Queen Camilla thanked Piers Morgan for his attacks on the Duchess of Sussex

Piers Morgan has been obsessed with the Duchess of Sussex for years. Morgan is a rancid bigot and a deranged stalker, and for years he used his platform as co-host of Good Morning Britain to smear and disrespect Meghan. Everything came to a head in March 2021, following the Sussexes’ Oprah interview. Piers lost his everloving mind on air, and when he was called out on air, Piers stormed off in a huffy tantrum. He lost his job at GMB, but for a while, he still had a Daily Mail column, one which he used to denigrate and attack Meghan. Piers also bragged (around the same time) about members of the royal family “thanking” him for what he said about Meghan. Now Omid Scobie has revealed the royal who thanked him.

Queen Camilla reached out to Piers Morgan to thank him for calling Meghan Markle a “Pinocchio Princess,” a royal expert has alleged. Author Omid Scobie claims in his new book, “Endgame,” that Camilla appreciated the former “Good Morning Britain” host questioning whether Markle, 42, really experienced suicidal thoughts before she and Prince Harry stepped down from the royal family in 2020.

Back in March 2021, Morgan, 58, tweeted that he “wouldn’t believe [Meghan] if she read me a weather report.”

Morgan left “GMB” that same month after viewers — including Markle herself — complained over the coverage.

Morgan then referred to Markle as “Princess Pinocchio” in a column for the Daily Mail.

According to Scobie, Camilla approved of Markle’s nickname and sent a message to Morgan to thank him for “defending the Firm.”

Scobie claims a royal palace aide then told him that Camilla would never publicly address the matter or “speak ill of others,” but said there was was “gratitude” that “somebody was standing up” to Markle’s claims.

[From The NY Post]

This is really disgusting. I remember this era of Piers’ rants and they were indefensible, just the most bigoted, nasty, misogynistic bloviating ever. He was so disgusting, his post-Oprah-interview comments received some of the highest number of complaints in ITV history. The fact that Camilla was like “no, he’s a bold truth-teller, not an unhinged bigot” speaks volumes about her character and world-view.

Also, as the Telegraph reported, Scobie also included details about how close-minded Camilla is about food. A former aide told Scobie: “Even gluten-free or dairy-free options on a restaurant menu irk her.” Like… does Camilla not realize that those are just options? She doesn’t have to eat gluten-free?

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  1. Beverley says:

    What a vile bitch!

    • Josephine says:

      I’ve always hated the term “garbage human being” but it really suits her so for her I make an exception. She is beyond redemption at this point. This is what an irrational and indefensible love of monarchy gets you, England.

    • the Robinsons group says:


    • Missskitttin says:

      Just when you think their queen can’t go any lower then something comes out to show how despicable she really is

  2. MaryContrary says:

    She is truly a terrible person.

    • Flowerlake says:

      I think she probably would have loved to unleash him on Diana if Diana has survived.

    • Lau says:

      Truly digusting. But nothing in these revelations is surprising.

      • May says:

        It is for me. I thought it was Sarah Ferguson.

      • Megan says:

        I figured it was her because she is buddies with the very worst of the British tabloid press. Just ask Harry.

      • Lau says:

        @May, Fergie loves to reminds everybody how close she was with Diana but I never understood how she was not as close with Camilla because they are very similar.

      • May says:

        @lau, you would think so but Fergie was long gone before Camilla married Charles and was brought into the fold. While they are both friendly with some of the same people I’m thinking that Camilla would only be good friends with someone if it was to her advantage and Fergie doesn’t have anything to offer in that respect.

      • Lau says:

        @May, that’s very true. But I still can’t help but find them very similar as persons, they’re both terrible people.

      • aftershocks says:

        Personally, I think Fergie is just clueless, hapless, dumb, and hidebound by her character flaws. I do not see Fergie as sly and vindictive as master manipulator, Mistress Camzilla, happens to be!

    • acha says:

      I’ve been wondering lately if that class of person in the UK is… kind of like a crab in a bucket. Trapped by history and wealth and privilege in a tiny bowl, and resentful of anyone who wins free.

      • Soapboxpudding says:

        And so insulted from anything and everything, even dairy and gluten allergies.

      • Tarte au Citron says:

        I think so. These people make such a big deal about what secondary school they went to. They can “only” go to certain universities. They either follow the family enterprise or someone in their network ‘puts in a word’…. for all their money & privilege, they live fairly incurious lives.

      • OnThisDay says:

        Acha, I agree. These are small people. Their worlds are small. It’s made up of the same circles of aristocrats their families have known for generations. Their views are small. You can tell they aren’t well-educated. The men are dense so I’m not sure what’s happening at Eton. But if the men are that poorly educated, then imagine how ignorant the women of these patriarchal communities must be as well. They have material resources, but they are emotionally impoverished. They have the respect of the masses, but little agency to become self-actualized human beings.
        All things considered, Harry is a genius for figuring out that leaving was the best idea. And I’ll never believe he didn’t know deep down that they’d have to leave. When Charles said he couldn’t “afford” to support Meghan, that must have v been a big red flag.

      • bisynaptic says:

        @On This Day, re: Eton
        read “Chums”.

  3. Amy Bee says:

    I’m not surprised by this at all. If I’m not mistaken a lot people believed it was Camilla after she was seen having lunch with Morgan, Clarkson and others. It’s clear that she encouraged Clarkson to write his vile screed against Meghan last year. What a hypocrite and fraud Camiila is. She’s supposed to be against the abuse of women.

    • equality says:

      Bet she thanked Clarkson also.

    • Jais says:

      Camilla is herself an abuser of women. Of Diana and Meghan. Calling her friends in the male-owned misogynistic tabloids to have them regularly abused on the front pages. Her charity work on DV is a cover.

    • Ginger says:

      So true. This is why you can’t believe a word this ridiculous family says. Mental health, early years and abuse of woman. It’s all busy work for them, nothing more. They never cared and never will.

      • Not a Subject says:

        All the royals want is to show up empty handed to charities and get their mandatory photo ops. CANNOT stand those lazy people.

  4. H says:

    Ever since Charles’s affair with Camilla came out, I’ve loathed Camilla. So, her egging Piers on doesn’t surprise me. She’s always been vile. I hope Diana haunts her into eternity.

  5. A says:

    All that money, all that power, all that opportunity and it’s wasted on the most uninteresting, ignorant and meanest people on the planet.

    • CL says:

      I usually don’t like to denigrate people’s looks, but the more I learn about Camilla, the more I realize that her outside matches her inside. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt (Charles loves her, has always loved her, she must be better for him than Diana, etc.), but after everything we’ve learned about her in the last few years, I am finished with trying to find some good in her.

      • A says:

        No, you’re right. They’re irredeemable

      • Kingston says:

        Its high time folks speak the truth about chucky and this ‘love’ he supposedly has for cowmilla. Someone who is capable of love, loves more than one person in their entire lifetime. And we have seen and heard from chucky himself that he doesnt know what love is.

        Certainly, we can believe he has had lust for cowmilla. The same kind of lust he has had for all the women in his life whom he has f*cked. What cowmilla has over them all, has been her longevity…….her ability to have outplayed, outwitted and outlasted them all, such that she was the “last women standing.” It was only natural, therefore, that they end up together.

        Even the vilest, most despicable excuse for a human being (chucky) wants companionship, especailly as they age. Thats what he an cowmilla have. altho, given she keeps her cjhildren, granchildren and exhusband around, she is in a much better state than chucky.

  6. Jan says:

    Cowmilla reign is going to be a short, all I’m saying, she better hope she passes before The Stealer of Dead People’s Property dies, because Cain is going to do a number on her.

    • Lili says:

      I’m quite the opposite I hope he dies before her and she gets the Angela Kelly treatment. But no support from Willy let’s see how she likes it .

      • equality says:

        She won’t care. KC has set her and her children and grandchildren up, while ignoring his own child and grandchildren.

    • booboocita says:

      I’m fairly sure she’ll die before he does. She comes from a long line of women with osteoporosis, and that’s a killer. It’s already affecting her; she’s admitted that she no longer rides because she’s old. Charles’s family is unusually long-lived and he appears to be in decent (not tip-top, but decent) health, so he’ll probably outlive her.

      I’m more interested in what happens to Chucky Boy after she dies. Will he be horribly affected? Fall apart? Will Willy keep him from acquiring female support, a la Philip/Penny Knatchbull? Hmmm …

      • Gabby says:

        As far as what happens to Chuckes after she dies first, I hope it’s everything that you mentioned and more. He’ll be a cold tampon swinging in the wind.

  7. Becks1 says:

    I always assumed it was william who thanked him, but Camilla fits too.

    and like we’ve all said on here for years now, if the palace – KP, CH, or BP at the time – wanted to shut down the anti-Meghan brigade, they could have done so at any point. Instead Camilla is personally thanking the leader of that brigade.

    (its also hard to shut something down that you started.)

    • tamsin says:

      So Morgan standing in front of KP was misleading deliberately? So people would think William or Sarah? Camilla at the same time is throwing other royals under the bus. Because he really should have stood in front of Clarence House, but I guess that would be a giveaway and it’s difficult to get onto BP premises. Camilla is a vile woman, a schemer. I’m beginning to think that she’s just using Chuck as well.

      • Becks1 says:

        I wonder if we all just misinterpreted that picture. Like, he might have just meant the picture to mean he supported W&K and was on KP’s side, not that they were the ones who actually thanked him.

        Or maybe it was just to be misleading and stir the pot more by having people think he’s speaking for William and Kate, which is juicier than speaking for Camilla I guess.

        Who knows. Piers Morgan is…….well he’s something else.

      • Truthiness says:

        Yes, misleading everyone so that Queen Camilla looks above the fray. Two digs in one, a Meghan put down and pantomiming that it came from Will, putting him in a hateful pose. Very believable too. Andy Cohen’s Real Houseflies have nothing on the Windsors.

  8. LooneyTunes says:

    She’s basically a trumper. The kind of intolerant a-hole who complains about people saying Happy Holidays, instead of Merry Christmas.

    • May says:

      @looney, just deleted an entirely too long of a post responding to your comments! I used to think people like that were just ignorant but there is also, like Trumpers, a good bit of intolerance, fear, insecurity and a lack of empathy. Just why people would be so dismissive of, or irked by, others with health conditions or those that wish to be compassionate toward or understanding of others just boggles my mind.

      • Deering24 says:

        They are afraid of anything outside their entitled, rock-stupid bubble–and will defend said “life” to the death. Everything is all about them–always.

  9. Well of course it was Hosilla thanking Piers. What a miserable old nag. About the menu having gluten free choices of course she would be irked because that’s the food of horses and how dare they offer food without! My god we knew she and all the others are in bed with the press but to have it proved by someone else after Harry is…. I am incandescent with rage this morning.

    • Dee(2) says:

      The reason people like her get upset at things like that is because they don’t want people that they consider lesser having any representation at all. It’s why when there’s a hundred movies released in a year, and one has a black lead or an LGBTQ lead there’s a bunch of nonsense about ” wokeness “. Having the vast majority of the world focused on you and your likes isn’t enough, no one else can get any attention or consideration at all. Which means that even though no one’s forcing you to eat gluten-free or vegan, the audacity of those people expecting to have food they can eat at restaurants where they’re also paying their own bills is just a step too far

  10. Lala11_7 says:

    One of my FAVORITE things about “The Crown” is it showcases how GLORIOUSLY INCURIOUS & IGNORANT the Royal Family TRULY is so OF COURSE that set is closed-minded regarding EVERYTHING…which is ANOTHERreasonit wouldn’thave worked with H&M even WITHOUT the mysogynistic behaviors…and AGAIN Harry KNEW what was up with Camilla…he made it VERY clear in “Spare”… she’s dangerous & depraved…It will be INTERESTING to watch this mess in the future

  11. sevenblue says:

    It is interesting that Piers was implying that it was Willy. Didn’t he take a photo in front of KP after saying that royals thanked him for going after Meghan? Either he got multiple calls or he got ordered to throw W&K under the bus.

    • Sunday says:

      He did take that photo outside of KP, didn’t he. I think both scenarios you mention are possible – he may have more than 1 royal source, and also that 1 of them (Camilla) knows how to hide her tracks wayyy better than others.

  12. Yami says:

    Harry was right, has been right! Camilla is an enemy and the cheek of her, she literally slept her way to the top and lied years and years and somehow Meg is tne problem? The gall!

  13. ML says:

    I am really glad that Omid Scobie named and shamed Camzilla! She kind of lurks in the shadows, but I am willing to bet that she’s responsible for a lot of dysfunction. Remember that the Comms dude is Tobyn Andreae, the former editor of the Daily Fail. It raised eyebrows when he was hired, and she (and KC) chose a tabloid veteran instead of an actual communications director on purpose.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      While the Windsors have always been all kinds of awful, I do think that Camilla has had a particularly poisonous influence on the BRF vis-a-vis the toxic relationship with the press. The whole practice of family members on the altar of the vicious tabloid press to protect others seems to lead back to the implosion of Charles and Diana’s marriage and Camilla’s role in that (and then her subsequent “rehabilitation”). It is a relationship that bad for the monarchy and the BRF but it has become impossible for them to exit it because they all have skeletons in their closets and they are terrified of the truth coming out.

      The fact that all of Harry’s mistakes was made public eventually set him free. He can’t be blackmailed.

      • Jais says:

        It really does go back to Camilla and her relationship with the press. Her need to belittle diana in the press. And also Charles. He sanctioned Camilla and did the same. Harry talks about his need to be liked and get good headlines in the papers. Between Camilla and Charles, they’ve created such a toxic system. And William is following in their footsteps.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Camilla has hurt so many people and caused so much suffering – and adding to the already immense dysfunction within the BRF.

        However, from a historical perspective it is kind of fascinating to track her poisonous influence. It recalls so many instances where royal mistresses and favourites negatively influenced the monarch, sometimes to a disastrous degree (Edward II ended up losing his crown and his life because of how his favourites antagonized his nobles and his queen). Camilla has played an old and timeworn role but unlike her predecessors she managed to make herself Queen, which is quite a feat.

        The fact that she doesn’t have any children by Charles makes the situation interesting as well. Because while she has managed to get her own children set up through her relationship with Charles, she has managed to estrange him from his own children – but she has no real investment in securing the longevity of the institution. She has no direct stake in the continued survival of the BRF and the monarchy. She has secured herself and her family – I don’t think she has any interest in the futures of any of Charles’ children and grand-children, and the institution they are part of.

      • booboocita says:

        @Art Historian — I was thinking of Alice Perrers (c. 1348-1401), mistress of Edward III. Her Wikipedia entry says she was “widely despised and accused of taking advantage of the old king.” Sound familiar?

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Yep. Alice Perrers is another royal mistress that comes to mind.

      • aftershocks says:

        @ArtHistorian: “The fact that all of Harry’s mistakes was made public eventually set him free. He can’t be blackmailed.”

        Exactly! 💯 I’ve been saying this for quite awhile. Harry was sadly thrown under the bus way too often as the Spare scapegoat. But the good thing is, he learned from his mistakes, and the BM has nothing on him to try and leverage, because Harry’s past is an open book. Even moreso now that he’s finally written his own story. 🙌🏽

        Meanwhile, trapped, raging Willileaks hasn’t learned jacksh!t. 😤 🤪

    • Deering24 says:

      She’s played this long game very very well. And she knows the British social system inside and out. Heck, imagine what she could have done if she’d been a real human being and went into politics. But history is going to smack her and her descendants stupid–as bad as the Middletons are in the Boleyn sweepstakes, Camilla and her crew will come off way way worse.

  14. equality says:

    So other people aren’t allowed to have gluten or dairy allergies or aren’t allowed to eat out if they do? She is the biggest of tools. And since when does she not speak ill of others?

    • Teagirl says:

      Exactly. I have a bowel disease and I have to eat GF and DF or I will end up in the hospital seriously ill. Does Camilla think that because of this no fault of mine disease I shouldn’t be allowed to eat out? On the rare occasions I eat out, it’s imperative to know what’s in the food. From the comments about her being irritated, you would think that she was playing the goddamn bill! What a cow.

    • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

      Dogwhistle for the Daily Mail bigots who get angry and foam at the mouth over even the existence of vegans and think gluten free is somehow ‘woke’ or ‘leftie’. No coincidence that the Daily Mail/Daily Telegraph Meghan-hating idiots have somehow been convinced that Meghan is a vegan and hate her for that, even though it’s false.

  15. Beanzmeanz says:

    Hang on, though – isn’t Charles famous for mostly eat plant-based organic food? And never eating lunch? How is that not annoying to her?

  16. YeahRight says:

    She invited him to her little party along with that other guy who lost his Amazon gig for attacking Meghan.

    • Jais says:

      You’d think these two men, Morgan and Clarkson, would be bitter with Camilla. After aiding her in the crusade against Meghan, they were both called out and lost work. What fools. Suppose they were fueled by their own hatred though as well as hers.

  17. ML says:

    Speaking from experience, it is incredibly difficult to get diagnosed for celiac disease. There’s a blood test, but if you do not test positive, it gets ruled out until you have severe damage to your intestines. If someone wants or needs to eat gluten free, this should be a choice. For many of us, we would love to be able to eat like regular people, but we get extremely sick when we accidentally do. The fact that this annoys Camzilla is infuriating to me and I really don’t understand how she can be so bent out of shape due to someone else’s allergies or illness being accommodated on a menu!

    • Teagirl says:

      Exactly. As I said in another post here, I have to be GF and DF. It was incredibly hard for the doctors to come up with a diagnosis by which time my insides were damaged beyond repair. Camilla is a typical royal – the only person that counts is she.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      ML and Teagirl, I think it’s the bubble she lives in. If she doesn’t need it, then no needs it. This seems to be a prevailing theme with the brf. I cannot imagine living around these people.

  18. Lurker25 says:

    No surprise about the “gratitude” – this bitch has been egging on the press since Diana got married and never stopped.
    She was clearly the feeder when Meghan said she was being “fed to the wolves”.

    The anti-gluten/dairy thing is interesting. Again not surprising as it’s entirely in keeping with someone who laughs at other cultures and can’t be bothered to get out of the car. Bet she and Susan Hussey had lovely teas with Suella Braverman and Priti Patel, indoctrinating the latter two ccvnts on preserving the hierarchy.

    But given Charles’ climate and organic proclivities… Unless he’s really a dilettante who wants to create little play areas for himself and has no global agenda.
    Idk. These people all suck

  19. Crystal says:

    Anyone knew that Camilla had a nastiness about her, I just never fell for the sweet rehabilitated Camilla that the BP forces down our throats.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Crystal, I don’t think most of us who remember what was going on when Chuck & Di were married (and afterwards), will ever give the Escort a pass. If she wanted to be a mistress, she should have kept her mouth shut and disappeared into the background. She did everything she could do ruin Di and the marriage. I have no doubt if Di’s name is ever mentioned around her, she continues to lie and disparage her.

      I hope the truths that come out in Omid’s book damages her. BIG time. Particularly, coming after Harry saying in one of his Book interviews that she is dangerous because of her relationship with the media.

  20. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    I find it interesting that both of Camilla’s friends and champions, Morgan and Clarkson, both lost their jobs after doing her bidding. No honor among thieves, or racists or bigots, I guess.

  21. aquarius64 says:

    Unless I missed something, Piers has been stone silent. At first he posted the Instagram picture of him standing in front of KP to show support. Then he implied Fwrgie was the one who said thank you. He also did staged photos of hugging Beatrice before a dinner party she and Eugenie attend. He was trying to show the BRF supports him but his true supporter is the Mistress Queen.

  22. Chantal1 says:

    Of course this evil backstabbing hyena did and she’s likely sending regular “encouragement” to her press minions to continue their deranged behavior. What exactly did the minions receive in return for their inevitable loss of gigs/income? Bc their goal of Sussex fatigue and disparagement somewhat worked, with unintended but hilarious consequences of the Sussex’ successful lawsuits and and an increasingly diminished echo chamber. Waning public interest in the lackluster royal family as a whole is another bonus hitting their paychecks. The whole despicable lot deserves each other and they all deserve to rot.

  23. Eurydice says:

    Well, it says something that even people who hate Meghan also hate Camilla. But it’s interesting to me that she doesn’t seem to care about bad press or being shown up for what she is. It’s Charles who gets all “protect my woman” and “I’ll never forgive Harry for blah, blah, blah.” Camilla just sits back in her separate wing and her separate home, draped in royal rubies, and enjoys the sh*t she keeps stirring up.

    • Tessa says:

      Charles has pals in the press and there are bots in dm comments thst praise Camilla and trash diana.

      • Melissa says:

        Not exactly what I wanted to add, but there absolutely are people/bots who hate Meghan, accuse Diana of being unfaithful and like, if not adore, Camilla for “being Charles’s one and true love.” *gag* And this I noticed in Latino Hello magazine’s Youtube channel. So I don’t know if the non English-spoken ones are really bots, but there are deluded assholes who support her rotten self.

  24. L4Frimaire says:

    Camilla is a nasty woman who is quite content to destroy Charles family the way she helped destroy his first marriage as long as she gets what she wants. She is quite happy to associate with nasty people like Clarkson and Morgan and is so obvious and gloating about it. She’s moving her lantern jawed family in now and they’ll be part of that Christmas walk.

  25. Harper says:

    Sometimes I wonder if Camilla is just one in a sea of British women in her class and age group who are nasty, caustic, and black-hearted? Because if not, CRex really outdid himself by finding the absolute worst, most unredeemable ever and sticking to her like a barnacle.

    • NickG says:

      @Harper, best believe that that’s exactly who that class is. When I hear people gloating about Rose Hanbury “winning” over Kate, I wonder they don’t realize that almost all of these people are totally racist, stupid, incurious and delusional about their entitlement. They consider such things as getting therapy etc beneath them…they are secure in their ridiculous worldview.

      • Harper says:

        I’ve done a bit of a deep dive on Rose over the past few years and while I don’t know her personally, she does not seem to be cut out of the same cloth as Cams or Mumbles. Rose has true innate style. She is educated in fashion and the arts and interiors. She actually shows up for her charities. She is on the top of the aristocratic pile and seems to do a lot with her position. I don’t think she’d throw any of that away to be Burger King’s bride but if she did, it seems like it would be England’s gain.

  26. Tessa says:

    Piers recently wrote an unflattering article about Diana. I think he is currying favor to get honors from c and c. Camilla is a self righteous hypocrite. Big time. Piers never got over Meghan snubbing him and he has carried a grudge since 2016

  27. Tessa says:

    That first photo of Camilla is super airbrushed

  28. Ace says:

    “Even gluten-free or dairy-free options on a restaurant menu irk her.”

    Wow. Every time I think Camilla can’t be more of a shit person I’m proved wrong.

  29. Jaded says:

    Camilla is good at one thing and one thing only — manipulating Charles to do her bidding. She’s used him from day one of their relationship, she’s figured out all of his weak spots and utilized them for her benefit. In some ways she reminds me of Wallis Simpson who did the same thing with Edward VIII; they’re both conniving, cunning and opportunistic women who schemed their way to the top.

    • Blubber says:

      Sometimes i really Wonder that the Queen and Philip found no way of getting rid of Camilla… alone to save the Monarchy.

      • Michael P Cowtan says:

        I have heard that it is possible that MI6 got rid of Epstein at the behest of QE2. and we all know about Diana’s letter foretelling the manner of her death. In that case I am sure QE2 could have managed a nasty accident for Cowzilla.

  30. kelleybelle says:

    This decrepit air-headed old twat is no queen.

  31. Purley Pot says:

    I remember when Morgan said the palace thanked him. He blamed it on Sarah Ferguson.

  32. Mary Pester says:

    So over 57,000 complaints and this old crone thanks him. Show me a racist old bitch without showing me a racist old bitch.
    This woman destroyed Diana’s life with Charles which led to Diana’s death (murder) and she has destroyed Harry’s life within the Royal family. She set out to destroy Megan too, but Harry said FK YOU and took Megan and his son away from the toxic old battle axe! She and Morgan deserve each other and there are seats reserved in hell for both of them. I just want to be alive long enough for Charlie to wise up on what’s going on with her and her ex husband! Yeah KARMA has a hard lesson on it’s way Charlie, and camzilla is going to be hated all over again
    Mind you Kates idea of hell would be living in a house without a mirror, the vain old trollop, same as Williams would be without a peg

  33. QuiteContrary says:

    Camilla really is vile in every way. I hope Omid’s book obliterates the rehabilitation of Camilla.

  34. NotSoSocialB says:

    So, this barely sentient, walking, diamond studded ballsack doesn’t understand allergies?? Actual medical conditions wherein someone must avoid certain substances (let us not even consider personal preferences or convictions)? What a stupid, stupid she-jackal.*

    *no offense to jackals

  35. MsIam says:

    Crocmilla is dreadful. Just what Charles deserves. And they accuse Meghan of pulling Harry’s strings and leading him around by his nose. Seriously?

  36. Macky says:

    Charles is just determined to not admit he made a mistake and his father was right. Camilla is a one sided fool. This is why she had to stay in the car in kenya!

    Camilla is a mistress. Charles will never be able to turn this into a win. All this time and energy went into making her presentable and she still isn’t! She is ignored by everyone. She has failed worse than Kate at being a statesman.

    Who’s idea was it to announce that Camilla won’t be doing much traveling. Was it a courtier or Charles. I doubt Camilla volunteered.

  37. LocaLady says:

    I hope Meghan is ok 💕
    Why do folks think it’s cool to do this to someone? I cannot abide folks piling on patients (fellow humans) suffering from suicidal thoughts. Suicidal ideation can happen to any human. Just like a broken bone can happen to anyone. It’s not a character flaw, it’s an ILLNESS.

    We love you Meghan and we are so happy you are still gracing the planet w your presence. 💝 yay us. You are a gift.

    Horrid behavior, Thanking someone for attacking a woman, a family member who is suffering greatly. A person with more power slamming the person w less power- in a ‘family’. I feel your pain M, I’ve been there too lady ok. I cannot even w this vile betrayal typa shiz.

  38. Over it says:

    What a waste taking this horsey-cow to a restaurant. She should be put out to pasture with the other barn yard animals like her. Piss Morgan and jermemy Clarkson

  39. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    I think Camilla is consumed by jealousy. She could never compare with Diana in popularity or appearance, and by the time Charles was able to marry Camilla, she was too old to have children so *her* descendants will be commoners. Elizabeth and Philip never liked her, and I suspect nobody else in that family likes her either, and I don’t think Charles is faithful to her because that’s not in his nature. She must really hate to see a young, fashionable, popular, and beloved woman, who in Camilla’s mind should be *beneath* her, having the life Camilla can never have. Jealousy is a powerful emotion.

  40. AC says:

    I don’t think Piers ever got over Meghan ghosting him. It’s so creepy as isn’t he married . What’s wrong with these people(it’s not just him that has an obsession over M either). I can totally understand why M never wants to go back.
    What can anyone say about Camilla, she’s always been a home wrecker and just an overall bad person.

    • Proud Mary says:

      Meghan never ghosted him. that term refers to cutting off someone with whom you’d had an establish relationship. I am yet to see any proof that she had a relationship with him.

      • AC says:

        He has a very one sided weird obsession with Meghan and that’s creepy(as he keeps saying he’s been ghosted). And seems he’s still not over it.

  41. February pisces says:

    What this tells me is that willie and keen really aren’t as smart as Charles and Camilla. Willie and keen co-signed all their smears against Meghan by getting the press to embiggen then at the same time. Camilla on the other hand is a silent assassin. She publicly kept her head down and her name out of all the Meghan smearing headlines. Yet camilla clearly got exactly what she wanted too. But I don’t see how trashing Meghan benefits camilla, unless she too is hiding her own secrets and needed a decoy. Anyway willie and keen will have to watch their backs, camilla really is a sneaky snake, and she gets away with it cos no one is even looking at her.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      February pisces, the Escort probably didn’t want a good relationship established between KFC and Meghan. In Spare, it sounded as if KFC really enjoyed meeting and talking with Meghan. I suspect this is part of it.

      IMO, the Escort takes pride in destroying relationships. Chuck & Di’s, Chuck & his sons, Chuck and H&M. I suspect she’s instrumental in driving a wedge between Chuck and WanK. I think this is who she is.

  42. Athena says:

    Valentine Low, one of the royal reporters admitted a while back to knowing that Meghan was struggling with her mental health. Per Low it was common knowledge, so for Camilla to thank Piers for attacking Meghan’s comments on her mental health is truly despicable

  43. blunt talker says:

    Camilla suffers from hoof and mouth disease-she sticks her hoof in her mouth and injures her outsides and insides. I look at her eyes and see evil-they kind of twinkle with some sort of delight of doing evil things.

  44. JaneS says:

    Ugly. All the wealth and opportunities they could ever want, yet look at the ugly the behavior.

  45. Giddy says:

    In my family we have a tradition of putting meaningful items in a loved ones casket…loving letters, family pictures, etc. I hope when Camilla dies that someone slips a few items in her coffin to stay with her for an eternity…a picture of Diana, a tampon, a copy of her correspondence with the horrible Piers Morgan. I’m sure that there are many other items that could signify her hateful and scheming stay on earth. She may be a queen, but to me she’ll always be the Queen Bitch.

  46. Well Wisher says:

    Or William?? Anything after the late Queen passing could be her, but?

  47. Ewood says:

    She’s no Queen. Only Queen Consort remember that. She’s disgusting and anyone for her is disgusting. After how she invaded on Princess Diana with Charles, I lost all respect for her and she hasn’t done anything to get that back. She’s fake! Doing it for her husband and hoping to change the views about her from the people of Britain. Wake up Britain!