Scobie: The Sussexes admit that their Sussexit ‘hadn’t quite gone to plan’

Over the summer, People Magazine had a mostly sympathetic cover story about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. I say “mostly sympathetic” because at that time, the British media had done approximately 35,000 articles about how the Sussexes were going broke and no one in Hollywood liked them and remember, Spotify’s Bill Simmons called them “f–king grifters.” People’s cover story was basically like: everything hasn’t been rosy, but they’re still finding their footing and they’re proud of what they’ve built so far. They still have their Netflix contract and Netflix executives seem to like them and believe in them.

They’ve accomplished so much in the past four years: moving to America and buying a home; Harry’s work with BetterUp, Harry’s bestselling memoir, Meghan’s one hit podcast, a massively successful Netflix docuseries; a successful AppleTV docuseries on mental health; a successful children’s book, giving birth to a baby girl; organizing two post-pandemic Invictus Games; building Archewell’s charitable and business arms from the ground up; investing in a small California-based latte company and on and on. Still, “sources” told Omid Scobie that things haven’t quite gone to plan for the Sussexes:

As Prince William and Kate Middleton have moved further into their roles as future king and queen, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have moved into an uncertain future.

“When I spoke to people in their orbit, they admit that it hadn’t quite gone to plan,” author Omid Scobie, whose new book Endgame is out Nov. 28, tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story. “They really need to establish what their purpose is.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have experienced growing pains finding a path to success in their next chapter. In January 2020, Harry, 39, and Meghan, 42, announced their intention to “step back as senior members of the Royal Family and work to become financially independent” before moving to Meghan’s home state of California months later.

In April 2020, they launched their nonprofit, Archewell. The Archewell Foundation website went live that October within the larger Archewell organization, which currently includes the business verticals Archewell Productions and Archewell Audio.

As Harry and Meghan forge a new life in the United States, William and Kate remain focused on their destiny ahead in the U.K. The last time the two couples appeared together — after Queen Elizabeth’s death in September 2022 — “it showed that all four are capable of switching it on and doing what’s right in the moment,” says Scobie, who has covered the royal family for more than a decade. Later, he says, “The first question I had to sources was, ‘Do you think that this will lead to something else?’ ” The answer: “a firm no.”

[From People]

I think it’s fair to say that “things hadn’t gone quite to plan” but I assume Endgame will cover why that was – they had the rug pulled out from under them at some point after the Sandringham Summit deal, when Charles withdrew their funding and security as a way to “bring them to heel.” That’s the whole reason why they started over from scratch – out of necessity, not because they had their whole independence mapped out ahead of time. As for “They really need to establish what their purpose is” – eh. They’ve been establishing it all along. That being said, I think this year sort of marks the transition to where they’ll have more separation in their projects. Harry will focus more on charity work and Invictus while Meghan is focused more on their business.

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102 Responses to “Scobie: The Sussexes admit that their Sussexit ‘hadn’t quite gone to plan’”

  1. QuiteContrary says:

    I think their purpose is to serve in whatever way they can, and that’s what they do — and do well.

  2. Pointillist says:

    I mean in this Covid climate are any of us living life according to plan? I know it’s just a phrase but it is very hard to map your life out and in media and entertainment, it’s a mess right now with advertising, streaming and podcasts. They seem to be doing pretty well.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      Agree with this so much.

      And they have done SO much. If a royal family member had accomplished this much it would be mind blowing. And an actual – oh the royals do accomplish things! – moment.

      That said – I do hope H&M are working behind the scenes with partners to help those suffer in the cold or from hunger this winter in the uk.

      • paintybox says:

        @MoxyLady007 – I agree with this so much. Looking back on Meghan’s royal family days, she accomplished an amazing amount and made actual differences in peoples’ lives, without needing much fanfare for herself (thinking of Kate here who needs to be praised for breathing). I really hope they’re quietly continuing good works in the UK too.

  3. Lady Digby says:

    They escaped the vipers nest and for them that is the ultimate win.

    • Sam says:

      We must not forget how bad the first time after the exit was. How KP and BP tried to destroy the Sussexes. That cost an incredible amount of time and money and nerves. And I think we only saw the tip of the iceberg in the documentary. They also had to take care of their mental health and deal with a miscarriage that happened due to the stress and bullying from England.

  4. Haylie says:

    I’ll just be over here in a corner, pointing out once again that Omid is a pandering opportunistic hack whose sources are still very much courtiers who regularly told lies about Meghan

    • Fawsia says:

      I agree. He is awful just like the rest of the tabloid hacks! If the book is not about the Sussexes why only serialize their part and use them as. Click Nate!

      • ShazBot says:

        Literally the only thing he has going for him is that he is fair across the board. He didn’t join the pile on all the other rota did. That’s it.

    • Amy Bee says:


    • RoyalBlue says:

      Yes. Even the above statements sounds like they were fed to him by courtiers. I had to do a double take and ask myself if those words came from Jason.

      Being private citizens, why is it anyone’s business what their individual purpose is. Why are we intruding on their personal goals, hopes and dreams. Isn’t Archewell sufficient for those who want to know?

      • Christine says:

        Agreed. They are successful by any measure, but it’s none of our business in the first place.

        That is what it means to be a private citizen. Harry and Meghan don’t get taxpayer money.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        These excerpts/interview quotes are problematic for me. It may not be a quote from Scobie, but the People mag writer, but, the WanKs are not growing into the future roles that they simply inherited due to QE2’s death. They haven’t shown more growth. Just more embiggening of their same old nonsense.

        “They really need to establish what their purpose is.”. WTF They want to live a life of service along with earning their own money. I’ve always had a problem when people would talk about the Sussex “brand”. Hate the use of that word. “Brand” limits people and it’s also something done to animals and people in horrific history. H&M are not animals.

        That walk about for QE2’s funeral was not the 4 of them coming together. Kate was an aggresive b*tch and Meghan looked totally uncomfortable with Pegs faux civility. Meghan handled it well. There is a reason why Harry looked and was protective of Meghan. William is the abuser who knows he should behave in public.

        If I were to have pre ordered this book, I would have cancelled with these excerpts and interviews. If H&M were a small part of the book, why are they such a big focus of the excerpts. Is Omid trying to appeal to derangers? He should know by now bots don’t by books. Curious that he went with People magazine for the excerpts. Isn’t their editor English?

    • MJM says:

      Omid seems to talk out of both sides of his mouth and it’s annoying.

    • Mmm-hmm, I’m in that corner with you…

  5. Gigi says:

    Re: Scobie, I refused to believe anyone connected to the Sussexes collaborated with him, given the role he played in Duchess’ case with the mail. It’s the whole conversation around FF that gave KP the evidence they thought could help the DM’s case. I really doubt H&M would then gave him any comment or information after that, when they have their own platforms to share their story. His book has only brought a resurgence of pettiness against the Sussexes. While the tabloids and the RR are upfront in their nastiness and stay committed to their modus operandi- Scobie pretends to be above the RR and is balance and only focus on facts – yet he has caused the most distress as he allows the perception that he is connected to H&M to validate his position for International media. He who decried “sources” months ago is making money from “sources”. If we know Meghan’s approach to things – she would not be approving talk to Scobie- she said that way back in 2018 – as Knauff’s submission to the Mail’s case showed. Why trust him now? Why can’t C&C and W&K leadership/management team be like Princess Anne’s team?
    Don’t they want a narrative change?

    • Amy Bee says:

      So true.

      • Anonymous says:

        Omid said his book is not about the Sussex, everything that has come out has been about the Sussex. I was planning on getting a copy I change my mind. If I want to know about Meghan and Harry I have the hard copy of spare

  6. Anonymous says:

    ” “it showed that all four are capable of switching it on and doing what’s right in the moment,” says Scobie”

    All four, really? Scobie must have seen a different fourth person who could act civil.

    • Jazz Hands says:

      Exactly. I was like seriously, Scobie? If that’s how he’s going to play it, I’m not so sure this book will be what we hope it will be (i.e. truthful and factual).

    • Miranda says:

      Hey, give her a break, that moment was literally the hardest thing Kate ever had to do! 😒😒😒

  7. Yes Chuckles and Peg did all they could to wreck said plan but I believe they have overcome that and the plan is and always was service. As for Peg and Can’t they got what they wanted and now are withering under the glare of the spotlight they so wished to have shine upon them. Karma is giving Peg and Can’t the light they deserve of course they have been helping Karma so very much with their lazy mess. Things are going well for the Sussexes noy so much for the leftovers. Omid is wrong about the Wales switching it on to do what is right. So very wrong.

  8. Sunshine says:

    I don’t think Harry expected his family to be so cruel.
    I really don’t believe he expected them to be do hateful
    I really don’t believe he expected them to try sabotage his every move and breath.

  9. girl_ninja says:

    I think Omid is one of the only members of the British that is fair regarding Harry Meghan, but I still don’t think he knows shit. He’s reaching out to the same gossips, courtiers and whoever to get this book written. That’s fine but I don’t think this is special and this is coming from someone who the first book he co-wrote about them. I have the questions I had answered from Spare.

    • Ace says:

      At this point I don’t think anything Scobie says about H&M is going to be that interesting. After the things we’ve heard directly from them we have a pretty good idea of how things went down.

      But I think that whatever we get about the rest of the family, even details related to what they did or said about H&M, will be much more interesting because Scobie is not exactly writing the same type of RF book. That said, I expect it to be still a Royalist book so I think he’ll be nice enough about Will and Chuck. This book is not going to have an abolish the monarchy subtext and it seems some people are expecting that, which surprises me.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        I don’t believe Omid has an ‘abolish the monarchy’ pov. Earlier points of the book made it seem like he was going to go in harder on the royals in England. So far, he’s being passive-aggressive towards H&M and going mild on the others. He seems to be repeating BM tabloid stuff in different ways.imo

        Yes, he’s been fair to H&M at times. He’s also been wrong. Finding Freedom contained a lot of mistruths. I don’t believe people in H&M’s ‘orbit’ are speaking with him. I’m getting the feeling that Omid wrote a book based on stuff already out there. Sadly. Lazy journalism. Not as bad and awful as Angela Levin’s bullsh*t saying she spent a year and half and accompanied Harry on different events for her book. LOL. To this day, AL has not produced any evidence of spending any real time with Harry. lolz for days.

  10. Dee(2) says:

    The idea that they need to “establish what their purpose is” sounds to me like people needing them to declare themselves as champions of specific interests so that it’s easier to write about them. For all of the talk of them not being ” working royals” anymore it seems very difficult for reporters even sympathetic and somewhat fair reporters like Omid to understand how to cover them in a way that isn’t as a royal doing events. The expectations they have for them they don’t really have for any others who are in a philanthropy space, and I think their coverage still shows that. They still call them being out ‘ joint appearances and engagements “. Who else that’s a major celebrity that does philanthropy gets described that way? I think the Sussexes not putting everything in a unofficial court circular has led people to believe that they don’t have direction or aren’t working behind the scenes, instead of realizing that they’re under no obligation to share with you their business. They put out a yearly foundation report that’s all that’s needed.

    • equality says:

      Really. Do others in the entertainment industry decide what their purpose is or do they take on projects as they wish to and are invited into? Look how many celebs are in multiple industries and in different positions and philanthropies.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Exactly @Equality. Meghan & Harry have accomplished so much within such a short period of time, that it is mindboggling to accurately assess the significance and impact of all they’ve achieved before and after leaving Salty Isle. 😍🫡

        During the recent red carpet interview Meg gave at the Power of Women event, she referenced upcoming projects, so we can bet a number of interesting completed efforts by H&M, will be dropping soon. 🫳 I can’t wait! 🫠😊

        Even if H&M were not involved in entertainment film production projects, all the philanthropy work, personal truth-telling, fundraising by their supporters, ongoing collaborative efforts, award honors, entrepreneurial endeavors and outside-the-box thinking, combined with Invictus and knock ’em dead public sightings, are simply next level stratospheric. If they are ‘struggling,’ they are doing so quite successfully! 🙌🏽 🫶🏽 Please sign me up immediately for Sussex ‘struggle’ success! ❤️‍🔥🤌🏽💪🏽🤜🏻🤛🏽

    • Miranda says:

      The “establish their purpose” thing really speaks to the mindset of the RF and RR, the way that they seem to genuinely believe that royals are the only people capable of legit charity work and philanthropy.

      • Tina says:

        I think even media have this frame too. Lainey has made this comment on her blog several times and I’m always scratching my head. Is there any other celebrity on earth that is expected to decide (and I guess publicly declare) their purpose? Its so weird to me.

    • Jais says:

      Yeah, it’s so weird. What does that even mean? They need to establish their purpose. How does one even answer that? Are they talking about establishing a brand.

    • Ace says:

      I think you put it perfectly. Both RF and RR expected them to create a Montecito Court and that’s the way they planned to measure whatever they did. H&M are not playing that game and none of those people are smart enough to figure out what to do with them.

    • Amy Bee says:

      That comment about finding their purpose comes from either a member of the royal rota or a courtier.

    • L4Frimaire says:

      I seriously have no idea what they mean by this other than wanting them and their kids to be there on demand for the press. They meet people like the surgeon general, the 2nd gentleman, the top brass of NATO, civic and tech leaders but they need to establish their purpose? They’ve worked on mental health projects, digital literacy and the manipulation of social media, building a playground for a community scarred by a mass shooting, veterans causes and Invictus, plus the various charities they partner with but they need to establish a purpose? Alrighty then. I guess they just want more podcasts or something.

      • aftershocks says:

        Oh, exactly @L4frimaire!!! 💯 🎯

        The Sussexes come and go as they choose, and as they g*d@$n please without having to inform clamoring media hoards 😭 of a gosh darn WTF! 🤣🤣😂😅😜

        There are no leaks in Montecito. 🤐 But there are 10 gazillion plus ‘bathrooms,’ on a gorgeous estate that symbolically features two lovingly entertwined palm trees. 🏝 🌄⚡️☔️ 🌊 🤑

  11. equality says:

    Was there a plan? They wanted half-in and got turned down. Then they were supposed to have time to decide with security that got pulled. I think his “source” is PH’s book that tells how “plans” changed.

    • L4Frimaire says:

      Remember when Tyler Perry said there was no plan. These excerpts so far is making me seriously side eye this book.

      • kirk says:

        Exactly! Tyler Perry! Scobie mumble mumble uh-uh-uh “plans” didn’t work mumble mumble mumble because he mumbled to unnamed “people in their orbit.” Then he editorializes “They really need to establish what their purpose is.” Wow, wonder what my purpose is 🤔🙄 What’s Scobie’s purpose?

        Am not going to even waste effort to side-eye this pap. Where’s the focus on the people who are funded by British taxpayers??? Huh? Originally thought I’d check out this book from library because I thought he might have a line from QEII retired staff who were now free to speak – apparently not if he’s still focusing on H-M who haven’t been brit-funded for > 3 yrs. Way better books abound. Am currently astounded listening to excellent “Legacy of Violence: A History of the British Empire” by Caroline Elkins, then will work backwards to her “Imperial Reckoning: The Untold Story of Britain’s Gulag in Kenya.” Will probably then have to re-listen or read “Legacy…”

      • Athena says:

        @Kirk. Scobie’s purpose is to make as much money off the Sussexes as he can.

        Sick and tired of him. Didn’t buy his last book and not buying this one. A lot of squaddies purchased his book last time, I don’t think he’ll see that volume from the squad this time.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Yes! H&M were supposed to have a year of review that included security and funding. They stepped down in Jan. 2020, with that plan. Mid March of 2020, Canada is discussing the US/Canadian border closing due to the pandemic, Harry is notified that their security is being pulled while papz are stalking the property they’re at due to leaks. Tyler gives them a safe/soft place to fall to regroup. Plus pays for their security. May 2020, Harry is told that whoopsie doodle, we’re pulling the funding we promised. Just like security they were promised.

        Spotify may only be the possible setback. Meghan’s Archetypes was successful. The turmoil between Spotify/Gimlet/loads of people/Joe Rogan created chaos. Netflix pretty much canned their animation division and Pearl was a victim of that. (I still hope that will find a home somewhere.)

        Will Omid address the hugely popular Invictus Games? Not a setback.

  12. Mack says:

    But Harry and Meghan already said that they didn’t have a plan when they left. They just knew that they had to act fast and make some money. Also, we were in a global pandemic at the time. Archewell and all of the branches of it production and audio are still in infancy.

  13. Kokiri says:

    I blocked this guy months ago.

    He’s in it to make money. That’s it.

    We have the Sussex family, who have accomplished so much. Just Invictus alone is a life’s work!
    But its still not enough for some. They have to see the Sussex as failing somehow , which they most obviously are not.

    The failures are still in the UK.

  14. tamsin says:

    I’m having second thoughts about reading Omid’s book, although I pre-ordered it. I know I look at things from the pro-Sussex perspective, but Omid, so far is just sounding no better than RR with his “sources” and “people in their orbit” nonsense. In my eyes, that takes away his credibility. People who know Harry and Meghan and have real information go on the record like they did in the Netflix series for example.

    • Tina says:

      I just cancelled my pre-order. I bought it when he tweeted out the Table of Contents because I was curious about what he would write about the institution as a whole and thought we might finally get even a mildly realistic review but so far its just using Harry and Meghan as per usual. I’m assuming this site will cover the main bits and I’ll treat myself to another book!

      • Teagirl says:

        I’ve just cancelled it as well. I realize that the excerpts are not the entire book, but it doesn’t seem to be rational and fair or even sensible. In this posting, the line “ showed that all four are capable of switching it on and doing what’s right in the moment..” was the giveaway for me . It tells me that the guy is going soft on some people and things. I don’t expect him to crucify KC3 and Camilla or the Wales but that statement shows he is either brown nosing or just plain deluded.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Tina and Teagirl, if you don’t want to read the book, it makes sense to not spend money on it.

        I’m going to read it. I immediately thought when I read this that he’s right. Things didn’t go as planned. I don’t think they really believed the brf would boot them rather than keeping them part time.

        What I read when these articles come out is what isn’t being said. Yes, it’s possible that what he’s said here is all there is about that issue. I keep thinking he’s not telling everything so people will buy his book. Sounds like an author to me.

        I want to see what he includes about the Firm and its members and then weaves it into a framing that the Monarchy will be its own self destruction if it doesn’t course correct. That’s why I want to read the book.

  15. Becks1 says:

    I believe this because Harry said it, either in an interview or Spare, I can’t remember now. The Netflix and spotify deals were so they could afford their security, they didn’t leave the UK in March 2020 thinking “let’s sign a deal with Netflix!”

    Charles pulled their security thinking it would at least bring Harry back into the fold, and that set everything else into motion (along with the pandemic.)

    But even if their initial few months weren’t according to plan, they seemed to figure it out pretty quickly.

    • Jais says:

      Oprah? The way I which I wish we could go back and watch the whole interview again. Think he also touched on it somewhat in the Colbert interview.

    • Danbury says:

      Yes Becks – I believe it too. They had plans, and things went haywire, for many reasons. We can be fans and cheer them on, all while recognising that they do need to confirm their identity in this new phase of their lives. Now don’t yell at me people, I know there’s Invictus, the books etc, but I do see the truth in what Omid is saying.

      • kirk says:

        Why do they need to confirm their identity for you? Personally, I have had no problem continuing to support charitable orgs that H-M also support. Plus I have started supporting new orgs based on content created by H-M. Should I be demanding that H-M fix their identity before charitable giving? Dumb. Netflix isn’t charging me any more based on H-M content.

    • Nic919 says:

      Some of this may relate to comments that the documentary and Spare being the last of the “personal” projects and now the direction will be different.

      They are of course being held to a higher standard than anyone else, but that’s been the deal from day one.

      Funny how no one seems to question how the future king and possible future queen are still skating around twelve years in and mostly just waiting for Charles to die.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Becks1, I think pulling the security AND funding was a huge issue for their plans. They were in panic mode at that point and was very fortunately helped by Tyler Perry, so that they had the safety, time and space to figure out their next moves.

  16. Amy Bee says:

    Omid has been pissed off that the British press has been focusing what he said about on Harry and Meghan in his new book but all the excerpts I’ve seen so far has been about Harry and Meghan. When are we going to hear about the rest of the family? Harry and Meghan have done a lot despite the setbacks which started with Charles reneging on their agreement.

    • Becks1 says:

      I don’t know how much say he has in these excerpts; it seems to me that the publisher or the magazine would want to pick the excerpts that they think are going to generate the most clicks now and are going to drive sales, and H&M drive more in sales than the others, so it makes sense from that angle.

      I don’t really care what he says about H&M because we have heard their story from them. I’m more interested in the rest of the royals so I do wish we had some more excerpts about them. Oh well, it comes out next week so we’ll find out then if we want to.

    • MsIam says:

      Exactly @Becks1 People knows Harry and Megan are what sells. People Mag is Team Palace, they are always going to shield the rest of the Unroyals from anything too damaging because for some reason they see them as their bread and butter. They are determined to make Kate into their next Diana, even though it’s been twenty years and she has all the charisma of paste. And William is even more of a non-entity than Kate, unless you are looking to cast him as a villain, which of course they will never do. I definitely plan to buy the book and read the whole thing before I make any judgements.

  17. taytay says:

    he should worry about his awful kpop plastic surgery instead of meghan and harry.

  18. Snuffles says:

    Harry already stated they had no plan when they left. They thought they would have a year to settle and figure it out but Charles yanked their funding and security. Then the pandemic hit. They were very much flying by the seat of their pants the first year. Thankfully Tyler Perry stepped up and gave them safe haven and room to breathe so they could figure out next steps.

    Considering they had no plan and had to scramble together some deals, they have done EXTRAORDINARILY well.

    I think they have found their footing now and will learn their next moves when projects are ready. There will be no announcements on keen intentions that ultimately go no where.

    • Amy Bee says:

      It was would have been so much easier to go crawling back to the UK as the Royal Family wanted. So Harry and Meghan to accomplish what they have since leaving is remarkable.

    • Tina says:

      Exactly! People have such weird expectations around H & M. They had to start their life over from scratch with a baby and during a global pandemic. They have accomplished quite a bit while growing their family and recovering from what was a stressful and traumatic experience in the UK. Other than the Spotify mess (which is more on a company that is struggling in a changing landscape) what hasn’t worked?

  19. Vanessa says:

    This people are ridiculously Meghan and Harry have accompanied more in the four years than any royals . They were under great stress they literally had their security and location leaked to the press Meghan went through a miscarriage and yet they were both able to have best selling book a documentary that broke record numbers Meghan was able to launch a successful podcast she won awards for . And yet people are trying to crap on all their success because they know deep down that no one in that royal family could do what Meghan and Harry did the others are struggling hard to launch anything with impact or attention. Earth shot is struggling that why William keeps change locations Kate early year is a Joke just like her Camilla is a drunk and gone half time she doesn’t have any projects on horizon and Charles is latest food projects failed big time .

    • Jais says:

      Agree with you @vanessa. A writer on another gossip site said last week they were tired of hearing about how Harry and Meghan were ready to move on from the RF. Felt unfair considering this is omid’s book and not Harry and Meghan out there saying it over again. Which seemed like an obvious distinction that I would expect a gossip writer to know about but some people really just absorb the negative tabloid narratives. Writer said it was bc the Sussexes had no juice to squeeze, as in suggesting there’s nothing there. It def annoyed me. And you know what, maybe the Sussexes are going to struggle and have setbacks but there’s a real propensity to diminish what they have achieved after fleeing from a pretty dark place.

  20. Hannah says:

    I used to think Omid was a good, reliable source and an ally to The Sussexes but I now think he is a Sussex opportunist who abused H & M’s original generosity of spirit and is continuing to ride on their coattails. It (his book) doesn’t sit comfortably with me

    • L4Frimaire says:

      I think he saw what an asset Harry and Meghan were to the monarchy and didn’t see the point in attacking them like the other royal reporters did, and it had served him well. However, he seems to be very pro monarchy too so his criticisms is because he is disappointed with how they run things and behave, and he tends to go soft on the heirs. He seems to tiptoe around William and Kate and too reliant on palace sources. I don’t think the Sussexes have given him anything for this book because of what was revealed in the Mail lawsuit about his last book. I heard a podcast where they said this book may have worked more a year or two ago, but things have moved on, we have Spare and the docuseries, so what he’s writing seems a bit dated and not quite what we’re seeing in real time. Will see what the chatter is once it drops but suspect it’s gonna be limp.

      • Amy Bee says:

        Meghan and Harry never wanted to work with Omid to begin with. It was Jason Knauf who was pushing them to give background to Omid. Meghan in particular, said that she didn’t want to give him any information because he got things wrong. So to believe that they would want to cooperate with his new boo, given the mess he made with the first book and the lawsuit against DM, is the height of delusion.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      I think everyone is forgetting that Scobie has dealt with racism from all sides while a reporter. Don’t underestimate his perspective.

      We won’t know what the book says until we read it.

      • ArtFossil says:

        Scobie’s Yahoo articles (looking at the royal family without the rose filters) have been great, and I’ve so enjoyed his many tweets pushing back against Palace lies about the Sussexes.

        I can’t wait for his book.

      • Jais says:

        Yeah, I’m here for it and ready to read it.

      • L4Frimaire says:

        @artfossil, I really like his articles and too so seeing these slightly incomplete excerpts are confusing at best and infuriating at worst. I really hope this is not the entire tone of this book because it seems inconsistent with what he’s written in the past few years. He himself said they are just a small part of the book so guess we’ll know soon enough what he has to say. However, this focus on the Sussexes in these exercises, that seem a bit incomplete and inaccurate, are not giving me confidence in what exactly he’s trying to deliver.

  21. Emily says:

    it can’t be all roses, and i think they’ve done well so far for being totally alone and figuring it out. Meg is smart and has led them well. I think their brand is well-established now, it’s just a matter of what they’re going to do for the future to bring in revenue. all their philanthropy work needs money and they have a seed fund and started the foundation, but to grow it they need to figure out their business model. maybe diversify. Can’t all be TV/documentaries/podcasts to net monies in…entertainment world is cut throat and finicky.

  22. Maxine Branch says:

    Like many of the grifters using Harry and Meghan to fatten their coffers, Scobie is no different. Because on occasion he appears fair and balanced, he is not. He simply tells the unmitigated truth at times.. I will not purchase his book. I personally got all I needed from the products the Sussexes produced and Spare tied up loose ends for me. To suggest the Sussexes needs to establish their purpose shows he is being arrogant. In Harry and Meghan, the docuseries, their Strategic Advisor, Tim Burt stated the Sussexes wanted to focus on three main areas. 1. Mental health, 2. Feminine Issues and 3. The military. Thus far, I think they have been true to their purpose.

    Scobie supports his grifting for this book by including Harry and Meghan. He covered their journey in Finding Freedom. To grift further off of them instead on focusing on the aftermath of their leaving is just him grifting for maximum sales. Many would not purchase a book based on Harry’s birth family. All you have to do is look at the sales results for many of the so called writers who chose to focus just on them.

    • L4Frimaire says:

      Agree with this. I really don’t understand them saying the Sussex need to find a purpose. It’s almost like they’re equating identity with content. They’ve had a few hiccups but that’s normal for any business/endeavor, except they get an insane amount of scrutiny, which may result in them being more cautious. I do think it’s outsiders and the royal press establishment that don’t quite know how to define the Sussexes since they left. They want them to be Royal lite, have engagements, flit from project to project like some people and want visibility and content, red carpet philanthropy and to br socialites. The Sussexes are focused on the few areas where they can do a deep dive and make more impact. They are small fish in a very big pond and they are doing what they can be effective at. I was disappointed what happened with Spotify because I lived the podcast but hope they expand beyond that for revenue and can move beyond the royal roles they’ve been boxed in by. This book is not really their concern to be honest.

  23. Blithe says:

    The expectations heaped upon Harry and Meghan in articles like the one from People are frickin unreal. Young couple with baby move to a new country under difficult circumstances, then, under even more difficult circumstances, they move to yet another country, set up their home, have another kid, and one of them writes a book that becomes a blockbuster of a bestseller.

    For any other couple, that alone would be viewed as staggeringly successful. And that’s just one of many successful, meaningful projects that Harry and Meghan have put out into the world.

    And in contrast, Will watched a sports match and Kate tweaked her clothes. Which reminds me: Were the Lady Lionesses ever feted properly by William? He has only one job….

    • Christine says:

      Blithe, I couldn’t agree with you more if I tried.

      Name any other royal, who has been remotely successful, in anything (other than Chuck getting a promotion because his mom finally kicked off), in the last four years. Just one. Being helpful, or successful, or…anything that helps any human on the planet, other than the many bank accounts of the royals on Salty Isle.

      Zero, zilch, nada, because Harry and Meghan are the only ones who are actually doing meaningful work, while expecting no payment in return.

      The Windsors are the biggest con ever perpetuated on the planet, and they STILL get taxpayer money, for doing absolutely nothing.

  24. Chelsea says:

    While there’s always room to debate about the Spotify debacle the part about them not knowing their purpose doesn’t ring true at all. When they launched Archewell back in 2020 the focus seemed to be on helping respond to emergencies through partnerships with orgs like World Central Kitchen and the WHO, combatting gender inequity, and dealing with the impacts of social media on mental health and our discourse(due to disinformation and misinformation). If you go look at the news section on the Archewell site you’ll see that’s still the focus 3 years later and i find that’s kind of remarkable tbh. To move continents and come up with the framework for the foundation that you hope to leave behind as your legacy in just a few months is pretty impressive.

    I think where a few issues have arisen is on the commercial/pr front. Most of their projects have been successful and Spare sold so far beyond expectation they’re probably set financially for years but the Podcast deal, like most celebrity spotify deals it seems, was not well thought out or communicated well between both sides and while the Harry & Meghan docuseries was a huge success and Netflix definitely seems committed to them i think they thought they’d put out more content than this by now. I think part of it might be that the miscarriage and then Meghan getting pregnant again and them taking leave(which is understandable for any couple but especially for one that had just lost a child) got them off to a slower start but where i wish there was more real reporting on is how much the palace’s constant attempts to ruin their success with the smear campaign in 2020 afffected things. Because i feel like while Spare was always going to come out the Oprah interview happened because of that smear campaign and that that campaign forced them to be on the defensive and thus sort of screwed up their PR strategy which they seem to be finally getting back on track this year. I feel like their work was probably getting back on track as well but then the strikes happened shutting everything down again. I expect when their next round of work comes out that there will still be some projects produced by Harry but i do agree that i think most will be led and pushed publicly by Meghan since Harry already has like 15 jobs on multiple continents.

    • Mary Pester says:

      I was going to buy this book, but now I wouldn’t buy it for toilet paper. Harry and Megan made it quite clear what their goal/aim is, it’s SERVICE, just like its always been. And if you look at everything they have accomplished whilst coping with covid, having their security pulled, NO home of their home, a miscarriage and a toddler to raise, then another baby, and STILL THEY SERVE. Anyone else in the Royal family would have fallen at the first hurdle, and they did! But not Harry and Megan, has Scobie forgotten the pictures from during covid, when they were out, delivering food and also giving sandwiches to the homeless.
      So Mr Scobie wind your bloody neck in. And stop pandering to the Palace

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Mary Pester, I think there are a lot of people here today who really don’t want people to read this book. I’m going to, because I’m interested in everything that hasn’t come out about THE OTHER royal family members.

        I think someone is using the old ‘look over there, so you don’t see what we don’t want you to see’, slight of hand.

  25. Leigh says:

    I remain sympathetic to them, and they have done much since they moved, but let’s be honest Archewell remains a fancy name started by famous people, and not much else. I’ve worked in the non-profit sector my entire adult life (and volunteered and fundraised for many orgs I’ve not officially worked at) and viewing Archewell through that lens Archewell hasn’t done much and the website at this point remains pretty fluff. BUT, that doesn’t mean it can’t be grown to something more, and certainly it’s no more offensive than any other famous persons’ vanity org, certainly their hearts’ seem to be in the right place.

    • Magdalena says:

      “viewing Archewell through that lens Archewell hasn’t done much”

      What?! TROLL.

      • Mary Pester says:

        @magdelana I agree, maybe If she bothered to actually LOOK at all Archwell has done, she wouldn’t make such an ass of herself

      • Leigh says:

        I see some of the commenters remain unhinged, I stand by what I said, they’ve done very little with Archewell BUT that can change. This is an entirely reasonable stance, perhaps get some perspective and stop flipping out whenever someone has a mildly different opinion than yourself.

    • Marplesque says:

      I, too, have worked many years in the non-profit sector, fund-raising to build subsidized housing in my city, and I would be thrilled to work for a brand new foundation that, in a few years (during a pandemic, no less) provided funding to:

      – build four community kitchens in climate disaster-affected areas
      – rebuild the roof of a women’s shelter in Texas that was wiped away during a storm
      – provide a Harlem school with laundry equipment and supplies
      – provide school supplies and menstrual products to girls in Nigeria
      – support, partner or actively fundraise for Sentebale, Scotty’s Little Soldiers, Marcy Lab Schools in Brooklyn, Equimundo, Humanity Crew, World Central Kitchen, Well Child, NAACP, Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund, SmartWorks and many more
      – sponsor events for vaccine equity and Parents summit on Mental Health

      This is a very small sample of what the foundation has done. I agree that their Website could be better, not because it is “fluff” (it looks pretty standard but is a snazzier version of the sites for the non-profits I have worked for) but because it is hard to find all that they do.

      • equality says:

        I think that is by design though. Like letting one charity release Christmas cards when they put them out. They are letting the majority of the attention go to the charities they help to benefit them with more donations.

  26. booboocita says:

    Oh, for crying out loud. “… establish what their purpose is?” I’m 59, and I still don’t know what my purpose is. I have tremendous respect for H&M, and a lot of affection and sympathy, too, given what that family has put them through (Meghan in particular). But they’re not superhuman. They have excellent intentions, but they’re feeling their way through life, just like the rest of us. Plans are formed, and change, and shift, and are scrapped, in reaction to changing circumstances. All this “don’t have a plan” crap is just whining by RR and Scobie because H&M haven’t given them a bullet-point list of things to which to hold them.

    As it is, their accomplishments to date have been tremendous. Invictus is a global success — and I hope I needn’t point out that it took 10 years to get to the event in Dusseldorf, and to the point where countries are clamoring to host the Games. Archewell is comparatively young as an organization. No use expecting it to turn into United Way overnight. Other accomplishments have been listed by other commenters and in Kaiser’s excellent article. Cut the Sussexes some slack, please.

  27. MsIam says:

    Ok, I see lots of trolls and Kate supporters here who suddenly feel Omid is the worst ever for writing this book. I think it’s because it’s not what he will write about the Sussexes, but what he will write about the others that is the issue. And I haven’t seen anything that is written about the Sussexes so far that implies that Omid is a “grifter” or “using the Sussexes”. I think it’s a book about the royal family and Harry and Meghan are part of that.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      MsIam, I agree with you. I can’t believe people are calling him a Monarchist. Really? The man who has faced racism from the bm and brf? He’s put up with it for a long time.

      I’m looking forward to reading the book. If people don’t want to, that’s their decision.

    • kirk says:

      “I think it’s a book about the royal family and Harry and Meghan are part of that.” Yeah, an UNFUNDED part for more than 3 years, kinda like Beatrice, Eugenie and Princess Anne’s kids. Will M. Scobie devote as much time to Beatrice, Eugenie and Princess Anne’s kids as he seems to be doing to H-M? We’ll see.

  28. HeatherC says:

    NOBODY’S life went to plan in 2020. NO ONE’S! They may have had a plan all laid out in January 2020 about Sussexit and prospects after….but then in March the whole world shut down.

    That being said, I don’t believe the Sussexes will be a big part of this book. But yes they will get mentions and descriptions.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Well Omid needs establish his own purpose and stop grifting off Meghan and Harry.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Anonymous, I don’t think you have enough information in order to say he’s grifting off of M&H. At least wait until you read the book.

      There are a lot of people today who don’t want anyone to read this book. It makes me wonder what juicy stuff is in there about the other royals.

      • L4Frimaire says:

        Then why couldn’t they excerpt passages having to do with them? I’d be surprised if any of these chapters don’t mention Meghan and Harry and use them as a foil for the others. However, I’m glad Byline Times, court records, and Harry and Meghan themselves have added to the diversity of opinion out there because if Scobie is the only one, that’s not good for anyone, himself included, wanting to show what that institution is really like. I’m on the fence so will wait and see.

      • kirk says:

        The person who co-authored “Finding Freedom” was most definitely capitalizing off popularity / notoriety of H-M in order to build up his own bank account and résumé. H-M were UNFUNDED royals during part of the time period covered in Finding Freedom, and they have been UNFUNDED for more than 3 years – therefore we do have enough information to say that he’s grifting off M-H; we don’t need to read his book to know that.

    • ArtFossil says:

      Guess you haven’t looked at the first nine chapter titles (released by Scobie):
      1 ‘The Queen and Her Piper: Elizabeth II’s Final Days’
      2 ‘Shaky Ground: The Queen is Dead, the Monarchy Faces Trouble’
      3 ”Oh God, I Hate This’: King Charles’s Premiere’
      4 ‘Remembrance of Things Past: The Ongoing Campaign to Make the Royals Great Again’
      5 ‘Baggage: The Lingering Trials of King Charles’
      6 ‘The Fall of Prince Andrew: Scandal, Shame and Silencing Jane Doe’
      7 ‘Race and the Royals: Institutional Bigotry and Denial’
      8 ‘Gloves On: Prince William, Heir to the Throne’
      9 ‘Gloves Off: Prince Harry, Man on a Mission’

      I’m looking forward to this book!

      • L4Frimaire says:

        Looking forward to your opinion on it!

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        I’ve seen/read all that @ArtFossil. Had high hopes for Endgame. If proven to be wrong. I have no problem admitting I was wrong. These excerpts and comments from Scobie are odd. H&M do not need to ‘establish their purpose’. It’s a bs thing to say and tells me that Scobie is willfully ignoring H&M’s own words. Things not going to plan isn’t some great insight. Harry already put that out there with his full chest in SPARE. It wasn’t people in their “orbit”.

        I’m hoping that what people pre-ordered is what they receive.

  30. JudyB says:

    Frankly, their purpose is none of our business, just like we individuals do not need to explain our “purpose” to anyone else!!

    All of this discussion about their need to determine their purpose is just another way to find fault with their lives and what they do to pay their bills.

    • Nibbi says:

      The ‘purpose’ discussion is really odd to me. First, because I think they’ve basically stated that they want to continue to serve others in various capacities, and that can be seen in action with their charitable foundation and Invictus and stuff, and then I think they also more or less said they wanted to get their side of the story out, hence their documentary and ‘Spare’, so that’s out there, and then taking a step back, it’s like, but they’re private citizens now, and even just the fact that they’re still alive and together as a family and healthy given the threats to their security and their treatment in the UK is in itself such a massive accomplishment… They’re wildly successful, both as public figures and basic humans. Just insane to say otherwise, or that they’re somehow lost or floundering, ‘purposeless’, goes against basic facts

  31. Anonymous says:

    Harry and Meghan are not on the tax payer’s time, they don’t need to explain their purpose. They don’t need to prove their worth. During the pandemic when scarecrow and keen were sitting at home doing zoom calls Harry and Meghan were raising money for Vaccine for countries who needed them.

    These people have no concept of how things are done here in the U.S. and the American mindset. The question still remains when are they going to stop talking about Harry and Meghan??

  32. taris says:

    “they really need to establish what their purpose is.”


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