The Times: The palace is bewildered by Prince William’s refusal to step up

Roya Nikkhah at the Sunday Times must have gotten full briefings from Kensington Palace AND Buckingham Palace after a particularly chaotic week. Last Monday, BP announced that King Charles had been diagnosed with cancer. On Tuesday, Prince Harry arrived and had a 45-minute meeting with his father. On Wednesday, Prince William stepped out for the first time in weeks and appeared visibly under the influence. KP also briefed the media that William would not be stepping up or stepping out much in the coming months, and he would likely be out through Easter too, just like Kate. Throughout the week, there was an open briefing war between the royal courts as Camilla and William both screamed and raged about Harry and Charles’s meeting. It was a lot. Currently, we’re to believe that Charles and Camilla are staying at Sandringham and now the Waleses are staying at Anmer Hall (on the Sandringham estate). So, that’s the backdrop for this fascinating piece from the Times. Some highlights:

Charles will wave from cars: Charles, 75, will divide his time between Sandringham and Highgrove, and travel privately to London every week for his cancer treatment. Those close to him say “he is keen to be seen”, and will be driven in the state Bentley with its large windows wherever possible when he is in town. He may also release photos and video clips of his weekly audiences with Rishi Sunak, which will take place at Buckingham Palace and which he hopes to continue in person.

William refuses to be deputized: William remains determined to continue to put his family first, with aides making it clear he will not “deputise” for the King, who is fully supportive of his oldest son’s commitment to his family. The official palace line is that “the Prince of Wales may step in for His Majesty, nothing is scheduled currently, Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace are in constant communication and should the need arise, appropriate arrangements will be made”. But in such radically changed circumstances, will the heir to the throne realistically be able to maintain that stance? The coming weeks and months will test William’s resolve and his “unwavering commitment to duty” that aides often speak of.

Bewilderment in the royal court: Palace sources stress there is “no sense he is being pressurised” to increase his workload, and it is understood Charles has not asked William to pick up a raft of his cancelled engagements. In some royal circles, however, there is a slight sense of bewilderment at William’s determination to so fiercely protect his boundaries when it comes to his diary.

William is frozen with shock: Those close to him say that he is still digesting the shock of his father’s diagnosis so soon after his wife of almost 13 years — his partner since they were both students at the University of St Andrews — having major surgery, while also contemplating what the shifting sands mean for his role and his family’s future. A royal source says: “At times like this, it is a reminder that as well as being the future head of state, he is also a human being. He is processing the news of his father having cancer as a human being. Given the seriousness with which he takes his role, of course it is something he will be thinking about.”

Charles & William will meet in Norfolk: Time in Norfolk will give him space to think and talk things through with the King. It helps that a father and son relationship that was previously tricky, particularly when Charles controlled William’s purse strings for his household which is funded by the Duchy of Cornwall income, has matured in the right direction in recent years. Those who see them together say that the occasional petulance on both sides, though not gone completely, has shifted, and they are much more aligned “on what needs doing and what doesn’t”.

Who will go to the Commonwealth service? The first big set piece where the new royal order will swing into action and things will look different is the annual Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey on March 11, which is usually led by the monarch. Charles broke with tradition last year and read out his Commonwealth message at the abbey (the late Queen used to issue a written statement). Camilla, who is expected to attend as the most senior royal, will represent the King and lead the royal family in the procession. Still under discussion is whether Charles will remotely record his Commonwealth message or whether William might read it aloud.

William isn’t skipping a memorial service for his godfather: William is also expected to attend a memorial service later this month in London for his late godfather and the King’s great friend, King Constantine of Greece, though if Camilla decides to attend, once again, she would be officially representing Charles.

Oh, now William expects to go back to work in late February? After the week-long holiday, William will be back to his regular diary of engagements, though his attendance at the Baftas on the final night of his children’s half-term — February 18 — will depend on how things are at home. “After spending half-term with the children, you can expect to see the Prince of Wales return to work in a more normal way, in the knowledge that he will still be supporting his wife and still be doing the school run and pick-ups,” a royal source said.

William doesn’t want to overshadow his father: He is also mindful of not being seen to step prematurely into Charles’s shoes, an issue he and Catherine have long been conscious of, particularly with their media coverage which historically, before Charles and Camilla were King and Queen, tended to be more positive, an issue that Charles has long been sensitive about. A friend of William’s said: “He’s very attuned to the fact that he doesn’t want to tread on any toes — the King is still the King.”

All evidence to the contrary: While a close friend of William’s has said he is “fully accepting of doing his duty and fulfilling what the public expect of him, without paying too much attention to what he would like to have done in another world,” he has never been a hurry on the path to kingship.

[From The Times]

There are several mentions of William resisting “being swallowed whole by duty,” as if asking him to do three events a week while his dad has cancer is the most disgusting and crass thing anyone would have suggested. Like, everyone is well aware that William is deeply lazy, incapable and unprepared. From the look of it, Charles wants his heir nowhere near state business or anything important. Instead of just leaning into his severe limitations and just doing a handful of bread-and-butter events a week, William is now paralyzed with a well-earned sense of imposter syndrome. He isn’t even trying to play catch up or working behind-the-scenes to become more prepared, should the worst happen. All he’s doing is hiding and day-drinking (by the looks of it). Also: William skipped his godfather’s Athens funeral and it would be bonkers if he skipped the London memorial for King Constantine. But no BAFTAs! LOL.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Instar.

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182 Responses to “The Times: The palace is bewildered by Prince William’s refusal to step up”

  1. Tessa says:

    William does not want to overshadow is father. Lol. Is he for real. He disappears and shows up for two events one do an awards show.

    • Jais says:

      That’s what gets me. William isn’t doing any work let alone any of his dad’s engagements. He doesn’t even have his own schedule of work to add into. He’s refusing to do work bc of his wife’s planned and successful abdominal surgery and having to do the school runs. Whilst he has nurses and a nanny. It’s a joke.

      • Shawna says:

        Isn’t the consensus on here also that they have more than one nanny but keep Nanny Maria in front prominently to distract from that fact?

      • Gabby says:

        I know I read somewhere there were more nannies. Maria is probably the head nanny.

      • Becks1 says:

        There is definitely more than one nanny. Maria can’t work all day every day, 52 weeks out of the year.

      • Vik says:

        Yes, they have more nannies. They all had/have several, it’s just that usually only the head nanny is known. Charles & Diana at the time also had more than one. If you want 24/7 to be covered, you need several, the more kids, the more nannies. They must have about 3 nannies total.
        It’s known because 1. it makes sense that they have several and 2. they advertized for nannies in The Lady.

    • Chuckles raised a very lazy brat. So why all the wonder of him not stepping up.

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      Charles amassed a huge body of work as PoW and managed not to overshadow his mother.

      Just sayin’.

      My gods these “working royal men” are emotionally fragile af.

    • Indica says:

      This is what happens when you give into a man-baby’s tantrums. Every time they tried to get him to step up when he was younger, he’d have a tantrum and… they’d give in.
      He has no work ethic. He has no desire to have a work ethic. He will never have a work ethic. Their shock at this is so performative.

      • Kelly says:

        William has lost a ton of weight, he has dark circles under his eyes. He looks like a person who is very stressed and is going through a difficult time. And when I’ve gone through difficult times, I’ve taken a step back from work for my mental health – I certainly haven’t been led by some noble sense of duty, I’ve had to focus on my wellbeing. This whole scenario underscores that a monarchy isn’t relevant in modern times, and we’re not a trauma-informed culture.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Kelly, I think if we were talking about anyone else here, most of us would agree with you. Obviously people shouldn’t have to sacrifice their mental health because of their jobs.

        But William is a COMPLETELY different story. The key part of your comment is that you’d “take a step back from work” — because typically, you do actually work! William has been famously lazy for decades, and this is the first time that any sort of pressure is being put on him to step up. And instead of stepping up in any way, he’s in hiding, and when he briefly came out of hiding last week, he was clearly under the influence of something and could barely stand up straight.

        If William had been steadily increasing his duties ever since he got married, and if he hadn’t been allowed to just run off, disappear, and do basically nothing for months on end for the past 10+ years, he wouldn’t be in this position. If he’d done even a fraction of what Charles did as POW, I don’t think anyone would deny him some time off right now to deal with everything. But he does nothing to begin with.

        Presumably you’ve actually been working full time to begin with, so yes, in your case I think anyone would say you absolutely deserve a break if things are tough. William’s situation is of his own making.

      • MY3CENTS says:

        This is what happens when you work for a company you can’t get fired from.

      • Jaded says:

        @Kelly — the difference is you probably work full-time, and sometimes the pressures of work/family life become too much. Some people thrive in that kind of environment (usually the senior-most people) while others need to retreat and regroup. The difference is that William is lazy, disinterested, and has never focused on *real* work like his brother has. He seems to have lost his moral compass along the way and has shown he prefers the life of a louche, arrogant, upper class twit. I’m sure Charles finally realizes that his son is a complete liability and whatever happened to Kate has strengthened his resolve to keep William out of the public eye because every time he is called upon to do something substantive, he effs it up.

      • Proud Mary says:

        The thing about expressing sympathy for William’s mental health struggles baffles me, given Williams own callous behavior towards his brother’s. Remember “I’ve put my arms around my brother and I can’t anymore?” That statement was leaked to William’s favorite media toady at the Times, Roya Nikka, at a particularly difficult time for the Sussexes– during the South Africa trip when Meghan was seen crying on camera because of the deluge of media abuse she endured throughout her pregnancy and while she was nursing an infant. During that same time William authorized KP staff to openly use Harry’s mental health against him-, wherein they repeatedly referred to Harry as “fragile”. Omid Scobie’s attempts to discuss this highly insensitive and vile behavior during the BBC documentary was excised. Moreover, William has openly cooperated with the British tabloids against his brother. I’m sorry, but he deserves zero sympathy given his atrocious behavior towards Harry and Meghan.

      • Christine says:

        It astounds me that anyone has breath in their lungs to defend Willnot. He has never worked an honest week in his entire life, less since QEII died, despite the media trying to convince the entire planet that he and Kitty are stressed beyond belief because the Sussexes can’t help shoulder their burden.

        The two of them have less engagements, per year, TOTAL, than Chuck and Anne, individually.

        They are right, only because the Sussexes can’t help, because they are working their asses off.

        It’s all bullshit, #abolishthemonarchy They will still be ridiculously rich, beyond our comprehension, due to the ability to shield every bit of their finances from public view. I’ve told my 14 year old to tell his grandchildren to pay attention when Philip and QEII’s wills are unsealed, because it is going to be very, very funny. JFC, the long con of that family is something Donald Trump is definitely applauding.

    • AlpineWitch says:

      All points towards the undeniable truth —> Petty Bill is a lazy ar*e who would like to enjoy only the perks of being the heir but not the duties.

      “Abolish the monarchy” should become policy in the UK.

    • Couch Potato says:

      Keen must have forgotten that at the Chelsea garden show. And Keen and Willnot were very carful not to step on Chucky’s toes when they were late for his coronation.

      • Debbie says:

        Not to mention all the articles saying out loud that the monarchy should skip a generation and Charles’s turn, and just crown William.

    • eve says:

      He is probably not allowed. If I remember one thing from Spare, it is Harry defending William about the lazy part and himself being paranoid to be called the same as ALL attention need to go to PA (same for Kate) and seen how much Charles is strutting himself these days, even choosing cars with extra big windows – I doubt Willy is allowed to even breath.

  2. Pinkosaurus says:

    I’m kinda glad thinking Charles has frozen out William like when he left the country to avoid Harry. William did something to piss off his father and BP is refusing to cover for his lazy rear this time. I wonder if William had a temper tantrum about advice on more publicly visiting Kate, etc. so BP’s gray men are just going to let him twist in the wind and not clean up after him like they’ve done so far? All just speculation of course. Charles can be petty and Camilla is vicious, but the gray men are absolutely ridiculous.

    • Shawna says:

      If it’s BP not covering for him by seeming to cover for him, that would be a good PR move for Charles. “The king would never expect William to help” makes Charles look stoic and empathetic, while leaving the public to make their own conclusions about how it makes William look.

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        Any coverup scheme coming from BP – esp. as relates to What Really Happened To Kate – is to save Chuck and his own reign from scandal, not his heir’s.

        Charles is notoriously non-confrontational, so pulling duty away from W and effectively ordering him to stand down is his way of punishing W. But what did W do that merits punishment now? Because laziness has been his MO since he reached adulthood… this isn’t a new vibe, this is just his character. Fixed and immutable.

        If this is making W feel irrelevant it would explain the rage briefing spree against his brother. Self soothing behaviour?

      • Shawna says:

        That checks out – self-soothing! The rest of us just fiddle with our hair or something….

    • EasternViolet says:

      I had the exact hunch. I think the Queen did this to Charles at different points as well.

  3. SussexWatcher says:

    Now I understand all of the leaked articles from MaMidds about her daughter being the glue that holds the Peg together. With her vanished from the face of the earth, we’re seeing how Pegs can’t even function. Can’t stay sober, can’t work more than once a quarter, can’t be seen in public, can’t do fun engagements like the Baftas, can’t step in for his father, can’t cut ribbons, can’t be apart from his children but also is never seen on school runs, can’t can’t can’t. He’s an absolute disgrace and pathetic excuse for an adult. Especially one who should have been preparing for this, literally, since the day he was born.

    Welp, British media and people of the UK, I hope you’re happy with your Leftover Royals. Good luck with the reluctant and incapable heir.

    • SCAR❤️❤️❤️❤️ says:

      Wonder if Willy is dipping into Kate’s meds.

    • Andy Dufresne says:

      💯 @Sussexwatcher!

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      SussexWatcher, I don’t think it’s as simple as that. I think Wont did something and he’s being frozen out by the family. I’ve never thought that he did something to KHate, but I think whatever he did do, she’s staying away from him just as everyone else is. I think we all believe that the two of them have been living separate lives now for at least two years (although I suspect longer). She hasn’t been around him enough to hold him together.

      • roooth says:

        Most abuse survivors can tell you that anyone who has had years of giving red warning flags about his violent, abusive, out of control temper, like Willy, is someone who is a potential abuser.

        There’s something wrong with the RF’s behavior since Kate’s disappearance. I think Willy hurt her badly enough for her to need emergency treatment and something went wrong, possibly a post-op stroke, which could leave her partially paralyzed and/or unable to speak, and that’s why they aren’t showing her.

        No one has seen Kate, the children, or her family, since Christmas. Somethin ain’t right

    • TarteAuCitron says:

      I can believe this. Kate likes exerting control in her own way over things like her image and figure. I can see her trying to be the perfect SAHM, . “Never putting a foot wrong” brings it’s own level of stress and anxiety.
      Kate is stuck with 4 kids basically, but is that how she wanted it? Make William so dependent on her that he has to keep her around?

  4. atlantababe says:

    just bizarre to be so unapologetically lazy. he doesn’t even try to appear busy or fake something. his father has cancer and he does nothing and gets away with it.

    • acha says:

      I had cancer and had to work full time while undergoing treatment, and so did my family. it’s the height of being spoiled to think he can still go spend all day with his crush up in wherever when he really is needed right now. Epic fail on behalf of William.

      But again, it could be because William is part of the problem.

      • HuffnPuff says:

        Yes, your experience is much like everyone else, @Acha. It’s terrible that we risk our livelihoods to do any sort of healthcare whether it be for ourselves or family members. Then we look at the RF who have oodles of staff that take care of the majority if not all of their daily household chores. W isn’t even ill or at least we have not been informed of him being ill. His wife is well cared for so there’s no need to stay home for her. The kids are on a school holiday and while we know that’s always been an excuse for W&K to take off too, I’m sure they won’t be jetting off to Mustique right now.

        They are showing their privilege and they are showing how unnecessary they are. If I were W and wanted to keep the status quo, I’d be doing my fair share of appearances right now, school holidays be damned. No one aside from W thinks hiding in Norfolk is a good strategy right now.

  5. Scout says:

    And…..there is no doubt in my mind, that William blames Harry for abandoning him and creating this ‘difficult’ situation of having to do a tiny amount of work.

    And I bet William seethes about it every second of every minute of every hour of every day.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      💯 this ^^

      You know he is stomping around, crying and throwing things and obsessing over how this is all Harry’s fault for meeting and marrying Meghan.

    • Carmen says:

      The tabloid writers are posting hilarious crap articles about how the Sussexes should come back to the UK to help William in his time of need. Like Harry would even think of bringing Meghan and the kids back into that hellhole. William made his bed, he can damn well lie in it. William knows he can’t function without Harry and he hates Harry all the more for it.

    • Moniquep says:

      As I was reading this article it became very clear that this is what Bulliam considers to be Harry’s betrayal. Harry was supposed to be his work horse so he (W) could kick back and take credit for the work. W was taught that was H’s sole purpose in life and he could treat him however he wanted. In his mind Harry was never supposed to have his own life and happiness, and that’s what is burning his gills. Not to mention, Harry got the top prize in the wife lottery!!

      Oh, the part about W & K being together since their school days! let’s not forget that W spent 10yrs looking for someone else to marry. That made me chuckle.

      • MrsCope says:

        Wills had a very specific narrative and trajectory carved out for his brother. Not the smartest, but a cheeky foot soldier who I trust to work on my behalf around the globe because he’ll still stand in my shadow. Everything he’ll have is because I allow him to have it, and I’ll disparage him at every opportunity (in a funny, big brother way of course!)

      • Lady D says:

        Yup, thought he had his own personal slave for life.

      • Couch Potato says:

        I don’t think Willnot made such clear observations. I think Willnot was sure HE did the work, that he was the main attraction, he was the diplomat and statesman. I think he considered himself to be the one people wanted to meet and make agreements with, while he thought Harry was just a court jester.

        The few outings Willnot and Kannot did, was often with Harry. When Harry and Meghan got married it left W&K to do their own engagements and it became clear who was the actual diplomat and statesman. It got worse (for TOB) by Meghan’s excellent work with the cook book and smart work collection. When H&M split from the Royal Foundation, it became obvious who was behind the various projects. It became clear that Willnot and Kannot weren’t bringing anything to the table. The longer it went, the more it became obvious that Harry, not Willnot, is the statesman. That’s what he can’t forgive

  6. Blithe says:

    Ahhh! THAT’S why William is so lazy! Lol I’m sure Charles and the entire tax paying country appreciate William’s diffidence— in the service of the Crown.

  7. Amy Bee says:

    The Palace has to be panicking about this. Not only because William refuses to
    work but because Harry and Meghan are going to overshadow the royal family this week. Once again Harry has been proven to be right when he said that Charles and William felt trapped and that no one wanted to be the monarch.

    • Tina says:

      If we don’t see the leftover royals everywhere this week I’ll be shocked. I can’t believe they would basically concede a week of good press to H & M. If we don’t see Kate in some video or photo this week it must be incredibly bad behind the scenes. They never let an announced event with them go without trying (and failing obviously but trying) to compete.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Tina, even if all of the leftovers are out in force, it won’t even matter because they’re all duller than dishwater and the Sussexes will dominate the coverage anyway. For all I know, Sophie, Edward, and Anne are all out there today doing….something, but no one* knows or cares because they’re so mindnumbingly boring.

        *Sorry, one person cares, that lady Gert who keeps a calendar of all of the royal engagements. She cares. No one else, though.

    • Snaggletooth says:

      What did Charles think was going to happen with the slimmed down monarchy? He already knew William’s character. I guess he really counted on controlling Harry and on him crawling back, hat in hand, ready to be a slave for that family.

      I’m really starting to understand all those articles hinting that William would need his brother that came out when HM left. William was already in much worse shape than anyone knew.

      • Betsy says:

        Maybe Charles has been a secret republican this whole time and knew full well what would happen with a slimmed down monarchy, especially with Harry gone. Maybe he’s doing a long con to end the monarchy.

        I’m mostly jesting, but it would be funny, like a Dr. Who episode in which some tortured, long acting machine can only affect change by working incrementally.

        Or, following the Dr. Who theme, maybe they’ve all become werewolves.

  8. Etha says:

    Why does he hate “work” so much? It’s really a mystery. His work is so simple but he just resists and resists and resists.

    • Lady D says:

      Work is for slaves, and what he had planned for Harry his whole life. He is William and he does not do the work of slaves. He literally can’t put himself in Harry’s place and work for the people. He is incapable of wrapping his mind around the fact that HE is the one who has to work.

    • Eurydice says:

      William is a multi millionaire and the ultimate nepo baby. He doesn’t have to work for a living and he has no royal responsibilities. There’s no reason for him to work…so he doesn’t .

      • Debbie says:

        There are also no consequences for William not working. The BM still covers up for his laziness and he still becomes king when his daddy dies so, he figures, “why work?”

    • Lorelei says:

      @Etha, it does seem like he’s spent so long putting all of his time and energy into resisting his fate that he’s lost sight of the fact that the “work” he has to do isn’t that hard at all, and he has the ability to shape his schedule to a great extent.

      But he’s been in the pattern of resisting for so long, it’s as if he doesn’t know any other way to live.

    • A Magi says:

      I have wondered whether PW’s brain was damaged (frontal lobe? center of judgment?) when he suffered the golf club injury at age 8 because the surgery he underwent was likely in order to relieve pressure on his (growing) brain. Is he, perhaps, such an extreme introvert who can’t get through a public engagement without some help from alcohol or drugs? In any case, his compulsive hatred of and cruelty to Harry and Meghan is pathological and dangerous. Could KCIII require PW to undergo therapy?

      • roooth says:

        I wondered about long term effects from the head injury too. Some of the things he says and does seem to come from an 8 year old level. “I’m going to end homelessness.” is an example – that’s something a child would say, like, “I’m going to go to Mars.”. And those weird slippers he wore to the Top Gun premier, not only did he get them embroidered with jet planes (?!?), but he made a point of showing them off to every single cast member from the movie, to get their response. Like a kid! Look at my shoes! they have jets!! Aren’t they cool!!

        Somethin ain’t right

  9. sasatea says:

    Isn’t this the same man who was just weeks ago talking about ways he would rule differently and have his own way of doing things? You would think he would be ecstatic and that he had plans after all these years. This would be seen as a golden opportunity for some good PR and to cement himself as the international leader he claims himself to be but there’s literally nothing.

    • Jais says:

      Why yes it is the same man. About the only thing he has shown himself capable of doing is briefing against family members.

    • Smart&Messy says:

      Right?? And it would be easy too! Just be seen doing something consistently. No need to go crazy, like going for impact or substance. Just be tapped actually taking the kids to school ONCE, visit a charity two days later. The press would praise him to the high heavens for stepping up, like a true single hunky statesman. That he doesn’t go for it is bonkers.

    • Moniquep says:

      Yes, but his way of doing things, is not doing anything. I believe the announcement involves cutting out royal patronages and having all the focus on the Waleses.

  10. Cessily says:

    Hope he keeps helping the British republican movement.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      William, the stealth republican. At this point, that really is the most logical explanation.

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      Based on what I’m seeing of Twitter, he’s absolutely helping the Scottish Indy movement… and Wales’ Indy movement as well. Maybe he’ll cheese off Cornwall and they’ll go rogue too for a Celtic Hat Trick. Cue tabloid cries of “Going Bodmin” while they struggle to find some way to blame Harry for it all.

  11. Carmen says:

    Worthless trifling good-for-nothing… his grandmother stepped up to the plate when she was only 25, what’s wrong with this lazy lummox? He wants the title and all the perks that come with it but none of the responsibilities. And Kate — if she’s still showing signs of life — is even more useless than he is.

    • Lorelei says:

      Elizabeth is rolling over in her grave right now, seeing what a total mess they’ve made of things in the only 18 months or so that she’s been gone!

  12. Nanea says:

    “The palace is bewildered by Prince William’s refusal to step up”

    Not only the palace.

    I’m sure the percentage of people supporting the monarchy decreasing week after week is directly influenced by the Wailses’ laziness.

    Just imagine people staying home indefinitely while a loved one, who is looked after by a huge staff *and* two nurses, is sick – and expecting full pay.

    That kind of unrealistic fairytale wouldn’t even have been imagined by the Brothers Grimm.

    • Lorelei says:

      The article actually says there’s only a “slight sense of bewilderment.”

      You can always count on Nikkah to BS her way through any story. Her coverage is a joke.

  13. Shawna says:

    “After spending half-term with the children, you can expect to see the Prince of Wales return to work in a more normal way….” I doubt even that. The calendar will shift again in a few weeks, and KP will hope no one notices.

  14. Zen says:

    Why the constant emphasis on doing school runs? Both for Kate and William. Could it be that is the only time they actually spend with the kids? I’ve never in my life seen a school run given such importance and sacredness. It’s like a broken record how much it’s mentioned.

    • Snaggletooth says:

      I honestly think it’s because it’s the only concrete task they can point to having to do with the kids. I don’t know why they don’t make up stories about helping with homework or laying out their clothes at night? Maybe that’s too far fetched for any English aristo.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      They probably think that doing the school run makes them seen normal and relatable.

      • Linda says:

        Ugh. I do the “school run” every day and work full time. I sit in the car lane with my laptop open and often on conference calls. I’m really lucky I can work from home and do it, but I can’t stop my work day.
        The school run canceling a whole day’s work kills me… rant over.
        Honestly, I think Will dreams of the perks of being King, but is crapping his pants now that his Dad’s health/rein is in question. Be careful what you wish for Will!

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      It’s become such a joke at work that people are saying “won’t be in, I’ve got to do the school run!”

      So, Wills is a meme! Finally, a purpose.

      • Lorelei says:

        That’s the thing! There *have* actually been photos of both W and K doing the school run! I remember Kate was fully made up and wearing pearls in one of them and we all laughed because those of us who do it are in pajamas at best. So even though there haven’t been any photos in ages, I guess we’re just supposed to believe they’re still doing it.

        IIRC, the photos we saw of them on their precious school runs were when the kids were going to school in London, so maybe it was just easier for the paps to get photos then? But considering how much the Wails go on and on about the stupid school run, you’d think they would have set up a couple of days with some of their favorite photographers to show proof that they do it in Windsor, too. But nope, nothing.

        I guess that would entail William having to get up early and go over to Adelaide in the morning to stage the whole thing, and he doesn’t care *that* much. He just tells everyone he does the school run and expects everyone to believe it. Just like we’re told he’s a global statesman and are supposed to believe that, too, lmao.

      • BQM says:

        No, it was in Windsor if I’m thinking of the right one. It was when the queen died and Kate didn’t go to Balmoral.

    • Vik says:

      I’m convinced it’s because of Diana. Diana was the first royal to actually take her kids to school and do the school run herself and was pictured countless times doing it. That was part of the whole “Diana is down to earth and a hands-on mum contrary to the usual aristocratic and royal upbringing”. Charles was the first generation to even go to school. Liz’s parents neglected Liz’s and M’s education completely and Liz had to catch up as adult with tutors from Eton (though at least Mary was allegedly appalled by the lack of education and then the girls got a better deal, though still terrible).

      Anyway, WanK use this mould left by Diana as their own. It’s part of their “hands-on down-to-earth middle-class normal parents” bs. It’s their PR and copy-keening Diana, nothing else.

  15. SCAR❤️❤️❤️❤️ says:

    William is clearly showing WHY Harry & Meghan had to be run out. Willy knew how little he and Kate intended to do. He did not want the British Public doing a real time, similar circumstances, side-by-side comparison of the Sussex’s to themselves.

    That comparison is still happening, regardless of where the Sussex’s live; which is why Bowers and Morgan are preaching obliteration.

  16. Harper says:

    How can William need more time to recover from Charles’ cancer diagnosis than Charles himself requires? And I’m calling BS on the idea that Kate travelled to Norfolk with the family. I think Kate is still hospitalized elsewhere and William is being kept away from Charles on purpose–most likely by Camilla’s orders.

    • seaflower says:

      I was wondering if K is at Wood Farm at sandringham it was apparently fitted out like a hospital for Phil.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        Maybe that’s where she’s been all along.

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        Ding! Yup. BP is controlling the narrative now, and fixing KP’s mess over the “Where is Kate” narrative.

        Whatever happened to her happened at Sandringham estate, and she’s not left there. Charles has now installed himself there to keep an eye on her status (and also protect her from W??), and after last week there clearly became a growing need to bring KP’s narrative of where she is over to Sandringham via this Staycation article, in preparation for any official statment of bereavement. I firmly believe there was a death scare w/ her last week. For 2 days UK media wore black – a Royal protocol – and the day of Chuck and H’s meeting, both men, and additionally Camilla, were all papped wearing black. Press were even papping other royals in the vicinity looking for clues (Beatrice and Edo).

        It appears to have quieted down this week, but there’s still something undefinable in the air.

    • Snaggletooth says:

      Harper this is such a good point. The only way it makes sense that William is more freaked out by Charles’ cancer than Charles himself is if Wills is totally panicking over the prospect of becoming King.

      I will always maintain that the job of being the actual monarch IS work—a lot of work. In college I watched a documentary about a day in the life of QE2 with my mom that really stuck with me. It was just nonstop ceremonies, commemorations, yada yada. You want to sit down? Change into something more comfy? Watch a tv show? Too bad, you have to stand around for 10 hours presiding over some pantomime, antiquated bs. Even back then my first thought was “damn that cute blond prince is gonna have to do this? That sucks.”

      • Lorelei says:

        @Snaggletooth, it especially makes sense if one pays enough attention to know how little William cares about Kate. Most of us here can see the way he treats her in public, with such disdain. He probably always keeps divorce in the back of his mind. So it makes perfect sense that he would be far more upset about Charles’s cancer because that affects HIM.

        Once Chuck goes, William is king, game over. It’s probably fairly easy for him to put Kate out of his mind, but this is different.

    • Unblinkered says:

      Replying to Harper
      “How can William need more time to recover from Charles’ cancer diagnosis than Charles himself requires?”

      Hilarious, and sooo true

    • roooth says:

      If Chuck doesn’t see Willy face to face, he can’t ask him to his face what he did to Kate. Same with Willy not being seen by any media, they can’t ask about Kate. Same with her now invisible family, they can’t be asked if they aren’t seen.

      It’s amazing how willing they all are to play the game, even when it’s over life and death. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s on life support. And I honestly expect to wake up one day soon and find they’ve announced she passed peacefully in her sleep from whatever they come up with. I hope I’m wrong, but damn, this is like so many events from the history of the monarchy

  17. Becks1 says:

    My god, he really is the laziest, most entitled person…..he “might” go to the BAFTAs at the end of his children’s school break, if that’s not too much for him?

    Also, appreciate how this piece comes out and says that William and Charles’ relationship has changed significantly now that William is the duke of cornwall. Never forget how fast he and Kate changed their social media after QEII died.

    But also, now Charles has that much less to use to control William.

    • seaflower says:

      Oh but you forgot about his “unwavering commitment to duty” snort.

    • ShazBot says:

      I kind of wonder if, in addition to malignant narcissism, William has Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and that’s why they tiptoe around and don’t want to come off as telling him to do things. Maybe he literally just cannot handle having to do something that comes as a “command” or expectation.

      (ETA a quick google of ODD in adults sure sounds like him to a tee!)

      • Supersoft says:

        Ouch. This seems to be the case with my ex husband. Never knew thered exist a term for his antics.
        Thanks for mentioning it. It surely might be the case for Wills.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        In an old documentary he bragged about doing the opposite of what he was advised to do

      • Unblinkered says:

        I wonder if he’s what used to be called highly strung – all that rapid eye blinking to me indicates impatience and irritation.
        He possibly can’t cope with doing ‘royal engagements’ let alone stepping up, he doesn’t have the attention span?

      • AmB says:

        I know it’s in the DSM and all so there should be objective criteria for diagnosis, but speaking just as a layperson, ODD kind of sounds like just being a jerk.

        Or a toddler. (Apologies to the millions of well-adjusted, well-behaved actual toddlers out there, whose ages are, ahem, in the single digits.)

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, that was a delicious bit – Charles can’t even evict William from all his homes.

      I also love how “the occasional petulance on both sides” hasn’t gone completely. Is this the first mention of trouble in paradise? We’re told often how BP and KP don’t coordinate or how there may be miscommunication/jealousy/infighting between the two – but always in a collective sense, not with Charles and William actually named.

      • Lauren says:

        Actually all of William’s houses are either on Charles’ private property or crown property so Charles could kick William out. But William has the money to buy his own property, like Charles did with Highgrove, or he could use some of the many properties owned by the Duchy of Cornwall

      • BQM says:

        The duchy bought Highgrove for Charles as a young man. William technically owns it now. But Charles was given a life lease so William can’t do to him what he did to Harry.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      I’m sure the BAFTA’s will be relieved if he doesn’t show.

  18. nutella toast says:

    Where’s the grace for Harry facing the reality that his father has cancer (as a human being)? That wording is so weird. Like they have to humanize William as being a human.

    • MrsCope says:

      No grace is ever given. Harry “shirked his duty” (and he was the spare, not even the main event) to be with/protect his family. William is “setting boundaries” and “putting his family first” over duty. Harry is “thick,” but also makes 3-D chess move calculations about flying over to see his father for PR before he goes to award show with D–list athletes (LOL). He can’t possibly have come over because he loves his father, despite their complicated relationship and they haven’t spoken face-to-face in years….

  19. Jais says:

    So while I’m sure it’s lovelier for Charles to heal up in samdringham and take helicopters to London once a week for treatment, he could just stay in London since his treatments are in London. Just saying.

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      He’s gotta keep an eye on Kate at Wood Farm.

    • Lorelei says:

      I’ll never understand the hypocrisy. Charles has been calling himself an environmentalist since the 70’s, and this is a small, concrete way to put his money where his mouth is and make a difference, but nope. He’s just too spoiled and used to having everything exactly the way he wants it at all times.

      If he wants to be elsewhere during the cancer treatments, then fck the helicopter fuel! He’ll do what he wants. SMH

  20. Gabby says:

    I guess when you walk into battle with a shield protecting you, you could call it “putting the shield first”.

    A reporter with guts should ask William on camera what time the dropoff and pickup are at Lambrook School. We all know he doesn’t know.

  21. Jay says:

    It feels like Charles wants to keep all of the focus on himself, with Camilla stepping in occasionally. Is it pride? Jealousy? Worry?

    Somehow it seems like Charles is less protective of his heir than he is protecting the job from his heir. To be fair, given his poor performance last week, swaying and looking…altered…I wouldn’t feel good leaving the monarchy in his shaky hands, either.

    • Eurydice says:

      Could be pride, could be jealousy, could be that he’s King and doesn’t want people to forget that and bury him prematurely.

      • BeanieBean says:

        I was thinking it was more of that weird English hierarchical thing. Charles is reminding everyone that Camilla is his stand in & she outranks William; she is the queen, he is the mere next in line. William is a ‘less than’ to his father.

  22. INge says:

    I woudln’t be surprised if he walks away. With his dad ill the moment(if there is still a monarchy) that he becomes king becomes closer and closer and he may realise now that it’s not what he wants.

  23. Stonecoldjaneausten says:

    What do we *really* think William does all day?

    I know we all joke that he’s putting a square peg in a round hole, pruning rose bushes, but I genuinely wonder what this dude is doing ALL DAY EVERY DAY. How is he not bored out of his mind? Is he keen about taking naps? Sharpening giant scissors for ribbon-cutting ceremonies?

    And then there’s all this time off for school holidays, but we know he can’t be spending more than an hour a day with the kids. I do believe Kate has, historically, been more hands on with the kids than William, but that bar is pretty low anyway.

  24. Cerys says:

    William is a useless lump. He has proven over the years that he is lazy and has no interest in preparing for his very few royal responsibilities.

  25. Aimee says:

    William needs to get his shit together. He’s going to be King sooner than he realizes. He is completely unprepared for the job. I don’t care if he’s been trained all of his life. Again, if he hadn’t run his brother off he’d have him to rely on. Oh well.

  26. Freya says:

    I find it amusing how all the ‘articles’ written about Willy now include this, “his wife of almost 13 years — his partner since they were both students at the University of St Andrews.” It’s like a subliminal message to the readers about how in love and connected they are. Didn’t you know, they’ve been together since college.

    • Tursitops says:

      Yeah, and they do subtlety about as well as they do accuracy, emotional sensitivity and competency.

    • ML says:

      They’re prepping the Valentine’s Day stories. Two more days till we can read about PW and K’s stalkery, slow-burn to distract from whatever is actually going on.

    • Jais says:

      Actually the way they emphasized partner rather than wife was interesting.

      • Dee says:

        And they “share” three children in a lot of the recent articles. It’s not “they have three children at home” or anything that sounds like they are together.

  27. Tursitops says:

    From whence this bafflement and bewilderment? Forever has it been, forever will it be. Are these people not paying attention? This is who he is. Why are they suddenly stunned at his recalcitrance to do the job (*any* job)?

    If they can’t figure it out after more than twenty years of him being in public life (we won’t call it public service), then they are the fools. This is the horse that you’ve all backed, you morons.

  28. Mslove says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice for everyone to take winter off, with full pay? Just so they could do the school run? The UK should make that a thing!

  29. Lau says:

    This is so very embarrassing. Imagine being somebody in the UK who works a full time job and having people say that somebody like William is supposed to be representing you. He can’t even say that he is a stay-at-home dad because we know they have a full staff to do every task in the home.

  30. Ann says:

    I don’t think William has imposter syndrome. He’s too much of a narcissist for that. His idea of “ruling differently” is to rule as a tyrant, and the rota and palaces are running out of ways to cover for him. I don’t see William cooperating with anyone or anything either as Prince or King. No one can control him – he’s a rage monster. This is a true crisis for the future of the monarchy.

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      Agree. Let’s just look at what we have: angry his entire life, lazy his entire life, wouldn’t do what he was told until Harry did it and was having fun, couldn’t or wouldn’t commit to Kate for a decade while he partied and had other girl friends who dumped him (aka, was “partners with Kate according to BM), has not shown up for the little work expected of him for his entire adult life.

      This is who he is. He feels entitled to behave this way and get the riches and power. He’s going to be a brutal, horrible king if he makes it to that. He will end the monarchy or at least be a big part of its eventual demise.

      • ShazBot says:

        I said it upthread but the way you laid it out here tracks even more – oppositional defiant disorder. He rages against anything he feels someone is telling him to do.

      • Shoshone says:

        Could William be suffering from CTE as a result of the blow to his head when he was young? CTE appears as you age over a period of years and decades and it’s symptoms include memory loss, confusion, impaired judgment, impulse control problems, aggression, depression, anxiety, suicidality, parkinsonism, and, eventually, progressive dementia. The symptoms slowly begin years or even decades after the last brain trauma or end of active athletic involvement and then accelerate. Also, sufferers often drink or use drugs or even just appear to others to
        be stoned/ inebriated when they are sober. I have a TBI (not CTE) and I literally cannot consume a single small glass of wine without being very inebriated and unable to safely stand or even walk without weaving. The quote about “ one pint Willie” is very curious.

  31. Kate (Not Middleton) says:

    Diana told people for years that William was going to have a difficult time being king…and that Harry had the temperament for it. If William hates his future plans so much, why not just abdicate?

    *evil grin*

  32. TN Democrat says:

    KHATE turned Grandpa P’s funeral into a photo op and actively briefed the rota rats for years that she was the William whisper/keen peacemaker. Suddenly her attention seeking mother is completely radio silent and kHate can’t manage one rigidly controlled and photo shopped to moon photo-op? Why is the media covering up this mess? I think William has complete control of the narrative because the kids haven’t been trotted out and some sort of financial settlement has been reached with the Middleton’s to stop their media briefing. W amd K have looked progressively more miserable together since the mistress stories emerged years ago.

  33. Beech says:

    And what would Peg have done in an other world, give me a fucking break. 🙄

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      Instagram influencer :snortlaugh:

    • Lorelei says:

      Let me guess! In William’s alternate universe, he would have bought a mansion near the ocean in California, attended events like the Super Bowl, and jetted off to NYC to accept awards now and then?

  34. aquarius64 says:

    Theses stories only show how unstable the Crown is now. If there is a meeting in Norfolk with Cjuck and Bill, it needs to be a come to Jesus one. William needs to get his mess together and lead. Harry is not coming back to bail him out.

  35. Linney says:

    I think William grew up as the “golden boy” in that family. He was Diana’s son, he looked like her, he was good-looking and appealing. Everyone made such a fuss that HE was the future of the royal family. Throw in the fact that they are surrounded by syncophants, you end up with one spoiled, indulged jerk who thinks he blesses the world just by EXISTING. He doesn’t have to do anything (he believes) and everyone will still think he walks on water. Unfortunately for him, the world has grown more cynical and more people are on to his lazy ways. Too bad there are so many people who still think he is great…

    • ArtHistorian says:

      He wasn’t just spoiled and indulged, he was insulated from the consequences of his actions. In one instance Charles sent out a flunky to apologize for William after he had misbehaved! He has never been forced to face and handle the consequences of his misbehaviour and his mistakes.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Linney, ITA, and I think this was then compounded by the fact that both Charles and the Queen let him get away with doing whatever he wanted (which was basically nothing) for far too long, once he was absolutely old enough that he should have began taking on more royal duties.

      IDK why they let him walk all over them like that (particularly Charles, who seems intimidated by him) and do nothing for so long, but a monster was created, and now there’s no one who can rein him in.

      Harry’s leaving and now Charles’s cancer diagnosis have complicated things, but there were always going to be issues when it came time for William to truly step up and pull his weight.

  36. IWesley says:

    It’s William’s subtle way of increasing the stress in his father’s life. He wants the top job, if he works Charles into an early grave, he’ll get it.

  37. advisor2U says:

    How is this tiptoeing along twisting lies, embiggening, fanfic and covering, up journalism?

    Regarding going back to work or not.
    Willy’s Private Secretary resigned and he had advertised for a CEO. But that’s not going to happen. It looks like – given Charles’ illnesses, and the fact that Charles, nor any one in Willy’s court, can get him to understand that he urgently needs to step up his game – the government has interfered and has forced it’s way into Willy’s court by appointing a former diplomate to prevent further disasters, and to try to get him to do some work and diplomatic heir training.

    Well, let’s see how incandedant Willy will react to a professional in his court and how long this appointment will last.

  38. Lady Digby says:

    Why is ANYONE baffled about Willy’s bunker retreat from public life when it has been obvious to folk living on the moon that this dude has no interest, appetite or self discipline for what the rest of us accept or even see as rewarding, namely work? They created or enabled this lazy loafer to idle until his fourth decade because it was easier than standing up to his filthy temper and also there was no crisis that required him to step up now as heir. Everybody just thought its easiest to let him pootle about and let the tabs attack Harry and Meg as diversion in the expectation that KC would rule for 20 years so Junior’s 3 children would grow up and then they’d do the heavy lifting for KW. No one but no one expected Willy to do anything but posture without actually DOING.
    One possible scenario: say Kate has recovered in May then that may be the time when KC needs to relinquish all duties due to cumulative effects of cancer treatment to his son and heir. What possible acceptable reason can Bunker Willy give for not be available then. Yes he can currently hide behind his wife’s recovery from surgery until at least May but any longer looks untenable and even now looks unsatisfactory that he is not volunteering to assist cover for his boss.

  39. Over it says:

    So f-ing lazy and entitled. These people should not be receiving public funds. It’s disgusting how little to no work they do. Especially William . He gets all the perks but wants none of the work.

  40. Mel says:

    This is exactly why Baldemort was mad about Harry leaving, no one to push his work off to. If Harry was there they could spend the narrative of him stepping up to help his brother out, how do you spin ” William is lazy and takes any excuse to bow out of doing work”. We all know they have nurses, nannies and maids, what exactly is he doing that he can’t go out and do a an engagement or two a day?

    • Mary Pester says:

      For gods sake just give the man child A dummy to go with his peg, sit him in a corner and let the grown ups get on with things!
      William has always been a bone idle brat, wanting the limelight and the accolades but never willing to work at it, even in the rescue helicopters that he got such praise for, he had a seat removed so that a cameraman could sit and film him, that’s of course when he botherd to turn up!! Work is a dirty word to William, money, fame, possessions and celebrities, they are all that matter in willy’s world, oh and continually rageing about his better, more handsome, more successful, FREE brother

  41. Cheshire Sass says:

    In the sport of Kings, It’s beginning to look like they bet on the wrong horse to finish the race.

  42. Frankly says:

    O-face header image.

  43. QuiteContrary says:

    “… there is a slight sense of bewilderment at William’s determination to so fiercely protect his boundaries when it comes to his diary.”

    That’s a lot of words to say William is lazy AF.

    I’m going to use that the next time I don’t want to do something: I’m sorry, but I’m fiercely protecting my boundaries when it comes to my diary.

  44. BlueNailsBetty says:

    Why is Charles traveling to London for his treatments? Why doesn’t he just have a nurse (or 2) come to his residence and administer the medications?

  45. JudyB says:

    As I have always understood it, the role of the royal family is to appear on balconies for major events, support various groups and causes by cutting ribbons and appearing at openings of buildings or major efforts, passing out ribbons to individuals who have earned them, and having Buckingham Palace Garden teas a couple of times a year to celebrate charity workers and others who have served the public.

    However, none of that seems to have happened since the queen passed away, other than some stuff Anne and Edward and his wife have done. So what is happening to all these royal events and patronages??? It seems to me that groups will realize that having a royal patron is just not helpful or needed anymore, so they won’t expect Charles, William, or their wives to participate any more. Is all of this non-action reinforcing to the public that the royal family is no longer needed, and that they have all the pageantry of the royal horse guards, and the other military groups marching around, without any royal family actually being there???

  46. Lurker25 says:

    QE2 and prince Phil were, respectively, an ancient Hobbit woman and a racist crypt-keeper. Yet they kept the “magic” of royalty alive by doing the following:
    1. “You have to be seen to be believed”
    –this was a QE2 motto and why she wore garish colors and cut ribbons for new agricultural machinery. She knew the peasants needed value for their time and money. Needed their way of life validated by royalty and that in turn validated the existence of the monarchy.

    2. Performing “royalty” is like duck swimming. Only serene gliding must be visible, no matter how furiously you’re paddling below. Hence the no complaining, not being late, etc.

    Willnot is hiding out in castles, refusing to do #1. As for #2, it’s like watching a 6 foot man wail and flail in 2 feet of water.

    Predictions that the monarchy will end with W seem more likely by the damn day.

    (Also, it’s just normal now to say Queen Camilla will represent the King as the head of state??? So she’s essentially taking the place of the fucking monarch???
    My god, she’s the patron saint of side chicks FOR ETERNITY.)

  47. Melissa says:

    From William the Conqueror to William the Destroyer.

  48. May says:

    “Camilla, who is expected to attend as the most senior royal, will represent the King and lead the royal family in the procession..”. What?

    Since the time of Diana, and Anne’s pissy refusal to curtsy to her, the order of precedence regarding married-ins within the royal family depended upon who was present. For example, if Charles was not present, the “blood” Royals took precedence over the married-ins, including Diana the then Princess of Wales. Accordingly, let’s say Camilla and the Edinburgh’s attend the Commonwealth service. If Charles is not there, Edward and Sophie would be deemed more senior than Camilla.

    So, Camilla is Charles’s consort, is that the difference? I don’t think so because I don’t think Prince Philip, post-Diana, took precedence over Charles when the Queen was not present. Does Roya have it wrong? Did Charles change the order of precedence within the family to ensure that Camilla would always be senior over the other Royals? If so, I could see this really pissing William off.

    Is Anne now expected to curtsey to Camilla even without the presence of Charles? Anne was previously senior to Camilla in the absence of Charles. There was an engagement that both Camilla and Anne were to do together and Anne was late and Camilla had to wait outside in the inclement weather for Anne because she had precedence over Camilla.

    • equality says:

      Philip was just Prince Philip though. He wasn’t titled king because that would have made him above QE. Maybe that is the difference?

      • May says:

        I did think about that @equality but she is not a Queen Regnant. Basically it’s just a title with no real power there behind. That could be the difference but I think Charles would have had to have spelled that out for the rest of the Royals. If he did, that would have ruffled more than a few feathers!

        Now I am curious to see who does attend the Commonwealth service and if William does show who walks in first, Camilla or William, as I think they are usually seated in reverse order of precedence and file out in the order of precedence.

      • Lorelei says:

        I do wonder what Anne thinks of all this…

      • tamsin says:

        I think a king can raise his wife to be a queen, but a queen cannot raise her husband to be king because a king is the ruler. This is all chauvinistic, and patriarchal. We are at the stage where the monarch can be either a king or a queen, and a king’s wife can be made a princess in her own right and a queen’s husband can be a prince or duke in his own right, because there is no -co-ruling (except William and Mary). However, Camilla was “crowned’ and all, so she can represent the king, and actually be in his place, so perhaps it’s acceptable for her enter last? I think it’s different from the other wives, who have their precedence only when their husbands are present. Anyway, the whole thing is archaic and totally unacceptable in the 21st century. All this bowing and scraping should stop. But in democracies, the President gets to enter last, it’s a generally accepted place of honour. I wish though that all monarchies should do away with bowing and curtseying, although I think a bow is always a sign of respect, and the curtsy should just be relegated to curtain calls.

      • BQM says:

        Being titled king doesn’t male him one or supplant his is wife. But a patriarchal society assumes a king is the ruler. Because, penis. A few hubby’s have gotten it. Queen Maria Portugal married Ferdinand of Coburg, a cousin of.Victoria and Albert. The marriage contract said he’d be named king once Maria had a child. Which he was.

  49. JEB says:

    Sorry to thread jack, hopefully CB will do a post, but this just dropped and it’s going around X/Twitter adding more speculation:

    Very royal-adjacent looking and includes archwell productions and foundation

    Don’t help that family out H & M!!

    • equality says:

      I wonder if it’s not to show continuity between their royal work and where they are now. If you go to the site it links back to the new one. The look is mimicking their own old site. If they were going back to royal adjacent, I would think they would just use sussexroyal.

    • Kate (Not Middleton) says:

      Oh man…something is being rolled out…

    • WiththeAmerican says:


      The power and ownership of the bios on there slayed me. Like they are here to OWN.

      • equality says:

        Much better than the crappy bio on for Meghan. PH still has a pretty thorough bio on there though. (But they were so welcoming and not racist at all) I wonder if that is at least partly why they created this new website.

  50. Hihello says:

    I was about to ask what happens when William becomes king and doesn’t do squat but then I realized that some person must be positioning himself to be the power and King William will be the king version of an empty suit.

    Also, poor show being drunk in public instead of privately. His dads the one with cancer and his wife is the one with whatever if anything she’s got going on.

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