NYT: Prince William is unprepared for the daily ‘routine work of the monarchy’

Prince William’s two events on Wednesday seemed to partially satiate the masses and the press, and yet there seems to be a new host of questions related to William, Kate and the monarchy in general. For one, William seemed under the influence of something at the investiture. Two, he seemed to strike the wrong tone at the charity gala for a man dealing with a wife and a father’s dual health crises. There’s no evidence that William has even checked on his father in person. There’s still a missing princess (no one has seen her since Christmas), persistent rumors of a medically induced coma, and the lack of evidence that Kate is where they say she is or what her condition actually is. All of that was drawn into sharp relief when William spent the bulk of this week briefing sh-t about how much he hates his brother. The New York Times did a somewhat interesting piece about how William’s life is probably going to change drastically in the near future and he’s not prepared for it at all. At least that’s what I got out of it. Some highlights:

Lingering disruptions for William: Nobody, aside from Charles and his wife, Queen Camilla, faces more lingering disruption from the king’s cancer diagnosis than his eldest son. The advocacy work, family life, and zone of privacy that William has carved out for himself is very different than that of his father, when he served as the Prince of Wales. Whether William will be able to preserve those qualities while stepping in for his father during his treatment is, at best, uncertain. “William has tended toward less of the day-to-day routine work of the monarchy, compared to his father, instead focusing on bigger, glitzier engagements,” said Ed Owens, a royal historian. “But now he’ll be expected to fill in on many of these more mundane public outings.”

William’s energy is focused elsewhere: It is not just a question of managing his calendar: William’s professional focus, members of his staff say, has been about pouring his energy into a couple of high-impact social issues — most recently, climate change and homelessness — where he believes he can make a tangible difference.

Still no Kensington Palace CEO: The scope of William’s ambition is evident in a looming shake-up at his office in Kensington Palace. He and his wife, Catherine, are expected to appoint, for the first time, a chief executive. Using a corporate title rather than the traditional title of private secretary, a person with knowledge of the office said, is calculated to attract candidates with business credentials and to reinforce the office’s professional nature.

William has never done bread-and-butter royal events: “William was trying to explore the boundaries of what he could do as heir that he couldn’t do as king,” said Peter Hunt, a former royal correspondent for the BBC. “The tension is how to pursue his own activities while supporting the monarch. William is going to feel that at an earlier stage than his father did.”

The school run: A spokesman for William, Lee Thompson, said Kensington Palace was conferring with Buckingham Palace about how to parcel out the king’s public commitments (William’s events on Wednesday were in his diary before the disclosure of his father’s illness). In the meantime, Mr. Thompson said, William continues to drop off and pick up his children from their school in Berkshire, west of London. That is another break from the more remote parenting style of the royal family in previous generations.

A secret squirrel: The zeal with which William has thrown a cloak of privacy around his family was dramatized by his wife’s medical treatment. Kensington Palace offered scant information on her condition, beyond saying she was undergoing abdominal surgery. There were no photographs of the couple’s children — George, Charlotte, and Louis — visiting their mother in the hospital. Nor were there any images of her going home almost two weeks later. The contrast to Charles was striking. Buckingham Palace disclosed that he would be undergoing a procedure for an enlarged prostate. Camilla was photographed visiting her husband, and the couple left the hospital together, waving to cameras as they walked to their car. Some of those differences can be explained by history. While Charles has taken his share of lumps from Britain’s tabloid press, he has continued to work with those papers in what is essentially a transactional relationship.

[From The NY Times]

There are several different angles we can go here – while William is facing a profound shift in his “business as usual,” it’s also clear that Charles wants William to have absolutely nothing to do with state business or stepping into any events which were on Charles’s schedule. Charles has made it clear that he will hold onto power until his last breath. And right now, William seems fine with that too. When push comes to shove, William would rather booze it up and spend time with his rose bushes. The only reason William “wants” any power is to tell everyone that Harry is jealous of HIM. That’s clearly his sole focus now, at the expense of literally everything else. Anyway, I think the NYT is being shady about all of the shenanigans around Kate. It’s genuinely my hope that American and European media really start to pick on how f–king weird the past month has been.

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  1. Tessa says:

    William is not going to do anything tangible about homelessness and the environment. Just photo ops to show he is concerned.

    • Dutch says:

      Looking concerned at photo ops is the BRF’s definition of “work” and “public service.”

      • Betsy says:

        I think we can argue that royal work isn’t always as impactful as it could be, but Charles, Anne, Phillip, Harry and Meghan certainly do put in a lot more work than just photo ops. To be shallow and disengaged is a decision William and Kate have made.

      • Becks1 says:

        There is a valid discussion to be had about what royal work is or should be and whether it is “work” as most of us know it.

        But it goes one of two ways – either the other royals are doing legitimate charity work and William is just doing photo ops (along with Kate), or they are all just doing photo ops and the work requires zero effort.

        Neither is a good look for the Waleses – the first way means that they are doing less work than the other royals, and the second means that the work is just photo ops and Will and Kate can’t even manage those appearances on a regular basis.

      • Delphine says:

        Their “work” is all just public relations to make themselves look relevant.

      • Pajala says:

        The other day I commented that it would be hard to stand with feet so closely touching like that… then I tried it 😀 and it’s not hard at all! The blinking, the swaying: something is wrong, and sadly, addiction of some kind would make sense…

    • ales says:

      Supposedly William trained from birth for this job. Now he is incapable. To have no skills at 40 plus, after all his training, screams a lack of intelligence. William and Kate could be called dumb and dumber. How is it that they do not understand, that if they work like other royals both past and present, they will earn respect. Historically or hysterically, their impact on history is that they are the laziest, do nothing royals. Both are completely out of touch with reality. William is capable of speaking, unlike K who created a unintelligible, mumbling accent for herself. They have nothing much to show in achievements. K spends tens of thousands of pounds on clothes but they have not included her limitless spending on accessories, wigs and botox/fillers etc. Saying unprepared is being polite, lazy, self entitled failures is closer to reality.

    • LRB says:

      Sorry @ Tessa…yes he is he is going to eliminate all homelessness didn’t you know? It is such an outrageously ridiculous statement given he has no access to government funding and we know never spends his Duchy money on charity work. He could do a lot to help, but stating he is going to eliminate it just makes the whole thing ridiculous. Why don’t the press call him out on this?

  2. I see they are still pushing that he is doing the school runs. Here’s the thing Peg will never be ready to be King because he hates having to “work “. It matters not if it’s today or twenty years from now he will still be the same lazy jerk he has always been.

    • Lady Digby says:

      @Susan Collins why on earth does doing the school run preclude him from going on to do a full day’s work in between?

      • Ciotog says:

        I’m about to take my daughter to school…and then come home and work. It can be done!

      • Lady Digby it doesn’t. He just likes to put out there the good husband and father bit. I seriously doubt he does the school run.

      • Jais says:

        It doesn’t but also William can not do the school runs 1 or 2 days a week and still be seen as a good dad. Doing the school runs 3 days a week is still being supportive. This is just ridiculous.

      • Sophie says:

        I was just going to say that! A school run is in the morning before 8.30. So, what does he do after 9 and until it’s time to drive the kids home? So many hours, how does he spend them? We know his wife is doing tennis and shopping, but what does he do? Why can he not do Zooms and calls and quick visits even once per week for something that he is “interested” in? Climate change, homelessness, the Middle East…
        He could tour neighbouring councils to see what green initiatives they take, it shouldn’t take more than 2 hours, he could visit schools, he could get in touch with community groups. So much he can do, so much he has on disposal, and this is NOT what he id doing. Pity…

      • B says:

        If you’ve got a squirrely kid in the mix, just getting them all out the door and to school in time takes quite a bit of work and attention.
        I’m sure the nanny is doing most of the “school run” work.

      • Harper says:

        He could stop at a nursing home, hospital, community center, school, ANYWHERE in Berkshire on his way home from dropping off the mini-royals at Lambrook. Kate did the majority of her appearances within 10 miles of Windsor.

        The optics of him appearing at a fancy schmancy gala while refusing to step up are bonkers.

      • Norvy says:

        Thank you! …and does he spend those few minutes actually taking his kids to school, or does a driver perform this minor quick duty?

    • Jais says:

      Assuming he actually does all the school runs, which I doubt, that man better have a driver as he picks up his kids. That swaying and blinking man better never try to say he’s just a regular dad who drives himself to go and pick up his kids. He really shouldn’t be behind the wheel of a car if he can’t even stand without swaying.

      • ML says:

        Jais, This is something that should be addressed and quickly. George, Charlotte and Louis’s mother has just been hospitalized and has a long recovery. Their other parent has appeared in public looking incapacitated. He should NOT be driving a car like that, nor should he be taking care of his children or his wife in that state.
        For anyone who is struggling with addiction, it is a really difficult disease to recover from. I hope he gets help for his kids’ sake.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        ML, please say it louder for the folks in back (the BM) because that investiture on Wednesday should be causing all kinds of questions which demand answers. And since the invisible contract does not extend to foreign media, they should be on this too. Must we rely on Spanish and French gossip sites for answers?

      • Feeshalori says:

        If he’s day drunk or UTI of some other substance, he’s in no position to be driving those kids. And he’s a danger to other motorists or pedestrians.

      • Jais says:

        I’m gonna hope he mostly uses drivers. Especially if he’s doing the school runs to pick up his kids. Although the last time we saw William, HE was the one driving that electric car to visit Kate. Again, a man that sways that much and drops medals should not be driving.

      • Megan says:

        To me, the blinking looked like he was fighting back tears once the music started. He really doesn’t want to be king.

    • Snaggletooth says:

      My son has the day off and I set him up with legos while I work. Imagine that.

    • MY3CENTS says:

      He’s looking like a metronome in that video.

      • coriolis says:

        I could not stop laughing while watching the clip, he is so sloshed.

      • Clara says:

        The teachers at Lambrook wouldn’t release the kids to Prince William if they thought he was incapacitated. Same as for any other high parent. They’ll have a safeguarding procedure and it would all be logged.

      • SarahCS says:

        I finally watched the video and WOW. It really is as bad as people have been saying. Yikes.

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        @clara the teachers would not ever stand up to the future King of England. That’s just not going to happen.

        Luckily, he is 99% not picking his kids up, and if he is, he’s not driving.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        Clara, the British media won’t stand up to William. The teachers at Lambrook certainly won’t and shouldn’t be put in the position of having to. It’s very clear from all we have seen since William’s childhood that he is accountable to no one, and all the safeguards in the world won’t change that.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @My3cents, OMG he does!!!

        I must say though that Peg was certainly under the influence of something. It is blatantly clear as the fake medals of his uniform.

      • SIde Eye says:

        Perfect description!!!

    • Nicky says:

      If he was really doing these school runs, wouldn’t there be pap shots of it? He’d love the recognition and pat on the back. If there’s no pics of these school runs, they aren’t happening.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      Honestly I find that continued drumming of the “school run” so bloody insulting.

      The vast majority of working Europeans and Americans take their children to school themselves BEFORE working a full day, then picking them back up and doing all the night time activities.

      He can’t work ever because he has to do two 15 minute drives a day? That he could easily hire someone to do? He’s not even supposed to be in the same car with George! So how the hell is his drunk butt ferrying his small children about even allowed?

    • sammi says:

      As a single mum I did the school run, full time work and study in the evenings to get better qualifications and work and paid my own bills……………….guess Royals are weaker with their blue blood and need to suck the blood out of us lesser mortals for strength.

  3. Sunday says:

    “Charles has…continued to work with those papers in what is essentially a transactional relationship.”

    Surely by now there’s enough evidence in the public domain to assert that Will and Kate also have a transactional media relationship, no? And no comment about Will’s obviously shaky-at-best investitures performance?

    I mean, I guess I’m glad the NYT is even trying to cover this but even still the punches are being pulled.

    • Jais says:

      Thank you! When I read that I was like yeah, no, William is just as transactional. Some at nyt needs to read byline.

      • ShazBot says:

        But the media doesn’t get anything from a relationship with William anymore. Where’s the transaction? As far as I can tell they are just protecting him for nothing in return at this point.

        They must have a lot of private parties that make the rota feel special.

      • Jais says:

        I mean you’re right. They really aren’t getting anything. But at this point, he’s still supposed to be king so maybe they just don’t want to fall out of favor and lose sources or access to events. It is pretty pathetic.

      • Sunday says:

        Respectfully, I disagree. They made billions off of Will’s leaks and lies about Meghan for years and are largely still riding that gravy train; that counts for something. And we also got confirmation just this week that Will leaked Harry’s birthday call to Charles – they know Will is going to feed them every single tidbit he finds or sees an opportunity to twist, and the proof is the unlimited array of incendiary, headline grabbing quotes from “royal sources” and “palace insiders” we see every single day.

        And yes, you’re right that it’s also about access to the one-day king of england and his family. These rota rats are all wheeling, dealing, and scheming for future access and content, and honestly Maggie Haberman’s coverage of Trump in the NYT shows that they’re not above access journalism when it comes to heads of state either. Courtier positions, comms secretaries jobs, titles and honors, contracts for biographies (I would be absolutely shocked if there’s not already a backroom deal for Will’s answer to Spare) – these media vultures are hungry for it all.

      • Jais says:

        Will’s answer to spare? I can’t imagine his book. The rage would be off the page. It’d be like a longer version of the DB columns.

    • Lulu says:

      I’ve said before, Charles constitutional duties could be performed by any person on the street with a few weeks guidance. William is just too precious, he isn’t gonig to be told what he has to do.  In hindsight it was a huge mistake for William to be given his own office while both QEII and Charles had their own offices. Both Will and Harry should have stayed under Charles and Clarence House at least until Charles became king. William is too immature for the KP platform and has caused so much damage and destruction that cannot be repaired. My 2cents.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Pretty lazy article by the NYT. KP advertised that COO position several months ago & still no hire. They could really use someone at the top right now, but they faffed about & didn’t interview or hire anyone & here we are.

      • Lorelei says:

        That whole article was way too easy on William. I got excited when I saw Kaiser’s headline for this post, but it doesn’t say “unprepared” anywhere in the NYT. The article was actually kind of pointless? Could have been written by a member of the ROTA.

    • Magdalena says:

      That line alone tells you that pretty much all the unnamed “sources” are KP staff, and especially Lee Thompson himself. Someone on Twitter posted an excerpt from the Telegraph where the comments which the NYT has attributed to William’s spokeperson Lee Thompson have been attributed to an unnamed source in the Telegraph. The NYT has really gone even more to the dogs if they are now taking dictation from the UK royals’ spokesmen and selectively attributing quotes to “sources” instead of practicing journalism.

  4. Slush says:

    Sad state of affairs when you are unprepared to *checks notes* pose for photos and talk to people a few times a week.

  5. Lady Digby says:

    If KC is having 6 months of chemo and/ or additional rigorous treatments surely it is unrealistic that he will be able to continue concentrating on his red boxes, would other cancer survivors agree?

    • Dutch says:

      Depends on how hard the treatments hit him. When my sister was on cycles of chemo she’d get a treatment every other week. For the first 3-4 days after she’d have all the bad side effects, but the rest of the time until her next treatment, she’d be able to go back to doing everyday things which were way more strenuous than shuffling documents around

      • Sarah says:

        Yep, depends on the chemo. I had to do six months of chemo – treatments were every two weeks. I took half days off on treatment days but otherwise worked the whole time.

    • HeatherC says:

      Depends on the treatment. I’m in remission for bladder cancer. My treatment was once a week, I’d take that afternoon off. I had daily radiation for 6 weeks which was tiring and uncomfortable.

      I don’t have a physically demanding job and I have an understanding boss

  6. Beverley says:

    Pegs is devoid of charm, integrity, and a strong work ethic. Combined with both physical and intellectual laziness, along with ingrained bigotry and a complete lack of creativity, Pegs doesn’t have a lot to offer his future subjects.

    Y’all have our deepest sympathies.

  7. Chic says:

    He wanted global stature , here comes global scrutiny! Gonna be different to put the NYT in the bag like WilKAT has NYPOST

    • Jordan says:

      And the NY Post has not exactly been complimentary to him the last few months either. 😬
      Some of the stories they’ve picked up about him and Kate. Yikes

  8. Jensa says:

    This useless waste of space has had nothing to do for all of his 40+ years EXCEPT prepare for the main job, and he’s still not prepared.
    It’s interesting though that we are definitely now seeing the narrative seed of “he’s not up to the job” being planted.

    • JT says:

      This. How can be unprepared for a job that you’ve known for your entire life that you would have? Everyone knows he was going to be king from birth. This is absurd. And why do people keep making excuses for him.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Yep. They needed to start preparing him young. I believe that’s why 18-year old Prince Christian of Denmark was acting as regent while his father King Frederik X was out of the country. There are other more experienced people who could act as regent: Queen Margrethe, Queen Mary and Princess Benedikte. Yet they choose Christian because he’s the Crown Prince and he might as well learn his future responsibilities while he’s young.

      • Blubb says:

        Whar was all that sipping tea with the queen for? Was really his mother the only one trying to prepare him, for example taking him to Wales with her. Charles staff only cried foul it, thinking she was up staging him again.

    • Dee(2) says:

      I think he’s unrepared because he never thought he would actually have to do it. At least not the heavy lifting portion of it. I mean this guy is 42, and his brother just left 4 years ago. A person that he thought would do all of the actual diplomatic work, the long tours, probably running the staff, and all the other stuff that doesn’t involve taking pictures with celebrities and going to sporting events. Which is why he’s so angry at his brother and at Meghan. He thought he had a plan in place and never bothered to check or even consider how others would feel about that arrangement.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yup, he was supposed to go to football championships and rugby games, gala appearances, and do a few hospital openings here and there just to look like he cares. Harry was supposed to do the heavy lifting.

        william never intended to do the work – not as heir, not as king.

        And its weird because Charles never expected Andrew to do the work, or Anne. Neither one (nor Edward) has been touted as essential for Charles’ reign. We’re hearing a little now about that with Anne, but its more in a “she’s calm steady and hardworking” kind of way, not in a “Charles can’t function as king without Anne” kind of way.

        It really is just William who is flailing about and I can’t figure out why it was allowed to happen like this.

      • Nic919 says:

        I think we have been questioning for ages why it was always suggested that William needed Harry to be future king when that same discourse was never applied to Andrew , Anne or Edward.

        It’s clear they have let William slack off for too long and now that real life is showing up, he’s not sure how to handle it.

        When Charles was 42, he would not have been afraid to take on the mantle of the monarch. And by then he was doing hundreds of engagements and his marriage was doing poorly but that did not affect the work he was doing.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Actually, Robert Jobson once reported on this conundrum, during aftermath of the ‘Dad-dancing’ at ski resort incident, in February or March of 2017 (circa Commonwealth Day Service, skipped by Willy for his ski vacation). Per Jobson, both Chuck and Betty had thrown up their hands at Willy’s behavior and his character failings. Jobson claimed that Willy “refused to listen to his father or to his grandmother, The Queen.” It got to the point where both Chuck and Betty took the easy way out by crossing their fingers and hoping that Willy would someday “learn from his mistakes.” 🙄 😳

        Wow, what a huge mistake they made expecting that to happen. 🤦‍♀️ I would guess that Chuck and Betty were also, just like the institution, banking on Prince Harry always being around as the reliable ‘spare,’ to cover for lame Willy.

        Check CB archives for @Kaiser’s coverage of this DF article by Jobson, in 2017.

  9. Andy Dufresne says:

    William unprepared to be a monarch? No shit, Sherlock! Baldy only wants the title and fame, but not the responsibility that comes with it. Where is he now? And #whereiskate?

    • Becks1 says:

      Right? The only surprising thing is that a paper like the NYT is actually coming out with an article like this.

      • Nic919 says:

        The British media establishment would never dare say this, just like they would never quote Lee Thomson directly as the NYT did here.

        The level of propaganda and protection the British media establishment offers the Windsor family is not that different than what you see in Russia or NK. There needs to be a serious reckoning at how the British media protects the elites and lies for them to fool the rest of the country.

      • Feeshalori says:

        From what I’ve read, the BM and the BBC also maintained a media blackout on Edward VIII’s affair with Wallis Simpson. It was openly reported in Europe and America, but silence about their relationship was maintained up to the eve of the abdication. The media is following a similar blackout on the Waleses, but hopefully the NYT and other foreign outlets will start cracking open the door for the truth coming out. I hope that can happen.

    • Snaggletooth says:

      And you’re right to call it out because there is actually quite a bit of responsibility. QE2’s schedule was endless tedious commemorations, ceremonies, stuff with like 1000 customs and costumes. That stuff was laborious and TEDIOUS. Fancy sitting down? Nope, gotta stand in your robes for 3 hours while some march is going on . It may not be meaningful work. In fact that you could say the job is just acting out these elaborate, stodgy, robotic scripts day in and day out. I fully get why creative, intelligent young people wouldn’t want it. But that is the job.

  10. nutella toast says:

    The school runs thing…it’s one part of my day. One relatively small part. If I were a taxpayer, I’d feel like, “Wait, I’m paying tens of millions of pounds a year for…a guy to pick up his kids like literally ALL the other parents who also manage to work or run households?” Am I missing something?

    • Tina says:

      THIS!!! I don’t think they get how ridiculous this seems to regular folks. I do the school run (well school walk in my case) every day. What does he do in between? And he has backup to help him if needed (which lets get real he uses). His kids aren’t little and would be fine with Maria, the Middletons or security picking them up. This is so weird.

    • Jay says:

      It seems to be included in every article about the Wails. It’s their hamfisted attempt at being “normal” without understanding ( surely they weren’t both doing the school run together every day? And many parents are perfectly capable of dropping off children at school AND working full-time AND getting supper on the table AND helping with homework etc. If they are trying to be relatable this actually has the opposite effect.

    • Lauren says:

      There are even some parents who even struggle to do the school run which is why my Dad is up at 4:30 several days a week to go babysit his grandson and then do the school run, and my nephew is only 5

  11. HeatherC says:

    I’ve been working since I was 15 (earlier if you count babysitting for family), and I managed full time work, with school and baby in my early twenties. How can a 40+ year old man not be able to do the make believe work the monarchy has assigned itself? This whole institution is incredibly mind numbingly dumb and William is worse. And lazy. Maybe he’s the one in the coma and not Kate? They failed to prop him up properly and that’s why he was swaying like a land locked drunken sailor.

  12. Nanea says:

    ” NYT: Prince William is unprepared for the daily routine work of the monarchy’

    Not only is he unprepared for that, but for doing his own work – helping his initiatives become a success, and supporting his/their foundation.

    In short: he is unprepared for the challenges of everyday life. He has no idea what *work* means.

  13. ML says:

    “Some of those differences can be explained by history. While Charles has taken his share of lumps from Britain’s tabloid press, he has continued to work with those papers in what is essentially a transactional relationship.”

    KC reaped what he sowed in how he treated Diana. Since he was romantically (or whatever love means) involved with her, he was never able to be “the main character.” He also chose a rather unpopular person as the love (or whatever) of his life. He had to work with the papers in a transactional way that PW has not had to up to now.
    PW as one of the tragic sons who had Diana’s facial features at one point and later married a good-looking enough woman has always had someone he could blame or under the bus for gentle coverage. Up to now. Harry is not there anymore. His Dad and/or stepmother is playing the media game well at the moment. And he’s not feeding the beast. No inlaws speaking to the press, no children missing their mum stories, nothing to report about his wife whose absence is glaringly evident, and him taking even more time off?! He’s asking for a rough time unless he gets his act together, because it looks odd and the RR is losing money on him.

  14. NotSoSocialB says:

    I don’t think he was snookered, I think he was given valium or other benzodiazepine (iirc occupies the same neuroreceptors that alcohol does) or something similar. He has that one pint Willy nickname. He appears thinner than his generally fit self. He’s pale, he’s tense and something BIG is happening that they are trying to hide. I’m not calling for sympathy for him (lord, no), but rather making some general observations.

    • MinorityReport says:

      I don’t know. I recently came off of benzos after being on them for 8 years. I don’t sway like that and even during the worst of my withdrawal, I didn’t either. That isn’t a side effect I’ve come across. I’m not saying anything definite. I just don’t think he was on benzodiazepines.

      • Christine says:

        Good for you! I lost half a decade of my life to Xanax, and I know how hard it is to stop taking benzos.

  15. Dee N. says:

    Wow, the swaying is really something! And the fact that W has been in semi-hiding during K’s absence….Why hasn’t he been doing all kinds of performative-caring photo ops (hey look, there he is on his way to pick up the kids or buy flowers or…?) It makes me, for one, imagine scenarios in which W is somehow responsible for K’s condition, such that even their shameless-puffery machine finds it unseemly to bolster the supportive-hubby story with photos etc. I’m not saying he DID harm her, but doesn’t the weird DOUBLE disappearing act make people speculate more?

    • JT says:

      I think he hasn’t done any performative caring photo ops concerning Kate because he does not care about her. I think he’s irritated that he is being asked about her and annoyed that he has to pretend to care about his wife.That’s why he could only muster up one “visit” of going to see her in the hospital. He also probably had something to do with whatever is going on with her. Whether it’s because of surgery or a mental breakdown. You can’t really pretend to care if you’re the cause.

      • Lulu says:

        There is some reason Kate cannot be photographed sitting up in bed.

      • Jaded says:

        If, like some of us are conjecturing, he was somehow responsible for Kate’s state of physical/mental health (or lack thereof) he would be prevented from seeing her by the doctors and by both families. I also think he was doped up to the gills at the investiture because he can’t deal with the reality of what he may have done or triggered. This is one sick situation but I hope the truth comes out because he’s a flipping menace. Abolish the monarchy.

  16. Seraphina says:

    I will be petty and superficial, my Lord he is one unattractive person. And his personality just adds to it. The golden prince is now the fool’s gold prince. In more ways then one.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      He really had an epic glow down.

    • TarteAuCitron says:

      I’m always trying to stop myself from posting a comment about his unfortunate looks under every article about him! I know that is terrible 🙁
      He really had such great wavy blond hair. Now he has this mousy brown tuft and a horrid stringy combover across his large crown. It is horribly aging.
      If you didn’t know any better, you could put a photo of William with the Duke of Kent and swear the DoK was his grandfather.

      Look at Prince Albert of Monaco: he is bald on top, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a horrible picture of him. AFAIK he is not as tall or as trim as William, but he always looks smartly turned-out.

  17. Talie says:

    I have always wondered why the NY Times didn’t delve deeper into the royal stories, especially since there was an American in the mix. In the past week, they have really ramped it up and I do think they may break the news about what is really going on with all these health crises. It will force the British press to stop the propaganda and start revealing what’s up.

  18. Lady Digby says:

    So in essence Will’s one solid achievement in 41 years if doing or claiming or thinking about doing the school run? Is that all in 41 years? I certainly hope KC makes a full and quick recovery and does not leave us Brits at the mercy of “I’ll get back to you when I am good and ready!” dude.

  19. Laurac says:

    What I’m about to type is interesting only to me….. there’s a really posh dude from a really posh reality show in the UK called Made in Chelsea in the background of the 2nd photo below the article.

  20. moderatelywealthy says:

    The gravity of Charles´s cancer caught William by surprise. He has been quietly launching the ” Kate wants to live a quiet life, probably away form me.” program while Camila bluntly disposed of the MIddletons, but something went terribly wrong and now he is stuck!
    When Summer comes, we might have the ” Kate is stepping down from royal duties” indefinitely and by next year the ” William needs someone with whom he can share the burden.” talk- and it will be always a ” poor William” because we might never known what truly happened, especially since these people seal their testaments for 100 years-

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      This is a super plausible theory and it would not surprise me one bit if it comes true.

      • moderatelywealthy says:

        Mealsothinks William has not visited Charles because he is angry that his father´s cancer put a stop to his plans!

  21. Tarte au Citron says:

    Finally a media organisation is calling this out. This feels significant, hope it leads to more outlets picking up the baton. Bully is running out of leeway. How can he do things like weekly PM meetings if he doesn’t bother to follow current affairs or educate himself on basic economics etc.

    • Lady Digby says:

      Agreed didn’t KC’s biographer states that Will doesn’t read books or gulp, even worse just doesn’t read full stop. FK lives in a bubble whereas reading either fiction or non fiction can introduce him to a lot of other experiences and help develop empathy with other people, cultures and time periods. It would be of value for him to contemplate life beyond himself by reading wildly. Perhaps he can start by reading bed time stories to Kate and his children?

  22. Tarte au Citron says:

    When you think of what Bully’s parents had achieved by their mid 30s, and compare, it is frustrating. What a waste.
    He is so not ready. 🙁

    • lanne says:

      when you compare what Harry has achieved by his mid 30s, it’s even worse. Harry was supposed to be the stupid one, the reckless one, the emotionally unstable one.

  23. Dee(2) says:

    I think he’s unprepared because he never thought he would actually have to do it. At least not the heavy lifting portion of it. I mean this guy is 42, and his brother just left 4 years ago. A person that he thought would do all of the actual diplomatic work, the long tours, probably running the staff, and all the other stuff that doesn’t involve taking pictures with celebrities and going to sporting events. Which is why he’s so angry at his brother and at Meghan. He thought he had a plan in place and never bothered to check or even consider how others would feel about that arrangement.

    • Lady Digby says:

      Also given the longevity of both grandparents he just expected KC and the Sunshine band to do the hard work for the next 22 years and then have his adult children take over the heavy lifting upon becoming King. His plan has always been to pootle along cherry picking the glitzy events that he enjoys. He looked terrified and overwhelmed on Wednesday as if it is just sinking in that a, people seem to expect him as heir to not only help out but actually lead while his pa is treated for cancer and b, he might get to be King a lot sooner than expected.

    • ML says:

      To put this into perspective, Willem Alexander and Felipe became kings of their respective countries in their mid 40s. He should be just about ready to take over the “job” at this point.

      • Lauren says:

        King Fredrick X is in his early 50s and his 18 year old heir just did his first stint as regent while Fredrick was in Poland for a few days. So 42 year old William is unprepared to do the everyday work but Christian just signed his first law a few months after turning 18

  24. kirk says:

    IMHO re: “hope that American and European media really start to pick on how f–king weird the past month has been” will likely not be satisfied by NYT as long as they’re deferring to their London Bureau Chief, Mark Lander. Even the better British reporting orgs (e.g. Financial Times, republicanish Guardian) tend to go nuts when reporting on H-M. UK system requires journos hyping the monarch and the heir.

  25. Harper says:

    Charles is elderly and now he is sick. Maybe he or Camilla don’t want Willy anywhere around Charles or his royal business because Willy is not easy to deal with, is uncooperative, and is stressful to be around. Maybe Camilla said no access because Willy’s energy is not uplifting and she wants to keep their environment under control.

    • ML says:

      We’ve noticed QCC’s smugly happy grin, which seems somewhat at odds with KC’s health. Also we’ve seen her step up. Out of curiosity, could she be happier at the moment not because of KC’s situation, but because she doesn’t have to deal with PW right now?

  26. Lurker25 says:

    I’m coming back here to write after looking at the NYT article. The photo in that article was startling – everything was so dowdy. The ceremony is in a huge room painted the gaudiest of gold, yet everything IN the room – the people, their clothes, the sad piece of carpet W is standing on, the weird emptiness – it’s all so drab, sad, and dowdy.

    Take away all the high-falutin’ nonsense about what the monarchy represents and essentially they’re supposed to be like kittens and puppies on the Internet, right? We look at them and squee to some degree. Get a dopamine hit of pleasure and comfort.

    That is what Harry and Meghan did so well. They brought the charm, glamour, warmth to make us squeeeee with joy.

    This guy? These people running the show right now? Kind of the opposite, man. Just depressing. They don’t seem to realize how dangerous that is for the monarchy.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      “The photo in that article was startling – everything was so dowdy. ”
      – that’s because it is from Buckingham Palace, which is an architectural monstrosity and because the Victorians (royals included) had awful taste.

      • Lorelei says:

        I know that BP is in disrepair, but the investitures are always photographed, so you’d think they’d take the time and £ to make at least that ONE ROOM look fancy.

        And all of that gold is so Trumpian.

      • Renae says:

        I once took ‘the tour’ of BP. The entire,( well, what I saw of it), place was worn and old with threadbare rugs and furniture that looked like it was moldy. Parts smelled of damp and other parts like the smell of an electric heaters’ first starting.
        Couldn’t wait to leave. (But some of the art was nice…..)

    • Lauren says:

      This is something that has become increasingly apparent the more I watch other royal families especially when you look further than europe.

    • Jais says:

      Yeah, it’s the shoddy carpeting that gets me every time.

    • BeanieBean says:

      That little bit of carpeting was the worst. Either give him a full-length runner or do without; that small bit of cut out carpeting reminds me of the extra bits you cut off when buying new carpeting & you hang onto it because it could come in handy, like in the garage or something.

  27. Abby_SA says:

    I’ve read that some of the elderly men in grey suits want the BRF to be less visible so that there’s a cloak of mystery around it. They hate Prince Harry and Meghan and think they’re too hands-on and open and popular. Unfortunately, Prince William can’t seem to control himself. He also wants the mysterious monarchy to hide his laziness and love of the good life (and maybe introversion), but he also can’t help but try to compete with Harry. It seems to gall him that he can’t control Harry or Harry’s image overseas.

    • Christine says:

      That sounds about right, for a group of old, white men.

      This is 2024, and out of sight is out of mind. Sure, disappear, all of you. See how long it takes for the masses to start wanting to abolish the monarchy. Chuck and Anne are both problematic, for different reasons, but they give monarchists something to point to and say, “See! They work so hard for us!”

  28. SamuelWhiskers says:

    The NYT finally being willing to admit that the sky is blue!!!

  29. Lulu says:

    Here ya go, make a new rule, which they love to do, saying only royals who work 200+ hours per year can have a helicopter. Problem solved. William will get is act together.

    • Chrissy says:

      Yeah. I hope someone will starts taking away some of the perks in order to put a fire under Willie’s butt and get him to get serious and work more. The helicopter would be a good start, and if that doesn’t work, ban foreign vacationing, then take Amner away etc.

  30. Lulu says:

    ‘Not prepared for’ is doing the work of ‘refuses to’.

  31. K.W. says:

    I wonder if Kate’s people would have gone into more detail about her illness, but Charles was like: “No MY illness is more important and I want everyone focused on ME!” That would be very on-brand for Charles.

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      Info about Kate’s illness and whereabouts is on complete lockdown. She is being hidden from the public and probably from William.

      And the media knows why. If they didn’t they would be screaming headlines Where’s Kate? What really happened? Why won’t she give out a video? But instead the media is complicit in the cover up and keeping super quiet about Kate’s situation.

    • HuffnPuff says:

      You might have a point about W&K being forced into hiding. That would explain Camilla’s poop eating grin lately. I’m sure she loves having a muzzle over W&K right now. It sure boosted her profile.

    • sevenblue says:

      We saw in that flower show thing, Kate can do whatever she wants if she wants to do it, even overshadowing the King & the Queen. I don’t believe, Charles can give them any orders now that they have their own money and they are the only future of the firm. They don’t have a Harry to send to everywhere since K&W don’t want to work.

      • CC730 says:

        Indeed. Kate did put herself in front of the Queen on the balcony for the Queen’s jubile…she has zero education or respect. If she is not parading in black and crying about her beloved King as if he was already in agony, there is something very wrong. Add to that the Middletons appearing nowhere and having zero article published about how Kate is saving the monarchy? Very suspicious…

  32. Mslove says:

    Peg is the future king & he has a responsibility to the nation that financially supports his family to step up and do his job. It’s not fair to the hardworking taxpayers and they shouldn’t have to work two or three jobs so that Peg can put his “family first.” The arrogance is astounding.

  33. Mindy_DeLaCalle says:

    Where is Kate? Why isn’t there pictures of her being posted? Or a quick video from her or her people saying she’s resting well. Her kids making get well soon cards, etc. Listen, I may watch and listen to too much true crime but what if Willie ALLEGEDLY threw something harder than a throw pillow during one of their arguments after ALLEGEDLY finding out about how dire Charles cancer diagnosis actually is and now it’s all one big cover up? If the ALLEGED rumors of her eating disorder are true, wouldn’t that mean she has some nutrition deficiencies that might have caused her more injury than a normal person having the same accident. William spiraled afterwards obviously being shielded and also refusing to take accountability. Threats or deals were made with the Middletons to keep them quiet. William allegedly taking something to calm him down and keep him in line would make sense with the swaying and blinking. Also just not being fit to be in public right now as they handle it all. THIS IS ALL ALLEGED. Just my messed up mind.

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      Kate hasn’t been seen since 12-25-23. That was a month before Charles’s cancer diagnosis.

      While I think William is responsible for Kate’s “illness” I don’t think it has anything to do with Charles or his health.

      • HK9 says:

        I think it’s time people start inquiring about Kate. If they can’t trot her out soon I think it’s officially time to get very, very worried.

    • Wilma says:

      I think the reason we haven’t seen Kate is shallow: she probably looks ill and probably lost a lot of weight.

      • kelleybelle says:

        She can’t afford to lose weight, she’s at zero bodyfat with protruding ribs already. In fact pictures of her in the sundress in Jamaica have already been photoshopped to hide the fact that you can count her chest bones.

      • Jaded says:

        The reason we haven’t seen Kate is a lot more serious than mere weight loss, which she couldn’t afford to lose anyway.

  34. aquarius64 says:

    The minimum age to become sovereign of the UK is 18. William has done almost 24 hrs of internship to get ready and has nothing to show for it. He looks like he was working through a hangover during the investiture. When serious papers like the NYT are calling you out you have a problem Willie.

    • kelleybelle says:

      He was working through a doozy of a hangover at his wedding too.

    • Lorelei says:

      I remember some jokes about Charles being “the world’s oldest intern” when the Queen passed, and they were funny, but when it comes to William it’s just disturbing to see how unprepared for the job — after he’s had decades to do nothing else BUT prepare for the job. I would be extremely worried after seeing that video if I was a taxpayer in the UK.

  35. Mooney says:

    I don’t believe in prophecies much but this continuous stream of articles suggesting his unsuitability makes me actually believe Nostradamus.

  36. Mary Pester says:

    Yes Williams focus REALLY is elsewhere, and it ain’t with his wife or dad. He has had ONE 15 minute with his dad, and he didn’t like what his dad had to say. It seems Charles really WAS fond of Kate, and for the record Megan, who Charles has said he found “mentally stimulating and very knowledgeable, much to camzilla and keens disgust.
    William most definitely has NOT been doing the school run and the children ended the term early. Children don’t like to lie for adults and Louis is very outspoken when asked a question, he doesn’t know how to prevaricate and ignore!! There is so much being kept hidden and someone HAS to be kept hidden!!?

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      Whatever is going on has to be serious because they aren’t even pretending the children are okay. No articles about cute cards or picking flowers for Mom. No dragging them somewhere fun to get their pics in the paper. Just nothing. That is incredibly unusual for the Waleses.

      It makes me wonder if William has no contact with the children right now.

      • Jaded says:

        I agree — William has been ostracized from both families and the kids are under tight wraps. More and more I think he’s responsible for Kate’s health problems.

    • Harper says:

      @Mary Pester it’s good to see you back. Are you saying the Wales children are not currently attending Lambrook? Or does “they ended the term early” mean something else? If Kate is in a coma I agree they would not want Louis spilling everything. It would also cause enormous stress on Charlotte and George to be told to keep quiet and to not say anything about their Mother. Keeping secrets is stressful.

      • Mary Pester says:

        @harprr it’s good to be back! No the children are not at school!because they finished early. It was becoming obvious that the children couldn’t be kept quiet if someone asked about their mum, because they have no idea what’s happening with her or to her!!

      • Harper says:

        Thanks for the hot tea. Sounds like Kate is still in the hospital.

      • Jais says:

        @Mary pester, so wait, then were the kids and Kate staying with the Middletons for a while or just the kids? Lordy. Thx again for the tea and have fun with your friend❤️

    • Dandelion2 says:

      Oh Mary, the mystery and caplocks! I will guess Kate in a coma and Rose pregnant.

    • Chloe says:

      Wait, MP, how do you know all of this?

    • I am so happy to hear from you. Love the tea, but love u more. Take care of yourself

    • sid says:

      Mary Pester glad to see you posting and continued positive health wishes to you. So, it sounds like perhaps Willileaks got one of his sidechicks pregnant, Mrs. Wails found out and was understandably upset. Upset enough that she needed to be hospitalized? And maybe her parents finally stepped in and said enough and took her somewhere after she was released. Or, did Mrs. Wails herself say eff this and up and leave…

  37. Clara says:

    I’ve never encountered anyone who centres the school run in their life as much as Prince William. In the great canon of past monarchs, it’s quite dull:

    Henry VIII- wives and reformation
    Elizabeth I – Gloriana, piracy
    Charles I- head chopped
    George IV- spent everyone’s money
    Victoria – hid for years and then was doughty empress
    Elizabeth II- stolid duty

  38. Athena says:

    They can’t even put out a statement that the Princess of Wales thanks everyone for their well wishes because they know she’s in no condition to do so and when the real story comes out it would be evident.

    • Jaded says:

      This is getting darker and darker. I don’t like Kate but I fear what may have happened to her.

      • Jk says:

        If they don’t release a photo of Kate when the Sussexes are in Canada, I’m going to totally believe that something really terrible happened to her.

      • Just Jade says:

        I don’t think that I ever see Willy looked the way he did during his two events this past Wednesday and it might be a clue to what might happened. He didn’t look well and the Rats stopped talking about Kate and treat the situation like business as usual.

      • SIde Eye says:

        I feel exactly as you do Jaded, JK, and Just Jade. He looks terrified these last few days – not a I don’t want my job terrified but a what have I done terrified. He looks tormented, like he’s going to fall apart and confess any minute. I agree with JK too if Kate, or a picture of her, doesn’t surface while the Sussexes are in Canada, that’s a major clue. What if the abdominal surgery explanation is a cover for a story about to be spun to the press and the public…

  39. sevenblue says:

    What does he do all day? Just waits home until the time of pick up (if we really believe he is doing the school pick up). Even old men in retirement get bored and do some kind of job to pass time. We never hear anything about him doing something. It is just weird.

  40. equality says:

    Didn’t Charles try to prepare PW for running the duchy and he noped out? This is his next big job step and nobody knows when it would be his job, but no preparation at all?

    • Lorelei says:

      @Equality, Charles (and the Queen) let William get away with far too much for far too long, and ended up creating a monster. He should have been *forced* to learn how to run the Duchy; it should not have been optional, ffs.

      I get that William is so unpleasant that no one ever wants to make him mad in any way, but Charles had a responsibility to prepare him for his role, and he didn’t fulfill that responsibility because it appears that he’s basically scared of his own son. So Charles took the path of least resistance, and now here we are.

      • I get being afraid of your rage kid. Mine is abusive physically and emotionally. I stay away now that she is grown. But Charles had physical backup if he needed it to handle any rage abuse from 🍆

  41. Pennchi says:

    What does William do all day, every day? You can only have so much drink and sex in a 24 hour period, so it can’t be that. He’s not traveling the world. I doubt he’s doing much in terms of house chores. Does he watch TV all day or what?

    • MipMip says:

      I actually think it’s the TV thing since we know he doesn’t have any genuine interests. Maybe he sits around watching Suits over and over and over.

  42. JR McGraw says:

    I would genuinely love to know what this dude does all day. His kids are in school, he detests his wife, he doesn’t seem to have any hobbies or outside interests—WTF does he do with his time and his millions?

  43. Norvy says:

    William AND Kate display no type of leadership qualities whatsoever. William seems retaliating and envious of his younger brother even though he’s next in line. His wife, Kate, is a major burden: She’s emotionally fragile, offers no ideas to address issues affecting GB, and never intelligently speaks about women’s or ANY causes (that Early Start program is pure bullshit). Katherine is 42 and married for 13 years; how long before she “comes into her own”? She won’t. Harry & Meghan are great assets to assist in bringing the monarchy into the future…to show the BP that the monarchy truly believes in solving problems. The Sussexes have the emotional intelligence, experience, and genuineness to make a difference for the better. The British Media will prove to play a major role in destroying GB’s standing in the world. I said all of this to say what I first thought: Harry and his father have been speaking long before this week about changes. Harry only came over to hug his pa, then to sign important documents in his presence. Watch…

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Norvy, the ONLY thing I think H&M would take on would have to do with the Commonwealth countries. I could be wrong, but I doubt either of them would live anywhere that their children (and Meghan) would be reviled day in and day out.

  44. Amy says:

    If Charles dies an untimely death (like within the next year or so) I believe William will abdicate. I don’t think he wants the job, nor does he believe in the monarchy. Oh, to be sure he will want to take the money and run of course.

    • Jais says:

      I’d say he’s definitely not interested in the duties of being monarch, but he was absolutely good with the whole heir/spare dynamic. I’d be shocked if he abdicated. If he ever did, it’d be bc someone has something on him and he’s threatened to abdicate or it will be revealed.

    • Tessa says:

      I don’t think he will abdicate but want the job on his terms. If he does little that might cause a republic.

  45. Just Jade says:

    The cat is out of the bag and it’s a matter of when the international press will start to drop some nuggets about Willy’s incompetence. Oh well… it can’t be night forever eventually morning will. I hope to be around long enough to see how it ends.

  46. Kay says:

    My Harry did 2transatlantic flights. Met with his father. I believe he had a quick meeting with his lawyers. Went to Vegas was very entertaining at the NFL awards. I’m not well informed about NFL, but the player seemed more exciting about meeting Harry. William did an investiture swaying like a drunk and award ceremony with Tom cruise. It been announced he’s now out of action for a few months. Harry has invictus in Canada in a few days and which Prince doesn’t pull the weight.

  47. Sid2 says:

    For all the effort Diana took to make sure her sons understood there was another world outside the palace gates, it is sad that William only uses his experience with her as PR. He was exposed to the real world and Diana tried to prepare him. His un-involvement is not just laziness, he is now consciously rejecting working for and with the ‘lower class’. Kate is the same. Most of her photo ops are with kids not with adult working class. Princess Wisteria has climbed so high, no way does she want to be reminded of her shop-keeper’s daughter past life by venturing more than a few miles from the palace. Both want admiration and attention without giving service to anyone. Willie and Kate have little genuine interest in ordinary people and only want the glitz and glamour surrounding the upper class and celebrity. Harry was right; the royals are trapped but with the PoWs add by the choices they are making.

    • CC730 says:

      Diana did educate Harry but had no say for Will-I-am. She tried certainly but the royal rats and Charles made sure it was wasted efforts.
      As for Kate….she litterally sold herself for a position, of course there is no way that she wants to be reminded of where she comes from.

  48. Saucy&Sassy says:

    I know that Wont wants the money and possibly what he thinks is power, but does he want to be King? Has he ever wanted to be King?

    What would happen if he ‘abdicated’ before he got the crown?

    • Christine says:

      He won’t do that, because the duchy millions would no longer be his, they would be George’s.

  49. JaneS says:

    Kate. I keep waiting to see a photo of Kate.

    I’d say the PR team best get a photo online in the next 14 days or the speculation is really going into overdrive.
    Yes, she deserves her privacy about her health. But to be completely out of sight for from late Dec until Easter? WTH?
    Not saying anything about G, C, L until they hit 18. Kids are off limits, my personal rule.

    Kate is in recovery from surgery. She had been very slim in last photo in Dec.
    If it was abdominal surgery, she may require a feeding tube for nutrition/calories.
    Or if it was bowel surgery, she may have a temp. Ostomy placed. which can be dressed for minimal notice. My adult daughter has had both as needed.
    But she may just look alarmingly haggard just now.
    William looks like he has lost weight. Chuck a bit too, Chuck may look worse for wear as he goes thru treatment too. Edward has been rumored to be unwell, sickly looking.
    Andy & Fergie are both staying in, as are the Middletons.

    The Firm has locked out all the press. Not even the tabs are getting close to a photo.
    Enquirer, TMZ, the international paps…Nothing.
    The paps flew choppers, drones, long range lenses at Diana for decades.
    What or where is Kate?
    Could she be at Balmoral in Scotland?

  50. Cassie says:

    It’s all falling apart stone by stone .

    I have absolutely no sympathy for them , but I do hope Kate is ok .
    If harm has come to another Princess of Wales , questions need to be asked .
    I also believe that Charles and Harry have been in contact for a while now , behind the scenes Harry knows most of what has been going on in the house of pain.

    Be interesting to see what happens now.
    Harry winning this last court case is a another stone off the wall .

  51. Libra says:

    Totally off the wall idea; could Kate be playing all of us? Reading these comments and laughing herself sick while sipping champagne and eating her daily one carb.? Laying low waiting for a much better deal for herself post Wm? Showing him how much people are concerned for her?

    • Anna says:

      I thought about it but I don’t think there would be such silence. BRF or Wills alone would find a way to smoke her out of hiding. There would be a PR war in the press.

      • CC730 says:

        No, that would require thinking and Kate is stupid. Remember what others at uni ( including teachers) said about her: uninterested, uninteresting and dumb.
        Kate would play and loose a PR war if she was in relative good health….

  52. Cessily says:

    This grown *ss man has supposedly prepared his entire life for this role but at 41/42 he is still not adequately prepared or capable? Does anyone think more time will help at this point? Maybe it’s time for Peggy to consider abdicating so he isn’t so burdened.

    • Alice says:

      Have anyone noticed how guilty Will looked on his way from hospital? Like, damn, what have I done.

      • HuffnPuff says:

        He looks very guilty. I feel like he directly or indirectly caused her to need abdominal surgery. I do think she was at the hospital because it was reported that KC said he visited her. I don’t think C&C would have let that report stand if it wasn’t true. I don’t think they want any part of what is going on. Although I do wonder about the cancer and if KC is keeping the type vague to try to distract from whatever is happening with W&K. Maybe W’s brief return to duty was also to try to allay people’s suspicions but like most things he does, it just raised more questions. And maybe that is why we saw negative articles about Harry visiting. W thought he was controlling the narrative and then Harry came along and disrupted his plan. W is in no shape to try to look like the favored son that he believes he is. I’m sure Harry’s NFL appearance sent W into a tailspin. His team is probably frantically trying to find some athletic award ceremony that W can partake in. All that hate going on inside of W is going to destroy him. It may have already destroyed Kate.

  53. Just Chelle says:

    Is it possible Kate may have taken a bunch of pills as a cry for help (or to get her awful husband’s attention) – which may have caused her to slip into a coma (or was put into a medically induced coma to hopefully help her heal)?

    The reason I keep wondering about this is because a few years ago, a friend of one of my close friends took a bottle of benzos, but instead of causing her death, (as was intended, per the letter she left for her husband), it left her with severe brain damage. She was in a coma for a month or so, but she came out of it with the mind of a child (and no memory of her prior life). She’s incapable of taking care of herself and requires full time care. The husband who treated her so poorly is now a guilt-ridden mess, and will be responsible for her for the rest of her life, regardless of other plans he may have had for his life.

    • Jaded says:

      I think this is one of many possibilities, but the coverup is making it blindingly obvious that something far more dire than an abdominal operation has taken place.

      • CC730 says:

        It’s very possible Just Chelle but it also can be an accident. Kate actions (her stupid face, jazz hands etc.) during outing sometimes looks like she’s using or drinking or both.

  54. Lucy says:

    William is a disgusting man. Lazy, spiteful, petty & living off taxpayers. He also looks like a pissed donkey & has zero charisma-seriously, watch any videos of him trying desperately hard to come across as witty & chilled while he has a plastered on grin, zero warmth or natural compassion & clearly wants to bugger off back to the luxury accommodation we all pay for.
    He and his vain, plastic wife will be the end of this ridiculous farce. I genuinely can’t believe the suck up weirdos who look up to these lazy dolts on social media & don’t realise how they’re being played. I have concrete proof that the royals laugh at these idiots behind their backs-relatives who work at the palace. They wouldn’t spit on their fans if they were on fire, they literally refer to them as peasants & think they are pathetic (only thing I agree with them on to be fair).

  55. phlyfiremama says:

    Yeah, no kidding. 🤣🤣🤣

  56. Unblinkered says:

    It’s being reported UK media that a former government diplomat was appointed yesterday as W’s Private Secretary. This has to have been foisted on him by the Prime Minister, probably hastily after Charles’s health disclosures, and probably in an attempt to sort W out and make him work.
    So much for their much vaunted search for a CEO announced last year, wonder what happened there?

    I’d add to other comments above re W’s laziness, one wonders how much over the last two decades has he been influenced by the now disgraced Middletons encouraged into a lotus-eating lifestyle? 170 engagements last year v 470 each for Charles and P Anne – the first thing the new P Secretary needs to do is to triple W’s work. Work as in out and about being seen.

  57. Princessk says:

    More criticism of William in the usually sycophantic BM.
    He is being questioned why he needs to take more time off to spend with Kate and the children during their Sandringham half term break. People really are concerned about his work ethic and ability to do the job.

    • Libra says:

      In my above post#51 I thought Kate was playing us by this hide and seek; now I believe that Wm plays the same game. They are all fine, thank you, and headed for a much needed break in Norfolk. Violins.

  58. Cersi says:

    How is he not prepared when he is been being prepared his entire life? Is he slow or something?

    • Kit says:

      The only training these royals get is how to CYA royal style and building their wealth and privileges. Their job isn’t to be smart, compassionate, fair, kind, or just. Their job is stay out of trouble or at least get away with it when they are in trouble. The royals do such a bad job because they have no self discipline. It’s a downward spiral and shows you the sheer incompetency of this rusty, leaky institution.

      Look these people don’t rule or govern. The only time they get involved with politics is when they want tax breaks, special exemptions from British laws, and public monies and security.

      It’s all about maintaining their own selfish interest.

      Which is why we get a bunch of petty, useless fools. The institution finds modern democracy and the free press an existential threat. Keeping their privileges is why they have always gravitated to autocracy. They absolutely hate being questioned. They hate justifying their actions.

  59. Kay says:

    Do you ever get the feeling that Harry and Meghan took a step back and waited for the explosion. They housed them out of the UK and now there is an emergency they might have them back. They always said truth was stranger than fiction. Here we have it , in all its technicolor The Windsors.

  60. Lily says:

    I looked up on the internet what kinds of abdominal surgery requires a five month recovery. None of those surgeries are routine. I am not surprised William looks tired in the face.

  61. Rea says:

    I recall there was a prophecy about how King Charles reign would be short by Nostradumus its a bit chilling considering how everything is panning out to be.

    As for Kate, I hope all is well. I understand the need of privacy especially when one is recovering so I hope she is doing well and that this is not some cover up where she is in serious peril.

  62. yellowy says:

    “While Charles has taken his share of lumps from Britain’s tabloid press, he has continued to work with those papers in what is essentially a transactional relationship”

    And William hasn’t?!