Scobie: ‘Journalists across Fleet Street have known those names for a long time’

Omid Scobie did not reveal the existence of letters exchanged between King Charles and the Duchess of Sussex. That fact was revealed in the Telegraph back in April, in which I felt was a clear leak from Buckingham Palace. The Sussexes had just announced that only Harry would be traveling to the UK for the coronation, and the palace was desperate to explain why Meghan wanted no part of the coronation psychodrama, so they released information about the letters to make it seem like Meghan still had a “grudge” but that Charles had done his best to address her concerns about racism in the royal family. Now, with Scobie’s Endgame, we learned that Meghan and Charles’ letters contained two names. That was Scobie’s exclusive, although much like the Telegraph, he didn’t name names. Then the Dutch edition of Endgame came out and suddenly that translation (which has been pulled from shelves) has evidently named King Charles and Princess Kate as “the royal racists.” Which we only know because Piers Morgan said so on his TV show yesterday. Well, Scobie appeared on a British morning show and he spilled even more insider tea:

In an interview with British breakfast show This Morning, Scobie said: “I never submitted a book that had those names in it.”

He added that he was “frustrated” but not “upset” by the development. Asked about online rumors that the inclusion of the names in a Dutch translation was a stunt to sell books, he replied: “I wish it was the case.”

He added that he “never submitted a book that had their names in it.”

Asked how the names might have appeared in the Dutch version, he said: “It’s still being investigated now. I wrote and edited the English version of the book with one publisher. That then gets licensed to other publishers. I obviously can’t speak Italian, German, French, Dutch, or any of the other languages that come out. So the only time you hear about the book is once it’s come out in the public domain.

“I’m as frustrated as anyone else. I make it very clear in this book that I in every way possible want to adhere to the laws surrounding this subject. It’s why I’ve been very careful in how it’s described in the book and it’s why I’ve never spoken about it beyond what I’ve said in the public domain before.

“The reality is though is that this is information that is not privy just to me. Journalists across Fleet Street have known those names for a long time. We’ve all followed a certain code of conduct when it comes to talking about it. It’s frustrating that now what’s going on in the Netherlands with the book that was obviously immediately rescinded and is now being reprinted has happened, and I’m glad to hear so. But for me I can only talk about the English version of the book that I wrote and produced.”

[From The Daily Beast]

“This is information that is not privy just to me. Journalists across Fleet Street have known those names for a long time.” As I’ve said all along, they all know. They’ve known all along, they know who said what to Meghan and who said what to Harry and they know exactly how racist the Windsors are. And all of those same people have wanted Meghan and Harry to do their dirty work and name names, so that those journalists can attack the Sussexes for “causing” such a rift. Speaking of, palace sources are being very heavy-handed in the way they’re blaming Meghan:

The Duchess of Sussex leaked the identities of two race-row royals in an act of revenge, it was claimed tonight. The pair, named in Omid Scobie’s book, were accused by Meghan in a letter to King Charles of commenting on her baby Archie’s skin colour. But that note is said to be locked away.

A senior Palace source said: “It’s vanishingly unlikely the names came from here.” Another royal insider told The Sun: “That letter is under lock and key and no one from within the King’s circle would’ve briefed anyone about its contents. In all likelihood, it must have been the Sussex camp which leaked the names. It’s a nasty and deliberate attack.”

Experts said the US -based Sussexes — who quit royal duty in 2020 — acted out of spite for the way they feel they have been treated. Royal author Robert Jobson said: “Some say revenge is a dish best served cold and this one appears to have been served up on ice by the Sussexes. At some stage this sort of behaviour by the Sussexes has to stop because in the long term it’s damaging the monarchy and certainly not helping their cause either.”

[From The Sun]

I genuinely wish Meghan did half of the sh-t they blame her for. She would be well within her rights to tell everyone the names of every single royal who said and did racist sh-t to her. She is the victim of the toxic institutional racism. But again, the story about the letters initially came from Buckingham Palace. And Scobie says it plainly – the identities of the royal racists have been common knowledge among royal journalists for a while.

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  1. SarahLee says:

    I’m 100% positive that if Meghan and Harry wanted those names in the public domain, they would have revealed them to Oprah, on Netflix, or in some other way direct. Harry said as much about Spare – that he would not brief against his family but would rather say what he wanted to say directly, if not to them, then in a format so that they could hear it straight from him.

    • MoxyLady007 says:


      so are they saying that “those names” ie charles and Kate are the correct names and have been known to journalists for a long time?

      Or are they saying those aren’t the names?

      • Missskitttin says:

        They’re also saying “The Duchess of Sussex leaked the identities of two race-row royals in an act of revenge”. How did they get there??????

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        Honestly, I don’t think it’s Chaz & Kate. I think that was a bit of obfuscation. I think it’s Bride of Chucky & Workshy Wanderdick. That’s why Chaz did nothing about the issue and set about telling the courtiers to engage in character assassination and victim blaming of Meghan. He had control of BP staff prior to the late Queen’s death. The Queen’s own private secretary was Charles’ creature installed in a quiet coup back in 2017.

        Palaces low key threatening to sue Scobie. Doooo iiiiiiit. Discovery will be lit af. Defamation can’t stick if it’s true!

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      Anyone with two or more brain cells to rub together know that the Sussexes did NOT leak those names.

      They could have told the world at large at any time in the past 4 years and have not. They never intended to name those individuals and have not named them.

      We only know the letter exists because of the palace. And now a Dutch publisher added those names to Omid’s book that did not have any names.

      The Sussexes don’t leak. They say things with their names attached. They don’t play games. They speak directly to the issue at hand.

      They would never have done this and for them to be blamed for it is disgusting and – yet again- toxic and completely unfair.

      • Christine says:

        They aren’t even trying to make it make sense, they are just hoping people will only pay attention to the “Meghan leaked..” part.

        Seriously, who would ever believe Meghan masterminded a scenario where the Dutch version of Endgame was her Trojan horse??! It’s mindbogglingly stupid.

        Meanwhile, in a delicious turn of events, it was Piers Morgan.

      • Missskitttin says:

        How did they get to “The Duchess of Sussex leaked the identities of two race-row royals in an act of revenge”??? This is so uncanny

    • Den says:

      Re: Sarah Lee,
      Something is off, as usual. Tin foil on here …When byline times launched their print edition with the full front page and multiple stories about this entire situation, the British media were 90% silent. From their usual weird perspective They could easily call the the paper, Harry’s paper as there are less than 6 degrees of separation between him via his law case and some of the reporters on byline times. So why didn’t they make the same big hoopla? Is it because they knew it would increase sales of the paper? Why only Scobie’s book? Byline times penetrated the US media market strongly. It is so convenient & of course convenient to blame their usual persons while doing the actual deed. But why this book? It helps everyone except 3 persons : Archie , Meghan & Kate . Though Kate will move on with support. This is so toxic.
      How do these people stay 100% in this hornets nest forever. Oh my.

  2. Dee(2) says:

    The existence of the letter became public knowledge from the article in the telegraph though. Are we supposed to believe that the Sussexes are the ones who leaked that to them? Or are we supposed to believe that the palace leaked to the newspaper, but they told Omid who then had the Dutch publisher name people? They can’t keep expecting people to believe that every time something negative about them comes out it’s because of Harry and Meghan. Primarily because the real issue isn’t the exposure but the behavior. And I don’t see how this is damaging to Harry and Meghan but it’s absolutely damaging to the monarchy.

    • Andrea says:

      This is very damaging for Harry and Meghan. There are dangerous people out there who may inflict actual physical harm to them. Read up on Cambridge Analytica.

      • Dee(2) says:

        That risk to Harry and Meghan has existed since they decided to leave and have been successful outside of the Royal Family ecosystem which shines a light on how unimportant it all is. Robert Jobson makes it sound like this particular unconfirmed exposure is damaging to their personal brand, which I don’t see how it is.

      • Proud Mary says:

        I agree with you Dee; and I really wish people like Andrea would stop with the hyperbole, every time loser hacks like Jabba D. Big Budt are sent out to parrot palace talking points.

    • swaz says:

      HA! HA! HA! THE PALACE is try to play A SWITCHEROO 🤣🤣🤣

    • ales says:

      The gossip creators masquerading as journalists are mady trying to deflect the truth. I imagine the worst of them are rewriting events as I am typing. Do they really believe that the entire world is in love with the BRF and hates Harry and Meghan. The BRF has started to be publicly exposed for what they really are, it is not possible to ignore the reality and change the story back. Omid wrote a book about the BRF not about H & M, the more the BM try to make it about them, the worse it gets for the BRF. The BRF still lives in their own deluded little world where they believe they can control the narrative.

  3. So Piers decided to let those names out in hopes that Omid would be taking the blame or the Sussexes? This isn’t new news like I have said the only name that need be announced is Windsor. It’s the whole lot of them and true of all of them.

  4. Julianna says:

    How can these clowns write and print this drivel with a straight face? So, instead of discussing the racist individuals they are now going to turn around and ACCUSE Meghan of leaking the very same racist individuals names that abused her and her unborn child to the reporters. As Kaiser said, she has EVERY RIGHT to name these disgusting people. They are lucky she didnt outright say their names on the Opra interview. Needless to say, I highly doubt Meg even leaked it to any of those filthy rats.

  5. Betina says:

    This essentially confirms it being Charles and Kate is true though, right? Am I thinking about this correctly? This is an admission

    • Iris says:

      Yes, I’m confused! Was it Charles and Kate for definite?

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      That’s what I was thinking. No one, even Scobie, has said what was in the Dutch translation or what Piers Morgan said was wrong. That sounds like a confirmation to me.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I jives with Charles’ other actions – him wanting to change the Letters Patent so Archie would never have the title of Prince! He would be the one to decide that as King, not anyone else. And if Meghan and Harry had never mentioned this, I bet Archie would have been stripped of the title of Prince when Charles became King (because the Letters Patent can only be altered by the Monarch). He basically wanted to treat Archie like he was an illegitimate child – and the only explanation for why is race. Especially, when there’s plenty of evidence of how racist his staff is and how he never had a problem with that.

    • Claire says:

      I’m surprised that he phrased his answer in a way that seems to confirm that those were the two people. I’m actually rather surprised, my money was always on Camilla personally. Also I’m trying to remember – in the Oprah interview, was it framed as if there was more than one person that had made comments, or only one person? I had it in my head that it was referred to as if it was a singular person being referred to. I’m also surprised in retrospect that Meghan referred to Kate as “a good person” in the interview (granted, it was in the context of the flower girl dress story) if Kate was one of the people involved in this race discussion. I always got the sense in the Oprah interview that the majority of their ire was directed at Charles, and that if anything it seemed to be more pity for Kate. So this i did not expect – I bet money from the beginning that it was Camilla so this is a bee in my bonnet!

  6. Vanessa says:

    The British media better be care them trying to blame this on the Sussex’s is a lawsuit waiting to happen . We all know the Sussex’s kept recipes and we know they don’t leaked anything about anyone that all the royal family do they lie and leak story about each other so for the royal reporters to try to blame Meghan for this is ridiculously. Pier Morgan is the one who started this mess by opening his mouth .

  7. Ciotog says:

    Why would Meghan call Kate a good person if she speculated about Archie’s skin color in this awful way? It doesn’t make sense.

    • acha says:

      I’m pretty sure there was a period of time when Sussexes were trying to soften their blow against the RF, because they genuinely wanted everyone to shut the bleep up and move on. This might have been part of it. Remember, Harry made a point to say that it wasn’t racism, it was “unconscious bias.”

      Be that as it may. I really do think they were trying to move on and slather a large layer of forgiveness and peace over the whole thing. But — yeah, no, this isn’t going to go away. And the racists really are racist.

    • Becks1 says:

      My guess is that it was a conversation between William and Harry but Kate was there. So the press can claim it was Kate and that’s not wrong per se, but the real person is William. But the press is going to do what it does best which is protect William.

      • Monlette says:

        I think it is Kate. Kate seems uncomfortable around people of color, while William just seems dickish towards everyone equally.

      • Becks1 says:

        oh Kate is 100% racist, don’t get me wrong. I just didn’t get the impression from Spare that she and Harry were close enough that they would have a one on one conversation like this. But maybe she felt strongly enough about “protecting the bloodline” that she did approach him?

      • Eurydice says:

        @Becks1 – Kate protected the bloodline by having babies. I’m with you – I don’t think Kate has the power to be having conversations about race, security and titles. But she and William may have had private discussions .

      • Jais says:

        Yes, @eurydice, my theory is that William and Kate had those conversations privately, but when speaking to Harry alone , William talked about how Kate had these concerns as a way of talking about it without implicating himself. Believe William and Kate both discussed it but William relayed it to Harry as if it was just her. And Lacey talked about how it was Kate who was wary of Meghan from the start.

    • Amy Bee says:

      That good person also stayed silent when Meghan was falsely accused of making her cry.

      • Nerd says:

        That to me makes Meghan’s description of her as being a good person is because Meghan herself is a good person who wants to see the best in everyone. I think that when Will and Kate told Harry and Meghan that it was Camilla that leaked the Meghan made Kate cry lie it was a coverup for Will and Kate actually being the ones who leaked the story to Tominey. Harry and Meghan were so gullible and wanted to believe the best so they believed what they were told. It never made sense to me that even after it was leaked Kate never bothered to correct the lie. All she had to do was say there was a misunderstanding but she allowed the lie to continue to be used to attack pregnant Meghan. She corrected an article that mentioned cry gate about the part that looked bad on her but left the part that looked bad for Meghan. Harry and Meghan trusted Will and Kate when they were probably the ones who leaked the most along with their staff.

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      While I still believe William was the one having that conversation, I would not be shocked if Kate were involved. I wouldn’t be shocked either that Meghan gave Kate grace despite Kate speculating or having concerns about Archie’s skin color.

      Meghan lived it (life in that hell hole) and saw the machinations up close. Meghan knows if Kate is bad, Will is 1000x worse. She also knows that Kate’s not the one with power in that family, Will is. She knows Kate has to live under Will’s control, Kate has to be around someone with anger problems, Kate has to live with someone who is a cheater.

      Sure, Kate chose that life and clings to it still. But I don’t think Meghan is the kind of person to pile on to someone going through stuff (as Meghan alluded to in the Oprah interview) even if they’re a nasty piece of work. She has empathy, even for those who don’t deserve it. So, she said Kate’s not a bad person knowing what she knows, and I get why she might make that choice, and I admire her for it.

      Also, the times that Meghan (and Harry) have spoken/written about everything (in the Oprah interview, their docuseries, Spare), they’ve been careful/diplomatic about some people, but their negative feelings about William come across as much less restrained. Compared to even Charles, Will is the one who is the villain to them. I really don’t think Meghan would give him the same grace as she’s given others.

      • Nerd says:

        I think you are on to something. During the Oprah interview Meghan did say that Kate was going through some things at the time. I think Meghan was just giving her grace as a woman. Unfortunately, I think that Kate was the one who was betraying Meghan for her own benefit.

  8. lanne says:

    So now the story is that it’s Meghan’s fault that people were racist toward her? It’s her fault that Buck Palace leaked her private letter to Charles? How does that make any sense?

    Again, the issue doesn’t seem to be the racism that happened, but TALKING about the racism that happened?

    The royals continue to prove that they never had any attention of accepting her, no matter what she did. And that Harry’s only value to them was as a useful stooge. They howled to the Sussexes, “you don’t like it, leave!” So they left, and the royals and their flying media ratchet monkeys are still howling! The whole institution looks deranged. Who are they? What do they stand for, other than personal entitlement? How secure can that institution be if the fifth in line to the throne and his family can disrupt it through their absence?

    • ArtHistorian says:

      “So now the story is that it’s Meghan’s fault that people were racist toward her? It’s her fault that Buck Palace leaked her private letter to Charles? How does that make any sense?”
      – It doesn’t but this is classic DARVO, an popular tactic by abusers. And they use this gambit because this system operates on abusive logic (not to mention that the head of the UK monarchy is an abusive person)

      • lanne says:

        You’re right. The royal family has been a master class in DARVO–a fantastic case study for psychologists who study abusers and abuse victims. It’s probably too much to ask for a British psychologist to take this on. The idea of the UK as a “free society” is pretty paper thin when it comes to the royal family. It could very well be career suicide to speak publically against them. But I hope a psychologist in another country takes this on at some point.

      • Christine says:

        Seriously, lanne, at this point I am absolutely positive there are going to be entire courses in universities across the planet using the royal family as examples of DARVO, gaslighting, generational trauma, etc. I don’t think Salty Isle recognizes how grotesque and twisted they have revealed themselves to be.

        Well done, Omid Scobie. They are consuming each other, in their frantic need to be the most special royal family on the planet. We just get to sit back and watch it all unravel.

    • [insert_catchy_name] says:

      Yeah I don’t understand these comments about “revenge”, isn’t it just facts? I mean- if someone said something that is damaging, why would they think it appropriate to say it in the first place?

  9. Lucky Charm says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if someone in the BM “accidentally” or discreetely gave the names to someone who was translating or publishing it in Dutch. Or maybe it was Crown Princess Mary! 🙂

    • Jais says:

      Don’t think it was Mary lol but otherwise yeah, I’m wondering the same. This feels like such a stitch up. Omid said he never wrote those names ever. Dutch commenters her have said it’s not a translation issue. The original manuscript was licensed out to other publishers and somehow this info got out. And piers Morgan was suddenly very very quickly ready and willing to talk about it. Something’s rotten somewhere.

    • Mslove says:

      I agree, the BM have a lot to gain from this. Harry & Meghan do not.

  10. Lau says:

    Once again it’s the palace bullies trying to blame the victims of their bullying, gross.

  11. Is that so? says:

    There are a couple of things that aren’t messing logically here.

    Did Meghan name Charles to Charles? That seems weird.

    Kate being named is also interesting. I distinctly remember Meghan going out of her way to say that, “Kate is a good person“ during the Oprah interview. Under the circumstances Meghan billboarding Kate is a good person seems odd. I often thought the Kate is a good person in line was code for Kate was in an abusive situation.

    I think one quality that Harry and Meghan share is their desire to see the best in people. Harry still has not fully grasp that #thatFamily is awful and Meghan keeps hoping women will be better to each other.

    • SueBarbri33 says:

      I also think the “Good Person” bit was a reference to Will and Kate’s stormy relationship. I think Meghan picked up on Kate being a horrible person, but I also get the feeling that she understood that Kate is really just a cog in a big wheel. I think she saw what we saw: Kate is largely powerless, locked in a loveless marriage, and terrified to do anything wrong. I think Kate probably is a garbage person, but she wouldn’t have dared to say anything sideways about Archie without William’s encouragement.

  12. Becks1 says:

    I don’t see Omid denying that it was those two, or that the names in the Dutch version are incorrect.

    So… was those two?

    Buckle up, we’re in for a bumpy ride!!!!!

    • Persephone says:

      I don’t think he can confirm or deny any names put forward without putting himself in jeopardy.

    • Jaded says:

      Interesting @Becks1 — he stated that the names were not in the final version sent to the publishers and that he never made mention of the names while he was writing the book. He does know who the two offenders are but would never jeopardize his career (or his life) by ratting them out. This is the gift that’s going to keep on giving and giving — the more the BRF deny, deflect and lie, the worse it’s going to get for them because the tabloids are going to crack wide open one of these days.

      • Rose says:

        The thing is if Piers is wrong Omid will name the right person by ruling someone out. We’re talking about a tiny group of 4 people. If 2 are inaccurate that only leaves 2 and if 1 is inaccurate well you could still speculate but he has definitely named one. So whether this is right or wrong it is what it is and Omid can’t fix it

  13. Amy Bee says:

    As long as Harry and Meghan don’t get involved in this Kabuki theatre, the press and palace can continue to be outraged. The press want Harry and Meghan to do their dirty work for them and they should just keep quiet as the press has told them to many times before in the past.

    • Brit says:

      Yep. Leave that press and family toxicity behind and keep thriving because that symbiotic relationship will destroy itself. They want a reaction and for the Sussexes to get involved and they’re pissed they won’t do anything because they removed themselves from England entirely. The palace and press created a situation they can’t get out of.

      • Amy Bee says:

        Agreed. The Palace remained silent when the press were attacking Harry and Meghan, but now they want them to say something to get them out of this mess. I really hope Harry and Meghan remain silent.

  14. Amy Bee says:

    BTW, I saw the interview on This Morning, it’s on YouTube, Omid was really good.

    • Jais says:

      Yes, he was really good. And the male host was questioning him as if he were public enemy number 1. Cannot recall ever seeing a royal writer being questioned like this about a book. No one was interrogating Tina brown or Tom bower.

      • sevenblue says:

        It is really disgusting how they treat Omid. That’s why he stopped going to the UK morning shows. I have never seen them being so hostile to a reporter coming to their shows like that. They are even respectful to Angelina Levin, who is batsh*t crazy.

      • Interested Gawker says:

        “No one was interrogating Tina brown or Tom bower.”


        And that Piers Morgan stamps out immediately braying about it all to pour petrol on this too? It all stinks and all these press people know they’re dirtied up to their necks doing the bidding of their press overlords.

  15. sevenblue says:

    If H&M were the ones who leaked the existence of the letter, why aren’t the tabloids hounding the Telegraph reporter who did the first reporting? They called Omid every name under the sun for “working” with Sussexes. So, why don’t they ask questions about that reporter’s relationship with Sussexes? They are such bad liars, my god.

    • Amy Bee says:

      The press knows that the Palace leaked that information about the letter, that’s why Victoria Ward of the Telegraph is not getting the same treatment as Omid.

  16. vpd4 says:

    I don’t care who leaked what or who. I just wish the BM & RF would leave H&M alone and let them get on with their lives. They just keep going on & on about nothing. I hope the BM & RF crash and burn.

  17. Mrs.H says:

    If Charles truly was one of the people that made a comment then I can understand why Harry clings to the notion that this is “unconcious bias” vs racism and I can also understand the difference between how they treat Kate vs Charles since this time because there is a difference. When Harry only has one parent left sucky as he may be, he probably isn’t or wasn’t fully ready to accept that Chuck is racist full stop.

    Kkkhate on the other hand…with her actions and the way the Middleton clan went full on raging and briefing in HandM well it seems clear to me NOW that this is why. They all knew. Someone on Twitter said this was why William suddenly accompanied kkkhate to her first public event after that comment. She was scheduled to go alone but he had to go as a shield . The one where he said “we are very much not a racist family”

    I know we are stuck with Chuck but gosh I wish kkkhate would be thrown out.

  18. kyliegirl says:

    I said this on another thread, but the BM has been hinting about Kate for a while now. The last few months have not been about “peacemaker” Kate, but about how Charles and William may forgive Harry and Meghan, but Kate will NEVER. The BM have been dying to share the knowledge of the “royal racists” and are gleeful in their protests.

    • sevenblue says:

      Yes! The latest articles were stacking up about Kate changing from peacemaker to the person who was perpetuating the rift.

  19. Mary Pester says:

    Now could we all say a big thank you to the Sun newspaper. It’s massive front line banner said “Megan’s revenge”, and I say thank you to the sun, because THIS more than anything proves Harry’s case against them for printing lies and making false allegations. Now Megan, your turn, take the bastards down. Because a court action about this, could blow the doors right of the Palace

  20. LM says:

    Here’s what I find so confusing about this never-ending story: letters are private. If the Sussexes had wanted the names known, they would have told Oprah. They did not.
    Then there is the second party who also claim they did not leak the content of the letters.

    Again, letters are private. So if everybody knows then there were either a great many witnesses to the letter writing (weird) or the uttering of the statements that led to the writing of the letters in the first place. If it’s the former, then there could be plenty of people talking on or off record and I do not understand why the hell the press would want to contain such a banger of the story.

    • Ace says:

      I can believe that a lot of people saw Meghan’s letter once it got to Charles. Wanna bet somebody opens his letters for him? Maybe his personal secretary organises his correspondence and reads it. And we know that everybody gossips in that place.

      • BeanieBean says:

        No doubt they have a mail room; somebody opens the mail & does a quick sort to determine what goes to Charles via his private secretary, what can be handled by staff, and so on.

  21. J.Ferber says:

    Kate has mastered both acting and resting bitch face. Her only accomplishment!

  22. Mary Pester says:

    There is a glaringly obvious logic here if your someone like moron Morgan and the British press, accuse the two more popular Royals and the British public WON’T believe it, especially of princess tipytoes. That way it will be NO we don’t Believe it, it will then all be swept under the carpet, so no matter what is said In future, no one will believe it, so arses covered while Charlie is out of the country. Wonder how Much Morgan was paid

  23. Nerd says:

    So the media have known about the letters, the fact that it was two people and not just one, the actual names of those people and that there is a law preventing them from releasing the names publicly are trying to make it seem like the Sussexes leaked the names through some type of elaborate scheme of having the names released in someone else’s book that was published and translated in the Netherlands? Then they want us to believe that instead of revealing this information more than two years ago in the Oprah interview, Harry’s book or any of the interviews he did during his book tour they waited for Pier to reveal it while going on a ten minute rant about them? None of that makes sense.

  24. EllenOlenska says:

    My tinfoil hat theory…piers has been looking to create his own go forward plan and has decided to tie his star to Willie, esp if Camilla is ill.

    So leaking those two names accomplished two things. Throws crap at charles AND sh*ts on Kate who Willie is planning on Deaccessioning…”see Willie! I helped you!”

  25. QuiteContrary says:

    Wait, are they saying Meghan leaked it to Piers Morgan, who has tried to make her life miserable? What am I missing here?

    There’s no way in hell that Meghan leaked those names.

  26. LynnInTX says:

    Given how much we know the BRF loves to throw everyone BUT the actual offender under the bus… I’m now wondering if the real ones are Side Piece and Wills. Why would Meghan write to C3 and name him in third person? But we all know that C3 is weak and ineffectual, and does mind-boggling things for the Side Piece, who is actually the one running the show. And we’ve all been predicting the Kate will be blamed for Sussexodus. Of course, I don’t doubt one bit that she said some nasty things herself, I just don’t think she was the one to talk to Harry or Meghan about it.

    So despite the names now in the media, I’m saying Wills and Side Piece.

    • First comment says:

      I completely agree! Look how in a matter of few days they changed the narrative: William is coming out smelling like roses.(pun intended)… the truth is that the whole firm is racist and they have proved it multiple times:- they accepted the comparison of a small innocent baby to a chimpanzee without any comment (while they were pretty quick to refuse Kate’s extensions), – they didn’t acknowledge archie and lily (William with his famous quote “I’m already an oncle” and Kate, known for her love of babies, during the polo match and lily’s birthday- they refused their titles, -they attacked a newborn baby for her name, -they “approved” a very insulting article towars Meghan by jobson etc… the conversations were between several persons and Harry and Meghan didn’t want to reveal their names because it would be bad for them…so, all of them are RACISTS and all of them had conversations about archie’s color…but somehow we end up talking about Kate and Charles only…William’s and camilla’s PR machine work perfectly…

    • bisynaptic says:

      Agreed: it’s unlikely they’ve outed the real culprits.
      Also: ❤️❤️❤️ “Sussexodus”.

  27. Over it says:

    Wank tells Harry think about what your children would look like. Kate and I have been discussing it and we feel strongly marrying and having children with that woman is a bad look for the institution. I will die on the hill that it was William who said it . Kate obviously agreed with him. No one else was bold enough to think that they could get away with saying such racist hateful things to Harry and not even think for a second that Harry would be upset about it or even tell Meghan. It was william, the same hateful ass-ho-ol that wanted to shave off Harry beard before his wedding if he fell asleep near him .

    • First comment says:

      I agree…it was William who openly expressed his concerns after discussing the whole matter with Kate and even Charles..

      • Rose says:

        Go back more in time – I think you’re on to something. Remember the brotherly falling out before the wedding. W expressed concern and tried to get Diana’s bro to stop him marrying that woman who he had only known a short while. And H went away furious and we all wondered who would be the best man for a while.

        That conversation NEVER made sense. Your bro or your sis come to you and they say I think you’re rushing into something because they don’t like how someone treats you or whatever…You might be like I fully disagree but you’re not totally angry with them. I don’t think you should marry your wife because think what your children will look like? That’s….very difficult to come back from or hear

    • Beverley says:

      @OverIt, I’m with you on this. Of course it was William. He couldn’t dream of seeing his kids interact with or be photographed with H&M’s children. The kids might actually get along and be seen happy together in photos and Pegs couldn’t have that. He wants to treat Lili and Archie as Black peasants and he behaves like having Black blood in the line of succession is a huge embarrassment.

      Pegs is a major assh*le and a huge failure as “global statesman” if he can’t even be civil with his own relatives. He wants to be viewed as wise and wonderful. Yet he’s too egotistic and racist to change direction. He truly believes his sh*t doesn’t stink.

  28. LadyE says:

    I am so so confused. Charles’ name has already been in the public domain for two years. Christopher Anderson wrote all about it in his book released in 2021. I’m not sure if I can share this link, but PageSix covered it at the time:

    This whole thing is incredibly shady to me. It’s being pitched as if no one knew and most distressingly that Meghan leaked this. But, it’s not true that no one reported this. In fact, even more strangely, Page Six’s first report about the Dutch translation error said “as we previously reported” and hyperlinked to their earlier story. They’ve now rewritten their article from this week to make it sound like this is a bombshell revelation and hint that it is Meghan who leaked this.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yes we discussed this at the time. I think the consensus was that this wasn’t the smoking gun that meant Charles was THE person who had THE conversation with Harry; this book just details a breakfast conversation between Camilla and Charles. It’s easy to make the leap that he then had that convo with Harry but that’s not what the book said.

      • LadyE says:

        Yes, but the book says more than that, it says that this is the conversation that Harry raised with his father when the conversation got back to him:

        ““The question posed by Charles was being echoed in a less innocent way throughout the halls of Buckingham Palace,” Andersen writes, describing the whispers of an elitist clique whom the Brits term “the old boys’ network.” Their gossip focused on how the royals would “look to the rest of the world” once African-American blood became part of the mix.

        The book also reveals Harry’s frustration after he complained to Charles, who, according to another insider, told the prince he was being “overly sensitive about the matter.”

        This would match completely with the idea that Charles then wrote a letter to Meghan to complain/clarify his intention after what was said on Oprah. Granted, it doesn’t say that Charles raised the topic with Harry, but it was reported in 2021 that Harry confronted his father about his remarks about Archie and was brushed off.

      • LadyE says:

        Sorry, too late to edit my comment! But to add, if Harry confronted his dad about the Archie skin color convo with Camilla (and how it had been picked up by Palace staff) as Anderson reported, then it would be very odd if Charles would have written Meghan a letter ignoring his own comment. It only makes sense that he would think the Oprah comment was about him. iI Harry and Meghan were not in fact referring to him on Oprah, I would have expected that Meghan would have immediately clarified that in her response letter to him. Instead, the reporting on Meghan’s letter is that she explained that she wasn’t making an accusation of racism, but of unconscious bias, which again I think sounds very likely in terms of how Meghan would try to discuss this with Charles about the comment he made.

        Anyway, to me, all of this about who Harry spoke to (his dad) and the letters (from his dad) tracks with what Anderson reported in 2021 and what was said on Oprah.

  29. VilleRose says:

    I do wonder, if Meghan had never mentioned anything about senior members of the RF making comments about Archie’s skin color to Oprah, would we ever have heard of this story? Did aides even know about those conversation before Meghan spilled the beans? The only reason there’s a letter detailing who the actual people are is because Charles or Meghan initiated correspondence about it after the Oprah interview (from all the stories floating around I can’t tell if Charles reached out first or if Meghan did). I am not blaming Meghan in any way by the way, she was fully allowed to spill her truth and say whatever she wanted in that interview given everything she went through. But I do wonder did reporters actually know anything about this story before Meghan revealed it to the world?

    I know Meghan will probably never do another tell all interview again but I’m sure there’s so many other things she could reveal that would be even more incendiary. I kind of wished she’d gone even further in the Oprah interview!

  30. Well Wisher says:

    I do not believe that it is Harry’s father, it was suggested at the time and he threatened to sue…..

  31. bisynaptic says:

    This is bonkers. It sounds like senior palace aides are basically confirming the “identity” of the “royal racists”. Are these BUCKINGHAM palace aides? Because that’s a whole other level of crazy. They’re throwing Charles under the bus???