Tiger Woods’ dirty text messages; 11-13 women so far, 2 pr0n stars, 1 hooker

2009 Australian Masters - Day 3
It’s really difficult to keep up with all the news in the Tiger Woods’ scandal, but the gist of it is that the guy slept with a ton of women outside his marriage without using condoms, that there’s plenty of evidence that he was a serial cheater, and that he may have fallen in love with one or more of his mistresses. Some of women Tiger had extramarital affairs with have been willing to come out and cash in and others are staying silent while their “friends” sell the story to the tabloids. Every day there are more sordid details coming out. Here’s a highlight of some of the latest news in what has become the biggest celebrity scandal of the year.

Tiger’s text messages to Jaimee Grubbs
Jaimee Grubbs, a reality show contestant who sold her story to US Weekly for a reported $150,000, has now released text messages from Tiger. We previously heard Jaimee’s desperate voicemail message from the world’s number one golfer asking her to change her voicemail greeting as his wife was getting wise. We’ve also seen excerpts from e-mails Tiger sent to one of his numerous other mistresses, Rachel Uchitel, proclaiming his love and discussing a bizarre dream in which he walked in on her sleeping with two other famous guys. Here come the texts to Jaimee, and they’re about as stupid and embarrassing as you would expect. They could be much worse, though:

July 26, 2009
Jaimee: I drove out for the night to surprise a friend with a present for there birthday
Tiger: what kind of present your naked body
Jaimee: haha no a watch I slept alone
Tiger: alone with him that is
Jaimee: haha I wish
Sept. 27, 2009
Jaimee: miss u
Tiger: now that’s hot so who is your new boy toy
Jaimee: no new boy toy … still running dry… been on 2 real dates in the pat 2 months
Tiger: I need you
Jaimee: then get your tight ass over here and visit me! I need u
Tiger: I will wear you out soon
Jaimee: how soon? I got a new piercing
Tiger: really. Where
Jaimee: I just sent u a pic of it … is on my cheek below my eye … implanted a little diamond
October 1, 2009
Jaimee: is it orange county time yet?
Tiger: oh stop
Jaimee: hahaha I know … but you canceled on me last time so the anticipation is killing me … im finding myself watching sports center … haha j/k it isn’t that bad
Tiger: its never been that bad
Jaimee: very true … I only watch football
Tiger: Figured you would say that. Big black guys.
Jaimee: u are my first, last and only black guy! U should feel special
Tiger: why do I not believe that?
October 18, 2009
Tiger: send me something very naughty
Jaimee: some things are worth waiting for lol … besides im at work
Tiger: go to the bathroom and take it
Jaimee: haha ur too much
October 18, 2009
Jaimee: are u leaving me cause your wife is still in newport I am lonely now … i like falling asleep in your arms
Tiger: sorry baby I just can’t sleep. Its just a problem I have.
Tiger: she is not here. They left this morning
Jaimee: well I appreciate you not wanting to wake me up but if y couldn’t sleep I would have rather sat up and talked to u more … find out why I keep falling more and more for u
November 26, 2009
Tiger: happy thanksgiving to you
Jaimee: u too love

[From US Weekly via Fox411]

Jaimee apologizes on “Extra,” also dated George Clooney
I get the sense from the dates and exchanges here that Jaimee was just another booty call for Tiger. It’s like he’s testing the water asking her if she has a boyfriend and she’s probably one of a handful of women he texted that night hoping to hook up. That’s ok for Jaimee, though, she’s getting paid. Jaimee went on Extra last night and talked about the extent of her feelings for Tiger “I knew we had a respect between the both of us, that we cared deeply for each other and we did very much trust each other,” and how she’s upset by all the stories of his infidelity. She felt like “I was the only girl, so to go back and see specifically now when there’s more and it’s really hard.”

She also sort-of apologized to Tiger’s wife Elin, and said “I couldn’t describe how remorseful that I am to have hurt her family and her emotionally.” Yeah, she’s so sorry about it that she sold all her evidence to the tabloids and is appearing on celebrity gossip shows. By the way, Grubbs also dated George Clooney around the same time she was hooking up with Tiger. I hope Clooney paid her enough money to keep quiet, or maybe he just doesn’t care.

13th woman, another pornstar, linked to Tiger
Deadspin (via US Weekly) has yet another pornstar bedding Tiger. (US Weekly has Tiger’s number at 13, and it’s probably higher, but I don’t know where they’re getting the extra 2. Here’s a recap from DailyFill that has the number at 11.) We’ve already heard about blonde Holly Sampson, who hasn’t talked to the press since the scandal broke. She did record a live chat with porn website Naughty America back in May in which she admitted to sleeping with Tiger at his bachelor party. Now there’s another pornstar linked to Tiger, an adult film actress named Joslyn James. James must not have received enough cash from Tiger. She’s wanted in the state of Washington for non-payment of child support.

One of Tiger’s pornstars was a hooker
To top this sordid scandal off, reader Ray points out that Holly Sampson, one of Tiger’s porn stars, was listed as an escort on convicted madam Michelle Braun’s website. (That link is to an archive of the page and is SFW.) This means that not only was Tiger banging cocktail waitresses, Perkins hostesses, club promoters, and porn stars without a condom, he was also sleeping with at least one paid professional. The guy needs to go to rehab for sex addiction stat, both because of his own very self-destructive tendencies and to try and salvage an image that’s already in the sh*tter. I can’t remember another scandal in which a celebrity’s image was so massively shattered with so much detail so quickly.

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  1. bella says:

    Dear God, it just keeps getting worse! And for this tart to say she though she was the only one is the height of stupidity! Hey, dumb@ss, he’s cheating on his WIFE so why would he be faithful to you? DUH!

    And please don’t try to insult Elin’s intelligence by semi-apologising while you’re counting the money you’re making on her humiliation. Please.

  2. Firestarter says:

    He is disgusting!

    Elin MUST leave him. There is no going back to a man like him.

  3. Roma says:

    Mistresses always think they’re the only one; serial cheaters are great at pulling on the heartstrings with comments like “my wife doesn’t love me” and “I want to be with you but I have to stay for the sake of my children”. I bet most of these girls though they were saving Tiger from loneliness.

    But seriously ladies: he may not have given you diamonds, but the herp is forever.

  4. javelin says:

    Suddenly Josh Duhamel’s sleazy stripper-gate seems deserving of a National Merit Award– at least it was a one time thing and he used a condom!

    Tiger’s only act of self-preservation was to make sure his fuckbuddies didn’t have jealous boyfriends who would out him. Maybe he should just cut his losses and become a pr0n star.

  5. jewtastic says:

    But seriously ladies: he may not have given you diamonds, but the herp is forever.

    ah, yes. the gift that keeps on giving.
    those text were pathetic

  6. UrbanRube says:

    I wonder why Tiger can’t sleep… He writes like a horny teenager. Does being so focused on achieving these world championships in sports mean that they believe the work is so hard that, if I succeed, I don’t have to live by normal people’s rules and can be as bad as I want to be? Disgusting.

  7. Ogechi says:

    i feel ashamed to ever think that i was piting this empty pig!!!! Is he caused??

  8. Oenix says:

    As disappointed as I was about Tiger/Cheetah’s infidelity with ONE woman, I kept on thinking that may be he wasn’t getting any at home (not that this would have justified his behavior) because his wife and him have different sexual drives… yes that’s been known to kill marriages! But now, I am totally appalled. I think he is SICK! Mental, psychological, what not, He is in need of some serious MEDICAL help. Not just for the deseases he might be carrying around but his pathos is skewed.

  9. Lway says:

    Tiger slept with another woman at his Bachelors? What a prick!

    Oh and Tiger – just so you know, insecurity is so unattractive

  10. diva says:

    Tiger is one cheap fool! One thing all these “women” have in common is that he didn’t buy them anything. I seriously doubt he paid for lipo as one of them claims she is just trying to one up the rest of the “women”. If he had bought these women condos and a car that they couldn’t afford on their own, they wouldn’t be selling him out so fast and furious. This is typical of women when they have got nothing but sex to show for their “relationship” with Tiger to be bitter and this is their way of getting back at him. None of them should be called mistresses, mistresses are kept women and none of this women recieved a dime. I guess the press can’t call them what they really are which are money grubbing “hookers”. I have always heard that Tiger was cheap even his house is only worth 2.4 million and he’s a billionaire, and it looks rather ordinary and had neighbors all on top of him. He’s paying a huge price for his reported alcohol and pill addiction and for being a cheap user.

  11. mel says:

    Jesus, Please take the wheel and Tiger please get help!

  12. Dorothy says:

    I just love when someone else’s problems are bigger than mine!!!

  13. Bete says:

    If the reports are right (I read that his wife was increasingly alone or a solo spouse in this marriage), then -what is worse, and I don’t know what can be worse than potentially infectious hookers and whores – that also means that he is a dud father to his kids.
    Honestly, more than 10 women? And he was definitely juggling Grubbs and Uchitel. When did he spend time with his kids?
    The tragedy of this whole scandal is that the children are the ones who truly miss out, through definitely no fault of their own, to have an egomaniacal father like him. Only a narcissistic egomaniac could go through so many women in such a short period of time and string them all along via text and email.
    What is more annoying is Grubbs’ fake apology. They were all after their fifteen minutes but because he thought with his second head, he thought he was a step ahead but he didn’t consider his family (to invest all that time in emails and text messages, as well as take time out to sleep with them) and the effect it would have.
    And to have affairs with porn actresses? They are notorious for being a high infection risk due to their unwillingness to have safe sex in their films. I don’t know what’s more repulsive. The usual mistress or the porn actresses.
    His wife is better off divorcing this disgusting man.

  14. lastwordlinda says:

    I remember when he first became really famous and hearing about the way he was raised, how his Dad hounded him to play golf etc. His Dad was just as bad as any stage parent, as are many parents of children who are talented atheletes. There is absolutely no excuse for TW’s behavior because he knew what he was doing was wrong, but he is as f**ked up as anyone else is that was raised in such a weird environment. People that do this to their kids should rot in hell.

  15. Jaded says:

    Tiger had a dreadful relationship with his father, who dumped wife #1 to take up with Tiger’s mother. He saw Tiger as a commodity, someone who he would make succeed at any cost, like Joe Jackson or Andre Agassi’s father. Look how f*cked up Michael turned out. When a son doesn’t have a good father role model and is relentlessly pounded into becoming the best at a career he may not necessarily have chosen for himself, the results can be disastrous – it seems to manifest itself in various addictive behaviours, no doubt caused by a lack of self-esteem coupled with an insatiable ego. I’m not defending Tiger, his behaviour is totally unconscionable, but I think he needs a whole lotta psychological counselling to get back on track.

  16. Bonfire Beach says:

    He is truly an a$$hole.

  17. westender says:

    Between Tiger being a golf pro, his wife and children and juggling ten mistresses and counting, when did he find the time to keep finding more women? For someone who is so paranoid about his privacy I find it difficult to believe he would go out and find these women on his own. He must have had someone on his payroll or in his inner circle doing the work. That person or persons are just as guilty when it comes to Tiger’s cheating and are probably cheating on their spouses as well.

  18. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “And to have affairs with porn actresses? They are notorious for being a high infection risk due to their unwillingness to have safe sex in their films.”

    actually, you’re no more likely to contract a disease from a porn star than from a random man or woman. the STD testing in the porn industry has gotten very stringent over the past several years BECAUSE of the nature of that business.

    your comment, along with your nasty blanket assessment of smokers in another thread, shows that your screen name is quite apt. don’t be so judgmental on things you don’t really know about.

  19. Oenix says:

    Wether his marriage survives this or not – he needs some serious psychological help. Unless perhaps this is the norm for male celebrities and this one just got caught and is has faced public exposure – as for the women he slept with. Nothings they have said/shown so far has proven they were no more than booty calls. Of course he’s going to say some “sweet” things to keep a good thing going but from all the released messages I’ve heard/read – the main focus of his message is “booty call”. If these women couldn’t see that, it speaks VOLUME about them too.

  20. BitterBetty says:

    She can’t spell…

  21. andrea says:

    wow, he’s a sleazebag. elin needs to get herself a full set of STD testing done asap, unfortunately. this guy has MAJOR issues. his attitude towards women is appalling. does he have any daughters?

  22. akorozco says:

    Well, this is what happens when you don’t talk to your kids about sex. http://www.newsy.com/videos/experts_want_parents_to_give_sex_talk_earlier

  23. crash2GO2 says:

    This has gone from lurid to horrifying in 60 seconds flat.

    I honestly think that Tiger’s children would be better off without him at this point. This has now gone beyond a few bad choices, and landed right smack into sicko territory.

  24. birdie says:

    Ugh those texts are so skeevy… Tiger truly needs help.

  25. Ogechi says:

    i mean is he cursed??

  26. Codzilla says:

    This might have already been brought up on another Tiger-related thread (hard to keep up with them all), but I wonder if part of him (whether consciously or not) purposely engineered this downfall. To end the constant pressure to be “perfect” in every possible way. His behavior is just so over-the-top, and he clearly crossed into self-destructive territory long ago. BUT I’m not in any way excusing his actions. He’s despicable and my heart goes out to his family.

    Jaded: Really interesting post.

  27. Roy says:

    Why are you people taking this so personal?? Your opinions don’t mean shit! You know what they say about opinions, “they are like an a$$hole, everybody’s got one” Get a life. Tiger hasn’t done anything out the norm that any other rich black or white man hasn’t done. And men aren’t the only ones who do things like this, women do it too. This crap has gone too far. Every white person is pissed that this man is the best golfer in the world and was until now pristine clean of anything. Now you can’t wait to bring him down. This crap happened almost three weeks ago and the media talks about it like it just happened today.

  28. wow says:

    This is like that song where the mistress tell the wife “Hey, your husband is cheating on us.”

    Ugh! I just … can’t…you guys. I’m going to leave it alone today.

  29. Codzilla says:

    Uh, Roy. I think Tiger’s done a pretty solid job of bringing himself down. And the shit storm might have mellowed by now if the initial report three weeks ago was accurate (i.e. “only” one mistress). But nearly every day since that first story, new sordid details of this man’s indiscretions have emerged. And the whole “white people are pissed because a black man is the best golfer” nonsense is laughable. The entire damn world adored Tiger before this happened, and only a blind person would think otherwise.

  30. Firestarter says:

    Naturally, someone has to pull the race card in order to defend a man for his disgusting behavior.

    Also,not all rich men cheat on their wives.

    It’s a big deal because he was presented to the public as this squeaky, clean athlete. It is also a big deal to the wife who he has embarrassed with his actions, as well as disrespectful to both her and the children they share.

    It has nothing to do with race. People are just as outraged when white athletes or celebrities cheat. There was quite the scandal when Chris Everet Lloyd and Greg Norman left their respective spouses for one another, so please leave race out of it.

  31. pickelhaube says:

    Awwright, Roy just pulled the race card! I was waiting for that…so I could laugh and say “STFU, you retarded, whiny, race-baiting troll”. The race card is soooo tired, can’t we please give it a rest? I think if we all just mock the person who pulls it every time they do so, this sh*t will hopefully stop. Public humiliation of race-baiters is what’s needed here….who’s with me??

  32. marcopolo says:

    Elin is a CLASS act – BUT if she stays with Tiger after all this apparent unprotected sex with porn stars and night club talent – she becomes just as much a skank they are and a horrible mother for subjecting her kids to more of the same.

  33. journey says:

    wow. tiger seems a bit obsessed with bad girl sluts– and i mean that literally. hookers, porn stars, famewhores, he even dreams about coming home and finding one of his women in bed with two other men, and he quizzes another repeatedly about whether she just slept with someone else, and whether she’s been with other black men. and his wife is blonde and beautiful and a wonderful mother. anyone else see a severe case of madonna/whore complex? get thee to a therapist quickly tiger, before the cesspool of your self-loathing rises up and drowns you! (i love dime store psych!)

  34. marcopolo says:

    RACECARD: I never understood Tiger being the black golfer – he’s only 1/4 black and actually TWICE as much ASIAN at 1/2 asian. But, no one refers to him as a great asian golfer. I think it’s racist to think that a little black makes you all black. Obama is even 1/2 white and not raised in black culture at all. And people refer to him as just black. So, too much gets made about someone being part black. No one tries to rag on celebities because they’re black – they rag on them because they get special treatment. Like no DUI which would cost a regular joe all his savings and put him in debt, maybe even jail if he had no cash- but Tiger with a BILLION dollars from his fake image gets a fine of $164 for reckless driving. That’s why he’s fair game.

  35. Deez says:

    It’s amazing how many people are up in arms about this. Not just Tiger but Celebs cheating in general. For the Men, I’m sure you DO cheat but if you don’t it’s because no one wants to f*ck you. Add another 50 mill to your bank account and have every woman you’ve ever thought was REALLY attractive throwing themselves at you then the story will change. Guaranteed. And for the women who “don’t cheat” – George Clooney or Brad Pitt or Denzel Washington (or whoever) walk up to you and ask if you want to F*CK, you would. Most people are all “high and mighty” because they know they will NEVER be in that situation… kinda like how Tiger Woods would be have to “want” anything because he can GET it. Face it, the peasants always hold the elites to standards they wouldn’t hold themselves to. get over it, worry about health care or something that actually means something.

  36. SolitaryAngel says:

    Roy: Please do NOT bring race into this! It’s already complicated enough and frankly, at this point–race has NOTHING to do with it! He’s just a man who fell from grace ok? And how!

    I really question the existence of “sexual addiction”. Is there such a thing? Really?

  37. Firestarter says:

    Deez- Have you looked where you are?! It a GOSSIP site, not a Health Care reform board.

    People with morals and respect for their spouses do not cheat. In fact people with repsect for THEMSELVES do not cheat. Just because someone can cheat doesn’t mean they will, and just because a celeb approaches you does not mean that everyone should and does let their panties or trousers down. Just because they have a name and a few bucks means crap to me, epecially if they are married.

    I am not going to cheat with anyone because there is no future in it, and if they do it to their current mate, they will do it to you. I have been cheated on and it is not a good feeling, so I would not want to make anyone else feel the way that I felt. Ever.

  38. investorminded says:

    Dear Tiger,

    Keep winning golf tournaments and keep banging whoever,

  39. The swedish lynx says:

    How can there have been so many different women and none of them have come forward before, have there been “whispers” that has not been published?

    We here in Sweden hopes that Elin will come back to her native country with her mother Barbro, she is a sort of “county mayor”, a very high office in Sweden and it’s difficult to think that she can stay away from her duties long.

    Elin’s father, Thomas Nordegren, had his radioshow on like usual today, I wonder how he feels inside.

  40. gigi says:

    I read another article that said Rachel, the club promoter role was to get women for Tiger. She ran some kind of service for high profile men, where she would fly girls in to meet these guys. I think that Rachel was paid by Tiger to keep this quiet. She may or may not have had a relationship with him, I think that the media spun her being his mistress. Because it would be the lesser of two evils. She probably wanted to protect her other clients. The article said that she worked for Tiger bringing in girls for him to choose to sleep with. She was already being paid thousands of dollars to search for women for him. So Tiger did not have to go looking for women if the article was true they were already pre-selected by Rachel. That was her role which makes more sense than her being his mistress. The article said that is why she was in Australia, because she was working for him to bring in girls for him. The woman in Las Vegas, named Kalika, they said that was her role too. She brings in girls for high profile people, and whales. The girls line up and the guys choose which one they want.

  41. Kim says:

    He is the “Black Golfer’ because if you see him walking down your street with a cap on . You are going to call the police and say a suspicious man is walking down my street and the dispatcher will ask describe him. Is he Black or White How Tall is he etc. On another topic People Magazine says Elin was aware of his womanizing ways because she spoke to some of the golfers wives before they got married. He cheated on girlfriends in the past too.

  42. Cheyenne says:

    To Jaded: Tiger’s father was no Joe Jackson. Tiger was very close to his father and they had a good relationship.

    Seems like a lot of people on here have ideas about how Elin ought to deal with this mess, but ultimately Elin has to make up her own mind. Maybe she still loves the guy. Who really knows?

  43. Iggles says:

    This is absolute disgusting!!!!!!!!! I hope she cleans him out in the divorce.

  44. xxx says:

    In the wealthy social circles I know the majority of men cheat on their wives and women are digging at the men for their money. Some women have no problem breaking up marriages. Sometimes the women cheat because they find their rich husbands repulsive. Nothing really is different with Tiger Woods, he’s just another rich man with many women willing to sell themselves to him. I say this because i know a group of men that make over 1m a year, only 2 in about 15-17 do not cheat. And boy are there bizarre and kinky stories there too. Sadly Tiger Woods is just like a lot of other people out there with wealth, Well, he’s rich.

    It’s a sad thing to hear or read about but an unfortunate truth.

  45. Firestarter says:

    @Kim- Actually the People article said she was ‘Suspicious” of him cheating, however believed his denials. The article says that she was devastated by finding out that he had in fact been lying.

    Being suspicious and knowing are different things. She believed what he told her.

  46. gobsmacked says:

    I’m going to make an assumption here that the vast majority of people commenting on these gossip blogs are Americans. Somebody actually pointed this site out to me to see for myself and I am quite amazed at the incredulity of some of these comments and the obvious time spent by so many people watching other people’s lives instead of getting on with their own. I would have thought that with an economy seemingly going south very quickly people would be more concerned about their own future rather than spending timewasting and mindless cyber time commenting about pointless celebrity rubbish.

  47. valerie says:

    @ marcopolo, thank u! im not the only one who thinks its racist to only label tiger as black when he’s obviously mixed…

  48. Goddess711 says:

    @gobsmacked – Welcome aboard! Obviously you don’t have all that much going for you either! You’re in good company, whereever they’re from. Jump right in, the water’s warm! I’m guessing you’re British and your own economy’s sucked for just about forever so hey – glad you found the site!

  49. Firestarter says:

    @gobsmacked-Why are you here? Oh yes, because “Somebody pointed the site out to you” Riiight.

  50. juiceinla says:

    Paging Dr. Drew, Paging Dr. Drew: Anyone else think -at this point- he’s got a sex addiction?

  51. noonoo says:

    Huh? No, not everyone cheats. That sort of rubbish is spewed by people who do to mkae themselves feel better. I would not sleep with Brad Pitt or any other star beacuse shock horror, I am married and have children and I take those commitments seriously. And I am not old or conservative or religious. I am just a decent person.

  52. Bete says:

    Praise, there have been porn actresses and actors in the last five years who have contracted HIV.
    Frankly, I’m sick and tired of reading the same excuse from the porn crowd. Even sex workers have enough brains to have safe sex. Porn actors need to step into the 21st century.
    If I had a partner and found out they slept with a porn actress, they’d have to go through a barrage of tests, but still, I wouldn’t bother with a sex addict, which is also what a portion of porn actors are as well. Not my type of people.

  53. 88 says:

    First of all, let me congratulate the overwhelming number of you who clearly display the beauty and strength of the American educational system. That’s a joke for those of you who may have missed it. If you can’t spell words correctly or use them in a tangible and intelligent manner, then get someone to proofread your posts or, better yet, refrain from posting at all. As for the Tiger issue, this is not a subject that should be part of a “media circus”, such as we are witnessing now. This story and its across-the-board heightened state of titillation just reveals how news-poor we as a country are. When a story that should be reserved for the personal lives of those involved, becomes more important for news outlets everywhere than global warming, job rate loss, savings going in the tank, etc., than we had better start evaluating our own sense of what will change lives on a large scale, Tiger getting caught doing what others do on a daily basis or the Government finally fixing so many of our ills. Get real folks. This story is not worth public scrutiny. If it can be fixed, then it is up to Tiger and Elin to fix, not the moronic views of narrow-minded readers.

  54. about time says:

    Nice post 88! I don’t know if I’d agree with you on the global warming propaganda being more newsworthy but there are certainly better ways people could be focusing their energies.

  55. Cat says:

    Did it ever occur to you three- gobsmacked, 88, and about time- that people like to read about celebrities to escape from the harsh reality of their lives? Next time read the headline: “Escapism can be smart” before getting on your high horse and talking down to the rest of us. Using the entertainment media as a way to soothe the public consciousness has been an American tradition since the Great Depression, if not before.
    And please don’t perpetuate the bigoted stereotypes of ‘stupid Americans’. We don’t need more ignorant people going around saying things like that.

  56. ViktoryGin says:

    On the 1st day on Christmas, my hooker gave to me a crotch-burning STD.

    You know the rest.

  57. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “Praise, there have been porn actresses and actors in the last five years who have contracted HIV.”

    I never said there weren’t. I said you were NO MORE LIKELY to catch an std from a porn star than from any random man or woman.

    if I found out my man was f-ing ANYONE without a condom (and I didn’t toss him out on his ass), I’d want the barrage of tests. porn star or just some woman.

    “Even sex workers have enough brains to have safe sex.”

    not all of them. there are sex workers who contract an std from unsafe sex every day.

    yet another blanket statement from you that’s inaccurate.

  58. Bete says:

    Praise…just go and hide into your porno stash. Seriously, you began by saying that people are less likelier to catch an STD from a porn actor, then you agree with there being infectious porn actors. Make up your mind.
    I don’t know what country you live in, but where I live, at least my government is sophisticated enough not to outlaw prostitution. Condom usage is practically a norm in brothels. However the porn industry in the US is so backward, they’re still relying on their own propaganda, even though as recently as 2007 or 2008, a few stars were infected by one male actor, so puhlease okay? What the American adult industry says is ‘it’s okay to have unsafe sex if you’re a certain kind of person, ie a porn actor.’ That is utter BS. The absurd approach the porn industry takes undoes the work sex educators do to educate teenagers, and has indirectly led to the abstinence movement. But porn proponents don’t like to discuss that aspect.

    This situation will pan out the following way: Tiger’s scandal will reach its completion stage and a media announcement, as usual, will announce his wife’s submissive choice to remain his wife. It’s the normal practice in America. It’s like a form of insidious propaganda that aims to condition girls to be doormats. Porn does that already by its ridiculous portrayal of women, who technically aren’t desirable unless they modify themselves with cosmetic surgery.
    I’m so sick and tired of the porn industry and its propaganda.

    Anyway, you’re a total hypocrite.

  59. DrM says:

    @ Firestarter – HAHAHA – “Health Care Reform Board” love it.

    Look TW is a DOUCHE of epic proportions…black white or green he’s a douche of a human being…end of story. His poor wife…

  60. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “hide in my porn stash”? how mature of you.

    “Seriously, you began by saying that people are less likelier to catch an STD from a porn actor, then you agree with there being infectious porn actors. Make up your mind.”

    I said no such thing. if you would READ my first post, I said “actually, you’re no more likely to contract a disease from a porn star than from a random man or woman. the STD testing in the porn industry has gotten very stringent over the past several years BECAUSE of the nature of that business.”

    as for your story about a few stars being infected by one male actor, the same thing happens every day to people who AREN’T in the porn industry. one infected person passing it on to a few different people. see? NO MORE LIKELY.

    did you get that? NO MORE LIKELY. not LESS likely…NO MORE LIKELY. do I need to repeat that again, or do you get it now?

    so, yet again, you’re wrong.

    “I don’t know what country you live in, but where I live, at least my government is sophisticated enough not to outlaw prostitution. Condom usage is practically a norm in brothels.”

    I live in the US, and in LEGAL brothels in NV, there are rules about using condoms. however, in THIS country, there are a LOT of sex workers who DON’T work in legal brothels, and not all of them use condoms. However, I do agree that if prostitution were legalized across the US, and regulated by the gov’t like any other business, the STD rate amongst them sex workers would go down.

    you’re making an awful lot of claims about the porn industry, yet you have no proof of your claims. I’ve watched a lot of documentaries on the subject and I know of what I speak.

    people can know about the porn industry and not have a “stash of porn”. it’s called educating yourself. something which you apparently have no interest in doing. I guess you’d rather spew your opinions and assumptions as fact.

    as far as me being a hypocrite, you came to that conclusion based on your erroneous reading of my post. I wasn’t hypocritical at any point. but if it makes you feel triumphant to make that claim, go for it.

  61. Frances Lau says:

    Instead of arguing about whether porn stars give you STD. try this for size:

    i was married to a man who frequented Escorts from the GTA area in Toronto, Canada (the nice Canadian city uh) for 3 years during our marriage. He believed the girls when their website said SAFE and he also liked the GFE (girl friend experience). So, Tiger probably thought his “girl friends” – whether it is porn star, waitress, escorts etc… that they are all SAFE.

    Porn stars do not give you STD. Men who chose to go to have “transgressions” will pick up STD some day because they are all sharing these women.. Men think they are exclusive to them…

    Tiger’s wife should get herself tested now, and then test again in 6 months for AIDS (it takes two tests to confirm).

    In the mean time, folks, ESCORTS/PROSTITUTES/PORN STARS – if you like an exciting life to catch STD, go for it! Just leave your wife first!

  62. sassenach says:

    Pulling the race card is cheap. Tiger is not 1/4 black. He has identity issues. His father is 100% black and his mother is asian. He likes to claim the white and native american ancestry but as most americans know over 90% of black americans have white ancestry. Hell it was revealed that even Michelle Obama has white and native american ancestry. Tiger’s issues with his race, and sexual problems run deep and I hope he gets help.

  63. Roy says:

    LOL, Ok, Ok, I shouldn’t have pulled the race card but “88” says it best, people need to focus on something more important than this. This is a personal matter that should not be in the public eye. That’s all I’m saying. And “DEEZ” has a point too. Oh also, as for the race card, I can say whatever the hell I want to say just like you. No need to call names. Get a life, some of you are consumed with this and it’s not important like “88” says. Damn.

  64. So says:

    I feel bad for his wife, but if she choose to stay even that emotion will be wasted. So even for her sake we should stay out of it. Take the kids and leave, most likely not, if she wants more money when she does leave. So why waste time and energy feeling sorry for anybody? She getting paid and Tigger getting laid. People need to stop being so stupid, now is not the time to get married, don’t anyone read the stats for marriages? If you badly needed a car that ran only 50% of the time when you needed it would you buy it? NO. So why expect anything different in these broke down relationships of this era? I certainly would not be having children during the worse marriage success rates that we are living in. Who fault is that? Tigers? A man will do no more than you let him. If she wanted to take that chance she should have been on birth control but No. She wanted children. More children more money. Dumb, both are in my book. That girl will stay you watch. More money more dollars. Holla! This is just the truth, whether yall want to deal with it or not.

  65. IUD says:

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