Mail: Duchess Sophie has ‘huge value’ even though she never gets attention

Did you know that the Duchess of Edinburgh has been on several royal trips and tours in recent months? You probably didn’t realize it because her trips have barely gotten any coverage whatsoever, not even in the British media. Usually, only one photographer comes to her foreign events, and that guy seems to be Sophie’s official photographer. And even then, her photos rarely make the Royal Family’s Instagram, nor Getty Images or any publication anywhere. This is all a good thing, according to the Daily Mail’s Kate Mansey. Sophie is exhibiting the kind of no-drama, low-energy, forgettable work of the crown.

While all eyes have been on the state visit to Kenya followed by the celebrations for Charles’s 75th birthday, some other royal appointments have attracted less attention. Sophie and Edward, in particular, are emerging as under-the-radar royals, taking the strain of important visits – many of them long haul – while other front-line royals are engaged elsewhere.

Last week, Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh returned from a five-day visit to Canada, where she is Colonel-in-Chief of the Lincoln and Welland Regiment and Patron of two Toronto hospitals. Last month found the duchess in Ethopia with little fanfare and no huge entourage. Her private secretary Alexander Stonor and her Assistant Private Secretary Annabelle Galletley were the only ones to travel with her. Meanwhile, her husband Prince Edward, the Duke of Edinburgh has his own full itinerary, which has included recent visits to Turkey and Bahrain on official business. They are, in other words, extremely busy – even it it’s other members of the Royal Family who dominate the nation’s Instagram feeds.

There is plenty to do. In fact, With the Duke and Duchess of Sussex departing for a new life in America and the Duke of York out of the picture, Charles III’s slimmed-down Royal family is starting to look thinly spread. Thank goodness, then, for Edward and Sophie, who share much of the royal burden, often the less glamorous bits. At 59 and 58, respectively, they still have time on their side. Their children are more independent now they’re older, meanwhile. Lady Louise celebrated her 20th birthday earlier this month; son James, now the Earl of Wessex, is 15.

Could there be a future role for Lady Louise once she has finished her University degree? Given her poise and maturity – like mother, like daughter – we might hope so.

For it has only been eight months since Sophie became the Duchess of Edinburgh yet already she has done so much. It is clear that she is fast becoming one of the most important – and hardest working – members of the Royal family. She doesn’t always attract huge publicity for her work and she certainly does seek it, but it’s of huge value, all the same.

[From The Daily Mail]

It feels like Sophie’s post-QEII rebrand is to be the new Princess Anne. Anne just does her work quietly with little fanfare and Anne still, to this day, is the hardest working member of the family. The thing is, Anne has basically always been like this – she’s spent decades doing her work (meaningful work) and she’s earned the respect she gets across the board. Sophie is just… I don’t know, maybe it’s like I said, she’s trying a rebrand now that she can’t tell everyone that she was QEII’s favorite. Anyway, at some point, the family will have to reckon with the conundrum they created themselves: no one can outshine the monarch, even if the monarch is dreadfully unpopular and unlikeable. Charisma, sparkle, attention, good press, all of that must be punished. So this is what we’re left with – a bunch of elderly people having a mid-off.

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  1. Nic919 says:

    Sophie and Edward have in the past clocked over 300 engagements, which may not be as much as Anne, but they were also doing this with young school aged children. Basically they do the numbers that William and Kate could easily do, except those two are arrogant and lazy.

    Sophie has also done overseas visits that had some heft and wasn’t playing on a slide. Plus she can give a decent speech.

    The problem is the media prefers to prop up the shallow mannequin with nothing of value to say because of hierarchy. And if Sophie gets too much press attention, then we will see her attacked by the derangers. Plus Charles likes that she’s reliable but doesn’t steal too much press attention. Camilla probably doesn’t like her because Sophie does significantly more engagements than she does.

    • Proud Mary says:

      Oh puh-leez. I am no fan of the Walses, but save me the over-the-top praise of boring azz, mean girl, Ford Fiesta. Sophie has been protected by the royal family under circumstances where Meghan would have been abused for years. Remember the Sophie tapes? How about the recent incident with her motorcade killing a little old lady? Do we yet know where she was hurrying from? Even if nothing nefarious happened, if that was Meghan, KP and BP would to this day either authorize a smear campaign against Meghan or look away from one. And I will never forget how she ingratiated herself towards William and Kate by being publicly rude towards Meghan, at the commonwealth event and at the Queen’s Funeral. Sophie and Kate are the kind of women who punch down at other women and kiss up at powerful men. I have no regard for either of them. Sophie is no good girl. Please stop.

      • Nic919 says:

        Pointing out that she does a fair amount of engagements and isn’t horrible at speeches is not praise but stating what is reality. Sure she was mean to Meghan and said mean things on tape years ago, but you also missed the point I was making that Sophie is far more competent and hard working compared to Kate, but they prefer to raise Kate merely because she is married to the heir.

        Meghan and Harry aren’t even a part of this conversation either because they left and are living their best life. Of course both would be far better, but we are talking about the ones left and of that group, Sophie is better at the job than the ones they prop up.

      • Proud Mary says:

        I find it really interesting that nothing can be written about Meghan, without us reading about everything under the sun of which she’s been accused from bullying to what not. But when it comes to the other women, we must focus solely on their “hard work”. I put that in quotes because who knows what that means in an institution where the so-called hardest workers only work, at most, two months out a calendar year. You say this has nothing to do with Harry and Meghan, but I completely beg to differ. I don’t think you can honestly discuss media coverage of anyone in that family without contrasting with how the Sussexes have been covered. And if you don’t know that this piece about Sophie is mere palace PR, then you have been successfully hoodwinked. Years ago, I watched a documentary about Princess Anne. Much was discussed about how rude and self-entitled she was. At the end of the documentary, one royal reporter said this about Anne: nothing has changed about Anne. She is still rude, snobbish, and full of herself. The only thing that’s changed, is how the media choses to cover her. When have you heard Anne spoken about without reference to her being the “most hardworking royal.” Propaganda involves what the media elects to report, as well as what it chooses to ignore. You say the “Sophie tapes” is an old story. When did that stop the press from recycling old stories about Harry? In that family, for one member to receive the benefit of puff pieces like this, someone else has to be kicked under the bus. I believe that Sophie helped herself to a heaping mistreatment of Meghan, in order to get in the good graces of some of Meghan’s tormentors. Therefore, I will not yield in reminding the world of who she is anytime one of these saccharine articles pop up.

  2. Flowerlake says:

    I do think she has value to the firm, as she at least is willing to do the engagements, which is no longer a given even for the heir.

    But that is about all that can be said about her.

    • GoldenMom says:

      This family, with the exception of Diana and Harry, is where charisma goes to die. It is incredible.

      • Christine says:

        Truly. It’s like British media is testing the waters. One is dull, but really dutiful, and the other flashes her vagina, and is otherwise worthless.

        Meanwhile, no one is talking about the actual Windsors. Per usual.

    • Square2 says:

      Considering both she & Edward failed outside the BRF, what can they do to maintain their lifestyle? Besides, Sophie is thinking of her children’s futures.

      They got the opportunity to be half-in & half-out when they’re young and both did stupid things causing the end of their outside BRF careers. So here we are.

    • Megan says:

      Sophie clearly wants more gratitude from Charles and some space on the official IG.

  3. Eurydice says:

    Emulating Anne isn’t a bad strategy – you don’t get to be the Gold Stick by flashing your nether parts.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Eurydice, Anne is reliable. If E&S can be the same (she has made blending into the background a fine art), they will continue to get funding.

      I think the smartest thing would be for their children to work outside of the brf. I can’t imagine that E&S want them to have to beg for every penny, too.

  4. OldLady says:

    Make Anne head of state. Bin the rest of them.
    When Anne dies put Rylan in charge.

    • The Old Chick says:

      Anne is well known to be nasty and mean. She does work ‘hard’ for a royal but packs several things into a day to make it easier.. She still has half a year off if work out her hours, and a month at a time. Qe2 gave her a massive estate where her kids still live and they too get all the royal perks as non working royals who get paid big bucks for appearances.. She’s as shady as the rest of them. The royal grift is strong.

      Let’s face it, who cares if Anne, Sophie or anyone turns up? They don’t contribute to anything. They should all be binned.

  5. Kyliegirl says:

    So I have a crazy theory. It is a given that Anne, Edward and Sophie are more diplomatic than the Wales, William’s awkward humor can be insulting and Kate can’t string sentences together, but when they travel their expenses are much less than either cc or wk. Since no one really knows who they are, security is much cheaper and since the visiting countries pay for this, I can see them saying it is just not worth it and are refusing to cover the cost for the bigger budget security costs that a visit from the Wales or CC bring. Thus, the travel of the lesser knowns. Also, if the slimmed down monarchy is leaving tons of charities in the uk without a royal patron, why are the working royals not doing more in the uk? Their strategy is all over the place.

  6. JenCF says:

    Edward took trips to…where? I understand low-key, but he’s not been seen, period. Was he at the state dinner??
    The difference with Anne & Sophie is Anne does it for no glory, just family duty and expects nothing in return. Sophie thinks this pack mule work will lead to better gigs in the future, when it will lead to more of the same when Anne can’t do it at this level anymore, with no added glory or status. KC3 and Cam aren’t thinking of elevating her & Edward more Thant the Edinburgh title, unfortunately.

    • Eurydice says:

      Anne doesn’t need glory, she’s the Princess Royal – Sophie’s just a married-in. As for better gigs – what better gigs are there? If Charles and Camilla had spent 5 days in Canada there might have been some flashier dinners and photo ops, but the work would have been essentially the same – going places, staring at things, shaking hands, pretending to listen, making vague speeches.

      • LRB says:

        let’s not glorify Anne. She lives on a huge estate with her kids both having houses for free within the estate. Then they all get protection because Anne does…. She gets an awful lot out of this. For sure she does some of the unexciting but needed work, but let’s not pretend she does it for free.

      • Eurydice says:

        @LRB – not glorifying Anne, rather the opposite. The difference between Anne and Sophie isn’t their motivations for working, it’s not that Anne is all about family and Sophie is a grifter – it’s that Anne has status by birth and Sophie doesn’t.

    • Jais says:

      Edward was sent on a trip during the state visit. He’s currently in Australia and maybe went to NZ too? What’s interesting though is that Sophie and Edward are being sent on so many separate trips and not together. Is that bc they don’t want to travel together or bc there’s so many places to visit and not enough people willing to go so they must be split up? And yes Sophie will just get more of the same but she’s getting paid as a working royal to do so. Bagshot park is not going to upkeep itself.

      • ShazBot says:

        This is interesting. There were rumblings about their marriage. Is she hanging on for dear life and working to prove her value so that she sticks around as a divorcee? Try to show the firm that there’s no need for a divorce, they can just live separate lives? Sophie doesn’t want to take a modest settlement and disappear into the sunset. Shes who the RR think Meghan was – she actually wants the association, title, and all that comes with it.

      • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

        If he was in NZ, nobody noticed.

      • Mustlovedogs says:

        I am in Australia and honestly had absolutely no idea that Edward was/is here. I have seen no coverage of a visit. Nothing! What on earth is the point of these people?

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Hello magazine is really the only outlet that covers Edward & Sophie. They are always posting photos from their tours. It’s how I knew Edward was out of the country.

    • VoominVava says:

      Hello is definitely keeping the royals in the spotlight. How else will we know about those “under-the-radar royals”. That label cracks me up.
      Also, I wish they’d stop trying to make fetch (Sophie) happen.

  8. Amy Bee says:

    If the purpose is to promote the work and boost the popularity of the Royal Family, then she’s failing at her job. Quietly doing things doesn’t help the Royal Family, it only protects the egos of the monarch and his heir.

  9. Pumpkin says:

    She does have value. She does the “bread and butter” engagements that actually allow people to “see” the royals. And those are the ones that W&K refuse to do but someone needs to do them. Enter Sophie.

    That said, she doesn’t generate headlines/attention and that’s okay really. She doesn’t need to, most of the royals don’t actually. As long as she’s actually doing the work then it’s fine.

  10. She may have some value but the spotlight hogs will never let that value be useful.

  11. Libra says:

    Sophie and Edward lack charisma. Sophie will also be remembered as being openly rude to Meghan and made it known she was suspicious of her from the start.

  12. ML says:

    Anyone remember the twisted Fox-Trump relationship where people on TV would tell Trump what to do? This, to me, sounds sort of similar. It’s like Sophie’s (and Edward’s) job application through the RR as to why KC and/ or PW should see her (them) as valuable assets to the monarchy. Considering how much criticism the RF has gotten with the pared-down model since there aren’t enough working to do all the charity visits, this article makes no sense for advocating Sophie’s lack of visibility. Maybe KC or PW has been pitching a fit behind the scenes and this is the way someone (Camz? Tobyn? S&E themselves? A courtier?) is trying to explain why Sophie (and Edward) are so necessary (and THEY DON’T stomp on jealous members’ publicity!).

  13. Bettyrose says:

    TBF I don’t understand “soft” diplomacy at all. But I do understand star power. I absolutely get why global leaders would be thrilled to host QE2, Diana, Harry, and even Anne would be a memory to treasure. I don’t understand Sophie. If she were a qualified diplomat, sure. But where’s the excitement of someone you’ve never heard of who has no diplomatic weight doing a minor event in your country?

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Literally no one cares. Therefore, unless she’s actually doing something of value on these trips, it’s all pointless busy work. And her motorcade killed a woman earlier this year. We still have no explanation for why they were speeding and where they were going in such a rush. It’s all down the memory hole.

    • Renae says:

      When Sophie was in Canada this last time she had an ‘event’ right down the street. I had to drive by on my way to run some errands. There was almost no one there. Our news had maybe a half-minute blurb about it before going on to a story about a street soon to become one-way. Low key is not an exaggeration.

  14. Lau says:

    We already know that Sophie orders the tabloids to publish articles like that about her but now I wonder if she and her team send photos of her events to the press and social media accounts and they just never get a reply ?

  15. Cathy says:

    Edward has been in New Zealand and Australia on Duke of Edinburgh Awards business. Very low key but still important to those doing the awards.

  16. Mary Pester says:

    HiOooo how will cam and keen react to headlines for Sophie?? OR were the foreign trips in a way a punishment because she looked relaxed and Billy boy looked relaxed AND HAPPY when they did that joint engagement. Keen can see that Sophie is wearing a damn sight better than her, and would have moaned to cam and Charlie, who will do anything to avoid questions from the press, and their vanity doesn’t allow for ANY good press about others tours when theirs is always so bad. Sophie and Edward are doing the work keen and can’t won’t because they are a pair of lazy arse holes

  17. Murphy says:

    Sophie, you don’t have to convince US of this, you need to convince THE KING.

  18. tamsin says:

    Seems to me that Edward does a lot of travel on behalf of the Duke of Edinburgh awards and Sophie has had patronages and interests that she’s toiled at for a number of years. Sophie has been trusted to make numerous foreign trips on her own for quite some time and she seems to have done some good work. Sophie seems to have started royal life as a rather arrogant mean girl. She tried to be a Diana and criticized the Queen and was taken in by the fake Sheik, so perhaps not too likeable. She was an attractive woman but my impression is that she lacked warmth and likeability. Just my impression.
    And come to think of it, if the royals can be colonels in chief of regiments of countries of the realm, why couldn’t Harry retain his appointment with the Royal Marines? This working royal thing is just rot.

  19. Jensa says:

    This bit struck me as a bit odd: “She doesn’t always attract huge publicity for her work and she certainly does seek it“. Did they mean to say “she *doesn’t* seek it”? Or have they inadvertently hit on the truth there.
    Sophie is constantly briefing to the press about how indispensable she is. I imagine the Edinburghs want some more of that public money, as it can’t be cheap running that 130-room (!) home. I also wish they’d keep Louise out of it – she is so far down the succession it would be a joke to force her into public life (and there’s no indication she has an appetite for it).

    • Deering24 says:

      They are putting pressure on Louise early so her mom will put pressure on her. And thus the royal dysfunction continues. I hope Louise tells them all where to stick it.

  20. Beverley says:

    Boring! Sophiesta is a snooze.😴😴😴 And I will never forget how horrid she was to Meghan. Sophiesta is a bigot, very much like all the other Pale, Stale Leftovers. Racists add nothing of value to this world and the times they are a-changing. Royals embody the very definition of white supremacy and they, like white supremacy, will eventually become extinct.

    That day can’t come soon enough for me,

  21. sevenblue says:

    Did everyone forget how disastrous Sophie & Edward were when there were cameras following them on royal tour to Caribbean? Edward answered with something like “I didn’t take notes” when PM discussed the reparations with him. Admittedly, they weren’t as bad as Kate & Willy, but it is a really low bar to say they are any good in comparison. I am sure that if their tours, meetings were more public, other things would come out too since a few articles were already published about Edward’s rude behaviour.

    • BeanieBean says:

      First thought that came to mind when I read Kaiser’s praise–Edward & his ‘I didn’t take notes’ crapola; also his ‘you’re standing too close to TQ’ to that London railway worker, a POC; more recently, Sophie telling that one guy ‘don’t quit your day job’ after his singing performance.

  22. Square2 says:

    All these low-key overseas visiting by Anne, Sophie, Edward, the Gloucesters, etc. (Even William & Charles, before he was King.) gave me the vibe that they’re doing shading business for BRF, themselves (eg. Receiving money from rich Americans, Middle Easterners, Russians) or the British government (Weapon sales).

    Sophie does do some good charity works, but when she did those, it usually got posted on BP social media. So when BP didn’t mention those overseas activities carried out by the “working” royals, it makes me wonder.

  23. BeanieBean says:

    Gah! There’s so much about that article that’s just so ridiculous! ‘…it’s other members of the Royal Family who dominate the nation’s Instagram feeds.’ The NATION’s insta feeds? Really??
    Then there’s this, ‘At 59 and 58, respectively, they still have time on their side.’ What?? That’s when most people are looking ahead to retirement!! And finally, this little gem, ‘it has only been eight months since Sophie became the Duchess of Edinburgh yet already she has done so much.’ She’s been at this royal stuff since she married Eddie in 1999!! This stuff ain’t new to her! Arghhhh!!!!

  24. equality says:

    So what value did the regiment or the hospitals she visited get out of hosting her? If there was no attention, it obviously didn’t lead to any funding for the hospitals unless she brought something with her.

  25. Lady Digby says:

    I can see Sophie benefitting if William sacks his wife and she stands in as his official plus one on occasions. I have just gotten back from a departmental away day and once again due to organisational downsizing we are all doubling up and have heavy workloads. Will Chuckles be holding a review next September to assess how well his slimmed down team is covering their workloads and delivering a quality service to a grateful nation?! Will he be handing out tiaras, patronages and foreign tours or continue to stick his head in the ground like an ostrich and believe all the tabloids hype that he’s the nation’s grandpa who can do no wrong?!

  26. Mcali02 says:

    I can’t believe the British people are okay paying for this crap.

  27. First comment says:

    She certainly has some value for the royal family. They both have, actually but I find it really strange that they keep sending them to so many foreign trips while William and Kate stay at home…shouldn’t they be the ones who travel all around the world to create international relationships and exercise diplomacy? I mean, Charles has visited so many countries as prince of Wales when he was William’s age… why don’t they? It’s really bizarre.. and no, i can’t accept the excuse of young children when so many other royals combine family and duty. Doesn’t the foreign office trust them?

    • Caitlin says:

      She certainly has some value for the royal family
      That’s great for them but what about value for the British taxpayer?

    • Proud Mary says:

      The video is very short, First comment, but setting that aside, this video reminds me of W&K’s Jordanian wedding attendance for 2 reasons: (1) the way he ignores her, and (2) the way she ignores Sophie. I remember that image of William and Kate standing in the crowed, in the middle of the frame, with William’s cousin, Beatrice and her husband standing there, at the bottom of the frame. William completely ignores Kate, with his back to her; Kate seems to catch a glimpse of B but ignores her. I remember thinking, why couldn’t she try to rescue herself by chatting with B. I find it odd that you never ever see Kate chatting with or speaking to any of the other women in that family. In that frame, Kate could easily have change things by saying something to Sophie. What would William have done? But not being a fan of hers, I love this for Kate.

  28. First comment says:

    I don’t want to hijack but I think that it is related to Sophie’s value in the royal family: there’s a hilarious video circulating with Sophie, William and Kate during the official morning reception of the Korean president and his wife where William and Sophie chatted effortlessly and at ease with each other and laughed while totally ignoring Kate who looked rather isolated and uncomfortable and wasn’t speaking to anyone… William definitely values sophie 😉

    • Nic919 says:

      Kate seems to poke william with her elbow in that video too.

      It’s hilarious to see how much better he gets along with Sophie than his own wife. And Kate is standing there looking grumpy about it too. I guess Sophie knows the real deal and doesn’t need to bother being nice to Kate anymore.

    • Jazz Hands says:

      Just linking here to save others from going to search for it.

      It reminds me of work functions where we are supposed to interact with clients/guests but co-workers end up gravitating to each other to socialize. The elbow thing is so weird.

      • Libra says:

        Thank you for this link. I don’t have Twitter so rely on others to keep me posted.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Jazz Hands, I think when the South Korean gentlemen moved up to her and she started turning is when she elbowed Wont. She must not have wanted to talk with him alone or something.

  29. Call_Me_AL says:

    Everyone else: No.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I guess this has something to do with her career pre royal marriage as a PR woman. Sophiesta knows the ropes.

    • Libra says:

      If she knew the ropes she should have known that rudely shunning Meghan was a bad PR move. It was all on tape for the world to see.

  31. Saucy&Sassy says:

    It’s interesting that E&S are being used to do what WanK should be doing. I have a feeling that E&S won’t need to worry about having the money necessary to support the kids’ education and upkeep of Bagshot.

    You know what I find the most interesting in everything that’s happened this month? The fact that neither Anne nor Edward (and Sophie?) was at KFC’s birthday dinner party. They were elsewhere working.

  32. JaneS says:

    IDK, I think Sophie and Edward are just being used as seat fillers. After all Andy is benched for life, Fergie has never been popular, H&M are out, W&K are pretty lazy, Anne is still being overworked. C&C are both over 70. The younger teams of Eugenie, Bea, Lady Louisa, all of the Tindale kids and G, C, L are all far too young to be sent out as Royals for a good 15 years at least.

    The BRF has a lack of charm, lack of working Senior Royals to send out.

    William truly is likely to be the last King of England. Which, other than a history study, is fine.
    Outdated all of it.

  33. JaneS says:

    What is wrong with me that I still hold a fondness for William?
    It has got to be because of Diana.

    Diana was so beautiful, lived thru a horrid marriage, did actual charity work that did help get good agencies PR, and then was tragically gone so young.

    William still has so much opportunity to do useful charity work.
    JMO, but Charles and William could establish a new co-foundation or start giving more to the Kings Trust, NHS, Senior care, from their own personal wealth etc.
    But in reality, I know none of that will happen.
    W&K, along with far too many billionaires are simply wealth hoarding jerks.

    The BRF really have become a living soap opera. Of course, Prince Albert & Charlene of Monaco and the rest of that family are also living a complete soap opera. Also isn’t Albert known to have a personal fortune of $1B+?

    A&C and their 2 young kids will be the fogure heads for Monaco in the future. The rest of the G family have zero interest in representing the RF. Even Caroline is rarely seen.