Prince William & Kate will ‘never reconcile’ with the Sussexes after the racist scandal

Since 2020, we’ve heard that Prince William “absolutely f–king hates” the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. We’ve heard it over and over again, that William despises them, that he will never forgive them, that he follows their movements obsessively because of his hatred, that he will travel to America more often because he loathes Harry so much, that the next time William will speak to Harry, it will be at their father’s funeral. The problem is that William clearly has no more threats left, no more punishments, nothing more to withhold. If he’s been a violent, simmering ball of rage for years, why does it matter if he’s particularly mad this week over Omid Scobie’s Endgame? Welcome to Tom Sykes’ Royalist column in the Daily Beast, where “sources close to William” once again meet a crisis with nothing but rage.

The naming of Kate Middleton as one of the alleged ‘royal racists’ means Kate and Prince William will never reconcile with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, a friend of William and Kate’s told The Daily Beast.

While King Charles is expected to continue to maintain cordial relations with his son, and contact with his grandchildren, William and Kate will have “zero interest” in ever seeing Harry and Meghan again, the friend said.

The friend admitted they had “no idea” before this week’s revelation that Kate was being referred to by Meghan Markle when she told Oprah Winfrey that a family member had raised “concerns” about “how dark” Archie’s skin might be.

They said they were “as shocked as everyone else” by the dramatic developments this week, which saw the king and Kate named as the individuals in question in a Dutch-language version of Omid Scobie’s new book, Endgame.

However they added, “It has been clear for a long time to anyone who knows them that they don’t want to see Harry and Meghan. Now we know why. They will have zero interest in ever seeing them again.”

Although Meghan’s camp have briefed the Telegraph that she did not leak the letter to Scobie, the suspicion that she did is widespread among royal insiders.

One former courtier told The Daily Beast: “It is pretty obvious that detail on the contents of a letter between two people would have to come from one of those people, and it’s hard to see Charles sharing it.”

The Sun has previously reported that palace insiders believe Meghan did share the contents of the letter, citing sources as saying: “That letter is under lock and key and no one from within the king’s circle would’ve briefed anyone about its contents. In all likelihood, it must have been the Sussex camp which leaked the names. It’s a nasty and deliberate attack.”

[From The Daily Beast]

I’m a broken record about this, I know, but how f–king stupid are all of these people? Are they legitimately this dumb, or is it all some kind of elaborate feint so the peasants don’t catch wind of what’s actually happening? As Omid Scobie and Piers Morgan have said, the names of the royal racists have been known by British journalists for some time, I would imagine for years. Journalists knew the names before we even heard any reporting on the letters exchanged between Charles and Meghan – the letters were exchanged in 2021, and we learned of the existence of the letters in April of this year. Meghan didn’t leak the existence of the letters – Buckingham Palace did. Besides that, my larger point is that the knowledge of the identities predates the letters. Someone could know the identities of the royal racists without seeing the letters exchanged by Meghan and Charles. As for Peg & Buttons’ hatred… snooze. It’s sad that even in the middle of a racist storm, they come across as desperate for attention.

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  1. the Robinsons group says:

    Pluleez! These people are trippin… I’m no fan of Khate, but the originators of the baby’s skin color came from Charles and Willie, to Harry’s face.
    Kate is a follower, not an initiator.

    • Jais says:

      All of them likely said racist things including Kate. Kate was all about putting Meghan in her place and using race was just one of the ways to do it.

    • the Robinsons group says:

      God forbid two British Monarchs to be, be seen as “Royal Racist” to a ever changing Commonwealth and British Isle… even though their forefathers started, branded and blessed, racism in their scheme to conquer other people’s lands.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      I’ve always assumed the most likely culprits are royals by blood, who feel secure and arrogant in their positions. That ain’t Kate (she’s arrogant, but not secure since she remains in the family at William’s whim). To me, I thought Anne and William were the most likely, although I can also see Charles and William.

      That’s not so say the rest aren’t racist too, I’m sure they are, but I’m thinking of who would feel emboldened enough to make racist comments to a prince.

      • Haylie says:

        Except Kate was behind the most public racist attack against Meghan: the “white woman’s tears” story of Angry Black Meghan making English Rose Kate cry.

        Anne is the last person I’d guess because people barely know she exists. She’s the 4th spare and her kids have no titles. Will, Kate, Charles, Camilla. Those are the main instigators at play.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      the Robinson group, actually I can see Khate talking to KFC about not giving H&M’s kids HRR Prince/ss titles because she wants that honor to be for her children only AND she didn’t want the biracial children to have them. IMO, this would be something she would do.

      You need to be paying more attention to Khate when she’s around black adults and black children. This is not someone who wants to be around them and she gets away as quickly as she can. You need to be paying more attention to how Khate acts toward Meghan at the events where H&M have attended since 2020.

      I think C&C and WanK were concerned about the color of H&M children’s skin color. Along with their staff, they were horrified that there was a biracial woman in their pure white supremacist space.

      The people on this site have been paying attention and it ain’t pretty.

    • ales says:

      K the predatory stalker is now presented as a victim. Her determination, her stubbornness and her steely behavior are contstantly ignored and replaced with she is a meek doormat. K the exhibitionist does not cow tow to anyone. Since day one, the commoner daughter of the flight attendant and niece of vile Uncle Gary behaves as though she is superior to all, she has consistently made it very clear that black and brown people and asians are not for her.
      There are the staged photos of multi cultural children who glumly sit there in her company whist she does her wide open mouth, poses. It appears through all her media photos that anyone who is not pure white is not acceptable to her. I do not believe for a moment that behind closed doors that she says and does nothing, her opinion and demands would be rammed down the throats of the family. Her public performances alluding to being a victim of W, dont match her obsessive need to always be the centre of attention . A woman of color taking attention away from her, in her mind would require her to attack and put that woman in her place of being a servant. Definitely not a victim of any kind.

    • notasugarhere says:

      So many new names insisting Kate isn’t a blatant racist and that she didn’t obviously blurt this sh!t out of her word salad mouth. Kate is responsible for her own words, her own actions – not William.

      Kate’s always been racist. Those of us who watched her from the start know this. Go back to Bucklebury, Carol(E).

    • Bellaluna McKenzie says:

      Kate knows her place? I’m sorry, did I just step in an alternate universe when I got off work today?

      Because from where I’m seated and viewing all of this, she never got the memo about what her place is. That’s why we are subjected on the regular to her standing out from everyone else in outfitd she attempts to copy from Meghan, which she manages to usually turn Goddess-ugly.

      She HAS to stand out, regardless of how disrespectful it is to other royals, whether from her own country or others.

      I cannot help but hope/believe that was sarcasm.

  2. Scar❤️ says:

    If this is true, we should never have to hear another story on this subject. OR…. the next story is Harry wants to reconcile. OR one of the wives wants them to reconcile. OR the king wants them to reconcile.

    • Sophie says:

      … And then something happens and outrage! They hate H&M, the never want to see them again, they should be kept as far away as possible! We are pivoting from outrage to pleading and back again over and over and over again like a broken record…

      • Scar❤️ says:


        UK media is sooooooo predictable. Maybe and can moonlight for them. I see the pattern to use for my future stories.

      • Taytanish says:

        😩😩😩 Omigoodness, so true. I am so tired of this vicious cycle😩😩😩.

  3. Tessa says:

    Piers outed the names. Will and Kate give him a free pass evidently

    • Michelle says:

      yeah, I don’t get the “endgame” with that. My suspicion is that the real racist in the family is Camilla. She would have thought it uproariously amusing to speculate about the darkness of a Black UK Prince. And it would make sense that she told her best pal Piers to leak any big names other than her, to protect herself and also make clear that the entire monarchy does not want PoC. Full stop.

      • jemmy says:

        They are ALL Racist including the friends siding with Willnot & Cant

      • TheOriginalMia says:

        Harry would have no problem outing Camilla as the royal racist. None. He blames the woman for his and his mother’s abuse. He has no loyalty to the woman.

    • Flower says:

      They can’t exactly challenge Piers because he can and will destroy them.

      These articles coming out today diverting attacks at Meghan tell us just how compromised William is.

      • fabulous says:

        Once again the RF are caught on the backfoot. They should have owned it when it happened. Maybe it was said with no ‘ill will’. Harry has even given them an out ‘ unconcious bias’. I remember years ago Harry saying he had learn so much about other people and his own assumptions about race when he was in the army.

        Will & Kate are so willing to learn but not about something that would be actually useful both for themselves as people and in the wider Commonwealth world.

      • notasugarhere says:

        These ham-fisted articles are coming from Kate and Mummy, not KP. In other words, it isn’t William who is compromised here. It is Kate.

    • Taytanish says:

      It doesn’t matter who outed the fckuing racists, why is the outrage ABOUT outing the names anyways? Where’s the outrage AT the racists?

  4. Dee(2) says:

    They’re just spinning their wheels now, because they don’t know what to do. They thought that they could corral Meghan and Harry by threatening to take away all of their royal “status”, but clearly not only do Harry and Meghan not care about that they obviously don’t need it to be successful. For a threat to be successful the other party has to care about what you are threatening to take away. I know they are self centered but they can’t possibly think a lifetime of not having to deal with them is an actual punishment.

    • Angie says:

      Oh are they threatening to take the titles away again? They didn’t write the book. If they do and that’s a huge if he’ll just become Prince Henry of Wales and we will call her Princess Meghan. Anyone with a brain knows the Wales don’t want that because everyone knows they would never ever compare to Sussexes. On the world stage the Sussexes are the benchmark. They already resent the comparisons.🤣🤣 They will become the other P&POW just like William is the other brother. Do anyone in that brainless palace think Americans will call her Princess Henry of Wales? I got a bridge to sale you.🤣

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Angie, now that Chuck is King would Harry be Prince Harry of Windsor?

      • Berkeleyfarm says:

        Now that Charles is king, Harry is not “Prince Henry of Wales” any longer, but without the Sussex title he would be “Prince Henry of the United Kingdom”. The other qualifiers are used for people who are not children of the sovereign.

        Since the UK is archaic and technically only 1) born princesses and 2) those who have been specifically granted the title are “Princess Firstname”, “Princess Meghan” (and for that reason “Princess Kate”) aren’t strictly correct. Meghan’s official title would be “Princess Henry”.

      • Cairidhs says:

        The UK doesn’t use “of the UK”. A son of the king is HRH THE Prince Henry.

  5. UnstrungPearl says:

    Hmmmm I still think Wills was one of the names and they are covering for him. I mean it could easily be any of them, but Meghan called Kate a good person and I don’t know why? Especially if she made the comments? Something doesn’t add up here.

    • Flowerlake says:

      We don’t know who leaked the names.
      The person leaking might be someone who was part of or overheard a different conversation but on the same topic than the one Meghan/Harry had heard. If M/H heard it from a person who is not Kate, she was in the clear from their POV on this subject.

      However, the leaker might have heard her say similar things at another time, assuming she must have been one of the ones who M/H were talking about.

      This also explains the difference in the widespread idea that it had been one person and now it seems it turned out it was two people.

      I can’t see Kate instigating that kind of talk unless someone more senior did it first, signalling that this is ‘okay’ to say. So, I cannot see her be the 1 if there was only one, but I can see her being one out of two or more.

    • SarahLee says:

      Meghan and Harry have never said that the people who said these things were racist. In fact, Harry went out of his way to say they were not. The difference in Charles and Kate is that I can see Charles being open to the fact – when it was expressed by Meghan – that this comment is racist. Kate with zero self-awareness and ability for introspection, would likely not be open to that. Nor would William. Instead of just shutting the hell up about it all, they keep bringing it up over and over and over and the press gleefully talks about the “Royal Racists” which is never, ever what Harry or Meghan said.

    • jemmy says:

      Meghan called Kate a good person within the context for OWNING UP to making Meghan cry ( even though Kate did not PUBLICLY correct that narrative at the time the wrong story that Meghan had made her cry)

      In the Oprah interview Meghan publicly denied and corrected the story , stating that it was Kate who had made her cry & she Meghan let her know she washer. Kate apologised by way of sending flowers.

      Meghan saying that Kate is a good person is in acknowledgment of the fact that Kate OWNED UP that she was in the wrong & apologised accordingly.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Please read yesterday’s posts. So much of what Meghan said is tied up in history, racism, and white woman tears.

      Meghan did what she needed to do, and even with that ‘support’ she was torn apart by the racists who gleefully support Kate and attack Meghan.

      As Serena William said, ‘Meghan is too nice’.

  6. Flowerlake says:

    William should be glad he is now more or less no longer considered as being the likely person who had said it.
    I thought it was likely William from the start.

    As for Kate, I suspect that she is low enough on the pecking order that she would not instigate talk like that UNLESS someone more senior did it first and showed her it was ‘okay’ and she then happily chimed in.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Flowerlake, someone said yesterday and I agree, that I can see Khate talking to KFC about not giving the HRH Prince/ss title to H&M’s kids. That would the type of thing I think she would do.

      I think all four of them made this an issue–or possibly more family members. I’m not believing the bm that there were only two.

    • notasugarhere says:

      So many excuses for that racist bitch. Kate has agency, she makes her own choice. Kate. Is. No. Victim.

      • Flowerlake says:

        My god, have you read what I wrote?

        I am saying she is cowardly enough to not dare anything until someone else says it.
        The ‘happily chimes in’ should have been clue enough that I think she would love saying something like that, but is too insecure in her position and cowardly enough to openly say it unless someone else says it first.

  7. Amy T says:

    …and water is wet.

    Will and Kate, Willing and Kating.

    Their act just keeps getting more tired. {yawns}

  8. Rapunzel says:

    Meg and Harry could’ve just named names to Oprah, or in their Netflix doc, or in Spare, or in any interview they’ve given. There’s no need for them to leak this letter to Charles.

    Charles wouldn’t leak it either, if he’s named.

    I wonder if William leaked to damage Pa and Keen. Two birds, one racism stone.

    • Eating Popcorn says:

      100% this.

    • Bananie says:

      +100! YES!

    • TheOriginalMia says:

      Makes sense. Charles is protected, not only by the press, but by Meghan’s letter to him. Kate…well, there is ample evidence of her disdain for Black people. It’s not a stretch to believe she questioned Archie’s coloring. But Will was right there making the same comments to her and Pa.

    • Jay says:

      You would think that Charles wouldn’t leak the existence of a letter that named him to be a racist, but…

      1. At first, it might actually have taken the heat off of Chuck, a savvy move. It certainly made me eliminate him as the one who commented on Archie’s skin colour, because why would Meghan write to him about the racist remarks if he made them? If course, it would all fall apart and look doubly awful if the letter’s contents were revealed, but that’s a problem for future Charles! It bought him a whole year, basically.

      2. Isn’t this exactly the same thing he did with the Sussexes’ security?Charles leaked that he was still paying for Harry and Meghan and their security, even hinted that he helped buy their house, when in reality, he cut them off and left them and his newborn grandchild vulnerable as the world’s borders closed around them. But until Harry confirmed it, he was able to play the long- suffering, hurt parent just waiting for his wayward boy to come back. Of course, it made him look even more vindictive and reprehensible once the truth came out, but hey, it bought him a year. The harmful truth was a problem for future Charles to deal with!

  9. Carol says:

    LOL, what a family of losers.

  10. Eurydice says:

    The overarching stupidity is pretending there have never been any charges of racism in the RF before and apart from this. The monarchy is built on racism and they haven’t done anything to change that.

  11. Ok Peg hates Harry what else is new? Stop beating a dead horse with this we all know the rage he feels for a brother who is by far superior to him. Next.

    • Lady Digby says:

      This is a bad look at Christmas and for the future head of CE that FK just seethes nonstop over a brother who is outside his control. He can storm away and brief and shout but he is wasting his time and ours. We got the message Big Willy and so did MH long ago. There will be no reconciliation because neither party wants it.

  12. Maxine Branch says:

    I will not speak for Harry because William is his birth family but I can say based on Meghan’s actions she is not interested in the institution or engaging with those racists. Always from those racists perspective of non engagement. I supposed for some it means something. For me it just highlights how desperate they are for engagements from the Sussexes and for some of the shine they bring.

  13. aquarius64 says:

    Kate’s reputation took a hit that can’t be erased with jazz hands, keening and royal jewels. #KateMiddletonIsARacist trended on former Twitter for five days (can’t find it now). Any attempt to “conquer” the US is done now because the US media will remind everyone of this scandal and US companies will be reluctant to do business with someone with a racism taint on them. William is damaged by proxy due to his marriage to Kate. That’s why they are mad at the Sussexes.

    • AC says:

      I still see it trending. I also think her reputation has been ruined, I see the Tik Tok generation even more brutal to her . It’s funny because they want HM to speak up and defend K, but not a word from her own husband or the firm.

  14. JP says:

    The Negro Page painting, howling with laughter at the Nazi costume, and the crying over the flower girl dresses debacle…we all knew who Kate was a long time ago.

  15. Over it says:

    Just so I can understand where we are currently at, we aren’t enraged and big mad because we are racist but we are incandescent because the world knows that our asses have been named checked by Piss a lot Morgan as being the racist .
    These people will never change because the British people and the commonwealth countries don’t demand change from them .
    If we as black people and people of color stand up as one as say no to victim blaming the ones that have been racially abused, then the Windsors and their British media Lap dogs will not be able to continue doing it . It’s time to say no more to racism. No more to the constant harassment and abuse of Harry and especially Meghan and their children. It’s time kate and William and all the rest of them payed a heavy price for Their racist behavior. I am so tired of them getting a pass time and time again.

  16. Lili says:

    Is this dog whistling to al, friends and family that they have to chose a side his side since he hates his brother and never wants to see him. Because his brother is going about his own business making friends and attending weddings, concerts where william in not invited.

  17. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Keep showing you care, William. All this rage and anger proves you still want a relationship with Harry. Stop briefing about the Sussexes and we’ll believe you’ve moved on with your tiny life.

  18. MsIam says:

    Dear Tom Sykes: Please continually remind William of this every time he calls you to dictate another rage column about Harry. You’ve already told us how much William hates Harry and they are never, ever, ever getting back together. We get it. Nobody on this side of the world cares anymore. Signed Everyone.

  19. sevenblue says:

    Since we know now that Kate was one of the racists who was concerned about the first mixed race baby in the family, the leaked lie of how “Meghan made Kate cry” looks a lot more insidious. She framed Meghan as the angry black woman for years and never cared to correct the story even when they were pressuring Tatler to change their article on Kate. Curiously, the corrected Tatler story still included the crying lie while removing Rose rumor and Kate’s thinness.

  20. fineskylark says:

    If I could post a GIF, it would be of Emma Stone in Easy A yelling, “aw, rats!” sarcastically.

  21. equality says:

    They likely don’t think of servants and security guards as being of consequence, but I imagine that the royals have them around constantly. They have courtiers around. Many people likely overheard many conversations among the royals concerning H&M. Then there are those like Mike Tindall who are apparently privy to many of the conversations. All sorts of leaks could have gotten out.

  22. Lara says:

    Certain members of the royal family are called out for their racist behavior which had a DIRECT impact on other immediate family, resulting in a seemingly irreparable rift within the firm.

    Rather than issue a statement denouncing racism in all its forms and perhaps acknowledge those who were negatively impacted, KP reacts with outrage and threatens legal action against the whistle-blowers.

    Worse still they vow a campaign of public humiliation against the son of the king. Charles isn’t known for being a warm and loving parent but if he allows this bullying treatment of Harry to continue without intervening, then he fails as both a father and a human being.

    • ShazBot says:

      This is what is pretty crazy to me. BP/KP have done nothing – they haven’t denied, they haven’t put out any statements at all, they haven’t spoken out about racism even performatively. They’ve done nothing but brief about how it’s all Meghan’s fault. It’s literally insane – who are these people and why don’t they have any brain cells? They should teach this in public relations classes because you could spend a whole term on this one thing and look at all the different ways they have failed.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      This is what strikes me so much. The basic problem here is the whole family’s racism which goes back centuries. But they don’t address the elephant in the room. Instead, they deflect and victim blame. They see this as a violation of their right to be racist in private. No one is supposed to out them.

      • jemmy says:

        They need to uphold the White Supremacy narrative ( which also gives credence to the BRITISH CLASS SYSTEM ) as it is the glue that holds the British white society together . It is an integral part of their national identity.

        The Monarchy which is the epitome of this system is used to project & subtly propagate this idea so as to maintain a certain status quo of the Class divide. It ensures that ” people generally can’t rise out above their station regardless of education or economic well being . ( Yes, one can generally move up from lower to upper middle but rarely to the ruling/ aristocratic circle , no matter how well read or educated or well travelled one maybe as a person is GENERALLY BORN into that Class system ) .

        The day that the monarchy is abolished , it’s the very day the lie of white supremacy / class system will come crashing down, along with it , the British National identity- I suspect that this is what they fear the most and therefore are doggedly holding onto this lie for as long as they can.

      • Kittenmom says:

        “They see this as a violation of their right to be racist in private.” Sadly, that is so true. Applies to much of maga ‘murica as well.

    • Milkshake says:

      Charles only cares about Charles and his (w)horse. THE END.

  23. Mslove says:

    They should be having crisis talks about rooting out the racism, but alas, they like being racist.

  24. Miranda says:

    If William was smart, he’d stop whining to Tom Sykes and accept this controversy as a gift. Not only has this cleared up that William himself was not THE royal racist, which most people had believed up until now, but it also gives him an easy way out of his marriage. Surely the FK can’t be married to a racist, right? Even if the current one is. Hey, this even sets him apart and makes him look better than his father!

    • Lady D says:

      There is no doubt in my mind that William is one of the racists, none whatsoever. Sooner or later the truth will come out.

      • Miranda says:

        Oh definitely, I think they all are, none better than the others. But I was trying to emphasize “THE”, as in the one(s) that Harry and Meghan referred to in the Oprah interview.

      • AC says:

        W is definitely being protected. I won’t be surprised if we’re going to see an official separation in the very near future.

  25. Blujfly says:

    Christopher Andersen reported it was Charles in his book about the brothers fighting, so. These people endlessly rewrite history.

  26. Amy Bee says:

    This just says to me that the whole family was racist towards Meghan.

  27. Midnight@theOasis says:

    In agreement with others that it was Willy and Chucky who expressed “concerns” directly to Harry’s face about Archie’s skin color. Willy discussed with Kate and being the racist twit she is, she no doubt mouthed off as well. Kate is being thrown under the bus to protect Willy. As Omid pointed out in his book, Chucky is dispensible and seen as a placeholder so no one cares if he takes a hit on the racism charge. But Willy is the golden Tory boy and must be protected at all costs.

    With the eyes of the World watching, the BRF and the BM are making total asses of themselves. Wonder how this is being viewed by folks in the Commonwealth they purport to care so much about.

    • jemmy says:

      @Amy Bee @Midnight@theOasis
      It is the interest of the White Supremacist ( of which many are Tory party members ) for the RF to continue. It helps perpetuate the class system, rip off countries & deflect Govt from being held accountable as things can be hidden under the royal prerogative

      Anyone who has the time should look up a man called John Locke – His book is the playbook for the Republican / Tory parties in the US/UK

    • notasugarhere says:

      Kate and her white woman tears is not a victim here. She makes her own choices, including physically keeping her children away from Meghan AND lunging at Meghan physically in public.

      please stop with the Keen excuses.

  28. FancyPants says:

    Do you really think “that the next time William will speak to Harry, it will be at their father’s funeral?” I don’t. I think William will ban Harry from the services, or only allow him the same participation level as a member of the general public- whatever he can imagine that he thinks will be most humiliating for Harry while he really only makes an ass of himself. I’m sad in advance for Harry (and Meg & kids).

  29. Inge says:

    “I will never reconcile because they won’t let me be racist in peace!”

  30. Lisa Meyrose says:

    They should just make a recording and hit replay as they don’t have anything new to ad. They come from a long line of proud racists. And Wills hates Harry! Yeah everyone knows!

  31. GDubslady says:

    I think it’s the Sussexes who need to steer clear of the royals whose brand is becoming more associated with MAGA and toxic racism. The royals recent tour of Kenya demonstrate that the Firm is unwilling to adopt to modern codes of conduct. Kenyan journalists complained of enforced segregation and degrading treatment during the tour. The racism keeps happening and no one within the Firm has a sense enough to care about the optics. Clearly the monarchy is a sinking ship unable to right itself. The Sussexes tried throwing them a life line calling Kate a good person and labeling
    open bigotry unconscious bias but toxic behaviors continue to plague the royals and they refuse to acknowledge there is a problem. At this point H and M can’t afford to bail the royals out. They would look like sell outs and soon find themselves drowning under the waves with the rest of the left behinds. The Sussexes were smart to get out when they did.

    • Angie says:

      @GDubslady So true. Meghan as a mixed raced American should not be bailing out any royal that was racist to her children. They meaning the royals made this mess and they alone have to clean it up. I feel personally that Harry and Meghan have said all they want to say and are trying to move on. Anyone that is suggesting they comment will only serve to bring them back into this mess the royals created by hiding their head in the sand. That toxic mix of the royals and the tabloids will be their undoing.

    • bisynaptic says:


  32. Lau says:

    I’m really tired of asking this every other day but here goes : how is any of this making them look good ? They really can’t be that stupid to believe that most people will see them as the victims there.

    • Beverley says:

      Right?!? It’s totally perplexing how terrible they are at this. They knew this was coming. They could’ve prepared for this. After the Oprah interview, you’d think that even if they didn’t hire a “diversity czar”, they’d at least hire an upscale London PR firm to get in front of the inevitable day they’d have to answer these accusations. The Leftover royals really do exist in an echo chamber and have no concept of their ridiculous racist bubble. No one around them has any objections at all to racist behavior, so the royals falsely assume that the rest of the white world doesn’t see them as “racists” either.

      Talk about being hoisted by one’s own petard.

  33. Mary Pester says:

    Why do they keep changing the narrative, Harry NEVER said a FEMALE said it, neither did megan, but these idiots keep reinforcing the fact that KATE was one of them, but, I think the other one was camzilla who was talking about it with Charlie, because I wish I could remember where I read it, but early this year, there was the story of a footman who was in the room as the conversation was going on, but Charlie and camzilla shut up when they realised he was there.
    Besides as we know, fleet street has had the names for years, and if the Palace Pratts want to sue anyone or censor anyone it has to be Morgan, he’s the one who outed two of them.

  34. Becks1 says:

    So…..W&K aren’t speaking to H&M ever again because they were racist aholes to Meghan? And Meghan didnt just take their abuse quietly? Do I have that right?

    Real winning strategy there Waleses. Let’s see how your next tour to a commonwealth country goes.

  35. Macky says:

    Come on Kate and William. They don’t play their part but want everyone to play theirs.

    Kate has shown she wants respect and deference. Yet she doesn’t work for it. In the old days you treated the royal family with respect to get stuff or protection. Kate can’t do anything for you. So she needs to get real.

    There was a good chance that William wouldnt take care of harry so why would harry be his knight? Harry would just be throwing good money/time after bad.

  36. Nanea says:

    Are the UK sure they want this intellectually incurious intemperate ball of hate and rage, Bulliam the Incandescent, as their future head of state *and* leading the Church of England?

    I’d be afraid to have him dealing even with allied heads of state.

    It’s high time they abolished the Monarchy..

  37. Steph says:

    The “friend” first says they didn’t know they were referencing Kate (no mention of Charles), and that neither did W&K. Then the “friend” says everyone has known for a long time that WanK want nothing to do with the Sussexes and now “we know why.” If this is the reason why and they’ve felt like this forever, how could they not have expected it? These people make no sense.

  38. Jay says:

    This is really a pretty poor attempt by the rota to paint the racists (William and Kate) as the victims. Why on earth would anyone want to “reconcile” or spend any time with someone who commented on their child’s skin tone and then put their safety in question?

    Harry and Meghan left for good almost four years ago now. Since then, the Wales have tried to “fire” them at least once a month. Like, enough already, dudes: they gone. Long gone.

  39. Mary Pester says:

    Please, please, please Megan, can you get in contact with Taylor Swift and ask her if you can sing her song or use it on your phone, that way every time we hear or see this crap from the Palace, you can reply by singing to bully and barbie down the phone, that “we are never, never, never getting back together”. Maybe then they will STFU.

    • Grandma Susan says:

      ITA. If I were H & M, hearing that there would *never* be a reconciliation would cause me to breathe a huge sigh of relief! Why would they want to hang with abusers?

  40. sparrow says:

    Can you imagine being a friend of this pair. You would be SO bored.

  41. Yami says:

    Are they mad because Harry and Meghan caused Kate to be racist about a baby? Like, how does one even lay this at their feet? None of this would have happened if Katey Waity had kept her colonialist, mediocre, no-account mouth shut.

  42. VilleRose says:

    And the Sussexes are like “Please don’t threaten us with a good time” lol. Meghan is not interested with reconciling with anyone in the BRF or going to any of their events. Harry might be more interested in reconciling with his father and brother but I honestly think he doesn’t care about Kate anymore. And I think this is all being leaked to prepare for an eventual divorce, maybe sometime next year. William will let Kate take the blame and use that as one of the public reasons why he doesn’t want to be married to her anymore. Just another episode in the inevitable fall of the House of Windsor.

    • Tessa says:

      At this point I doubt harry wants to reconcile with William. He made it clear that his father and brother need to give a public apology.

  43. J.Ferber says:

    Okay, so Kate and Will won’t ever forgive Meghan and Harry because Kate and Will are racists?

  44. phlyfiremama says:

    Cue my entirely fake surprise!! Almost 2 years later, and this pitiful “Harry is FIRED” VS. Harry quit that bitch. 😂

  45. JJ says:

    I can’t wrap my head around how some people could buy that the victim of racism is really the villain and should not be forgiven for addressing it even when she didn’t address it! It was a book, written by a man who has said that he and Meghan are not friends, and for him telling the truth in, what is said to be a very well-reported, well-researched look at the current British monarchy, Meghan is still the villain??? Racists are really twisting themselves into pretzels trying to justify their racism and have the white people as the victims and the biracial princess and Omid the villains.

  46. I’m disappointed that Kate and William seem to expect respect without offering anything in return. Kate wants deference, but she hasn’t earned it through her actions. Traditionally, respect for the royals was earned by the benefits they provided, like protection or assistance. Kate doesn’t seem to offer that same value.

  47. Marivic says:

    The royal rota always say that William and Kate are on a charm offensive following Scobie’s Endgame fiasco. Don’t see any charm in these two. Hackneyed and stale, yes.

  48. Well Wisher says:

    This man will be the head of the Church of England and has brandished the idea of “unforgiveness” as a virtue..
    The ethos is “Love” John 3: 16

    It may not matter, since church attendance in England is down to 6%.

  49. bisynaptic says:

    I vote for: feint.