Travis Kelce’s family is freaked out by Taylor Swift’s fame & her obsessive fans

It’s so funny to think back at the start of Traylor, and how all of those football bros were so mad whenever anyone suggested that Taylor Swift is a million times more famous than Travis Kelce. While Travis is a star in his sport, Taylor Swift is a global superstar at every level and she’s had that spotlight on her for fifteen years. She knows how to handle it, she knows how to manage and maintain her fame, she knows how to play these games and win. The Kelce family is like “wait, what is even happening?” It probably doesn’t help matters that Travis’s superstar girlfriend has a fanbase which moonlights as the largest investigative body in the world, and the snake fam has already done all of the research on the Kelces. Long story short, the Kelces are freaked out.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship remains the apple of the media’s collective eye — and after more than a month of the spotlight, it’s starting to take a toll on his loved ones.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … the frenzy in the press over TayTay and Travis has become incredibly overwhelming for his immediate family members — including his mom, Donna, his dad, Ed, and even his fellow NFLer and older brother, Jason. We’re told all the attention the couple’s getting isn’t the fam’s favorite thing in the world — seeing how it ends up spilling over on them — but, by the same token, they’re happy Travis is happy … so they’re dealing.

Our sources tell us the whole family’s been under a microscope since the initial dating rumblings way back in September … and they’ve all been getting blown up nonstop on their personal phones and on social media since Trav and Tay went public as a couple.

One other interesting tidbit relayed to us … Travis’s flesh and blood are a bit startled by Swifties and their intense, to put it mildly, love for her. We’re told their fierce passion actually makes them a little worried for her BF’s safety — even with him being a 6’5″, 250 lb. NFL superstar.

All that being said, the Kelces keep smiling for cameras — they’re fully aware how many are on them, especially when they interact with Taylor face-to-face.

Fortunately for them, there might be a break in the near future, as Taylor’s about to go back on tour again, and this time she’ll be overseas. Of course, he’ll be here playing football … probably into February, as his Chiefs remain a favorite to reach the Super Bowl. However, some reports suggest Trav might actually join her for some of those international dates in 2024 — after his season’s done — so, we’ll see if there’s a breather for the Kelces or not.

[From TMZ]

Considering the fact that the Swifties are Instagram-stalking Travis’s publicist AND obsessively commenting on Travis’s Instagram about how he needs to fire said publicist, I would also assume that everyone in Kelce World is probably freaked out, not just Travis’s family. The snake fam can be intense and they have zero chill. They will send death threats, they will make bomb threats, they will harass anyone associated with a Snake Enemy. If “Traylor” goes belly up and Taylor tells people that it’s Travis’s fault, the Kelces will never know another day of peace. Good luck to everyone involved, because it feels like someone is trying to soften the ground for “Travis and Taylor are over, it was just a fling.”

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  1. Rapunzel says:

    “Good luck to everyone involved, because it feels like someone is trying to soften the ground for ‘Travis and Taylor are over, it was just a fling.’ ”

    IDK, i don’t get that vibe.

    • seaflower says:

      I don’t get that vibe either. Although I do think there are some people who would rather them not be together as the attention is more on her, not on the game.

      I do think Taylor’s pr do need to tone it down, and Travis’ PR person just committed a CLM.

    • SarahLee says:

      I don’t get that vibe either. Didn’t Taylor just fly to KC? I think she’s having fun. Watching her at the football game, I almost wondered if this is a little bit of a “normal” experience for her that she didn’t get to have – college, football games, cheering on your boyfriend – all seem like things a regular non-famous Taylor would have lived for growing up in Tennessee.

    • Bingo says:

      Agreed. It’s not over.

    • Lisa says:

      I didn’t get that vibe either. I think this is a leak from the publicist to cover her ass, since she is clearly bad at her job.

      Now that being said I can imagine it would be overwhelming to have someone in your family date someone as famous as Taylor. But this family seemed to court the media quite a bit prior to this couple so I doubt they mind that much. But I know I could not handle that level of attention.

      • MipMip says:

        “I think this is a leak from the publicist to cover her ass, since she is clearly bad at her job.”

        I think you nailed it in one.

  2. Southern Fried says:

    I’m sure by now the Kelces are aware of the pitfalls of fame and won’t be too traumatized. Yes especially Taylor’s rabid fans. If they haven’t experienced them yet they’ve certainly heard the Taylor haters since they’ve been having a field day. They just can’t let a post go by without negativity. The only place I hear about her rabid fans is places talking about how awful they are is blogs repeating whatever.

    • MichaelaCat says:

      You have got to be joking.

      Taylor fans are constantly hating everyone and everything they see as competition to their fave.

      Beyonce, Ariana, Gaga are favorite targets, but it can be anyone with strong chart numbers who releases music near her release dates (and that includes people who did it in the past).

      You can see a tweet about an upcoming star and Swifties comments are about how Beyonce tour flopped (yes, they actually say that) or far more toxic things.

      Not a day goes by on Twitter when they’re not hating someone. I am not even looking for it and see it all the time, because they love doing it under unrelated posts that have nothing to do with their ‘queen’.

      • Southern Fried says:

        That is absolutely not the content I get on X or IG. So no, I’m not joking.

      • Ameerah M says:

        Exactly. Especially Beyonce – they seem to have a real vendetta against Beyonce and the Beyhive. And then there are tweets where they THINK someone is talking about Taylor – I have seem them say horrible things to people on Twitter and IG.

      • JustStop says:

        There is a certain segment of Taylor fans who do that–and there are certain segments of Beyonce, Ari, etc fans who do the exact same thing. It’s pretty universal among the most hardcore stans. They don’t have any grasp of reality or decent conduct.

      • MichaelaCat says:

        This is just a sample and notice this is not one tweet but a whole thread of them:

        Acting as if it’s just blogs making it up is so weird to me, when there is so much toxicity from Swifties and for the dumbest reasons.

      • Lisa says:

        And there are a segment of Beyoncé fans that do the same thing some are even worse. Same for all the other ones mentioned.

        No one as famous as Taylor, Beyoncé or hell back to MIchael Jackson doesn’t have fans that aren’t obsessive and nuts. However, the narrative in blogs to make it like all people who love her work and music are doing this is inaccurate and honestly hateful.

        Again her fans are no different than any other fans. Beyoncé fans have sent death threats to some women who offered Jay Z a coke when she was hosting them at a game.

        Some looney MJ fans attacked his victims.

        Now I am a big fan of all three mentioned (Though I acknowledge the facts of MJ) but the response of a few people being loud is not representative of all, nor is ok. But stop with the it is only Taylor fans because it is a complete lie.

      • Delphine says:

        I’m not a Swifty but my TikTok FYP thinks I am and all I see is positivity. Every post and there are a lot. Taylor posted a TikTok of herself with Beyoncé after her movie premiere. All the comments are positive and all the Swifties love Bey for giving Taylor her moment after Kanye interrupted her at the VMAs. I’ve seen no hate for any other female artists at all.

      • C says:

        Delphine – I mean, I see nothing but positive comments on fan pages for Kate Middleton. That’s not where fans are going to display their toxicity. It’s on pages about Meghan they unleash. Same for TS and things she posts versus what others post.

    • Ameerah M says:

      Then you must not be on social media much. Because her rabid fans are all over Twitter and IG and will swarm posts that even ELUDE to her or they THINK are about her. They’re nuts.

      • Sass says:

        @ameerah wtf??? Are you ok, holy shit.

        ETA in reference to someone telling you to k-ll yourself.


      • Teee says:

        @Ameerah, I’m always relieved, and grateful, to read you on these threads…. you refuse to drink the cool-aid, sign NDAs or go along with the vile bs 🩷

    • Hillary says:

      I agree with you @Southern. This site loves dunking on her fans & blaming them for the hole in the ozone layer- it’s a weird one sided beef.

      • Ameerah M says:

        I literally was told to **ll myself by a Swiftie on Twitter but okay.

      • girl_ninja says:

        There is a huge segment of Tayler fans who are rabid, nasty, cruel monsters. Folks on “on this site dunk her fans” are simply pointing it out. Taylor should address this disgusting sect like she did with the “sexualized female relationships” rumors’ she did last week.

      • Becks1 says:

        Even Taylor fans who aren’t out and out rabid and nasty are still pretty ride or die for Taylor in a weird way. I told a friend of mine who is a big Swiftie that I I don’t really like her music and I felt like I was confessing some deep dark secret because most Swifties react with horror at the idea of someone not loving her music.

        It’s a strange intense fandom and acting like this site is making it up is also strange.

      • L84Tea says:

        @Becks1, a few years ago I said something on my personal Facebook about TS where I compared her dancing skills to a piece of limp asparagus, and some friend of a friend who worked at my child’s daycare came after me trying to lecture me and demand that I watch the TS documentary, and that I NEEDED to see TS in a different light. It was hilarious and so, so weird.

      • Dee(2) says:

        There’s definitely a vocal subsection of her fans that are unhinged. I think most probably just like her music and move on with their day. But let’s not pretend there’s not a huge amount where you’re either for or against Taylor. There’s no in between or casual like/indifference. Unfortunately with fans like that they’re usually the loudest. These are the fans that in two months time turned Joe Alwyn from the most perfect boyfriend that ever existed, to a sad failed loser, who couldn’t handle Taylor’s success and was a weak coward that never could defend her from the paparazzi. People aren’t imagining their interactions with this group on social media.

      • Hillary says:

        She is a popular pop star, she has fans, a lot of them will be jerks…that is not her responsibility, nor are they a cult acting on directions with one mind by listening to “Lover” & each jerk was probably one before Red came out & will be one after, lol.

      • Sass says:

        There are fans on this site too and they have very short memories about Taylor’s missteps and misdeeds, and do not appreciate being reminded.

        I do sincerely hope this works out for them, but if it doesn’t, I am also not surprised anymore.

        After her little Matt Healy stunt, I seriously doubt Taylor has miraculously matured since the summer enough to have a healthy long term relationship.

        Whoever planted this story does not want them together, that’s for sure though.

      • C says:

        I said to a coworker that while I was glad she was doing well her music isn’t really to my taste and they suggested I needed to examine my internalized misogyny.
        (And I mean maybe that’s true in some matters but I don’t think what I said about TS fits that, lol)

    • Kate says:

      There is definitely a subset of Swifties that goes too far and does toxic and nasty things. What I think is odd about some of the discourse here is that some comments either act like that’s all of her fans or that other fandoms don’t have similar toxic subsets.

      I think there’s also a separate conversation to be had about what celebrities are expected to/should do with respect to the rabid part of their fanbase. I thought someone else had an interesting observation that Beyoncé has people who sort of speak on her behalf without actually speaking on her behalf, and that sometimes act to shut those fans downs. Other celebs have on occasion directly told their fans to back off (thinking of Hailey/Selena drama and Taylor re the Speak Now re-release). The celeb playbook though seems by and large to be to ignore those people. It always makes me wonder if they aren’t that tuned into/insulated from what we see “on the ground” or if their PR team tells them its better to stay silent and not add fuel to the fire or if they just don’t care because it doesn’t directly impact them.

  3. StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

    The vibe this week is different. I’m rooting for them, but i think something someone is starting something

    • eve says:

      Maybe the post of his publicist was not ‘unintentional’….

    • Snideysense says:

      Agree, between this and the Selena Gomez/Haim sisters article yesterday and the publicist thing, it feels like someone’s either stirring sh*t or paving the way for something.

  4. MinorityReport says:

    “Travis and Taylor are over, it was just a fling,” is on my Hanukkah list this year. The wall to wall coverage is a complete turn off.

  5. Jensa says:

    I don’t think it’s helped by Taylor’s team briefing every little detail of every date to the press. I think anyone would find that a bit much.

    • dynastysurf says:

      Travis is the one talking about it on his podcast every single week. Let’s not just blame her, they’re obviously both in on this. Ed Kelce could also stand to take about ten steps back from the press but nobody’s complaining about him.

      • vanna says:

        ditto. the kelce parents were all in, sitting with her in the lounge and giving interviews, and jasons been finding opportunities to bring TS up on the podcast whenever possible. sure the swifties are a rabid crowd, but they were being FED. I hope they pull through, a few weeks off radar might be good tho

      • Lisa says:

        THANK YOU Dynastysurf- yep it is all Taylor big bad evil Taylor and her evil fans. The fact that the Kelce family has courted the press for YEARS, have podcast and talk about this shit all the time is only happening because evil Taylor is making them.

  6. Miranda says:

    Ever listen to call-ins on sports talk shows? Fans will say that a player deserves to be fired if he misses a game for a death in the family, and they don’t think a wife’s miscarriage is worth missing a single offseason practice. And ask any kicker who’s ever missed a crucial field goal about death threats. Sports fans are every bit as deranged as the most unhinged Swifties. If the relationship isn’t meant to be, well, that’s unfortunate, but I don’t think Swifties are gonna scare off a guy who’s been in the spotlight in his own field since college (or longer, if he’s from one of those areas that cares way too much about high school football).

    • QuiteContrary says:

      This is 100% true. And I say this as someone who lives and dies with her baseball team (the Phillies — *sob* — who should be playing in the World Series right now).

      • AnneL says:

        Astros fan here (*ducks*). I was rooting for the Phillies after we lost to the Rangers. I really wanted you guys to take the whole thing. Maybe next year. We won last year and it’s been such a crazy ride since 2017, I would honestly be relieved if the Astros didn’t even make it to the playoffs next season. I know, I know….me and a lot of other people around the country, lol.

      • Becks1 says:

        I’m an Orioles fan. I’m ignoring the WS lol.

    • MaryContrary says:

      Seriously. A friend has a twitter account that follows and comments on a few baseball teams-some of the tweets in response are unhinged. They good give the Swifties a run for their money in craziness.

    • AnneL says:

      So true. Whenever my husband or son is watching a game and texting in a group text with fellow fans/friends, they’re all judging the decisions of the coaches and refs, dunking on the guy who just fumbled or gave up a run, etc. They don’t call in to stations and rant but plenty of people do. Even the commentators on TV and radio get in on that action. It’s part of the culture.

    • Twin Falls says:

      Being an NFL field goal kicker has got to be the most thankless job in sports. And yes sports fans are absolutely deranged.

    • Bren says:

      I don’t think Travis Kelce has ever been on the end of bad fan culture because 1) he’s a talented player who has always performed well on the field, and 2) the Chiefs have been playoff and Super Bowl contenders for the last six years. Any fan abrasion he may be feeling since being in this relationship is probably new to him.

      He hightailed it off the field after the Chiefs lost to the Broncos and the stadium DJ started playing Shake It Off.

      • Shawna says:

        “fan abrasion” – excellent phrase!

      • AnneL says:

        Yeah, he’s been lucky. Obviously he works hard and is great at his job, but he’s never been on the receiving end of fan negativity. It’s brutal. They way Bengals’ fans are dunking on their own QB right now because he’s having an off year, even though he got them to the Super Bowl for the first time in I don’t know how many decades just a few years ago.

        Travis had better learn to handle losing more gracefully, because it might very well happen again. No team can ride high forever.

        I say this as a Texans fan (technically, I honestly don’t care about football). Our team was terrible for years. Plenty of people still go to the games, tailgate like maniacs and root hard, but the players have taken a lot of abuse too. I don’t pity them because they get paid well and they signed up for it. Still, it really is ridiculous.

    • Sass says:

      @miranda accurate. I grew up where college ball is so overrun by fans that there are generations of rivalries, and people have shot each other over game outcomes. I now live in an nfl town and I thought football in the SEC was bad but wow…nfl fans are NOT my people. Anything with the team colors even unintentional is labeled “team name color! Love that team spirit” even sunsets. Gross. I love to joke that it’s not the team that sucks, it’s the fans. Because wow it’s true. The level of obsession is not something I understand.

    • QuiteContrary says:

      Thanks for your kind words, AnneL. I was ridiculously sad when we lost the NLCS. Still not over it.

  7. SH says:

    In this case it is mostly the result of what Kelce and his family and surrounding team have done. He and his brother talked about her in interviews. His parents both did interviews talking about her. His publicist fumbled. He was the one that clearly wanted her at his games.

    This is a common situation where the attention is intoxicating at first and then you start seeing the downsides. You see normal people posting photos with Taylor and loving the attention from it at first and then it gets overwhelming and they end up deleting their account.

    His family is better positioned than most. They are attention hungry and are used to sports fans where they have talked about getting booed and yelled at in parkings lots etc by opposing fans. I had a similar thought about Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra. A family that has its flows and is attention seeking, but has dealt with boy band fame which is about the one thing that could help prepare you for being in India and her Bollywood style fame where situations like what happened with Taylor at that Jersey Shore wedding are common. You step out of the Mumbai airport to a crush of paparazzi and it is relentless from there.

    • Turkeylurkey says:

      Great post. I think Donna may not like the attention shift from momma Kielce and her two Super Bowl sons to OMG Taylor and Travis. Donna has made several endorsement deals of her own riding off the coattails of her sons. She even complained that the NFL is making money off of the Taylor/Travis coupling. Pretty funny when you consider she is making money off of her sons with her own endorsement deals. I don’t know much about the dad because I really don’t read anything much about him, but Donna, yeah she is (or was) front and center. LOL maybe she’s the one tipping off the press it may be coming to an end.

      • AnneL says:

        Interesting. When she did that morning show interview after Taylor had shown up to one or two games, the hosts were asking about her and she just shut it down. She was like “Yeah, it was OK. It’s still really early.” And I don’t blame her, but at the same time, it comes with the territory. If your son is dating Taylor Swift and she’s showing up to his public events, you will be asked about it.

  8. Angie says:

    The ground softening is to go underground to protect his fam & her for the first time getting ready to tell her fans to settle down, that she’s a grown woman & these are real ppl, as she is. At least, I hope she takes the next step to growing up fully.

    • Vanessa says:

      Taylor would never do that the only time Taylor told her fans to settle down is when she re release speak now and that only because She got a email from John . Taylor has never spoken out when her fans go on all Karen on black woman or any of her another exes .

    • Ameerah M says:

      LOL. She has never told her fans to settle down – even when they have sent death threats to people.

      • Lisa says:

        Neither has Beyoncé, or Ariana, or Britney. And you know what they don’t need to!!! They women aren’t responsible for their fans behavior. And putting it on them is gross.

      • Dee(2) says:

        @Lisa she’s not responsible for their behavior, but you can’t simultaneously be so close to some of your fans that you literally invite them to your house and personally thank them for defending you from bullying, and then ignore a very large section that makes their entire support of you about bullying other people. Most people probably realize that that’s not the vast majority of her fans but it’s a very vocal minority and it would not hurt at all for her to say calm your asses down.

  9. Vanessa says:

    Taylor Swift fanbase is completely unhinged and ruthless they will go after anyone They send deaths threats to scooter Braun ex wife she had to issue a statement . They have racial abuse and harass Antonia Gentry from Ginny and Georgia they went after the creators of the show try to get the show canceled over a joke . Then once they found out about two woman writers used to work on degrassi they started to harass former degrassi actors after they just loss one of the costars to suicide. They have spend decades trolling Camille belle from
    The better than revenge song and also continue to harass Kayla . They always still send Jake horrible messages online they even went as far being anti Semitic. God help Travis and his family if this Relationship doesn’t work out because Taylor Swift fans will never stop harassing him .

    • Lau says:

      They are so scary and the fact that she’s never done anything to calm her own fans when they do sh*t like this is really telling.

      • Arizona says:

        honestly the BeyHive is very similar. as are Selena Gomez’s fans. I do wish app celebrities whose fanbases act like this would call them out more frequently, but often they just turn on the celeb when they do (look at how the “Gaylors” reacted recently for example).

      • sevenblue says:

        I think, she only spoke up about her ex john mayer when speak now re-record was about to get published, because she knows he won’t keep silent and he will speak publicly about her. She said he sent him an angry letter in the past. I guess, she didn’t want to get another one.

      • Lisa says:

        @sevenblue are you truly acting like John Mayer is some victim of TS? Seriously you are going to take the side of a man who actively went after a 19 year old when he was 32 groomed her and put her through hell. Who has been reported to have been emotionally abusive to almost every woman he dates and even drove some to have drinking problems?

        That is the man that you are going to side with in your need to hate Taylor Swift?

      • sevenblue says:

        @Lisa, lol. I don’t hate Taylor, you can see my multiple comments on this site defending her when she is right. Interesting you are aware what kind of man JM is and still don’t find it weird that he is the only ex Taylor said to her fans not to harass? Even now, when swifties calling Joe every name under the sun, Taylor doesn’t ask them to stop. I am just pointing out the only time Taylor calmed her fans was her most horrible ex because she was afraid he won’t just take it.

  10. Stephanie says:

    Idk how anyone could assume he was more famous than her. Regardless though, as far as dating someone that big, it’s probably one of those things you can’t imagine until you’re in it.

    • Lisa says:

      I could never do it, I don’t like when i get attention at a work meeting so having the entire world look at me would cripple me. However, I don’t think Travis is like me at all and he and his family have been actively courting fame long before this Taylor thing. I mean he never chased nice private citizen women of Kansas City, he always dates a woman in the public eye.

  11. Anne says:

    I’m kind of surprised to see this posted without reference to the clarification that was published to Entertainment Tonight and clearly came from one/both of their camps. It basically said that the family IS worried about safety but think Travis is on the way to finding ‘his person’ in Taylor, is still getting used to the excess attention, and that while they appreciate their fans, they would like to keep some aspects of their relationship private going forward. ET then published an article about how they were spending Halloween together and he would join her for a few shows on her November tour. Anyway, to me, it actually seemed like they are trying to politely chastise the overzealous fans *BECAUSE* it’s not a fling and they all want some breathing room 🤷🏻‍♀️ Whereas TMZ seemed like it was stirring the pot and trying to cause more drama.

  12. Steph says:

    Unpopular opinion. I’m a Swiftie and I’ve never interacted with another fan in real life who was completely unhinged. Taylor has a massive fan base, but I feel like a small percentage of that base are trolling online and acting vile. Most fans think that group is unhinged and don’t support that behavior. I also don’t know that it helps for Taylor to tell those people to calm down, necessarily. She specifically told her fans not to bother JM and the trolls did it anyway. I think her speaking on it may just make it worse in the long wrong. The trolls and conspiracy theorists will think she’s being forced to say something and it will backfire.

    As for the Kelce’s, yes the attention is intense, but they’ve always enjoyed the spotlight. It is probably annoying them, Donna especially, that the attention is focused more on Taylor and not them.

    • Concern Fae says:

      The answer is that she needs to do it to give normal Swifties the ammunition to push back against the unhinged ones. There is a natural social pull to gain attention by presenting the most extreme point of view within a group. It’s why political and religious factions tend to become more extreme over time. Also why mainstream reminders of where the boundaries are is important.

    • Hillary says:

      @Steph- you sound very reasonable, lol! The hate for Taylor Swift is just as unhinged as the adoration (I think more)

  13. AnneL says:

    This feels to me like nudging the Swifties to back off. The family says they’re happy Travis is happy, and he does seem to be. As others pointed out, the brothers do talk about it on their podcast. It’s kind of wink-wink and all in gentle fun, but they’re not putting up a firewall. He’s handled the scrutiny very well so far. Then the craziness about the publicist happened and things got real.

    For a few weeks there it was nuts because she was going to his home games and to the one in her own back yard, against the Jets. Now things are moving overseas so they will go a little more underground. I’m getting an “Everybody Simmer Down Now” feeling.

    Who knows if they’ll last? Long distance is tough, especially when you haven’t been together long. But things seem solid for now. Apparently she was in KC for a Halloween dinner/party with him. The guy just bought a larger, much more secure house in part because of Taylor. I know it makes sense for him to move regardless, but still. He had bought land by Mahones’ place and was planning to build there, then he went ahead and bought another house on the quick.

    For the record, I have definitely seen some hyper-intense, intrusive fans among the Swifties. But the vast majority don’t seem to be like that. Most just want to watch clips of her, make friendship bracelets, consume and talk about her music. A lot are even wanting to not talk about her romantic life at all. Leave it to her songs to cover that.

  14. kelleybelle says:

    She’s the most over-exposed celebrity since Michael Jackson. Way over-exposed.

  15. VilleRose says:

    Travis and Taylor have been basically courting the paparazzi since they went public and aren’t hiding so Travis can’t be too surprised about all of this? Or maybe he wasn’t prepared for the level of Sherlock Holmes skills the Snake Squad has? His family has also been open about liking Taylor in interviews with the press and has only said positive things about her so Taylor’s fans can calm down. Taylor’s fame can be overwhelming and it’s Gen Z’s equivalent to Beatle Mania so I can see the Kelces being in over their heads.

    At the same time, I don’t understand the obsessiveness of Swifties like calling her mother (or any celebrity mother or father, I find it weird and parasocial). I’ve been part of fandoms and been pretty obsessed myself but was never interested in harassing random people on the internet I never met.

    • sevenblue says:

      When Michael Fox said publicly that Taylor should stay away from his son, swifties harassed him and he ended up calling Taylor and apologizing to her. Then, Taylor went to social media and thanked her fans for “having my back”. Now, at the time I thought it was pretty disrespectful what he did and glad he apologized, but Taylor gave her fans the credit for it. She has always been one of those encouraging this kind of relationship with millions of her online fans. That’s why when someone seems to disrespect her in any way, they go attack mode.

    • Lucy says:

      I think him and his brother talking about it on the podcast is to normalize the relationship some. Jason’s wife is mentioned too, and it would be weird to be in a relationship where he doesn’t publicly reference her in any way, ahem. He hasn’t spoken for her or said anything other than positive things that aren’t super personal.

      Like when they talked about the New York extravaganza, it was just about how it was cool to be at SNL, he felt like there were some goofy pictures of him hand holding, and he does not feel like a member of the security team. That’s some great stories that doesn’t mention anything that happened privately. I think it’s a good sign that he’s working out including her in a podcast that’s pretty personal without trading on it.

      I really want to know what Kylie, Jason’s wife, thinks of Taylor if they’ve met (I would be surprised if they’d met already). She seems very down to earth and like she’s good at reading people. I think she’d be zero bs about her opinion.

    • Christine says:

      I’m with you, Lucy, I would love to know what Kylie Kelce thinks about all of this. I have a huge crush on her, she does seem extremely down to earth and also like a lot of fun.

  16. Sophie says:

    I assume she’s aware of all this, considering she previously wrote a song or 2 about whether her (now) ex would be willing to stay with her despite the fame and intense scrutiny. “Peace” is a genuinely beautiful song if anyone wants to listen to it! So hopefully, she’s providing some support behind the scenes to make this easier on everyone.

    I am a fan of her music but the super fans make me so uncomfortable.

    • AnneL says:

      There is an interview where she talks about how difficult it is for someone to be in a relationship with her. She says there are some things she can control and some she can’t (like someone with a zoom lens taking a picture from over a mile away). She has a lot of security and kept her life with Joe quite private, so she obviously is willing to make that effort….to a point.

      Basically, what she said is that what she IS able to control will have to be enough for whoever is with her. That they have to accept the trade-off. Like I said, Taylor will protect her partner but she can and will only do it to a point. She doesn’t like hiding. She likes to interact with fans, to go out to restaurants and games and not have to avoid public spaces altogether. She and her career feed on the attention to some degree.

      One reason I think Travis DOES seem like a good match for her is that he is comfortable in the spotlight, is secure and protective, and doesn’t seem to mind attention himself. He’s kind of a ham and so is she.

  17. CJ says:

    I’m not feeling convinced that a family hating attention so much would go talking about it on background. Just doesnt pass the vibe check as a genuine reaction, as obvs it brings more attention.

    A fair amount of the Traylor/Tayvis articles feel like writers doing best guesses to pull in clicks – which is the model of the TMZ’s of the world.

  18. Sass says:

    Re: Swifties. I’m not a Taylor hater, but I wouldn’t call myself a fan and definitely not a swiftie. I appreciate some of her music, her ambition and drive is admirable, I think some of her stuff is openly derivative and others before her have done it better, some of her stuff is very slick and shiny and overproduced, but some of her stuff also hits me in the feels. I think she’s a better songwriter than a musician.

    My own experience with a former friend who is a swiftie was me saying I didn’t get the hype years ago and her telling me I needed to try again because I was wrong. Like heavily implied we weren’t gonna stay friends if I openly said I wasn’t into Taylor. It was uncomfortable and weird, and I felt bullied. But then again this person is a bully so it didn’t work out for our “friendship” because she kept pushing me on other shit and I finally told her she was exhausting 🤣

  19. Flamingo says:

    Has a Taylor fan ever showed up on anyone’s doorstep with Snake sword or something? I get comments that are annoying. But all they do is keyboard cowboy. I doubt Pia is any danger. But a good way to spin it is to try and deflect from a dumb post. Some people here take what they say too seriously. It’s just screaming into a blackhole.

  20. A says:

    I think they’re fine. She spent the last few days in Kansas City and was there when this article came out. Entertainment Tonight said his family are stressed out but were happy Travis was on the path to finding his “special person”. And Travis spoke about the couple costumes on the podcast recorded on Monday and seemed happy.

  21. Michelle says:

    I think things are fine. Taylor was just here in KC after the Denver loss. It seems to me that the media is leaning into “Daily Fail” type stories, trying to create drama to get more eyeballs. The couple is in love, y’all. They are trying to spend time together before she leaves for her tour.

    Taylor and Travis didn’t have any public appearances during her visit and put crime scene tape around his yard with security guards outside his house, telling people they weren’t home. Even the most famous singer in the world deserves to have a life. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.