Kelsey Grammer tried to talk about supporting Trump but publicists stopped him

Has anyone been watching the Frasier reboot on Paramount+? Star Kelsey Grammer is the only cast member who returned (as a regular, Bebe Neuwirth guests as Lilith in one episode). He voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020, but now that the twice-impeached, quattro-indicted former president is facing 91 criminal charges… he can’t wait to vote for him all over again. Grammer went on a BBC talk show on Monday to promote Frasier: The Second Term and a new book he’s written. But the breaking headline from his appearance ended up being how Paramount PR handlers swooped in to shut down the interview when he was asked about his Trump support. I wonder how Dr. Frasier Crane would diagnose this situation.

“Frasier” star Kelsey Grammer told the BBC he still backs Donald Trump, but the host of the interview said Monday that publicists cut short their chat before the actor could elaborate, Deadline reported.

BBC Radio 4 journalist Justin Webb had asked Grammer if he was still a Trump supporter. “I am and I’ll let that be the end of it,” the Emmy winner replied.

But Webb revealed there was more to it than that.

“I have to say actually Kelsey Grammer himself was perfectly happy to go on talking about it,” the presenter said, per Yahoo UK. “The Paramount+ PR people, less happy that he talked about it at some length, so we … Anyway, they decided we’d had plenty of time for our interview.”

“But I should stress that he was perfectly happy to talk about why he supports Donald Trump and still does in the coming election,” he added.

Grammer, 68, has expressed agreement with many Trump policies while saying that that former president is a “brat,” Distractify reported.

According to Deadline, Grammer also lent support in the BBC exchange to fellow sitcom veteran Roseanne Barr, who has been outspoken in her support for Trump and whose “Roseanne” reboot got canceled when she compared former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, who is Black, to to “Planet of the Apes.”

Grammer has resurrected his fussy psychiatrist in a “Frasier” reboot years after the original ended its 1993-2004 run and the character’s introduction on “Cheers” (1984-93).

The former president, who faces 91 criminal charges over four indictments for election conspiracy and document stealing among other things, is the GOP front-runner for 2024.

[From HuffPost]

Wow, confirming his continued allegiance to Trump and doubling-down on support for Roseanne Barr. Maybe Grammer already knows that this Frasier reboot hasn’t been picked up for another season. If these statements from Grammer shock you, well then you haven’t been paying attention to K. Gramm, a douchebag of the first order. After all, this is the same Kelsey Grammer who blatantly cheated on his (now) ex-wife while she was on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, refused to communicate with said ex-wife even to co-parent their teenage children, and who took a vow of fidelity to his current wife in the form of tattooing her name over his groin. Plus, you know, HE VOTED FOR TRUMP. TWICE. The kicker for me though, is that little nugget in there about Grammer acknowledging that Trump is a “brat.” Setting aside all of Trump’s criminal activity — because apparently that’s extremely easy for many Republicans to do — at the very basest level, can he really not recognize that anyone who could be described as a “brat” is not suitable to be president?

The season finale of this iteration of Frasier airs on December 7 on Paramount+. Alternatively, you could tune in to Julia on Max and watch David Hyde Pierce deliver a delightful performance as Julia Child’s husband Paul.

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  1. He is a douchbag of the highest order. I’m hoping the reboot doesn’t get a second season. Of course he will blame it on his political opinions as he has done before.

  2. Beech says:

    You think being a Trump voter is bad, imagine worse. A while back I watched a YouTube excerpt, an Oprah interview with Grammar and when asked what person he admired, he answered Putin. The excerpt ended with his response. I wonder if it’s been scrubbed? And if any of his people are reading Celebitchy and other other sites with comment sections.

    • Barbie1 says:

      Someone should ask him about Putin now and let him openly gush to the world and hopefully say goodbye to his career in the process.

  3. Lightpurple says:

    Kelsey Grammer has always been problematic. His personal life is a complete mess and he has never made an effort to hide his extreme political views.

    He’s also one of those actors, along with Patricia Heaton, James Woods, and Jon Voigt, who constantly complain they can’t get work because of their political views despite the fact that they all work constantly.

    • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

      They’re exhausting. Sadly, it’s so easy to ignore these douchebags at this point. Dismissing clowns is becoming a full-time job.

    • lucy2 says:

      That’s always bugged me too, they all whine about being snubbed for work for their political beliefs, and have all had enviable, lucrative careers. Kelsey and Patricia have both continually had long running, successful series and made bank. Tim Allen is another whiner.

    • olliesmom says:

      And don’t forget Tim Allen.

  4. Sasha says:

    So sad and disappointing. Frasier is a very beloved character to me and he would NEVER VOTE TRUMP.

    • Ana Maria says:

      …yeah, so disappointing…I’m in love with original Frasier, I watch it on COZI TV from Monday to Friday, 7 to 9PM; every episode is a gem

    • AC says:

      Me too. I loved the original Frasier and would watch it on Hallmark channel sometimes – the overall cast were amazing and super funny . I haven’t watched any of the reboot as I thought it wouldn’t be the same -Even more so now. Nope to Trump.

    • Mel says:

      I LOVE Fraisier Crane, can’t stand Kelsey Grammer. When the first talked about the reboot I figured that David Hyde Pierce would be nowhere to be found, why would he want to be around this kind of crap?

  5. Amy Bee says:

    He was always a right winger so his support for Trump is not surprising. Frasier without the original cast is not Frasier.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      At one point, I saw stories about Peri Gilpin returning as Roz but now I wonder if they weren’t just teasing that to drum up interest in the reboot. It really feels like no original cast members except KG wanted any part of this.

      • lucy2 says:

        I swear I saw a clip of her making an appearance? Frasier was always my least favorite character on the show, so a show of just him, no thanks.

    • StellainNH says:

      I always found the character Frasier insufferable. I watched it for the supporting cast. Grammer is one actor that I could never stomach. Guess my instincts are good.

  6. equality says:

    So being a criminal equals being a “brat”? Wonder how some of these supporters would feel if he defrauded or molested them. Of course, Roseanne wouldn’t have to worry about that, because I”m sure that Trump would say she wasn’t up to his standards.

  7. Twin Falls says:

    If Paramount+ chooses to hire a known right wing nut, they should own it. Good for Justin Webb for not going along with the con.

  8. Lurker25 says:

    “I f you live long enough every hero becomes a villain”

  9. JaneS says:

    The original Frasier was a classic. The reboot is not very good at all.
    KG, so disappointed to hear these are his political ideas.
    No to Trump.

  10. VilleRose says:

    I remember when he divorced his ex-wife Camille, she was devastated and couldn’t process his sudden filing and claimed he suddenly abandoned her and their kids. I just went back to Wikipedia and what I did not remember is at the time he filed for divorce from Camille, he had impregnated some younger British woman and she was expecting (she later lost the baby but he went on to marry her and have 2 more kids with her). He supposedly evicted his second wife from his house when she was 3 months pregnant (she later had a miscarriage). He is known for being cruel. I wonder if his current wife experiences any of this, she’ll probably file for divorce at some point. She will not want to take care of an old man (he’s 25 years older than her).

    I also forgot his sister was murdered when he was young (he identified the body) which messed him up for a long time. He’s known unimaginable tragedy and you think he would be more compassionate toward others but… he is not.

    • Madame Boudin says:

      I’m no fan of Camille, but I remember how sorry I felt for her and the kids, when he up and left her for his side piece. His behaviour was dispicable. His support of Trump isn’t surprising. Two douchbags in a pod!

    • mblabes says:

      wasn’t the story at the time that he got his wife on the housewives show specifically so she would be out of his hair while he had his fling and worked on his divorce?

      • VilleRose says:

        I don’t watch any housewives shows but I was aware Camille did one of the shows. I think you’re right, he helped her get a role on the show when they were still together. Then the story of him leaving her and cheating on her with another woman blew up around the time she started filming I think so in a way she got her revenge because that became her main storyline on the show. It wasn’t a fling though, Kelsey got married to the woman he cheated on Camille with and they’re still married so far.

    • Sportie says:

      I seem to recall that the current wife was a flight attendant. She’s quite mousey, she knows exactly who he is and is just fine with it. She willing plays along with his life choices. She willingly brought her 3 month old baby to the playboy mansion during the Halloween party because they couldn’t find a babysitter!!! Who brings a baby to that place let alone during the Halloween party. Just gross.

  11. tealily says:

    I haven’t watched any of this and don’t plan to. I watched and enjoyed the original show during it’s first run. I know a lot of people watch it on reruns as a comfort show, but it’s not something I can ever bring myself to revisit. His presence just irks me too much.

  12. SpankyB says:

    I loved the original Frasier but it was the supporting characters that made it great. I’ve tried watching the original again and the Frasier character is very cringey. I won’t even attempt to watch the re-boot.

    David Hyde Pierce is amazing in Julia.

    • Persephone says:

      I have Max, so I’ll definitely watch Julia for David Hyde Pearce.

      KG is a douchebag, and can kick rocks. I’ll never watch this tepid reboot.

  13. Chaine says:

    years ago i used to feel compassion for him because both his father and his sister were, at separate times, brutally murdered. now all i can say is he looks like an elderly lizard.

    • GiveMePizza says:

      “Elderly Lizard” Ahhhaha! Thank you for making me laugh out loud after a stressful workday!

  14. Lizzie Bennett says:

    I’ll never understand KG. All the while he’s openly flaunted his political conservatism he’s openly produced media directed at the black community: Girlfriends, The Game and the docuseries on Fat Tuesday’s. I know he’s just cashing in, but why support this when his true nature and beliefs are a total 180 from this?

    • moi says:

      the same reason why racist yts/asians set up shop in black neighborhoods: black money is still green. america was literally built on hate & the majority of money was made through slavery so this is nothing new……..

  15. sparrow says:

    On a completely side point. I thought the cover photo was of Brit actor, David Jason, which shows how much KG has aged. Only natural, of course, but a shock.

    • BeanieBean says:

      I thought KG was made up & in costume to play a nazi officer in some WW2 movie. Seriously. Something about his face, hair, and color & shape of that shirt collar.

  16. Square2 says:

    I’ve watched every episodes of Frasier when it run on NBC. (Not a single episode of Friend when both shows airing during the same decade. I’m an odd ball, I know.) I love David Hyde Pierce and tuned in Frasier for him.

    When I found out DHP was not in the rebooted Frasier casts, l didn’t seek out to see the new Frasier. Now I’m glad I don’t have to.

    Yes to Julia. It has both DHP & Bebe Neuwirth, and their chemistry on screen was wonderful.

  17. Jaded says:

    No small wonder none of the original cast members wanted to take part in the re-boot. I watched one episode of it and noped out, it’s really lame. KG’s always been an arrogant DB from the get-go but this seals his fate.

  18. Jen says:

    The original series was just so cringe towards the end that I couldn’t stand it with Frasier Crane constantly bumbling into messes of his own creation that you could see coming in the first moments. I don’t know why I’d want to reboot that.

  19. Lau says:

    Marvel/Disney just rehired him so even if his show gets cancelled he’ll still managed to make a tone of money while saying this kind of sh*t.