Russell Brand asks fans to pay for subscriptions after YouTube demonetization

Earlier this month, justice finally came for the right’s newest darling Russell Brand when he was credibly accused, in a huge investigation published by The Times of London, of being a serial sexual predator. Brand has always been sketch personified, so approximately zero people were surprised by these allegations.

Well, ole Russell has entered the finding out stage. The Metropolitan Police are investigating him and YouTube has demonetized his accounts. Let’s be honest, here: The YouTube thing probably bothers him more than the police investigation. So what’s a poor (alleged) serial predator to do when The Institution tries to take him down? Why, turn up the grift and beg for money from people who make a lot less than he does, of course! Despite being worth a reported $20 million, Brand asked his 1.6+ million followers if they’ll pay $60 a year to subscribe to him on Rumble.

Russell Brand called on fans for financial help, asking them to pay a subscription fee for his Rumble page after YouTube demonetized his accounts in response to sexual assault and rape allegations against the comedian.

Brand’s plea for subscribers came just hours after the Metropolitan Police announced an investigation into a “number of allegations of sexual offenses” raised against the former BBC presenter, which he has repeatedly denied. In a live stream with his 1.6 million followers on Rumble, the scandal-plagued actor blasted “legacy media” and touched on how recent accusations have “affected him,” the Independent reported.

“The global media war against free speech is in full swing, how do I know? Take a guess,” Brand said during his Monday broadcast. “Today, of course, we’re talking about events of the last week but, in particular, the collusion between big tech and government and an apparent concerted effort by legacy media and now the state and big tech to silence independent media voices.”

He added: “Obviously, it’s difficult for me to be entirely objective given the events of the past week but that’s what we’ll try to do.”

“You now know that I have been demonetized on YouTube,” Brand said in the stream. He added that he was “fully well aware that the government wrote to social media platforms to demand that I be further censored,” seemingly referencing a letter penned by Dame Caroline Dinenage, chair of the House of Commons media committee.

According to BBC, she wrote to Rumble, TikTok, X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook’s parent company, Meta, asking if they would follow YouTube’s lead. In response, Rumble said it “deplores sexual assault, rape, and all serious crimes, and believes that both alleged victims and the accused are entitled to a full and serious investigation, it is vital to note that recent allegations against Russell Brand have nothing to do with content on Rumble’s platform.

“We regard it as deeply inappropriate and dangerous that the UK Parliament would attempt to control who is allowed to speak on our platform or to earn a living from doing so.”

[From Yahoo]

It’s kinda sad how many people will probably fall for his pity party and give him money to support his “cause.” I hope Rumble ends up demonetizing him, too. If it weren’t such dangerous, targeted rhetoric, I’d be rolling my eyes at how much Brand has committed to the right wing/libertarian “they’re taking away my free speech, man!” schtick. He’s got the gang rallying around him too: Elon, Tucker, Alex Jones, and Andrew Tate – the later three who all FAFO within the last year – have leapt to his defense to promote the conspiracy theory that Russell is the victim of some Deep State attack for speaking truths that The Government doesn’t want revealed.

To borrow a quote from The Daily Beast, “The Deep State didn’t frame Russell Brand, you idiots.” Russell is the one who’s trying to discredit and silence the women who spoke out and revealed the truth about him. It’s always projection. The unfortunate suckers who follow him just eat his bulls–t right up because the misogyny is strong in that crowd.

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  1. girl_ninja says:

    The Deep State huh? Ginning up his followers with lies and conspiracy theories. What a loser. These people will stop at nothing.

    Steve Tyler. Another predator.

    • Megan says:

      The people who call Democrats groomers and pedophiles have no problem supporting actual rapists and pedophiles with their while damn chest as long as they are anti-woke. Half this country is in a f*cking cult.

    • AlpineWitch says:

      When I read the title I thought “LMAO he needs to be broke and rot in jail”, however I’d bet some idiots will actually send donations to him :-/

  2. Barbara says:

    Unfortunately there will be plenty of right-wing dummies willing to pay up. Trump and his constant grifting are a prime example.

  3. Laalaa says:

    The AUDACITY. #barf

    Edit: I have a monetized youtube channel and I have to say it’s nice to see they (YT/Google bosses) are doing what they promise when it comes to policies. Of course they do it for the ad friendly platform, but still.

  4. The Old Chick says:

    Even if you thought he was targeted (I know, he wasn’t) that talking point actually makes zero sense. There are dozens of people using the same scripts as Russell, some more famous, some less. So why target some mediocre ex whatever he was? Why not go after bigger fish.

    Anyway, he looks messianic (omg is that the word or even a word?) in some of those pics. He really should have started a cult then he might have been rolling in the dough.

    • BlueNailsBettyi says:

      “Anyway, he looks messianic (omg is that the word or even a word?) in some of those pics. He really should have started a cult then he might have been rolling in the dough.”

      I actually think that is his endgame. He’s working towards starting his own cult.

  5. Tulipworthy says:

    He reminds me of Charles Manson. The same creepy eyes.

  6. Chaine says:

    Let’s see so if each of his 1.6 million followers pays $60 to subscribe to him on rumble, he will have made $96 million out of the sexual assault allegations. Is my math correct?? If the subscriptions pan out, then it is very difficult to feel sorry for him even if every single accusation is false because he will have made an insane amount of money off of it.

    • ML says:

      Chaine, Holy isht that is scary! He’s been supported by society’s white incel underbelly for a long time—thanks for showing how he’s trying to monetize this.

  7. bears says:

    Oh look, two sexual predators chumming around together. Still hoping that Steven Tyler has his public FAFO moment before he croaks and gets deified.

    • BQM says:

      I was so surprised the steven Tyler thing hasn’t gotten more coverage.

      • pottymouth pup says:

        Jimmy Page is still revered as a god despite his history (Led Zep’s tour manager abducting a 14yo Lori Maddox for him because Page “had to have her”) being public knowledge. Of course, she lost her virginity to David Bowie when she was 13 and that’s conveniently ignored as Bowie continues to be worshipped as a rock god

  8. Peanut Butter says:

    I wonder if Liv Tyler has any reaction to that photo of her bio dad and Russell Brand. I know I sure do 🤮

  9. Flamingo says:

    It’s fun to act like you don’t care about money and material things. When the money is rolling in. Now it is stopped, all of a sudden he wants a buck. Another exposed hypocrite.

    I hope the UK criminal investigation follows through and the women get the justice they deserve.

  10. Flower says:

    Man worth between £15-20M asking his followers for donations – lmao

  11. Andrea says:

    When exactly did he do this hard right turn to begin with?