Vine: Princess Anne should be sent ‘to deal with Harry & Meghan’

2024 has already been chaotic for the Windsors with two major health crises for two of the few working royals. And then there’s Princess Anne, just quietly doing events in her 30-year-old jackets and hats, carefully-maintained bun at the ready. Anne has kept up a public schedule and she keeps busy at all times. Well, according to the royal commentators, Anne needs to rearrange her schedule so that she can fly to Montecito and “deal with Harry and Meghan.” Surely it would have been easier for Anne to speak to Harry when he flew into the UK two weeks ago? Surely if Anne has anything to say to her nephew, she would simply call?? And what, pray tell, is there to “deal with” at this point?

King Charles could recruit his “no-nonsense” sister Princess Anne to “sort out” Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, one royal expert has asserted. The monarch, 75, is currently battling an undisclosed form of cancer amid estrangement from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who are living in Montecito, Calif.

As Charles undergoes treatment for the disease, royal columnist Sarah Vine says Anne, 73, is the “secret weapon” who could reunite the feuding family.

In an interview with Jo Elvin, Vine hailed the Princess Royal as the answer to all the royal family’s problems, according to the Express.

“I think we should send Princess Anne to deal with Harry and Meghan…because if you got a call from Princess Anne you’d sit up jolly straight,” she declared. “If I were the King I’d say ‘Anne, please just go and deal with them.”

“We know how no-nonsense she is,” Elvin then agreed.

The Princess Royal is one the hardest working members of the family, and has purportedly always had a soft spot for her nephew. However, she is said to be furious at Harry’s recent antics, including his decision to publish his tell-all 2023 memoir “Spare.”

[From The NY Post]

These people can’t say the actual THING because even they know that if they said it out loud, they would sound like complete psychos or morons or both. What’s not being said here is that they wish Anne had the power and authority to go to the Sussexes and order them to sell their home in Montecito and come crawling back to Charles and William, begging for their mercy and to be “allowed” the right to be the Firm’s doormats. Besides the absolute insanity of that, Anne simply doesn’t care that much. She would never. I think she loves her nephew but Anne ultimately doesn’t give a f–k. Reportedly, she was the one who advised Charles to evict the Sussexes from Frogmore too (although I think she merely got the blame for it after Charles looked like such a dogsh-t father).

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  1. MaryContrary says:

    If there’s anyone Anne should be telling to get it TF together, it’s WILLIAM. Eye roll at this story.

    • Christine says:

      Thank you!!! These idiots have no shame.

      Yeah, the highly successful, self-supporting Sussexes are the big, honking family problem.

      *massive eye roll*

    • K8erade says:

      I was going to comment exactly that. I’m glad that’s the first comment.

    • Sunday says:

      Yea, I think this is yet another instance of the British media just inserting Harry’s name into a story they’re desperate to tell about Will.

      They won’t criticize the King while he’s ill, they know Camilla certainly won’t help matters, nobody knows who Edward is, Andrew is a nonce, Kate is m.i.a., and so that leaves Anne the only one standing with even a whiff of seniority Will might recognize. To the tabloids, that basically makes her Britain’s only hope to reign in the heir to the throne before whatever they’re all clearly desperate to hide comes bubbling to the surface.

      But the British media is so completely owned they can’t just say “WILL IS A SH*TSHOW, WE ARE SO SCREWED Y’ALL!” and so they have to point the finger at Harry instead.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Not to be Captain Obvious here, but she mixed up the two couples!

    • Proud Mary says:

      Read between the lines, Christine. Notice how that screed doesn’t offer any specifics about what the Succeses are doing wrong, and that Anne needs to “deal with.” But I agree with Kaiser. The Windsors are in disarray. They want Anne to go to Montecito and stop the Sussexes from doing so well. It’s making the Crown look bad.

    • equality says:

      Or her own son-in-law. Tindall could use some straightening out and she doesn’t bother with him.

      • Jais says:

        While Tindall is a mess, at this point, he is beating William in a landslide. Tindall is doing podcasts and spon con which is still a whole lot more than the heir is doing.

      • Rnot says:

        @Jais you can say that again. Mike is a thug but he was also a professional athlete. That requires more discipline than William has ever needed to have.

      • Gabby says:

        Hahahah. If you had to let either William or Mike Tindall watch your kids one afternoon, who would you choose?

      • equality says:

        I don’t think anyone would choose either for a baby-sitter, pet-sitter or even house-sitter.

  2. Rachel says:

    These stories just keep getting more unhinged as the British press try to report on everything BUT Keen’s disappearance and Willy’s shell-shocked ways. It’s interesting to watch Roman burn from across the pond.

  3. Ok Anne should go to California and tell Harry what. To stop thriving? To stop being happy? To divorce his wife? The nonsense is this story.

    • Dutch says:

      And after spending an afternoon tea among the California sun in the view of both the mountains and the sea, Anne would probably forget why she came and ask if she could move in and help take care of the kids.

      • Freddy says:

        That’s exactly what I cackled to myself thinking! LOL!

      • MSS says:

        What does this clown expect Anne to do? Deal with what?

      • Unblinkered says:

        It’s just a desperate, and daft, comment from Sarah Vine intended to stoke the DM’s anti H&M readers.
        She’s a bit of a sour puss.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Agree @Sunday. Agree with Kaiser too that Anne’s name was used to cover for Charles Frogmore Cottage flap. It’s a pretty slimmed down monarchy now. Would they really want Anne to go to Montecito to “deal” with the Sussexes? She would see how lovely their life is and make a call and say, “Harry’s being stubborn *cough*, I need a few more months.”. How many spares do they want to go California and not return as a working royal?

        Agree @Dutch.

    • TRex says:

      My thoughts precisely. Tell H & M what pray tell?? What in the hell is this supposed to allude to? Tell them to come back? Tell them to stay away? It’s just insane.

  4. Chaine says:

    She would do better to go to her salon and deal with her colorist

    • Steph says:

      OMG, this is so mean but I’m laughing bc my only comment about this article was her hair color too. I’m not good at spotting these kinds of things. Does she “need” a touch up or is she just only now starting to gray?

    • TOM says:

      We can hook her up here in SoCal. Maybe book her a few days at a zen spa like the Golden Door in Escondido, full juice cleanse, yoga, hiking, facials, mani/pedi, some cute Vuori athleisure wear and Blenders shades.

      By the time she’s done at the spa, she’ll be overheard on her cell saying, “It’s all good, Harry and Meg. You do you. No worries, my dudes.”

    • Lady Esther says:

      LOL. I’ve never been impressed with Anne’s supposed “style” or “frugality” with her 30 year-old clothes; she looks outdated and ugly every time. It’s not the win she thinks it is!

      I’m not going to hate on her for her hair though, I’m an old and have had lots of hair loss from menopause (although I stopped colouring it for good during the pandemic…between that and Olaplex it’s very much improved) so I sympathise…

    • Proud Mary says:

      Not only that, she needs to concentrate on the drunken philandering, lurch of a SIL of hers. She’s divorced from her first husband (not that there’s anything wrong with that), her son is divorced, and her daughter’s marriage looks to be in shambles. And of course, we’re also to forget about Anne’s affair with her bodyguard, while married to her children’s husband. No longer are we to recall her treating her children’s father like a doormat, often berating him in public. That she is supposedly on some moral high ground these days says a whole lot about the Windsors: with William and Kate out of commission, and Andrew, well dead horse, it’s a low bar.

  5. lanne says:

    Do the ratchets realize they are doing the royals no favors with this kind of reporting? Harry and Meghan are doing their own thing. They aren’t talking about the royals. This incorrigable banshee is making the royals sound like a cult. “Go get the wayward royals and drag them home, on the back of a horse if necessary!” This is creepy, creepy, creepy. Flavoraid drinking creepy.

    The Windsors seem on a death spiral right now–is that why they sound like a death cult?

    And WHERE IS KATE? Where are the Wales kids? Drumming up Hatred against the Sussexes to hide what’s happening in Windsor is so 2020. I guess Her Rancid Vileness didn’t get the new memo. Or, just like the stale crackers these stale crackers likely serve their hapless guests, they just repackage the same memos and pull them out again every year.

    Back to your underground lair with you, ya No Neck Monster!

  6. Jaded says:

    Sarah Vine gets more unhinged every day. Last I heard it was the BaRF who turfed the Sussexes out on their heels with no home and no security. You’d think they’d be relieved they left but no….the hypocrisy continues. Sarah, lemme ask you, report some REAL news like where’s Kate. I’m sure you know.

    • sparrow says:

      She is an oddball writer. She used to stick to beauty product reviews for The Times. This is a distant memory I have of the Times Sunday Style section. And then along came more general interest stories and now she’s a DM stalwart, spouting crap for a living.

  7. Frances Houseman says:

    I’ve randomly seen her twice now (she whizzed by in a motorcade both times, I didn’t seek her out) and her hair does not change. It’s wild.

  8. Shawna says:

    M&H don’t have to be “dealt with.” They are just living their lives. This is a pathetic attempt at a smokescreen for What is Happening with the House of Wales.

    (But yes, Anne is the Best BRF Member right now.)

  9. Amy Bee says:

    The press are so desperate for Harry to go back to the UK.

    • Dee(2) says:

      I think they would literally sell their souls to find a way to make Harry the heir. You have one who’s incredibly successful, hard-working, charming, involved and personable who is willing to fly 10 hours in each direction at the drop of a hat to see their parent. And then you have the actual heir who can’t walk a hundred feet from his supposed home to read a few Bible verses for his godfather.

      • B says:

        You know Dee I bet they would. As someone who looks at monarchy as a weird archaic institution that should have been abolished from the earth long ago. I do enjoy witnessing this free fall because it proves two things. Its great evidence of how ridiculous the notion of bloodline superiority is because the Windsors are clearly ignorant and pedestrian and the stupidity of thinking a first borne is born to rule when Harry (2nd born) is clearly the smarter harder working brother.

  10. Tessa says:

    Anne can’t control mike

  11. Lulu says:

    If there is really something going on with William, they want Anne to go and make apologies and try to work out a part time deal.

  12. B says:

    Do these people hear themselves? Of course not they all just talk to themselves in their own little bubble.

    They are saying that a man with a wife, 2 kids, a home, and several businesses should be told by his aunt to sell his home, quit his businesses, and move his family back to England so they can rent a home they’ll never own just in case his dad and brother needs his assistance.

    Even if you ignore that his wife and children wouldn’t be welcome and the press is trying to unalive them it still sounds utterly ridiculous.

  13. Libra says:

    Anne needs to sort out her own family first, who at every turn are making bucks off their royal connections, but nothing wrong when it’s your own doing it.

  14. Peanut Butter says:

    Anne can stay right there to deal with the real problems — William and Kate, then her sleazy son-in-law

  15. TeamMontecito says:

    What more could we expect from a woman who chose Michael Gove as a husband? I mean, seriously, don’t make me piss my panties.

  16. Mary Pester says:

    Sarah dear, go look at the film of the coronation, and you will see Anne talking, AND LAUGHING with Harry. Maybe go and watch the interview where Anne said “as long as they are happy, that’s all any of us can ask of our lives. Or maybe read a paper, you know where bp put out the statement saying that Charlie called his son personally. There is nothing to sort out, apart from your warped view. Your a nasty little shrew who loves her wine and doesn’t have the guts to question WHAT is going on with the Royal family we support financially! So until you can find your backbone Sarah, STFD and STFU

  17. QuiteContrary says:

    LOL at the British media pretending that the Sussexes — who are happy, thriving, self-supporting, impactful — being a problem that needs to be sorted.

    Nice try, morons.

  18. Murphy says:

    She didn’t “deal” with them in 2018/2019, why would that work now?

  19. Saucy&Sassy says:

    Wow! They’ve now drug Anne into this? That’s really something. I wonder if next the Duke of Gloucester will be told to sort out H&M?

    • lanne says:

      I love it! He can wheel himself on over to California in his jammies, raise an unsteady fist, and croak out a few “come home wayward children or you’ll be sent to bed without supper” admonitions.

      They haven’t retired that cadaverous old man yet? I’m stealing this from another Celebitch who said this about latter-day Phillip, but the old guy looks like he died 5 years ago and there’s just wheeling him around Weekend at Bernies style.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Ianne, poor man. I don’t know why they won’t let him retire and live quietly. Maybe having some royal duties keeps him going, though. (Still laughing about Weekend at Bernies’.)

  20. Izzy says:

    Bold of them to assume Meghan and Harry would even welcome her into their home at this point. If they did, I hope they would have the good sense to have lawyers present.

  21. Over it says:

    Dear weed, aka vine, Harry and Meghan are grown ass people who don’t need anyone to straighten them out or to tell them how to adult and handle their own business. If Anne had advice to share with anyone, her son won’t be divorced and her daughter won’t have married that cheating oaf. Also let me remind you that Anne was too busy in her younger days doing her own cheating and having her house a mess so it would be a bit rich her being sent to sort out two people who are doing just fine without any one of those bitter bitter people

  22. Mel says:

    What exactly is she supposed to do? These are grown people who are independent of them who spend their time minding the business that pays them. She’s supposed to swoop down on them and tell to not work or exist because the family looks boring and shabby next to them?

    • Monlette says:

      “Get back home at once so we can give you the silent treatment!”
      “We don’t have a home in the UK anymore, remember?”
      “Oh…right…well stop being better than your brother at everything!”

  23. Just Jade says:

    The Rats want Anne to go talk some sense into her nephew and his wife to let them in because they are starving and not sure where their next meal is coming from.

  24. JudyB says:

    So, somehow, the rota and the British public believe that all Anne has to do is go to California, meet with her nephew and his wife, shake her royal finger at them while chewing them out for leaving the family, and everything will be all right???

    And can anyone tell me why BBC News prints an article every week on “Why did Harry and Meghan leave the Royal Family and where do they get their money?” Who exactly in the UK has been so isolated in the past four years that they do not know the answers to these questions?

    I can understand them printing that story a few months after they left and maybe providing updates once a year, but changing the title and including new information, but no, it is basically the same questions over and over again. Most importantly, they mention the money Harry used to get from his father and the government, but make it sound like M&H are doing odd jobs. And the articles never mention racism, the treatment by the media, or his father taking away their home and security that threatened their lives and the lives of their children.

    So, why is the BBC printing such a vapid article over and over, as if many of their readers have no idea where Harry and his wife have disappeared to????