The Danish royals ‘do not comment on rumors or insinuations,’ but what about photos?

Prince Frederik of Denmark is currently on a hunting trip in Gribskov, “Denmark’s fourth largest forest.” Before this month, I had no idea that the Danish royals were such big hunters, but apparently Crown Prince Frederik is so enamored with hunting, he spends major money to go on exclusive big-game hunts in Germany and Austria. Which is where he reportedly met Genoveva Casanova, the Spanish-based Mexican actress. In October, Casanova and Frederik were photographed out and about in Madrid, enjoying a late night at a fancy restaurant and returning to Casanova’s apartment, where Fred likely spent the night. Just last week, Lecturas (a Spanish magazine) published the photos and timeline and that’s when the story broke. Since then, the Danish royal house hasn’t said anything… until now:

The Danish royal family has broken its silence on Prince Frederik’s alleged affair with socialite and philanthropist Genoveva Casanova.

In a statement, the Danish royals told the publication B.T. they “do not comment on rumors or insinuations.” Frederik and his wife Princess Mary are yet to comment on the speculation themselves.

The statement came after Spanish publication Lecturas published pictures and reported that, during a night out in Madrid, Frederik and Casanova visited a Pablo Picasso exhibit, walked through El Retiro Park, and went out for dinner while watching flamenco.

After publication of the report, Frederik and Mary put on a united front in public, hosting King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain, with Mary wearing a necklace featuring the initial “F,” which some commentators took as a statement of support for her husband.

In a statement to Hola magazine, Casanova said: “I flatly deny the statements that suggest a romantic relationship between Prince Frederick and me. Any statement of this type is not only completely untrue but also distorts the facts in a malicious manner. This is already in the hands of my lawyers, who will take care of the pertinent steps to protect my right to honor, truth and privacy.”

[From The Daily Beast]

I wonder about the PR strategy here, and I also wonder about how much of the royal family’s reaction is contingent on Princess Mary. If the alleged (!) affair came as a surprise to her, if she’s mad about it, if their marriage is in a bad place, that might be the reason for this stand-still. They’re all trying to figure out what to do and their reaction hinges on whether Mary wants a divorce. From what I can see, Mary isn’t making divorce moves, so maybe this is the royal house trying to ignore the story and see if it goes away in time.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.

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40 Responses to “The Danish royals ‘do not comment on rumors or insinuations,’ but what about photos?”

  1. Amy Bee says:

    This is not true. The Danish Royal Family made several statements when it was announced that Joachim’s children were going to lose their titles. Mary is never going to divorce Frederick, she has too much to lose including her minor children. And does he do any work?

    • swaz says:

      These Royal Women and their faux romance 🙄🙄🙄 is that really worth it 😵😵😵

      • Proud Mary says:

        Swaz, you took the words straight out of my mouth! How humiliating for these women. What year is this that people are saying that women like Kate, Charlene, and Mary have to endure loveless marriages, and infidelity, “for the sake of their children?” How great can the situation be for the children if, for example, in the case of W&K, they are always fighting, and in the case of Charlene, she goes away to South Africa for months, whole her young children remain in Monaco?

  2. Catherine says:

    Last year the swedish royals outlived those stories about Crown Princess Victoria’s husband. They did choose to issue a strong denial though and nothing else emerged . I think the outcome of this depends on if any more details are revealed. But either way Mary won’t divorce him. No way.

    • ML says:

      Tbf, Daniel was not captured by the Spanish paparazzi. They absolutely did their homework with Frederik and Genoveva, because it’s thoroughly documented where Frederik was during his visit. It was easier for the Swedes.

  3. equality says:

    So they stopped not commenting to say “we don’t comment”? Whether or not he cheats and the consequences are between him and his wife. What he needs to account for is who pays for all these hunting trips and romantic trips.

  4. Pinkosaurus says:

    I just wonder when the other lady friends start coming out of the woodwork, because you know there is not just this one.

  5. Brassy Rebel says:

    So now he’s on another “hunting trip”, huh? Interesting timing.

    • Jay says:

      Yeah, I might have stayed home with a cold for this one given how specific the tabloids were last week, and how easily they were able to track him down. That’s quite a…bold…move.

    • WaterDragon says:

      He probably on the prowl for his next mistress. Men are so stupid, especially the “royal” ones.

  6. ML says:

    Where I live, this story is already dead. The English and presumably Spanish media are still reporting on it. Is the Danish media as well? How visible is this story there? And do the Danish care if he had an affair?

    Hunting: Last year there was consternation in the NLs because of how WA didn’t pay for land he used for hunting and the public’s access to that land. He eventually got a sweetheart deal to continue blasting animals with his gun, but less land to do it in. CA, his daughter, has also gotten her hunting license, presumably to be a better “forest keeper.” Hunting is a lot less popular in the NLs, but this is different in different European countries.

  7. aquarius64 says:

    Look at the family picture and the distance between Fred and Mary. She’s mad at him.

    • equality says:

      He looks separated out from the entire family. He could have stood on the other side nearer to the children also and didn’t.

      • B says:

        Also, the older children, who could reasonably be expected to be more aware and are harder sells, are as far away from him as they can be.

      • B says:

        Are there any crown princes who aren’t emotionally stunted at caricature like levels?

      • [insert_catchy_name] says:

        @equality you’re so right, I never would have noticed. he looks like a guy who just showed up for a photo and was told to pose with them, haha

      • Couch Potato says:

        @B Crown prince Haakon of Norway is the only one I can think of atm. He and CP Mette-Marit are still hands on with each other (not butt grabbing though). His parents actually married for love and were present and actively rasing their childre. CP Victoria is a C princess, not a prince as you asked about, but she also seems well rounded. She got therapy for her ED as young and that might have had a positive influence in other ways as well.

    • Lauren says:

      This is not a recent photograph, its from last fall/christmas I believe

      • SarahCS says:

        Which fits with what others have said about their marriage – he cheats and she ignores it. This is nothing new other than the public discussion and photos.

    • Seraphina says:

      Ohhhh, yes the picture is very telling.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Its also telling which parent the kids favour – they are physically closer to their mother in that photo, Fred looks like some random (and a bit drunk) photobomber.

  8. Lauren says:

    Latest Development: Either the newspaper that bought the photographs or the original photograph owners gave Q Margrethe the option to buy the photos and hush up the story and she refused.
    It’s been really interesting watching the difference in reaction between Spanish royal watchers and Danish to this development. Apparently the big Spanish tabloids are well known for buying compromising/scandalous photos/stories then going to the celebrities with offers not to publish in exchange for other exclusives and access. The Danish commentators view this as extortion or blackmail and can’t believe the Spanish media is allowed to get away with it.

    • BeanieBean says:

      I’m with the Danes, this certainly seems like extortion to me!

    • ML says:

      Thanks for the update, Lauren. This also makes a lot of sense: if the Queen of Denmark was offered the opportunity to purchase the pictures in order to silence the story, that IS blackmail. I understand why she refused and if this is common knowledge, this instantly makes the DRF a lot more sympathetic.

    • swaz says:

      This is called damage control. Feel bad for us for we are the victims 😵😵the guy was cheating pictures or not. Without the pictures the public is bamboozle with all these royal romances that are not happening behind the scenes.

  9. Libra says:

    If true, then the Queen knew it was coming so Mary would know as well. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Gave her time to mentally prepare. I agree, she will never divorce.

  10. rawiya says:

    Mary isn’t going to divorce him. She’s thisclose to becoming queen. If she’s upset, it’s only because the photos came out and everyone else knows. She should, however, make things really uncomfortable for Freddy for a while. I don’t know how, but she should.

    • Thena says:

      I predict that Mary is going to get some fabulous new jewelry from her husband for Christmas. I can’t wait to see what she wears for the black-tie New Year’s receptions.

      • AC says:

        Only thing , she’ll sacrifice her happiness being miserable in a loveless marriage just to be Queen.

  11. Thena says:

    I think that Mary is considering her options. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was conferring with her former sister-in-law Countess Alexandra on her experience with divorcing a prince. If she were to divorce Frederik, I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t lose the children. Christian is legally an adult and Isabella is almost there at 17, and the twins are a lot further down the line of succession. Mary is also the only married-in I can think of who went out and bought herself her own tiara at auction. I think she doesn’t have as much to lose from walking away from the marriage as Frederik.

    • Cee says:

      I wish people would not compare the divorce to a spare with the divorce to a Crown Prince. Two different things entirely. I can’t remember the last time a Crown Prince got divorced and didn’t implode his House*. Mary might have bought herself a tiara but she would be completely exiled from the DRF – just because you’re allowed to keep a title and given an allowance doesn’t mean you’re in. Diana was the most famous, public and beloved royal in the world and she still got screwed over.

      *Charles did and it took the BRF decades to recover, and him marrying one of his sidechicks didn’t make it any better.

  12. NotSoSocialB says:

    “…This is already in the hands of my lawyers, who will take care of the pertinent steps to protect my right to *honor, truth and privacy*.”

    * One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn’t belong!🎼🎶 😂

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      Yeah, that’s some tough talk from someone who most likely will not file a lawsuit because that would open *her* up to discovery and under oath depositions and she absolutely does not want them digging around her life any more than they already have.

      Just uttering those words will be considered a challenge to some Spanish reporters, many of whom will now see what else they can find out about her public behavior and with whom she is keeping company.

      Lastly, the lady doth protest too much. Like, seriously much. Many much. All the much.

  13. J.Ferber says:

    He publicly humiliated his wife. I think that’s a bridge too far for some women who tolerate discreet affairs that never make the news. He blundered badly here. But he will still be able to succeed his mother and will receive no consequences. Poor Mary gets the consequences of his actions. She will be criticized for whatever she decides to do. I’m so disappointed in him. Asshat.

  14. AC says:

    Agree @JFerber. I really thought he’s better compared to the other royals but he’s the same as the rest of them . She’s publicly humiliated. She can ignore it but deep inside, she’s only human to feel hurt and angry and prob has taken a hit on her self-worth, as this has gone very public.

  15. SuninSagMooninTaurus says:

    He’s bored and frustrated with his life and wanted to be caught or just didn’t care.
    Guess they’ve been open for a while, maybe?
    Beautiful kids.
    I don’t think they’ll divorce. Gut instinct but I think they’ll stay married and probably maintain, from now, a discreetly open marriage when he finally learns dealing with all the press attention is harder than hiding in car boots and using back entrances.
    Is that real fur? That side piece is vulgar on so many levels: (1) married guys, (2) hunting, and (3) wearing fur.

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