Sean Combs settled out of court with Cassie about 24 hours after she sued him

As soon as Cassie Ventura filed her lawsuit against Sean Combs in federal court last Thursday, everybody started spilling tea and putting the puzzle pieces together. For years, there were always rumors about Combs and how he treats women and what kind of degenerate sh-t he’s up to. Cassie indicated several times that all was not well during the years they were together, as did the late Kim Porter. Still, I didn’t know it would turn into a 35-page federal lawsuit alleging all manner of rape, trafficking, abuse, grooming and much more. Sean Combs was scared sh-tless, not simply because of Cassie’s lawsuit, but how many other dominos might start to fall. Which is why Combs settled in a f–king hurry.

Sean Combs and the singer Cassie have reached a settlement just one day after she filed an explosive lawsuit accusing the hip-hop mogul of rape and numerous instances of physical abuse. The parties announced on Friday evening that they had reached an agreement to resolve the case, though they disclosed no details about the terms of the settlement.

“I have decided to resolve this matter amicably on terms that I have some level of control,” Cassie, whose full name is Casandra Ventura, said in a statement. “I want to thank my family, fans and lawyers for their unwavering support.”

In a statement, Mr. Combs said: “We have decided to resolve this matter amicably. I wish Cassie and her family all the best. Love.”

For Mr. Combs, the settlement quickly shuts down what could have been a risky and potentially embarrassing process of legal discovery — in which reams of evidence are made public — and a possible trial. And Ms. Ventura, who has already aired her accusations through a public complaint, avoids a cross-examination by Mr. Combs’s attorneys.

In a lawsuit that drew international attention, Ms. Ventura — who signed to Mr. Combs’s Bad Boy label in 2005, when she was 19, and dated him for about a decade — accused Mr. Combs of what she said was years of beatings, controlling behavior and various forms of sexual abuse, including a rape. In response, a lawyer for Mr. Combs, Ben Brafman, said, “Mr. Combs vehemently denies these offensive and outrageous allegations.”

According to Ms. Ventura’s suit, which was filed on Thursday in Federal District Court in Manhattan, Mr. Combs assaulted her numerous times, leaving her bloodied and bruised; she said his employees sometimes took her to hotel rooms for days to recover out of the public eye.

[From The NY Times]

There were only two ways this case would be resolved: a settlement or a huge court case which would end up as trial by media, with internet misogynists raking Cassie over the coals, all because she finally stood up to her abuser. I’m glad she settled and it must have been a pretty big check too. Like, eight figures, easily. Notice the language of both of their statements – while the settlement didn’t include a public apology, Combs also didn’t get to make another big denial. Still, I’m shocked that he settled so quickly. That means he A) has so much other sh-t he’s trying to hide and/or B) he actually has smart lawyers and he listened to their advice to end this case asap.

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66 Responses to “Sean Combs settled out of court with Cassie about 24 hours after she sued him”

  1. Nikki (Toronto) says:

    I suspect Diddy didn’t think Cassie would file or put so much of the abuse out in the public realm. I think they believed she would sanitize the filing. Shame keeps so many women quiet.

    What I love is that she didn’t have to drop any proof. Twitter and Lipstick Alley have been documenting incidents of her abuse since 2009.

    Diddy’s lawyers and accountants are going to be busy over the next few months.

    • Fabiola says:

      I hope these lawsuits keep coming till he’s broke and in jail cuz there has to be murders out there that also need to be investigated.

  2. Chantal1 says:

    Smart move on his part bc sm was bringing up receipts about his past problematic behavior and the fact that she was suing him and his multiple companies was becoming a true PR nightmare. Smart on her part bc of the mental and likely financial strain a drawn out court case could cause. I hope she is able to heal and continues to have a good support system.

    It really never should have gotten this far but like most abusers, he’s too arrogant. His lawyer had previously claimed that they had offered her 8 figures, which she rejected and then claimed that she “tried to shake him down for $30m”, however the actual court documents didn’t specify an amount. So I think she likely got between $50m-$100m in the settlement. Esp bc one of the lawyers I watch on YouTube pointed out that he hadn’t even been served with the lawsuit yet, the court was still drawing up the paperwork when they settled. So this was REALLY FAST. Is this the fastest settlement recorded? Someone on sm said that the IRS should hire Diddy bc Cassie got a refund in 24 hours 😂😂

    Also, we won’t ever forget the horrors she noted in her lawsuit and I think he’s going to get hit with more lawsuits. Aubrey O’Day has been alerting people about him for years! I also hope there’s enough for a criminal investigation and more people will come forward with receipts!

    • Mango says:

      The thing that never should have got this far was the violence and abuse itself not the lawsuit. I am glad everyone has heard what a scumbag he is now whether they “believe” it or not (and I definitely believe Cassie.) I hope he goes to prison sooner or later because that’s where he belongs. None of this is a laughing matter. He has allegedly threatened people’s lives and has beaten women before. The media and internet circles are too focused on the money when they should be focused on justice.

  3. Chica says:

    There’s a lot more in his graveyard, I’m sure the Cassie stuff is minor in Diddy’s world of misdeeds. More is coming

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Yeah Cassie’s suit opened the flood gates – there will be more. Am sure his lawyers are already busy trying to buy the silence of others as we speak.

    • Justwastingtime says:

      Will let the lawyers out there respond but NDAs can’t prevent one from testifying in a criminal case, correct?

    • Justwastingtime says:

      Kimora Simmons and Audrey O’Day intimated that Diddy killed Kim as she was writing a tell all. Certainly other people have said he beat her. Very dark stuff.

  4. Jais says:

    Settled that fast reads guilty AF. And the settlement can’t take away from the fact that we all read the 35 pages and know exactly what he did.

  5. Seraphina says:

    Yeah, he sure did settle in a hurry and THAT is very telling. I hope she gets some peace and therapy.

    • Justwastingtime says:

      Kimora Simmons and Audrey O’Day intimated that Diddy killed Kim as she was writing a tell all. Certainly other people have said he beat her. Very dark stuff.

  6. Truthiness says:

    I read the 35 page lawsuit and …it was a LOT. I hope with the settlement Cassie is able to heal and feel safe. I also wonder how much Kim Porter had to go through.

    • Chantal1 says:

      @Truthiness. +1 The fact that the actual lawsuit was stamped with a trigger warning said it all. I also wonder about Kim.P.

    • Justwastingtime says:

      Kimora Simmons and Audrey O’Day intimated that Diddy killed Kim as she was writing a tell all. Certainly other people have said he beat her. Very dark stuff.

  7. Amy Bee says:

    Innocent people don’t settle. I’m glad Cassie got a settlement.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Settling so quickly also opens him up to others who might have hesitated to sue thinking they would be raked over the coals in court.

    • Al says:

      Do I believe Cassie? Absolutely.
      Do I hope she can continue to recover and life her life on her own terms? Absolutely

      However. Just because we all believe that he is guilty and he settled to avoid consequences, please do not think that all people who settle are guilty. There are often times when it is easier, cheaper, and less of a PR nightmare to settle – even if the accused did nothing wrong.

    • Josephine says:

      I don’t think there is a soul who thinks he is innocent, but innocent people settle and even plead guilty in criminal cases . It’s not even rare.

      • poppedbubble says:

        But this is not one of those times and we know it.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Poppedbubble, I think AI and Josephine are clear that they believe what Cassie said. They are simply making the point that not everyone who settles is guilty of what’s in the complaint, because of a comment that said they must be guilty if they settle. That’s it.

  8. Midnight@theOasis says:

    I hope Cassie can move on and heal from this. And Puff Diddy or whatever he calls himself now settled cause the court of public opinion was definitely on Cassie’s side and his PR wasn’t gonna be able to target her as a gold digger. I’m glad she won’t have to endure a trial. But I do hope the closet has been opened and all the skeletons come out of his closet. He needs to be sharing a cell right next to RKelly. I’ve always sensed a negative aura from him as if he emanates evil.

  9. StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

    Such a fast settlement has a guilty conscience and there was an nda signed 100%. But watch others taking the great example of cassie and standing up to this jerk – who by the way apparently changed his name again to Love. How ironic. So stupid. Let him bleed.

  10. ML says:

    Domestic violence is not amicable! I hate that both Cassie and Diddy used “…have decided to resolve this matter amicably…” in their statements! I am glad that Cassie was strong enough to sue him, I hope she’s able to stay safe, and I wish her strength and healing. I’m glad she received a significant settlement. I believe her horrific story of her abuse! What grosses me out is discovering that her abuser has more fans than I thought he would. I’m glad some people had receipts and they can see through his fame.

    • Turtledove says:

      I was coming here to say the same thing. I found the word “amicable” odd and wondered if that word had been bargained in by his lawyers as part of the settlement. It’s an odd choice of word for this situation and it was used in both their statements.

      I don’t want to speak for her, but it just seems so very unlikely that she has any remotely “amicable” feelings towards him.

      I’m glad she settled because the alternative of going through a whole case where she would be cross-examined by his team wouldn’t get any more justice for her and would have likely been traumatic. She’s so brave and I wish her the best on her healing journey.

  11. Jilliebean says:

    You know what… this is shit. I don’t know the legal system in the us but this is bonkers.

    Why aren’t there criminal charges against him? Rape? Human trafficking ? abuse? How do you get a payday as a victim?

    How can you accuse someone of this stuff and just take money to make it better? If all of these accusations are true- which ffs should be investigated because if he is a predator he’s still free.

    This is a step backwards for victims and accusers. How the f are you raped and trafficked and then you are ok to “settle amicably” for 30 million!? It looks like a blatant gold digging

    • Amee says:

      Between having to file a criminal complaint and staying within the statute of limitations (timeliness) there are plenty of reasons that victims do not come forward. Never mind that once that happens, social media does its own investigation and that can be harmful. Too often the victim believes the abuse is really short term, is limited in scope and that it is victim-induced.

      • One of the marys says:

        As an example look at the experience of Meghan Thee Stallion. What she went through over years is an example of why someone might not go the criminal charges route. For Cassie this is some measure of justice, restitution and validation that she can live with

    • OriginalLeigh says:

      @Jilliebean – This is absolutely not a step backwards. The vast majority of victims and accusers in the U.S. never get any form of justice – particularly when their abuser is rich and powerful. I hope things are better where you are. Cassie has spoken her truth and I think most people actually believe her. I don’t see why she should unnecessarily put herself through the pain of a public trial when the likelihood of her getting justice in court is far from being high. It’s really unfair to further abuse the victim by calling her a gold digger.

    • Berkeleyfarm says:

      Others have made excellent points. I will point out something that has been corroborated in this case. Diddy blew up Kid Cuda’s car when he was dating Cassie. Between that and other things that she saw I would suspect she had a reasonable/healthy fear of great bodily harm or death for retaliation if she spoke out. Sometimes you do what you need to do to stay alive. Civil restitution once she was safer is a viable choice. (Therapy/rehab/personal security all cost money.)

    • Is That so? says:

      1. The kind of justice you’re demanding can only be brought about in a criminal case. Criminal case can only be brought about by the state. If charges could be filed, the state can still file charges. The settlement she reached does not preclude that. Justice in a civil case, was always going to be financial in nature, with an apology perhaps.

      2. Cassie has the right to define what justice means to her. She has no obligation to bow to other peoples version of justice. She has no obligation to martyr herself to make others feel…?

      3. No one but the survivor and her therapist has a say in how they pursue healing.

      4. SA cases are particularly hard on the victims. If they don’t already have PTSD, it can trigger that. It is traumatizing process. I don’t think anyone has the right to demand at someone who has suffered, put them self in a place where they can be retraumatized.

    • Tiffany:) says:

      Abused women don’t always have a lot of evidence of attacks/abuse, especially if their entire lives (and devices, living conditions) are controlled by their abuser. Especially when it happed years ago. Sometimes civil suits are the only form of justice they can get. Don’t diminish that. No shame.

  12. Immaculate Misconception says:

    While I can understand why he moved to settle so quickly I also think he made a big mistake by folding within 24 hours. In my mind, it screams admission of guilt. I am also sure there are other people out there that he has heinously abused that are taking note of this situation. There is blood in the water and it seems like this clown is about to enter the find out portion of the fuck around Olympics. I am going to be waiting to see who else comes forward and exposes more of this evil man’s deeds. I hope all of the people that he abused are able to heal.

    • One of the marys says:

      But they might not have to expose him. Perhaps the threat of exposure will be enough to illicit a settlement. He may quietly settle with a few people after this to keep the lid on

    • SammiB says:

      @immaculate misconception I just popped on to give you a round of applause for ‘this clown is about to enter the find out portion of the fuck around Olympics’


  13. Eowyn says:

    Some people have said the detail appearing in her legal documents might be sufficient for state or government to pursue criminal charges? I hope that is true, and that the settlement helps her with healing, in whatever that process means for her in her life. What she did was very brave.

    • Berkeleyfarm says:

      Any criminal charges that aren’t out of the statute of limitations would be a less sure thing. Criminal has to be “beyond a reasonable doubt” instead of “a preponderance of evidence” and the DAs would want an air tight case before going after such a prominent person. Because trying and failing would be expensive and look bad.

  14. Berkeleyfarm says:

    So, yeah, a few things going on here.

    1) I don’t think Diddy’s team expected Cassie to spill some of the beans that could have reflected shamefully on herself. She used her words for some of those things and removed them as a weapon to be used against her. Props to her – that is very difficult to do.

    2) I also don’t think Diddy’s team was expecting so many people to believe Cassie and corroborate parts of the story. Usually when a woman accuses a powerful man that way he gets allll the benefits of the doubt.

    3) 1 and 2 made Diddy’s team realize that there was a lot more that could come out from under rocks in discovery so a settlement was very prudent.

    • Turtledove says:


      Your first point is so important here.

      We’ve all heard of revenge porn and Cassie said he took video and photos of some of these events. The likelihood that he held those videos/photos over her head WHILE she was still with him is high. She just came out and took all his power away by telling everyone what went on.

      It’s great that she likely got a huge settlement. Sadly, there will be people who use that against her and call her a gold digger or whatever. But I am sure the aspect that is so much more valuable for her is the telling of HER story and the taking away of his power.

  15. Steph says:

    Any lawyer CBers here today? What’s the burden of proof for a civil case compared to a criminal one? I ask bc according to the filing a lot of event was destroyed. Some of it at her own hands. Do you need an much hard proof in a civil suit?

    • Lucy says:

      Not a lawyer, but it’s a lower burden of proof. Criminal is beyond reasonable doubt, I think civil is preponderance of evidence?
      Like OJ was declared guilty in the civil trial, because it wasn’t as high of a standard.

  16. Glamarazzi says:

    I thought the feds were conducting their own investigation into him prior to her filing? Does this settlement mean that if a federal investigation were to go forward, Cassie could not testify in it?

  17. Danbury says:

    Since he said the initial offer was of 30M (before she filed) I hope she got like 100M. May she find peace and happiness as she moves forward from this.

  18. Khadi says:

    Wishing for all women to please be safe and very careful when dating.

    • North of Boston says:

      And wishing for all sadistic abusers and their hangers-on and defenders to stop abusing, threatening, harming others.

    • Bumblebee says:

      Wishing for MEN to stop abusing women. If MEN stayed home at night and didn’t drink so much the world would much safer.

  19. Fabiola says:

    If anything happens to Cassie or her family we are all looking at you Sean pdiddy puff daddy love combs. You can’t hide your hands now.

  20. Sunny O says:

    I believe and support Cassie.

  21. J.ferber says:

    I always thought Kim Porter’s death was suspicious as well as Floyd Mayweather’s ex-wife’s, who died at about 40 of a “drug overdose”. She was writing a book about their abusive relationship at the time.
    He spent a few months in jail for beating her in front of all 3 children, I recall. So devastating.

  22. J.ferber says:

    Prior to all of this, I really liked Diddy, for years. Think of all the other well-presenting men who have horrible skeletons in their closets.

  23. [insert_catchy_name] says:

    I hope this is the start of an avalanche that buries him.

  24. s808 says:

    Not at all surprised he settled, he’s all about image and there have been rumors about him and his abuse for YEARS. I’m sure he’ll be throwing money in every direction to curb future lawsuits as Cassie is the tip of the iceberg. I’m glad she got the justice she believes she deserved and I hope that check was for $100M, minimum.

  25. Cel2495 says:

    He is guilty af! He is not a nice person at all. I heard from first account how he treated Kim Porter and also some people in his bad boy company. Anyhow some people are trying to 💩 on Cassie for settling not understanding that this was a CIVIL CASE not a criminal. The end result of a civil case is to public document the crimes and get compensation for your pain and suffering. She deserves every single penny and hope she continues to heal.
    I am sure many other women will come out.. I remember there was a Japanese woman who was viciously beaten by him a few years ago but no one wanted to believe her. I also remember when Wendy got fired because of him from that radio station ( I know that Wendy is problematic on her own). He threatened to beat Kimora Lee while pregnant years ago… and some more. I hope many of the women he hurt will be open to tell their stories now and sue him until he is broke.

  26. SIde Eye says:

    Cassie, may you continue to heal. Diddy, may you die broke in jail you POS. His lawyers are scrambling trust me – trying to stay on top of the avalanche that is coming. I LOVE this for him. F*ck him and those buck teeth. Loser!

  27. lucy2 says:

    I hope she stays safe, and feels some satisfaction with the result. I also hope she opened the door for more victims to come forward, and justice to be served.

  28. what's inside says:

    I remember stories when he was with J-Lo of taking her upstairs during his white parties and then the whole nightclub shooting with J-Lo having to sit at the police station while he was interrogated by the cops. Also another story when his son was in trouble with an athletic organization and Diddy had to have a talk with the coach. Then, of course, Kim Porter and Cassie. Radio DJ at the time of the shooting said to the effect: Jennifer you were doing so well, why are you hanging out with this guy?

  29. Chanteloup says:

    fuck off pdiddy And all abusers

  30. Princess Caroline says:

    GUILTY. He has soooooo many other skeletons he’s trying to hide. Shoes are starting to drop for him and he knows it

  31. J.ferber says:

    Very disappointed in some Bossip commentators, who are calling this merely a money grab by Cassie.

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