DM: Prince William will throw a tantrum if the Sussexes are invited to Christmas

Over the weekend, Roya Nikkhah at the Times published one of the most unhinged lies ever, from the same publication which brought us “the Duchess of Sussex bullied Kensington Palace staffers, we promise!” Nikkhah’s “sources” – which she claimed were “friends of the Sussexes” – said that Prince Harry and Meghan wanted an invitation to spend Christmas at Sandringham with the Windsors, but an invitation had not been forthcoming because the Windsors couldn’t trust the Sussexes not to “leak” things. You know, like the palace briefed Roya about Harry “snubbing” a birthday party invite, only Harry went on the record to call it a lie. This whole psychodrama of the past week – the birthday phone call leaks, the stuff about the Sussexes wanting a Christmas invite – has been palace-driven. All of these stories are coming from inside Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace, period, the end. Well, now the Daily Mail has an update, because of course they do. The Sussexes can’t be invited because then William and Kate won’t go to Sandringham!

Harry and Meghan may have said they’d accept a Christmas invitation to Sandringham, but it is unlikely they would be welcomed with open arms, insiders claimed last night. Following reports the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are keen to build bridges and would ‘not decline’ an offer to join His Majesty for the festive season, sources said the sudden ‘love-bombing’ from Montecito was ‘bizarre’.

And yesterday a claim in the Sunday Times by ‘friends of the Sussexes’ that they want to ‘change the state of play’ and would ‘readily accept’ an invitation prompted one source to tell the Mail: ‘It seems as if they are really doubling down on their reconciliation strategy.

‘It’s so bizarre to have behaved so badly, demanded an apology and an admission of ‘guilt’ — to no avail, I might add — from the family and now suggest they’ll just waltz back in and allow bygones to be bygones if only someone would be good enough invite them.’

The insider pointed out the couple had invitations from both Queen Elizabeth and King Charles to join the family at Balmoral in the summer, but had chosen not to visit since 2018. They added: ‘Which begs the question, why now? Is it something to do with the fact that some of their commercial deals, such as Spotify, have fallen around their ears and they have been subject to ridicule in the U.S. in shows such as South Park and Family Guy? Could it be that they have realised moaning about how awful being a member of the Royal Family is, isn’t such a great strategy after all?’

The source noted that any invitation may not go down well with other senior royals, including the Prince of Wales, whose relationship with his younger brother is now non-existent. There was much chatter in royal circles yesterday as to whether the Waleses would even be present if Harry and Meghan were invited, suddenly finding Christmas with the Middleton family looking all the more appealing.

Another royal insider suggested to the Mail they thought the king would be more likely to invite Harry and Meghan to visit him in Scotland over the New Year, when the Waleses would be at Anmer Hall, their Norfolk country home. ‘It would certainly have the advantage of killing two birds with one stone; extending an olive branch to one son without causing difficulty to the other,’ they said.

‘Christmas plans are normally nailed down by now as Sandringham isn’t a particularly big place and there’s not a lot of room for the entire extended family,’ another source cautioned. ‘It would be surprising for the Sussexes not to have received an invitation by now if there was going to be one. New Year in Scotland would be more likely. But as with anything to do with Harry and Meghan, let’s face it, anything can happen.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I’m starting to formulate a theory about how this storyline happened. My guess is that William is, as ever, incandescent with rage, this time about his father’s obvious pleasure that the Sussexes got in touch on his birthday. Perhaps Charles pulled William aside at his birthday party and let William know that the Sussexes would get a real invitation to spend New Year’s in Scotland or something like that. William then rage-briefed Roya (one of his favorites, and author of the infamous “The Other Brother” profile) about how the Sussexes were desperate for a Christmas invite, only to then go to the Mail and threaten to avoid Sandringham for Christmas. What’s funny about that is that Will and Kate have no other options now – they can’t spend Christmas in Bucklebury with Kate’s grifter family. Carole and Michael are in hiding, they’re broke, they’re millions in debt, and most importantly, William doesn’t want to be seen with them.

So, yeah, while the birthday-phone call stuff seemed to come straight from Buckingham Palace, this Christmas-invite storyline has a distant Peg energy. William is desperate to believe that the Sussexes want to visit because their California lives are struggling. The Sussexes are not struggling.

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74 Responses to “DM: Prince William will throw a tantrum if the Sussexes are invited to Christmas”

  1. Ariel says:

    My favorite thing about this is how they don’t even need to Sussex family for this narrative. The palaces can brief back and forth, attributing any random thing and then answer each other.
    Until real Harry actually shuts them down – which is fun, and gives the royals another Avenue for stories

    • KeKe Swan says:

      I’m gobsmacked at how plausible this seems…

      • Elizabeth says:

        I know there are people who will support him no matter what, but I’d love for someone to release footage of him throwing a tantrum.

    • Anita says:

      Do you know what I wish for? I wish for a sitcom along the lines of “Yes, Minister” or “Yes, Prime Minister” that depicts the (mis)work of the UK government (classic scene like this
      I’d like to see a show like this that depicts the mechanics behind the palace courtiers and their media briefings on all things Peg, Chuck and Queen Cam, and the Sussexes.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      I sometimes wonder – and given the lack of intellect required, it’s probably not true – but I wonder if Kate’s outfits are Easter eggs or clues.

      Like last year she looked like she was dressed as Jecca. Is she cos playing the other woman in the relationship? Or one of the other women I suppose.

      • ADS says:

        Your Easter eggs theory is so interesting! The idea being that she cosplays whoever her husband is currently obsessed with…? That would explain why she copies so many of Meghan’s outfits!

  2. Advisor2u says:

    Guys, look at the bigger picture of what’s about to happen. The verdict in Prince Harry’s Mirror Group phone hacking courtcase is imminent {by end of this month – beginning of Dec.) Hence the sudden ramping up of attacks on him and his wife, and the nonsense back and forward regarding invitations to the UK.

    And Omid’s book is abiut to drop too. Unwanted revelations about the other royals are probably expected.

    So, it’s heavy defection time guys. I hope H&M don’t repond to any of this mess.

    • ML says:

      Great comment, Advisor2U. About a week ago, Brian Cathcart’s November 11, 2023 Byline Investigates article began:
      “MOST PEOPLE, when caught with their pants down, act embarrassed and swiftly pull them up. The Daily Mail is different. With its grubby underwear around its knees it points angrily at the person standing nearest and shouts: ‘Look at him! I saw him pick his nose!’”
      So, what you said, Advisor2U.

      • Advisor2u says:

        Well, after all, it’s sooner than later. It’s announced, the verdict, it’s about to go down tomorrow, Nov 21 at 10:30 AM, UK time🤞🏼

      • Advisor2u says:

        Correction peeps, (the cases are too many, so I was a bit confused).

        Tomorrow’s court meeting is about the Harry vs The Mail Group case, which will go to court next year. It’s NOT about the verdict reg. Harry vs The Mirror Group. That one is stil imminent.

        This one is a “court discussion” to agree procedural stuff in the Mail Group case, on “how to go further.”

      • Nic919 says:

        The judgment has been relayed to the parties. The court appearance tomorrow at 10 am UK time is to discuss details relating to the press restrictions on reporting the decision.

        This is very odd for a civil decision to not be automatically published. Have to wonder if it’s to protect the press. Usually only criminal decisions have publication bans in relation to minors or sensitive content.

  3. Becks1 says:

    oh lordy this is exhausting. Is this going to be how every event is for the next `10, 20 years?

    We all know the Sussexes are not begging for an invitation to christmas at Sandringham.

    But we all ALSO know that William is definitely throwing a tantrum at the mere idea that they might be invited, so we get these stories to try to show William’s power and authority in the family but really he just comes off looking angry and petty.

    And finally, the Sussexes commercial deals are fine. The RRs were more invested in South Park than any American I know, and the Family Guy blip was mostly about how much money they have. The Sussexes are moving with the big power players in the US and you know that’s driving some of the leftovers CRAZY.

    • Geegee says:

      I love that the words throw a tantrum is completely normalized when discussing the behavior of a 41 year old. Not a 4 year old, a 41 year old. Completely normal. Nothing to see here. Just a middle aged man with no ability to self regulate. Totally normal.

    • elAnnoy says:

      Were it not for the stories from the RR, I wouldn’t know either South Park or Family Guy were still on.

  4. Eurydice says:

    Sure, with the Sussexes anything can happen…including the most ordinary and expected things. Like celebrating Christmas at home with their children instead of traveling 5,500 miles to the other side of the planet.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Remember when they spent weeks telling us Harry and Meghan were desperate to attend to coronation because something something South Park, only for Harry to show up solo for the ceremony and dip within 24 hours? This is the same story six months later. Meghan isn’t going back, and I very much doubt Harry is going to spend Christmas away from his very small children so he could be given a pen in the Windsor gift exchange.

    • Tessa says:

      And harry won’t leave Meghan and their children home to spend Christmas with his spiteful relatives. William probably would have the nerve to suggest divorce to harry and his wife.

  6. equality says:

    So, QE managed to have the whole family at Sandringham year after year, but suddenly it’s too small? Better watch out, RF, your racist roots are showing. I’m sure H&M want to attend, because who wouldn’t want to be sectioned off from their children during Christmas to weigh in, dress up and dine with awful people who claim to hate you, and be on parade like a circus animals.

    • Concern Fae says:

      Houses that easily hosted everyone become too small when the grandchildren start marrying and having kids of their own. They are totally racist, but siblings who used to share a room needing their own space after they get married is real.

      • equality says:

        So where were H&M going to stay when they supposedly “snubbed” QE’s invite? There would be fewer people to house then than now with QE & Phil gone. Sandringham is castle-sized and has the attached Wood Farm where Phil stayed. And, it’s not as if W&K don’t have a place nearby where they have been rumored to stay instead of Sandringham. It’s not like we’re talking about people without resources and plenty of other palaces to choose from if the whole family can’t be accommodated. And, it’s not as if people can’t be shifted around to sleep somewhere besides with a spouse for a few days. So, NO, not buying it.

    • Becks1 says:

      This has been a thing for year about Sandringham supposedly. It has long been considered a big deal to get an invite to the big house. They are a racist awful family, but this idea of Sandringham being too small is not new.

      • Geegee says:

        Ther is no room now that all the parker bowles are coming. The royals are being pushed out to make room for trashy mistress spawn.

  7. Tessa says:

    So they want to come back because of the South park episode and family guy and being so called subject to ridicule

    These writers are so deluded. The only ones to remember and glorify those episodes are the derangers. The article is really making the keen s look even more petty.

    • SueBarbri33 says:

      They really go out of their way to make William and Kate look jealous and petty. But they’re not the only ones–not to thread jack, but has anybody been watching The Crown? I’ve just finished episode 3, and while they have young Harry behave as a sort of generic kid, I’ve found the William persona to be incredibly odd. Is anybody else picking up on that weirdness?

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        Oohhhhhh odd how?

      • Mel says:

        I mentioned this last week. As a kid William held his head down to avoid interacting with the paps. So for some reason, they decided to have him also do this around his family, the actor is playing him like his head is too heavy to be supported by his neck and he’s always skulking around. It’s weird, it reminds me of Viola Davis’ decision to play Michelle Obama like her teeth were too big for her mouth. Those kind of weird mannerisms are just distracting AF.

      • SueBarbri33 says:

        That’s a good description, Mel. He’s the most awkward looking actor, and they’re making really strange choices for William’s on-screen behavior.

  8. Brassy Rebel says:

    What is actually bizarre is the suggestion that Montecito is “love bombing” the royals. They are desperate to be love bombed at this point from almost anyone besides their sycophants in the media.

    • Jais says:

      Love bombing😂. All of these stories are trying to make the Sussexes seem desperate and the RF seem desirable. It’s unfathomable to them that they’re not something to be desired, that people aren’t clamoring for invitations. So they’ve got these elaborate storylines about the Sussexes just begging for crumbs of invitations. So all the people reading these papers can be assured that their world order still makes sense. The RF are still the bestest, the people everyone wants to be. Feels like lying to save face though.

    • Shawna says:

      I believe Harry called Charles for his birthday. But to have that twisted as love-bombing? Wouldn’t blame Harry if there is no such call next year. (Even if this storyline is coming from Pegs, not Chuck.)

  9. Tessa says:

    Harry and Meghan are not the ones who behaved badly. For starters granddad Charles evicted Harry and Meghan and their children who are also Charles grandchildren. Williams pettiness is very much on display

  10. The Sussexes friends have not said a word. You know this is garbage when they say the Sussexes friends. I’m sure Peg would be incandescent with rage if they were to be invited but then again he is in a continual state of rage about everything. This is just drama because Omids book is due out and they are throwing the everything and the kitchen sink in to try desperately to over shadow it with this fairy tale.

    • Eurydice says:

      Lol, if this is all the ammunition they have to overshadow the book, then they’re in big trouble.

    • Advisor2u says:

      Exactly. Harry and Meghan’s actual inner circle friends are not attention seeking gossipers, who run to tabloids and RRs with H&M stories. Most of them are influential, rich bitches who would prefer to avoid the tabloid culture, many are just longtime/childhood friends who have stuck by them since forever.

      Their real friends know that they have pledged to not engage with tabloids and RRs in the UK , so they themselves won’t when it comes to H&M. They know damn well what type of media has caused them hurt & harm and the problems with the royals, from the start of their relationship.

      Yes, we have seen some of their friends talking – when asked something publicly, not anonimouisly – but with their namens and faces.

      The only time we knew about Meghan’s friends publicly talking ‘off the record’, was reg. that People article, in which 5 of her friends defended her against the relentless tabloid attacks in 2018/2019, which has caused her to be su**idal when she was in That Family that never defended Meghan, but instead (as became clear) orchestrated the tabloid & media taking down of her.
      As most people know, that article was part of Meghan’s “breeching of copyright & privicy courtcase” against the Daily Fail, which she won. But later – in the H&M docuseries, as her friends explained the “why” of that decission – we found out who at least 4 of the 5 friends were.

    • HeatherC says:

      The “friend of the Sussexes” is actually a guy named Fred, who ran into Patrick, who is the former roommate of Harry’s at Eton’s second cousin’s next door neighbor’s sister’s hairdresser’s florist’s dog walker.

  11. Nic919 says:

    Wonder if he’s as upset about the Parker Bowles side attending this year c

  12. CindyP says:

    Who in their right mind would want to spend the holidays with that awful family?

    • PJ says:

      This. No way are the Sussexes putting their children through that for Christmas, so nope. They aren’t going and as an earlier post speculated, Harry will probably be in the room with Will at KC3’s funeral.

    • Mel says:

      The kids aren’t even allowed to be at dinner. They are banished to another room.

  13. Concern Fae says:

    When doesn’t William have a tantrum?

  14. Mslove says:

    I bet the Windsor family would be delighted if Peg & Keen declined to spend Christmas at Sandringham.

  15. molly says:

    There are 29 bedrooms in that shack.
    And little ol’ Amner Hall is down the street.
    And to them, it’s not all particularly big.

  16. M says:

    Every time I see that outfit on Kate I just start singing the theme to “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”

  17. Amy Bee says:

    This briefing is very weird it reads like a member of the royal rota/newspaper editor is the source rather than KP itself. I believe William is upset that Charles asked Harry to call him for his birthday. I suspect “the friends of the Sussexes” is a combination of KP and a newspaper editor. It’s clear that the British press is desperate for Harry and Meghan to go to the UK for Christmas and is yanking the Palace’s chain. Plus, I don’t see Harry and Meghan eager to spend Christmas with that toxic family.

    • Jais says:

      Hmm, so maybe William heard about the bday phone call and he’s the one that leaked it and then blamed it on sussex camp. Keeping things frosty bw Charles and Harry.

      • Amy Bee says:

        It’s quite possible that William did leak this information to the BBC.

      • Christine says:

        That is completely believable.

      • Jais says:

        Am kind of feeling this theory. It does seem like Charles leaked that Harry snubbed the non-existent invitation but then Harry called him out. Not sure Charles went strait back into the shenanigans after that. But William could and this is so sloppily done that I can believe it’s KP and William. Not that Charles wouldn’t and I’m not wholly discounting him or Camilla but could see it being peg jumping into the mix. He was feeling left out.

  18. @BelizeEmpower says:

    This quote though, “It’s so bizarre to have behaved so badly, demanded an apology and an admission of ‘guilt’”…hmmm, exactly when did the Sussexes admit guilt? And admit to what? Did we miss something?

    • Becks1 says:

      No, the sentence is saying that the sussexes demanded an apology AND an admission of guilt from the royal family. It’s not about susssexes admitting anything.

  19. Rapunzel says:

    One of the most tragic details in Spare was during the Will assaults Harry section. Harry tells Will he can’t talk to him when he’s like this and goes to get him water. Those details were almost worse than the assault because they confirm Harry is used to Will being this way. That he’s used to the,rage and violence.

    Harry is not reconciling with Will until that changes. It doesn’t matter if Will wants to patch things up. Harry is done with Will’s rage.

  20. Lau says:

    I hope the Sussexes get photographed at a New Year’s Eve party with all of their famous friends so that we can get some more rage shrieks from Prince Incandescent.

    • Ace says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me if we had reports or candid photos of H&M(&Doria) volunteering somewhere during Christmas. It’d be the type of thing they do and as a bonus it would show how they’re busy doing something more productive that following ridiculous and overbearing traditions.

  21. Elizabeth Kerri Mahon says:

    I love that the photo of Kate at last year’s Christmas, I think?, had her dressing up in Jecca Craig cosplay.

  22. Mary Pester says:

    OK, hands up, WHO put Sandringham on a boil wash and shrank the bloomin place? 😂🤣😂Really, you couldn’t make this rubbish up!
    Look, IF and it’s a big IF Harry phoned Charlie on his birthday, it had bugger all with wanting an invite to Sandringham, it was harry and his big heart, accepting his father is getting older and might not be around much longer, full stop. (but I will enlarge on that in a minute.
    I think Harry phoned, Charlie told camzilla, camzilla briefed the media, THEN she added a twist to what was said and briefed keen, keen threw her wiglet across the room, added another twist and briefed bullyam. Bullyam briefed the mail (with the promise they would lay of him) and on and on it goes. It’s like “Game of thrones meets the Borgias” Harry and Megan will stay in montecito with their children because THEY NEVER INTENDED anything different.
    Now back to Harry’s phone call, IF it happened, IS Charlie ill?? He has looked rough as a badgers bum recently and isn’t as publicly active as he has been, everything is close to home ever since he got back from Kenya. Shades of the “Prince Philip has gone into hospital for tests on a pre existing condition, it’s nothing serious”, but as usual the Palace lied to the press and the public, but more importantly, they LIED to Harry,and Philip died. Now I’m not saying Charlie’s is terminal, but some thing is not right with him

    • Mslove says:

      I agree, something is up with Chuck. That’s why we have ‘Global Statesman Peg’ shoved down our throats.

    • Judy says:

      OMG Mary Pester…you saying Kate “threw her wiglet across the room” made me laugh out loud!! I love your comments and always look forward to seeing them.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Mary Pester, I agree with not really believing the phone call. Perhaps it happened, but I suspect it was only Harry talking to him and MA&L were not part of it. That’s assuming, of course, that Harry could get through to him.

      I’ll have to start paying more attention to KFC–I tend to think that at 75 he’s doesn’t have the energy that QE2 or PP had. It could be more than that.

  23. Kyliegirl says:

    Not to thread jack because I am sure Kaiser will cover, but my new theory on this Sussexes at Christmas hoohaw is to make it more palatable that Camilla’s family is going to join the royal family for Christmas. Chris Ship posted that they are having to move the dinner to a larger room to accommodate the new guests. No one is talking about that. Only H&M.

  24. Lady Digby says:

    A single phone call changed nothing and none of this BS is news. H will be with his wife and children at Xmas. Kingy will be celebrating with Camzilla whilst WK will be spinning the wheel of feelings and catching permafrost!

  25. Gigi says:

    My unsolicited advice to the PoW team – even if you hate the Duke of Sussex at a cellular level, place the British tabloids in your rear view mirror. Distance your PoW brand from these low hanging fruits as the British media don’t mean you well. They are only interested in stirring wasps nest to feed their never ending appetite to feed on disfunction and will use your hate to trigger you and make money from playing to your anger but it is short lived high.

    It is not only affecting H&Ms brand perception, it is also colouring perception of your brand. No matter how tempted it is to stick it to H&M , resist it and only do interviews with Bloomberg UK, FT, etc and local media, as in regional media, as when people google the PoW and Pr or W, it is the tabloids that come up and they are setting the perception of the KP brand. Given timezone, H&M now have the ability to counter the UK tabloids. Meghan can now command an interview in the US and Canada and never mention the Royal Family as SUITS has been viewed 45 Billion minutes, that is 750 million hours, that is equivalent to 85.56 years. In a beautiful plot twist that only God could ordain, the resurgence of suits have grown her fanbase not because of linked to the RF but to SUITS as we saw from this past event American media articles. Not once did any of the interviews she did at Variety brought up the RF, it was all SUITS. Also in a capitalism driven society, she has proven she generates revenue even from past work , she has proven her revenue generation potential. nothing your tabloids say will change that. Time for you to separate from the tabloids as they do you no favors.

  26. Beverley says:

    The Sussexes are “struggling”? With the massive success of Harry’s blockbuster book “Spare”, we’re supposed to believe that the Sussexes need royal financial help? Spare is probably making him millions!

    If that’s struggling, sign me up.

  27. QuiteContrary says:

    Ah yes, who wouldn’t want to be at a Christmas gathering of snakes?

  28. tamsin says:

    Charles should probably start his own traditions. Elizabeth was a matriarch who gathered her family together at Christmas. Charles basically has no family, and I can’t imagine anyone really wants to just see Charles. He has been a terrible father and he has divided his family. There is no familial feeling with Charles. If I were Charles, I would skip the Christmas get-together since it sounds like it would be nothing but grim and invite the clan for New Years at Balmoral. Balmoral can’t be said to lack room. Only demented people living in a bubble with their heads in the sand could possibly imagine that Harry and Meghan would ever think of not spending Christmas with their children and Doria and establishing warm and loving traditions for their family.

  29. Beverley says:

    A tantrum? What an aspirational look for the future King of England.

    My condolences.

  30. Saucy&Sassy says:

    This is all just noise. The palaces and bm are now reframing everything so that the Sussexes are the ones behind the leaks, they are begging to be invited to dismal Christmas family events, etc. Part of it is because they want to have something to distract from Scobie’s book, part of it is because the Mirror decision in Harry’s lawsuit will be coming out sooner rather than later, and, I think, part of it is because H&M’s spokesperson put out a statement regarding that the invitation wasn’t real and the bm are hoping if they prod them enough, they will make another statement.

    This is all just noise.

  31. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    Since Kate and William claim to care about mental health so much, is anyone in that family making sure William gets therapy for his unhinged temper tantrums? I mean, what emotionally stable adult man would “throw a tantrum” if his brother gets an invitation for Christmas?

  32. phlyfiremama says:

    I don’t know about Y’all, but *sarcasm font I too would be breathlessly lying around my summer 340+- days of the year mansion JUST WAITING for a grudging invitation to a family death-cage match from a dreary frosty hell hole (and that’s just what’s INSIDE) of a country that has done everything to try and insult me & my family, drag our names through the mud, lie repeatedly about us to the press “family” gathering. Sounds lovely!! *Sarcasm font off

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