginger says:

      Agreed. Kate wants to act like she is the ONLY female royal that has ever had kids. Every other female royal has made it work. Kate has at least 1 nanny. She could and should do more. William just doesn’t want her there. She isn’t an asset she is a liability.

      • Nadia says:

        Kate has a nanny and also her mom and dad (now retired?) love nearby. Surly they could help if Kate were to join Will overseas. I’m sure they have before.

      • notasugarhere says:

        They have four nannies, plus a separate housekeeper, cook, cleaners, etc. *for each home*. And all three kids are in school full-time.

    • Megan says:

      To be fair, the queen raised some seriously screwed up people. Her children may have benefited from more hands on parenting.

      • @Megan. No I will not be fair. Can’t knew what she was signing up for and that was to represent the royal family and all the things that they do ( is it work that’s debatable) and that includes doing those things even though you have children. She has plenty of help and can still parent and do the work. Whether the QEII was a good parent is for another discussion. Can’t is lazy.

      • Nic919 says:

        Staying in a bad marriage and using your kids for PR cover is going to mess them up as much as anything the queen did or did not do. The system of placing children above their siblings because of birth order is the problem. And since kate and William continue that poisonous trend, it makes no difference how hands on they claim to be. It’s still a messed up system with parent who openly despise each other.

      • Eating Popcorn says:

        Many parents leave their children for a week or two at a time. It could be for a holiday or work. MOST don’t have the benefit of nannies and have to rely on family and friends. Most people aren’t billionaires so, sympathy runs cold for these two. I believe Kate doesn’t want to open herself up to any type of criticism on a world stage.

    • Couch Potato says:

      It would be really fun if she were honest about it. Sorry folks, my husband said no. This year he wants to play StAtesmAN, and people just writes about my ugly dresses and not him if I go along. His new valet is going though. Thank heavens he got them!

  7. Brassy Rebel says:

    I think it’s mainly William. He doesn’t want her around and she pulls focus from him. It’s incredibly easy to pull focus from the uncharismatic lump of clay that is William. That said, yeah, she’s lazy, but I doubt she would miss an opportunity to cosplay Meghan on the international stage if told she must go to Singapore. The excuse of the kids looks more and more ridiculous as they get older. No one expects her to leave them for months at a time like the late queen did. And I’ve heard they have hired help.

    • ML says:

      Brassy Rebel, This is what I believe, too. Ephraim Hardcastle’s shady column essentially said that even though K is lazy and not exactly well-spoken, she is more interesting than W due to her [*cough*] clothing and jewelry. The praise for her was decidedly back-handed, but there.

    • Snaggletooth says:

      I will say that we WERE all much more focused on Wills during the NYC trip. I don’t think we’ve ever talked so much about him and his (de)merits as a “statesman” without focusing on what a buffoon his wife is because her antics, and her buttons, are so in-your-face. Not that anyone had anything good to say about Wills trip, but it was indeed all about him.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      The focus was on William for his NY trip but it was also on those he was meeting (and what they were meeting about) – when Mumbles is there the coverage is mostly about her and what she wore. She def uses her clothes and behaviour (publicly groping him) to pull media attention. William has clearly not only gotten wise to her attention seeking behaviour but is not making an effort to stop it by just not included her. There is going to be more and more of these solo trips and trips like the French rugby trip where they were there are the same time but doing different events (they were not together at any events at all during that trip).

      She’s on her way out.

    • Megan says:

      I think Charles is pushing William on the statesmen narrative because William on his own doesn’t threaten Charles’ fragile ego and solo trips avoid comparisons between Kate and Camilla.

    • Lily says:

      The fail had an article last month or the month before that the Walses’ have over forty members of staff for royal and household duties.

  8. Digital Unicorn says:

    Oh yeah – someone was big mad at that FCO piece and this is pure Middleton pushback. This has just confirmed what we all know and were saying, it was William who’s behind here not going along with him to his big overseas trips. He’s tired of her bad wigs and clothes being the topic of press conversation rather than him.

    The fact that this ‘push back’ came from Ma and not KP is VERY VERY telling. Pegs is done with her and its only a matter of time before the media drops the real story.

    Also, she went to France – that not good enough for Wiglet?!?!

  9. Neners says:

    The way Kate’s sources casually threw out that little reminder that William also sucks at doing his job is sending me!

  10. Laura D says:

    Big mistake to criticise the Daily Mail. It will be interesting to see how the DM cover Kate and/or her family when they see this little nugget. The woman is lazy. If she were working as hard as we’re led to believe then there would be more photos of her doing so and the CC would support the claims. Instead what we get are countless articles complaining about a woman who left the country over three years ago. Kate is lazy and without Meghan around to use as a shield more and more people are seeing just how idle the woman is.

    • Snaggletooth says:

      Your comment and Jais’ above really make me think something has shifted with the DM. Has Camilla truly managed to ice out Carole? Now that the writing is on the wall for the divorce, is the never-put-a-foot-wrong-keen-lynchpin-peacemaker factory closed for business?

    • Lau says:

      That dig at the daily fail is so strange, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  11. Becks1 says:

    “Well briefed” Hardcastle column?? So Sykes is telling us that there is truth to that column, that someone (Charles?) is mad that Kate and William won’t travel more and just work more in general.

    The “but the CHILDREN” argument is getting old with the public at this point. If Kate wanted to be a SAHM she shouldn’t have married William. And it feels like the DM is starting to remind people of that.

    • Eurydice says:

      “Usually well briefed” and then Sykes goes on to say the Hardcastle column is based on newsroom gossip and in-house tips – basically, that they sit around in the office and make things up. Have there been instances like this before, where one royal expert goes attacks another?

      I wonder about the SAHM thing. Kate is too lazy to do her homework, but I don’t think she’s too lazy to travel, especially if she can have 3 wardrobe changes a day.

      • Alexandria says:

        Wasn’t there a piece that claimed a large percentage of her engagements were within a certain radius from her house?

      • Eurydice says:

        @Alexandria – yes, I think it was in the DM that over some period of time in the summer, almost all her engagements were very close to Adelaide.

    • Snaggletooth says:

      Especially coming from Sykes, this all feels like shots fired and hinting at a simmering fight that’s about to erupt into war.

  12. Mamasan says:

    At this point, they should call her Mate. She’s not really his wife and she’s trying so hard to emulate Megan.

    Mate fits.

  13. Loretta says:

    This woman is so embarassing and vapid

  14. Eurydice says:

    So, Kate’s “friends” are going after the DM? Are we having dueling briefings?

  15. SarahCS says:

    Hi CarolE.

    What I find interesting is the use of ‘friends’ as the sources. I may be wide of the mark but I don’t think this is the language typically used – everyone quietly acknowledges that she doesn’t have any. Is it a subtle way of repeating what CarolE wants said while signalling that it’s BS?

    • LadyE says:

      I find it super sad that this is probably some palace staffer and that person probably is the closest thing to a “friend” that Kate has. She created that reality, but it’s still depressing to me to imagine such a life. I mean Rose (!!!) played the pity friend for Kate recently- how freaking humiliating- you don’t have anyone to go out for a girls’ night except your husband’s mistress…just ugh

    • Sunday says:

      EXACTLY @SarahCS, there’s no reason they would specify an anonymous friend over an anon palace source or insider unless they wanted to make it obvious that this defensive rant is coming directly from Kate. It’s the first time in a very long while that the media has made clear that the palace’s side and Kate’s side are NOT one and the same. It is the Palace’s position (as we know BP was specifically cited in the original article) that Kate needs to travel more, and it is Kate’s position that this is “absurd”. This “defense” is insulting to all working mothers and makes Kate sound ridiculously out of touch, which was the intended effect.

      The only other possible scenario is a slow roll-out exposing this “friend”. Will gets a valet so Kate gets a friend. Whether or not this friend really exists, the papers can push “Kate’s friend says [insert controversial thing here]”, “Will doesn’t approve of Kate’s new friend”, “Kate continues her friendship with X even though they said [controversial thing]”, “Will says ‘it’s me or X!” “Kate won’t drop friend X even for Will” etc etc etc. This way, they’re not really trashing Kate, they’re trashing this friend who may or may not exist.

      • SarahCS says:

        Ooh @Sunday I like your theory, is this the next phase of briefing war in the new battle of the Wails? I do hope so.

  16. Slush says:

    It really surprised me that Harry specifically defend them against being called “workshy” in Spare given what we see from them.

    • SarahCS says:

      Meghan also called Kate a good person. I love the irony that, for all the random and unfair things the press has hounded them about, the actual falsehoods go unmentioned.

      • sunny says:

        Well, she could have called her that for a host of reasons not limited to and including pity that she is married to terrible and angry William and/or as a Black/biracial woman she knew she couldn’t reverse the flower story without softening the ground because she knows how she would be perceived accusing a white woman so ya.

        I think of course they are lazy because it is not just the lack of events or trips but how poorly prepared and disengaged they consistently are. However, I think Charles encouraged it at one point. For a variety of reasons, it can’t serve him now.

        Clearly, William can’t stand to be around his wife.

      • MsIam says:

        I think its just not in Meghan’s nature to bad mouth people in public. Even when she talked about Scamantha, the most she said was “I don’t really know anything about her and we’re not close”. She’s never said anything about her ex publicly either. But she was very generic in her reference to Kate, not ” Oh I love Kate, she’s lots of fun, etc.” And nothing at all about William.

      • Christine says:

        I’m with you, MsIam. It’s not her style. If anyone would have made her break, it would have been Toxic Tom. Everyone after your own father publicly abusing you, over and over again, is just noise.

      • Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

        That was really smart of Meghan because a lot of people watching thought, “what good person makes a bride cry over her wedding? What good person allows a lie to continue and nearly destroy a person?”

    • aftershocks says:

      We should know by now that Harry & Meghan carry themselves with dignity and grace. Both mightily tried to remain silent while taking care of the business of their own lives, once they were aggressively pushed to make the decision to escape the cultish gilded cage. They were silent until the rota and the firm pushed the smearing and gaslighting too far.

      In any case, Harry has some blind spots, having grown up in that dysfunctional firm. Being happy and free with Meghan has removed most of the blinders from Harry’s eyes. Yet, he’s still effortlessly gracious and willingly generous in giving his closest relatives a pass on some matters. As well, I respect the fact that Harry knows things which we are not privy to.

      OTOH, I believe Harry’s ultimatum about wanting to receive an apology from Pa and Willy. Harry especially wants them to apologize to Meghan. It bears remembering too that Harry wrote the book, Spare, before he gave Pa and Willy the ultimatum.

      • aftershocks says:

        And even then, during the Oprah interview, Harry & Meghan were gracious. They didn’t reveal everything that they endured. They held back. Their main motivation was to send a message that they were willing to push back against the endless smears. Harry also famously requested publicly, which he’d surely asked in private too, “Call off the dogs!” The response by the firm was to viciously double down.

        The firm has long since made their fakakta choice. They made the messy bed they now must lie in till kingdom ends, and then some! Harry & Meghan have told their truth, and they’ve moved on! The Sussexes have left the building of toxic gloom and doom. Boom! 🫡

    • Sunday says:

      Yea it’s interesting, but also frustrating because IMHO it’s patently impossible that Harry went through the entire process of writing Spare without the ghost writer or anyone else (or Meghan!) once asking him “hey do you still believe everything your brother told you, or is he part of the problem?”

      I think the explanation for that passage is not that Will is still a blind spot for Harry, but that Harry had a team of lawyers pore over every sentence in Spare for legal exposure. Harry didn’t say “Will intentionally told Camilla about Kate making Meghan cry knowing that Camilla would leak it and then lied to my face about it.” But do we really think this was just a big booboo on Will’s part? Of course not, we know that Will and Kate and Charles and Camilla had a strategy meeting while the Sussexes were in Oceania, but Harry can’t just straight-up call Will a liar; legally it would have been extremely foolish to let Harry make a direct accusation without concrete proof.

      Same thing goes for the “workshy” passage in the book – legally, Harry can’t speak to whether Will actively, intentionally hid behind Charles not wanting him to work hard (Harry can’t even prove if Charles ever really said that to Will). Harry can only point out what he was told and leave it for the reader to draw conclusions. My conclusion is that Harry (or I) can’t prove whether Will was ever really told not to work. But there’s a huge difference between working on causes important to you in the most respectful way possible (like Harry with Invictus or WellChild) and being told to fly under the radar and immediately being like “Say Less” and essentially dropping off the public radar for the better part of a decade. Will may have been told that, but he didn’t have to listen, and IMO that exposes him for the lazy, uncaring, incurious man of leisure he is. Not quite as good as exposing him to be a manipulative liar scheming against his own brother, but there’s still time yet for that.

  17. Rapunzel says:

    I mean, I’d be mad too if I was prevented from these trips then called lazy as a result. Kate would’ve gone to NYC and Singapore if she was allowed, so calling her lazy for not doing those trips is unfair. For those trips only, of course.

    Kate is a lazybones but William is worse and a hypocrite for blocking her from these trips then throwing her under the bus for his choice.

    This article does nothing to help the situation for Kate and is embarrassing, but it’s gotta suck for her knowing the bus is ready to roll over her.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      The bus is currently revving its engine ready to roll over her – will be interesting to see if after this the negative press continues.

      Its clear she is desperate to go to Singapore but keeps being told no and the kids excuse is really wearing thin with the press.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Digital Unicorn- do you think this is Kate’s way of trying to back Will into a corner to bring her to Singapore?

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        @Rapunzel – yes, we saw these same tactics for the Diana statue unveiling where she was barred from it. She and Ma whined and complained to the press before and after it.

      • Harper says:

        I doubt Kate is desperate to go because she’s dedicated to the cause or wants to truly support her husband. I think she is embarrassed that she is being banned from the event and the world sees it. Up until now, the separation agreement was private and the public knowing about the split felt far off in the future. The Diana statue may have started the gradual separation rollout, but then Betty died and Kate and CarolE got a year of breathing room. But now William is going ahead with it, icing her from both NYC and Singapore and people are putting two and two together. It’s all getting too real.

    • Tessa says:

      Kate trying to force pda on William even grabbing his rear end is imo why William does not want her there. He is also trying for the image of the cool single dad.

      • Snaggletooth says:

        Yep. that’s why we heard about Wills renewed sex-symbol status (barf). Society tends to forgive divorced dads if they are hot.

    • LadyE says:

      Yeah, I absolutely agree with you on this. In this very specific situation, it is an unfair accusation. Her response though is not helpful. Many many people are parents who do work travel and are not hurting their kids by leaving them with caretakers/friends/grandparents (LOLOL step up C&C!!) for a week. The suggestion that work travel or just away trips without kids until they are teens or you are not parenting correctly is super offensive. Not that I expect Kate or the palace to realize that!

    • Gabby says:

      You mean someone lied about Waity with this *lazy* story to the press, and she is being hurt by the refusal to correct the story? Where have we heard this before?

      • Kingston says:

        Thank you!

        LMAO I dont know where these bleeding hearts for kkkHATE come from……talmbout “unfair” KMT.

        Bully banned kkkHATE from attending Diana’s statue unveiling and her sycophants among the rotaRATS tried to use M’s absence as cover.

        Bully banned kkkHATE from going up to Balmoral when betty died and again the sycophants AND CHUCKY that lying piece of TURD, tried to use M as cover, saying “no wives will be there/kkkHATE wont be there so M shouldnt come.”

        So bow that Bully has banned her from NY and banned her from Singapore, with no opportunity to use M as cover, that lying kkk biotch is nakedly exposed: her demise is being rolled out now… fact it looks like things are accelerating and I’m here for all of it.

        “Unfair” my arse.

    • MsIam says:

      Yeah the story is definitely being written: Kate is lazy, her family are grifters, William needs to become a statesman, he doesn’t need his do nothing wife holding him back. Also throw in Kate is the reason why Harry and Meghan left and the Wails fight and throw stuff at each other. Voila! Divorce incoming.

  18. aftershocks says:

    “Friends of Kate…”

    Mmm, what friends??? 🤔

    Oh, I get it. Khate’s enabling Meddleton mother, CarolE, and their favorite rota clowns. 🤡 🤡 🙈

  19. equality says:

    I guess, 7 mo isn’t one of those critical ages since they left George and took a vacay when he was a baby. Also isn’t this a “slap in the face” to QE and KC who left their chidren frequently for longer periods than she would have spent in NYC? It would be interesting to see the results of an unfixed poll to determine how popular any of the royals truly are.

  20. Nopity Nope says:

    This is a lot of complaining and explaining. A LOT.

  21. Pumpkin says:

    Going away for a few days isn’t going to scar/traumatise the kids at all. They don’t need Kate 24/7 and George and even Charlotte are at that age where they probably prefer their friends over their parents. This isn’t because Kate is awful or whatever, it’s just that kids that age start (or have already started) hanging out with their friends a lot more as they become more independent.

    (Been too busy to comment but had some time today. Did not miss the bend over backwards justification of Kate not wanting to work.)

    • Jais says:

      And let’s be honest. It’s unlikely that William is even going to Singapore for a full week. 4 days tops. She wouldn’t be away from the kids for even a full week.

    • equality says:

      Since they are all in school now, she obviously isn’t with them 24/7 anyway. They likely have sports activities and lessons after school also.

  22. Tessa says:

    The future of the monarchy does not depend on those children. It would depend on the public not wanting to abolish the monarchy. Calls for a republic have increased.

  23. Chloe says:

    Sigh. Every single time they act like she’s the only woman in Britain with children. News flash kate: normal people also have kids aged 10,8 and 5 and work a regular 9-5 on top of that.

  24. Amy Bee says:

    So is Kate saying she doesn’t have to work because she’s the most popular royal?

  25. Alexandria says:

    Ah the usual talking points. 1) she is the only working mother in the UK who has to sacrifice her time and children 2) the children are so important the UK will crumble without them 3) Pegs need her to get the attention.

    We see you! Stay there Khate. Don’t return to my country. We want Taylor Swift, not you or Peggy or Chucky.

  26. Over it says:

    Many of people who have children don’t have the luxury of being lazy and living off the tax payers. Suck it up kate and do some work . It’s not like you ever break a sweat or a wiglet curl doing it .

  27. Harper says:

    Careful, CarolE. Your middle class roots are showing when you use the children as an excuse. Don’t you know there are people to take care of that? Nothing as trivial as children stops a true aristocrat from doing whatever she wants. Tom Sykes, who is accepted in that world, is not your friend, so maybe go back to CamelToe for some more sympathetic coverage.

    Anyway, CarolE’s obvious problem here is trying to barf up excuses for a dead marriage and she seems to be out of fresh ones. It will feel better when the truth comes out.

  28. The Duchess says:

    Keen doesn’t have any friends, so Camp Middleton have already blown their cover with this one. Carole, sort your daughter out. She’s an utter trainwreck.

  29. ales says:

    Anonymous friends hitting back at anonymous rumours. Thought her only friends were Carole and Pippa. What is Kate working so hard at, she has never achieved anything, does nothing other than self indulgence, has multiple servants and nannies, to manage everything. Busy mothers doing nothing do not usually have a team of nannies to manage their children. Multiple luxe holidays every year, limiteless credit card, multiple homes, she has such a hard life !!

  30. Mary Pester says:

    Oh Carol, you are such a fool
    Briefing a all your press pals
    Is showing your a tool!
    Shall we look at the late Queen, the Queen who came to the throne at 25 years old, Charles was a little boy. Now the Queen did lots of foreign tours leaving her children behind with a nanny. The job (such as it was) had to be done in her eyes. There were no high speed trains, helicopters or fast jet flights to get around the world, but she did it.
    Now we know why the late Queen said Kate is lazy, in fact she called both her and William to the Palace to tell them she would not tolerate Kates laziness and she MUST pull her weight and work. So Kate went to work! Yeah she worked at getting pregnant (barf), that gave her the perfect excuse. In fact every time people started to mutter about her lack of engagements, she got pregnant! If you go back and look at some of the press at those times, the proof is there.
    Water of a ducks back they say, nah, as a wig wearer myself (because of chemo) I can tell you it’s water of a wiglet, because unless they are made of human hair, a lot of rain water DOES roll of! And sorry her wiglets are as synthetic as her face! So what’s keens actual title, princess lazy arse, princess chop chop, princess peg checker (hence the bum taps, or @Kaisers brilliant Replikate, could we be entering the age of princess Bye Bye?! 😂

  31. Izzy says:

    What friends?

    • ChattyCath says:

      CarolE thinking the press are her friends and that she’s invincible because ‘the grandmother of the future king’. As for Tom Sykes, he IS an aristocrat and doubtless looks down on her. CarolE and her family are clueless. To be ‘accepted’ one needs to be very talented and or amusing.

  32. Relly says:

    If Kate really does want to go to Singapore but it’s being blocked by Will, why does the article fall back on “she can’t go because she’s super busy being a mom”? Would there be too much push back if she tried angling that she should in fact be going?

    • zebz says:

      the fact that the excuse here is that kate is not going because she is a mom, and not that she is going to attend the state dinner and opening of parliment that is happening at the same time, is proof she is on the outs. there is a rumor going around that their seperation will be announced a la charles and diana, at parliment. it just so happens that event is going to happen while william is out of town without kate? yeah, kate is getting the boot.

  33. sevenblue says:

    Didn’t she have children last year when they were trying to take America from H&M with green dress & green carpet? What changed? She could travel previous years, but now she can’t or she shan’t? So many questions..

  34. Amy says:

    Every Royal Family article makes me think “What a dumb way for adults to live in the 21st Century.”

  35. gimmeabreak says:

    The thing about Kate’s approval ratings, which I think they know, is that it would take a lot for Brits to express a negative opinion about her. She keeps them just indifferent enough not to have anything much to say about her (all that comes to mind is a Photoshopped-to-prettiness picture), which is then spun as Kate being Diana 2.0, Savior of the Monarchy. She’s just bland and unengaging enough that she can coast under the radar, in her typical coasting fashion. That doesn’t mean she’s working or even well-liked. I think it’s part of her method to do very little in order to garner such a non-reaction, versus having to measure up to more worthwhile women. The trouble with that strategy is that William needs to be seen to be doing more and becoming a future king in more than name only, and he is limited by the absolute nothing that Kate is willing to do (or capable of – I think she needs rehab but that’s just my opinion). His choice reflects exceedingly poorly on him and I don’t think this strategy will take them through the next 60 or so years of their lives.

    • SarahCS says:

      Exactly, most of the population knows who she is but beyond being married to him, turning up at stuff in clothes and having three kids that’s about it. No negative opinions but not actively engaged/positive either.

      Although having said that, I ran the first module of a women’s leadership programme that I do recently and when I introduced the concept of reputation and we started with discussing public figures one of the women used Meghan/Kate as a contrast. So some people are paying attention.

  36. Vanessa says:

    So let me get this straight when Meghan misses a couple days of Invictus because of her toddler aged children . Royal reporters were screaming that Meghan needs to stop using the kids as a excuse but it’s ok for Karen to constantly used her kids as a excuse even though they are 10 8 and five years old no longer babies who need constantly attention who majority of their time in school I’m sure they have do after school program. So who exactly is Kate staying behind to care for because it sure it’s not the kids . Kate is being pushed to the side and that scared the shit of her and her social climber mother they trying to use the kids as a excuse and cover story.

  37. QuiteContrary says:

    Kate should get a haircut the day William lands in Singapore (it would kill two birds with one stone — or at least, one bird’s nest). Get a chic bob and then appear at a large nonprofit in London.

    It would be far more effective than briefing against the Daily Mail. And Kate’s days as Princess Never-Puts-a-Foot-Wrong appear to be over anyway.

    I don’t feel at all sorry for her. If this is a new War of the Waleses, I want both sides to go down.

    • Gabby says:

      You are onto something there. Steal the thunder. Maybe she can be photographed with her dress blowing up. EarthWHAT?

    • Christine says:

      This is exactly what she should do. Come on, Kitty, the gloves are off, this is your moment.

    • SIde Eye says:

      QuiteContrary I had the exact same thought! I am looking forward to her crab clawing her way through some 8-9 appearances that week, each of them overshadowing her boring ass boiled egg of a husband. And while Kate herself is boring, she gives us great bad fashion, maniacal expressions, the fish was this big jazz hand measurements, and idiotic commentary.

    • Jais says:

      Like you said, briefing against the DM does not seem like the best strategy. The DM is trash but Kate’s gonna need media allies. And the DB is not gonna be enough.

  38. Krista says:

    Kate has friends?

  39. Jaded says:

    This is Willnot’s doing. Khate is an albatross around his neck. She’s a boring, empty-headed mannequin who embarrasses him publicly. Now Willnot is pretty good at embarrassing himself because he’s an empty-headed oaf but he has such overbearing hubris that he *thinks* he’s all that and a bag of chips. A statesman he is not and never will be, but he knows his wife drags him down. The tide is sure turning with the BM, they really are starting to show their fangs to the royals.

    • Lorelei says:

      And it’s about time! The repetitive Sussex-trashing articles alongside never-puts-a-foot-wrong-Kate got old YEARS ago.

  40. wellyaknow says:

    Ok ok she isn’t a social climbing, lazy, desperate racist that cosplays her sister in law but don’ you DARE try to convince me she has “friends”.

  41. Grandma Susan says:

    Well now, we can all relax. I was in the grocery this morning and the tabloid-y magazine at the checkout assured me that Kate is not going to Singapore *because she is pregnant*. “It was a complete surprise” and “she’s hoping for another girl”. So, yeah. Has to stay home to breed. I mean, why not? Everything else they have written is fiction, so what’s one more make-believe story?

    • Lorelei says:

      LMAO seriously? Is Jennifer Aniston also expecting triplets? Who buys that trash.

    • wellyaknow says:

      “Pregnant” with emotion maybe because those two are not living together or touching each other in a romantic way. Endless its that new guy she was always pictured with at the tennis matches.

  42. Macky says:

    I’m glad we are all on the same page. I read the headline and immediately thought “someone is really lobbying for Kate to go to Singapore”. I don’t think this is to drum up Earthshot support. I really think Kate or her boosters want her to go to Singapore. Lol.

    And let’s be real. Kate doesn’t know those kids. They seem closer to William. I can believe William and the nannies raise those kids.

    • Lady D says:

      I don’t for one second think Willie is a hands on father. Not one. He is far too selfish to devote time to his children or being the fun dad.

  43. Wannabefarmer says:

    Why do photographers hate kate? Surely there are other less unattractive pictures of her? Poor girl.

    • Macky says:

      No no they did right by her. She doesn’t look like this in real life. She is so thin her face has no fat. It’s just botox and her cheeks are like curtains. The photographers edited her fuller.

      She really needs to gain like 20 pounds. I’m generous. If she gain like 40 pounds we probably wouldn’t notice. That’s how rail thin she is in real life. In some photos you can see her legs. Her thighs didn’t look that bad but the leg part was sticks.

      • Libra says:

        @macky, I just can’t let your weight comment slide by. The minute the DM would show to the world her slightest weight gain, the vile commentators would start ripping her to shreds. Remember the Duchess of Pork? No matter if you are pro or anti Kate, this is something all women deal with, and it’s purpose is to shame us.

    • Jaded says:

      Her usual photographers airbrush and photoshop her into someone very unlike the actual Kate. The odd photo that gets by without being fiddled with shows her real self.

  44. Nadia says:

    What friends? Or is this Ma Middleton talking?

  45. Mel says:

    She gets to get off her butt and do more work. Maybe they should have thought about that before they FAFO with Meghan and Harry. The only people I feel sorry for are those kids. They should be allowed a childhood without being trotted out like trained seals to make these people happy and serve as a buffer between their pillow throwing parents. They’ll be adults soon enough and will have their lives ruined ( if the monarchy is still around) by these ridiculous nosy, controlling and demanding pests.

  46. Well Wisher says:

    This is a non-issue, not enough people care about any of it……
    It would be about her clothes, her lack of substance and style and
    the desperate need for advert monies for some……

    It will be the never ending competition and comparison…

  47. Saucy&Sassy says:

    Other than the bm making a big thing of it, I don’t see why Cant needs to go to Singapore. This is not an official tour of any kind. This is Wont’s Earthsh!t awards. I don’t know why they don’t just use that tact. Of course, it’s the truth so that may not be to their liking.

    Cant did herself a huge disservice by not even trying to learn the job. Any time she is compared to Princess Di, she comes off looking all the worse. Her MIL worked really hard to learn and to make a difference. Instead, Cant chose a route that, frankly, means no one will miss her after the initial surprise if they go with a legal separation/divorce. That’s totally on her. You can’t use the “she wasn’t allowed to”, because Princess Di did it.

    If this is Cant or the Mids behind this article, they should sit down and keep their mouths shut. I think this is doing more harm than good. Is there no one in the brf, staff, family or friends who have a lick of sense when it comes to PR?

  48. L4Frimaire says:

    Wasn’t she originally supposed to go? William probably saw how well Harry’s trip to Singapore went with his buddy Nacho and thinks he doesn’t need the wife along with him either. Also, he seems very indifferent to her presence and doesn’t want her outfits, good, bad or green screen, to upstage him. If he does the same celebrity filled format as the previous 2 awards, without the actual recipients, it will be another empty vanity project that’s all about him and what prominent person with nothing better to do he can get.

  49. AMTC says:

    I must have missed that change to the UK social security payments regime. Apparently if you have children and are popular you can receive full funding from the government for houses, staff, allowances etc. No work test required. Sign me up.