Prince Harry & Meghan will hopefully attend the Super Bowl & the Mail is crying

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Prince Harry attended the 2022 Super Bowl with his cousin Princess Eugenie. That year, the Super Bowl was held in LA, so it wasn’t a huge journey for them. They looked like they had a great time, and Harry was even invited into the Rams’ locker room AND he posed with the Vince Lombardi trophy. Classic Harry! Well, given Harry’s presence at the NFL Honors on Thursday, people have been gossiping about the Sussexes’ possible attendance at the Super Bowl later today. Please, let’s allow the Daily Mail to go full-tilt royalist about it with this headline: “Harry and Meghan ‘WILL attend the Super Bowl’: Duke of Sussex set to stay in Las Vegas after making no mention of cancer-stricken King Charles in gag-filled speech at NFL awards which followed 24-hour whistlestop trip to visit his father in the UK.” You have to try to say it all without taking a breath, in a rushed, panicked and hysterical voice. Try to make your voice crack when you say “cancer-stricken King Charles.”

Anyway, I do think/hope that Harry and Meghan will attend the Super Bowl. The 49ers are playing, and Harry has connections in San Francisco, and BetterUp might have gotten a VIP suite, so who knows. Harry and Meghan have so many powerful connections, it would make perfect sense if they ended up in, like, Netflix’s VIP suite or Amazon’s VIP suite or Paramount’s VIP suite. As for the British media’s hysteria over the fact that Harry turned up the NFL Honors a day after he flew back to the US after his quickie trip to England… yes, they’re mad about it. Big mad. Enraged.

Prince Harry flew to London to avoid being seen for the first time since his father’s cancer diagnosis at ‘glitzy Super Bowl festivities’ in Las Vegas, royal observers have claimed. The Duke of Sussex, 39, flew more than 5,000 miles from his home in California to London on Tuesday for what ended up being a 30-minute meeting with his father. But he jetted back to his Montecito home after just one day in the UK – after it is believed he spent the night in a luxury hotel rather than a royal residence.

Royal commentator Robert Jobson previously told Mail+ that Prince Harry’s trip was unplanned and ‘unbidden’, with critics now questioning whether it was a purposeful decision to be seen to have rushed to the King’s side.

Questions are now being asked over whether his sudden rush to the UK was fuelled by the knowledge he would be seen to be ‘enjoying’ the glitzy festivities at the Las Vegas event just 24 hours later. One critic posted on X: ‘If Prince Harry hadn’t jetted to London for that 30 minutes with his father, then the first images of him after the King’s cancer diagnosis would have been of him enjoying glitzy Super Bowl festivities.’

Harry was not expected to be seen again until he travels with Meghan to Canada next week for an Invictus Games event, but shocked royal fans by appearing to hand out the Walter Payton Man of the Year award.

Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle Cameron Heyward, who scooped the award, was just as surprised to see him, hugging the duke, before he exclaimed: ‘Prince freakin Harry, I’m just shocked, that’s Prince Harry’. The Duke gave a very British speech poking fun at the differences between rugby and American football – such as the fact the NFL season is only 18 weeks long and that players get a ‘break every 15 seconds’. But there was no mention of his father, his trip to London or the rest of his family.

[From The Daily Mail]

I’m cry-laughing at “But there was no mention of his father, his trip to London or the rest of his family.” The audacity!! The Mail cannot believe that Prince Harry went to the NFL Honors and didn’t spend the whole time talking about his father! Y’all know that if Harry had mentioned Charles at any point, these same people would be screaming about that too. As always, they want to be able to say that Harry “only” has his family connections and that’s the only reason anyone in America pays attention to him. Harry subverts that talking point by going places and not talking about his family constantly.

As for the “criticism” that Harry’s trip to the UK was performative… pick a lane, haters. First it was the most significant olive branch ever, then it was a childish stunt aimed solely at William, then it was blah blah blah. Now it was all part of a scheme to ensure that Harry could carry on with his planned events without the British media wailing “he hasn’t even checked in on his father!” For the record, I think Harry’s trip was partially about cutting off the media talking points too. But I also think he just wanted to see his cancer-stricken father.

PS… Page Six says the Sussexes will NOT attend the Super Bowl. Boooo. Page Six’s sources (who knows) say that the Sussexes are preparing for their trip to Canada this coming week, so that’s why they’re skipping the Super Bowl. Sources also say that Harry turned up at the NFL Honors because NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell personally asked Harry. That’s actually very cool?

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  1. CindyP says:

    It would be very cool if the NFL partnered with the Invictus Games.

    • Frankie says:

      I would actually be into the NFL if they did! It would be a brilliant partnership.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      It would be very cool and a great partnership. +++

      I think back to Pat Tillman. A former NFL linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals, who left millions on the table, to go and fight with/for his country, and died/was killed in Afghanistan. For more information look up Patrick D Tillman. “recollections may vary” on his death as reported. NPR has a good article. Good man. Liked by his fellow teammates and soldiers. Sounds like someone else that served his country in Afghanistan.

      There are many NFL players with military family/connections. Love that Harry is embraced by the NFL.

      Aside from Harry’s philanthropic, volunteerism and military service, my snarky side wants to believe that the NFL is also being snarky. The BM and whoever want to convince people that Harry & Meghan, Duke & Duchess of Sussex-Success(though they talk about them every day), are Irrelevant. lol

      Well, the starting QB for SF in the Super Bowl, Brock Purdy, has been called Mr. Irrelevant by numerous sports writers (gossips). Purdy was the last man drafted in the 2022 draft. It doesn’t matter if SF wins. Purdy, like Harry, went above and beyond expectations. “Mr. Irrelevant” from sports writers is a QB in today’s Super Bowl. “Mr. Irrelevant” per the BM/RR’s, Prince freakin’ Harry, handed out the NFL’s most prestigious award/honor.

      • JEB says:

        An excellent author on many interesting subjects, John Krakaeur, wrote, “Where Men Win Glory” about Pat Tillman. I highly recommend it and his other books.

  2. seaflower says:

    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell personally asked Harry? Big deal. Huge.

    • Brit says:

      Yep. The press are out of the loop and they have no idea who the Sussexes know. They have friends in high places. They’re so angry about because it goes against their narrative.

      • Kay says:

        No matter what they do the British press will criticise them.

      • Hanna says:

        I think Harry and Meghan are preparing for Canada trip and won’t be going to the superbowl but I hope they are cause superbowl is on cbs and the ceo of paramount went to Jamaica with Harry and Meghan will see

    • Talie says:

      I find that intriguing – this isn’t a usual appearance for Harry so you wonder if this is a pre-cursor to a possible partnership – maybe involving Invictus.

      • Tina says:

        Invictus or maybe there is a BetterUp connection. A few commenters on Friday said that the NFL is looking to expand globally (I’m not American so this is all foreign to me) but Harry would be a great ambassador for that. How cool would that be?

      • Barb says:

        Harry went too the superbowl last year with Eugenie

      • Becks1 says:

        It’s no secret that the NFL wants to expand globally. They have a few games in London every year, this year there was one in Germany and I think Mexico City as well (although that could have been last year), in 2025 there will be a game in Madrid, etc.

  3. Shawna says:

    The story that they’re prepping for the Invictus event is more believable to me. (Fox News picked up the story that they’re going, so that also makes it less believable to me.)

    • Tina says:

      Yah I don’t think they will go. They are likely flying to Vancouver on Tuesday and after the week Harry just had they probably just want to chill with their kids. But it would be fun to see! I love it when they show up somewhere looking happy, in love and super connected to powerful people. The way Salty Island explodes lol.

    • Jais says:

      Yeah, I could see them not going bc they’re getting ready for the IG. At the same time, I’d love to see them there. I’m not a good football fan and only know that, for me, there’s a difference bw a boring game and an exciting game. Iirc, the one in LA was kind of dull, unlike last year’s which was exciting until the end. It’d be fun to see Harry and Meghan at a really close game. Not sure if this one will be one or not? Others here can prob say.

    • Shawna says:

      I agree with y’all that it would be exciting to see them, for sure. I have no doubt that someone powerful and rich has invited them to be their guest. Another part of me, though, doesn’t want to see this become the “Sussexes versus Taylor Swift” show on the part of the British media because you know they would make it like that. I’m just hoping to enjoy my chili and buffalo chicken dip and have Taylor sightings without part of me worrying how H&M could be spun. I know that’s stupid—they’re grown adults and don’t need me to worry about them—but I know I would be anyway.

    • Chelsea says:

      Yeah i wouldn’t be surprised if they just stay at home because they will be heading to Canada in a few days but i also could see them popping in because of how close Vegas is. Vegas is only like a 1 hr flight from LAX by commercial flight and I’m sure at least some of their billionaire neighbors in Montecito will be going over on their own jets and would offer them a ride to come with similar to how the founder of Bumble brought everyone over to that Katy Perry Vegas show a few months ago. So we’ll see. Good thing is that even if they don’t go we’re still going to see them this week because of IG which is nice.

  4. Chloe says:

    Why would harry mention his father in a speech that was meant for someone who has no connection to the Windsors and is known for something that has absolutely nothing to do with them either?

    Can you imagine being awarded something and in the speech someone makes it about their dad instead of your accomplishments? Is the daily mail ok?

    • Whatever says:

      I saw an unhinged tweet yesterday that because Harry is British and not American that the OP “didn’t vote” for him to attend movie premieres or NFL events as a “US dignitary”.

      Lfmao Like that’s how any of this works.

    • Nutella toast says:

      Also, when is the last time KC mentioned Harry? Or acknowledged that he exists at all? It’s abusive to leak horrific dangerous gossip about your own kid exhausting you by showing up when you’re sick and then say, “…but but but WHY doesn’t he mention meeeeeee???????”

    • ecsmom says:

      @Chloe I came to say the same thing. He is presenting an award to an American, in front of an American audience who barely ever thinks about the royal family and have no care about it one way or the other. Hearing news that the King has cancer – at best we are like oh that’s a shame or for those of us that remember Diana we will side-eye and think karma. Then the thought passes and we are on to our daily lives. WE DON’T CARE about the RF.

      Now KC3 is Harry’s father so therefore relevant to him, but not to the award being presented. It had nothing to do with cancer (pretty sure Cam’s philanthropy was for community outreach with kids) and nothing to do with the evening’s agenda. It would have looked self serving to mention him.

      I am constantly gobsmacked that the BM really thinks the rest of the world is invested in the RF.

      • Gabby says:

        Yes, and that’s the big sin as far as the Brit media is concerned. Harry not mentioning his father in the speech shines an unwelcome light on the fact that most Americans don’t care about KCIII or his idiot heir. Another humiliating loss for the Empire.

    • BeanieBean says:

      The whole ‘seen for the first time since…’, and ‘won’t be seen again until’…, and ‘first thing he said since…’ stuff they do is so STOOPID. Harry & Meghan are living their lives, they’re seen & most likely do a lot of mundane things the rest of us do most of the time. There are highs & lows in everyone’s lives; it’s preposterous to expect them to live a performative life based on what’s happening in England & triply-quadrupally (sp?) preposterous to keep on writing about them in such a manner. I know it’s the DMs modus operandi, but it’s really second-rate stuff they’re producing. Third-rate. Fourth.

    • Pinkosaurus says:

      The trash British media is DYING to criticize Harry for using his dad’s name and royal family for influence and is incensed that he didn’t so they are trying to frame it as bad.

      They wanted to complain about him ignoring (and thereby causing the death of) the “cancer-stricken” king and are furious he clearly was welcomed by KC3 with full security.

      They want to show Blinky Bill as the good, conscientious, diligent brother and are beside themselves that he’s gone missing, showed up publicly impaired, and is snubbing his seriously ill father, so they have to belittle the value of Harry’s efforts to drop everything to see his Dad despite his heavy schedule of important events.

      Every day is Opposite Day for these vile bottom feeders and their hateful readership.

    • olivia says:

      Daily Mail, no longer considered a news source or a newspaper by news associations. It is a bin lining yellow rag.

    • Christine says:

      I’ve fallen into a bit of a Cameron Heyward hole, and his dad died of cancer. The British media is such a joke, but from the bottom of my heart, Prince Harry mentioning KC during a speech to give a prestigious award to a man whose own damn father died of cancer is next level stupid for these people.

      • Deering24 says:

        @Christine, shoot, you are doing more research than the BM will _ever_ do, even at gunpoint…😂

    • StarWonderful says:

      The BRF is not the center of the universe! It would have been not only inappropriate to insert the RF in Harry’s speech but also disrespectful to the award winner. The RF and their niche media minions need to FO!

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        BRF being shown on the daily, unintentionally highlighted by H&M, as not being the center of the universe is why the BM are constantly crying, screaming, and throwing up like a pile of absolute babies.

        The more the BM w@nks off in public about “but Harry’s out there LIVING HIS LIFE, HOW DARE HE”, the more irrelevant they make themselves and the Sceptered Inbreds of Salty Island.

  5. equality says:

    Not sure I believe Page Six has a clue. Did they quote someone as H&M’s spokesperson or have “sources”? I hope they show up just to show how credible some of these supposed news outlets are.

    • ML says:

      I dislike PageSix, but they are usually one of the more accurate gossip sites (or used to be). I actually would trust their sources on H&M going to the Super Bowl over anything about H&M in the Daily Fail.
      Pretty sure this is all about trying to turn the focus away from swaying PW, his engagements or lack thereof, and trying to sway public opinion against H instead.

      • Pinkosaurus says:

        I can’t stand Page Six or TMZ but I admit their sources are usually solid, unlike the deranged speculation of unnamed “sources” and “it is believed” of the trash British media.

      • Becks1 says:

        Except for the time they said Harry and Meghan were on the verge of divorce and Nacho called them out on it. 🤷‍♀️

        But here I do tend to believe them bc I think their sources would be from the nfl or the stadium etc, not Harry and Meghan’s camp.

  6. Brit says:

    The press are so bitter. They’re increasingly unhinged as the years go on and I really feel some of them are having a full on mental break because it’s crazy that commentators, clout chasers are this bothered. They lost and it seems to be their mission to hand on to a drowning ship. I’ve come to the conclusion that some of these individuals weren’t wrapped too tight from the beginning. All because they don’t have access and control.That’s lunacy.

    • Grandma Susan says:

      The British Media hoped to utterly destroy Harry and Meghan – to leave them broken and alone. They failed. The couple is thriving and living life. The BM is enraged that they couldn’t wipe them out of our memories. They can’t stop trying. Basically the BM shot themselves in the foot and are now bleeding out and can’t do anything to avert their end.

      • Justwastingtime says:

        Grandma Susan- I actually think it’s even worse than that. By constantly mentioning H&M, the BMs are making them more visible and increasing their H&Ms ability to make money. Too funny.

      • Deering24 says:

        It’s been hilarious to see the ever-increasing BM readers wondering why these people keep writing about H&M if they hate them so much. 🤣

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      In abusive family relationships, esp w/ narcissists, there’s a tactic they employ called “triangulation”

      The TL;DR – “In psychology, triangulation is a term used to describe when a person uses threats of exclusion or manipulation. Its goal is to divide and conquer. A form of manipulation, triangulation involves the use of indirect communication, often behind someone’s back.”

      Usually it’s other family members adjacent to the principal abuser that do this.
      However in the case of the BRF, they use the entire Tabloid Media Wing for this purpose and the BM gleefully embrace their role – for money, for clout, for perceived “connection” to the corridors of power. Some even act like they’re more precious to the BRF than Harry himself is. (See ‘Maureen E’, C-Word, and ‘That Woman Who Still Uses a Title She Married Into And Her Ex-Husband Told Her To Drop After Their Divorce’)

      In short, all those mfers need epic quantities of therapy.

  7. Becks1 says:

    If Harry had mentioned his father, it would have been about him “using his royal connections” so he literally can’t win in the eyes of the British press and I love that he doesn’t even try to win there.

    Goodell asking him is pretty significant.

    I would love to see him and Meghan there but I doubt they are going.

    Finally, how is Harry showing up to give an award based on service, community outreach, and someone using their position for good, any worse than William showing up at the air ambulance gala with Tom Cruise??

    • Brit says:

      The press know they don’t have anything anymore to threaten, bully and torment them with. These papers are losing money and relevancy. So they resort to emotional blackmail and they have buyers remorse like you wouldn’t believe. These people are losing their minds because they don’t have access or communication with the Sussexes. It’s become a frantic obsession. They’re not going to last if they keep losing.

    • Lawrenceville says:

      Charles must be so bitter and upset now because his name is no longer king Charles but rather, he is being defined by his illness, SMDH. Can the British media please stop calling Charles “cancer stricken Charles”? Or, is this the way British people talk about sick individuals? IMHO, it is very offensive to make someone lose their identity and personality because they because ill. Before the cancer, everything was about Charles with an enlarged prostate, even elderly men who probably have had their prostates enlarge twice more than that of Charles couldn’t help themselves, every one of those people was calling the guy enlarged prostate. Now that they have the cancer angle, suddenly the man is nothing else but “cancer stricken”, geez.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Agreed. And are they going to do this every day from here on out?? People with cancer are in it for the long haul, as are their families & friends. You get to the point where you just don’t want it to be the main point of conversation, or at all, really. You just want to live your life as it was the day before the diagnosis (assuming it’s an out of the blue diagnosis & you were experiencing no physical symptoms–otherwise, you just want your life before).

    • SarahCS says:

      How dare you bring logic/reality to the debate! It has NO place in anything that the rota says or does and you should know better.

      I assume they feel that the devoted following will apply no critical thinking whatsoever to anything that fits with their existing world view.

  8. Robert Phillips says:

    The reason they are all mad. They only got what. One picture of Harry in the back of a car. That’s it. And nobody including Camilla are leaking what was said. Plus the rest of the world isn’t painting a good picture of Charles. Because he didn’t even try and really talk with Harry. And they don’t have enough to milk this story for much longer. That’s why they are mad. They aren’t making money off of Harry anymore.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Robert Phillips, I agree that they wanted much more than they got. Prince Harry is not allowig them to make money off of him if he can help it. The man has gotten really good at moving around without anyone knowing where he is. I love that for the bm.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Yes, but Harry had clearly worked on a stealth strategy with his trusted long-time security guy well before he met Meghan. It must be the same security guy we see who has been with Harry since he was a teenager. During his courtship with Meg, Harry already had a strategy in place and it worked to perfection for several months, until Harry began letting family members know he had a serious girlfriend. After that point, the H&M relationship got leaked from within the firm. Another reason and indication why the Sussexes leaving the toxic firm was necessary and prophetic.

        In a long ago interview that connects with the girlfriend split frustrations Harry revealed in ‘Spare,’ Harry declared that he hoped to someday meet someone he could “be friends with first.” In other words, he was determined to keep any future promising relationship on the down-low from the media after he’d lost several girlfriends due to the scary, obsessive media hounding.

        By the time Harry met Meg, the devised stealth strategy was in place. It even worked fairly well over the course of their 2016 – 2017 courtship. After their relationship was publicly leaked at the end of 2016, they still moved around with relative stealth (despite the tabloid deluge). Of course, after they married in 2018, the media frenzy ratcheted up, and the dysfunctional walls of the firm began to close in around them, especially once the smear campaign began full force.

  9. Libra says:

    Keep them guessing, Harry. He is a master at stealth. Will they or won’t they? Drives the DM nuts. Love it.

  10. Lady Digby says:

    RF and us Brits like to keep calm and carry on. Harry wanted to see for himself how is dad really is, and has every right to maintain his work/ life schedule in America where he lives. Okay the tabs are going to continue their hate propaganda but why is no one asking about Willy hunkering down in his bunker for weeks? KC and Sunshine band did the church outing today and issued a statement of renewed appreciation of NHS proving visible reassurance of continuity and stability. But Willy’s return to the bunker just looks terrible in comparison. Where is Kate?? Is she alright? Why is Will in hiding and what is going on?

    • equality says:

      Well, there goes all the theories of Charles going to Sandringham to isolate during his cancer treatment. He just had to get there immediately and couldn’t spare PH more time so he could go to church and be exposed to an entire congregation.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @equality: It really does. The press made up that story because they know it made Charles look bad that he only spent 30 minutes with Harry who flew all the way from California to see him.

      • Fawsia says:

        It doesn’t matter how much time they spend together! If it was 10 minutes or 45 minutes! He hasn’t seen his dad for some time and for him to see him physically makes sense! Maybe he saw his mentor who is a cancer survivor while he was there!

      • equality says:

        @Fawsia It does matter when the media spins it as a snub to PH and KC does NOTHING to correct that.

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        Another reason for Chucky to decamp to Sandringham:

        Last time Kate was seen was there, Xmas day. IF something happened to her there, of a nature that they felt compelled to hush it up (ie if it was precipitated by actions by W), then they probably have her stashed at Wood Farm on the estate and Charles, after the KP London Clinic nonsense, is taking control of the narrative and is stage managing everything since then. This would also explain the “Will & Kate & the kids take a Staycation at Sandringham” article end of last week. Which was obviously meant to stop speculation about where K is.

        If the Spanish media is correct, and Kate was/is in a coma, she will need a long recuperative period and if W is behind the incident, Charles will be wanting to keep a personal eye on K’s condition and progress, to protect his reign.

    • Becks1 says:

      I hadn’t seen that Charles went to church today. If we couple that with Eden’s story about the Waleses going to Anmer, then why the hell wasn’t William part of the church stroll? Imagine the PR boost if there was a picture of Charles, William and yes even George walking to church together??

      I’m starting to really think the people who are saying “William hasn’t seen Charles bc Charles doesn’t want to see him” are right.

      • Ana Maria says:

        I believe that; KC is done with the heir…whatever happened between William&Kate must have been really really serious; Charles has seen the future because of what happened with/to Kate

      • Lady Digby says:

        @Becks 1 Agreed William and co could have appeared at Church to present the reassurance of both the united extended family and Kate in recovery, resting on her husband’s arm. Why the bunker mentality, what’s being hidden?

      • ML says:

        KC and PW are sort of in the same geographical area though? I do think it’s odd that PW hasn’t been demonstratively visiting KC at the very least and these two do not seem close to say the least. (Iagree that a church stroll with KC, PW and George would have been wise.) But why else show up in the same area at the same time then? That’s also odd, no?

      • Jay says:

        It really does seem like Charles’s relationship with William is S P A C E, doesn’t it? I thought that BP would be throwing lifelines to William just because of the stability/line of succession stuff, but maybe not. They are content to let KP flail on their own.

        BP will protect the king at all costs, so I can only conclude that either he is throwing his heir under the bus, or he knows that appearing with William now would be a problem down the line. Which would be astounding, because he’s been perfectly happy to appear alongside Andrew.

    • Libra says:

      @lady digby; Will and Kate are playing us, silly hide and seek childish games. “I won’t tell and you can’t make me”. Controlling an out of control life, imo.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Libra, I haven’t ruled that out. A power play behind the scenes is par for the course, isn’t it? I also keep wondering if KHate has curried favor with KFC because she thinks it will be to her advantage. That would be a huge mistake, because Wont will not be happy if she’s teamed up with KFC to his detriment.

        Let’s also remember that it’s not outside the realm of possibility that KHate wants sympathy from the masses and staying out of sight is the way she has decided to do that.

        There are so many possibilities out there that we could probably come up with a hundred different scenarios. For an institution that has survived for a thousand years, they are singularly bad at PR. I realize that communications have changed drastically since the invention of the telephone, but the Firm hasn’t adapted well at all.

    • Lulu says:

      I think Charles and William had a falling out. William hasn’t visited Charles at all and Charles doesn’t want William filling in for him. This the first time Charles has met with Harry privately in years, he usually leaves town before Harry arrives. There is so much going on, and now Kate has moved to Anmer Hall?

      • Lady Digby says:

        @Lulu is Cams acting as gatekeeper for her husband and has banned Willy from upsetting him any further? She was reportedly horrified when she first witnessed Willy shouting at his dad. Quite frankly it wouldn’t surprise me given her broad smiles recently that Willy has been put in his place. Mary Pester confirmed yesterday that KC had only a 15 minute interview with Junior and he didn’t like what he was told?

      • Chrissy says:

        Aren’t the kids off school for a few weeks? That’s probably why they’re there. I guess she’s not ill enough not to be moved, assuming she’s actually with them…..

      • The Old Chick says:

        We don’t know where Kate is. Eden was told to write that bollocks as he’s just a stenographer. Kate is somewhere, I doubt it’s Anmer.

    • lanne says:

      Keep calm? Since when? They’ve been in histrionics for the past 4 years without letup. Royals and ratchets alike. This is as piss poor a keep calm and carry on-ing as can be.

  11. lanne says:

    The nastiest, dirtiest, most racist media in the world in supporting the leftover royals. The royals are allowing themselves to be counted among the Brexiteer MAGAs for whom hate is a feature.

    I’m sure the other European royal families are looking at the Windsors as an example of what not to do, as European governments have with the UK via Brexit.

    There is nothing royal about the Windsors behavior, and they will slip further and further into irrelevance as they are not seen. The British royal tabloid media and the royals themselves have elevated the status of the royals— the more they succeed in spite of all the hate, the worst the haters look.

    • Shawna says:

      “The royals are allowing themselves to be counted among the Brexiteer MAGAs for whom hate is a feature.” Slow clap, @Lanne. This is the historical scale view.

    • Jaded says:

      The BaRF has allied themselves with tabloid scum, in fact I’d say a few of them are in thrall with the bottom-feeders. Kind of says it all that the royal narrative is being written out of indebtedness to the BM in fear of many ugly truths getting exposed.

    • lanne says:

      *Elevated the status of the Sussexes

      The lack of questions about Kate is even more ominous to me. If Diana had suddenly disappeared, even in 1987 before all the chaos the 90s, there would have been questions. Where is she? What happened to her? Charles would have been asked openly on his events. Why the silence about Kate? It’s not just that everyone is buying the party line—no one is talking about her at all. That’s very, very bad for her.

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        This is why W is in hiding. To avoid being openly asked about K’s whereabouts and *why* she disappeared.

  12. Nanea says:

    Prince freaking Harry *really* has *that island*, the toxic British media, and that family all het up!

    Why is The Daily Heil wasting column inches on the irrelevant, snubbed no-longer-royals?

    Why don’t they investigate the whereabouts of those that are actually and quite undeservedly funded by UK taxes?

    Those that have all but disappeared after Christmas, without a single proof of life, or her drunk (?), drugged-out (?), allergic to work incandescent husband?

    Too bad The Fail can’t deal that the Better Brother and his lovely family left them with Sleeping Ugly, Schrödinger’s Princess (h/t @Snuffles), 3 kids, invisible maternal grandparents, several nannies, cooks, maids and an office staff of ~ 60 people that the rota 🐀🐀🐀 couldn’t care less about.

  13. Brassy Rebel says:

    The BM just can’t pick a lane. One minute they describe Harry as a friendless, miserable wretch who can’t get arrested because he’s so deeply unpopular. The next minute he’s a man about town who’s having a blast with so many friends and so many party invitations that he has to rush from one to the next. And he gives Man of the Year awards and makes jokes without mentioning his poor, cancer stricken father, who they remind us, only saw him for twelve minutes. The narrative is confused, to say the least.

    • Brit says:

      That’s why they’re mad. They can’t manifest the narrative they want. I saw that crazy eyed lady on one of those talk shows trying to explain why Harry was cheered and greeted with love and if William was still popular in the US. This fool said that the audience were likely told to cheer for him, lol. They know everything they’re saying is crap. They don’t even believe it .

      • Jais says:

        😂okay I’m sorry but when you say crazy-eyed lady, my first thought is literally which one?

      • Brit says:

        @Jais 😂😂😂 I’m sorry! Kinsey Schofield. She looks so cartoonish.

      • Jais says:

        Ah, that one! Got it😂. They all get that glazed and crazed look in their eyes when talking about the Sussexes. I was like hmm it could be Levin, Tominey, Seward, Malone, Vine…the list unfortunately goes on.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        LOL @Jais. MTE. My process of elimination came up with less than zero (included Maureen Eden too).

        Kinsey Schofield.LOL Using Kaiser’s words, Kinsey can’t explain herself out of a wet paper bag. Apologies if I got the quote wrong.

        I remember Kinsey claiming to having close LA/Hollywood connections that said no one wanted anything to do with Meghan. Then boom…Ari Emanuel said, not so fast Kinsey. (he technically didn’t say that-Meghan’s WME relationship was announced after Kinsey’s nonsense). Kinsey who had/has a kinship with Dan Wootton and She certainly qualifies in the crazy eyed department.

        Will not forget Kinsey photoshopping her face over Meghan in H&M’s engagement photo.

  14. Maddy says:

    Do we have an ID on Harry’s suit. Please tell me it was Dior. lmao.

  15. Why would Harry mention his father’s cancer while giving a commitment to service award to an NFL player that’s absurd. The desperation is real to come up with that nonsense.

  16. bisynaptic says:

    “Prince Harry flew to London to avoid being seen for the first time since his father’s cancer diagnosis at ‘glitzy Super Bowl festivities’ in Las Vegas, royal observers have claimed.”
    —What?!? This doesn’t make any sense. I read it, four times, and it still didn’t make any sense.

    • MinorityReport says:

      Harry visited Charles spur of the moment last week to avoid having his (Harry’s) first public appearance following Charles’ cancer announcement taking place at a glitzy entertainment event.

      • Dutch says:

        They just can’t wrap their heads around the likelihood that the purpose of the trip was two fold: genuine concern for his father and heading off the inevitable “HOW DARE HE” headlines if he didn’t make the overseas trip. So all they got now is that he did an end run around protocol and didn’t go off script by mentioning his dad at an inappropriate moment during one of those appearances

      • Anna says:

        My thing is, Charles would have had to agree to Harry visiting in the first place otherwise I cant imagine Harry would have wasted his time making the trip. Even if Harry had made the trip just to head off the next tabloid talking point, he couldn’t have done it without Charles’ agreement to play his small role.

        Granted, Charles could have “snubbed” Harry after Harry arrived, but he didn’t. Regardless of the length of time, everyone knows they saw one another and spoke. The same can’t be said for the missing heir.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        The DM’s headlines about Harry lately should come equipped with a translation app.

    • Jaded says:

      I know, it makes utterly no sense to me either. Very poor writing but it’s the Fail — none of those writers seem to have anything beyond grade 8 writing skillz. And note where Jobbo the Hut says…” [Harry] *appearing* to hand out the Walter Payton Man of the Year award”. You should have said Harry *was invited* to give him the award Jobbo, your lame attempt at double entendre didn’t work. And Cam was wetting his pants he was so thrilled to have Harry there. SMH…why don’t you write about something important like where’s Kate and why’s Workshy Wills MIA?

    • BeanieBean says:

      I had to read that several times, too, but after reading the rest of it I think what they meant to say was he didn’t want his first time being seen (stupid concept, but there it is) since the cancer announcement being at an awards show. Though, come to think of it, that’s pretty much applies to William, too.

    • Deering24 says:

      Bwhahahah. I defy any grammarians out there to try and diagram this sentence. Bet it can not be done…

  17. Amy Bee says:

    The DM is ridiculous. I would love it if Harry and Meghan went to the Superbowl but it won’t surprise if they didn’t. The fact that there are rumours that they’re going to the Superbowl probably means they’re not going.

    • Tina says:

      Honestly I think they write these stories so that when they don’t go….they can write that they were snubbed and no one invited them. Anyways looking forward to the IG kick off this week.

      • Dutch says:

        As usual a no win scenario: don’t they are snubbed; do go they are a guest of the Paramout CEO again (CBS is a Paramount company), they get ripped for flying private for a relatively short distance for a frivolous purpose (even though the rest of the BRF takes helicopters to the supermarket)

      • Teagirl says:

        Or if they don’t go, the BM can say that they shamed H&M into not going. IOW H&M are damned if they go and damned if they don’t.

  18. Cessily says:

    I absolutely love how the 🇺🇸 has welcomed Prince Harry with open arms and respect. That has to sting a bit for those left behind, they truly are destroying themselves I just wish it would happen faster the hate being aimed at the Sussex family from 🇬🇧 is truly at terrifying levels. I hope they attend but I love the fact that no one knows what their plans are.

  19. Steph says:

    The pic of Cam and Harry is so adorable. It’s also funny bc it makes Harry look so short, which he is not.

  20. Jay says:

    Well, you can’t blame the BM for wishcasting Harry and Meghan to the Superbowl, the Oscars, or any other famous event. The Sussexes are without a doubt the biggest stars they know.

  21. Eurydice says:

    Whatever Harry and Meghan decide to do today, I hope they have a good time.

  22. Mslove says:

    Look at Harry. He has a wife and two small children. He flew to London to see his “cancer-stricken” father. He flew back to the states and attended the NFL awards. He has Invictus coming up soon. Harry is a very busy man with a clear purpose in life.

    And then there’s Peg.

    • Beverley says:

      Well said! Peg is a mere shadow of the Better Brother and it’s tormenting him.

    • sevenblue says:

      Will the heir has a full schedule of “picking up children from school”. How can he do anything else? lol.

      • Jk says:

        He does has a full time job of buying bots and coordinating a smear campaign against Harry and Meghan.

      • aftershocks says:

        Yep, @MsLove and @Beverley, it is definitely playing out exactly as Harry long ago described the toxic firm state of affairs during the Oprah interview, “My father and my BROTHER are trapped [within and by the institution].”

  23. JW says:

    re Harry’s trip to London: Two reasons – 1. His Dad invited him or made it very clear he would be welcomed; and 2. He does not trust courtiers to keep him informed so he wanted to lay eyes on his Dad and tell his Dad, if you want me to know how you are doing you need to do so yourself.

  24. Square2 says:

    Most of the Brits don’t care about AMERICAN football (I presume? ) but they are crazy about football (soccer). Mmm…mmm…the FIFA World Cup is coming to North America in 2026 and LA is one of the host cities. If Prince Freaking Harry shows up in any one if those games, the BM is going to blow up for sure.

    Anyway, I hope H&M enjoy a nice Sunday at home, cuddling with their kids.

    • Blithe says:

      Lol. @Square2, I realized reading your post, that I used to think of “Harry”, and “Prince Harry”, and, occasionally, “Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex”. Now, mentally, I’ve completely shifted over to:
      “Prince Freakin Harry”.

      Thank you Cam Heyward! Haha

      • AC says:

        Yep. Actually next year the US will host the 2025 FIFA Club World Cup(the professional Clubs around the world). Then the 2026 World Cup and the summer olympics will be held in LA in 2028.
        Wouldn’t it be funny when Paris hands out to LA if H would be part of it 😆. Or if he will take part of any of the above festivities.
        The BM and the BRF would have a heart attack 😆.

  25. Kingston says:

    As anyone who read Spare knows, it is largely a documentation by H of the many ways in which the british media intrusion into his life and that of his “very large, very old and very dysfunctional family ” ( his words) caused great harm to his life and ultimately resulted in great tragedy in the death of his mother.

    And we also get to see how, over time, H studied the media, its unethical and criminal practises & its practitioners. And, for those of us paying attention, we’ve also seen how excellent a job H has done in knowing how to thwart them; how to cut them off at the pass and disrupt their planned narratives.

    And he told us that losing control of the narrative is what they (the shitmedia) and their cohorts in the palace, most fear because when they lose the narrative, the truth is revealed.

    We’re seeing this play out in real time.

    In fact the editor of the sun, a lying corrupt beyotch named victoria newton has been flapping her gums in anger tht H is pursuing the media, saying why is he so angry 😡 & hanging on to the past😅. But that’s her vested interest talking bcos the Sun court date is next & she is deeply implicated in all their wrong doing.

    So yeah, they had their stories all ready to go wth H’s flying visit, all the imaginary snubbing by Bully, only to see H in Vegas the next day looking like a HW leading man, wth everyone outside Shidthole Isle saying H is booked & busy!😁 So of course they’re hopping mad at hvng to pivot. But more & more folks are seeing their unbridled hate of H&M unfold in real time and their laughing stock quotient keeps rising.

    • Sue says:

      “So yeah, they had their stories all ready to go wth H’s flying visit, all the imaginary snubbing by Bully, only to see H in Vegas the next day looking like a HW leading man, wth everyone outside Shidthole Isle saying H is booked & busy!” So much this! Reminds me of the way they were so desperate for Meghan to go to the coronation. You just knew they already had hundreds of stories ready and were counting on lots of nasty headlines about her and then, nada. They had to settle for their big scoop about Meghan hiking with friends instead. Heartbreaking for them.

  26. Over it says:

    Bitter, bitter bitter .. these words about the left over saltines will never not apply.
    I would love if Harry and Meghan went to the Super Bowl but I can understand why they might not be able to make it .

  27. Lykeia says:

    Glossing over the daily pointeless use of an internet connection of the DM writer..Is it me or there is such a striking resemblence to Prince Philip in these pics of Prince Harry?
    It’s something about the smile and the eyes that reminds me a lot of his grandfather here, imo.

    • Blithe says:

      I’ve long thought that as an adult, Prince Harry looks like a combination of his two grandfathers. Look for a picture of a young adult Prince Philip with a beard. To me, their resemblance was , as you’ve said, quite striking.

    • The Old Chick says:

      He’s the spitting image of younger Phillip. Just look at his profile, it’s Phillip all over. As he’s aging it’s more pronounced..

  28. aquarius64 says:

    Maybe Harry and Meghan will be in a Super Bowl ad promoting Invictus in Canada. Super Bowl ads are expensive but it would be worth it.

  29. phlyfiremama says:

    Taylor & H&M both at the super bowl?! The ultimate on “heads exploding”!!!

  30. TheOriginalMia says:

    I doubt they go. I could see Harry going solo, but not Meghan. They went to LA because of proximity. They are going away at the end of the week for a week in Canada. I could see them staying home for some family time with the kids.

    • Cali says:

      I agree that they probably won’t go. Despite the wailing of the ghouls in the RR, Harry and Meghan do not make their decisions based on what will most annoy the Royal family.
      Harry wants the focus to be on the Invictus rollout. And he will also want to spend time with his littles. A few days peace at home sounds like just he and Meghan need before their trip to Canada.

  31. etso says:

    ‘If Prince William hadn’t shown up for that investiture, then the first images of him after the King’s cancer diagnosis would have been of him enjoying glitzy gala festivities.’


    • Mary Pester says:

      Yeah, yawwwwwwn, he didn’t mention Tom Cruise either, go cry William of Waillllllllllls

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Mary Pester, that’s really the story isn’t it? We’ll talk about Prince Freaking Harry’s ‘glitzy’ appearance and ignore Wont’s. Don’t they think people will see the contrary way these two things are reported?

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, and that first image of William looked like he’d been on a 24-hour bender.

      • Mary Pester says:

        One day in a land far far away,the British press and the British people will wake up and realise they have been played by a family that has more money than croseus, owns more land than any other institution and are as thick as sht. The only one of them worth the time of day lives happily in the US, and proves everyday that service IS universal, not just to serve yourself. “NEVER in the history of mankind have so few taken so much from so many”. A play on words but so accurate

  32. BlueNailsBetty says:

    So, bottom line: Harry and/or Meghan may or may not attend the Superb Owl.

  33. tamsin says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a Better-Up connection, or the NFL is going to do something with Invictus. But Better-Up providing some kind of service to the NFL is not too far a reach. I wonder if someone will sponsor tickets for Vancouver-Whistler the way Amazon did for Dusseldorf.

  34. Chantale says:

    Bully Boy must have had a violent argument with his father. Maybe his father wants to reconcile with Harry for real and that sent him into a rage against his dad.

    I know it is an unpopular opinion, I think Charles loves Harry more than people think. Harry is funny and warm, probably brought a smile on his dad’s face many times. Charles is scared of the tabloids and does not know how to love properly because of who his parents were and his position. Bad combination! Getting involved with calculated mistress queen wife did not help. He has been listening to her nasty crowd. Even his relationship with her is weird.

    I also believe that all the warmth that should have or could have been his from the Queen went to Corgis, Horses and grandchildren. He must resent that deep down. He is not able to stand on his own. This man needs MAJOR therapy. His wife is a troll and loves being one it seems. She is doing fine.

    I am Diana Forever but one of her sons need help and it is not the younger one.
    I still prefer KC to King Bully Boy any day. I hope we get at least 10 years from him, if the monarchy is to survived. Hopefully time to discover who Bully Boy really is.

    • Lauren says:

      I think Charles is just an intensely selfish person but I agree he loves Harry as much as he is capable.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Yep. I don’t think Chuck ever called his oldest son, “Dear boy.” That particular sentiment has apparently only been reserved for Harry, the Spare. “Good King Harry,” Diana called her young Ginger, as down deep, she clearly recognized the personality differences between her two boys.

    • Tessa says:

      Charles treated Diana horribly. It is All on him not his parents. Same thing applies to his bad treatment of harry and Meghan

  35. Cassie says:

    Charles supplied security for Harry on that visit .

    I actually think they have been in contact for a while .

    He had papers for him to sign because he is worried about Williams behaviour.

    The media has no idea what went on in that little meeting ,it’s eating them alive and William is worried .

    That’s my Cassie view on all this and I know nothing either .

  36. Libra says:

    When people receive life changing news they often update their wills. I think he wanted Harry to have an updated version handed to him personally.That way he can insure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

  37. AC says:

    Imagine next year the US will host the 2025 FIFA Club World Cup(the professional Clubs), and right before the 2026 World Cup. I’m sure LA will host many of its games at SoFi. If H is in any part of the festivities, they’re going to just lose it . 😀

  38. Kay says:

    The Daily Mail are mad that they didn’t go t to the Super Bowl. Today’s derangement is that Harry was in love with Kate and Meghan was jealous. This is Ingrid Seward trying to sell her book. You honestly cannot make some on this stuff up. It’s getting really stupid.

    • Tessa says:

      Ingrid book from the reviews I saw seems more about diana. Meghan. And harry bashing. Harry is or was so not in love with Kate. She got flirty with him and he looked uncomfortable.

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      Rota is all about projection. Look at all those photos of Workshy Wanderdick visually scanning Meghan. He was a Suits fan b/c of her. He was in lust over M and Kate was jealous, not the other way around. Ingrid’s trying to pull a “Made Kate Cry 2.0” and everyone knows the Rota is crying wolf now.

      W is salty that Hazza got the dream girl. Periodt.

  39. KeKe Swan says:

    I read this after the game started so I knew they didn’t attend. Personally I view this as a total victory for Haz & Meg. The RR completely committed to a narrative based on a rumor and were wrong on every count. Nothing could make it more clear that THEY GOT NUTHIN’!! They have NO insight, sources, or ability to reliably predict H&M’s plans or movements. LOSERSSSSSS!!!