Princess Kate doesn’t want her children to go to same-sex boarding schools

Back in September, the news began spilling out. The Princess of Wales was skipping out on the big trip to Singapore for this year’s Earthshot Prize ceremony. The palace staggered around, trying to figure out a suitable lie for why Kate didn’t go to New York with her husband and then was apparently refusing to go to Singapore. The lie ended up being “Prince George has to sit for an important exam and Kate wanted to be there to help him.” There were other stories though, about Kate being a “reluctant traveler,” stories which were hilariously refuted as everyone insisted that no, George’s exam is so, so important. Basically, George was taking a standardized placement exam on his road to eventually go to Eton. Only we’ve heard many times that Kate doesn’t want to send George to any boarding school, and she would prefer to send him to her co-ed alma mater Marlborough. Well, that’s what Richard Eden’s recent column was about:

The Princess of Wales is so committed to her children’s education that she stayed at home while Prince William was in Singapore for his Earthshot Prize awards earlier this month so she could support Prince George as he prepared for school exams. Now, I hear, the couple face a dilemma over where to send their elder son for the next stage of his education.

‘Catherine is not a fan of single-sex schools,’ a friend of her family, the Middletons, tells me. ‘She did not enjoy her time at Downe House, but loved it at Marlborough College.’

It is said that Kate Middleton was the target of bullies at Downe House, an all-girls boarding school in Berkshire where she endured two miserable terms when she was a teenager. She was delighted to move to Marlborough College, a co-educational boarding school in Wiltshire, where she excelled in the classroom as well as on the sports field before she went on to St Andrews University, where she met Prince William.

Last month, I disclosed that Catherine had made a secret return visit to her beloved alma mater.

‘Catherine was here the other day,’ a source at the £46,995-per-year boarding college in Wiltshire told me. ‘It’s been the talk of the school.’

Parents speculate that the Princess may be thinking about sending her elder son, Prince George, to Marlborough, where her sister, Pippa, and brother, James, were also pupils. Princess Eugenie, Samantha Cameron and comedian Jack Whitehall are among its other alumni. George, aged ten, is in Year 6 at Lambrook prep school in Berkshire, but was recently spotted looking around Eton College with his family ahead of a potential move there.

[From The Daily Mail]

I honestly wonder why Eden even bothered with this? We’ve been hearing variations of this for months, if not years. The new wrinkle is that Kate is wary of same-sex education, while previously she had qualms about boarding schools in general. I’ve always said that Kate got “her way” on the kids’ education in their early years (heh) because the institution would make her send the kids away by their teen years. William clearly wants his sons to go to Eton, which is a guarantee that they will go to Eton. Kate will probably get her way with Charlotte though – I bet Charlotte ends up going to Marlborough, and not as a boarder.

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  1. Nubia says:

    Maybe she is looking for alternatives in the event George doesnt pass his entry exams. Thats if they willll be fair and not put George through regardless of his results.

    • MaryContrary says:

      He’s the future king of England. Pretty sure he could get the lowest score in recorded history and he’ll be welcome wherever they want to send him.

      • SarahCS says:

        Looking at some of the alumni it is not about ability if you’re the ‘right’ person. Or rather the son of the right person. I mean William got in and nothing he’s done since has suggested academic ability.

      • EB says:

        “lowest score in recorded history” really got me. Thank you for the laugh today!

      • VilleRose says:

        This right here. We know that Harry didn’t do well at Eton academically thanks to Spare and that he didn’t really like Eton. I can’t remember if he talked about passing or failing an entrance exam to get in but pretty sure it was waived because he was then Prince Charles’s son.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        VilleRose, Harry was (sometimes brutally) honest in Spare. At no time did he say he had flunked any exams, so he would gotten into Eaton with his test scores, just like everyone else. He wanted to get EVERYTHING out so that the bm couldn’t use anything, because he had already addressed it. I’m very sure he passed.

      • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

        Also guaranteed that nda’s will be signed and no one will ever officially know that george or his ciblings, or any of his ancestors failed their courses

    • ales says:

      The three midd siblings attended the same school and have achieved nothing. That is a huge recommendation for the future king. Total mediocrity with grifter skills. There are many stories around disputing her being a bullying victim too.

      • StarWonderful says:

        It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Kate was the actual bully during those school years.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Kate wasn’t bullied. The storyline around that was ‘girls put feces in her bed’. Kate as a day student, never had a bed.

        It was her grifter move to get into Marlborough, the sister school for Eton. Applications to Marlborough skyrocketed once it was announced William was going there. Kate had no chance of getting in on academic merit. Instead she went sideways to Downe, then went crying to Marlborough with lies about poor middle class girl bullied at Downe. It was a grift from the start.

  2. Talie says:

    Whatever school he goes to will be very important because the England he inherits as King will be a vastly different landscape. He needs to be well-prepared and I don’t think an insulated private school is gonna cut it.

    • ML says:

      Talie, I totally agree.

    • Bettyrose says:

      Aren’t all of these options pretty insulated though? I don’t understand Kate’s angle. Diana wanted her children to experience normalcy and she was very successful in raising one son who has always been able to immerse himself in the real world. Kate doesn’t seem especially sensitive to the fact that George will need that skill. And sending Charlotte to Marlborough is probably more about Kate herself preferring the company of male peers.

      • JaneConnor says:

        For any of these people though, what is normal? They’re in a specific tier that will never ever be close to normal no matter how often they express that wish. I get Kate’s wish for co-ed. We took our little one out of a unisex school also due to mean girlism. The mixed option worked well thank heavens.

      • Robert Phillips says:

        If the kids aren’t at home, Kate will be expected to actually work. And she doesn’t want to. And the kids are her only excuse.

      • ML says:

        Betty Rose, I was raised Catholic. Around 2000 the dam on sexual abuse of children by the Catholic church (schools were part of this) burst all over the world. Later, a similar thing happened in Great Britain with regard to boarding schools. Honestly, Kate isn’t entirely wrong on this.

      • Bettyrose says:

        @ML – Thank you for that explanation. My confusion has more to do with Kate’s perspective because my sense of her is social climbing at all costs, but I don’t really know who she is as a mother, and I can see how she might have genuine concerns about her children’s experiences at school.

        An aside, The Pet Shop Boys have an absolutely chilling song about British boarding school abuse: The Lost Room

      • Becks1 says:

        While there are valid concerns to not want a child to go to boarding school, I think for Kate it is 100% about needing an excus to not work, and the kids at boarding school destroy that excuse.

        She boarded at Marlborough, so the argument here that she is going to insist on Marlborough bc it was so amazing for her but NOT insist on them boarding doesnt fully hold up unless we look at it from the perspective of “she doesnt want to work.”

      • bettyrose says:

        @Becks1 – IDKY but that theory only just now seems really funny to me. It makes as much sense as anything to explain why she’s wasting time objecting to the obvious next step for royal kids, but if you think about it, social climbing is a full time job. Carole never took a break. Kate’s kids are royal. There’s no where higher on the social ladder for them to climb. Kate schemed herself out of the job she’s best at.

    • All the king does is cut ribbons, make sure that laws are changed in his favor or do not apply to him, sell honors for cash and accept bags of unmarked cash from terrorists. Not sure what school they go to matters at all.

      • Nic919 says:

        Charles was the first monarch to even get a university degree so it’s not like education matters. They don’t want a monarch who is too smart anyway because they want someone controllable.

        The main reason why William is being promoted because he’s an easy dupe especially for the right wing whereas Charles sometimes pushes back in ways they don’t like. And they loved the queen because she never said anything to challenge the government of the day.

        They don’t want George to be an intellectual or curious about anything.

        Also he’s going to Eton. Louis will too. It is down the road from Adelaide cottage. Sending them elsewhere would actually send them further away.

        Any Marlborough visit is for Charlotte.

        And I don’t even think Diana really had that much say about where William and Harry went. Charles hated Gordonstoun and so he was for them going to Eton as well.

    • Ameerah M says:

      Agreed. But that would require his parents to be modern forward-thinking people who value diversity. Which they aren’t and don’t.

    • QuiteContrary says:

      What does George need to be prepared for, though? It’s not like royaling is a real job, with real responsibilities.

      His father is a moron, who will be propped up by his fellow Tory morons.

  3. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Man, I would love for Kate to pull a Katie Holmes, using burner phones and the like to flee the country with her kids and be able to raise them as she sees fit in exchange for never discussing the monarchy or Prince William ever again. That would be some good drama.

    • ML says:

      ThatsNotOkay, In an alternate universe, this would have a chance. However, we’re talking about Kate. She’d need a personality transplant and access to her passport and people who could help.

    • Tessa says:

      Kate would probably bad mouth the Sussex family to them. She is as bad as william.

    • Nic919 says:

      Katie Holmes had a father who was a lawyer with some connections and he never liked Katie being in the Scientology cult. They were raised Catholic.

      Kate’s mother literally pushed her in William’s path and dedicated her whole life to making sure Kate was a part of the BRF cult.

      Kate is only leaving if William divorces her.

  4. ML says:

    I actually think in another reality, Kate has a good point? My Dad attended an all-guys Catholic school for part of his high school and my aunts were forced to attend the all-girls school. They all viscerally hated it, so I got to go to public school instead and I am very happy that all genders, religions or lack thereof, and income levels were represented there. Those kids wouldn’t have my experience, but I’m not sure limiting George’s contact to only well-connected guys is a good idea. I mean, look at his dad.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Single sex education can be positive, especially for girls. It really depends on the setting and the school itself. But without boys around, girls are free to be themselves and focus on their interests, not just pleasing boys. I really suspect that Kate hated the all girls school because she does not like and is competitive with other females.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yes, generally speaking, studies suggest that single sex education greatly benefits girls. I think for boys the studies aren’t as strong in terms of the outcomes, but for girls, single sex tends to be a good thing. Of course there are always mean girls and bullies, and its not 100%, but generally – its more positive than not.

        I went to an all girls school and loved it. My brothers went to an all boys school and loved it. Our schools were very diverse though – single sex does not mean “not diverse” in terms of religions or income levels. So experiences can differ a great deal.

        An exclusive British boarding school is less likely to be diverse when it comes to income, whether or not its single sex.

        these kids are growing up in a huge bubble, whether they go to Eton or Marlborough. Their contacts will be limited to only the well connected, male or female.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        The girls’ Catholic high school I attended back in the mid -sixties (the stone age I know!) was actually more diverse racially and ethnically than the public high school I would have attended in the all white suburb of Detroit where I lived. The nuns at this school were very liberal and open minded. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. My feminism was born and nurtured there.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Becks1 – Would Stowe or UWC Atlantic be a better choice for all three Cambridge kids? Do George & Louis have the academic aptitude for schools like Stowe or UWC Atlantic?

        I have no doubts Charlotte has the academic aptitude for any school in the UK.

    • Concern Fae says:

      The counter example to this is Amy Carter. Her father was President and they decided to send her to the local public school. By all accounts it was not a happy time for Amy. There were also constant stories about her, with people going to the press, using her and her education to score their own political points. Because it was a public school, no one could be silenced about talking about their experience there. It was the 70s so there weren’t the student privacy rules we have now. It’s why Chelsea Clinton was sent to a posh private school. Parents could be told that their kids would be kicked out if they talked to the media. Teachers would be fired.

      Sure, it sounds great for famous people (at the paparazzi level) to send their kids to public schools, but there are reasons why it doesn’t happen.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        Also mean girls and bullies are in coed institutions as well as single sex schools. Mean girls and bullies can be found everywhere.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Amy Carter, Chelsea Clinton and the Obama girls (Malia & Sasha) all ended up at Sidwell Friends, a fairly diverse Quaker day school in Washington DC.

      • Concern Fae says:

        Amy Carter went to public school while she lived in Washington. She did not go to Sidwell Friends. There were all sorts of terrible articles about how bad the Clintons were for not sending their daughter to public school like the Carter’s did. But they knew about how unhappy Amy’s experience had been. And the rightwing media hadn’t even been a thing back in the Carter days. Can’t even imagine the mischief they would have gotten up to with Chelsea in public school. Every minor inconvenience caused by the Secret Service would have led the evening news. The Obamas looked at Chelsea’s experience and also that the Secret Service had been able to keep her safe there and chose the same for their daughters.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Concern Fae – You are correct. I made a mistake regarding Amy Carter.

        Per Wikipedia: “Carter attended public schools in Washington during her four years in the White House; first Stevens Elementary School and then Rose Hardy Middle School.”

    • Ellie says:

      My girls went to an all girls Catholic school run by the Sisters of North Dame. They were day students. There were borders. They are still in touch with friends they made there nearly 48 years ago. This was a middle range priced school not an elite. Perhaps that makes a difference. I can imagine some of the people that Prince Charles was bullied by would be proud to bully the future king.

  5. Be careful for what you wish for Can’t because there might be some girl out there with a gold digging mother looking to stalk and bag herself a prince. Now we can’t have that can we Can’t 😉.

    • Megan says:

      I suspect there were many women at St. Andrew’s whose mothers were looking to bag a Prince, Carole just happened to be the winner.

      • Robert Phillips says:

        With Pippa she won. But in the long haul. Kate marrying William is bringing down the whole Middleton family. And I think even Pippa and her husband have written off the rest of the family.

      • Nope only one who planned very carefully and made sure her daughter was put in his path. There may have been girls who wanted him but when they had him said nope not for me. Carol groomed her daughter for him and him alone warts and all.

      • Mjane says:

        Applications to St Andrews went up by 44% after William’s attendance was announced. Kate had good enough academic credentials to get a slot

      • I’m sure there were others out there that wanted to bed the Prince and made sure to go to same school but Carol groomed yes groomed her daughter for one man only and did all in her power to make it happen.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Mjane, Keen was on the list of pre-approved ‘acquaintances’ of William’s who were pre-selected, also pre-selected for being allowed in the same dorm with him. As previous teachers pointed out, Kate is never going to set the academic world on fire.

      • Nic919 says:

        Carole and Kate made inroads to get Kate into the acquaintance circle before Kate even ended up at St Andrews. Just changing schools wouldn’t have been enough. It was being in the same dorm and then working through William’s friend circle that got her closer to him. William will never have bothered paying attention to just a classmate. Kate worked the parties more than she bothered taking notes.

        Numerous people who attended St Andrews at the same time state that kate could not be bothered with anyone who wasn’t considered posh or part of William’s circle.

  6. bitsycs says:

    I am super reluctant to give any credit to Kate, but that said, I’d 1000% fight to the death over where my kids go to school, especially with regards to boarding school. I’m not totally opposed to boarding schools or same sex education, but Eton isn’t exactly covering itself in glory with William and his peer group, in my low class American opinion.

    It’s part of the deal she made marrying the future king and I’m also very very reluctant to feel sympathy for her because I think she and her mother were very single minded in their goal but I’m sure some of this deal – like kids’ education – felt theoretical at times and the reality would crush me if I were her. She is pretty clearly a terrible person, but I feel for her if Eton isn’t what she wants for George, because I think reality is she doesn’t get to make that choice.

    • Robert Phillips says:

      She doesn’t want the kids to board. Because if they are gone what excuse will she have to not work?

      • Nic919 says:

        This is it. Even though right now the kids are at school for many hours already, she is still trying to pretend that the school run that she doesn’t do often is a good reason to not do engagements. But once they are boarding, there is even less reason.

    • Nic919 says:

      Eton is the elite school for all boys in the UK and home to most future PMs and other leaders in society. George is going there and kate cannot stop it. They already did the visit and made it public too.

      Eden is just writing nonsense. At best Marlborough is for Charlotte. And Louis will go to Eton because if George is going there so is Louis.

    • Becks1 says:

      But Kate living in Windsor and sending George to Eton isn’t the same as someone in the American South sending their son to Andover. Kate can visit Eton on her morning jog most likely if she wants to.

      If this was a matter of “the kids are going to boarding school at age 8 and they’ll be 8 hours away and you only get to visit once a semester” I would have more sympathy. But it sounds like for George boarding at Eton does not mean isolation from his parents, at all.

  7. snappyfish says:

    For what it’s worth, I went to single-sex boarding school & pushed myself to graduate early. I sent my kids to a co-ed boarding school where they were 5 day boarders (I was a “permanent boarder”). They loved every minute of it so I see the concerns. I think you do what you feel is in the best interest of your child based on your experiences. Its what we did & our kids have nothing but wonderful memories of those years & are still close friends with their classmates

    • Justwastingtime says:

      I went to a coed boarding school as, at the time, my parents lived in an areas with not such great high school options. My younger siblings went to a private day high school as our family subsequently moved. I do think that going away at a younger age makes you a bit more independent, but other than that, not a lot of difference. We all got a good education and are close. I will say that it makes going away to college a bit anticlimatic.

  8. Harper says:

    This is just differences in raising the children contributed to marital tensions that led to a decision to go their separate ways but remain committed to parenting their children together.

  9. Meg says:

    I’d be wary of English boy’s boarding schools too. There is just so much toxic history and toxic institutional culture. They’re produced so many nightmarish men (Boris Johnson!). My husband went to a really posh one in England (Winchester), and his stories are horrifying. The level of bullying and cruelty he experienced was so far removed from anything I experienced or was aware of (in my US all girls HS).

    • BeanieBean says:

      It’s stomach-churning, really. That boarding school horror is the topic of many an English detective series. Totally ingrained in the national psyche. And devised to perpetuate the class system. Of course George is going. They want this system to carry on.

  10. Amy Bee says:

    I think Eton is a done deal for George. Kate’s probably looking at Malborough for Charlotte.

  11. Tessa says:

    I think George and Louis will go to eton

  12. JaneS says:

    The entire idea of sending kids away to boarding school is so odd to me.
    Why? School is M-F 8-3. Not see you at Christmas and Summer, bye.

    • Nic919 says:

      In many cases it is. But Eton is walking distance from Adelaide cottage and Windsor castle. William said he went to see the queen for lunch every week at Windsor castle when he was at Eton. That’s how close it is.

  13. Flower says:

    I don’t think this article is about Kate being virtuous.

    Rather I think it’s an acknowledgement that she is losing George incrementally as he hits adolescence and that Eton will be a vital part of that like it was for his father.

    But this is a losing battle because George will go to Eton as it’s the modern BRF tradition ironically thanks to Diana.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      KFCIII also wanted his sons to attend Eton as Eton is where Charles wanted to go to school.

      Charles hated Gordonstoun and did not adapt well. however, Andrew and Edward did very well at Gordonstoun.

      The Queen Mother’s family, the Spencer Family and Dickie Mountbatten all went to Eton. Eton was definitely Diana’s first choice but it was also almost everyone else’s, who had a say in the matter, first choice.

  14. BayTampaBay says:

    Of course George & Louis will go to Eton.

  15. HandforthParish says:

    There is no way Charlotte can go to Marlborough as a day pupil, the school is way over an hour away from Windsor.
    If she goes there, she’ll be at best a week boarder, but that is not an option the college offers.

    • equality says:

      She can helicopter back and forth.

    • Flower says:

      Anne went to Benenden which is even further afield so yes I can see Kate getting Marlborough as a concession for Eton.

      PR wise it also works really well for the family.

      Marlborough is also extremely international so I can see that being a selling point for WanK.

      • HandforthParish says:

        Yes but Anne would have been a full boarder, I was mentioning Marlborough as a non-option as a day school.

  16. SB says:

    Oh dear, if they go away to school, she’ll suddenly have time for a full schedule of royal engagements.

  17. Sparky says:

    I know that this is probably not a fair comparison given the difference in age and maturity, but i went to an all women’s college (Wellesley) and absolutely loved the experience. It was academically rigorous but people (profs and students) were very supportive. And the same existed in terms of making friends. I’m still in contact with most of my friends.

    My experience during law school was a 180 from college and I was stunned with how cutthroat and evil many students were.

    (I went to public schools k -12. Not a great experience but the school was not problematic. I was just too geeky and nerdy.)

    • DeluxeDuckling says:

      I went to a seven sister school too! LORD, it was so nice.

    • Puppy1 says:

      I have 2 daughters, they both went to Mt Holyoke and loved every minute of it!

    • Nic919 says:

      Law school is generally more competitive and that’s even with it being split 50/50 with men and women. It’s the nature of a lot of type A students in the same environment and many don’t have proper social skills and emotional maturity.

  18. notasugarhere says:

    This is simply another

    1) distract from the Kate is Racist truth

    2) Carol(E)-pushed PR article to pretend kate is ‘modern’ and doesn’t believe in boarding school. And an attempt to make the public think she is a better parent than William. Separation on the horizon?

  19. Shawna says:

    This is the single issue I would ever agree with KKKeen on. George shouldn’t go to Eton. Eton emotionally incapacitates boys all the time.

  20. ForRealTho says:

    Let’s discuss something dark for a moment. In another thread on this site, we’ve sometimes chatted about how maybe William was damaged by his upbringing. Eton might be part of that. And Kate might want her sons to be nothing at all like her husband, for obvious reasons.

    • The Old Chick says:

      Willy was not damaged at Eton, he was king pin at Eton. He was a nasty, violent, jealous toe rag way before that. From toddler days. Let’s not blame boarding school for that violent a-hole. His mean, bullying nature probably made Eton a perfect fit.

    • Tessa says:

      Kate herself does not set.a good example. I wonder what she tells those children about the sussexes and what the children may overhear.

  21. DeluxeDuckling says:

    Of course she had a horrible time, no boys to suck up to. We know she’s not a girl’s girl.

  22. @BelizeEmpower says:

    Look, we all know what these aristocratic, public school boys get up to at these “all boys” public schools. It’s the perfect storm: their age, sexual drive and curiosity kicking in, they experiment; each one teach one. It’s probably where Willy learned about pegging…

    Just my two cents.

  23. JaneS says:

    Wow, some of these comments are surprising to me!
    Surely not every English boarding school involves sexual abuse of the students, Belizeinpower makes it sound as if it is part of the curriculum. Hazing, bullying and terrible behavior do happen everywhere, but are not expected!

    Eton, Oxford, Cambridge are the “Posh” school names I recognize tho.

    Let’s be realistic, George, Charlotte and Louis are all being schooled and raised in a very changing world.
    I wish all 3 the best, I would not want to be in that family or expected to work for The Firm.
    I truly hope William does a great job preparing George. ALL 3 of those kids are going into the woodchipper of The Firm because of the huge $$ and jobs the Monarchy provides.
    Utter rot, IMO.

  24. Lily says:

    The Sixth Duke of Westminster attended Harrow felt and he missed out on important socialization not having girls around during his teen years. When the Sixth Duke was busted seeing call girls one of them reported on his awkwardness in and out of bed with her. The Sixth Duke sent his son Hugh to a coed school to avoid that struggle with women. I agree with the decision to send your child to a co education school in the teen years.

  25. Cinder says:

    I might be reading royal gossip a bit much because for some strange reason I’ve been getting Gordonstoun ads on instagram. Anyone else get them?

    I’m nowhere near their target demographic (don’t have a child nor am I anywhere close to England lol)

  26. eve says:

    I fully understand why Kate doesn’t want her kids to board. I wouldn’t have either. There is such a thing as Boarding School Syndrome. Some of my friends were send to boarding school and they would never do the same to their kids at such young age. This is a tradition she should break – amongst many others!

  27. Jess says:

    I don’t believe in boarding school but I have a feeling the wealthy are going to turn away from expensive private school and go back to one on one homeschooling or homeschool groups by a private tutor. I think they want their kids even more insulated.

  28. Nic919 says:

    The decisions for schooling are decided already. This is just an article to pretend kate is hands on concerned mother (notice we never hear from William about schooling) as a cover for her being one of the named racists.

  29. tamsin says:

    The children might be glad to go off to boarding school. Some of us are getting the impression that the Wales are not in a happy marriage, so home may not be the greatest place to be.

  30. yellowy says:

    Like George won’t go to Eton!

    Kate could have an understandable fear that George will fail to look out for Louis at Eton as William did Harry. Perhaps she hopes Louis will attend Marlborough with Charlotte who seems to be (forced into or naturally, we don’t know) used as a sensible caretaker of her brothers in public.

  31. Klaw says:

    What is the point of boarding school for the upper class? How does it enhance the lives/education more then being a “day student” does? I’m asking bc I literally have no idea how a boarding school could offer more than a (privileged) home life. Surely stable family relationships are better or more preferable over with adults paid to mind you a school? It’s not like these kids are missing opportunities by living at home.

    I’m Canadian, and our public school system where I live is as good as private. We are very lucky that way. My kids live in a 50/50 co parenting world where both parents are professionals. We are not rich by any stretch but can provide the necessities of life and a bit more, and my kids have extended family relationships
    And community sports friends. I think that makes my children a lot more privileged than many in the world. I can’t imagine how sending them to boarding school would enhance their lives even if it was a “top” school.

    • eve says:

      1/your kids are so lucky and way more privileged. 2/ boarding is great for parents to go on and live their lives. At 11/12 no kid should be at boarding school.