Ines de Ramon is Brad Pitt’s ‘first proper relationship since the divorce’

The more Brad Pitt’s crisis managers try to sell us this relationship with Ines de Ramon, the less I believe that any of it is real. That is so weird too – before Angelina Jolie filed for divorce in 2016 (after he terrorized and repeatedly assaulted Jolie and their children), I would have said that Pitt’s biggest problem is that he couldn’t be alone, that he always had to attach himself to someone. But in the past seven years, he’s been overwhelmingly alone, and in those rare moments when he is associated with a woman, it reeks of desperation, PR, crisis management and fauxmance. Well, it looks like Ines de Ramon is the One. Or something.

Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon are going strong. The actor, 59, has been dating the jewelry designer, 33, for a year now, and they are in a “good place,” a source tells PEOPLE.

“This is Brad’s first proper relationship since the divorce,” the insider says, referring to the actor’s split from ex-wife Angelina Jolie. “He introduces [Ramon] as his girlfriend,” adds the source, who says Pitt “is doing great with Ines.”

“It’s great to see him in a good place. Ines makes him very happy,” says the source.

Earlier this month, Pitt and de Ramon made a public appearance together, stepping out at LACMA’s Art+Film Gala in Los Angeles, where the actor introduced a tribute to filmmaker and frequent collaborator David Fincher. The couple did not pose for photos together, but they were spotted enjoying their time at the annual event.

[From People]

This reminded me of that story – which I can’t find now or else I would link to it – where sources close to Pitt were listing all of his requirements for a girlfriend, including stuff like “she can’t want to spend too much time with him” and “he doesn’t want to be super-serious and she better not want to get married.” It looks like Ines has something special – she’s his beck-and-call girl and after one year, he’s calling this poor woman his “girlfriend.”

Meanwhile, there’s a rumor that Plan B is trying to buy the rights to Britney Spears’ memoir. There’s been a lot of angst about it online, like Brad Pitt shouldn’t get involved in producing Britney’s story. The thing about it is, Pitt sold a majority stake in Plan B back in January and he has barely anything to do with the company these days. I mean, Dede Gardner was always the brains behind Plan B anyway. Dede is probably the one interested in Britney’s memoir.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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  1. sparrow says:

    I could really do with that all over cream outfit he’s got on there – I’d roll myself against the bathroom window to get rid of the condensation that builds up during winter.

  2. girl_ninja says:

    He’s so embarrassing. He will do anything to stay relevant and popular. From his personal life to his wardrobe he is screaming “I am desperate and need to be seen!” He’s so gross.

  3. ML says:

    Is Brad suffering from amnesia? Nico Mary was his 1st real relationship after Angie, remember? The fact that she was technically still married and in an open relationship with her husband caused BP to disavow her days after this:

  4. Jais says:

    Blah gross blah.

  5. Lady D says:

    LOL He managed to stay on the front page for 20 minutes. Redundancy is ticking closer and closer.

  6. Zhu Xian says:

    Who is even asking for this? Why this man isn’t like other Hollywood men who don’t or not as often as he does use rags to keep his image afloating in the drought season due to strikes. It’s really embarrassing.

  7. rawiya says:

    Well, yes, seeing how that one lady didn’t even know they were dating and had a boyfriend the entire time (the furniture artist/professor, not the one in an open-marriage to the restaurant owner.)

  8. Stay34 says:

    Even at 32 I wouldn’t date my father ,
    unlike Ines dating Multimillionaire Domestic Abuser Brad Pitt

  9. Stay34 says:

    It’s odd as People magazine was reporting about him dating in April 2017 he’s been dating throughout just not in public. Plus when is she getting her divorce?

  10. Button says:

    Always a little bit dismayed and dismissive of a man who has a relationship with women from different generations, no shared history, no giggles over shared references or similar past experiences! The exchange of female youth for a man’s money!! Love’s young dream! Will she still “love” him in 20 years time when he’s well past his prime!! Doubt it!! Brad Pitt with his daily updates of hot and heavy with these insta modes is coming across as soo desperately pathetic & needy

  11. Kandahar says:

    So Brad Pitt is testing out his DeNiro/ Pachino retirement plan. And hes selected someone much younger so he can have a 2nd set of children to replace the ones Angelina Jolie had. I

  12. Lauren says:

    One of my favorite features of this website is that you guys always find the most unflattering photos when you write about terrible people. He looks like Micky Rourke in a fashion school dropout’s suit.

  13. Ruby56 says:

    Run for the hills, lady! Look at how
    Brad Pitt treated Angelina Jolie and how the media supports male abusers by trying to make the batter wife/Angelina look like the ‘crazy’ one (and of course the public just do what the media tells them to do). This is a man who does not respect women. I guess that’s why abusive misogynistic websites like him.

    This girl needs to enjoy the superficial elements then get out. She should have an exit plan by now.

  14. GoopK says:

    Oh please. Authentic couples don’t have to “introduce” or have “sources” claim they’ve been seen together. No photographs together. It’s just a PR ploy to misdirect AJ so she can’t cause any trouble with whoever he is really dating which he is keeping private. Smart move actually, to have this woman act as a decoy.

    • Raven says:

      What are you even talking about? Angelina does not care who this abuse is dating she seem to just wants him to leave her and her kids alone.