Scobie: The Duchess of Sussex isn’t a friend & I didn’t interview her for ‘Endgame’

Omid Scobie gave an excellent interview to the Sunday Times this weekend, just ahead of the publication of Endgame on Tuesday. Scobie is absolutely trying to clarify some of the poorly-translated book excerpts which came from Paris Match, but he’s not on his back heel. Everything in Endgame is said with his whole chest, and as he writes in Endgame, he knows he’s burning a lot of bridges and he’s fine with that. It needed to be done. This Times piece is an interview, but it also summarizes some of the selected highlights from Endgame. Having read an embargoed copy of Endgame, I find it fascinating to watch which sections have been cherrypicked as super-controversial, meanwhile Scobie wrote about even bigger controversies which have (thus far) been ignored. You can read an archived copy of this Times piece here. Some highlights:

Did Meghan contribute to his book at all? “No, and I’m not her friend,” he says firmly. “I didn’t interview her for this book.” Nevertheless his perceived connection to Meghan has brought him racist abuse, social media pile-ons and death threats. “I’m very aware that I’m quite disliked in Britain. The way anything about me is said is as if I’m just the absolute worst person. I have mutual friends with [Meghan], and that definitely helps with getting information and breaking details,” he says, but, no, he’s not on the Sussex payroll. No, he’s not sleeping on the sofa at their mansion in Montecito.

The Sussexes are “in a good place”. “We have to remember that this is a couple that — this is just my own opinion — seem to have bonded over their shared traumas, experiences and battles that they’ve faced together against others. That kind of bond is much tougher to break than anything else.”

William’s machinations: William is a “hot-headed” company man who is “increasingly comfortable with the Palace’s dirty tricks and the courtiers who dream them up”. Scobie claims it is William who, through his loyal aides and press relationships, has painted his younger brother as mentally fragile. “The side of it that a lot of people don’t know, or within our industry have known but chosen not to report, is just how involved William has been in many of the things that have gone out about his own brother,” Scobie claims.

Kate is infantilized: Kate is portrayed as a woman terrified to do anything more than grinning photo ops. She reportedly had to be gently coaxed into appearing on Blue Peter in 2019. “In the coverage of Kate we infantilise her massively so the bar is always lower. The small achievements that we’ve seen from the Princess of Wales wouldn’t perhaps be noticed if it was from another member of the royal family, but with Kate it’s like ‘wow!’” Part of the Waleses’ strategy now, Scobie says, is to take Harry and Meghan on at their own game and focus on winning over the US. More trips, more press.

Crisis moment for the Windsors: “We are at this pivotal moment in time where the future of the royal family as we know it is in a crisis. That crisis being a lack of interest from young people, an apathy, a growing republican movement, questions over whether the family still uphold the morals and values of the crown that the Queen did such a great job of. But when you look at the cast of characters … it has been questionable.”

Royal jingoism: “To stay relevant, the system, in an almost Trumpian twist, leans on patriotism — even jingoism — to shore up its purpose,” he writes. It’s punchy stuff. “Rather than ever facing or confronting challenges of modern times, whether that is diversity or other social issues, the institution of the monarchy regularly turns away from that, and relies on support for things of the past as opposed to widening the following of the royal family,” he says.

William & Charles are out of sync, he says. “It would have been nice to see them come together on certain projects perhaps in the early years, to put on that united front, but they’re all working in silos.”

QEII’s people didn’t think Charles had what it takes: Before Queen Elizabeth II died, palace aides reportedly suggested that Charles didn’t have, in Scobie’s words, “the moxie or the vision for the family’s next chapter”.

Meghan’s next steps: One source in the book says she is working on “something more accessible … something rooted in her love of details, curating, hosting, life’s simple pleasures, and family”. A friend of Meghan’s told Scobie that the former actress is “busy working on creating something safe and timeless”. “I still don’t quite understand what that business project will be because, as I spoke to people while writing the book, it changed about five times. So we’ll see,” Scobie says. Her priority is apparently “business and philanthropy”, but since Netflix added Suits to its catalogue, the show that launched Meghan’s career has been a hit all over again. Scobie imagines there could be a cameo role for her in the coming spin-off, if she’d ever bite.

Whether Harry is sleeping in Montecito hotels: “I know a lot of people that know them, that are in their world, or their space, and I’ve just never come across anything of the sort,” he says, pointing out that the couple have a “massive guesthouse” at their disposal. “If you wanted to spend a night away, you don’t have to go as far as some janky hotel in Montecito town centre.” Harry’s British posho social circle back in Britain shrank when Meghan appeared and, Scobie says, “it only continues to get smaller as some of those friends, who were also friends with Prince William, have picked their sides”. He reportedly has a small group of pals in America. “The narrative that this is some friendless loser that now … is all alone and only has his wife to boss him around — it’s make-believe cartoon at this point.”

Could William be our final king? “It would take a lot to dismantle the British royal family. But could William be the last king as we know it? Absolutely.” He believes that the Windsors reduced to tourist attraction is a genuine danger, but that such a fate can be avoided if they kick into gear. “The book isn’t hammering the final nail in the coffin. It’s just a reality check.”

[From The Times]

Yeah, my takeaway from the book wasn’t that the monarchy will be done and dusted in the next decade, but that the left-behind Windsors can’t manage their way out of a paper bag, and they’re too busy tripping over their d-cks to notice that their relevancy, popularity and national/global standing diminishes with each year. There won’t be one atomic bomb which ends the British monarchy, it will be death by a thousand paper cuts. The “infantilized Kate” thing is correct, but I actually do think Scobie pulled his punches a little about Kate. He called her lazy, childish and hypocritical, for sure. But she’s a lot worse than that.

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  1. Lala11_7 says:

    The BIGGEST thing that the Netflix documentary & Spare showed me is that psychologically Meghan & Harry share SO MANY trauma bonds…bonds that were forged BEFORE they even met…so when you have that commonality between 2 people doing the WORK to be better human beings…and who WANTS to have the strong family they weren’t born into…That’s a foundation that’s SKRONG AF❣️ Also I have NO problem with the way H&M have pivoted & changed their business plans…that’s the world we now live in…you gotta be able to turn on a dime…which is something the Royal Family can NEVA do…I just wait for the finished projects ❤️

    Also..he drug W&K for ABSOLUTE FILTH with the TRUTH!…which is the ONLY reason why they think Omid is connected with H&M because HE reports on the truth…think about that!

    • Bettyrose says:

      ITA. It’s an understatement to say they’re from different worlds but their wildly different life experiences and traumas shaped them into similar people with shared values. That’s a stronger bond than the BRF or rota realize or understand.

      • aftershocks says:

        Hard agree with you @LaLa11_7, regarding H&M’s “shared trauma bonds.” In fact, as 17th cousins (through Meg’s paternal grandmother’s line, and Harry’s maternal Spencer line), their shared trauma is IN THEIR DNA! 👀

        Plus, what astrologers have said about their charts is fatefully revealing. The truth is more amazing and sufficient than the desperate BM/ BRF fictions that abound.

      • Marty says:

        The Daily Fail is spinning this as expected and blaming Sussexes for briefing Scobie. Side note Kaiser, I saw you quoted in their article omg!! I hope that doesn’t bring a whole lot of Fail readers here lol!!!

    • ales says:

      The brf business of gaslighting is working overtime. Scobie will be discredited on every level possible. Hope he has exposed them for what they are, very nasty people who believe they are superior and unaccountable.

  2. Zen says:

    W&K trying to be popular in the US is ludicrous. There is no reason to have that goal. Diana was very popular in the States but W&K are no Diana. And she didn’t try to do it, it just happened because of her beauty and kindness and charisma. W&K should focus on their own country and the commonwealth. And why be popular anywhere? I though royalty weren’t celebrities. The only reason for this is H&M live in William’s head and he wants to beat them. He won’t. The States will never give the massive popularity Diana had to W&K.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      It’s ludicrous and delusional. Their real problem is with all the countries where the British monarch is still head of state. They’re afraid of visiting those places and obsessed with competing with the Sussexes. Even if by some miracle, they could gain popularity in the States, it wouldn’t help the monarchy at all. And that’s the place where their focus should be.

    • Yup, Me says:

      W&K can’t really be popular in the States because they require so much bs padding to be palatable, and while the British media might be willing to ignore the bs padding, many US outlets (and people) will not. Also, since deference toward “the institution” isn’t ingrained in Americans (except in pockets of royal lovers), W&K will find themselves being gleefully picked apart (to their faces) here.

      They think being politely fired on camera while on tour in a commonwealth country is humiliating? They have no concept of how embarrassing life could become trying to build (or revitalise) an American market.

      • Hawkmoon947 says:

        Really well put. The US is really indifferent toward W&K & the RF. We like H&M because we have a tender spot for underdogs & mavericks, plus they’ve done nothing but be caring, decent individuals.

      • Sass says:

        Has anyone else here read Freddy and Fredericka by Mark Helprin? Premise being the Prince and Princess of Wales being forced to travel America undercover as a reality check/attempted recoup of the “colonies.” This sort of reminds me of that 🤣

        The only reason they care about the US is because Harry and Meghan are here and popular. But they’re only here because of how they forced them here! Had they been nice to begin with this wouldn’t even be a thought.

        There is no legitimate reason for them to tour here and attempt to win us over because we aren’t part of the commonwealth. It is such a transparent, desperate popularity grab. What a waste of their country’s money.

    • Bettyrose says:

      If W & K want to start visiting hospice patients in the US, showing genuine love and concern and giving human touch to those who crave it, they’re as welcome as any volunteer. It would seem performative at first, but they could win people over with time and effort. But here’s a crazy idea, why not show that level of compassion first to their own subjects?

    • Concern Fae says:

      Diana was popular in the US before she had ever been here. W&K have been on the cover of People magazine how many times? That’s the measure of popular in the US. If this isn’t enough for them, I don’t know what else they can do.

    • Eurydice says:

      What does it even mean – to be popular in the US? They’re not planning to move to the US, they’re not planning to support US charities, run for office, play on football teams, start a boy band. How about spending 7 years on a successful TV series? No? Well, how about a reboot of Desperate Housewives?

      Really, I don’t understand this goal. Aside from being related to H&M, they have literally zero connection with the US – why should they be popular?

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Not even the most mind-blowing part of this revealing interview. We’ve already heard about WanK’s supposed U.S. popularity ambitions, which clearly stem from their addiction to being in an endless one-sided competition vs the Sussexes. 🥱 😴 And even then, this ‘raging’ ambition is chiefly coming from ‘incandescent’ Cain.

      • bettyrose says:

        Start a boy band – SNORT! Why you gotta rule out the future ambitions of the Wales children?

    • Beverley says:

      We Americans haven’t forgotten how (in order to detract from their flaming bigotry) the media and William blamed their contempt of Meghan on her “Americanness “. I doubt I’m the only American who recalls that nasty fact.

      Good luck, Pegs. We don’t bow and scrape to royalty. We unloaded British rule almost 250 years ago and can highly recommend this.

      You and your homely, stupid wife don’t impress us much.

    • Isabella says:

      Describing Harry as “California” will win no friends in the States. William really needs to find a new insult. We also don’t like the way he treats American citizen Meghan, another problem for him in the U.S.

    • ales says:

      Europe doesnt want them so they believe the U.S. will embrace and honor them and ignore H & M . Mumbles embarrassed herself with Dr. Jill Biden, W & K were booed in Boston, the BM in NY pretended a tourist bus was there to see W, the BM photoshopping crowds to manipulate readers into believing that thousands of Americans want W & K. They dont do anything except photo ops in the UK, do they really think Americans are stupid. Diana, Meghan and Harry are all respected for their kindness, humility, helpfullness and charity towards all others. W & K do not know the meaning of any of those words .

  3. s808 says:

    There’s a lot of points to comment on but this part right here is something I truly think will bite W&K in the ass:

    “Part of the Waleses’ strategy now, Scobie says, is to take Harry and Meghan on at their own game and focus on winning over the US. More trips, more press.”

    So far, this isn’t working. And moreover, they seem to be almost losing interest in the UK. So much of the BRF’s coverage comes from the UK and trickles down elsewhere. They’ll always have the UK but that doesn’t mean support can’t wane. Why not strengthen the foothold in UK and eventually move outward?

    Next, the households working in silos is a HUGE problem. The cause of so many issues, I’m sure simple communication would solve so many issues but that’ll never happen when factions are scheming and plotting against each other. This is probably also why no PR experts last long when hired as well.

    As for Kate? Yeah, it’s real obvious they’ve been putting lipstick on that pig since the beginning. I’m sure at one point she had to be bribed into doing anything. Though I think at this point, she’s working to hold onto her position.

    • Jais says:

      Agree about the working in silos being a huge problem. Rival courts, essentially. As for Kate? What would it take for someone to write about her and not hold back at all? It’s not just that’s she’s lazy. She’s a whole lot more than that.

    • Kittenmom says:

      “Taking on H & M at their own game” but these dummies fail to realize that H&M aren’t playing games. They are in the US because they were chased out of the commonwealth countries, not trying to “court” anything.

      • Bettyrose says:

        Also, and here’s a craaazy detail, Meghan is American. Her children are American. Moving back to her home state wasn’t a calculated move to win over Americans.

    • Dot Gingell says:

      I’m sure the silo mentality started when Prince Philip retired and took his firm hands off the warring family’s wheel. They’ve been fighting like rats in a sack ever since.

  4. Sydneygirl says:

    Cue the Daily Mail, Sun and the rest of them blatantly ignoring Scobie saying he’s not a Sussex insider.

    I’m in Australia, and they had Russell Meyers on The Today Show, sprouting off about “Sussex cheerleader, Omid Scobie” and calling him a “Sussex insider”.

    It was so snide and ignorant, I wanted to yell at the TV.

    • Carrie says:

      Hi Sydneygirl, I am in Perth and stopped watching any of the breakfast shows a long, long time ago. Mean girls, bullies and racists.

    • aftershocks says:

      I’ve known from the get-go (i.e., circa 2017) that Omid Scobie is friendly with key people who are in Meg’s trusted circle of friends. During the H&M courtship, Omid tended to always have the lowdown on what was happening in ‘Meg-Haz world.’ It raised his Twitter profile. During Meg’s first pregnancy, all the rota clamored around Omid, begging for the latest details on how she was doing, especially when it got past her expected due date. Everyone in the rota have always known that Omid has insider Sussex sources. However, the branding of Omid as ‘Meghan’s mouthpiece,’ is intentionally and purposely false — in part claimed by rota ratchets out of jealousy.

      Years ago, there was unconfirmed Internet speculation that Omid knows or is possibly friendly with Markus Anderson. As quoted in the article, Omid specifically states (for the first time to my knowledge) that he has “mutual friends” with Meghan. So, it’s plural. Whether or not Markus is among the ‘friends’ in question, remains unknown.

      None of this means that Omid is friends with Meghan. He is not. I believe he met her once briefly during a NYC Fashion Week, probably a year or so prior to Meg meeting Harry. Once it was revealed that H&M were dating, Omid, as an enterprising reporter, obviously went to work networking with the Meghan mutual contacts he had, and building on those contacts. He said as much in this Times article.

    • tamsin says:

      I’ve listened to this Russel Meyers person a few times prior to Harry and Meghan. He is a William cheerleader, and the first report I heard from him was about William’s trip to Israel and how William is being positioned to be a statesman. He sings William’s praises and sounds like a real fanboy. He was apparently a former “investigative reporter” but he doesn’t seem to get simple facts about the royal court right or is ignorant about them. Meyers strikes me as just dumb. Chris Ship apparently used to be a political reporter before he was on the royal beat. I can’t figure out if being a royal reporter is a demotion because you were incompetent at your last job or it’s a reward for you to just coast because all you have to do is be a stenographer for the royal court, or just make up stuff, and indulge yourself if you’re a frustrated fiction writer. They assign various members “roles” and just recreate roles for them at will. There’s always a villain, and you’d think they would have run out of story lines for Harry and Meghan’s villainies.

    • Isabella says:

      These people all know each other and they all use the same terms. Cheerleader etc.

  5. Becks1 says:

    Aaaahhh I can’t wait for my copy!!

  6. ELX says:

    I am really interested in the book now since Scobie is apparently writing about the political ramifications, not just family feuds. Kate is irrelevant—H&M are cute, but irrelevant too, politically. Could Britain really become a republic? I think it’s ripe for revolution given the recent impoverishment of swathes of the population—there’s some real “off with their heads” energy happening.

    • equality says:

      You really think that Harry’s revelations are irrelevant to whether or not the UK becomes a republic? Or the fact of the deal with Meghan highlighting the racism of the powers in the UK has no relevance?

      • Eurydice says:

        It didn’t take Meghan for people to realize the RF and those around them are racist. People have known that for centuries. That’s why there was excitement when Meghan joined the RF – that finally things might be changing.

        What happened to Meghan is relevant, but so is what happened to Ngozi Fulani. Meghan is more famous, but I’d say Fulani’s experience is more telling because there weren’t any family issues involved to complicate things, just pure racism against a British citizen.

      • equality says:

        Might not have taken Meghan’s experience for some people (for some I think it drove it home that if even a family member could be treated that way), but I would hardly call H&M irrelevant to the story. That was the point.

      • Eurydice says:

        @equality – well, we’re talking about Scobie’s book here. He says that H&M are only a small part of the larger story he’s trying to tell. I don’t know yet what is that larger story, but I think the RF made H&M relevant by the decisions they made when H&M suggested being part-time royals. After that, everything snowballed. And I think a large part came from the Queen being really old and Charles being a weakling. And now that I think on it – that’s the larger story for me. Old Queen, weak Charles, lack of control, entrenched interests – H&M were victims of this, but it would be true whether H&M existed or not.

      • aftershocks says:

        Hmm, so ‘two royal racists’ were mentioned in Meg’s correspondence with Chuck, specifically in connection with the ignorant and speculative ‘skin color’ conversations. Yet, there was some kind of agreement that the Sussexes would not delve further into that boiling pot, in either the Netflix documentary or in Harry’s Spare memoir. 🤔

        Mixed within the mountain of tabloid drama we are constantly fed, I believe the two ‘royal racists’ in question — who ‘shall not be named’ — were already surreptitiously revealed to be Willy and Camzilla. 🤫🤨

  7. Cassie says:

    An Aussie here and all the media are anti Sussex , with probably the ABC an exception .
    It’s been a hate campaign for years and is quite disturbing .
    They will roll the same way as they did with Spare, trying to discredit the Author.

    • aftershocks says:

      ^^ True. And that’s sad because even the most anti-Sussex Aussie commentators were admittedly impressed by Meghan during the South Pacific tour. The negative tone toward Meghan was becoming positive and praiseworthy. Plus, Harry was already beloved down under.

      Crucially and fatefully, it was the concerted tabloid smear campaign, launched full steam when the Sussexes returned to London, that stopped the positive building view of Meghan, in its tracks. The BRF gave the go-ahead to the BM to defame Meghan, and it was all downhill from there. In the process, the firm sealed its own gnarly fate. It would have been so much better for the firm if they had had the smarts to fully embrace Meghan & Harry, and to try for a united front, while putting the screws to KP, Knauf, Cain, and catty Katie/ meddling Midds. Camzilla figures in this too.

      The firestorm against Meghan became like a runaway train, never to be stopped, destroying and consuming everything in its path. But Meghan and Harry have courageously survived, while the true faces of the rota and toxic inner workings of the firm, have been exposed. 🤡💩💀 Of course, only those who are willing to accept the truth, are actually paying close attention.

      Sadly, even the writer of this article slyly inserts the BRF party line, along with supposedly neutral (editorial) asides, designed to cast a bit of doubt on Omid’s viewpoints. There’s a lot here to dissect.

      • Cassie says:

        You nailed it Aftershocks , exactly what happened .
        Perfectly sane people believed the propaganda and turned on Harry and Meg .
        Been hard to watch it all unfold ,

  8. Amy Bee says:

    So far I haven’t seen anything different to what Harry and Meghan said in the docuseries, Spare and briefings from the Palace about them but it’s interesting to see the British press act like they’re hearing these stories for the first time and KP in a panic over Omid’s book.

    • aftershocks says:

      ^^ Hmm, none of us knew that Anne suggested the Frogmore eviction to Chuck. But then, probably this is news to Harry too. 😒 In any case, the revealed suggestion occurred after Spare and the documentary were already completed. There are a number of new details mentioned in this article alone, nevermind the full book, which isn’t officially available yet.

      Reading the full archived Times article more closely, is advisable.

  9. Harper says:

    Really, The Times? You have a sit down interview with Scobie who just wrote a whole book on the Monarchy’s seismic faults, but you ask about Harry sleeping in a hotel room? Of all the made-up tabloid nonsense churned out daily you pull out that stupid and stale headline from months ago and waste time and column inches asking Scobie about that? Who wrote this slop? Okay, just answered my own question. Someone named Laura Pullman whom we’ve never seen on the royal beat before. How idiotic.

    • Tarte au Citron says:

      I noticed she cross-examined him quite a bit, e.g asking about his real age, calling out that his Instagram pic of a private jet was taken down after the interview.

    • aftershocks says:

      For sure @Tarte Au Citron and @Harper. As I said in a prior post above, reading the full archived Times article is advisable. The writer is, seemingly, quite eager to insert BRF and BM talking points, while also subtly trying to prick holes in Omid’s veracity. Those of us who know better won’t fall for it, but some in the general public, as usual, will be stumbling a bit over what to believe.

  10. Anonymous says:

    “to take Harry and Meghan on at their own game and focus on winning over the US. More trips, more press” — No way no how. They have not the savvy, not the intellect or emotional intelligence to take on H&M and at their own game. THAT is arrogance and entitlement to think that.
    And I agree whole heartedly that Chuck has not a single clue how to write the next chapter of the royals to be able to be able to hand off the baton for Wills. All he cared about was Cams and being king and he got that – let the next generation eat cake,
    And that last pic, Kate looks like she is a stepford wife.

    • Seraphina says:

      Not sure how my comment posted as Anonymous – but that is mine.

    • Teagirl says:

      Re your remark about Charles not having a single clue … this seems to be par for the course for the RF. They have a goal but they don’t seem to plan beyond it. Kate and her mother’s plan was to snag William. They don’t seem to have thought about what happens after that. Charles wanted rid of Diana and wanted Camilla. He’s got her but it doesn’t seem to be working out quite right. Charles wanted to be king, and now he is, it’s obvious that he hasn’t given much thought to reigning. Time and again it’s all about the goal and nothing beyond that.

    • My understanding is Kate and William will be launching K-pop band to win over America.
      It will be called T-Hirsty!

  11. Jais says:

    The BM will cherry pick pieces to amplify and get outraged about. All while purposely never mentioning the truly critical parts, as if they don’t exist and never happened. Convenient. It’s their go-to strategy.

  12. Lissen says:

    With Endgame, Scobie’s opened the door. And he’s left the door opened. His book will be a bestseller and we’ll see the bandwagon effect as “journalists” realize that they too, can make bank by telling the truth.

    As for poor wee Kate, wouldn’t surprise me if this proves to be a good time to cut her loose. Announce the separation and divorce timeline. Take over the news cycle. Try to bury the rest of the evil-doings reported in the book. Little Katie’s not up to the job. Willie will, for the good of England, etc. etc. suck it up, divorce her and get someone who can queen. Sacrifices one makes for one’s country.

    • Lucy says:

      Scobie posted some sort of excerpt over the weekend on Twitter, which I deleted the app in ‘13 but have started receiving tweets via email? Anyway, in the excerpt he mentions the initialization of Kate and that the bigger question is along the lines of, she’s had 5 secretaries in 6 years and hasn’t had one for more than a year now. I want to see that thread pulled.

  13. Jensa says:

    The comments about the Queen thinking Charles wasn’t up for the job are interesting. While I wouldn’t disagree with this, Charles is a colossus compared to William. I think William will be the real disaster for the future of the monarchy.
    Charles does have a work ethic (by royal standards) and has always had his causes and projects that he’s worked on – some of them laudable. The Prince’s Trust for example – and his work with certain countryside issues / traditional craft skills etc. But he has major character flaws – his vanity, his self-pity, his self-indulgence, his monstrous but fragile ego, his susceptibility to flattery and tendency to surround himself with dreadful people.
    William, though, is on another level. He’s no thinker, has never given any indication that he takes the job seriously, and we keep hearing about his character flaws and temper. And he doesn’t have the “plus side” of credible good works to fall back on. Nor does he have the youth / glamour factor – that’s long since bolted. He seems to think that public adulation is his birthright. He will be a really terrible king.

    • WaterDragon says:

      When oh when is the “stuff that would make your eyes bleed” about Incandescent going to come out?! Byline Times, where are you? Isn’t there a single journalist in the UK who is capable of the truth? The people of the UK and World have a right to know.

      • SussexWatcher says:

        I’m with you, Waterdragon. I am dying to know what the real deal is with Pegs. I wonder if they’re saving the divorce as a distraction for when someone is finally brave enough to report on that eyes bleed business.

      • Harper says:

        I still believe the eye bleed stuff was the dogging and the pegging since the comment seems to have been around for a while before the extracurriculars were leaked to the public. The dogging was revealed during the Prince William affair Twitter storm the week after Xmas in 2021. The pegging was revealed via a DeuxMoi blind item in the summer of 2022. Both those bits of tea came as a big surprise at the time.

  14. Caitlin says:

    What is he really trying to get across with the Kate remarks – that she’s shy? that she wants to do more actual work but the family is holding her back? or that she’s just plain lazy? I hope he spits it out in the book

  15. equality says:

    So do Meghan’s plans really change or is he just getting different gossip versions about those plans with different people’s interpretations? Most people do have friends they no longer are around so much after big life changes and I’m sure any of their “friends” who were in common who are aristocrats in the UK are going to cling to the PW association. Were they really friends then or just opportunists?

    • Ace says:

      That comment also caught my eye. Maybe the people he talks to about Meghan’s plans know nothing or are purposefully telling him different things. We have heard from various people that Archewell is very secretive with their projects, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he was given the run around by those sources.

      • Amy Bee says:

        I suspect he’s been told different things to throw him off. If I’m Meghan’s team I’d be very distrustful of Omid.

      • aftershocks says:

        I’m going to wait for the full context of Omid’s comments. Even in the Netflix documentary, H&M indicated that they had no over-arching plan. They were winging it, and responding to events as they occurred. They simply had the smarts, the ideas, and the V.I.P. friends network to succeed and to thrive.

        As far as Meg’s projects, she surely has a lot of things in various stages of thought process, ongoing creation and decisionmaking, with some efforts that are nearing completion, and others which may be on the ‘possible’ wishlist, thus not fully formed. This kind of project fluctuation in the planning stages, is normal. What is more unique, is Meg’s follow-through in bringing her ideas to successful completion. However, since Meg is a veteran of the ways of Hollywood, she understands that some projects do not always see the light of day.

        We can be realistic and reasonable in how we receive Omid’s book, without falling into the trap of ‘must defend Meghan against any and all perceived negative slants.’

      • aftershocks says:

        I believe Meghan respects Omid to a healthy degree, as he was one of three reporters whom she invited to her final senior royal event at BP, in March 2020. While they were members of the firm, both H&M trusted Omid to fairly report their side of the story. For example, in regard to Tom Sykes’ infamous April 2019 Times commentary, H&M gave Omid quotes and other truthful details, which he reported on in Harper’s Bazaar, in the aftermath of the Easter Sunday Bloody Sunday disaster. As far as FF, H&M were not interested in providing info for that speculative project in 2018, so soon after their marriage. Please also note that the book was not called FF, until after Sussexit, when it was rushed out by the publisher.

        All along, palace operatives were using Omid to undermine H&M. Carolyn Durand’s role is more murky. But it was Durand who approached Omid to write a royal biography about H&M’s love story and their life as royals. Obviously, the focus later had to change. I think Meghan realized she was strong-armed by Knauf to cooperate with the book, and that Omid was ultimately fed false information on purpose.

  16. Gina says:

    What do you think about the piece of information that it was Princess Anne who suggested to Charles the eviction of Sussexes? I thought her relationship with Harry was good. At least was cordial.
    The fact surprised me. (I hope I’m not hijacking future post about this issue.)

  17. Mads says:

    Why on earth did Omid use any Harry and Meghan content in interviews promoting the book and then start clutching his pearls when the anti Sussex media, predictably, twist everything?? The UK media is in full attack mode, reminiscent of 2020, Oprah etc. It’s sickening and he’s a damn fool not to have seen how this would play out. The palace must be rubbing their hands with glee, all the recent positive press from H&M’s appearances decimated courtesy of “The Sussex Mouthpiece”.

    • Maxine Branch says:

      Totally agree. Baffling to me how he did not expect this clap back given what they tried to do to Harry’s Memoir. Also, not a fan of this man. Something about him irritates me. When a person is trying to be fair by honoring their creed as a journalist this does not give them a pass in my book, you are just doing your job. I am not a monarchist, therefore all this information regarding “ThatFamily” and the others hold no interest for me. I am a Sussex supporter only. I refuse to enrich the others by giving them a pass or lapping up their “friends of”, or “i am friends with some of the Sussexes friends,”. I hope those friends are released from the Sussexes orbit.

      Really annoys me how the Sussexes are being drawn back into this ever evolving drama of the Windsors as they try to navigate their reality.

      • Mads says:

        He has been in this game long enough to know how the UK media and palace respond; his comment about not being friends with Meghan but having mutual acquaintances really annoyed me, so duplicitous.

    • Eurydice says:

      Did he use the content in interviews? Or was the H&M content used by the publisher in marketing the book?

  18. @BelizeEmpower says:

    “Death by a thousand papercuts”!!! The irony of that…the monarchy uses the tabloids to sure themselves up, to keep them popular, but the leaks and briefs against their own is leading to their demise cause the modern world of social media means we can clap back to the printed press and publishers who no longer hold the power to solely establish and determine the palace narratives.

  19. Bettyrose says:

    Can we discuss Scobie’s skin routine? He looks 15. If he were a woman, these interviews would reveal his “secret,” and I want it. I used to believe the English climate offered natural sun protection and moisture for a youthful glow, but the current RF would suggest otherwise.

    • Teagirl says:

      Yes, the English climate has always been said to produce the ‘English rose’ complexion. Maybe it does maybe it doesn’t. It’s always puzzled me how the RF will have access to the best in skincare, medical, and techniques for good health, skin, etc. and yet they are seemingly all examples of what not to do. I’m in my 70s and I have far better skin and hair than any of the RF. I am no looker but I am far more presentable I think. When I look at the RF I see terrible skin, poor posture, and frizzy hair badly styled (where they have hair!) I have read that many of them are smokers, and I understand that that can prematurely age the smoker. Perhaps sun tanning also plays a part. And maybe drinking. The Windsors are not a good looking lot at all, and they make it worse by not working with what they’ve got. Perhaps it’s case of ugly inside which becomes ugly outside.

    • VilleRose says:

      I think he’s had some cosmetic intervention or there’s rumors he has. Nothing wrong with that, but he’s always looked a bit “plastic” to me for lack of a better word. According to Wikpedia, his mother is Iranian and his father is British. So he’s not biracial (I’m using the US govt classification which classifies people of Middle Eastern/North Africa descent as white using census info, I know people like to debate this) like Meghan. I dunno if Iranians are known for slow ageing/looking younger than their years but I don’t think they are.

    • Tami says:

      THIS. The man is 42 and looks too young to drive.

      • Sass says:

        Frankly this photo gives me the creeps and I wish CB would use a different image of him 🤣 he looks like a wax statue, that’s some uncanny valley shit right there.

  20. Pumpkin says:

    “I have mutual friends with [Meghan], and that definitely helps with getting information and breaking details”

    I wonder if H&M gave some tactic approval to friends then to give Scobie some info? But I also think that some of them would speak to Scobie regardless of permission especially if they’re friends with him in their own right.

    And there’s this part too in the interview: “I was going to work my damn hardest to make sure I was close to every single person in their lives, and become someone that, at the very least, people at the palace feel they cancome to when they need to correct a story.” It comes off as a bit weird to me. Look game salutes game and good for him for seeing an opportunity and pouncing on it. And several journalists have always tried to get close to individual royals and some have been very successful at it. So he’s not doing anything different. However, I’m not going to praise him for being “better” then when he’s doing what others have done just because he’s more “fair” to the Sussexes.

    • Ace says:

      I think the word “friend” is working hard here. Not as hard as when it’s used in UK tabloids, but it may only refer to being friendly with their spokesperson which I’m sure he is. It’s likely he gets a lot of information by not being completely horrible about M&H but I don’t think that means he’s talking to actual friends of theirs.

    • VilleRose says:

      All journalists are strategic with who they choose to ally themselves with. He saw an opportunity to be friendly to the Sussexes, probably because no other rota members were trying to be. They were already getting fed stories by Charles, Camilla, Kate, William, other royal aides that were anti Meghan. Omid saw a gap and filled it and now the rest of the British media are mad they didn’t think to do that earlier on. So I don’t think he gets praise for doing what all the other royal journalists are doing. He just got lucky when he chose to follow the more charismatic and more interesting members of the family. Of course no one could have predicted back then that the Sussexes would leave and cut off all access to themselves.

    • aftershocks says:

      Yes @Pumpkin. It’s well-known that Meg let her friends know they could speak to Omid for the first book (after Knauf’s duplicitous urging). But this permission was extended in the early stages, prior to Sussexit, and before the book title and theme was changed to Finding Freedom, out of necessity. Some of Meg’s friends decided to speak with Omid, and others did not.

  21. aquarius64 says:

    I raised the question of Scobie using unnamed sources on Twitter becuase I was expecting receipts. I am also queasy he stated he got information from mutual friends of Meghan because it gives the impression Meghan and Harry signed off on the real bad bits on the Windsors. Some of that info could have come from current and former employees of the palaces, which is why I wished he named them. I learned there is a whistleblower law in the UK which may be the reason but I recall Scobie named some people in Finding Freedom. One of the reasons I think the Netflix series was successful was people were named and they made appearances. Anyhoo, I got blocked by for raising the questions.

  22. Blujfly says:

    Putting aside his personal faults, which are *legion,* the issues that the Queen and her advisors have about Charles is that in comparison to them he is not a card-carrying Tory hardfaced stiff upper lip conservative, and they prefer William because they’ve ensure he is.

  23. Nerd says:

    They keep trying to make this nonexistent friendship between him and the Sussexes a thing, even though we know for a fact that there are actual friendships and links between the other royals and certain media people to leak about Harry and Meghan to make themselves look good. We know that Charles and Camilla hired from the Daily Fail and that Camilla likes to lunch with her friends Piers and Clarkson. Dan Wooty Woot has his friendly link to KP through Will and Kate’s private secretary. We have photos that show their close bond at his private and exclusive birthday party. Their (W and K) Comms guy was so friendly that he offered (going against an NDA) to lie on oath that he had rights to a private letter he only knew about. The always lying Camilla is always sharing Carole and Kate’s thoughts and feelings with us while lying about Meghan . Friendships or proximity means nothing when we look at how the royal family are so deeply connected to leaks and lies to the media about Harry and Meghan.

  24. Lissen says:

    I think Scobie’s well-aware of how this press interview game is played. They will edit it to their slant (royalist); strip any “controversial” stuff of context so it shows the Sussexes in a bad light; and do their best to control the narrative to bury the story, hoping their readers will think they’ve read all about it in the papers, so no need to waste their money on the book.

    He’s playing the game and walking a fine line: giving them some fairly mild stuff and hoping that the more rousing stuff will get through, via word of mouth & social media once the book is out and sales will take off.

  25. Lau says:

    “William & Charles are out of sync, he says.” I wonder if Charles sometimes looks at William and wonder how he managed to create a monster, or perhaps he’s just fine with it.

  26. Mary Pester says:

    Got a feeling Mr Scobie has got splinters in his arse from sitting on the Royal fence for so long!! Look, if your going to go IN on someone, go IN big time or go home! We all know the Queen thought that Charlie would be useless as a king, and Philip called him A wet weekend! We all know that Philip tore into Charlie BIG TIME for his book and television interview, So why aren’t any of these things mentioned? The same as Philip and Harry were incredibly close and Charlie was as jealous as hell. In fact, why was the fact that the British public and Harry were lied to about how serious Philips condition was when he was admitted to hospital? Seems Omid isn’t as well informed as we thought, and Megan can change her ideas about her projects as often as she wants, becausr when she does something, she wants to do it RIGHT. Maybe I should write a book, because I’ve got nothing to lose and I’m buggered if I’d let anyone in the palace or press intimidate me for calling Kate a racist, hard faced bitch, William a bully and a violent thug, Charles a weak, useless man, who hasn’t got the guts to be a proper father to Harry and father in law to Megan and that Camillas a vicious old haridian who is dangerous in her pursuit of complete power.

    • equality says:

      Who knows that Meghan’s plans have changed? He apparently talked to a number of people who gave various opinions (not facts since he isn’t saying it is anyone from the actual production companies) about what she’s doing. Or could be that they were talking about different things since H&M have more than one project going at a time.

    • Beverley says:

      @Mary Pester, you go on gal. I’d buy any book you would write. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    • CatMum says:

      I would read the hell out of your book, Mary P! just saying. you wouldn’t even need “access” as so much has already been well documented.

  27. VilleRose says:

    I think Omid is playing fast and loose with the word “friends.” He says he is friends with Meghan’s mutual friends but I think the term he really means is “acquaintances.” None of us believe that Meghan’s besties like Serena Williams, Abigail Spencer, Janina Gavankar, Markus Anderson, Tyler Perry etc. (she’s got too many besties to name!) are spilling their guts to Omid. Maybe Jessica Mulroney is, we know she’s been on the outs with Meghan for awhile, especially after her weird controversy with a black influencer. Anyone who is speaking to Omid is not a close friend, maybe a former colleague or crew member of Suits or people she hung out casually with when she lived in Toronto. Pretty clear by the fact he has no concrete info on what she is actually working on and has super vague details.

    He can’t be surprised he’s been painted as the Sussex mouthpiece/BFF though. Anyone who stands in their corner is seen as a traitor by the British press. Now he’s also going to be accused of trying to dismantle the British monarchy but that’s the part I’m more interested in.

    • aftershocks says:

      No one said that Meghan’s friends ever ‘spilled their guts’ to Omid. She gave her friends permission (at Knauf’s devious urging) to speak with Omid for the first book, and some chose to do so, while others did not. This was in the early stages of work on the first book. The focus and title of that book completeĺy changed post-Sussexit.

      Even H&M, while within the firm, gave Omid information, because they trusted he would fairly report the truth. As a former entertainment reporter, and as a reporter on the royal beat, Omid had built a network of contacts, which is normal. The fact that he happened to know (likely in a professional capacity) a few mutual friends of Meg’s, is simply a coincidence which worked in Omid’s favor, once it became publicly known that H&M were dating. The rest is history. Let’s not get too amped up about every fractious detail.

  28. aquarius64 says:

    On Good Morning America Scobke said Meghan called him to ask if he’s OK due to the backlash. How would she have his phone number if he didn’t contact Meghan on the book? He just damaged his credibility a bit.

    • aftershocks says:

      ^^ That’s easy to figure out, without suggesting there’s some lack of credibility involved on Omid’s part. 🙄 Omid is a reporter who often checks with Archewell reps on stories about the Sussexes, and for statements in regard to some of the tabloid guff, e.g., the lie from the palaces that Harry snubbed C-Rex’s b’day party invitation, when in fact, Harry had not been invited. Archewell reps would have, or could easily obtain Omid’s contact information for Meg, if/ when asked. This is not a big deal, nor anything secretive or damning.

      • windyriver says:

        I expect people working for the Sussexes would have no problem getting contact information for just about anyone they needed or wanted to. Kinda comes with the territory when you’re globally known, well-connected, A-list level individuals.

    • People working in marketing/PR usually have contact information for journalists in their phones. This isn’t about credibility — this is about the standard working relationship in media.

      The super unfortunate reality is that the very warped and dysfunctional British media has people outside of media confused about how PR/Marketing departments work with journalists.

  29. tamsin says:

    I can’t imagine any of Meghan’s female friends would really spill anything significant to Omid or even talk to him. Omid seems to still be hiding behind “sources.” And I agree- the term “friends” here is doing some pretty heavy lifting. “Mutual friends” is just not credible to me.

    • aftershocks says:

      Omid hasn’t said that any of Meg’s friends ‘spilled’ anything to him. Some of Meg’s friends did speak to Omid for the first book (after being given the okay at their own discretion), some did not. I doubt any of it involved ‘spilling.’

  30. Isabella says:

    I suspect William and Kate are the 2. Charles is out. Meghan wouldn’t write to Charles and name Camilla. Everybody else is just so minor.

    • aftershocks says:

      I don’t get the impression that Meghan had to tell Chuck the identity of the royals who speculated about the skin color of H&M’s unborn offspring. Chuck & Meg would both already be aware of who said what. The first conversations were initiated with Harry when he and Meg were dating. Harry did not speak to Meg about it then. It was only after they were married, and Meghan’s pregnancy was announced, that the additional conversations started again with Harry. Meg was never directly involved in any of these conversations. Harry told her about what was said when it cropped up again during her pregnancy. This is the timeline, as indicated by H&M during the Oprah interview.

      Another thing to keep in mind is that the conversations about unborn Archie’s skin color, were also accompanied by suggestions that H&M’s offspring would not be given royal titles. Khate surely harbors unkind thoughts about Meghan, but Khate has absolutely no leverage or power within the institution. She would not be involved in any such conversations with Harry regarding royal titles. Chuck, Camzilla, William, their courtiers, and perhaps Anne and Edward are more likely to have been involved in such conversations, though I doubt Anne & Edward would have much pull or input.

      It boils down to the top three (minus Chuck who was corresponding about the ‘skin color’ comments with Meg). Let’s not forget the terrible influence and grasping hold Camzilla has over Chuck, nor her role in slighting Harry, and in distancing Chuck from his and Diana’s sons.

  31. aftershocks says:

    Umm 🤔 apparently, a significant number of people spend quite a bit of time following, observing, discussing, reading about, and listening to podcasts on the Sussexes and other royals. There’s also an obssessed number of people, especially the rota and the derangers, who have Meghan endlessly occupying their headspaces.

  32. Isabella says:

    Charles is the one who said Meghan wasn’t welcome at Balmoral when the Queen was dying. So I don’t think they actually get along at all.

    • aftershocks says:

      Chuck and Meghan got along fine when they first met. This reality does not negate Chuck and others in the firm harboring oppositional thoughts about Meghan and Harry marrying.

      It is my impression that after the Oprah interview was broadcast, and especially when The Cut interview was published, a number of BRF members, including Chuck and Anne, hardened in their feelings toward Meg. Anne had been publicly friendly, but her real thoughts may have been quite different all along. No one in the family reached out to Meg during the worst of the media-bashing, when she was pregnant. They expected her and Harry to put up with the unending abuse, and to remain silent. Even moreso after Sussexit, H&M were somehow expected to take the unrelieved abuse silently.

      Meghan fighting back and telling her truth for her own healing, gave the entitled BRF nonces more of an excuse to blame and to hate on Meghan. This would be why Chuck got up in his feelings about Meghan. It’s even probable that Anne did not want Meg at Balmoral either, despite Anne apparently having a cordial relationship with Harry.

  33. Times UK, NY Post, The Sun, TMZ and other platforms owned by Rupert Murdoch will be mightily invested in providing desperate distractions that Endgame is primarily focused on
    how constitutional corruption rots British monarchy and the sleaze and bigotry that poisons British media.

    They can pump out all the disinformation and bile they want but they can’t stop people from reading, listening to the book and making up their own minds.