Princess Kate’s Packham gown was a ‘revenge dress’ against racism or something

The story of Princess Diana’s revenge dress is legendary. On the night her estranged husband was confessing his affair in a TV interview, Diana stepped out at the Serpentine Gallery wearing an off-the-shoulder little black dress. The British papers ran the two stories side-by-side: Diana looking sexy and vivacious beside the heir to the throne dithering over his adultery. Diana always sent powerful messages through fashion, and this was one of her most iconic fashion moments.

Over the past week, the British papers have tried to make “Kate’s revenge dress” into a thing. It hasn’t worked, because A) Kate is not an iconic fashionista and B) the thing to which she’s supposedly seeking “revenge” is her own racism, or allegations of her racist behavior towards Meghan. When people are wondering if you had concerns about how dark your mixed-race nephew would be, that’s probably not the moment to show up looking like a Disney villainess who poisons apples in her spare time. That’s not “revenge dressing.” That’s actually theme-dressing. But still, those British papers are still trying to convince people that Kate has been revenge-dressing in the past week, especially at Tuesday night’s Diplomatic Reception, where Kate repeated a boring Jenny Packham gown (and she was actually copykeening Crown Princess Mary).

What a difference a year, and a few undeserved missiles, make. In 2022, at the Diplomatic Corps reception at Buckingham Palace, the Princess of Wales was regal, yes. Beautiful, yes. But a little too appropriate. A scarlet, embroidered and embellished Jenny Packham gown.

This year? It was the ultimate revenge dress. It signalled, as Diana’s Little Black Dress did at the Serpentine on the night Prince Charles confessed to adultery on national televsion, that Catherine will not be cowed. She will not go quietly into the night. (And, to be honest, why on earth should she?) The dress isn’t overtly sexy: the occasion is too formal for too much skin and, for most women, an elaborate sash and brooch would instantly kill anything too sensual. But it is form fitting and, like Diana’s LBD, very modern.

On Tuesday night, we glimpsed a woman who not only wears diamonds (the tiara this time was the Lover’s Knot, often worn by Princess Diana; it was a wedding gift from the late Queen) but who is one. She literally shines under pressure. She knew all eyes would be on her, as the reception on Tuesday night was the first time senior royals will have been seen together since the racism row, when both the Princess of Wales and King Charles were named in the Dutch version of Omid Scobie’s new tome.

So, what did Catherine do? She wore the soft pink Jenny Packham to great effect, at the wedding of the crown prince of Jordan earlier this year. She did the high hair with tiara thing again. Earrings are the Greville Diamond Chandeliers, made by Cartier. The ensemble certainly beat a pair of black leggings and baseball cap, pulled on in a car park in Montecito.

No cap sleeves, no full-on frou frou Disney skirt. No lace. No black velvet. No white lace, as though she isn’t a mother of children. Those past gowns by Alexander McQueen et al revealed a woman who hadn’t yet found herself. Who was still trying things on, literally and figuratively. No, last night she showed real confidence. Full-length sleeves. Matching clutch and shoes. All of which she has worn before.

William had earlier in the day been freezing, out selling The Big Issue. It would have grated had Catherine not worn a recycled gown. It would have been crass. Instead, it was perfect.

[From The Daily Mail]

Do these people honestly believe the horses-t they’re shoveling? That Kate turning up in a repeated ensemble (she didn’t even change the earrings) was some kind of statement of revenge? Revenge against her own alleged racism? No, the point – which they keep making so inarticulately – is that they want to imagine the Duchess of Sussex seething with jealousy when she, the victim of Kate’s racism and Karening, sees Kate wearing borrowed jewels and gopher wigs. “The ensemble certainly beat a pair of black leggings and baseball cap, pulled on in a car park in Montecito.” LMAO – Meghan was running errands or coming back from the gym, and that’s being compared to Copykeen Barbie’s white-tie reception look? Anyway, if this was supposed to be revenge dressing, Kate failed once again. (Next up: they’ll say that Meghan must be jealous of Kate’s revenge buttons.)

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. LooneyTunes says:

    The very definition of white mediocrity. #abolishthemonarchy

    • Bravo says:

      That’s some industrial strength photoshop and filters.
      Chris Jackson earning every penny. Give him a knighthood! Poor guy, can you imagine the time, patience and skill it takes to clean up special K?

    • Lux says:

      Ms. Wannabe Pageant Queen strikes again! Can anyone tell me what her talent is? Oh right, Level 1 Piano.

  2. sevenblue says:

    They are thinking like “she is a white woman, of course she has to be a victim!’. She is a victim of her own racism, I guess.

    • nope says:

      You know — Kate’s revenge moment was really flashing her legs in that Korean cosplay coat. I think the “revenge” part is reminding everyone that she’s still a living woman who has attractive parts — and this dress doesn’t do it. High collar, length, it’s all so “tasteful” in that “death by courtiers” way. If Kate had wanted revenge, she would’ve flashed some leg here and dared everyone to call her tacky. Instead, she just looks like she’s toeing the line, again. What a good little girl, and what a bore.

  3. goofpuff says:

    If that’s all Kate can do for “revenge dressing” then that’s pathetic revenge dressing. She always dresses and looks this way. She has she been ‘revenge dressing’ for the last 10 years?

    • Pinkosaurus says:

      I’d like to declare that you can only call it revenge dressing if the wearer shouts “REVENGE!!!1!1!1!!!” when entering the room [credit for the imagery to the Fug Girls classic Revenge series recaps]. That is the only thing that would make this interesting. I only cared about this dress the first time she wore it in comparison to the other, better dresses worn by other wedding attendees. It’s fine. It’s another Packham much like all her other Packhams.

      If she wanted me to care, she should have made arrangements to wear eco/sustainable H&M to honor their guests and the King’s priorities

    • Flowerlake says:

      There is only one revenge dress in that family and that was Diana’s.

      Even if you google “Revenge Dress” right now, Diana’s name is the first one that comes up. Google didn’t even exist until after Diana passed away.

      They try to make that hype happening again, but it doesn’t even make sense in this context.
      There is no man she tries to get back at or something.

      • DouchesofCambridge says:

        I can assure you that every dress will be called revenge dress until she understands (that could be long) that she needs to be wearing a provocative dress where the british press will be able to call it the one true revenge dress. this is their way of telling her you’re boring do something where you wont look like a stepford wife.

    • SadieMae says:

      Right? She looks very nice, but this is exactly the same type of gown and same styling she always does. (Also, LOL at the comparison with Meghan, as if there’s something wrong with wearing casual clothes when you’re out casually shopping. And if Meghan went everywhere dressed to the nines, these same press would be complaining, “Who does she think she is, anyway?”)

  4. JD says:

    Unaccomplished emaciated racist woman wears dress she didn’t pay for but you did. That’s all I’m seeing.

    • swirlmamad says:


    • kelleybelle says:

      Exactly, and that’s all you get … except photoshopped up to be as smooth as a bowling ball. The earrings are way too much for daytime, and along with the busy tiara they look even worse. Oh, and I see William is still leaning away from her in photos.

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      I try really hard not to comment on people’s bodies, even Kate’s. However, what Kate and the rota don’t seem to understand about revenge dresses is that 1. there needs to be someone to get revenge on and 2. the dress needs to fit perfectly and give off “I’m too much for them” vibes a lá Diana’s revenge dress.

      Kate does not have someone to get revenge on. The rota seems to think this is aimed at Meghan but Meghan has been silent about this so this does not actually involve her.

      Secondly, while I think the rose sequined dress is lovely it fits her like a sack. She has worked incredibly hard to delete as much of her body as possible and now she is tall, skinny, and has no curves. There is nothing wrong with tall, skinny, and straight but don’t wear a heavy, loose dress and act like you are giving off rich bitch who doesn’t give a switch vibes when in reality you look like you bought a dress two sizes too big.

      This dress does not fit her body. And even if it did, this does not scream “Revenge”. It whispers “William’s Current Wife Who Is Desperately Trying to Be Seen As Relevant”.

      (and lol still no new jewels)

  5. Tessa says:

    So it would grate William and his posing with David a homeless man for keen to where a new dress. The dress is still expensive and Kate is posing in super pricey bling. That is just so hypocrital. What is the writer of the article thinking. If Kate could have been civil to Meghan this ridiculous spin would never happen.

  6. teresa says:

    The color of the dress is great, i love that color. However, this is in no way a revenge dress.. LOL. I mean, come on, it’s just a gown, and while the color is fabulous the gown itself is not memorable.

  7. s808 says:

    “The ensemble certainly beat a pair of black leggings and baseball cap, pulled on in a car park in Montecito”

    Meghan has them PRESSED lmaooo

  8. So because she wore a shiny dress they went with she shines under pressure lol. What revenge does Can’t have to have? She is the one that people need to get revenge on. So this revenge dress idea was absolutely the most stupid thing yet. These so called journalists need to familiarize themselves with the dictionary before they start spouting off with these words like revenge.

  9. Melissa says:

    I think it’s more likely that she made a point of wearing a repeat to this event because Charles preaches so much about sustainability, and at this point she knows that she is hanging on by the thread of his good graces.

  10. 809Matriarch says:

    Meh. Diana looked regal & dare I say magical, wearing that tiara. The sparkle from her personality radiated through the gems.

    Kate just looks like a fading beauty queen doing a farewell walk.

  11. Dee(2) says:

    Not them trying to act like Meghan being outside is her being in direct competition with someone at a formal event when it comes to clothes. And the ” and why should she” really says it all. Why should she show an ounce of remorse or regret or shame for her behavior, is really something they don’t understand. She did nothing wrong and how dare that harridan Meghan be out and enjoying life and not breaking down studio doors in Hollywood and New York to get on daytime and late night television to extoll Kate’s many virtues. 🙄

  12. Tbonesmum says:

    Please, I am betting that she wore that dress because her clothes budget has been slashed. As for that poor tiara, they will have to prise it out of her hands if Willy decides to kick her to the curb.

    I am old enough to remember the revenge dress, and Diana wore it to make a statement as she often did with clothes.

    The only statement that Katie Keen makes with clothes is that she has no idea what works for her and she does not listen to people telling her to weigh her hems or how to get out of a car without giving the world a view of the Princess private parts.

    • First comment says:

      I repeat the comment I’ve made yesterday on the subject: I’m afraid that her clothing budget hasn’t been slashed..I mean in the last 2-3 weeks we’ve seen her wearing 2 new expensive gowns (a white, almost identical to other 2, and a teal) and a new McQueen blue suit (bespoke, all of them and quite expensive ). She just tries to tone down the reactions after her parents scandal and considering the optics in the middle of an economic crisis… imagine if she wore a 3th new gown in 2 weeks time.. she plays it thrifty whenever she wants positive comments … she hopes that if people focus on this, they won’t remember that she’s a racist

  13. Maxine Branch says:

    Meghan is living the life she was born to live. Motherhood, wonderful husband/father and philanthropy. I would choose Meghan’s life any day of the week over the life “ThatFamily” is living.

  14. Tessa says:

    Poor poor William out in the cold for photo opportunity. After all the platitudes he would be whisked away to a mansion while homeless people are still out in the cold. Hypocritical of William

  15. Nicole says:

    It’s a very pretty dress. I like rose gold. But in no way does is distract or detract from the fact that she’s the palace mean girl with a whole bunch of bigotry.

    • Jais says:

      And it may not have puff sleeves or a puff skirt but it’s still a sparkly pink princess dress. It’s not screaming revenge. It’s saying please see me as the innocent princess dressed in pink rather than the racist mean girl I am.

  16. equality says:

    If you’re going to compare at least make it similar occasions/looks. Are they forgetting that Kate has worn leggings before? Does this mean she won’t ever again? Or will that be “revenge” also? What shall she wear to punish PM for outing her? Or to punish Omid?

  17. ChewieNYC says:

    Part of me feels like she wasn’t even planning to attend this event and was told she had to go at the last minute. Hence the identical outfit from earlier this year. No time to plan something else.

  18. Zut Alors says:

    This whole article is the festive glances of trying to elevate gold covered dross. It still stinks.

  19. ales says:

    Revenge on what !! The beauty pageant contestant sparkle dress accentuates her lack of waist and hips and makes you notice her wide shoulders. Putting a belt on a dress does not give her a waist. 12 inch heels, fake hair, flashing big blue and posing for cameras, does not endear you to people. She never gets it, it is how you treat other people matters,not how many photos you have taken of yourself. When you have manipluated everything to make sure you are in photos its creepy.

    • SarahCS says:

      It’s also just so busy. Your eyes don’t know where to look and everything seems to clash. With the sash and brooch things they’re expected to wear I’d hope that they choose a dress that will coordinate/complement the accessories. And don’t get me started on the tiara worn as a headband and massive earrings.

      I’d see Charlotte putting all this on together when she was having fun dressing up at home but not an adult telling us these were considered choices.

  20. Mslove says:

    Is Keen getting revenge on black people? Is she doubling down on her skin color concerns? Sorry, Keen isn’t like Diana, no matter what the BM says.

  21. CJW says:

    Is it just me or does she look like she is very happy to have been outed?

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Nah, that’s just her overcompensating and trying to act like she’s fine. I’ve noticed in recent years, whenever something damaging or unflattering about her or the RF as a whole comes out, she really lays it on thick with the big grins and posturing. (Well, excepting the aftermath of the Oprah interview, when she wore a mask and radiated “I really don’t want to be here” vibes. Interesting context for that appearance in hindsight, given the recent leak). One recent-ish example is the Big Burgundy Show of Solidarity at her carol last year (right after the Netflix series), where she was grinning for her life at Charles and Camilla.

  22. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    “She will not go quietly into the night. (And, to be honest, why on earth should she?)”. Are you f@cking kidding me?! Making racist comments Used to be something one was shamed for, something that Used to be shocking and rightly condemned. Now it appears that the British press is lauding Kate for her racist attitude and remarks, her “concerns about how dark Archie’s skin might be and how that would look for the royals “. I just don’t understand how the hallmarks of decent behavior got so turned around, how the British press, in particular, have crossed the rubicon and now instead of calling out racism and racist behavior, applaud it instead. I fear for us.

    • First comment says:

      Funny, but I read this comment as a warning to everyone (including the royals, her husband, etc.) that she knows so much and if they try to put her aside, she won’t do it quietly..

  23. Ginger says:

    Kate probably: “I can’t be racist, look at this sparkly pink dress.”

  24. Cel2495 says:

    😂! Still Meghan pulled focus just by living her life and running errands hahahaha. With leggings and a baseball cap, Meghan still looked more dignified than all of them because it’s not the clothes darling 🤷‍♀️

  25. Feebee says:

    Someone has dreams of being a novelist and a bad one at that. It’s almost a parody piece. They absolutely cannot believe what they’re writing. As for it being a “revenge” dress, I mean revenge against whom? Nobody gives a shit. To compare this to Diana striding out of that car in *that* dress, shaking hands and emitting light and energy and giant FU is so dumb but I guess that’s where tabloid writing is.

  26. Beach Dreams says:

    Attempt number two at having a “revenge dress” is falling flat as well. Are we going to hear about whatever will be worn to Kate’s Khristmas Karol being some kind of “revenge” too? Because it sure sounds like it.

  27. Shawna says:

    “No white lace, as though she isn’t a mother of children.” Just … what?! So if you’re a mother of teenagers or adults, you can wear white lace again? Okay, got it.

  28. Loretta says:

    No one is talking about this dress, it’s come and gone and no one noticed LOL

  29. TheVolvesSeidr says:

    All that access to money & jewels and she can’t even match the jewels. Those earrings (& that brooch) do not go with the tiara, art deco mixed with I don’t even know what style you’d call the tiara.

  30. Eurydice says:

    WTF? Nobody said Kate should go quietly into the night. They said she’s a racist, and she can’t change that by changing her outfit.

    But, the number and variety of digs is fascinating – the first paragraph reminds everyone that C&C were adulterers. And although Kate wears Diana’s jewels, she’s a proper mother of three who knows her place and wears long sleeves, not like those upstart hussies, Diana and Meghan. Then, just so Kate won’t get above herself with all this adulation, a dig at her prior wardrobe choices. And we wind up with William, whose self-sacrifice demanded that Kate wear a “recycled” gown, otherwise she would have been crass. It’s a clever piece of work.

  31. bubblegum dreams says:

    Say that again. That was a revenge dress against what?

  32. sparrow says:

    What makes me laugh about these events is how many grown adults, in tabloid land, think this is the tip top greatest stuff about being a princess. I bet Meghan’s jealous, they say. Of what?! Sticking a tiara on and shuffling around all evening, making small talk and eating a dinner most of them pick at. I’d rather be at home, eating baked beans with the kids; then getting the blighters to bed for Netflix with my partner. (That’s not a euphemism.) And I bet Kate dreams she could be doing that, too, but not with my partner – she’s got the wonderful William…

  33. Amy Bee says:

    This piece is unhinged and only shows how deeply insecure Kate is and how hurt the press is that Meghan is not interested in being apart of this freak show.

  34. MsIam says:

    The space Meghan rents free of charge in their heads is bigger than the Montecito mansion with the 2000 bathrooms. Yes she wears leggings and a baseball cap but they are still obsessed with her. Smh

  35. Kateee says:

    Funniest thing I’ve read today. This to me is the same vein as the Adam Driver Horse Perfume ad: was this intended as a masterful, pitch perfect troll? Yes, and we are laughing together at their ridiculousness. Or no–in which case I am still laughing at the utter pretentiousness.

  36. aquarius64 says:

    So Meghan is in her home in Monteceito crying in her beer about not going to palace receptions and wearing looted jewels? The palace and the BM are still mad Meghan has rejected them and not begging for acceptance. They expected a full on Fergie and didn’t get one.

  37. Jill says:

    It blows my mind that these jackasses actually think that Meghan is paying any attention to them.

  38. Izzy says:

    So, let me see if I have this right. Diana wore a revenge dress while her husband publicly confessed to cheating on her, and their marriage ended soon thereafter. And they’re using this comparison for CopyKate? LOL not sure that’s the life event she should aspire to copy. Or is this some kind of veiled message from the rota rats about the state of the Cambridge/Wales marriage?

  39. HeatherC says:

    “Won’t go quietly into the night and why should she?”

    This was a dictated article, yay Katie Keen! I also think this was a veiled warning to the rest of the royals who may try to exile her to her separation cottage and under the bus. I hope things get interesting now, because it’s fun to sit back and watch

  40. Nanea says:

    I don’t get why people like Jenny Packham.

    This dress is a copy of that dark green sequinned JP gown that Kate wore in 2021 to the Royal Variety performance, down to the crystals displayed on the chest, the padded shoulders and the “belt”.

    Too bad no one ever caught Kate how either to walk properly in gowns, or to wear undergarments, as the fabric on the dress is pulled between her legs with each giant step she takes.

    So it *is* a proper revenge dress, as the dress is taking revenge on her total lack of behaving according to protocol and her chavette self being disinterested in filling out the role of a PoW who’s up to the challenges to a monarchy in the 21st century.

  41. Lulu says:

    I’ll assume fellow racist Susan Hussey was there.

  42. Becks1 says:

    I don’t understand this article at all. this is a VERY standard Kate look – minus the bad tiara hair, which is relatively new as of last year (she used to do her hair much better for tiaras).

    Sparkly, form fitting Jenny Packham? That’s been one of her signature looks for the past decade. Lovers Knot Tiara? One of the only two tiaras QEII allowed her to wear.

    Like……what about this is a revenge look? What about this is anything other than basic Kate at a reception?

  43. HO says:

    Years from now, we’ll look back at these articles and build the picture of how the monarchy fell into irrelevance. History will be so unkind to them and it will be of their own making. Revenge dressing against racism allegations? Really?

    Meghan aside, how does this make sense during a cost of living crisis? Can a diplomatic reception not be held in basic formal wear with no excess bling? It’s almost morbid.

  44. georgevna says:

    It’s so weird that they want to reuse the phrase “revenge dress” when “revenge” would be a terrible look right now. There are other ways of saying she is not shying from the spotlight, that she is going out with her head held high, not trying to fade into the background. But what, they’ve decided the Sussexes are cheating on the monarchy, so the best “Revenge” is white tie gala wear?!?!

    But I do love that every time they push this weird narrative, the press is reminding the British people that their king cheated on his glamorous beautiful wife and made her life hell for years, and that their queen was his side piece. C&C must be thrilled that that keeps being brought up.

  45. QuiteContrary says:

    I see it’s Opposite Day at the Daily Mail.

    The dress “is form fitting and, like Diana’s LBD, very modern.” Nope. QEII could have worn this in 1970.

    “She literally shines under pressure.” Nope. She’s a racist and dull dullard.

    “last night she showed real confidence.” Nope. Her preening shows her insecurity.

    It’s “the ultimate revenge dress.” LOL, nope.

  46. girl_ninja says:

    She is so unattractive.

  47. Over it says:

    Why you so obsessed with me ? They hate me cause they want to be me. Meghan really is living rent free in kate and the entire British media mind isn’t she ?

  48. Over it says:

    Also check out the look on both the black peoples faces in the top picture. I am them . They are like racist heifer could use some ground provisions and bread . Why she has so much but still look like that ?

  49. VilleRose says:

    Revenge dress? It’s not an ugly dress but a fairly average Kate dress. Also can you imagine Kate putting on an LBD to this event with a bunch of dignitaries and ambassadors like Diana did at the Serpentine Gallery lol? Also what is she getting revenge on exactly? She also has this dress in two colors, this champagne/pink color and in green. Also I’ve decided the Lovers’ Knot tiara really does not look good on Kate.

  50. Jaded says:

    “The ensemble certainly beat a pair of black leggings and baseball cap, pulled on in a car park in Montecito.”

    WTAF? That is scraping the bottom of a very deep barrel of shite. Meghan’s revenge is that she’s laughing at the desperation you and others of your ilk spew every.single.time she’s photographed loving her life away from that nest of scorpions.

    • Jay says:

      If I were Kate, I would be SEETHING with rage that my expensive sparkly gown, elaborate jewels, and hours spent on hair and makeup would be compared with Meg’s effortless outfit for the gym. It’s an insult to even put them on the same playing field, and yet…

    • BeanieBean says:

      It’s such bad writing, too. She didn’t pull on her leggings in the car park!! Geez Louise, she was fully dressed! I’m guessing she just came from yoga.

  51. [insert_catchy_name] says:

    She looks like a skinned rabbit…

  52. Jay says:

    Damn, they can’t even build this woman up right! First, they spend most of a paragraph badmouthing her usual style “cap sleeves, full-on frou frou Disney skirt. lace. black velvet. white lace, as though she isn’t a mother of children” FRUMPY and FUSSY, yes I agree, but leave her status as a mother of three out of it, please, DM! But this is not what you say when you are trying to compliment someone.

    But then they just can’t help themselves and compare Kate’s hugely expensive dress and makeup and jewels to … how good Meghan looks going to the gym in leggings and a ball cap. Jesus, that must have burned.

    Maybe Katie would have gotten more mileage out of the “revenge” dress aspect if this weren’t an exact rewear from this summer, right down to the earrings.

  53. Cee says:

    How can one envy a woman who thinks tiaras are supposed to be worn as headbands?

  54. AC says:

    No matter Ks revenge dress, Meghan has been trending all week with the title of “Duchess of Gorgeous”. In Tik Tok that post has over 1/2 million loves. With many positive comments over 25k likes as they’re admiring Ms natural youthful beauty esp compared to the rest of the BRF. (M is even older than K)
    K wears a revenge dress?-no one cares 😆..

  55. JaneS says:

    How does a sparkly blush dress and a tiara worn like a Claires boutique headband stand for anything?
    Or make any kind of statement other than “Hey, check out my tiarra, got it from Diana”

    Amy Farrah Fowler from Big Bang Theory wore a tiara better. And made it fun!

  56. JaneS says:

    When is see Kate, I very often think…….
    Diana did everything better! Even under all the stress, pressure, unhappiness and heartbreak Diana endured, she was more authentic. In.Every.Way.
    Remember the photo of Diana, arms thrown wide open, running to embrace her kids? On some boat I think.
    Diana was in a red/white jacket, IIRC, and she had her whole heart written on her face as she RAN to her child. Kate is posing, in everything.

    Kate has imposter syndrome. 100%.

    William and Harry both lost their greatest support in Diana.
    I imagine Diana would have shut down Carol M. and Kate in a short time.

    • Tbonesmum says:

      I remember that well. I am
      Pretty sure it was in Canada and they were on Brittanica. Diana also knew her worth. She went to see (I am sure it was) the National Ballet a they were trying to raise some money and had taken a pic of the dancers in a circle. Diana looked at it and said, “Take one with me in the middle”. It sold a lot more with her in it.

  57. BeanieBean says:

    Well, this is going to bite them in the b*tt next year, when she wears one or more of these things: “No cap sleeves, no full-on frou frou Disney skirt. No lace. No black velvet. No white lace, as though she isn’t a mother of children.”

    And please tell me, women who are mothers can’t wear white lace? This is a thing? It’s one of the screwier fashion ‘rules’ I’ve ever heard.

  58. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    “a woman who hadn’t yet found herself. Who was still trying things on, literally and figuratively. No, last night she showed real confidence.”

    Kate is, what, freakin’ 42 years old? How long is she going to keep “finding her confidence” and “coming into her own”? If she hasn’t done so by now (and she hasn’t), then she needs real therapy. Sycophantic praise from tabloids does not take the place of professional therapy. Why doesn’t her husband — who claims to care about mental health — get her help?

  59. Anonymous says:

    It’s the dress that she wore to Queen Rania’s child’s wedding. Why were they there? Kate’s childhood is linked to Jordan. Her bona fides. Who is the racist? That is the point of her gown.

    • Anonymous says:

      She was in Jordan with the POW representing the BRF along with other European royals. The fact that her father had a middle management job in Jordan for a few years is completely irrelevant and certainly no bona fides for the invitation.

  60. Sunday says:

    At this point they’re laying it on so thick they need a spatula. Between this and “actually Kate could have Good Will Hunting’d her way to the top of the stock exchange as Party Pieces CEO,” the British media is now so completely divorced from reality I have to wonder if they’re being intentionally sarcastic.

    These articles all give the appearance of sugar and support but really they’re extremely cutting. IDK, I get the impression of the British press as a pack of ravenous wolves toying with their prey before they get the okay to finish the job.

    • Unblinkered says:

      The British media does appear to be divorced from reality in their reporting of KM. Excuse me for stating yet again on here that there has to be some widely adopted UK media policy to big up a woman known to be a) fragile and b) out of her depth.
      She and W were engaged November 2010 and she commenced public engagements at that point, so she’s now starting year 14 of her ‘royal’ life.

      For fourteen years the UK media have been observing her, many of them at close quarters, so there’s no way they’re not aware they’re talking Emperor’s New Clothes where KM is concerned.

  61. Thelma says:

    Revenge gains what or who? At this point, I’ve given up on the British media , especially the Daily Fail, mak8ng any sense! And I love how Meghan is living her best life nd has moved on but is still living rent free in their heads! LMAO.

  62. tamsin says:

    I don’t understand the “revenge” theme. Revenge against what? Showing she’s not a racist? She can look stunning despite being called a racist? The article strikes me as pretty passive-agressive, but the writing also shows a mentality that has not gone past a teen-age mean girl world view. How can an intelligent adult write this garbage day after day?

  63. Mary Pester says:

    That’s not a revenge dress, unless she has a problem with barbie or sequins!!, True revenge is living well and being happy, whist you watch the people who tried to beat you down, tear themselves to peices. Then when the rage monster is busy Trying to be a statesman, instead of a man in a right state, you swoop in and hire one of bullyams top aides, and someone who did all his work for him and appointment him C. E. O of Invictus 😂😂😂welcome aboard Nic Booth

  64. Cathy says:

    Just like “fetch” this “revenge dress” thing just ain’t happening.

  65. Lau says:

    Yeah I’m sure that Meghan has nothing better to do than to be jealous of the next giant hairpiece Kate is going to put on top of her head.

  66. Kreama says:

    That article is disgusting and bad for my blood pressure.

  67. wildrose says:

    Greetings everyone,

    What does this latest display of MIddleton say to me?

    It is quite simply – that she thinks, believes and totally expects that she is the focus of attention in that room, that night.

    Katie dressed up in little girl varied shades of pink and rose, sparkles all over it, as well as the Diana Tiara which would have pissed off Bill, towering heels to stand over everyone and thinking “it is me, me, me, me … I am here, protect me” but no, she was made to “walk the plank” on her own, with confirmation in that group photo as she is looking like a spare P…. at a wedding.

    My take on her Disney world story is that the petulant one told her to blend into the background, walk in that damn room and make sure that when you line up for a photo that the backdrop had wallpaper and curtains almost the same sort of colouring as her dress.

    Middleton is tacked on the end of the group photo – odd one out in the one with KC, C, Bill then her and that was done after the people parted backing away either side and her solo walk through the receiving line in which she was left walking up the middle of all on her lonesome.

    Well she got what she wanted – yes it was all about her which would be marked as an A plus in her mind but it is spot the racists in the room and lo and behold there is “towering light show” because not one of the other members in that whack job family wanted to be anywhere near her.

    Redemption for what she said will never come and I would bet my last dollar that the only people who want revenge are right there in that group “family” photograph.

    Wild Rose

    • CrystalBall says:

      Very interesting observations, WildRose. Her dress blending into the background, the solo walk through the reception line. (Is the woman tagging along behind her in the black skirt and gold top her former assistant, Natasha Archer, now summoned to support her through her racist crisis?)

      As for the dress – far from a Revenge Dress, what we see is a Drip Dress. Dripping in sequins, dripping in undeserved wealth, dripping with both self-pity and venom, dripping off her shapeless body as if she has just swum through the Olympic pool of spite and been declared the winner by the biased British media with her lank swimming pool hair and poorly applied tiara. Her lack of personality and wit reveal her as the ultimate drip as she drags her uninspired self along the reception line, looking to consume the energy of unforthcoming blind adulation instead of giving the gift of genuine interest to those ordered to greet her.

  68. Cassie says:

    That whole look is just tacky , just like her .
    A stick on heels .

    Ghastly .

  69. Sass says:

    So they’re attempting to co-opt a term directly associated with a long dead woman who by all accounts wouldn’t have died had they protected her even after the divorce…by saying Kate is taking revenge on her sister in law who also hasn’t been protected and her life put at risk for also having the audacity to leave the firm? Lol wow. Desperation. If this is Kate’s Revenge it sunk straight to the ocean floor.

  70. Saucy&Sassy says:

    Is there no bottom to the bm? Do they really not know what revenge dressing is? They show themselves to be idiots once again.

  71. Monlette says:

    Revenge dress? That’s not even a Scarlet O’Hara “you will go the party and wear this slut-frock and be shamed like you deserve” dress. It’s just a dress that was boring the first time we saw it.

  72. Anonymous says:

    On a good day I could pick out Kate’s clothes from a department store. That means she is wasting this opportunity to shine by choosing clothes an average person like me could coordinate given an unlimited budget.

    I wish she would coordinate with whomever is in charge of British Vogue like Diana did. Kate needs the help.

    I hope this woman doesn’t believe her own hype but I think she does. Right now, she is benefiting from Meghan being the bete noir (old idiom based on French language) of the establishment. She isn’t actually as great as her PR indicates.