Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce & the Kansas City Chiefs won the 2024 Super Bowl

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Taylor Swift made it to the Super Bowl, flying into Las Vegas from her Tokyo shows on Sunday. She arrived at the Super Bowl with Blake Lively and Ice Spice, and then Lana del Rey joined them in the Kelce VIP suite at some point. Jason and Kylie Kelce were there too (with Kylie, ever an Eagles fan, refusing to wear Chiefs gear), as were the Kelce parents and Taylor’s dad Scott. From what I saw, there were some good cutaways to Taylor but it’s not like the NFL kept the cameras on Taylor the whole time. We saw her laughing and partying with Blake and Ice Spice, and at one point, Taylor seemed to be playing some kind of drinking game involving chugging a cocktail?

The first half of the game was kind of boring, with the 49ers leading and the Chiefs sort in shambles, but the Chiefs got it together in the second half and ended up winning the game in overtime. Taylor was down on the field, hugging Travis (he said “come here, girl” when he saw her) and the whole thing is just a high school fairytale. The pop star and the football star, in love and winning at every part of their lives.

Hilariously, the Chiefs’ win had political connotations – the Republicans had created a conspiracy that the Super Bowl would be “rigged” to ensure Joe Biden wins reelection, because (this is part of the conspiracy) Taylor and Travis are Democratic agents. Taylor votes for Democrats, she’s made that clear, but they’re basing their theory about Travis simply on the fact that he’s vaccinated and he promotes vaccines. Vaccines = Democrats. I’m fine with it. President Biden is fine with it too, he did an epic tweet about it!

The NFL devoted a whole video to Taylor too, those football bros are gonna be so mad.

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158 Responses to “Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce & the Kansas City Chiefs won the 2024 Super Bowl”

  1. Marie says:

    I’m waiting for the all the meltdown and conspiracy theories, esp once the Chiefs are headed to the White House.

    I’m a Swiftie but I’m really just here for the Jason/Kylie show. Seeing Jason interact with Ice Spice and McCartney was awesome. He apparently also had a great time watching Adele in concert. If SNL was really smart, they should get Jason to host this year.

  2. Meghan says:

    While I was supporting the Chiefs and am happy they won, I was 7 seconds away from winning $500!!! Darn that Butker and my unabashed love of kickers!!!

    • Jais says:

      A touchdown in the last 6 seconds of overtime is one way to end the game. Dramatic.

      • Noo says:

        Not to be too fussy @jais but it wasn’t the final 6 seconds of overtime just of the overtime quarter. Playoff overtime rules are different and since SF only scored a field goal on their possession if KC had only gotten a field goal instead of a touchdown then overtime would have continued.

      • Jais says:

        Thank you. It’s not fussy at all. I grew up in GA, went to an SEC school and football has been following me my whole life, but I still don’t know all the rules, just bc its not my interest, nothing against the sport and those who love it, aside from concern for the players’ healths. My spirit animal of the night was Ice Spice. Saw a few vids in which it looked like the people around her were explaining the game to her and I felt that. I’m def not clear on how the new overtime rules work.

    • BQM says:

      And he set a record for longest field goal in a Super Bowl! It was so crazy Moody from the Niners set the record like an hour earlier and then he goes and breaks it.

  3. Seraphina says:

    It was a very boring game for the first half. I was rooting for San Fran. There is always next year.

    • North of Boston says:

      Even though there wasn’t any scoring, I was kind of enjoying that the teams seemed to be on the same level in terms of skill, strategy and Super Bowl nerves.

      It was more exciting to me than an obvious mismatch, and made me excited for an interesting game that was going to be hard to call.

      I was watching with friends and one of them was a drunk guy who would grumble/yell during and after every play that nothing was really happening, it wasn’t really up to the hype because no one was scoring.

      • Lisa says:

        I don’t really know football but I agree the teams seemed equal. I wanted Taylor’s boyfriend to win, but I did feel bad for the 49ers until I saw someone say that the 49ers are cursed until they do right by Kaepernick and I was like oh yeah that was them then I felt less bad.

      • Coldbloodedjellydonut says:

        Eh, the Chiefs were barely holding on by a thread in the first half. I’ve been watching football my entire life (CFL) and Mahone was under so much pressure that he couldn’t pull anything out. It’s very frustrating to watch (not because it’s not matching the hype, what a silly comment from that other attendee) but because his team should be protecting him and making sure he has enough time to find a receiver. Also, I despise when a QB opts to focus mostly on rushing but I do understand that there may not be opportunity to pass without getting picked off. It sucks because the NFL tends to opt for tight shots on the QB after the snap and you rarely see the whole field so have no idea who else may have been open.

        Football is a really interesting game, the complexity of strategy is crazy. You have no idea what the other team is going to do, but you try to read it by seeing how they line up and then you try to draw them by setting up / changing your line up before the snap. It’s like 3D chess and when people are really good at it, it’s beautiful to watch. Then there’s the aspect of having to take risks and see what happens like that beautiful Hail Mary pass by the Chiefs.

        Lucky for the Chiefs they tightened up in the second half and gave Mahone some breathing room so he could make intentional plays. That’s what annoyed me the first half, the 49ers QB had all the time in the world for a stroll in the park before throwing the ball and KC’s QB barely got to take a full breath. Awesome attack strategy from the 49ers and terrible protection from KC? Maybe.

  4. Very happy the Chiefs won. Now let’s get Taylor and Travis to do a vote for Joe video together! That would be epic!

    • StellainNH says:

      I was happy that the Chiefs won only because it would hurt those poor fragile white men’s egos.

      I was rather disgusted with the way Kelce laid into to his coach. Kept thinking, Bill Belichick would never have put up with such disrespect.

      • Ginger says:

        Yeah, that was uncalled for but people are making excuses ( surprise, surprise)

      • Bren says:

        I am not happy that the Chiefs won. I don’t like Travis Kelce with his nasty behavior on the sidelines and before the Ravens game. His behavior will be excused as passion because he is a winner but if he was melanated there would be a different conversation this morning.

      • BQM says:

        Andy Reid isn’t going to put up with it. I’m sure Kelce got reamed in the locker room and is probably going to get fined. But Reid wasn’t going to be distracted and he wasn’t going to pull him in the SB.

      • Kathleen says:

        I’m having that discussion with myself this morning. Travis seems pretty unhinged to me, I’m pretty shocked by this “perfect boyfriend, such a fairytale” narrative. What am I not getting?

      • Giddy says:

        That sideline behavior of Kelce was insane. Passion is fine, but so is professionalism. He had to know that he was on camera at all times, but he still acted like a lunatic.

  5. Erin says:

    Swift and Kelce are so powerful that even 45 was groveling for their support on Truth social before the game.

    • seaflower says:

      That was so funny. Taylor apparently owing Dumpy for money she made.

      • Josephine says:

        so typical of a fragile, beta male to think he had anything to do with the success of an independent, strong female who is way more popular and wealthy than he is

      • BQM says:

        His post was so gross and dripping with misogyny. She should be grateful and not show disrespect. F#$& him.

      • Lisa says:

        Which anyone who has ever followed or listened to Taylor knows how she loves when a man takes credit for her hard work and accomplishments. Stumpy should have called his other Nazi friend Kanye and chatted before making that tweet. He could have let him know how that will go for him.

      • Arizona says:

        @Lisa that’s exactly what I said to my husband’s. historically she does not appreciate men taking credit for her work/money/fame lol.

        (nor should she, just for the record)

      • Lisa says:

        @arizona. No she does not, and she shouldn’t! Taylor swift is where she is and who she is because of Taylor swift and no one else.

        So yeah I don’t get why the GOP keeps poking this bear, because she won’t lose. She never does.

  6. A says:

    Sorry but what a flex to introduce your potential in-laws to Paul freaking McCartney!!

    • North of Boston says:

      So true!

      I think she met McCartney when they both put out pandemic “homegrown” solo albums and interviewed each other.

      • KimO says:

        Google Taylor and McCartney playing together at the SNL 40th anniversary afterparty (circa 2015). She confidently holds her own playing and singing Shake it Off (as well as a Beatles tune, I think) with Paul!

    • Lisa says:

      Can you imagine what they must be thinking with some of this? Like Shaq wanted to meet Taylor so bad he bought her a Judith Lieber bag. They have to be like who is this girl and how is this happening?

      Paul McCartney, Shaq, I would venture a guess if close Beyonce said hi.

  7. Callie says:

    The “just like we drew it up” tweet from Biden took me out!! I agree that the first half was snoozeworthy and I honestly worried for the Chiefs…then the rest of the game played out like a movie. Still wowed by the overtime of it all. Taylor and Travis looked utterly adorable and so in love on the field.

    I’m also dying to know how Jason Kelce and Scott Swift’s meeting went down!

    • Pinkosaurus says:

      I love Dark Brandon so much! Looking forward to the campaign starting to go hard. The negative coverage of Biden has been insanely unequal given that the orange fascist is straight up declaring he will violate treaties to hand Europe to Russia (assuming he’ll insist on personally profiting for US support like he did with Ukraine).

    • Kate says:

      The come back from behind to win in the final seconds of the game was definitely straight out of a movie. This has been a really fun rom com but I’m now ready for a break until part II.

    • lucy2 says:

      The Biden thing was hilarious.
      I was rooting for San Francisco, but didn’t really care either way.

  8. Betina says:

    Can we talk about how Travis got aggressive with Coach Reid on the sidelines? Gave me the total ick. As an eagles fan, Andy Reid is a national treasure but even if he weren’t, the optics of pushing a 65 year old man are wild as hell. When Taylor and Travis break up, I am sure the Swifties will point to that moment as him not being good for her. That, along with the story that he blew up at her after their Christmas loss are painting a picture. He better buckle up!

    • Callie says:

      Look, Andy Reid spoke about this and defended Travis; he said that Travis was desperate to play (the fumble actually happened because Travis *wasn’t* playing 😅) and that he loves and appreciates that passion from Travis. He also said that it looked worse because he was already off-balance. Travis is like a son to Andy and tussles between them are nothing new – Andy has been seen pushing Travis plenty of times 🤣 Still, I expect Travis to explain on his podcast, because he takes accountability.

      Let’s not spread an out-of-context clip to push a false narrative, especially when the coach has said let it go. Also, that Christmas fight story was fake garbage from Life & Style – be for real!

      • TheOriginalMia says:

        It wasn’t out of context and everyone watching knew what he was pissed about. It shouldn’t have happened. Regular season he would have been benched, but this was the SB and they weren’t going to bench their top TE. Doesn’t mean anyone has to condone a grown ass man for bumping his coach and acting like he has roid rage. And people are allowed to say his actions sent up red flags for them. We say it about a certain pegging prince all the time.

      • bisynaptic says:

        It’s not up to Andy Reid to give Travis absolution on this.

      • Purplehazeforever says:

        Travis Kelce was out of line for what looked like an assault to me last night. It looked like Andy Reid was pissed & no one knows what he said to Travis privately. Naturally Andy Reid’s public comments would be different & I suspect Travis will be fined for his behavior. And dealt with internally but to say that’s it not up to Andy Reid to absolve him…who did Travis assault?He should have been benched. Many are correct, Belichick would have benched him, Superbowl or not. Belichick benched a player in the Superbowl for less. Travis does seem to keep the rage all on the field. I understand that this is red flag behavior but this is football, a violent sport. That sport turned my normally docile brother into a rage filled jerk one season. After the season was over he was back to his usual & never played football again.

      • BQM says:

        It is up,to Andy Reid, as the victim, to grant absolution. Doesn’t mean the nfl won’t find him though.

        I don’t think he shoved/pushed him. I zaprudered that thing. I think he was yelling and grabbed his arm. Reid was off balance like he said and obviously taken off guard. I mean he was concentrating on the plays. But when he regained it you could see Kelce had his hand on his elbow pulling towards him, not away. Plus as worked up as he was, if he shoved him Reid would’ve hit the ground. He definitely would’ve gotten ejected. But, even without any laying of hands, you can’t go yell like that at your coach. I’m sure he has a fine coming. But I can get Reid not wanting it to be a bigger story.

        Side note— I grew up with Reid as the “Iggles coach. I have a soft spot but a bunch of my diehard relatives so dislike him. Because Philly never got to the SB but once and they lost. They’d come so close. I always razz them for being ungrateful. 😆 But he’s definitely not beloved by all Philadelphians.

      • CaptainCrunch says:

        He isn’t going to take “ responsibility” for anything. He will excuse and minimize and starry eyed half-witts woill dismiss it saying “he is a good guy” and “passion “ nonsense. How you act in the heat of passion is who you are. There is no such thing as fairytales. He giving off red flags. Full stop. This also not me being negative toward swift. She has nothing to do with he behavior.

      • Cass says:

        For real, the amount of keyboard warriors up in arms about it without even being involved. I encourage anyone who thinks taylor is with an abusive man, to listen to the post superbowl new heights podcast.

    • Becks1 says:

      I knew people who were at the Ravens/Chiefs game and they said Kelce’s behavior was some of the worst they’ve seen – towards the Ravens and towards the fans. And the person who is saying this the absolute loudest is a HUGE Swiftie (she saw the Eras tour three times) – so its not an anti-Taylor stance at all.

      had the chiefs lost, his behavior would have gotten a lot more headlines this morning. As it is….everyone is going to shrug it off.

      And of course Andy Reid is going to defend Travis Kelce – that’s pretty meaningless.

      • Josephine says:

        had he been a black man the universe would have exploded with accusations of being a thug and worse. watched the game with multiple generations and everyone from child to people in their 80s had the same thought – he will get away with that with almost no pushback at all.

        i feel for san fran – they were one missed extra point away from winning and Mr. Irrelevant was the far better story this year! But such is football.

      • Fancyhat says:

        What? The Ravens played a dirty game and the fans were awful to the Chiefs. That is some revisionist history to make losers feel better. And as a lifetime Vikings fan, I’m used to losing.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Fancyhat – nah. I wasn’t at the game, but my husband was and his reaction was more “eh, of course Kelce’s an ahole, most of these players are” – but this person (the huge swiftie) was posting about it in real time. It wasn’t revisionist history.

        and it clearly went along with Kelce’s behavior last night.

      • Bren says:

        @Fancyhat – The Ravens didn’t play a dirty game. Ravens fans are known to be welcoming to opposing fans. Not so much Steelers fans if they act like a-holes, but for the most part, opposing team fans have good experiences at M&T Bank stadium.

    • Pinkosaurus says:

      That was messed up! Completely wrong for a player to yell at a coach like that, but they were hugging shortly after. I assume this is a reflection of their close relationship but I expect Kelce to apologize quickly because it’s not an acceptable example for younger players.

      • SAS says:

        I was so disappointed he didn’t apologise when asked about it after the game and joked about it being a “love tap”.

        GTFO with the “adrenaline running, a lot at stake, passion” defenders. There is no excuse for someone to scream in anyone’s face and grab them in the course of their work, no matter how “high pressure” it is (and honey, sports don’t count as a high pressure field).

        The man is 34 and has been to multiple super bowls, it’s embarrassing that he cannot control himself at this level at this point in his career. No surprise at disgusting behaviour being hand-waved by his coach and the NFL. (Sounds about white, also).

    • Mslove says:

      Football is a violent sport. It’s not surprising one of the players was acting like that.

      • Cass says:

        For real, the amount of keyboard warriors up in arms about it without even being involved. I encourage anyone who thinks taylor is with an abusive man, to listen to the post superbowl new heights podcast.

    • bisynaptic says:

      Agreed. If he’s willing to do that, in public, imagine what he’s willing to do, in private. Also: CTE is not your friend.

    • A says:

      Andy pushed Travis earlier on in the season too. In the pregame interviews, lots of players including Mahomes said Kelce was Reid’s secret favourite

    • Blithe says:

      Yeah, I was truly shocked by that. Are there no consequences? Is it all good — because they won a football game? Is this normal? Real question— I’m not a football fan, so maybe this is a widely accepted heat-of-the-moment thing? Is Taylor Swift’s dad ok with this? Taylor herself? Coach Reid? Kelce’s mom? At the time, I wondered if Mom Kelce was going to give him a stern talking to — just in case he wasn’t raised like that. I’ve been totally enjoying the cute Taylor Swift Travis Kelce fairytale show, but this incident totally changed that for me.

      Young Tamir Rice was killed by cops for playing with a toy gun. Raging football star publicly assaults a calm, white haired older man on film — and it’s apparently all good. Meanwhile, some people think the Real problem with America is that someone sang Lift Every Voice and Sing at the Super Bowl — “desecrating” an important cultural moment. I’m shaking my head and wondering what will make this make sense.

      • Becks1 says:

        It’s not normal. I’ve watched a LOT of football over the last 2 decades – way more than I want to admit. And it happens sometimes that a player yells at the coach, but that was not normal last night.

      • Blithe says:

        Thanks for the perspective @ Becks1. I was really shocked— that a player would touch a coach, that an adult would get in someone else’s face like that, and the visuals of Travis screaming while this white haired older man appeared to topple still trouble me. I’m glad to know that this isn’t a normal part of what passes for entertainment.

      • Harper says:

        Red flag for Taylor. It’s perfectly acceptable for Travis to feel passionate about the fumble but he’s a grown man and he’s physically intimidating and therefore there is even more onus on him to control himself when his passions are at their height. This has completely soured my enthusiasm for T&T.

    • Lisa says:

      We as a society really need to stop creating entire narratives and personalities of people off of moments on TV. Travis was out of line, unprofessional, and rude. I am more then confident that the coach who has from my understanding been in this for a very long time has dealt with this type of behavior before and Travis will be handled. We don’t need to know about it.

      This however, is not a reflection of his entire being. It isn’t a reflection of how he treats Taylor. It was a bad moment. One that all people have, now is he possibly a jack ass ? Yep. Is it possible he got overly invested and had a really bad moment on tv? Yes.

      • Bean says:

        👆🏻 This – I watch football (and have done my whole long life). Dude was hyped, it was the freaking Super Bowl. That doesn’t mean he’s like that all the time.

    • Cathy says:

      My first time watching NFL Super Bowl all the way through so I may be wrong with this but when I saw Travis push his coach and yell at him I thought it was manufactured drama for the camera and something for the folks watching at home to discuss? Or have I been watching too much reality tv? Like can a real housewife have a dinner party without a disagreement?

  9. SAS says:

    Over the central couple but here for the Dark Brandon tweet loooolllll!! Amazing work, comms team.

  10. Plums says:

    he’s so lucky the Chiefs won or his narrative would entirely be about him screaming in Andy Reid’s face and putting hands on him after their godawful first quarter. That was the viral story up until the second half made it a game again. As it is, it put a sour note on the night and I expect to see some major damage control this week.

    • Marie says:

      Andy has spoken several times on this already. He’s okay with it. They hugged it out.

    • Jais says:

      It was funny to watch all the pics of Travis yelling at his coach get replaced with pics of Travis kissing Taylor on the field. I agree that he was lucky they ended up winning and the storyline got shifted. That pic with a loss would’ve been worse. Not saying it’s a good pic with the win but he was v lucky that last minute TD happened.

    • Bean says:

      Since none of us are professional football players or coaches (and most likely have never played in a Super Bowl) – we should probably accept what they say. They’re good, we shouldn’t read more into it than that.

  11. Gutterflower says:

    The drinking was likely due to all the internet games of “chug your drink every time the camera shows Taylor (don’t do this you will die).”

    • Kebbie says:

      It happened during a commercial break. They put her on the Jumbotron and her and her friend saw themselves up there and started chugging their drinks. That’s funny if the drinking game is why they did it.

  12. Fina says:

    I must say, I am no fan of American football (a game that is supposed to be 60 minutes playing out over 4.30 hours, please not for me), also not super familiar with Taylor. But the whole cultural moment and gossip genius of it all made me follow this obsessively. Even her flight to LA. I am happy for her that he won and she did not fly all that way to see a guy in a very bad mood, because boy did he show that he does not deal well with disappointment (assaulting his coach, wtf?). But even if I say those were just the emotions of the moment. The more I follow this, the more I think they are not suited well. He really seems like a frat bro (the second time with the „fight for your right to party“ shtick, interrupting a thoughtful and humble speech by Mahomes with such bevahior. The more I compare to the guys she usually dates (who are or try to come across as more intellectual types) the more I think this is a rebound. Big cuddly hero, devoted to her, but in terms of eloquence, sophistication etc not her level. I understand why she would go for it, especially as in the US most girls dream of being picked by the star of the football team at one point in their lives, but I don’t think they would be happy together in the long run. Anyway, I hope it either ends well with both of them benefitting or I am wrong, as individually they both seem to be genuinely decent people.

    • Remage says:

      Well said. I do not care what Coach Reid said, it was utterly wrong of Kelce to put his hands and yell at him and it’s giving children who watch and play the game a disgraceful example on how to behave and disrespect not only an older person but your “boss”, shame on both of them, Kelce for doing it, Coach for dismissing the episode.
      As for Taylor, I think she is already looking for a way out, the way she patted his back while hugging was a good sign of how she is feeling about the guy and I don’t blame her, that boyfriend is going to jeopardize her “miss goody two shoes” persona, he is immature and scary. Run, Taylor, run.

    • Kc says:

      I was cringing so hard when Travis was scream-singing Viva Las Vegas and I really wish he’d let that Fight for your Right to Party go.

      I say this as someone who loves the Kelce brothers. They’re beloved hometown kids where I live and my family have been rabid KC Chiefs fans since the team started in 1960. I grew up watching my dad and older brother suffer through all the decades the Chiefs totally sucked so Mahomes, Travis, and Andy Reid are now family heroes. (I already love Andy because I was married to an Eagles fan during his era in Philly). All that to say, I was watching with my brother and sister and we all freaked when Travis came at Andy. I have no doubt Travis got HANDLED in the locker room but buddy needs to seriously chill the fuck out. I also agree with other commenters that if Travis was a Black man the reaction by the press and watchers would have far different.

      • Sass says:

        @KC I did not see the assault but I saw the screaming into the microphone at the end and I too was cringing. I couldn’t believe this was the guy Taylor Swift was into. I also noticed the pat on the back she gave him and had the same vibe…I think after what she witnessed last night, her impression of him has faded a bit. Maybe he was just excited there at the end and he’s more eloquent and sensitive when not riding a high, but the assault on his coach? Not acceptable in any way.

        I also don’t find him especially attractive physically. 😬

  13. bisynaptic says:

    I was getting swept up in the moment (the MAGA freakout, alone, is… chef’s kiss 💋), but I saw major red flags: Kelce appears to have serious anger-management issues, as evidenced by the way he tried to intimidate his coach. The feral scream he let out was also… a choice. Howard Dean had his Presidential campaign derailed, for less. And Kelce called Swift “baby girl”. Taylor Freaking Swift. 🚩🚩🚩 The longer he stays in football, the greater his risk for CTE. Imagine what he could do, if he were to get seriously angry at her. Run, Taylor, run.

    • Marie says:

      Lol. He said “come here girl” not “babygirl”.

      • bisynaptic says:

        That’s not what I first heard, but I hope you’re right!

        ETA: although even that’s somewhat concerning.

      • VilleRose says:

        While Travis’s assault on his coach was not a good look, I think it’s silly to police pet names for each other. Let’s not be ridiculous. I can’t see how Travis calling Taylor “baby girl” or “girl” is any of our concern. Couples call each other babe and baby all the time, it’s not a cause for concern. Travis yelling at his coach–that is valid to call out and be concerned about.

      • bisynaptic says:

        @Villerose, I’m not “policing” anything. I have no enforcement power. I’m merely pointing out that a man who chooses an infantilizing pet name for his adult romantic beloved raises a red flag.

      • VilleRose says:

        @bisynaptic: Lots of couples have pet names for each other and Travis said this in the middle of what was a very euphoric and celebratory moment for him and his teammates. A guy calling out to his girlfriend “come here girl” to kiss and hug her in celebration after a major victory/life moment is not a red flag. Also Taylor and Travis have been dating for over 6 months, I know pet names three days into a new relationship would be a “red flag” but this is not it. If Taylor didn’t like it, she wouldn’t tolerate it. As far as I’m concerned, she seemed incredibly jubilant and over the moon to be supporting her dude and she seemed very emotional at times out there on the field.

        Travis losing his cool and bumping violently into his coach–this is disturbing to see and definitely cause for concern.

      • BQM says:

        What’s infantakizing to one May not be to someone else. We lived in Germany for four years and had taken three semesters of German in college. I called, still call, my husband Liebchen which means Little Love. He’s 55 now. 😆 He calls me zaubermaus which means enchanted mouse. (We were looking up sappy nicknames in Germany for fun and that was one. He still uses it. 😆) I’m 53. We’ve been married 32 years.

    • Arizona says:

      Taylor called Joe Alwyn “baby boy” on her Lover album, are we saying she has CTE too? LOL.

    • Andrea says:

      Anger at other people usually then he will turn the anger on you eventually. I do worry for her regarding this. Some men are capable of never getting angry like this.

  14. Jkl says:

    Travis hugs his poor mom for .87seconds and then spends forever hugging Taylor.
    Common Travis do better. Hug your mom talk to your mom show her some respect and then spend the rest of the night with Taylor.

    • bisynaptic says:

      I noticed, too.

    • North of Boston says:

      I’m okay with that balance of attention from a grown man after a big event.
      Not like he ignored his mom.

      • Miranda says:

        Yeah. And they seem like a very tightknit family in general, so there’s nothing to suggest he meant any disrespect. Not to mention, his mom has experienced her son winning a Super Bowl before, and may have been happy to let Taylor bask in the moment for the first time and be proud of her man.

    • Bean says:

      Now you’re policing how long he hugged his mom for?! If his mom wanted to hug him longer, she would have!

  15. sunny says:

    That was a great win by the Chiefs on their season. I mean, for 2/3 of the season, they looked bad but they dug deep and made a great run.

    Last night. they didn’t play all that well(multiple turnover), they had less talent than the 49’ers, but they dug deep and all their championship experience and having the superior coach and QB was enough. For example, they turned the turnovers they got into points whereas the Niners struggled to do that. Shout-out to their punter who played an UNBELIEVABLE game.Their special teams and defence really carried them.

    Travis didn’t play well at all in the first half but when they made their second half adjustments, they started getting him some more touches and he came up huge in several places. The NFL didn’t show Taylor too much so hopefully people don’t complain.

    Congrats to the Chiefs! I feel terrible for Niners fans though, especially their D which played so great. And Kyle now becomes a coach on the wrong side of the only two Superbowl overtime losses. That man is absolutely going to be roasted by pundits as a coach who can’t get it done.

    Now that the season is done, I hope we see Travis with Taylor at a few more of her shows.

    • BQM says:

      Whoever blocked the extra point should’ve been mvp 😆 That point made all the difference.

      • sunny says:

        It had such a big impact on the game. But Kyle’s failure to commit to the run again is what did the niners in which is wild. During half time on the panel, JJ Watt was like, “Well, it seems Kyle has learned from his previous two losses the importance of sticking to the run. He needs to keep doing that.” Then he eased up on the run in the third. Why? It was perplexing. He also didn’t make adjustments as well as Andy did and aside from that beautiful call near the end of the first half, Kyle called a more conservative game. Buddy, you are supposed to be a play-calling genius, why the aversion to risk?

        Bout to be a long, painful off season for him.

      • Bean says:

        Moody shanked the kick – that was all on him. If he’d made it we would have been one point up. Sigh. There’s always next year.

      • BQM says:

        I have to disagree. The line allowed a chiefs player to penetrate and he got a hand on the ball. Just enough to send it off course. That’s not on moody. He’s not a lineman. And what an up and down night for him. He sets a SB record field goal only to have Butker come along break it. He lost a record and a SB and some people are blaming him. Rough end to his game.

    • Rnot says:

      @Sunny This isn’t directed at you because you’re describing reality and pundits are pundits, but I’m always baffled by this attitude. He’s “going to be roasted by pundits as a coach who can’t get it done.” It’s like the people who say they’d be so disappointed to win silver in the Olympics. Like, really? He coached the second best team in the league and was so evenly matched with number one that it went into overtime in the last game. It’s just unreasonable to call that a poor performance.

      • sunny says:

        Yup. Except The niners are much more talented roster than the Chiefs this season (4 players in the league MVP conversation most on offense) and his team was winning by double digits and this is third time he’s been in this exact situation in the superbowl. Plus, costly penalties which his teams have all done in Superbowls including multiple false starts from the Offense which often is a hallmark of being caught unprepared. Plus his players admitting they didn’t know the overtime rules? That is coaching.

        To let the Chiefs back in with some of his play calls is something he should get roasted for. That isn’t an accident. Some of the coaching decisions were suss.

    • Bean says:

      The Chiefs practiced overtime, the Niners didn’t. Some Niners are saying they didn’t even know the overtime rules changed two years ago. They never should have received the ball first, that took away their advantage of knowing what they needed to score to win. The game was good (loved those trick plays) but the overtime was poorly coached.

      • North of Boston says:

        Bean, those kind of people confound me. It’s a game, it has rules, and it’s up to professional (coaches, trainers, team strategists and yeah players) to know the current rules.

        IIRC that was said to be one thing that gave Belicheck an edge is that he would study the rules closely and come up with unexpected or even oddball plays that were completely legal, but that the opposing teams hadn’t planned for or imagined a defense for.

        Something as basic as kick or receive if the game goes into overtime should have been thought through by someone in the 49’s staff and shared with the people calling it because even though it was unlikely it would make a huge difference.

  16. Topaz555 says:

    My perception of Travis changed last night! He seems very immature and unable to control his emotions. No longer a fan!

  17. Libra says:

    What is up with Blake Lively doing the off the shoulder coat look? Taylor does this as well. Some new girl squad signal?

    • morgfunk says:

      If you look closely at full length photos, it appears Blake’s pants are connected to stilettos, kind of like the shoe pants Kim Kardashian wears, but these are loose fitting. It is so FUGLY and I’v never thought Blake has good fashion sense. She really doesn’t, but somehow she gets a pass. It’s strange.

  18. lisa says:

    is this her audition for cabaret? what on earth is she wearing?

  19. TIFFANY says:

    I was rooting for the Niners to go all the way last night.

    I don’t see how folks thought that game was boring when defense was tight the whole game that it went to OT.

    Also, I hope Nick does the game again next year because that was fun with SpongeBob and Patrick doing commentary. Or gets a another sport, maybe a college basketball game sometime this spring.

  20. Lorelei says:

    Question: do the NFL players get tested for performance enhancing drugs like other athletes? Travis’s outburst with his coach looked like someone on steroids to me.

  21. Mary Pester says:

    Sorry I couldn’t watch the game, but I would just love the amount of money the British rags wasted buying camera space and tickets, In the hope of being able to scream into their cornflakes that Harry and Megan had had a massive fight because they support opposing teams, and they hope Charlie strips them of their titles for daring to leave the house while the king is ill or kate is recov, ooo I better get over to Harry’s page, it’s tea time

  22. JulesB says:

    The more I see of Travis, the less I like him. The whole Coach Reid incident was a red flag, the man is 34 years old, he should be better at managing his emotions. The interesting part to me was seeing video clips of Taylor witnessing his juvenile behaviors (frat-bro antics, post-game stuff, the after party) she appeared to have the “ick” face at times. I feel like as women we can recognize that face – the realization that this is who you have hitched yourself too – so you can stay and try to make it work or get out as soon as you can. I don’t have any predications, but this is an interesting development in their relationship.

    • TheOriginalMia says:

      Not only 34 yo, but also a 2x SB champ. He’s not some young buck who can’t handle the pressure of a tight game. And full stop, if he had been black, omg the world would have freaked out and called him a thug, called for him to be kicked off the team, fined. It’s only because he’s white and dating Taylor that he’s getting a pass from the media and Swifties.

  23. VilleRose says:

    I didn’t attend a SB party this year and usually I don’t pay attention to the game because I’m chatting to friends or whatever. I just watched it with my mom, we are both recovering from colds and I watched most of the game (I missed the winning point though, oh well) for once and the commercials which was a nice change. Usually there’s too many people in the room for me to enjoy anything on screen because people are talking too loud so I end up watching the commercials online the next day. And I will admit, I was more emotionally invested this year due to the whole Taylor-Travis story happening off field. I was excited the Chiefs won and I stuck around to watch Taylor and Travis hug it out and kiss on the field and the whole trophy stuff. I admit to being super cheesy and finding Taylor and Travis very cute together.

    I forget if I caught Travis losing it on his coach live or not but I def saw the replays and I didn’t think much of it at first because I was too focused on the game. But it was absolutely not okay for him to do that to an elderly man, even if everyone says he has a great relationship with his coach. I don’t know if he has a history of doing this at games and I wonder how he’ll address this in his podcast, if at all. But had they lost, can you imagine being Taylor flying 12 hours (?) from Japan to watch him play and then deal with a sour and angry Travis after the game? It sucks to lose at a Superbowl but given how we saw Travis act out on his coach, I just wonder how he would have treated her after a loss.

  24. K says:

    KC was a mess that first half. And yes Travis acted like an ahole particularly with Andy Reid. Bad behavior even in football. I like Travis and I hope he steps up and apologizes. There is no excuse for that shit he pulled.

  25. Lisa says:

    Some people are truly looking for stuff to complain about and be negative because wow.

  26. Grace says:

    I guess I’m going to be “that person” and mention that as the Super Bowl kicked off in America, Israel started its bombing of Rafah – a part of Gaza that Gazan civilians have been evacuated into for the past few months, leaving them nowhere else to escape to. Israel is doing this – which can only be described as ethnic cleansing and genocide – with the financial and military support of the USA. How can you all focus on a popstar and her jock boyfriend when your country is complicit in an ongoing genocide, when it is responsible for the violent deaths of thousands of children? With that context, nothing Biden does, including that tweet, is funny at all. Dear Americans, do you understand why much of the world hates you?

    • Sass says:

      You must be new here. Ma’am, this is a celebrity gossip site. We can care about more than one thing at a time. Are you capable of the same or do you just pop up to shame strangers online who you assume aren’t as virtuous as yourself?

      • Grace says:

        Dear Sass, I don’t consider myself particularly virtuous at all. I mention this here because this atrocity was committed by Israel on purpose while the world (particularly America) was distracted by the super bowl, so it felt relevant.
        These last few months have been brutal, to those paying attention the hollowness of celebrity culture seems more clear than ever. On this site, when things turned dark with the election of Trump, the writers and readers turned to politics in quite a major way, which was appreciated by all. It was something that couldn’t be ignored by ordinary people. So why is what is happening now something that can be ignored? Quite telling I feel.

    • Andrea says:

      Americans don’t understand this until they travel abroad.

      • Sass says:

        @Andrea that is a fair statement and as an American who has done extensive travel abroad I can agree with that. It’s embarrassing to go to other countries and see how Americans behave. My first trip outside of the US was to Cuba and I did make sure to learn the language and stay on my best behavior; I still got asked why I voted for Trump (I didn’t). Still got told by another tourist from another country that I should swim back to Miami when I was waiting in line quietly and alone for a WiFi card so I could call my children. In Italy this summer we played a game called “spot the American” because it was so easy. People loudly talking about how much money they had, cutting in line, getting angry because churches wouldn’t let them in if they wore shorts, people bringing their 10yo children to dinner without any pants. It was embarrassing and it’s very clear to me why he ugly American trope exists. But I will absolutely be that one to say I’m “not like the other girls” in that respect. When you go to someone else’s home, you use your manners and respect their rules. Period.

      • Blithe says:

        For the record, most Americans haven’t traveled much domestically either. It makes it easier for them to ignore the needs and humanity of people that they /we decide to “other”.

      • Lalisa says:

        @Sass, reason people in the “other” part of the world hate Americans is not because some of you are loud on holiday. It should be understood that there are many “not loud” Americans travelling the world who are considerate and have good manners. The real reason is because your govt keeps bombing the shit out of countries, or helping their allies bomb the shit out of their countries, while acting like other people’s children’s lives don’t matter. Because they keep saying one thing (you are for peace and democracy and human rights), but doing the opposite (bombing innocents). Because you keep bragging about your democracy but then act all helpless when people are like, why are your tax dollars being used to kill babies? Hope this helps.

    • Blithe says:

      Dear Grace,

      I get it — I really do. I hope that you get that America is not a monolithic country. It includes many neighborhoods that people more knowledgeable than I refer to as “literal war zones”
      It includes bombing and obliterations of neighborhoods filled with children. You may have heard of the MOVE bombing? Or the School-to-Prison-Pipeline? Or the history of how our Native American communities were treated — which, to quote you, can only be described as ethnic cleansing and genocide?

      I say all of this to make two points:
      — As you excoriate “Americans”, please make some minimal effort to get who you actually might be talking to.
      — Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase: We laugh to keep from crying? Mentally healthy people do their /our best to find bright spots of joy and humor in the midst of trauma and devastation — if and as we can.

      The United States is — deliberately— an extremely divided country. Thanksgiving Day and the Super Bowl are two of the infinitesimally small number of things that make most (some?) of us feel that we have anything at all in common with each other. We tend to celebrate such moments even though they often last for 4 hours or less.

      tldr: I agree: Context is, indeed, important.

      A middle aged Black American who knows quite a bit about hate and hatefulness.

      • Grace says:

        Dear Blithe,
        Sincerely thank you for your thoughtful reply. I do not think of America as a monolith, and I am very aware of how many Americans are taking the risk of standing up for Palestine during this cycle of violence. In fact, I have spent some years in the US and have American friends. I respect your perspective as a Black American. I do not think or expect everyone to stop taking joy in sports or festivals.
        I am disgusted and devastated to see that children in Gaza are so “other” that people are not more upset as Israel used the distraction of the super bowl to carry out a massacre in Rafah funded with your tax dollars. I don’t say you should never smile or take joy, I object to this Travis/Taylor thing being the main news and topic of conversation, that people are amused by anything Biden does, that the children of Gaza don’t matter too much to most people in your country. But I think you do understand this.
        Best regards.

      • Grace says:

        Dear Blithe, I wrote a long response to your comment but it didn’t get posted and I really don’t have energy to write it again! But part of my comment was that I thank you for your thoughtful response, and I do respect your perspective as a Black American. Best regards.

    • La Dolce Vita says:

      As has been pointed out here before, if the Republicans were in government during this USA-funded genocide, you can be sure there would be coverage a-plenty about it on this site.
      Nevermind that we all knew long before he was voted into office that creepy old “Uncle Joe” was a predator towards women and children. Now we can add “pro-apartheid and genocide” to his list.

      • Talthor says:

        you think Trump wouldn’t be encouraging Israel all the way? the country that named a community in the West Bank after him? Give your head a shake.

        Trump Heights is a planned Israeli settlement in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights named after and in honour of Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States. Israeli settlements in the Golan Heights are widely regarded as illegal under international law, however, the Israeli government disputes this.

      • Grace says:

        Dear La Dolce Vita,
        Thank you, you get it.

      • La Dolce Vita says:

        Who mentioned Trump? I was talking about Biden being a creep and pro-apartheid.
        The same applies to Trump – the two are not mutually exclusive.
        People with very limited thinking are only able to view things through a Republican/Democrat lens and assume criticism of one is support for the other.
        I support neither.
        Liberate yourself from your limited binary tunnel vision.

    • BQM says:

      Well then the rest of the world, many with very dirty hands themselves, can eff right off. We can only do so much as the average person to affect our government and many try. But we’re mostly stuck waiting for November every two or four years to hopefully boot people out. But watching the news can drive one to a nervous breakdown so we come here to read gossip and snark before we go back to reading about Gaza. And Armenia, Ukraine, Sudan etc This smacks of “don’t you know there are children starving in the world so eat your food” guilt trip.

      And Joe is no predator. Give me a break. Especially with the pedo nonsense. Trump brags about it and just lost almost $90 million because he’s an adjudged rapist.

      • Lalisa says:

        @BQM, ok this is how you never take responsibility for anything, so well done.

      • La Dolce Vita says:

        Joe Biden is absolutely a predator.
        We’ve all seen the videos of him groping his way around women’s and children’s bodies. He’s a gross old creep.
        Added to that his sexual assault of Lucy Flores etc etc – women who excuse sexual assault and/or sexual harrassment when it is committed by a member of the party they vote for are shooting themselves in the foot.
        Again with the fatuous Trump references. Who mentioned Trump? It’s not an either/or. Both of them are serial sex offenders. Take off the binary blinkers.

  27. Sass says:

    I’m not into football, I’m mostly there for the snacks and the halftime show which this year was EVERYTHING I DREAMED AND MORE. Not a huge Taylor Swift fan either but it was fun to see her enjoying herself and getting to be with her boyfriend at the end. That last touchdown – I cackled when the player who made it said he blacked out 🤣

    In the first half, it was so bad for the chiefs and they kept cutting to Kelce and I kept yelling “OH NO TAYLOR’S BOYFRIEND IS MAD!” But we all got into it by the end and we were happy.

    Wondering if any Swifties saw the 49ers QB’s Jersey and thought it was a sign 🤣

    • Sass says:

      Adding that upthread people are mentioning Kelce’s angry behavior and I must have walked off at some point and missed something (I actually went and showered at some point so that’s likely when). I only saw him looking pouty, I didn’t see him flip out on the coach, so now I’ll have to go back and find the footage. That’s not great to hear :/

  28. Ameerah M says:

    Cool. Can they BOTH go away now? I’m sick of both of them. The overexposure is REAL.

    • Sue says:

      I don’t know about that. They do live a lot of their lives on the public stage so where are they supposed to go away to? They are the current media/social media sensation. Eventually someone else will come along.

    • Bean says:

      But you came here to comment? You can always just scroll past….

      • Ameerah M says:

        @Bean – I can comment just like everyone else hun. Even when I’m saying something you don’t like.

    • Lisa says:

      You know if you’re tired of them you can just not click on articles about them and ignore them. I don’t like any member of the royal family so I just don’t engage in stuff about them.

      • Ameerah M says:

        You know this is a website and I can comment on whatever I want right?

      • Lisa says:

        You absolutely can but you look ridiculous whining about them being over exposed when you actively seek them out. She was barely shown at the game last night and he was playing so of course he’d be featured. But if you don’t want to see, hear or discuss them then it’s truly easy not too. But choosing to seek them out then whining is sad.

    • La Dolce Vita says:

      @Ameerah M
      They are totally overexposed. And have been for a long time.
      Don’t worry though – going by the look on her face, she is already looking for the exit. Then the deranged Swifties (two of whom tried to shut you down) will eat their words vis a vis “Oh he’s just a hothead” “that’s totally normal in football” “He’s passionate” blah bidee blah

      • Purplehazeforever says:

        I think everyone who says Swift is looking for a quick exit is not paying attention. Were you not watching her repeatedly kissing & hugging Travis on the field? You’re analyzing a pat on the back? Okay, did you see her dance with him to Love Story at the after party? It was kind of cringe/ dorky…these two aren’t going their separate ways anytime soon.

      • La Dolce Vita says:

        Oh I saw the performance on the field alright. I’m not sure where you got the “pat on the back from” – I certainly didn’t mention it. I was talking about her mortified face when he sing-screamed “Viva Las Vegas!” repeatedly. One never expected intellect from this meathead but he’s tipped over into embarrassing now.

    • Macky says:

      At ameeerah and she is obviously setting him up to take the fall when it’s time to end it. Although, she might have to be cool to him. he technically doesn’t need her and in the beginning she needed him more.

  29. girl_ninja says:

    Me watching as the cellar dwellers, Fox News, Charlie Kirk, Megyn Kelly et al cry about the Chiefs winning because Taylor’s dating Travis & they both believe in science and democracy 🤣🤣🤣

    • Sue says:

      Second this. Not a football fan, or a Swiftie but I am so there for anything that makes a MAGA head explode.

    • DaveW says:

      They were also completely melting down over Andra Day and “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing,” aka the black national anthem. Cause, you know, “murica.” 🙄

  30. Mesha Nova says:

    Well, glad the Chiefs won. Because if they didn’t, we all know it would be 100% Taylor’s fault because she’s terrible, a distraction, the female curse, etc., etc. I bet they both felt a lot of pressure w/all the hype. Now ppl can shut up about her and maybe they can take a media break and chill somewhere far, far away. I can only hope…

    • Kebbie says:

      Isn’t she still on tour? I’m guessing we’ll be getting videos of him singing his heart out in Australia or wherever she has left to go.

      After seeing his little tantrum I’m calling it now, after they break up she’s going to have a song that references the TNT bracelet and compares their relationship to explosives lol

  31. ElleE says:

    Who is the woman in the third video who saying “goddamn I’m not doing it. Let go of me!”?

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