Jobson: Prince William still hasn’t ‘forgiven’ Harry but he needs to, eventually

Here’s what I think happened: King Charles called Prince Harry to tell him personally about his cancer diagnosis, and Harry immediately told his father that he wanted to visit him in person. Charles quickly ordered the arrangements – including the police escort from Heathrow to Clarence House – and agreed to meet Harry alone, however briefly. They had their short meeting last Tuesday, then Charles was off to Sandringham with Camilla while Harry stayed the night in a hotel, and likely met his lawyer David Sherborne in person (since we now know that Harry settled his lawsuit against the Mirror last week). That was all Harry had on his agenda – face time with Charles and the lawyer. Throughout the entire 48-hour period around Harry’s visit, Prince William was losing his f–king mind, calling every rota journalist and ranting about how much he hates Harry and how Harry should not have come and how he, William, will never ever meet with Harry or forgive him.

All of which to say, there’s a sense of rota journalists and commentators doing William’s bidding, but also sort of rolling their eyes at his pettiness, laziness and general incandescent rage. Even the old-guard commentators will dutifully report (for the millionth time) that William “refuses” to see Harry and that William “will never forgive his brother,” and then in the same breath, those commentators are like… yeah, but eventually William is going to have to suck it up. Speaking of, Robert Jobson had some comments:

Prince William was never going to see Prince Harry after years of attacks by the duke, a royal expert has claimed. Writer and broadcaster Robert Jobson exclusively told The Sun’s Royal Editor Matt Wilkinson how William can’t forgive his brother. Robert believes William never had any interest in meeting with Harry after the duke attacked the prince and princess huge bombshells on Oprah, Netflix and in his autobiography Spare.

He said: “It’s a clear message there: ‘You’re certainly not forgiven and you’ve certainly done a lot of damage’. The fact that his brother didn’t even bother to acknowledge him – They were very close and he didn’t even bat an eyelid. There was no way that that was going to happen.”

Jobson now believes Harry and William need to “grow up” and look after their father. He said: “We just want Charles to be healthy. Focus on his health, maybe do a bit of painting, get people off his case. People keep coming in and asking him questions, putting things on his plate. This is why it would probably be quite good if William and Harry were not making the later stages of his life a misery, which is what he said they were doing. They’re not boys any more, they’re both men. It’s time to grow up.”

Jobson added: “Harry’s gone. He’s made his bed, he’s going to lie in it – that’s it. But what could happen is what William did when they had that walk-about after the Queen’s death. There was a truce. They don’t have to do that, they don’t have to be so graphic. I think Kate said at the time it was the hardest thing she ever had to do. The two brothers have to bury the hatchet, say they’ll agree to disagree. Let’s agree not to talk about each other any more and let’s try to build the relationship. And the same with the King. Ultimately, they are men not boys.”

[From The Sun]

Well, Harry did put aside his differences and his security concerns to personally check in with his father and dear old dad couldn’t even give him a full hour. Harry was the bigger man, across the board, and he showed more maturity than his brother and father combined. That being said, I believe that Charles and Harry are open to reconciling with one another in some form and Harry adores his father no matter what, just as I bet Charles “appreciated” that Harry made the effort. That’s what the trip was about – Harry and Charles, and Harry making the effort and flying 14 hours just for 40 minutes. Harry’s effort draws attention to William’s lack of effort when it comes to dear old dad – William still hadn’t seen his father in person one week after his cancer diagnosis. William was too busy raging about Harry to even see Charles. Anyway, even the royalists know that William is lazy, childish, unprepared and too stupid to strategize or problem-solve his way out of a wet paper bag.

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  1. MoxyLady007 says:

    Apparently- Harry’s flight was six hours late which indicates that they had a much longer meeting planned. But after cancer treatments that day – Charles stayed for 30-45 minutes. Most likely to hit the most important points that were too sensitive to talk about over the phone.

    Charles does not want a reconciliation. Not after the funeral pettiness and pain he put Harry through. Not Frogmore. Nor any of it.

    But something happened that got them on the same page.

    • equality says:

      Where are you getting this 6 hours late info? I can find nothing on line that supports that.

      • BlueNailsBetty says:

        Harry’s flight was delayed due to the heavy storms in LA that day. The storms and flight delays were on the news and I think it was reported Harry’s flight was affected (sorry, I don’t have a source).

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Yeah I remember reading that his flight was delayed due to weather in LA – not sure how long for.

    • Teddy says:

      Yes l saw the same reports about the flight delays, which were due to the crazy weather. Same with the return journey, where he had to switch planes to get to the NFL ceremony on time.

    • TybeeLucille says:

      I think the thing that brought them together was whatever happened to KKKATE and Peggers part in it. Why Peggers is swishing swaying and dropping at the investiture.

    • Kingston says:

      Thank you, @Moxylady007.

      I dont know where folks get this fairytale that they keep soothing themselves with that “Harry adores his father no matter what.” WHAT DA ACTUAL FCK!

      Harry’s regard for this father has limits. And even if H hasnt come out and said this out loud in unequivocal terms, anyone who read Spare is left in not doubt that while H appreciates that despite his glaring limitations, his father showed him moments of affection when H was a child, his feelings toward his father are, at the least, very complicated.

      How could anyone doubt that, when H is so obvious in his adoration for his mother and knows exactly who contributed to her unhappiness and ultimate death. (hint: chucky and his side h0.)

    • Magdalena says:

      Actually, the newspapers reported that Charles’ cancer treatments had taken place on the *previous* day, not on the day when he deigned to see his son for barely half an hour.

      • Bean says:

        Cancer treatments (radiation, chemo) are always worse on the day after the treatment. Brutally so.

      • TheOriginalMia says:

        I set my treatment up so I could be home on my worst days. My mother plans activities around her post treatment days.

  2. KASalvy says:

    Somebody finally realizing that the optics of a bitter brother who refuses to work, cooperate, apologize, etc isn’t doing the BRF any good.

    Better brother is happy, healthy, works, and still rises above the pettiness to visit his sick father overseas.

    • lanne says:

      I hope people pay attention when the ratchets start dissing wounded veterans to get back at Harry. One brother flies to support his father, and has established a meaningful event that empowers veterans, and the other whines and complains about how much he hates the fact that his brother told the truth about him. Ratchets are Team Whiner.

      • Nanea says:

        They already are busy attacking IG, any and every charity that dares use the Sussexes’ name, however loosely associated they may be – and they are attacking individuals like JJ Chalmers, David Wiseman, Derek Cobbinah who are friends with Harry.

        They did it last year while IG Germany was going on, and again and still whenever IG or IGVW post anything.

        It’s clear they got their talking points from… somewhere, someone, because they somehow never fail to mention the costs of Meghan’s clothing, Meghan thisorthat, and Harry is the dumb, incapable, failed one who can only keep IG up and running because W donated his Murdoch million hush money.

        Too bad the 🗑 British media are fixated on the lie that TOB the Incandescent is the wronged party, while – as everyone can see – KP/the Wailses and the rota 🐀🐀🐀 and adjacents created this unhinged mob and are encouraging them, cheering them on, paying them – which several hate accounts have let slip accidentally over the years.

    • Caribbean says:

      I still hate how they make it that William needs to ‘forgive’ Harry and that the walkabout was the ‘hardest’ thing Kate had to do. They have normalized the fact that William and Kate were and are still petty and abusive (to put it lightly) towards H & M.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        I have come to realize that family abuse in GB is no big deal. And the abused person is expected to suck it up and take it, especially if the abusers are royal.

      • lanne says:

        Yes, agreed, @BrassyRebel. And if Meghan was “welcomed with open arms” into the royal family, then god help anyone subject to “royal hospitality.” Those 2 words seem to be an oxymoron.

        The ratchets also said that harry was “warped by too much therapy.” That’s not saying much for mental health treatment in the UK.

        The public image of the UK, as espoused by the royal family, is “Miserable people behaving miserably.” Not exactly a sparkling welcome. I’d hate to be a representative for the British tourism industry these days.

      • BeanieBean says:

        I hate the repeated framing of Harry as someone who keeps attacking his brother because 1) he never attacked his brother, he answered a direct question put to him by Oprah, mentioned him in his memoir (as one does, mention a sibling in a memoir), and I guess referenced him in the docu-series (didn’t see it); and 2) that’s three times, THREE, Harry doesn’t keep saying anything about William, he’s completely ignoring him (which is what I think is so galling to William).

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Right @BeanieBean. I might be wrong, but Harry really hasn’t said much of anything about William since the few interviews he did for SPARE. Over a year ago. Guess the BM/tabloids bringing it up makes it constant?

        Jobson added: “Harry’s gone. He’s made his bed, he’s going to lie in it – that’s it.”. And, he is lying/laying? next to his beautiful wife, in their beautiful house with their beautiful children and a beautiful life. Outside of the Firm and physically assaulting sibling.

        “Let’s agree not to talk about each other any more and let’s try to build the relationship. And the same with the King. Ultimately, they are men not boys.”.

        Uhmmm, Harry hasn’t been the chatter box over the last 7 years. Eff off.

  3. Amy Bee says:

    When is Jobson going to acknowledge the press’ role in all of this and that William was the main cause of the rift? Harry has spent his life being the bigger man. Furthermore when is Jobson and his colleagues going to drop the narrative that Harry and William were close? Harry confirmed in his book what a lot us suspected for a long time that they were never close.

    • Jais says:

      But Jobsen does know this. He was the one that said on an Australian news show that they could deny it all they want but that KP was doing a lot of the leaking. Now he just conveniently chooses to not mention that while instead saying Harry made his bed…which he made while trying to get away from the KP leakers. And let’s be real, his montecito bed is not a bad bed to be in.

  4. He is right about Peg growing up. He is wrong about Harry. Harry doesn’t need to be forgiven for anything. Harry told the truth and Peg can’t handle the truth. Peg is the one who needs to apologize and get over his hatred for his brother but that will take years of therapy and Peg will never ever do that,

  5. Jais says:

    Why is Jobsen bringing up the fact that Kate thought the funeral walkabout was the hardest thing she ever had to do? That made her look ridiculous so why is he bringing it up again? Weird. And what would a truce do? Mean that Harry might visit more so the papers can make more stories? As it is, Harry could visit Charles more behind closed doors and not give any make details to the press. But that’s not what the papers want.

    • Tessa says:

      Kate was scary looking when she lunged at Meghan. And has the nerve to say it was “the hardest thing she had to do.” This is ignored despite the visual evidence of what Kate did.

  6. WiththeAmerican says:

    The reference to Kate saying that walkabout was the hardest thing she’s ever had to do is shady.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but having to spend time walking next to someone who you feel has betrayed you is something we’ve all had to do. And of course, she is the one who lied about Meghan for years so it should have been the hardest thing Meghan’s ever had to do. all Meghan did was clear that up, and that is too hard for Kate. My god is there no end to her limitations. She and William really are a pair.

  7. equality says:

    Why do they have to make up? Because the media thinks so? There are plenty of siblings that split and never speak again. It is a poor look for the future church leader that he can’t forgive, but that’s the UK’s problem, not Harry’s. If KC wants a relationship with both sons, he can certainly accomplish that by seeing them separately, but KC seems to have chosen his side with the FC eviction. So let him be miserable if he truly is.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      The FC eviction is the spoiled olive branch. That was bad after H&M paying back renovations.

      Agree. William & Harry don’t need to make up. My DH has been perfectly happy not speaking to two of his sibling who are terrible horrible people. The one brother he is close to(and also doesn’t speak to the other two) would never think of physically assaulting DH. Ever. And he’s bigger in size. They have disagreements-usually about

      Parents can have relationships with children that don’t speak to each other or get along. Happens all the time. It’s balancing. And, some parents are great at not playing off their children to curry false flavor.

      The BRF make being royal very less royal and more, get me out of here. Thank you Harry for caring about your biracial wife and children than the institution. You tried, ultimately became a savior for your family.

  8. Tessa says:

    Did William apologize for his being violent with Harry or his using the media to trash Harry? It’s never that William must apologize with those “journalists.”

    • Kate (Not Middleton) says:

      Lots of comments and stories on here regarding William’s lifelong inability to apologize for anything. Staffers used to be sent out on his behalf to apologize for childhood William’s antics. When you’re conditioned as the “heir” from birth, apparently in the BRF this means you do whatever you want with zero consequences.

  9. MaryContrary says:

    Nope. They’re always going to be estranged. I can believe that Charles and Harry will have some kind of a relationship. I can see at some point Harry bringing his kids over to see his dad for very brief visits. But William is never going to get over this, or apologize, and I think Harry has completely accepted that their relationship is done.

  10. Sunday says:

    Two things are crystal clear to me: 1. The “respectful” silence around Kate’s absence is the British media closing ranks to protect someone, most likely Will 2. The media is clearly less than thrilled about this arrangement and are getting antsier and antsier to spill the beans.

    So on one hand we have rats like Jobson now basically telling Will to grow up and be a man, and on the other hand we have a new story about where Kate wants George to go to school and one of the tabloids is running Pippa on Vacation! complete with bikini photos.

    Yea, it might look to us like everything is suspiciously calm, suspiciously silent on the surface of the water, but underneath someone (Will? Kate? KP?) is furiously kicking their legs trying to keep this all afloat. The media is playing along right now because they have to, but they are totally sick of covering up all of Will’s drama.

    They have to know by now that it’s unsustainable; the growing pile of gaffs and missteps and poor behavior that Will leaves in his wake is growing by the day and will continue to do so every day of his reign. Thinking they can just sweep it all under the rug and keep screaming about Harry for the next few decades is a level of delusion even I don’t the British media is capable of maintaining for very long.

    • Agnes says:

      Sometimes the BM slips — or warns? — and runs a photo of Baldy returning home in the wee hours, looking completely blotto with a bleak-eyed Slavic model-type next to him. He’s just a crumb, and for an entire Isle to accept such a bad guy as their Head of Church and State is just amazing and appalling to the rest of the world. Abolish the Monarchy.

  11. Moniquep says:

    Yes Jobo, Harry has made a very comfortable California king sized bed in beautiful Montecito, and is happily lying in it!! So just STHU!!

  12. Giddy says:

    All of Will’s actions and whining make him look like a bitter, unhappy, jealous man. When Charles dies, Peg-boy will probably make a fool of himself by banning Harry from the funeral, and from England if possible. He will go down in history as a vengeful, cold man.

  13. Eurydice says:

    Seriously? They need to take care of their father? – the Billionaire King/Commander-in-Chief/Defender of the Faith, who owns a zillion castles and has a cast of thousands to tie his shoes and put the toothpaste on his brush? What, are Will and Harry going to wheel Old Dodders out into the sunlight so he can paint a few posies before his afternoon nap? What kind of nonsense is this?

    In this transactional family, let’s look at this as a deal. Harry doesn’t need William, for anything. And, unless Harry is willing to come back to the RF, William doesn’t need Harry, for anything. So, let these two live their lives on opposite sides of the globe and move on to something else.

  14. bisynaptic says:

    “Robert believes William never had any interest in meeting with Harry after the duke attacked the prince and princess huge bombshells on Oprah, Netflix and in his autobiography Spare.”
    —Is this a real sentence?

  15. Grandma Susan says:

    William is still pissed off that he couldn’t beat on Harry and have Harry keep it a secret? Sick, sick, sick. Where’s your wife, William?

  16. Mary Pester says:

    Years of attacks, really YEARS +??? 😂😂Honest to god you couldn’t make this sht up (unless your name is jobson.
    Harry gave Billy boy chance after chance, the same as he gave his father, but rather than meet Harry half way, they lied to him, lied and are lieing to the public, so Harry gave them all the big fk you and left, left AND MADE A SUCCESS of his life with Megan and the Brit hate fest and the left behind Royals can’t handle it, well tough. You have king tampax and his heir, the incandescent, pathetic little man child and I’m a Brit and can say in all honesty, it’s exactly what this toxic pitifull little country deserves

  17. Mslove says:

    Peg had his mother’s legacy to guide him when he became an adult. It was his for the taking. He could have created a homeless campaign all those years ago that would have grown into something special. His wife could have helped out by being her natural self, not trying to emulate the aristos. Just two normal people helping other people out. You don’t need charisma or an outgoing personality to help people. They can appear at fancy galas wearing designer clothes and airplane slippers all they want. But during the day, when normal folks are working, those two lazy idiots need to be out and about helping & working. Diana just wanted to help people. I’m glad Harry is taking her legacy and honoring it.

  18. Pebbles says:

    What Jobson and the rest of the media are afraid of is time running out. They know that they NEED a reunion between the two brothers before the king passes otherwise it will very likely never happen and less chance the Sussex’s return to their shores and less money making articles for them. They don’t want to be stuck just reporting on W&K. They are almost begging William to take one for the team.

    • Beverley says:

      Absolutely! The British media is desperate for a reconciliation, for the sake of their own relevance and finances. But Harry and Meghan are undoubtedly aware that even if William took accountability for his actions and put a stop to all negative briefings against the Sussexes, what would stop the media from continuing to harass them and their children? What would stop Queen Jump Off from sending her media cronies after them? Charles is too spineless to stop her machinations because he has never put the Rottweiler on a leash…and he’s not about to start now.

      And William has shown that – due to his childhood brain injury/personality disorder/incandescent rage – he cannot/will not make peace with Harry, not even for the good of the Firm. So the rota rats will keep beseeching William to “fix” things with Harry…until they finally lose their shit and start telling the truth about all this mess.

  19. QuiteContrary says:

    These stories are all such desperate attempts to reassure the British that really, for sure, we swear, Harry is the bad one and William is the good one, and someday William will benevolently forgive his terrible brother. Pathetic.

  20. Saucy&Sassy says:

    “Let’s agree not to talk about each other any more and let’s try to build the relationship.”

    H&M have moved on. They said what they needed to say. They have a whole future to plan and the work that will get them there. It will not be about the brf. I think that’s part of the problem here, because if they don’t mention Harry’s family what will the brf/bm do? No leaks come out of California. No one knows what’s going on or when something will drop from the Sussexes.

    The bm made a mistake long ago when they decided to be mouth pieces for KFC and the Escort, and then Diana when she decided to fight back. They shouldn’t have made their business all about leaks from palaces and blagging and hacking and, well anything illegal to break a story. Where they are today is because of their own choices. Don’t blame Harry for that.

  21. mvaca says:

    Now that we know that Harry also may have met with his lawyers on his quick UK trip – what if we imagine that Harry said to Charles – “I know we had planned to have a longer visit, but I have another meeting to run to now that I can’t miss.”
    And he leaves Charles to go meet his lawyer and sign off on the settlement.
    Maybe Charles was the one that was snubbed by the short meeting and then decided to leave via helicopter for the country estate.
    This version of events makes me quite happy to imagine. “Sorry Dad, gotta run and sign off on my settlement against the tabloids etc – no time to chat!”

    • Libra says:

      Harry wouldn’t do that.

    • sevenblue says:

      I am sure his lawyer would understand that Harry needs time with his father who got cancer. Most of the time, the simplest explanation is the right one. Harry’s flight got delayed and Charles didn’t want to change his evening plans. Even if it is true that Charles still loves Harry, from what I read from Spare, Charles doesn’t know or care to know how to show it. They didn’t spend a lot of time after Harry grew up. That’s why Harry was searching for a family in other countries.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      mvaca, evidently the helicopter KFC left on was not rated to fly at night and that seems to be the reason why the flight wasn’t postponed.

    • mvaca says:

      Oh, I don’t doubt that it was Charles who kept the meeting short in spite of a delayed flight. I just like to imagine a different set of circumstances and how they might be portrayed by the press if the shoe were on the other foot.
      I think Harry will always make the effort with his father, regardless of whether or not we think his father deserves that effort. Harry once again shows himself to be a class act and a good son, and the planning and police escort etc make it look like Charles made an effort to welcome the visit.
      Strange times in the house of Windsor. The truth will likely come out sooner or later but something very odd is going on around the Kate and William and maybe more to Charles health issues as well.