Tom Hollander was mistakenly sent Tom Holland’s ‘astonishing’ Avengers bonus

Tom Hollander, 56, is a veteran British actor who’s been in everything from Gosford Park to Pride & Prejudice to The Night Manager, and most recently The White Lotus. Tom Holland, 27 and also British, is Spider-Man. Hollander stars as Truman Capote in Ryan Murphy’s Feud: Capote vs. The Swans that comes out January 31 on FX, and he recently dropped by Seth Meyers’ show to plug the series. During his visit Hollander told Meyers that while briefly with the same agency as Holland, Hollander was mistakenly sent a bonus check intended for Spidey. The experience was quite sobering.

On NBC’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers” show on Monday, host Meyers said to [Tom] Hollander, “I feel like it’s almost the elephant in the room. There’s an actor named Tom Holland.”

“Oh yeah,” Hollander replied amid an uproar of audience laughter.

Meyers asked: “Do people ever make that error?”

To which, Hollander jokingly said, “Yes. It’s been very difficult. ‘Cause, you know, I was here first. But he’s enormously famous.”

While the pair do not look alike, Hollander said that “in non-visual contexts, I am mistaken for him all the time,” such as when talking to utility companies.

“‘And what’s your name?’ And they go, ‘Tom Holland?’ ‘Cause they’ve heard Tom Holland,” said Hollander, adding: “You go, ‘no it’s Tom Holland-er.’”

“Or I’m introduced to somebody’s very, very excited, then confused, then disappointed children,” he continued. “They go, ‘My children are so excited to meet you.’ And I go, ‘Are they though?’”

Hollander then illustrated what happens when he asks the parent to bring out their children, saying, “They come out and they go, ‘Where is he? Where is he?’ And they go, ‘No. N-no.’”

Hollander went on to recall what happened when he was with the same agency as the “Spider-Man” star — “briefly,” he made sure to emphasize — and the people in the accounts department “got confused.”

He said he went to see a friend who was doing theater in England for £300 ($382) a week, and Hollander sat “smugly” in the audience having just done a BBC show for around £30,000 ($38,000).

However, Hollander recounted that, when he checked his inbox during the interval, “I got an email from my agency saying, ‘Payment advice slip: your first box-office bonus for ‘The Avengers.’

“And I thought, ‘I don’t think I’m in The Avengers.’ And it was an astonishing amount of money. And it was not his salary, it was his first box-office bonus, not the whole box-office, the first one. And, it was more money than I’ve ever — it was a seven-figure sum.”

He added that Holland was “20 or something. So, my feeling of smugness, that you remember I had in the first half (of the play), disappeared very quickly. But that’s showbiz. It’s up, it’s down. It’s hero, it’s zero.”

[From CNN]

Um… finders keepers? I love his British dry sense of humor, particularly the way he says “I don’t think I’m in The Avengers.” Oy. He’s joking now, but that had to be a bit of a soul-crushing moment. He (Hollander) has spent decades working steadily across theater, film, TV, and then this kid’s first bonus check is more money than he’s probably ever made combined. It’s a real “I laugh because I dare not cry” moment. Hollander, for his part, looks and sounds fabulous as Truman Capote. I say sounds because with someone like Capote nailing the voice really matters. But going off of the trailer there’s not a whiff of an English accent. I hope this role brings Hollander some good attention. It’s not likely to be a seven-figure check, but it’d be nice if people solidly knew his name for his own work.

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  1. Lolo86lf says:

    I feel terrible for the secretary of payroll person who made the mistake because he or she may have been fired. It was an honest mistake because both names are almost identical.

    • North of Boston says:

      While I completely can see *how* the mistake might have happened (something as simple as the email system autochoosing based on the first few letters) it absolutely on the person sending confidential information (l eg about pay) to check and recheck that it’s going to the right person.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Pay isn’t really confidential, it’s not PII (personally identifiable information).

      • Ameerah M says:

        @BeanieBean – pay can be confidential if it has to do with contractual details. This was about a bonus. Which would in fact be contractual and therefore confidential.

    • Shawna says:

      If it’s your job to do payroll, you should know the employees. Hope they didn’t get fired, but that mistake is bad and unprofessional.

      • DK says:

        I agree that of course, you should absolutely know your employees and double-check, etc. (especially because they should know they have two employees with very similar names, and to be extra careful with them!)

        But – in a much less glamorous scenario, as a college professor, there were two professors in my department that had the same first name (a super common first name), but totally different last names.

        One professor had accidentally been receiving paychecks for the other since he started working at the university. The person whose checks he was receiving had worked there for decades, so earned more money. But since the new professor hadn’t thought about what his monthly take-home pay would be after taxes, union dues, insurance, etc. – everything else taken out, he didn’t notice they were higher than they should be. He just cashed those checks thinking they were his.

        And when payroll finally noticed their error – after like, two years! – he had to pay back all that money, even though by then he’d been living for a couple years thinking that was his monthly take-home, and budgeting accordingly!

        So at least Tom Hollander knew at once this was a massive error. Yikes, though!

    • Ameerah M says:

      As someone who used to work in HR – they should at the very least have been written up. I was an honest mistake I’m sure. But also when dealing with sensitive info such as people’s pay it’s their job to check and double check before sending confidential information.

    • Lucía says:

      This reminds me of when Tiffany Trump’s assistant mistakenly sent Harper’s Magazine (the History and Politics one) an email requesting an invite for a Harper’s Bazaar event.

    • tealily says:

      Yeah, this is the kind of thing someone should probably be fired for though.

    • BeanieBean says:

      But it’s not going to be just a name, there’s going to be an account number attached to that name. This wasn’t a paper check, but a deposit. Unless, of course, it was just an email mistake and the actual payment went to the right account.

      • Ameerah M says:

        It sounds like it was just the email account. But it still had confidential info in it if it mentioned pay rates or contractual details – which a box-office bonus would be.

      • North of Boston says:

        Sending a client a *completely* different client’s contract and pay details is NOT something that is done or should be done, no matter what the legal definition of PII personally identifiable information is.

        I don’t want my CPA sending my tax returns or pay statements to some other client even if my Tax ID is masked. It’s a breach of trust and professional standards. It may not be legally actionable from a criminal or civil perspective like items that are protected by data breach or PDI laws. But it is absolutely something an employee can be written up for or fired for because it shows a failure to treat client info with care.

        Note that Tom Hollander mentioned that this firm no longer represents him. This would be the kind of careless mistake that could lead a client to take their business elsewhere.

        Tom Holland is welcome to post his pay, bonus details on Instagram or in a full page ad (provided his contracts don’t legally prohibit it) . His professional representatives are NOT free to share that info with his peers.

  2. Lightpurple says:

    Tom Hollander always has the best stories

  3. Sass says:

    You know, when I watched White Lotus S2 and the credits came on, I saw the name and thought “wow the kid from Spider-Man? That’ll be interesting” and I spent the whole first episode waiting for him to appear. Then Hollander came on the screen and I said, “OH!”

    Could happen to anyone really 🤣

  4. Mina says:

    I’ve known him by his own name and his own work for ages, but then, I was at an age to be particularly susceptible to the back-to-back Pirates of the Caribbean and Pride and Prejudice appearances. Teenage girl, period romances…

    • manda says:

      I always forget he was in the keira knightly P&P bc I am a 1995 bbc P&P stan!

    • Abby says:

      He is perfection as Mr. Collins. Forever. My husband is always saying “What excellent boiled potatoes. It’s been many years since I’ve had such an exemplary vegetable. ” Any time we eat potatoes. He was iconic. I had my (8 and 10 yo) kids watch the 2005 P&P and then we watched Pirates again. They were like “why is Mr. Collins on a pirate ship?” 🤯 haha.

      • JanetDR says:

        @Abby, let me just mop the coffee off my tablet here *snort*
        Your whole family sounds adorable!

      • AngryPineapple says:

        Shocked I had to read this far for a mention of boiled potatoes! 😂😂

  5. manda says:

    I am a huge Tom Hollander fan, he is in my favorite period piece Doctor Thorne! He was a crazy guy in the Birdbox movie (remember that?)!

    Is this new show only streaming on hulu? I don’t understand the fx hulu thing, some of their shows on are fx and some are just on hulu but they they’re fx? Confusing

    Tom Holland is such a cutie. He was in a movie about the tsunami in Thailand, he was just a little kid, but so good in that role

  6. Lady Digby says:

    This guy is a national treasure: a great actor, funny and unassuming. Brian Cox in his recent autobiography wrote how miffed he was NOT to be asked to do any cameo in the Harry Potter series. Brian and Tom are solid theatre guys but the stage doesn’t pay so a well paid film can set them up nicely. Sort of one for the bank and another theatre role for the heart. I hope that the Truman Capote role leads to more high profile film roles for him. Toby Jones is a lovely all rounder like Tom and they are about the same size. He does stage, Tv and Films. He had a huge hit starring as the central character in the TV miniseries Mr Bates versus The Post Office, He is a man of solid integrity and that shone through this outrageous abuse of innocent post office managers by the British Post Office!

    • BeanieBean says:

      I think I first saw Toby Jones playing some crazy scary serial killer in something, and the next thing I saw him in was The Detectorists. He’s great in everything.

  7. Visa Diva says:

    There is a historian/podcaster named Tom Holland who gets tagged on social media when Spider Tom is in the news. He jokes about his second career as an actor.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      That Tom Holland is a very accomplished historian. He is also hilarious! I love his podcast.

  8. Mari says:

    I’m waiting for Tom Hollandest to show up on some tv show or movie now.

  9. Noo says:

    I feel torn on this one. The cheque and amount of the cheque wasn’t info intended for Hollander. I know he just says 7 figures not the exact amount… But isn’t it a bit tacky and invasive for him to discuss this? It wasn’t Holland’s error or intent to share that info in the media.

    • Shawna says:

      At no point does he shade Holland. This is typical British humor—making fun of oneself.

    • Nanea says:

      It’s not like it’s a state secret how many millions of $$$ the Marvel actors get.

      The trade papers sometimes even mention how big the bonus percentage or other incentives will be.

    • Louisa says:

      I think everyone knows that Marvel money is in the many millions so he’s not really giving anything away.

  10. Tarte au Citron says:

    If you would like to see more of Tom Hollander’s dry, self-deprecating British humour:

  11. Lucía says:

    I must say I was expecting one of the Toms to address the similarity in their names! Didn’t think it was gonna be through such a funny story, though. Both of them are wonderful to watch 🙂

  12. BlueNailsBetty says:

    I love seeing all the Tom Hollander love and even a shout out to Tom Holland the historian!

    As for Tom Holland the actor…..nothing beats his Umbrella lip sync video. Nothing.

    • sparrow says:

      He is so lovely. Just a real crush for me. And as someone who studied med and early modern history for year upon year, and then some more, Tom Holland historian is great.

  13. sparrow says:

    I really fancy Tom Hollander.

  14. Lurker25 says:

    “who was doing theater in England for £300 ($382) a week, and Hollander sat “smugly” in the audience having just done a BBC show for around £30,000 ($38,000).”

    – slightly off topic, but am I the only one shocked by the exchange rate? The British pound used to be double the dollar. And now it’s dropped *below* the dollar??

    My god… No wonder they’re unhinged over there. Must suck to be living in the consequences of such stupid stupid decisions.

    • LynnInTX says:

      It’s not below the dollar yet, but it’s getting close.

      The person who made the error in this story was likely either fired or heavily reprimanded. And honestly, I think that’s okay. Yes, their names are close, but especially if you are in charge of anything payroll or HR related, you should double and triple check it’s going to the correct person.

      At the company I worked for prior, I was *supposed* to have been emailed a reprimand one day – apparently I was spending too much time training the people they asked me to train, even though my work was still getting done – and it ended up going to CLIENT instead. Our names were in no way similar, except the first three letters of our first names (not Lynn). HR (one person department) just didn’t bother to even do a cursory check of the name the email was going to. It was honestly the beginning of the end for me that day. Not only was I upset about the reprimand in the first place, that it went to a client I had worked with in the past infuriated and embarrassed me. HR blew it off with a “whoops, sent to the wrong person” and forwarded me the REPLY from the client. And this was a company that dealt with NDAs for every client and client business info that we weren’t even allowed to discuss with sister shops, no matter how similar the situations.

      Long story to say I understand why this is a former agency of Tom Hollander. That kind of mistake, as honest and understandable as it may have been considering the similarity of their names, would shake my faith in their ability as well.

  15. Celina says:

    One of my favorite roles of his was when he was in In The Loop. Great movie.

  16. Pajala says:

    Years ago in Canada, a high-profile literary author was a man named Robertson Davies. An annual, glitzy literary event used the ‘Canadian Authors’ Directory’ to accidentally send an invitation to be keynote speaker to an unknown author named Robert Davies. The funny part is that Robert Davies (who knew it was an error) said ‘I was asked and I WILL fulfill my commitment to be keynote speaker’ (his big break 😀). As I recall they did not ban him from the event but they kept him off the stage.

  17. clare says:

    Tom Hollander fans who have not seen Rev with Olivia Coleman should check it out. Very funny but also touching and sometimes quite heartbreaking.