Duchess Meghan made a surprise appearance at Variety’s Power of Women event

Last night, Variety held their annual Power of Women event. Last year, the Duchess of Sussex was one of the Power of Women honorees, but then QEII passed away and Meghan didn’t go to the event (although Variety still released their cover interview with her). So this year, Meghan attended and here she is! We didn’t know she was going to this, so it was such a pleasant surprise to see her fly solo.

Meghan wore a customized Proenza Schouler dress which would probably retail for $1400 or more. The original look was tea-length and made of leather, and Meghan had it turned into a gown. Like… this is far from my favorite thing I’ve ever seen her wear. In fact, it definitely feels like she’s not beating the Sad Beige allegations anytime soon. She paired the look with what some have identified as a Proenza Schouler minibag, plus her favored slicked-back tight chignon. Her heels are likely Aquazzura.

On the red carpet (I actually think it was a blue or black carpet), Meghan spoke to several media outlets, including the Variety reporter. She confirmed that she’s working on exciting new projects and Variety asked her about the absolutely bonkers streaming numbers for Suits. Variety said that over 45 billion minutes of Suits have been streamed, which surprised Meghan. She said:

“Isn’t that wild? It was great to work on, such a great cast and crew. We had a really fun time. I was on it for seven seasons, so quite a bit. But it’s hard to find a show you can binge-watch that many episodes of these days, so that could have something to do with it. But good shows are everlasting. Things that make people feel– I was going say ‘good,’ but it’s more than that, things that make people feel something, right?. And feel a sense of community. But we have so many exciting things on the slate. I can’t wait until we can announce them, but I’m just really proud of what we’re creating. My husband is loving it, too. It’s really fun.”

[From Variety]

I’m glad she went out solo – while it would have been amazing to see Harry at this event too – and he’s super-popular within these kinds of crowds, it was an event honoring women.

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Photos courtesy of Variety’s IG and Getty.

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  1. Flying fish says:

    Good for Meghan, get out there, let them choke on it.
    As for the fashion, I love the look, the dress maybe a bit long, but that is how she does it.

    • Sam says:

      I think the look is absof*ckinglutely amazing!!!!! She’s just perfection!!
      One of the most beautiful women in the world!!!

      • BeanieBean says:

        👏💯 Bee-you-tea-full!!!

      • Alice says:

        I love the dress. But I’m very sad beige myself so lol

        The white lining sells it. The tailoring is lovely. It’s a great dress and she’s wearing IT. It’s not wearing her.

      • Proud Mary says:

        Just saw a video of Meghan walking in this dress, and I must say I agree with SAM. The dress is stunning and she looks regal, beautiful, and elegant. She really stands out in a room of almost all black dresses. Absolutely sumptuous.

      • Cate says:

        I agree, she’s wearing the dress and not the other way around. I think she’s totally pulling it off and looks very vibrant (despite it being beige!).

    • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

      She looks amazing! Love the dress, a bit long and im not sure about that ruched side, makes it look like a saggy boob! I love that she is out and having fun and unsilenced!!! A royal with a voice and thoughts and opinions! Allelujah!

    • ML says:

      I love how she’s popped up unexpectedly again and getting honored!

      As to the dress: I like the general cut and fit, but I find it too long and the wrong color for her.

    • ADS says:

      I agree, the dress is fabulous. She looks effortlessly elegant and beautiful whilst being totally understated. I love it!

    • TheFarmer'sWife says:

      Meghan looked effortlessly beautiful, as per usual. I’m wondering how long it will be before we see Khate wearing a similar dress in a slightly darker shade of beige with one long sleeve made of lace, though. She’ll wear her wig in a half updo with waterfall curls at the back. Maybe for her piano-playing Christmas song/concert thing. If only she’d taken one last lesson–she could’ve been a highly sought-after concert pianist, you know!

      • BeanieBean says:

        Sure, she can try that, but what she can’t do–speak off the cuff & answer a question, any question, in a coherent manner.

      • TheFarmer'sWife says:

        @BeanieBean, I was being entirely sarcastic with the concert pianist’s comment. Khate has been billed as everything from the UK’s saviour, an early years educator, down-to-earth, glamorous, etc. Questions were raised last year about her ability to play the piano, with some thinking that the music had been dubbed over her playing. Unfortunately, Khate has not been prepared to answer off-the-cuff questions. You’d think that would’ve been one of the first things she’d have wanted to learn–she copies everything else Meghan does!

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      I was really steeling myself but this dress is awesome!

      I love the cut, the flow of the top, the color would never work on me but is gorgeous on her. Its elegant simplicity is perfection.

      I’m telling you – she dresses how I imagined I would dress as a grown up. But here I am unable to say no to hot pink oxford’s.

    • Caribbean says:

      I LOVE the look!! That dress in Color would perhaps be too much. Some styles look better with neutral colors and this is one such style; Off shoulder, slit, off center seam- Plus Color – would be a bit much.
      This look, as is, is perfect!

      • Kingston says:

        Ooooohhhhhh my kindred Caribbean sister you said this so eloquently!

        Despite not knowing much about clothes, I always knew intuitively (but never knew it was a real thing) that some dresses are meant to be seen for the cut and style and, done in the right fabric, the way they all work together to create a true work of art. And that to include color, wd detract from the focus.

        But seeing M in this dress, it all makes sense. M always knows what works for her.

        And for the record, what she said in the H&M docuseries was that when she was on that sunken island, she “rarely wore color” when she was out in a grp wth snr royal women. Because, she said, she didn’t want to stand out. Didn’t want to draw attention to herself.

        (However, as H said and we concur, she wd stand out even wraring a bivvy bag.)

        And so, in those cases, she wore lots of camel, beige, white, etc.

        It’s not that she HAD to wear those colors or that she doesn’t like them. M’s skintone is perfect for wearing earth tones and beige and camel and navy and black and white.

      • Just me says:

        Agree that the structure of the dress is emphasized more with the neutral color. And may I add she looks absolutely elegant!

  2. Becks1 says:

    LOVE THIS for her so much!!

    I love that dress – I do think another color would have popped more, but the dress is striking on its own and Meghan is striking on her own, so I don’t think she needs help “popping,” you know?

    So good to see her doing events like this. I can’t imagine how many salty tears there are this morning, hahaha. M’s interview with the reporter sounded better than someone’s planned “keynote” address.

    • Amy Bee says:

      The royal rota is silent and I love it.

      • Izzy says:

        They’re just trying to decide what she “overshadowed” before they write their hit pieces.

      • Sam says:

        They need time to come up with lies and untruths. They’re all not that smart…

      • Eurydice says:

        The only thing I’ve seen so far is slamming her for wearing beige, a color she “hated” when she was with the RF.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Eurydice: That’s all they got? LOL. The fact is she’s free to wear anything and any colour she wants now.

      • Eurydice says:

        What strikes me about Meghan’s interview is how prepared she is. Not that the exact words were prepared, but that she knows why she’s there, the purpose of the event, the key points that need to be stressed, the kinds of questions that might be asked. I think this allows her to be so calm and engaged. And I love how she gives all of her attention to the interviewer – so many would be scanning the room to look for the cameras or who else might be there.

      • Christine says:

        I would kill to have Meghan’s off the cuff abilities. She’s so attentive to each question, and ready with a good answer, I love it.

    • Haylie says:

      The same ones who thought Kate looked great in her purple Barney suit yesterday always gave something slick to say about Meghan.

    • Barbara says:

      I adore this dress on her and imho, the color is perfect. It sets off her glowing skin perfectly. She’s so TINY though!

      • Lula08 says:

        I think she is tiny too ! I know she has the body type to have thin legs and arms, but she has gotten very thin ! I hope the stress of all the attention she is getting is not too much. It must be hard to live with the very real safety issues she now has.

      • wordnerd says:

        I was coming to say the same thing. She’s gorgeous, but has gotten so so thin. Hope she’s ok.

      • ArtFossil says:

        To me she looked disturbingly thin.

      • Lulu says:

        To me she looks the same as when she was on Suits.. she is naturally petite.

      • ElizabethR says:

        I definitely have been having the same concerns. She’s lost a LOT of weight, you can see it in her face. Yes, she’s naturally tiny, but she’s much thinner than she was on Suits, I’ve been re-watching and it’s obvious. And this isn’t a concern troll, at all. I adore her and hope she’s ok. (Saying this as someone in the middle of a serious anorexia relapse, fighting to stay out of the hospital.)

      • ArtFossil says:

        @ELIZABETHR: Sending you healing energy.

    • equality says:

      And she does it without having to overdo the jewelry.

    • Nic919 says:

      The video clips really show how great she looks. No photoshop needed there. Also the dress displays better in motion than photos. It’s a great clean look.

      • Couch Potato says:

        She is stunning!

      • vs says:

        She is stunning….one of the most beautiful women in the world! Her face is perfect, just perfect! most importantly she is smart, confident and luminous! How did the ginger guy get so lucky?

    • Lux says:

      I love PS and realized Meghan wears them quite often! They’re always modern, well-tailored with a slight edge and/or twist in their proportions. Very quintessential New York.

      Megs did go full minimal! I’ve never seen her makeup like this before; so used to her smokey eye. “Sad Beige” and “Latte Makeup” are still in, plus I like that she’s not trying to be the center of attention with anything too blingy or revealing. She is among great company and they all deserve to be celebrated.

    • Erin says:

      @Becks- Yep, I think the dress looks better in the video than still photos.

      She’s just a natural when it comes to engagement, being prepared and she’s obviously genuinely interested in what she’s talking about and who she’s talking to. Her energy is just good. Kate could never which is why they would never put her in a situation like this where she would have to walk a line of reporters and actually engage with them.

    • acha says:

      This lady is always so on-point. The RF eats their own s-t every time Duchess Meghan opens her mouth and outshines Kate. They missed the boat on the strongest approval rating they’d ever have, across the commonwealth too.

      And my goodness she’s stunning.

      • Christine says:

        Truly, the lack of awareness of what they had in Meghan is stunning. They will never say it out loud, but we all know they are kicking themselves, how could they not?

    • Chrissy says:

      It probably lasted longer too!

  3. OriginalLala says:

    She looks beautiful, but the dress is not great, neither the colour (too light?) Nor the fit work super well.

    • Fossil says:

      Agree. This dress does her no favors.

      • Proud Mary says:

        I think she looks effortlessly elegant. It
        proves she doesn’t need gaudy blood jewelry, she’s just that gorgeous. But Meghan also looks amazing in colors. I look forward to her adding more bright solids like yellow and green, both of which she’s worn before, though I must admit to being personally a taupe and brown girl ma’self, so I can relate. Go back to her pre-royal red carpet, You’ll see that Meghan just isn’t the flashy person the British Media has tried to make her out to be.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Fossil, the dress doesn’t disfavor her. It’s a very neutral look. She wasn’t trying to outshine the nominees. Laid back, casual cool, minimal makeup and effortless conversations with reporters. Meghan looked great. I want her shoulders and glowing skin.

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      Agreed on the dress. But she’s a natural out there, speaking to the press. Effortless.

    • Laura D says:

      I agree with the comments that the dress is too long and the off-shoulder could have been tailored better. Not one of her best looks but, hey she still looks a lot better than a certain try-hard on the other side of the pond. 😉

      I LOVE that she made this appearance at a high profile event and the BM heard about it second hand. May they continue to rue the day they chased her out of the UK.

    • Taytanish says:

      I love, love, love this dress, but from the waist down, I’m just not a fan of the amount of material (that should have been the shoulder) hanging, you know! But Meg can wear a sackcloth and make it look like a million bucks expensive, that’s how much of a natural she is. I love that she left that salty fcuckin family and reclaimed her voice. To me, she can never do no wrong, just for sticking to her guns and refusing to be abused and molded into what that horrendous BRF would have wanted to turn her into. I loved princess Di for that too, she said absofuckinlutely NOT, and vamoosed. I hate that family with a passion of 1000 fires, of course except Meg, Harry, Archie and Lili.

    • sparrow says:

      Agree. I’ve commented down thread about this dress in motion, where it looks like a better quality fabric, almost silk, and the colour seems to have more about it, almost a green base that makes the beige more golden. But, yes, in and of itself, it isn’t great. The problem is this kind of fabric can look cheap and flat coloured. Designers seem to use it more and more these days. However, she’s always much more than what she wears, and looks lovely and most important happy.

  4. Amy Bee says:

    I love everything about this including her outfit. Meghan has moved on and I’m here for this and more appearances.

  5. Krista says:

    I liked the gown, just not the colour. I guess I just love seeing her break out the bright colours – they make her look so vibrant. But she looked lovely and happy, so that was nice to see!

    I don’t have long hair, so to my long-haired peeps – does that style hurt? It looks like it’s pulled back soooo tight! LOL

    • koko says:

      It doesn’t hurt but at the end of the night, you’re more than ready to unloosen it and fluff your hair back up. LOL.

  6. Good for her getting out. I’m glad they have things coming up. I’m not fond of this dress not because it’s beige but the whole cut of the dress.

  7. Tila says:

    I actually really like her look. Just a low-key gown to show support for an event that wasn’t about her and I think that’s what she was aiming for. She still looked beautiful. I’m glad she spoke about how proud she was of suits. It wasn’t my personal cup of tea but streaming figures don’t lie and glad it’s still popular.

    • SURE says:

      Totally agree that she chose a minimalist look in order not to overshadow the honorees.

      • Lulu says:

        Meghan just innately knows how to wear minimal with impact. She has flawless taste and dresses for her figure.

      • First comment says:

        That’s exactly it! This minimalistic look is gorgeous for her! I know that some didn’t like the dress and I partly agree but the thing with Meghan is that she elevates whatever she wears… just take a look to the dress in the company’s site: it’s really awful but Meghan wears it and suddenly it has impact! No gaydy jewels, just a clean slick updo and the rest is history

  8. girl_ninja says:

    She looked amazing. She sounded amazing. Duchess Meghan IS. Amazing.

    I think the dress was lovely. A bit Angelina Jolie-esq.

    I’m glad she was able to attend this years Power of Woman event. She was honored last year and had to miss out as Qll died, leaving her to deal with those racist jackals.

  9. Jais says:

    So I’m actually very into this dress on Meghan. It’s a typical Meghan dress in that at first you’re like huh. Okay very simple but then the more you look at it, the more you start to love it. Love the off the shoulder drape. Definitely sad beige😂 but it fits bc Meghan isn’t going to wear a big pop of color when she’s not the nominee or speaker. But overall, it’s simple, minimal and she glows. So very Meghan ❤️

  10. Miranda says:

    I’m not a fan of the dress, but she still looks stunning. I honestly can’t think of another celeb who can pull off the nearly barefaced look as well as Meghan does. The woman is downright luminous!

  11. LeaTheFrench says:

    I like the off-shoulder line, I think it looks elegant and modern on her (don’t like that it’s beige, but I’m just a beige hater generally speaking. A bit like Kaiser and bangs 😉). Her make-up is on point, as always, and she has excellent posture, I think that elevates any outfit she wears. She looks relaxed and happy! ☺️

  12. Emma says:

    Love the dress. Love that she went solo. LOVE that she worked the carpet and spoke to reporters.

    Look sickening and make ’em EAT it, Duchess.

  13. Anna says:


    I’m not a fan of the look so much, the sad beige isn’t doing it for me this time. But I’m envious she can make the slicked back bun look good because I swear I’d look like an egg if I did it lol. Fashion aside, I’m so glad to hear her speak off the cuff with reporters and sound happy again (her thanking that reporter in South Africa for asking if she was okay will forever break my heart), and get to attend events like these again just makes me so happy for her.

    I can’t wait for their projects to be ready and be released!!!

    • Lorelei says:

      I could never pull off the slicked-back bun, either. Idk exactly what I’d look like, but I do know it would be very bad!

  14. Gizmo’sMa says:

    Woooo! That face card!! Never declined.
    Her glam is always on point.
    However the dress is just fine. Maybe with better accessories I could like it. But as it’s styled it’s just Meh.

  15. Mads says:

    I don’t like the gown and not sure if a different colour would make any difference, however Meghan looks so beautiful! Seeing her stress free after all she and Harry endured while living in the UK really warms my heart.

  16. Emily says:

    wow. this dress is doing nothing for her. this color really is true sad beige and it is washing her out and she looks less like her radiant self. i don’t mind the cut and the length…the color is atrocious. makeup spot on, styling great, just need another color dress. she actually looks amazing in jewel colors and vibrant colors (that sky blue dress with umbrella pic with harry; the green with envy dress she wore before them leaving)…but she consistently goes to this sad color.

    • Moi says:

      You aren’t being slick… just say it with your whole chest…

      • Emily says:

        @Moi she’s a beautiful woman wearing a horrible dress that does nothing for her. was sugarcoating it. but you’re right, no point in putting honey on that. some of us actually don’t think everything she wears is roses and ponies and rainbows.

    • Jais says:

      Disagree that it’s doing nothing for her. She glows in this dress. Sure, it’s beige, sad beige, and yet Meghan makes it glow and turns it into luminescent beige. That’s her power. And she saves the popping color dresses for specific moments.

  17. Bettyrose says:

    It reminds me of the type of dress Angelina Jolie started wearing when she was trying to turn the discussion to her causes rather than fashion.

  18. Snuffles says:

    Yeah, too much beige for me.

    But, her being at this event is AMAZING. Her doing red carpet interviews and mentioning projects is a significant change as well. She’s getting ready to launch!!

  19. Southern Fried says:

    Not only does she look beautiful she sounds so happy and boy does she deserve all the happiness.

  20. Carrie says:

    I’ve seen numerous photos on Twitter. The dress fits her like a glove and she looks drop dead GORGEOUS.

  21. Eurydice says:

    I love the look and I love the dress. If she had been an honoree, then I’d say go for more color, but Meghan makes a splash just by being there – and I think the look is elegant just as it is.

    • kirk says:

      I agree she looks elegant as is. The color is a great choice for her skin and allows the honorees to wear brighter colors that ‘pop.’ I especially love the way she focuses all her attention on the interviewer.

  22. Flower says:

    She looked so good during this interview – well rested and glowing.

    Getting away from that family has been a game changer for these two.

    • Nibbi says:

      I’m always struck by how poised and confident she is, how at ease speaking with reporters or making presentations. She’s always warm and friendly, but there’s also a sort of grace and self-possession. Good lord, she’s just naturally regal, and those people are SUCH fools for chasing her off their team. She would make them look good, if they had been smart (/human) enough to just be nice to her.

  23. Maxine Branch says:

    Meghan looked absolutely stunning. Sad beige? I will take that any day if I looked as good and healthy as she does. Loved the cut of the dress, the 1 shoulder and the fit. From any angle, this woman looks stunning and glowing.

    • Haylie says:

      Sad beige is the new deranger attack straight out of the British trash tabloids.

      • kirk says:

        “Sad beige is the new deranger attack straight out of the British trash tabloids.”

        Which is why I will never use that term re: Meghan.

  24. Mslove says:

    Meghan looks beautiful. She is so elegant & graceful.

  25. Nerd says:

    It’s exciting to see her out at this event alone. Their love and partnership with each other doesn’t tie them together and I that is crucial in a healthy loving relationship.

    She looks breathtakingly beautiful. I’m always amazed at how she stands out regardless of the color, style or simplicity of whatever she wears. I love this because she isn’t about meeting others expectations, but her own. She made something into her own and I love that. This color looks gorgeous against her skin and she doesn’t require lots of makeup or a big hairdo to be stunning.

  26. paintybox says:

    This look is really minimal and so is her makeup and jewelry, but all it says to me is that even in a low-key mood, Meghan the Duchess of Sussex is impeccably gorgeous.

  27. SunRae says:

    One of my favourite Meghan looks… ON HER. I’d look destitute in it but she pulls it off because posture, skin tone and Doria’s gorgeous features (send your mom a thank you note, Ms Meghan!).

    I need her to announce and release soon because I’m parched. I like Harry, I really do but I hopped on this train for Meghan, and her public image has been monopolized by his ashy family’s shenanigans. We are READY for this new era. Outsidapalooza!

  28. Lala11_7 says:

    I can ESPECIALLY see in the live interview tape…because the lighting is different…how GLORIOUS the dress color pops against her skin…and I ❤️ it❣️

    • Becks1 says:

      Yes I saw the interview clips first and I think that’s why I like the dress so much. She’s glowing.

    • Squints says:

      I love what she is wearing. Would love to see that dress as a jumpsuit type thing. Of course my wardrobe is mostly Sams Club now days. Thanks Covid.

  29. equality says:

    Too bad for the RF couldn’t learn that lesson about supporting each other. It’s something they really need to learn.

  30. Jillian says:

    She looks beautiful and natural, that’s the serve here. No flash necessary when you have a light inside and intelligent things to say

  31. Shawna says:

    With the strikes over, I suspect we won’t have to wait very much longer to hear about what they’ve been cooking up!

    The shape of this dress is immaculate. She looks like a sculpture. I like it when outfits emphasize the texture of the fabric.

  32. Loretta says:

    Meghan is so gorgeous

  33. TheWigletOfWails says:

    I absolutely love everything about this. I’m so glad she’s doing red carpets again, hopefully we see her outside more now the strikes are over.

  34. Cel2495 says:

    She looks gorgeous and happy! Love the dress too! And the makeup is flawless… but I think it’s her radiant face that makes her more beautiful. Love that she came out to this !

  35. T says:

    Meghan knows how to dress based on event and her part within the event. When she’s the focus as an honoree, participate, or organizer, it’s WOW. She stands out. When she’s in the supported role, it’s wow. She fits in. She looks amazing either way but she understands who the attention should belong to. It doesn’t matter that she automatically draws attention because she is an amazing person. Her SIL should take note. IJS

  36. Maxine Branch says:

    Love how Meghan knows how to colorize for the occasion. When her husband was the honoree for the Intrepid Awards, she wore that amazing red color. When she was on her way out from “ThatFamily,”.she colorized her outfits to perfection. When she was the honoree for the Ms. Foundation award she wore the beautiful gold color. When her and her husband were honored with the NAACP award, she colorized to perfection. Because she missed the Variety Awards last year when she was an honoree, she chose to wear a muted color this year pretty sure to allow the current honoree’s to shine. This is what you call being thoughtful and supportive.

    • Avonan says:

      Astute assessment…and one I think is accurate!

    • Suzanne says:

      I agree 100%. She’s always prepared with much research with anything she does. She looks gorgeous and fresh and beautiful but dressed so as not to outshine the people they were honoring. Very thoughtful and supportive.

  37. Jay says:

    Meg was kind enough not to add: “and to think that apparently half of those Suits rewatch numbers came directly from two households in the U.K. who kept the entire series on a continuous obsessive loop for the last three years…”

    • sparrow says:

      That is truly hilarious! I had never heard of Suits before Meghan. It isn’t on UK main stations TV. However, weren’t W&K watching it prior to Meghan and Harry? It must have been such a kick in the gut to start hating someone you’d liked before.

  38. Avonan says:

    Love the drape of the fabric and the sleek silhouette. I like the beige color on her, which she elevates. And I lovelovelove that Meghan is positive, glowing…and Sussexful.

  39. Catherine says:

    The “sad beige” label is just ridiculous to me. There is nothing sad about the color. Meghan never said she disliked neutrals. She said she initially tried to wear neutrals because she was concerned about clashing or matching with the other royal women and she didn’t want to draw to much attention to herself. Now she is clearly choosing the color palette for personal preference. Which is a wonderful thing. The color looks amazing with her skin and the cut of the dress is wonderful. Neutral colors like black, white and beige can be powerful, strong choices. They provide a foundation, a frame. She is the highlight of outfit.

    • Debbie says:

      I feel the same way about it every time they use that ridiculous label. Basically, the British media used it in order to malign Meghan because she is known to wear that color on occasion. I just find it odd that some people here see fit to keep that label alive. And this jerk who apparently thinks he can read her mind as to what colors she likes, is operating in the same vein as those who constantly cry out, “But you wanted privacy! Why did you go out last Sunday?” They can all stuff it.

  40. MsIam says:

    She looks so gorgeous and elegant! And I hope this puts to rest that lie going around saying how “Meghan and Harry begged Charles to come back as working royals!” Nah, boo that ain’t happening!

  41. aquarius64 says:

    Love that Meghan came out looking fine, talking about the event and future projects. Everyone knows she’s royal but she doesn’t sell it. She has access to Diana’s jewelry and the pearl earrings the late queen gave her. She could have worn those but didn’t; she chose to keep it low key.

  42. sparrow says:

    Fabric is a funny thing. In movement this dress looks like molten silk, in the stills it looks dry and no so nice; in movement the colour is beautiful, in stills it looks a bit wash out. However, she is utterly lovely looking, motion or still.

  43. Proud Mary says:

    Great point. I think that is exactly what she did with the Invictus games. The problem is that, despite her best efforts, the media is going to make it about her clothes, because the royal family has emphasized frivolity, especially post Diana, and mostly because the men-childs, Willy and Chuck, shall never be overshadowed. Thus, when Kate came on the scene, she was promoted as the anti-Di, just a mannequin. Meghan has tried to change that, but she’s not married to the heir.

  44. Scooby Gang says:

    Meghan’s best accessory is her inner glow. Stunning.

    • s808 says:

      Hard agree. She looks beautiful in anything because she IS beautiful and her inner peace with herself shines through loud and clear.

  45. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    My favorite part of this interview was watching Cassie completely “fan girl” out!! I’ll watch it again and again just to see her excitement and her poise, she held it together so well!!

    • BeanieBean says:

      Was Cassie the interviewer? She was so cute! And yes, did her job well, but with enthusiasm!! ‘Yes, we found out 24 minutes ago that Suits streamed 45 million minutes so far.’ Loved that!

    • Cassie says:

      I think she looks gorgeous, the dress suits her and her hair and make up look perfect .

      I agree she has lost weight but she doesn’t look haggard at all .

      I always wonder how she survives with the amount of daily scrutiny and abuse she cops each and every day .

  46. JJ says:

    Meghan’s look is classic and timeless. She knows these pictures will live on so she picks outfits with clean lines and never overdoes the jewelry. Her style and taste level is impeccable. She always looks expensive and chic.

  47. Little Red says:

    While that color is not one I would have chosen for her, she still manages to look beautiful wearing it. The dress looks very simple yet somehow so very elegant. The very definition of ‘quiet luxury’.

    She’s also not wearing much in the way of jewelry, just some simple earrings and her Cartier bracelet.

  48. QuiteContrary says:

    She is absolutely stunning — luminous. I love this understated, elegant look.

    And I’m so glad she now can be at events where her presence is valued. I also admire how easily she can talk on the fly — with no exaggerated gestures, no rictus grins, just warmth and intelligence and genuine appreciation for what other people say.

  49. Ameerah M says:

    I would have loved to have seen her in the original leather version.

    • L4Frimaire says:

      I definitely prefer the fabric version and find the leather a bit too much. You know the haters who only care about the environment when the Sussexes get near a plane would come out about animal rights if she wore it. Nothing remotely sad about that beige. Looks beautiful on her.

  50. dido says:

    I actually love the colour and the fit of this dress so much! It’s SO chic, sophisticated, and minimalist, and you can tell the material is quality. Especially with her sleek bun, she looks so elegant. She doesn’t need to be dripping in jewellery, diamonds, tiaras, or buttons to make a statement. I love how the colour of the dress really makes her glow and her skin pop against it! I think a bolder colour would have made the dress become the focus, instead of her. The only thing I might say is the front of the dress could be an inch shorter. Otherwise, it fits her like a glove, especially when you look at the model photos. SHE wears the dress, not the other way around.

  51. L4Frimaire says:

    Came home from dinner last night to see Meghan lighting up my timeline. She looked absolutely elegant and stunning. I loved the dress and thought it looked great. I like this more minimalist but slightly edgy style. The color looked great on her and she has beautiful shoulders. I like how she’s teasing projects in the pipeline. Glad she was able to attend since she wasn’t able to go last year due to QEIIs funeral. What a difference a year makes.

  52. Gabby says:

    Thrive, Meghan, THRIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE. And take control of that beige because you own it!

  53. Jaded says:

    Kate, take note: THIS is how you dress to look chic and event-appropriate, not in some bilious purple power suit and cascades of fake hair to draw attention to yourself and away from a great cause. Oh, and while you’re at your Meghan Mood Board, get some public speaking/media training so you can actually sound intelligent and enthusiastic about important issues.

  54. sevenblue says:

    Love love everything from dress to hair, makeup. But, above all, she looks happy and content, which shows in her face, body language. I can’t wait for her new projects.

  55. Alexis says:

    I have a theory about her clothing. When she’s trying to highlight other people/their work or achievements, she wears neutrals for th emsot part (invictus, this etc) but when she’s the main focus, then she gets bold (Blue dress from BET awards, Red power suit etc)

  56. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    This may sound shallow, but an added bonus we got when the Sussexes left England, is Meghan’s fashion! When she was pressured into dressing like the other women in the royal family, her outfits and hats were ridiculous. But now, her clothes and makeup are FA-BU-LOUS.

  57. Smee says:

    IDT it’s “sad beige” at all, sophisticated neutral, yes. Goes with her natural makeup and sleek hair. Another win.

  58. AC says:

    I saw her photos on Twitter yesterday. She looks beautiful- I actually like her dress it’s just simple and it accessorizes her classic beauty. The dress doesn’t overpower her.
    She’s always very articulate in interviews. (I wouldn’t doubt if a certain person keeps playing the clip above over and over to learn 🙂).

  59. bisynaptic says:

    She looked and sounded really surprised at the Suits numbers. That tells you she hasn’t been seeing it in her residuals checks. Lets hope the new contracts change that, for all creative people working in Hollywood.

    Also, her comment was a sly dig at the industry policy of canceling shows, as they become popular. Well done.

  60. Eenie Googles says:

    Getting really sick of this colour on her.

  61. yellowy says:

    So shoot me, but the “sad beige” talk is colourist bs is propagated by a lot of white bloggers who can’t wear these neutral shades – ergo anyone else who wears them is in “sad beige”. People with a mid-toned like Meghan, of all ethnicities, can wear different neutrals to someone with, say, Kate’s completion. And even then, people with yellow, peach, olive and pink undertones have different have colours that suit them more or less – I for instance, can’t wear pure black or white very well.

    Enough of this. Meghan looks great. She’s a very sophisticated woman in her 40s who doesn’t want to wear “pops of colour”. Let her.

    • Francis/Clare says:

      I just wanted to mention that I think her hair in the bun is natural/unstraightened. I love that.

    • Nic919 says:

      Not this is 100% accurate. Most white women can’t pull off beige and so they have to denigrate it. Women with darker tones can wear it without issue.

      Kate looks like shit in beige and Meghan does not, hence they have to attack the colour.

  62. seaflower says:

    I think the issue for her with beige was that it was a colour none of the other royals wore (along with brown and black) so she stuck to it and didn’t feel she could stray too far from these colours while she was on Salty Isle. Now she’s not there, she can wear what she likes. She likes neutrals, she will wear them.

  63. Dani says:

    Meghan is lovely and exudes beautiful energy. However, the color and fit of the dress are pretty terrible on her.

    • kelleybelle says:

      The dress is designed to drape that way. And it fits her just fine.

      • Dani says:

        The designer of this dress did her dirty – her left breast looks likes it’s sagging/melting off her body in this dress. Again, Meghan deserves better. She is such a beautiful woman and makes everything around her shine. She can’t however, elevate this terrible dress.

  64. Emma says:

    I really like this dress and the color. She looks lovely. Sad beige is just stupid.

  65. First comment says:

    Something that didn’t get much attention in the comments: her shoes are to die for!!! They are perfection!!!

  66. tamsin says:

    The dress is lovely in motion. I’ve noticed that about quite a few of Meghan’s outfits- they are more beautiful in motion- like her wedding dress for example. And I agree her shoes are just divine! I think Meghan’s appearance was a masterclass in clean lines- from head to toe.

  67. TheVolvesSeidr says:

    I did not like the dress until I saw video of her walking and it looked amazing. She looked amazing.

  68. Marivic says:

    She looks so beautiful in this gown. Her face is lovely.