Eden: The Sussexes’ mental health advocacy is undermined by their treatment of W&K

The entire week, the British media has been desperately clout-chasing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and tried to attach the Sussexes’ New York trip to Prince William and Kate. It goes unspoken and unwritten that Harry and Meghan are off, doing their own thing with charisma, glamour, empathy and purpose, all while William talks about how the eggplant is his most-used emoji. One couple is serious, driven and compassionate. The other couple shows up half-assed and poorly prepared, and their appearances are (at best) perfunctory. As I said, the British media has been trying to tie the two couples together all week, but now Richard Eden at the Daily Mail is taking an even bolder stance: the Sussexes’ mental health work means nothing because of how Harry and Meghan have “hurt” Peg and Buttons’ mental health. You know what…

Harry and Meghan’s ‘disgraceful’ treatment of William and Kate undermines their high-profile commitment to promoting mental health, says Richard Eden. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex appeared in New York on Tuesday to warn of the dangers posed by social media.

But in a trenchant newsletter for Palace Confidential, Eden suggests that the Duke of Sussex and his wife have done little to support the mental well-being of his brother William, the Prince of Wales, or his wife, Catherine. The Waleses ‘have had to put up with the most disgraceful personal criticism from Harry and Meghan on television and in Harry’s book while being unable to answer back publicly,’ writes The Daily Mail’s Diary Editor.

He also takes online fans of Harry and Meghan to task for alleging – without foundation – that William and Catherine had somehow failed to support Meghan when she was experiencing difficulties of her own as a member of the Royal Family.

The Prince and Princess of Wales visited Birmingham, where they held a forum for young people focusing on the importance of understanding emotions and building positive relationships. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, meanwhile, were making their own contribution more than 3,000 miles away in New York.

‘William and Catherine have had to put up with more sniping from Harry and Meghan’s cheerleaders,’ writes Eden. ‘They claimed the Waleses’ concern for mental health issues was only skin deep because they had ‘failed’ to support Meghan when she was suffering problems of her own. This is grossly unfair. Harry previously praised his brother for encouraging him to seek help when he was suffering mental challenges after serving in Afghanistan. What about William and Catherine’s own mental well-being?’

[From The Daily Mail]

Controversial take: while Eden is predictably unhinged and full of sh-t, at least he’s saying something out loud which royal reporters rarely admit. Which is: William and Kate’s continued attempts to talk about “mental health” always fall flat because of the “original sin” of what they did to Harry and Meghan. While Eden brings this up merely to blame everything on the Sussexes and the Sussex Squad, he’s actually emphasizing a very real thing, which comes up in conversation every time William and Kate try, in their lazy, bumbling, assy way, to do mental-health advocacy. William and Kate were exposed as frauds, racists, elitists and chronic gaslighters. Instead of showing care and concern for Harry and Meghan throughout 2018 and 2019, Will and Kate leaked lies about them, sold them out, bullied them, abused them and (in one case) physically assaulted them. Anyway, Eden is just begging the Squad to interact with him so he can play the victim. Don’t do it.

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  1. Avonan says:

    “ Anyway, Eden is just begging the Squad to interact with him so he can play the victim. Don’t do it.”

    Agreed. Eden hopes for engagement from the Sussex fans because, if his readership consisted solely of W+K fans, his column would be in trouble.

    • Cessily says:

      They desperately need the engagement for relevance, these rags are loosing money and none of these hate writers safe from redundancy they all are fighting to stay employed at this point. I have them blocked on all social media and come here to read articles and vent if needed but I never engage with these people I’m far to old to waste my time trying to change people that choose money over morals and accomplishment nothing positive or productive with their lives.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      So the Wales’s have mental health problems.

      And Harry and Meghan are not actively supporting them in their mental health struggles currently.

      Because the Waleses and C&C bullied and abused Harry and Meghan at home and in the press to the point of Meghan having suicidal ideation and Harry’s scapegoat brainwashing cracked and broke.

      So Harry and Meghan spoke their truth and the truth caused endless suffering to the waleses snd c&c since the truth was always supposed to be the lies that they put out and they have no history or knowledge of how to deal truthfully with people.

      • Iolanthe says:

        Moxylady , of course the Waleses have mental health issues ..they are narcissistic bullying stark raving lunatics. Going to implode like Rumpelstiltskin did .

    • Christine says:

      I’ve found the most effective way to get anything deranger related off my social media is to block anyone that uses “Princess Catherine” and “Prince of Wales”. I started during the whole mute challenge of Invictus Games, and now I will get one or two a week, max. Those appear to be the names most used by bots. No one who is trying to shine up Kitty is calling her anything but Princess Catherine, it’s the most gigantically predictable thing in the world.

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      Eden and the Waleses are the living embodiment of that old chestnut idiom, “hit dogs holler”

      • Lorelei says:

        I know that people speculate that some of the RRs read CB, and if any do, I sincerely hope they read this today because Kaiser’s first four sentences of this post explain the situation so clearly and succinctly.

        Also, lmao at Eden writing anything that could be described as “trenchant.” 🙄

    • jane says:

      everytime the wales fail the try to bring the Sussex’s into the picture, now we can see that harry was used as a scapegoat all his life by his brother !!

  2. Shawna says:

    Classic DARVO. It’s insane that Eden is doing the DARVOing on the Wails’ behalf while positioning Sussex supporters as the antagonists. Blaming Squaddies is more a reflection of a changed media landscape than anything else. At least he understands the power of online fandom.

    • Flower says:

      100% he has literally transposed the parties in the original story so that the history books will paint W&K as the victims.

      Some real clown sh!t here.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Exactly! I saw that headline & thought, he’s got a nerve!

      • jane says:

        they will ALL regret what they did to the sussexes even in american they have come to love them despite also trying hard to change their minds,

    • Lux says:

      I didn’t know what that meant, looked it up, and fully agree. Someone grab Kate’s green screen dress, because the projection is too strong with this one.

      I wish I could watch the entire session of the Sussexes’ mental health forum. I bet you they don’t mention W&K or the royals once. And now KP is once again dispatching its rats to talk about them. Here’s an idea: create a long, meaningful event with a full video of discussion and let Eden post that; maybe you’ll get clicks all on your own.

    • Couch Potato says:

      Yeah! In my country we have a childrens song who directly translates to “backwards country”. Where everything is the opposit of normal. Everytime I read some of these unhinged stories the song starts playing in my head. How many times are the rota going to use Harry and Meghans names in articles they want to write about W&K? Living apart, separated, bullies, big expencive housing, not popular is just some of the topics I remember from the top of my head.

    • Mrs.Krapapple says:

      There were comments on social media calling out William and Kate for their treatment of Harry and Mghan, while trying to “raise awareness” of mental health. I think this opposite-world attack on H and M is their way of retaliating.

      • proudmary says:

        This is exactly why I think Maureen wrote the article. Not only that, I am convinced that KP called in the favor, because they see the accusation against W&K gaining steam. I think they’re worried that most people see W&K’s mental health advocacy as a joke, given their reprehensible treatment of the Sussexes. So, just like their belief that people will see the images of Kate copying Meghan and credit Kate as the OG of those outfits, they one people to belief the opposite is true in this instant.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Mrs. Krabapple, “opposite day” is exactly what I thought while reading this, because the names could easily have been transposed, and then it actually would have been a decent article.

        It’s pathetic that they’re out there playing victim on behalf of W&K when WE ALL SAW WHAT TRULY HAPPENED. It’s a vile tactic for them to run with, but it’s not surprising since they’re so obviously desperate by now.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        I might not be using the most apt word-it’s ironic? (please help with a better word-long day) that Eden is choosing to use the Sussexes this way. His media cohorts have been writing about Mr. Incandescent’s anger issues long before the Oprah interview, the Netflix series and SPARE.

        On one hand, he/Maureen should be thanking Harry specifically for supporting their stories. The BM have long been undermining (for good reason) the now Prince & Princess of Wails mental health advocacy in a ver not nuanced way.

        But, now it’s H & M’s/Sussex supporters fault. LOFL. H&M haven’t commented on the others for over 10 months (SPARE release) and pointing out the the truth isn’t a disgrace to H&M & supporters, isn’t a them problem. It’s a reality problem. William & Kate have absolutely responded to things, behind the RR. Sad little peeps hiding behind the BM. H&M have put their full chests behind their words (which are actually pretty graceful).imo Harry gave a lot of sensitive word language in SPARE. pg. 372/373 of SPARE. Harry breaks down a bit at the WellChild awards. This is after Harry announced the lawsuits against the BM. After his and Meghan’s SA tour that involved a fire in Archie’s room. William decided to tell Harry he needed help and refused to meet with Harry’s therapist who he(Will) accused of “brainwashing”.

  3. Loretta says:

    Without the Sussex Squad the tweets and tabloid articles practically don’t make numbers because no one cares enough about the Windsors unless they are somehow associated with the Sussexes

    • Wannabefarmer says:

      Hence the constant reminder from/to SS to mute/block these people, dont click on their articles because they are making them money.

      • Lorelei says:

        Waaaay back when I first started seeing those warnings, my reaction was kind of like, “meh, people should be able to post whatever they want on their own accounts,” but this shit has gone too far, and now I see how important it is that anyone who supports the Sussexes needs to completely ignore people like Eden, who is BEGGING for H&M fans to gang up on him online so he can prove his point about how awful they are. If he doesn’t get that, it’s harder for him to write yet another article whining about it. I know it’s hard sometimes not to tell someone off, especially an infuriating asshole like Eden, but at this point it’s helping them to keep their jobs, so ITA that zero engagement is the way to go.

      • Christine says:

        Exactly, Lorelei.

        I am not a person who can see a vicious comment on social media about Meghan or the kids and not clap back, especially if I’ve had a drink, so I block like it’s oxygen. I will not engage with these people, which is probably why CB has had an influx of “I like Meghan, but…” with a bunch of “Catherine” thrown in for kicks.

        Her full name is a dog whistle at this point. We know exactly who and what you are when you use that name.

  4. Ash says:

    He’s absolutely sick! Meghan’s explicitly said she went to hr for help but was rejected. She said nobody in that family ever asked if she was okay with the lies they were putting out about her. None of them even cared after the whole itv documentary, instead they went to the media to call she and Harry crazy, and Richard himself said every household was freezing them out because of it.

    Im glad the Sussexes got out.

    • Lau says:

      I just love (it’s ironic) how in eden’s mind Meghan saying she hadn’t been supported by this family is “without foundation” while he also speaks about the Wales’ mental well-being without foundation. Way to show that he didn’t just get a brief from the Wales.

      • BeanieBean says:

        It’s also bizarre that he mentions squaddies complaining about the lack of care about what Meghan was going through & said it wasn’t fair because W once suggested to Harry that he get mental help. What kind of logic is that???

      • Jaded says:

        @BeanieBean – IKR? And everyone seems to have misinterpreted William’s comment to Harry about getting therapy as some kind of compassionate advice because he was worried about his little brother. In actuality it was probably something like “Don’t come whining to me you little wanker. You’re f*cking crazy, go see a shrink.”

      • Lau says:

        Yeah there is no doubt that Mr Incandescence said it just to be extra-mean. Also wasn’t there an event where Kan’t said that asking for psychological help “wasn’t for everybody” or something like that ? They’re definitely the kind of people who think it’s shameful to feel the need to seek help.

    • jane says:

      the wales are spoilt entitled brats and they have never in the entire life taken responsibility of anything, !!!

  5. Maxine Branch says:

    Eden can not accept the irrelevancy of the Wales. Everything they do is performative and useless. The global community knows how the Sussexes were treated. He can not rewrite history. Sure hope the Sussex Squad just ignores this very little man. He is not worth their time.

    • swaz says:

      No he cannot and it must be so painful 🙄Kate and William are a difficult pill to swallow. They are so embarrassing it it sad to watch 🙄Yesterday I saw them at an event pretending to be blind 🙄🙄🙄what next, pretending that they are homeless and Kate is a bag lady 🙄🙄🙄

    • SisterSister says:

      Exactly, The other day I found out that, what started by the publisher in 15 languages, Harry’s memoir is translated in 40 languages. That means that millions and millions of people word-wide now know the other side of Harry’s and H&M story. Their docuseries is one of Netflix’s best watched ever, the Invictus Games were a massive succes.

      In other words, the misinformation and the commissioned smear campaign are not working anymore; the hate-selling press and media outlets are losing the money they used to make slagging them off with those lies, and the sycophantic royal rats are losing their jobs.

  6. lizzy says:

    i’m kind of sick of this back and forth. harry and meghan have moved on, stopped complaining about the RF, and genuinely seem happy. kate and william do what royals do…bounce around to do whatever looks good and take credit for a lot of accomplishments they didn’t initiate. neither of them are thinking of each other. one couples work isn’t undermining anothers. hashing this storyline for clicks is so tedious.

    • North of Boston says:

      Correction: The Sussexes weren’t “complaining about the royal family”

      They were describing their experiences, what their lives were like, what happened to them, and how they made it through difficult times. They pointed out issues with the system, the Firm and the RR/British tabloids.

      I can’t think of a time they complained about the royal family, unless one considers someone describing a time his brother assaulted him in anger or describing his family members as ‘trapped’ in a system/circumstance not of their making, or describing how their employer’s representatives made it difficult or impossible for them to seek mental health care when they desperately needed it as complaining about their family.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        Stating that your brother assaulted you in your own home (and it must be true since no one royal adjacent has ever denied it) is not complaining. Revealing an important truth about Britain’s future monarch is not complaining. It’s a valuable public service.

      • Wannabefarmer says:

        It takes a certain kind of perspective to see this as ‘complaining’. I remember years ago having lunch with a friend and talking about my job, which was stressful and sometimes anxiety producing BUT I loved it still because it was not only a very privileged position, I loved what I was doing. I thought I was regaling her with stories but sometime later she made a comment at another lunch that I was a complainer. I was so shocked and so hurt, all I could say was, ‘really, that’s good to know, I’ll keep that in mind’. I never talked to her about my job again and anytime she asked how I was, all she got was ‘good’. Now this is a person who thought nothing of sending me crisis text that had me leaving my work/office to meet her to talk through what was happening, one time it was ‘she was in love with her music teacher’ and told her husband so. I said are you going to leave your husband, no. Then tell him that and get yourself a new music teacher. Geezus.

        Sorry, went off on a tangent there. But people describing H&M as complainers really bug me, because its the cujos’ narrative, using it as a way to silence them, like the ‘privacy’ claim, which everyone knows is a lie.

      • BeanieBean says:

        @Wannabefarmer: I have a slightly different story about the use of ‘complaining’ that I’ll throw in. You know how you have a health problem, you got to the doctor & tell them what you’re going through, the pains you’re having, the difficulties you’re having? Then they write in their notes–and they all do this, to this day–‘patient complaints of x, y, z’. No! I wasn’t complaining! I was telling you what was wrong in the hopes that you could figure it out & make me better! Argh! I’m not a complainer!

      • Taytanish says:

        @Beaniebean, On behalf of my fellow healthcare providers I apologize for any disparaging/ offensive language that you and other patients have been subjected to. Nowadays, a good number of us are being trained to stop using “disparaging” terms like those you mentioned. We now use terms like these instead (at east in my profession) Pt presented to abcd with abcd symptoms, stating that “abcd”. We try to use your own words and write exactly what you said to us, to minimize any offence to our patients and their families. We’re pretty much working to outdate words like “complained (patient presented to… and stated that)” “refused (declined)” “combative/aggressive (visibly upset)” “pull the plug (withdraw care)” etc.

    • Kingston says:

      @lizzy says:

      “…. harry and meghan have moved on, stopped complaining about the RF…….kate and william do what royals do…..neither of them are thinking of each other.”


      Its fascinating to hear this cry more and more, coming from royalists/monarchists as we all begin to grasp H&M’s scope of work as they begin unveiling their look-forward projects and leave the left-overs eating their dust…….”oh please, please, leave bully and kitty aloooooooooone.”


      This is the fall-back by royalists/monarchists who, when they raise their head to take a breather from the arse of the royal ghetto and listen to the rest of the world, realize that the reality theyre creating and hoping for buy-in from the rest of us, aint working!

      So they “*cry cree.”

      The Sussex Squad has made it impossible for royalists/monarchists to continue doing what they hv done for literally centuries, i:e blame others for their failings; covet-and-colonize; engage in DARVO.

      In the face of the massive, unrelenting, global pushback by SS, theyve resorted to begging SS to allow them to continue being arseholes in peace.

      NOT. ON. OUR. WATCH!!!

      I will never forget when H&M revealed in the Oprah interview, when O asked why no one from the palace (who had promised that M would be protected from the notorious britshidtmedia abuse) sought to correct the the story that “M made kkkHATE cry.” And they told her that they were told that “the future kweeeen cannot be involved in gossip”

      Yeah right……so its clear, their plan was that M was to be the scapegoat for that lazy, good-for-nothing, lazy, worthless beeyotch, kkkHATE, just as H was supposed to keep on being Bully’s scapegoat.

      Well Sussex Squad says: NO. Your lying, thieving, colonizing ways END NOW! So you can cry cree until youre blue in the face; those 2 fraudulent, worthless, pretenders will be thoroughly coated in shidt by the time chuckyDaTURD kicks the bucket,

      *cry cree
      Caribbean Dictionary
      1: To cry time out/ tap out/ beg desperately for a break.

      • Aidee Kay says:

        @Kingston you are so right that “covet-and-colonize” has been the modus operandi of the British monarchy for 1000 years. Recently a friend told me the reason Britain colonized India was envy. Indian people are stronger, healthier, and far more naturally beautiful than English ppl and extremely rich in resources and culture. The English couldn’t stand their own clear inadequacy compared to Indians and had to colonize India to feel better about themselves. Yes I know there were economic reasons etc but I feel like my friend is correct about the psychology of colonization. Envy is a big big part of that violent hostility and massive-scale theft. Cf white slave owners and African slaves. They coveted everything the Africans could do, make, and be and that was behind their hatred and viciousness. And that weird dynamic of I can’t be you so I want to kill you and take everything you are still drives a lot of racism today. (Like Kate’s copying Meghan.)

      • AMTC says:

        The covet and colonise playbook also extended to the Irish (amongst many others). Not only were the British worried about not being able to control the Irish who they had colonised but were jealous and concerned about how healthy the Irish children were who were brought up on a diet of buttermilk and whole potatoes. They also didn’t like the fact that they had large families (shout out there to the eggplant prince and his comment about the African population). When the potato crop failed repeatedly they adopted a genocide program whereby they denied any food aid unless the starving Irish gave up their land and or converted to the Church of England.

      • Gingerbee says:

        @Kingston 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 the exact same words that my mother would use for the bumbling duo

      • jane says:

        yep the daily mail favours bones but we are trying to keep our meghan sane no matter how much they have blocked mefor telling the truth ha ha!!

      • DiMi says:

        “Covet & Colonize,” Kingston’s phrase is brilliant and perfectly describes the behavior we witness in so many contexts. We should all put the phrase in quotes and cite Kingston when we use it. Thank you Kingston!

    • North of Boston says:

      Exactly, it’s such an odd perspective to frame that as “complaining”

      See also the “back and forth for clicks”
      There is NO back and forth: the Sussexes are simply living their lives.
      Meanwhile TRF,RR, British media won’t shut up about the Sussexes!

      Sorry about your friend. That’s so frustrating! I’m dealing with two right now that when we’re together, if I mention anything about my life, what I’m doing they tell me what I’m doing wrong, what I should be doing in life, at work (and then follow up with me like they can give me assignments… “have you called the recruiter/plumber/ cleaned your closet yet? You need to do that”). So I put them on an information diet about my life, will only talk about current events, random things I saw on PBS. But now they are on me about that “you watch too much odd tv?” “Why do you have all this random information in your head?”

      Even though they’ve been good friends for years, my next move is to just be around them less right now, because it’s a drag, kind of oppressive to be hassled no matter what I say, and for whatever reasons each of them just can’t not be rude towards me, unless of course I’m actively listening to THEM.

      • Jaded says:

        Absolutely. To characterize their truth-telling as *complaining* is so wrong and one-sided. It diminishes what are truly terrible experiences into mere whining. I had to end a friendship with someone who kind of went off the rails with a new career/lifestyle as a workplace advisor on how to deal with job stress. He became the “negativity police” and every damn conversation you’d have with him he’d constantly be correcting you on what he insisted was negative-speak. It got to the point where I couldn’t have a simple chat with him about anything without him admonishing me so I just stopped seeing him.

    • samipup says:

      Nurse here, when writing notes its common to write c/o pain. Not intended as meaning a complainer, sort of just jargon. But yes, better descriptions could be used, so folks don’t think someone’s a whiner.

  7. No that’s wrong. Can’t and Pegs mental health photo ops are undermined by their treatment of the Sussexes. There I fixed I for you Eden. Now Eden go climb back under your rock the slugs and roaches miss you.

  8. Cassie says:

    Even Daniela Elser one of the Sussexes biggest bashers is calling out W and K s hypocrisy in their treatment of Meghan and their appearances at events for Mental Health this week .

    • AMTC says:

      @Cassie, normally I never read anything by Daniela Elser because of her rabid anti Sussex stance but I looked that article up and was surprised to see that she mentioned the mental health of M without any snide subtext and also that of Diana and Fergie. She also referenced Charles’ criticism of his parents in his biography in that or another article. Very odd.

      • WheresMyBook says:

        Oh! I’m going to go read that and give it engagement. Maybe positive reinforcement (engagement on these rare articles) will help change the tide.

      • Abisola says:

        &Wendy. Thanks.
        “in a Tweedy Bird blazer so bright that she could take a second job redirecting traffic in it.” made me lol.

      • Eurydice says:

        @Wendy – so interesting that she went there, thanks. It would have more accurate if she’d also brought up the hypocrisy of Will taking private jets and helicopters everywhere instead of focusing on H&M’s 4 trips, but we can’t have everything. And it’s Tweety Bird, not Tweedy.

        But really interesting that she brought up the palace response that acknowledged Meghan’s distress, even though they said they were unaware. And weren’t there articles that said Kate was responsible for “recollections may vary”?

      • Lorelei says:

        Wow, that is SHOCKING coming from Elser! I never would have guessed she’d go that far, but we should *all* click on that particular article and start letting these morons know that they’ll be rewarded with clicks and eyeballs if they actually start telling the truth. Thank you for the link, @Wendy!

        (I LOL’d not only at the traffic-directing comment, but also at the dig about Princess Michael of Kent 😂)

        The only part where I think she failed is when she gives the example of William burning coal or whatever— if she was feeling so “truthful” today, she should have brought up his constant helicopter use. But I guess that’s a bridge too far. I know we should be grateful to even see baby steps from any of them, particularly someone as nasty as she is.

        I know Elser is still horrible, but this does seem like at least a little bit of progress…fingers crossed that it continues. Sometimes the others don’t want to be the first one to voice what they think might be an “unpopular” opinion (in this case, the truth 🙄), but now that Daniella opened the door, maybe others will be brave enough to follow.

      • Christine says:

        Agreed, Eurydice. She invented a fictitious “coal-fired power station” in the backyard of Adelaide, when Willnot’s helicopter is going to and fro Kensington Palace, being filmed on the cell phones of Londoners who are fed up with the Windsors and their blatant lies.

        I swear to God, those videos are going to be what finally gets Cannot and Willnot. Bless the people around Kensington Palace who are entirely fed up with the noise pollution.

      • Cassie says:

        I usually don’t click her articles either, but she has done another one bagging on them for ignoring Australia by not touring here .
        Another hit ,but she will probably be back saying horrible things about H and M soon .
        I am clicking on both stories a bit .It’s a bit of a change for her .

      • kirk says:

        @ Christine, @Eurydice, @Lorelei – Willy flew to USA (3,470 x 2 miles) in 2022 to hold an Earthspit award ceremony inviting celebrities to fly in, while forbidding the award winners from attending in person. Then in 2023 he flew to USA again (3,470 x 2 miles) just to tell everybody his Earthspit awards would be held somewhere else. Those 4 flights alone are ~2x the distance Harry flew on private jets 4 years ago, yet Elser can’t leave H-M alone. It’s likely the trips 4 years ago were to help ease Meghan’s pain and suffering. And Elser leaves out the fact that carbon offsets were used for H-M flights in 2019. Sounds like Willy’s main mode of travel is chopper, which means he’s repeatedly stuck hovering when it’s unsafe to land, even if he’s traveling to eco-seaweed project.

        Elser is trying to sound reasonable here (ooh, hiring or finding a spouse might be tough) about W-K needing to address the ‘Meghan problem.’ But rather than ask about the supposed ‘Meghan bullying’ or asking ‘whatever happened to that diversity czar’, she’s trying to score ez points with “Harry flew private 4 yrs ago.” And she’s completely letting herself and all other ‘royal reporters’ off the hook as if their haranguing and harassing of Meghan wasn’t contributory negligence (or malice).

  9. TigerMcQueen says:

    In addition to acknowledging the online pushback by Squaddies, I wonder if this is Eden also suggesting that that the Wails themselves have mental health issues. Obviously those aren’t caused by or exacerbated by Harry and Meghan the way Meghan’s issues during her first pregnancy were absolutely directly related to the Firm. But Eden’s put it out there.

  10. equality says:

    But it’s okay for W&K’s media “cheerleaders” to constantly talk about H&M? But not okay for H&M to talk about their own experiences? Very tired of the W&K can’t respond BS also. They certainly managed to respond to articles about Kate.

    • Lorelei says:

      Their cognitive dissonance is astounding.

      I guess it’s basically mandatory in their line of “work” to maintain it, but yeah, for normal, sane people like us, it seems incredible that they don’t seem to recognize their own hypocrisy. (Or they do, but they push it to the back of their minds and try their best to ignore it because that’s what they need to do in order to keep their crappy jobs.)

      Richard here just totally ignores how vile *W&K’s* fans are online whenever anyone writes an article even the tiniest bit critical of them.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Maureen being one of rr’s that interacts/ed with hate accounts underlines his writings of lies even more.

      Almost two years ago-wonder what those numbers are now.

  11. Tessa says:

    Why didn’t William get counseling himself it begs the question considering he got violent with his brother.
    Does Eden think it ok for kate to take threatening steps towards Kate at that walkabout. Or William commissioning knauf to do an investigation of Meghan
    And Kate letting a fake story about Meghan stay in the media. Eden calling the keens victims is a joke

    • Wannabefarmer says:

      I think you men ‘threatening steps toward Meghan’.

      In my psych 101 mind, willy’s behavior is a result of not dealing with his mother’s death, not processing it. He has internalized his feelings and it comes out in anger.

  12. Jais says:

    Yeah, Maureen Eden is deliberately baiting. It’s clearly his thing. Paying him dust is the best bet. He’s also a little busy right now feuding with Giles Coren so he should really stop baiting the SS.

    • Nic919 says:

      I also believe Coren confirmed the affair story indirectly in this social media skirmish.

      • Jais says:

        Yes, I saw the screenshot where Coren seemed to say it was ridiculous to suggest he lied about the rose story. Meaning he didn’t lie about the rose story…😂
        Either way, watching them fight is hilarious. More please 🍿🍿🍿

  13. GuestWho says:

    Every accusation is an admission.

  14. MsIam says:

    W&K taking a page out of Chuck and Croc’s book I see. Prince Pedo’s too. All of them are perpetual victims who can do no wrong and never take responsibility for anything but want praise for everything. Maureen Eden should know that the audience who is willing to listen and believe this is shrinking rapidly.

  15. Tessa says:

    Harry and Meghan got their side out. If William and kate did not behave towards them in a despicable way this would not have happened. William trying to bully harry into breaking up with Meghan was unspeakable and vile.kate interfering in Meghan wedding helped cause the trouble.

  16. WHAT says:

    Make it make sense. Catherine wears a full on Gray outfit, cream outfit, and Vega sneakers like Meghan and William wears Harry’s sneakers. Both want to be photographed around disabled people and celebrate black history month for the first time.

    Even Catherine for the first time wore mother denim jeans yesterday 👖 a brand associated with Meghan but someone needs to 🚫 overlook all that.

    Plus the countless 📰 him and Rebecca English write ✍️ about the Sussexes unnecessarily which yesterday alone there was three opinion articles from him her and another Lady while the Wales event was already at the bottom of the fail

    Thought 🤔 William wanted to be a global statesman. He wants to be seen as the future of the monarchy. He’ll modernize the monarchy. Charles is bridging the way for him. Thank goodness 😂 he was born first. No what it really is this week has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt 🧐 that William and Catherine isn’t in the same league as the Sussexes.

    They can 🚫 longer be controlled, the event was a global success, the 📰 belonged to the Sussexes which did one event and have still dominated over the 🧱 five events that they did.

    The rota is eating 🐦‍⬛ and can see they bet on the wrong 🐎. The propping up only works in Britain but only certain parts. There’s an article saying they went to Wales for black history cause its safe and the group was older so it’ll look better.

    Sussex is about impact and the Wales is about Photoshop and performing instead of Following up and rolling up the sleeves for real and making a difference in Britain

  17. JB says:


    • Lorelei says:

      Exactly! And not only that, but when was the last time that either Harry or Meghan said absolutely anything about W or K publicly? Eden acts as if they’re going on about the loser Wales on a daily basis, ffs.

      The Sussexes said what they needed to say (and, imo, were far easier on the RF than they deserved, particularly Kate), then they moved on and neither of them have spoken of W&K since. The ROTA are the only ones still bitching about it.

  18. Eurydice says:

    Desperate and tedious. H&M won’t give Eden what he wants and W&K can’t give him what he wants, so he has to try to stir the pot.

  19. girl_ninja says:

    Eden will blame everyone for how incompetent, lazy and unsuccessful Will and Kate are except for Will and Kate.

  20. Amy Bee says:

    As Kaiser says the original sin was William and Kate’s bad treatment of Harry and Meghan. All Harry and Meghan have done was speak about the abuse they had suffered from the press and the family and the damage it did to their mental health.

  21. Mary Pester says:

    Ye bloody gods, talk about transferance, no Mr (I’m an arse licker Eden) if anything Harry and Megan protected the gruesome twosome by NOT spilling all the tea on them. Did not Megan say that “Kate was a good person, and going through stuff”, or has your brain become addled by its own vileness. Did not Harry suggest that William get therapy? Gosh Mr Eden, here’s some advice for you from the squad, you know the squad that keeps your heros relevant, go suck on an eggplant!

  22. Nanea says:

    What a despicable person this Richard Eden is.

    Not only does he forget to mention the tens of thousands of articles about Meghan (and Harry) that smeared them, that spread outright lies (Compton, tights-gate) or KP colluding with the trashy gutter press, cf Jason Knauf, or Christian Jones’ boyfriend who took money from Dan Wootton.

    He also omitted the rota 🐀🐀🐀 conspiring with the Derangers, some of whom clearly are in the employ of the palaces, e.g. Jason Knauf being discovered as using a burner account – and using the White Markles against Meghan, again with the help of e.g. Jason Knauf.

    So most of the signs of someone being mentally unstable to the point of obsession clearly lead back to KP, with overwhelming pictorial evidence revealed by KopyKate, DupliKate, RepliKate.

    But yeah, the Sussexes are clearly the problem here.

    PS: what is it with all those men using female names for their burner accounts: Maureen Eyers, Cate Fortier, Maria Joseph? How is the stae of *their* mental health?

    • Lorelei says:

      Dying at your last question! It’s so true. These people CLEARLY have some deep-seated issues of their own. In Wooton’s case, they rose to the level of criminal and at least he finally lost his jobs (although not for the right reason 😒). But between giving their “reviews” of the Oprah interview before it even aired, getting caught out having multiple accounts online, and all of their other nonsense, they’re the ones who should be seeking help.

      ETA: Who is the real identity of Cate Fortier? If that was revealed, somehow I missed it, and IIRC she was one of THE MOST obnoxious W&K cheerleaders on Twitter.

      • Magdalena says:

        I think Cate Fortier was Jason Knauf? I think I recall reading something like that, if memory serves me well…

    • Nanea says:

      Yes, you are right, Magdalena.

      Cate Fortier was revealed to be Jason Knauf.

      I’m sure there are more Men in Grey leading double lives as Derangers, and, despite our best efforts, we’ll probably never find out who they are.

      I mean, what do *60 people* working for the Wailses do all day?

    • Nic919 says:

      Is Eden gay?
      Because the other two men who did this are.
      Also being gay doesn’t stop them from being misogynists, which all three so clearly are.

  23. Catherine says:

    The rota know that the Wales were never committed to mental health work. When heads together was launched they did a couple of videos and then Harry did all the work after that. Multiple engagements and interviews. Most notably the podcast interview with Bryony Gordon. That’s why since the Sussexes left Heads Together rarely even get mentioned nor have they launched any new projects. The Wales did THREE days of “mental health” engagements and the rota isn’t even pretending to take that work seriously because they know ths Wales don’t take it seriously.

  24. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    I blocked all the royal reporters, except Scobie, on social media years ago, it’s been wonderful 😃

    • Kingston says:


      Scobie was the only “royal reporter” that I followed on twitter when I had an accnt.

      And altho I was one of the first to buy his book, Finding Freedom, I must say I was turned off after reading it and seeing the outright lies and misrepresentations in it.

      But I subsequently learned that he was fed those lies by bully’s henchman knauf, as revealed in M’s case against the Fail.

      As for his upcoming book, it promises to be interesting…….i doubt he has allowed himself to be bullied by the RF and their henchmen. But i’m still gonna take a wait-and-see approach before deciding whether or not to purchase.

  25. MinorityReport says:

    Only read the headline. Literally opposite Day.

  26. Becks1 says:

    William and Kate did not support Meghan when she was in the royal family. Kate drove her to tears over bridesmaids dresses and then lied about it to Camilla Tominey. They spearheaded a smear campaign designed to destroy Meghan and run her out of the royal family. how is that “support?”

    Eden’s comments here tell me that KP is aware of the responses on social media to W&K’s mental health work and they know its falling flat. W&K’s mental health advocacy is undermined by their treatment of H&M, not the other way around.

    • Nic919 says:

      You can’t lead a Smear campaign against your own sister in law and then pretend you care about mental health.

      They will never be credible on this issue until and unless they openly acknowledge their roles in that.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Becks, honestly, W and K’s “work” on anything is so obviously piss-poor that all of the ROTA must see it. “Falling flat” is an understatement, imo, especially when it comes to the Arly Years. They have zero impact on any organization ever, and all that’s reported on is what Kate is wearing and how sexy Will allegedly is. Their big “legacy” initiatives are jokes, and as time goes on it’s going to get harder and harder for the royal press to put lipstick on that pig and report on it as if it has any measurable effect on anyone or any cause they touch.

  27. Flower says:

    Articles like this by Eden along with Victoria Arbiters recent comments on Beckham tend to show us that the Rota and Murdoch media know EXACTLY what they have been doing and the level of malice, hatred and cruelty they have enacted on H&M.

    The strategy is now very clear (as it always has been);
    1. Paint H&M as the problem
    2. Co-opt the good works of H&M and attribute them to WanK
    3. Create as much negative noise around the good work H&M do.

    This is why WanK look so crestfallen and not with the sh!ts – their whole life is now operation take down H&M to the point where they have given up their own identities.

    Cautionary tale of be careful the beast you feed.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Flower, could you give me a quick recap or whatever Arbiter said? I missed that and find her insufferable so I’m curious to know what she did this time.

      • Flower says:

        Hi @Lorelei can’t link so quoting it verbatim:

        “@victoriaarbiter – The David Beckham docuseries on @netflix is such a great watch. So many lessons to be gained from his approach. He never complained; instead, the more hate and abuse he got the better he played. Success is the best revenge! #Beckham”

        ^^ essentially an acknowledgement of how the hateful UK media operate and that people need to put up and shut up.

        Imagine advocating for a pregnant woman (whom you know is suicidal) to put up and shut up during mental health week. So much to unpack.

      • Athena says:

        This from Victoria Arbiter who complained to everyone who would listen after she lost her US job. Complained about the squad, about losing her eyelashes due to stress, her livelihood, on an on. But Meghan was never suppose to say a word, wonder why?

  28. notasugarhere says:

    ‘Harry previously praised his brother for encouraging him to seek help when he was suffering mental challenges after serving in Afghanistan.’

    Said while Harry was suffering from BRF Stockholm Syndrome.

    I maintain William screamed something like, ‘You are BROKEN. Leave me alone and get some f*cking therapy if you think that sh!t works’.

    It is obvious W&K believe anyone who has mental health issues is ‘broken’.

    W&K do not believe in either therapy or the concept of mental health. They wrongly jumped on the MH bandwagon years ago – only because Harry was already getting good press for his work with veteran MH.

    W&K do damage when they talk about mental health. Who can forget Keen’s opinion that children from loving families do not have mental health issues?

    • Ash says:

      Funny because that was over 10 years ago. Harry and Meghan have openly discussed their recent troubles, yet Richard didn’t say what Kate and William did to help them.. because they didn’t, and he knows that.

    • Nic919 says:

      If they truly believed in mental health and therapy then William would have attended therapy by now and kate would not be dealing with her bag of issues that are obvious to everyone.

      You can’t take two people with obvious and untreated mental health issues seriously when they go on about “feelings”. It is clear they don’t live by what they say.

      • Lorelei says:

        Or, at the very freaking least, W&K could have been honest about some issues that they themselves struggle with. They like to preach to everyone else while pretending they are perfect.

        Kate could admit she suffers from anxiety over public speaking (obviously that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Kate’s issues, but I’m trying to be realistic here!). William could say that he knows he tends to have a temper and then give some (BS in his case) examples of how he deals with it and reins himself in, like counting to ten before responding to something upsetting, or walking away for a little while to cool off — whatever, anything— but those two would NEVER. Especially given how much they’ve sh!t on Harry for actually being open about his struggles.

  29. Libra says:

    This is a set up!!! Slowly setting the stage for the final act. The divorce. All Meghans’ fault.

    • Harper says:

      Aha! That’s a great observation @Libra. It’s a very subtle start to the narrative. Eden/Maureen will have to fill in for the Sad Little Man, who was most likely scheduled to run the divorce propaganda for the Fail. Where is Wooten now, anyway? He’s slithered away and we never had a giant party to celebrate.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      Ohhhh I kind of have a different take @libra.

      That they will blame Kate for the fallout between the “once close brothers” and how when meghan said that kate made her cry it was TRUE and william didnt know but could never look at her the same way.

      although to be fair – harry’s memoir tanked that narrative.

      kate didnt make william assault harry. harry’s revelation of williams assaulted to many putting together the bread crumbs in the press about williams uncontrollable temper and how that might be effecting kate.

      the brothers have never been close. harry and meghan were the scapegoats and the work horses. they were not close as couples or as friends nor as family or siblings.

      just gonna have to stay married i guess

      • Nic919 says:

        Harry left because they treated Meghan like garbage. So they could blame Kate for the poor treatment of Meghan. That is likely where they go if there is a divorce.

  30. Is that so? says:

    Full on DARVO
    D:: deny
    A: accuse
    RVO: reverse victim and oppressor.

  31. @BelizeEmpower says:

    I see Maureen is still up to his old tricks. I’m now banned from Twitter, allegedly, for my takedown of KCIII but I miss my Squaddies; I now count on you Celebitchy on keeping me in the loop. Damn the bird now X

  32. aquarius64 says:

    In other words, the Waleses are mad that the Sussexes one-day of events for Mental Health Day garnered international press. The Waleses’ was UK coverage and barely. Zero mention on US media, except gossip press. Harry and Meghan have more credibility on the issue because of their mental health issues and the thoughtfulness shown in the panels endeared people to them. People saw and still see with their own eyes how Kate charged at Meghan during the queen’s funeral and believe Harry’s accounts in Spare. Throw in the Oprah interview and the docuseries and those are the reasons why the Waleses have no credibility as decent humans let alone mental health advocates.

    • Nic919 says:

      In the Toronto Star the article first focused on Harry and Meghan in NYC and then one line of “Harry’s brother did something too”.

  33. L4Frimaire says:

    Eden is definitely trying to deflect and get engagement, especially since he was getting into it with another scumbag journalist yesterday. Definitely a read between the lines column. Apart from here, there was barely any coverage of Will and Kate’s mental health event, while Archewell’s forum with the Surgeon General got worldwide press. It seems more and more that the UK royals and press are trying to latch onto the Sussexes whenever they do something, and constantly try to bring up the same old grievances from the Oprah interview, or the book, even when everyone else is moving on from that. The Waleses do get called out in their shallow incoherent advocacy because they deserve it.

  34. [insert_catchy_name] says:

    This is full of weird things but “…have done little to support the mental well-being of his brother William, the Prince of Wales, or his wife, Catherine.”

    Yeah because Will and Kate have been so open about their mental health struggles, rolls eyes.

    As for the other part, he is complaining of… the general populace bagging on Will and Kate? Harry and Megan cheerleaders or not, it’s dumb to complain about people on the internet not liking them..

  35. Jessica says:

    My particular favorite part is when they say it’s not true that they didn’t help Meghan because they encouraged Harry to seek treatment before he met her. Like… how does that resolve the problem of not helping Meghan?

    • BeanieBean says:

      Yeah, that was a real head-scratcher!

    • Weaving Cat says:

      omg, thanks for pointing that out, I didn’t have my thinking cap on.

      • Christine says:

        JFC. Thank you for pointing this out. I think I may be part of the problem, because I jump to the worst possible conclusion, reading this garbage, missing the forest for the trees.

  36. Jen says:

    I do go read the daily mail because their photos are good. But i made the mistake of going into the comment section.

    I don’t understand people at all. Everything I think about W and K, others think of M and H. It’s like how people like Trump so much and I don’t get it at all.

    To me, M and H look vibrant and healthy and happy. Nothing is forced, they are truly doing what they should be doing. And the health and how they live so fully to their values shows in their faces. M just glows and is so beautiful because of it. And it seems like H has just found his place in life and it is such a gift.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Jen, same. I rarely read the comments on the Fail because it’s such a soul-crushing experience, but every time I have, I’ve come away wondering how it’s possible that I’m seeing the same W&K and H&M that these people do, and they have such wildly different takes on it.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ I think it’s just a good idea to stay away from DF and other tabloids altogether. I haven’t clicked on the Fail for years. I refuse to give clicks to nonsense tabloids. Going to the DF’s comments section is like asking for a headache. I read all the info I need to keep me informed from @Kaiser’s summaries, and from checking out positive Sussex-related podcasts.

  37. Vanessa says:

    I think William and Kate and Kensington Palace are very much aware of the backlash they were getting for their mental health advocates. They were being called out for being hypocrites William and Kate still very much in involved in a racist bullying smeared campaign against Meghan they knew Harry wife was struggling and instead of being actually human being they continue with abuse and lies . The royal family and the royal reporters still think this 1920 were they can lie re write history and make everyone believe them instead of the truth. This is 2023 they can’t spin and lie like they used Meghan and Harry have told their story their a bestseller book a documentary and a interview with one of the most famous woman in world . The only people who actually believe William and Kate are victims are William and Kate and the British tabloids and the Karen’s . The world saw as the British media and the royal family gleefully went after Meghan for everything not one person in that family defend Meghan.

  38. Feebee says:

    He can take his DARVOing and shove it up his ass.

    This guy has a screw loose. So many royal correspondents are struggling with the fact that life is hard with H&M and The Queen gone. The core of the royal family is as interesting as overdone toast now and they’re desperate to find more butter. Hope they continue to choke on it.

  39. AC says:

    I don’t click on the Daily Mail for a couple years now because of their psycho reporting. But when I used to click on it esp if it’s about HM, the commenters are all deranged or brainwashed. Now I’m pretty sure many are trolls or prob paid. I think these days a lot of people are smarter and can think for themselves and don’t believe DMs bullsh&@t. And the fact DM and the other tabloids keep inserting HM and try to character assassinate them in many articles shows the RR desperation.
    It’s funny because they say they don’t care about HM but Sky News had a live streaming of the NYC event, talk about Hypocrisy. (The only BP that I click is the Guardian, sometimes Independent if there’s an interesting story).

  40. Angie says:

    Any time any of there tabloid writers talk about how awful Meghan and Harry are I don’t take anything they say seriously. They are still but hurt that Meghan sued them and won. They will never get over it. 🤣🤣🤣

  41. B says:

    This article is why Zora Neal Hurston said — ‘If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it.’

    In Meghan’s short tenure as a working royal she was so brutalized by the press that she began to have suicidal ideation. The press had been so bad that MPs released a statement and called for a halt. The royal family did and said nothing but they did leak to the press that she had suicidal ideation. We know this because Valentine Low said he received this information from the firm but didn’t print because the press lawyers were concerned about legal issues surrounding HR and privacy breaches.

    After Harry and Meghan left the firm leaked she was made to take her name off her child’s birth certificate

    After Harry and Meghan left William and Kate’s employee Jason Knauff testified against Meghan in her Daily Mail lawsuit.

    These are just 3 instances of the firm PUBLICILY working to harm Meghan and she was pregnant during 2 of those examples. There are so many more examples and God only knows what else happened in private. If there was no Oprah interview, Memoir and Documentary these people would continue to claim that Harry and Meghan were the problem and wanted all the attention and when they couldn’t get it they left. Not that they were brutally pushed out by people who wanted to colonize their popularity and brand and tried to destroy them when they realized it wasn’t theirs to take.

    Thank God Harry and Meghan have told the truth on multiple platforms. Their lived experiences will be a part of the public record and the firm won’t be able to lie or rewrite who they were.

    • Saschafrom76 says:


    • Sweetpeas says:

      @B-Thank God Harry and Meghan have told the truth on multiple platforms. Their lived experiences will be a part of the public record and the firm won’t be able to lie or rewrite who they were.
      There’s an African proverb that says, “Until the lion tells the story, the hunter will always be the hero.”

    • Lorelei says:

      @B, I could not agree more

    • jane says:

      poor Diana, i can imagine the pain she went through at the hands of charles and camilla, meghan is one tough cookie!

  42. sparrow says:

    i got that headline back to front.

  43. Saschafrom76 says:

    Oh, look headlineHector projector strikes again lol For the last month, I have refrained from reading the clips of their drivel and only read your introduction and reaction. I don’t even want their words/thinking in my reality. The leftover Royals are nothing but seven day old leftovers in the fridge that need to be thrown out because they stink to high heaven and make you wanna crap your pants. Lol

  44. Saschafrom76 says:


  45. Saucy&Sassy says:

    I’m scratching my head, because if WanK’s mental health has been so affected, why aren’t they in counselling? That’s what they need to do instead of blaming someone for, well, anything. Since they are such BIG TIME mental health supporters, they should put their money where their mouths are. Simple. Who knows, it might actually help them.

  46. Well Wisher says:

    I read this today: worth sharing
    “Telling people to protect their mental health isn’t “live laugh & loving” your way out of genocide. It’s trying to protect more people from harm. I’m not sure how we are supposed to fix the planet by making everybody toxic & sick.
    People who want you to hate, want to control you.”
    Anne boleyn(sussexsquad)

  47. AC says:

    “William and Catherine have had to put up with more sniping from Harry and Meghan’s cheerleaders”

    Haha. One more comment I have on this. Well more and more people are calling them OUT on how they initially treated and Bullied HM when they lived in the UK and still continue to do so. They know they’re guilty and that’s why they have a conscience about it – what comes around goes around.

  48. Wiggly head says:

    New here. Don’t like the royals.

    • May says:

      @wiggly, LOL, I love your commenting style – short and to the point! Welcome and I absolutely agree – save for Harry and Meghan.

  49. Meg says:

    Remember after the Oprah interview at Williams next event he was asked if he’d spoken to Meghan since and he said no. A local news anchor responded saying so you find out your sister in law was suicidal and you didn’t reach out?

  50. Marivic says:

    Pls try the reverse: The Waleses’ mental health advocacy is undermined by their treatment of Meghan and Harry . That’s more like it.