Princess Kate’s 63-day disappearance is getting major attention this week

A confluence of events has led to this week being some kind of breaking point. The Princess of Wales has not been seen, photographed or heard from since Christmas Day, over 63 days ago. Prince William looks like he can barely crawl out of a bottle for his few public appearances since Kate went missing. There was the mess with the staged photos outside of the London Clinic, then William wasn’t seen visiting Kate at all even though they claimed she had major abdominal surgery. Kensington Palace can’t even keep anyone properly updated on Kate’s condition – “sources” claimed that Kate went to Norfolk two weeks ago, then they never mentioned whether or not she “returned” to Adelaide Cottage in Windsor. Kate’s parents have also been MIA – no updates from Carole Middleton and no sightings either, all while Kate’s siblings enjoy ski holidays and beach holidays, and all while Queen Camilla looks like the cat who got the cream.

Meanwhile, for the past two months, William has looked alternately bleak, panicked, drunk and/or in over his head. It feels like King Charles used Prince Harry’s quick visit as a way to “smoke out” William from whatever bender he was on, and it worked – William was suddenly very eager to throw a very loud tantrum over all things Harry, and William also rushed out and did a handful of “events.” Then William disappeared again, suddenly pulling out of an appearance at his godfather’s memorial service and loudly insisting that it had nothing to do with the death of Thomas Kingston. It’s turning into an Agatha Christie mystery.

Added to all of that, suddenly We Got This Covered decided to publish this story: “What would happen to Prince William if he was charged with a serious crime?” Sub-head: “Can you send a Prince to prison, and what happens when he becomes the King?” I won’t excerpt it, but you can read it at the link. It was making the rounds on Twitter yesterday, alongside all of the other royal news.

So many people are paying attention to these royal dramas nowadays. “Kate Middleton” has been trending for 24 hours and I get the feeling that Kensington Palace had no idea how international their mess would become.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Somebody Nobody says:

    How do you call in a wellness check to a palace? POW has a few meanings after all.

    • Water Lilly says:

      The plot sickens.

      • Teddy says:

        Wow — it took all of a year for the RF to publicly implode after the queen’s passing.

      • BlueNailsBetty says:

        @Teddy I have thought of Elizabeth saying “Après moi, le déluge” (after me, the flood) so often over the past year and every day since it was announced about Kate’s “planned surgery”.

        The Windsors better buy extra life jackets because that flood water is getting deeper and deeper.

    • ales says:

      What about the children, they have not been seen either. Are the 4 of them gone. If this is just another publicity stunt by the Midds to get attention, then they have made a huge mistake.

      • Claire says:

        So honest question here because I don’t know the answer for sure – is it actually strange that we haven’t seen the children? Do we normally have pap shots of them? I thought there was some type of arrangement with the rota whereby they didn’t pap the royal kids until they weren’t minors anymore or something in exchange for the royal family issuing photos of them around their birthdays or first day of school (and now that they’re getting older they sometimes go on official engagements etc.). But many people have brought up how we haven’t seen any pictures of the kids at school as a reason why theyre probably not at school – and I don’t think we’ve ever seen unofficial pictures of them at school or on the school run have we? Similarly people have brought up that they would expect a parent at the school would have leaked a photo of them at school by now, but I also don’t know if any time in the past when a parent at the school has leaked photos of the kids or info to the press – and I can only imagine that the school has a super strict policy on the kids privacy and a parent would risk being kicked out of the school if they released photos or info to the press. So I don’t know what the answer is re: are the kids still at school, but I haven’t taken any lack of photos or leaks from the school as giving as an answer one way or the other.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Clare, so for the most part you are right. The kids are rarely papped and when they are it feels the palace gave permission (ice cream after school, going to lunch at a pub, etc.)

        So I think that’s what people are sort of expecting here. William is taking weeks off work and working a very reduced schedule even for him – because he has to take care of the children – that falls very flat. An easy PR win for him would be a shot of him taking the older two to get ice cream or whatever in Windsor (a somewhat blurry distant shot, set up and preapproved.)

    • Elizabeth says:

      Do any of you follow Murad Merali on YouTube? He has been all over Kate’s disappearance.

      • Liz says:

        Not heard of him – is it worth a look?

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        He reports on what we already know but doesn’t seem to have any inside info or scoops. He’s as clueless as the rest of us, as far as I can tell.

      • Debb says:

        Murad Merali of the UK and Tisa Tells, USA are both You Tubers, who give us listeners a fantastic view of the inside of the Royal life. They are both up to the minute on information on any hot topics of Royal, Diddy, sports and entertainment news. Murad, especially very good with his opinions, since I live in the USA. He tells us what he thinks is happening. I already think what he says. Go to YouTube and search for them. It will be worth your time.

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      Surely she and the children have left him.
      Now they are trying to lure and manipulate her back into the fold. She is at her parent’s house until she gains the reassurance she needs.

      • Liz says:

        Ronaldinho – that sounds like a very simple explanation that could be true. Hence Wills looking shell shocked.

        Carole however was the one desperate for the royal role for her daughter – would she really be encouraging her to split/divorce?

  2. Yes the hot mess continues and the speculation is festering like an unlanced boil. Twitter is trending with some very weird stuff and as usual KP and Peg have no clue hot to handle it all. This royal soap opera is really getting good!

    • Snaggletooth says:

      YEP!! It was pretty exciting. My summary of why it’s suddenly trending: 1) Kate’s mystery absence has gone on for too long so the public has had time to catch up AND the timeline no longer aligns with any known abdominal surgery—she should at least be up and around doing physical therapy; 2) they’ve missed every obvious milestone to show us a glimpse of Kate or for her to issue a statement thanking everyone for their well wishes, so people withholding judgement finally started wondering WTH is happening; 3) William’s insane behavior at the BAFTAs and that picture last week reminded everyone of what a putz he is and 4) the mystery cancellation yesterday..

      Into this now fertile ground swoops all the redditors and Sussex squaddies who’ve been dying to share their observations about the insanity for months and who have been cataloguing every single weirdness. Suddenly the world was ready to listen and, welp, yesterday things exploded.

      • Carmen says:

        One of my favorites: the Wales’ kids’ nanny, María Teresa Turrión Borallo, has packed her bags and left. IF this is true (big if) — could she have been the source for Concha Calleja’s story in the Spanish media?

      • Snaggletooth says:

        @carmen…..what??? If Nanny Maria ran away to Spain, that is big news. And she sure could have been the source. OR someone in her family she confided in who isn’t bound by an NDA

      • Mia4s says:

        “they’ve missed every obvious milestone to show us a glimpse of Kate ”

        I’m beginning to wonder if she’s lost/is losing her hair due to whatever treatment she had/is having. If it was just that she looks very thin and frail there would be no need to hide that. A photo like that would be entirely expected after abdominal surgery and would bring loads of sympathy. It just makes no sense. But something like hair loss or other visible change? Then the jig is up.

      • sevenblue says:

        @Mia4s, they didn’t have to even show a photo, video of her. All would be well if after leaving hospital, they shared a personal message from Kate thanking everyone’s well wishes, then the conspiracies wouldn’t be so bad. The current communication is glaringly weird especially compared to Charles’ reading well wishers’ cards on video.

      • Snaggletooth says:

        Yeah the fact that she hasn’t’ issued any statement is soooo striking. She’s supposed to be working from bed FFS! Anyone remember that tall tale? So working from bed but no statement wishing Charles a swift recovery? No thanks for well wishes? No statement on hr birthday? In fact, not a single stinking peep from the desk of Kate? Someone at KP decided not to fake something they can’t later walk back when the truth comes out.

      • FancyPants says:

        “Thin and frail” with janky hair has been her signature look for more than a decade now, I don’t think that look is the problem here.

      • Snuffles says:

        I keep hearing that Nanny Maria dipped. Does anyone have a link? If true, I too believe that is HUGE.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        Nanny Maria is Gone Girl!? Stop the presses. Where is this being reported?

      • Jaded says:

        @Snuffles — so far it’s just conjecture on SM, nothing concrete, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if, after whatever happened to Kate, she washed her hands of them and dipped.

      • mblabes says:

        i just wanted to say that as someone who had an emergency abdominal surgery a few years ago, i missed 4 months of worth. i lost 80 pounds in 3 months, and recovery was awful. i didn’t leave my house for anything other than doctors’ appointments. i didn’t have physical therapy, i was just encouraged to try to walk as much as possible, which at the time was just up and down the hallway and maybe out to the yard. i was incredibly weak, and it took ages to feel human again. if anyone would have wanted to take a picture of me, i would have hired a hit man. also, planned doesn’t mean anything in this context. you could be admitted as an emergency patient and have surgery the next day, and it’s still technically planned. however, i do think all the messaging around the illness and all of this has been weird and almost designed to create as much gossip as possible. like others here have said, a personal message or something would be appropriate and so easy to do. i just think a picture might be too much to ask for, especially given how careful she is about her appearance (whether or not any of us think she looks good).

      • Kit says:

        @mblabes, sure. I managed the care of an abdominal aortic aneurysm patient whose recovery took months due to many pre-existing health conditions and post-op complications.

        BUT, even if Kate is suffering post op complications, that is easily, comfortably explainable. No need for so much secrecy and drama. It certainly doesn’t explain why Willie looks out of control, on a bender and in hiding.

        What happened to Kate is big. And it’s a big secret. And it’s bad. And it’s looking bad for FK of the realm.

        Good luck spinning that.

    • Christine says:

      This has been a complete shit show, and I can’t look away!

    • Lorelei says:

      It’s wild watching this play out in real time. KP could not have handled everything about all of this more poorly every step of the way if they tried.

      • Snaggletooth says:

        Yep. Just last week I was saying that this was still a non story that only us gossips cared about because everyone just accepted the palace line and didn’t care about Kate enough to pay any closer attention. Well not after yesterday!!

      • Christine says:

        Just think about how different it would be had they done a few tweets here and there, ending with ‘C’!

        Kaiser’s “can’t manage their way out of a paper bag” has never been more appropriate.

      • Snaggletooth says:

        Christine, I think the fact that “Kate” hasn’t even spoken once is the most ominous of all the bad facts. I do think someone in the palace had the sense to realize it’s a bad idea to fake statements from an incapacitated woman who might never recover (and yes I’m now fully on team Kate is incapacitated—however it may have happened: stroke, surgery with unexpected complications, etc.).

        Even if she’s too “unsightly” for a picture, why can’t she issue a statement if she’s actually recovering? If they could, they WOULD.

      • Lawrenceville says:

        If Kate was incapacitated from something of natural causes there’d be no need for “someone” to figure “they aren’t issuing any fake statements they can’t walk back”. People have strokes, heart attacks, botched surgeries or get committed to mental institutions all the time. Hey people self-harm all the time and even in the case of taking one’s life, the palaces would be straight and forthcoming with all this information. The fact that they BOTH are no longer issuing any statements is very ominous. The plot thickens. Yesterday they showed on themselves when they tried to distract by using the Hulu doco, they fell flat on their faces because nobody was buying any of their usual regular distract, distract and distract some more BS. As they say, be careful what you wish for. They ran the Sussexes out of the country to get more media attention and glaring bright spotlights on themselves; now they have all these. I really love this for the whole lot, including Charles. They all deserve the terribly bad publicity they’re getting. And BP shouldn’t get too comfortable thinking they’re off the hook because of Charles’ cancer diagnosis. If there was a big cover up, they too are deeply involved in and very much implicated. Watch this space.

    • Underhill says:

      Can’t look away. It’s a slow motion train wreck.

    • Jay says:

      I think if anyone at the palace COULD send out a proof of life image or tweet on Kate’s behalf, they would have done so already.

      I don’t buy that if she really is just recovering from surgery, they couldn’t prop her up in bed with a ton of makeup, one of her janky wigs, slap some vaseline on the lens and call it a day. If she were in any way available to be photographed, they would have done it. Plus, as many of us have said, KP could just send out a “thank you for your kind wishes” tweet from “C”. They don’t even need photo or visual, or at least they wouldn’t have two weeks ago.

      From my standpoint, I think the continued silence from KP could be:

      1. Incompetence! Maybe KP is in shambles behind the scenes, they don’t have a strategy for handling Kate’s absence and they are afraid to say or do too much. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve overestimated just how bad they really are at their jobs.

      2. Kate is missing, absent, or unavailable and KP doesn’t know exactly where she is or what’s going on. They would be afraid to release something that either accidentally gives away too much or will be immediately contradicted – better say nothing than be caught in a lie. The last time I saw the rota actually angry with William is when he lied about having had COVID – wouldn’t want a repeat of that.

      3. Finally, IMO the most likely possibility is that KP and the rota know perfectly well where she is and why. They released the information about Kate’s surgery because they were afraid it would break and have sworn the rota to secrecy – for now. Maybe they haven’t put out any posts on Kate’s behalf because they weren’t sure of the timeline initially or when (for example) Kate returns after an extended hospitalization for “exhaustion” or something like that, it will be obvious that she was not, in fact, recovering well at Adelaide and reading people’s cards etc.

      But still, I don’t understand why the KP account couldn’t thank well-wishers on her behalf.

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        Or, William is freezing her out for some reason.

      • Jeanette says:

        Wonder if she got tired of Willies antics and high tailed it to Mom and Dads and is refusing to come back? Have the kids been photographed?

  3. lucky says:

    The worse this gets the more sympathy is creeping into my heart. I just went through breast cancer treatment and my mostly amazing husband slowly started drinking too much until it was way too much and the last few weeks have been so hard and so heartbreaking as we navigate both of our needs and limitations. I know they have a ton more help than we do, but it is touching a nerve. Life can be so hard and unforgiving.

    • Liz says:

      Best wishes to you lucky – stay strong and well. You’re a good person who can find empathy in your heart for others while you are going through a hard time ♥️

    • Laura-Lee MacDonald says:

      I’m so sorry, Lucky. I hope you both recover and stay strong together.

    • Juliette says:

      Your heart shines through adversity. Healing to you both. x

    • Snaggletooth says:

      I’m so you are navigating such a hard time. I really really feel for anyone with a drinking problem— IT’s such a hellish affliction. I hope your husband can get the help he needs. I won’t offer any advice from my own sobriety experience but I will say that there are so many people who can relate to this and empathize with what you both are going through.

    • ML says:

      Lucky, That sounds like a lot of added stress in a tricky situation. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re dealing with the physical and emotional load of cancer and that the person you love is dealing (so you are too) with a different difficult sickness. I hope you find the help, strength and healing you need. Hgs!

    • Embee says:

      Sending you and your family my most sincere wishes for healing. I faced breast cancer in 2020 (surgery in April) and my then-partner was incredible around surgery and then fell apart. It’s truly hard on both parties. I was so focused on being strong that I wasn’t really there as “me” and failed to ask for what I needed. I share that to encourage you to ask for what you need from whatever resources. You don’t have to be strong. You deserve care. As for your husband’s drinking…there’s only so much you can do there until and unless he makes the decision to address it. Please stay focused on you. You deserve it. I’m not saying to ignore or shun him at all I just want you to take care of you, which is what he should be doing and apparently cannot.

    • Just Jade says:

      Something is eating Keen conscience and he has not look himself since Kate surgery. The rats knew what has been going on and they probably reminded him every day. Sadly, there isn’t anything that he can do about like PH said TRAP!

    • Water Lilly says:

      Sending you and your family healing thoughts, Lucky.

    • Mary Pester says:

      @LUCY, I’m thinking of you lovey, cancer is a BCH of the highest order and it’s not just the people with it that suffer (in normal families) love and luck to you and your husband x

    • Harper says:

      @lucky what a rough experience. Wishing you strength and healing and both of you coming out on the other side of this healthy and united.

    • Amy T says:

      Sending healing energy your and your husband’s way. I hope you have an army of supportive friends and family.

    • paintybox says:

      @Lucky – sending you wishes for good healing and strength.

    • Jaded says:

      @Lucky — all my sympathy and best wishes for a complete recovery. I too am facing serious surgery in a few weeks for bladder cancer. I’m lucky to have an amazing partner who, even though he’s under stress, steadfastly remains my biggest supporter.

    • QuiteContrary says:

      I’m so sorry, Lucky. Hang in there.

    • Roo says:

      Sending you love, strength and positivity as you and your husband navigate these challenges, Lucky!

    • Caribbean says:

      I am so sorry for what you are going through @lucky .
      My heart is often broken by people going through struggles and illnesses and it sometimes just heightens my own struggles and blends with it and make it even more raw. BUT…
      Meghan and lost a WHOLE BABY and ‘they’ did not care. Harry and Meghan can still l*se their lives because of all the hate whipped up against them and ‘they’ do not care. British people are going through crisis and ‘they’ do not care.

    • bisynaptic says:

      Best wishes for a speedy recovery, for both of you.

  4. Bettyrose says:

    Who is wegothiscovered? Is it just a rando blog or a well read publication that will get noticed? Because they just straight up speculated William violently attacked Kate. And the theory does fit with all this squirrely behavior and missing Mids.

    • Rainbow Kitty says:

      I just went down a rabbit hole and there are different things said about the blog. Some say it can’t be trusted and that some of their stuff is made up. Others say they have been right about some things before. Now, this is from Reddit… so who knows.

    • Rainbow Kitty says:

      Actually, the more I read about wegothiscovered, the more people say is a BS blog and not to be trusted.

      • Becks1 says:

        I dont even care if its a BS blog, lol – I care that the headline “what would happen if prince william was charged with a serious crime” is blowing up on social media. It’s just going to make more people stop and say wait, WHAT happened to Kate?!?!

      • Rainbow Kitty says:

        @Becks – The palace would never allow him to be charged with a serious crime. They have a literal pedophile living freely and none of them are phased by it. They all are gross. But I am loving the spotlight being put on these idiots.

    • Lorelei says:

      I’d never heard of it in my life until right now, but that was a great article!

    • Jais says:

      It doesn’t matter so much whether this is a serious blog. What I mean is there’s just an amplification of people finding everything weird and not usual royal watchers. The conspiracy theories are going to keep getting bigger and bigger. William and KP comms have created this.

  5. Lili says:

    Ma middleton if you see this don’t take the hush money, you can always write a book later , but ask to see your daughter

    • Shawna says:

      Whatever Carole is doing, she’s already past the decision-making point.

    • Dee says:

      Carole, go ahead and pawn that missing royal jewelry. You’re going to need it.

    • The Duchess says:

      Carole will always put status and money above her own daughter’s well-being. Fact. The only way her silence can be bought is through money and reassurances regarding her position with George. That’s all she cares about and we all know she’s in dire need of the cash.

  6. Carmen says:

    The palace has gone radio silent over Kate’s disappearance. Probably just as well because nobody believes a word they say any more. Just one lie after another,

    • Ellie says:

      Some wild theories out there. My favorites are:

      1. She got a mommy makeover (breast augmentation, tummy tuck with abdominoplasty, v rejuvenation), which would align with the recovery time.

      2. BBL.

      4. She’s holding out for better terms from William (like Melania did to Trump).

      All that aside, I hope she’s doing well. But also, I’m deriving such joy from watching KP’s PR team fumbling such an easy win.

      • bettyrose says:

        Honestly, if it’s any of those things and this is NBD, great. I wouldn’t have been surprised at all if there was “Kate is getting some much need rest” type of messaging for a couple of months and then she reappears with a new face. But that’s not what’s happening.

  7. Mia4s says:

    The sheer PANIC behind the scenes from all those weirdos who make up the “Firm” must be a hell of a sight to see.

    Look I am a card carrying member of Abolish the Monarchy, but I always thought through public and political means. Yet somehow total meltdown and destruction from within makes more sense. Wild.

    • Underhill says:

      Mia4 I agree. Under the water level, they are paddling like crazy, In circles. It looks to me like they still do not know how to explain these events (or some sanitized version of the unavoidable portions) to the general public.

      • Debbie says:

        I don’t know why KP doesn’t relegate information about this matter to BP, or at least follow Charles’ methods of keeping people informed but maintaining some measure of privacy as well. What dopes.

  8. Inge says:

    Had they not announced the surgery I don’t think many people would have even noticed.

    Then again they couldn’t have Charles getting all the sympathy(though they grossly overestimated people caring)

    • Lorelei says:

      That’s what makes this all the more insane! Kate often disappeared for months at a time, and barely anyone noticed, but this time, they had to go and release that incredibly vague statement inviting all sorts of speculation, and then it all snowballed from there and now they’ve completely lost control of the narrative. I don’t even know what KP could say right now that people would believe since it’s so well-known that they lie.

      This was totally avoidable, but KP is known for their unforced errors so I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising. But this series of blunders has been so, so bad though, even for them. Beyond egregious. Jesus H

      • Juno says:

        I think they were probably blackmailed by a tabloid into releasing it, and negotiated releasing certain details (date, abdomen, London Clinic) in exchange for the resulting media blackout.

        Plus, since whatever went wrong obviously happened before the Jan surgery date, they know she’d be missing events and they had to explain it somehow.

      • sid2 says:

        “I don’t even know what KP could say right now that people would believe since it’s so well-known that they lie.”
        At this point I’m doubting KC has cancer. Unless he’s undergoing alternative “holistic treatment”, I doubt he can walk around “looking so well”, per PM Sunak, after chemo. Even Pippa’s beach exposure seems like a stunt and a distraction. Not a fan of Kate but hoping she is ok.

      • HeatherC says:

        @sid2 if he has bladder cancer, like I did, and it hasn’t spread, the treatment doesn’t have an obvious physical tell like traditional treatment. I had what’s called intravesical chemo, where the chemo is instilled into the bladder for a certain amount of time before eliminated through normal methods or a catheter.

        My first 2 go arounds I would take the treatment instillation on my lunch break and eliminate it when I got home (mine was I had to hold it for 4 hours lol, harder than it sounds). Then I had the flu like symptoms and fatigue (my second modality made my hair thin but not obvious unless you were looking for it)

    • Belli says:

      I agree. William and Kate have taken long absences before and gone under the radar, but the surgery announcement then draws attention to the recovery period after. The fact that there is nothing in the press is by far the weirdest thing. Some fluff about the royal kids helping out with the chores while their mother recovers because they’re angels and just like us etc etc would usually be expected, but there’s NOTHING.

      • MSS says:

        Actually I have seen a fluff piece claiming that the kids are reading their mom stories while she recovers, and that Charlotte and Kate had a spa day at home with just the two of them.

      • Jenny says:

        Have the kids been seen at all? Being dropped off on the infamous School Run? Surely there’s at least one parent/teacher/cafeteria lady/custodian at that school willing to say if they haven’t seen the kids either. I can’t imagine kids that young either keeping something major secret, or carrying on as if nothings wrong.

      • Shawna says:

        @MSS – but that fluff piece isn’t in the normal royal gossip rags, IIRC.

    • Becks1 says:

      So I think this time, her absence would have gotten more attention in general (not a lot, but more than say the summer months when she disappears) bc if we didn’t see her from christmas until after Easter, that would be well over three months and she would have missed a few key events such as St Patricks Day and the commonwealth service. She has missed those before, but I think such a long absence would have gotten some attention. Outside of maternity leaves and pregnancies I don’t think she’s gone over 3 months without a public appearance.

      Now that said, it still could have been easily brushed aside and I doubt THAT many people would have noticed. Announcing the surgery and giving her such a lengthy recovery timeline definitely raised more eyebrows and got more attention on it.

      But I really think its been William’s behavior over the past two weeks that has put the spotlight squarely on her absence.

      • Nic919 says:

        If William managed to keep his engagements and didn’t cancel everything, a lot of this would have been set to the side because people would assume she is recovering and he’s going about his business.

        It is the fact that William cancelled everything just as the surgery for his wife was announced is what made most people think this was far more serious than a planned surgery. And his continued erratic behaviour has only made it worse.

    • Beenie says:

      Agree completely. Had they not said anything no one would bat an eye over Kate not working for two months. Honestly we’re used to it.

      I know I’m in the minority here when I say that I still don’t think anything is majorly wrong with Kate. I think she had a surgery, probably requiring several weeks to heal, and she’s milking the recovery to not have to work for months. I wish we all had that benefit! I really don’t believe in the conspiracies, I just think she is lazy and KP press is **horrible** at their jobs. Like really, really bad. It’s a reflection of who they work for.

      In the end, I think she’ll emerge around Easter for some kid related event and she’ll look cute and overly engaged and everyone will forget about this mess. Don’t get me wrong, this is all ridiculous, but I’m firmly in the “incompetence” camp when it comes to theorising what’s going on right now.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Beenie, I’m half way with you. I think there was probably a surgery with post surgery problems. She might have been in an induced coma, but isn’t any longer. I think she’s with Ma Mids, perhaps at the Mids home. Much more to the point, I wonder if Bully Idle and Bone Idle will continue as a couple in future. I keep wondering if one of Bully Idle’s indiscretions has popped up. If so, we’ll find out.

      • TigerMcQueen says:

        So if that’s the case, why hasn’t she at least released a statement saying, “Thank you for your support?” KP is bad, but not THIS bad. The lack of comms about/from Kate that should be normal if she were really just recuperating at home for a few months is weird AF.

      • Beenie says:

        TIGERMCQUEEN, I agree with you that it is absurd they haven’t put out a statement.

        I differ with you on the point about KP press. I do believe that they are THIS bad.

      • Kittenmom says:

        Agree with you that Kate is not in serious danger. She will show up again in the spring looking very “fresh” and people will be complimenting her left and right. And saying that Harry and Meghan started the rumors, and also that Harry and Meghan were responsible for her surgery and Willy’s stress to begin with. 🙄

    • Jay says:

      I don’t think it would be noticed yet (they usually disappear for two months over the summer) but to not see Kate until June? There would have to be some explanation, even if Charles’ absence for cancer treatment hadn’t focused the spotlight on the Wales.

      But I wonder if KP wishes that they had just kept mum until now and then, once people began noticing her absence, announce that Kate had a serious operation and was recovering well, she didn’t want to make a fuss
      , please give her privacy blah blah blah. Instead KP chose the worst communication strategy possible: releasing an urgent statement with no details, then being squirrelly and staging weird photo ops but refusing to do the most basic pr. The exact opposite of what BP did, basically.

      • Christine says:

        Jay, agreed! If they hadn’t released that first panicked statement, on the same day as Chuck’s, this all would have played out differently. Basically, all of us at CB would have been screaming into the void, “where is Kate?”, but no one else would have noticed a thing.

        It’s nice not being on the ultra frustrating side of the Willnot and Cannot are so useless and lazy conversation. We just get to gawk and pat ourselves on the back that the planet is noticing how inept and pointless they are.

  9. Midnight@theOasis says:

    Social media is all over this. And the conspiracy theories are getting crazy. The milk carton with Kate as a missing person had me in stitches😂

  10. MY3CENTS says:

    That photoshopped Gone Girl is giving me life.

  11. TigerMcQueen says:

    I watched the tweet count climb last night from 15k to 18k to 20k well over 30k in a short period of time. It was wild!

    Why is Billy Idle such a mess lately, and where’s Kate?

    • CC730 says:

      Probably taking care of the kids whom apparently didn’t get back to school probably also to take care of Kate s/

  12. Charley says:

    I find it interesting that the palace even said “Kate is doing fine” yesterday… coupled with the statement saying wills personal matter wasn’t anything about the sudden death in the family it really loudly shouts the question “well what was it then?”
    From a PR perspective KP might have been better saying Kate was unwell gaining some sympathy and giving a semi-valid excuse for his absence.
    I wonder if Kate is aware of all the speculation? Has she chosen not to release a photograph/statement because she’s refusing to comply or has she been banned from doing so? Or worse is not well enough to do so.

    • Chaine says:

      I continue to believe the Pippa vacation bikini photo marathon is the Middletons’ way of signaling that Kate is doing fine and whatever William is up to is not on her.

      • justine says:

        Yeah I thought the same, even maybe kate is away on a beach negociating her divorce while looking at the crown crumble

      • Kittenmom says:

        Yes, this. Even if I didn’t get along with my siblings, I certainly wouldn’t take off on a vacation if they were critically ill. I didn’t see her brother’s ski photos, but Pippa looked happy as can be on the beach – unless she has a heart of stone, she wouldn’t behave like that if her sister was on death’s doorstep.

      • The Duchess says:

        No way would the institution or even the press allow her to lounge on some beach in the Caribbean whilst the monarchy crumbles all around. They’ve marched her out in less severe circumstances. Something is incapacitating her and I don’t think it’s some little drink problem her husband has got.

  13. Bad Janet says:

    This is getting wild. They would show her face if they could. Wtf is going on?

    • CC730 says:

      And now it seems that the kids are missing school….

    • Snaggletooth says:

      Hell, if they felt they could get away with it, they would issue a statement from Kate thanking everyone for their well wishes. That they haven’t points to incapacitation. If they felt they had ANY wiggle room to put out a little note from dear Catharine, they would. Whatever happened to her (natural causes, mental breakdown, complications from surgery, worse) she’s not able to communicate.

      • CC730 says:

        My understanding too. If they did not fear being caught lying they would have told us how good is her recovery etc. The silence is damning.

      • TigerMcQueen says:

        This is what gets me. We know the folks at KP are just fine releasing statements from people without said people’s approval or even knowledge. So even if all of the “it’s no big deal, she just doesn’t want to talk” theories were true (aka, she’s holed up somewhere refusing to work/negotiating a divorce, this is normal surgery/post op and she’s resting as is her due, she’s gotten a facelift), Will would absolutely release a statement from her if only to get the wild speculation that’s impacting HIM to stop.

        KP hasn’t done this, which makes it seem like they feel like they can’t. Because she’s not able to communicate, and they fear what would happen if they released a statement from her and that fact came to light at a later date.

      • Feebee says:

        No statement could be related to a physical or mental state but it could also be her lawyer saying no. As in this surgery angle is what everyone agreed to go with (let’s say to cover for divorce negotiations) and nothing else will be forthcoming until a deal is done.

        All I can think is roll on Easter because if she’s a no-show then… well, the heat will be turned up regardless of their hint it may actually be June.

      • Underhill says:

        Not only can’t she communicate, but they think there is a good chance that she will not be able to in the future, either, or they would be making up missives on her behalf. The cover up is always worse than the crime (though in this case we make have to make an exception).

  14. Lady Esther says:

    I’m Team Kate, Take the RF To The Cleaners…Then Get Out While You Still Can!

  15. TeamMontecito says:

    Call me crackers, but I’m getting SVR or Chinese intelligence vibes. Homeboy is unraveling in a vacuum.

  16. Becks1 says:

    What Kaiser said months ago was true – the palace (in this case KP) really cannot manage its way out of a paper bag. This is a disaster of their own making.

    My big thought of these past few days (as I’ve said on here) – if they’re not showing us any pictures of her, its because they can’t – either bc she is no shape to be photographed, or she’s refusing to cooperate. William has gotten too much heat in the past two weeks for various blunders, and KP has to know that a picture of Kate would immediately change the narrative.

    Instead, social media is really starting to blow up with people asking….but where is she?!?!

    At this point I feel like I have no clue what’s going. Kaiser mentioned on X/twitter yesterday that she thinks they’ve been lying to us from day 1, and everything makes more sense in a weird way if we just accept that – the abdominal surgery was a lie, the london clinic stay was a lie, her departure date was a lie, etc.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Becks, I was thinking about that same exact line this morning, too, just about 20 minutes or so before I read this post! Great minds, etc.

      In all seriousness though, what in the everloving hell is going on at KP? They started off horribly by releasing that vague statement, and ALL they’ve done since then is make misstep after misstep. It’s wild! Who is even in charge at this point? It seems like so many of their senior staffers are brand new. And whoever is steering the comms ship is heading straight for an iceberg.

      • Iolanthe says:

        When the Sussexes cannot move , breathe , smile, have a coffee without getting photographs splashed all over, and have their spending analysed to the last cent they are half a world away , living their own lives , not indebted to anyone in heck are the royals in residence flying under the radar . Are the paparazzi losing their touch . Not a sign of nanny or kids or any of the Middletons’s a mystery how they stay invisible .Unless the press was paid off or scared off. Which makes me so furious because the same could have been done for Meghan and Diana . Well karma is a bitch, and whatever is going on is serious . I don’t think Kate is even ill, because Pippa was sighted looking quite happy , but it looks like Kate is being phased out and it isn’t going well .I don’t see her leaving quietly.

    • theoriginalrose says:

      It could be all of the above. As this all plays out i just keep repeating ‘truth is stranger than fiction’. I think i most strongly believe that she just doesn’t want to be seen.

    • Harper says:

      I saw a tweet that said the rota knew right away there was something fishy going on when the press release claimed Kate was at the London Clinic, because the royals always go straight to King Edward hospital. Pair that with the absolutely phony photo shoot of William and his henchman doing their drive-by visit, and the even lamer and faker twigs-in-a-blanket discharge convoy and yup. They were lying from day one.

    • Jais says:

      I mean they were def lying from the start. From that very first announcement. But about what? I’m at a point where I just want to know!!! And I’m afraid we’ll never know😂. I hope I’m wrong.

    • L84Tea says:

      I agree with Kaiser. I think it’s been lies since day one, starting with the surgery announcement, but as usual, KP is too stupid to look beyond and navigate a situation like this going forward. They shot themselves in the foot in making that announcement, and now the speculation train is completely out of control. One little glimpse of Kate would stop it all, and the fact that they won’t or can’t do that, speaks volumes. The RF is in some serious trouble.

  17. Dutch says:

    The RR’s solution will be to interpret how all this speculation points to how beloved and popular Kate is compared to the Sussexes, all while failing to mention that the discourse is either farcical (bad bangs, recovery from a BBL) or sinister (she’s been straight up murdered!). And KP still won’t offer an on the record update about her current condition

    • CC730 says:

      That! Because let’s face it, a lot of the speculation comes from the fact that William isn’t liked neither is Kate.
      If she was fine all along, good for her but bad for the RF.
      If she was not and even if they say the truth now, everyone will assume it’s worse than what was said which is bad for the RF.

    • Jais says:

      The concern is also not coming from her fans. They’d have us all believing everything is perfect. It’s mostly coming from people who don’t like Kate as a person or who are indifferent to her. And that’s bc we don’t trust the Windsors. Or the monarchy. Or the BM. It does not actually suggest anything about Kate or the RF’s popularity.

      • Nic919 says:

        The derangers are all prepared to accept the party line and not question anything. Which doesn’t make them fans so much as bots.

        There is no way they could have said Diana was going to be out of public view under mysterious circumstances for months without the public making a big deal of it and much sooner too.

      • Underhill says:

        The Kate-stans, the ones that are not bots, don’t really see any of the RF as real people. They see them as mannekins, or Barbie dolls. I think H and M supporters see them more as real people, somehow. maybe because H and M act more like real people.

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      But they don’t understand internet culture. Kate Missington is now a meme. It won’t go back in the bottle.

      Plus, if people cared, where were the teddy bears and flowers outside of the hospital? Instead it was crickets.

  18. Keke Swan says:

    Oof! Talk about losing control of the narrative! This is crazy!

  19. Tina says:

    This definitely broke through on Twitter yesterday in a big way in the US. So many Americans I follow were all ‘going down the rabbit hole’ as they said. KP has made a big mess. When you have international accounts putting up BBL memes for your (supposedly) future Queen you’ve lost the internet.

    • Lorelei says:

      Yesterday was finally the day that friends and family of mine who know that I follow the RF started asking me, “What’s going on with Kate??” (as if I know, lol) But yes, to your point, it’s gotten strange enough that it’s starting to make its way into the public consciousness. People who only pay attention to the BRF when there’s a wedding, baby, funeral, or major scandal are even starting to wonder about Kate.

      • Tina says:

        Same here! I have friends who don’t care about this at all but know that I pay attention and were like ‘ok give me a high level summary’. The thing that struck me is that even people who don’t follow this and don’t care were not shocked at the sketchiness of the whole situation. The Royal Family reputation is really awful even with people who don’t pay attention.

      • CC730 says:

        Same here. My dad lately very surprised me because he had a tendency to dislike Harry and like William but he first told me how awful Will was for having a post-KFC plan (he was a bit late on the news and I don’t know who told him) and then told me that “William must have done something to his wife”. I was 😱. My dad is not on any social media and is the outdoorsy type, rarely on the internet.
        The RF really is good at making people dislike them.

      • Chaine says:

        Even my hubs is asking questions out of the blue like “if Prince William resigns will Harry be the next king”

      • Agnes says:

        Yes, it’s like all the sleeping mistrust of the BRF from when Diana was killed has woken up in the general public. Harry and Meghan’s ordeal didn’t light the fuse but this has. Something’s going to go boom soon.

  20. Amy Bee says:

    KP needs a crisis manager. As I said on another post it wouldn’t be surprising if they release a photo of Kate at the end of week.

    • Christine says:

      For real, it’s time for real-life Olivia Pope.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Betya if they do it’ll be a solo shot from that Christmas card session.

    • Agnes says:

      It just seems really weird they have tried to fake anything. Just blank. So a lot of people must know what’s really going on, what’s really going on must be really bad, and they’re somehow more afraid of being caught lying than in causing internet meltdowns.

  21. Mary Pester says:

    Oh dear, not long to go now.
    Maybe someone should tell the staff at KP to put the plug in, because the Royals are swirling around a VERY big sink hole of their own making.
    Kate can’t reappear in a ta da moment, NOT going to happen, could you imagine what would go down then.
    More and more of the general public (this ones for the Royal lurkers on here) are asking WTF is going on in that family, especially after yesterday, and also WHY the fk do we need a royal family, that money could go to schools and hospitals. Then maybe we wouldn’t have to send people 100s of miles from home for a hospital bed.
    By the way, It said Lady Gabriellas husband died in Gloucester, HIGHGROVE is in Gloucester
    Is club H still going strong)

    • Snuffles says:


      So, you know how you keep saying “Easter is coming!” I’ve been watching tarot readings on YouTube. And several of them said the same thing. Not those exact words but that there would be revelations in a month. As soon as they said that I thought of you.

      • Mary Pester says:

        @Snuffles and those tarot are right!!
        @saucy&sassy, yes he does lease Highgrove, interesting isn’t it, and why aren’t the British rags putting any effort into that story!!?
        @JADED, good luck with your surgery lovey. I will be thinking of you (I hope), or I will be watching over you x

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Mary Pester, that’s what I keep thinking is that if she just magically appears, there are going to be some angry people about the media blackout. She will get as much of that as her hubby.

      I think I read that KFC had leased Highgrove from the Duchy, so he still has the estate. I wonder if Bully Idle still goes there?

    • samipup says:

      @Mary Pester. Hope you are comfortable and thanking you for the tea. Also What photo from last week? Anyone…?

    • Underhill says:

      I don’t think this story will last until Easter, too many people have been asked to say very little about something that is very very big. This is going to explode any day now.

  22. JD says:

    At this point, everything is speculation. I doubt she’d be in a position to just outright refuse to be seen even as part of divorce negotiations.
    What worries me the most is the next generation – George seems to be a really sensitive kid and him and Charlotte who comes across as very bright are old enough to be severely affected by whatever is going on with their parents, and even Louis is now old enough to understand. And it’s all in the public for them. Kids will be talking to them at school, or they will pick it up somewhere/how what is being said.
    This is such an omnishambolic flustercluck and for the life of me I cannot understand how KP with all of its resources manages to find the WORST PR people on the planet. I only dabbled once upon a time as part of my marketing role and I would do a much better job than those absolute clowns!

    • theoriginalrose says:

      I think after all these PR disasters we have to reduce it to the common denominator: William. I bet he has a steely grip on all statements from KP and he’s just awful at it and misjudges it every time. The mistakes are the only consistant thing

      • paintybox says:

        @theoriginalrose – I completely agree. William is in charge of the information flow and he’s a major f*-up.

      • HuffnPuff says:

        I agree that William is behind the “no news” and “no leaks”. I think it’s him and Carole doing it all right now. Carole has the kids and he’s watching over Kate. It seems highly unlikely that no one has any sightings of them other than what he has allowed. I think he’s in panic mode fueled by his own trauma that he has never adequately dealt with. KFC is too weak to do anything about it and Cams of course can’t and won’t help. Maybe the visit from Harry was a cry for help on that front, but William put out the message after that visit that he still very much hates Harry.

    • Snuffles says:

      I seriously doubt those kids are in school. Kids don’t give a fuck about codes of silence. Those students would be constantly peppering George and Charlotte with questions. They would gossip in their face about William and Kate and repeat what their parents are saying.

      I feel like they have pulled out of school. And if the gossip that Nanny Maria left is true, then who is watching the kids because it sure as hell isn’t William.

      • SarahCS says:

        Isn’t Maria just the ‘head’ nanny? I’m pretty sure there’s a whole team plus the rest of their staff. Plenty of people to look after the kids if required.

      • Shawna says:

        Mary Pester’s comments have made me conclude that the kids (and perhaps Carole) are at Balmoral.

    • Deebs says:

      They have the worst people working for them because, for one thing, they refuse to pay people what they are worth. The RF is among the very worst of the exploitative capitalists. It is a big part of their history. Also, I bet they only choose people who they know will be the most obsequious, cringing pieces of shit. Betcha!

    • Ciotog says:

      I really feel for those kids, if even 1/100ths of the rumors and speculation are true.

      • CC730 says:

        The kids seems to not have returned to school after the break.
        They are in a bad situation and I doubt it’s going to be better anytime soon.

      • Nlopez says:

        I love kids! I feel sorry for them too with a violent parent like William no amount of money in the world can replace good parenting. I’m not going to say anything about Kate except I don’t like how she treated Meghan. I hope she is ok for her childrens sake.

      • Underhill says:

        I suspect they are stashed away at Balmoral, perhaps the Middletons are there also, and they are protected from what is going to be a media shitstorm. My sympathies are with those children, in this case.

    • Kathleen says:

      How do the kids that are only seen in photos “come across as bright”? To be clear, I am not saying they are NOT bright, I’d never speculate that about children I don’t even know. I am just honestly baffled by how people think they can see one way or the other. I’m puzzled by grown up who think they know something about, essentially, celebrities. Heck, worse than celebrities, because celebrities are mostly 1) adults and 2) give interviews, which allow to pass some judgment on their mental acuity. These are just kids who are silently paraded in front of us in extremely controlled scenarios.

      • Kit says:

        The sane way Kate is an amazing CEO and Will’s presidential.

        Let’s face it. There are a lot of messed up people who connect in all the wrong ways on SM and the internet. They live rent free in other people’s heads to escape from their own reality. Then you have the UK press controlled mostly by billionaires and right wingers, so English press is nothing more than a bullhorn for royalists, misogynists, brexiteers and racists.

        There’s a political correction coming. It’s wimpy but it’s coming. Same for the monarchy. QE2 is the last of the barely serious monarchs. Charles will be known more for being Diana’s ex and Cam’s personal hygiene tool. Will & Kate, the keeners that blew it all up. Andrew, the perv…..

        With the land and the seabeds, the blood diamonds, the real estates, the tax payments etc., UK without the royals would gain half a trillion pound. Think if that money and wealth went to plug up the budget gaps of the NHS, education, care services, the people would be better for it. Give the “working” royals £20 M pound severance pay each and send them to the tabloids for their tell all, lucrative books and TV deal$.

      • Constantinople says:

        Parasocial relationships

    • MOBx3 says:

      Whatever is going on over there, whether the worst of the worst, or an impending divorce, we should be concerned with the children. I have been thinking the past few days that the ones who advocate and support mental health issues would be the perfect people to help the children through this. We all know who I am talking about. And I am sure Uncle Harry loves those children to pieces. Whatever the result, I hope the family surrounds those children and helps them process their thoughts and feelings.

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        I would really love not to see suggestions that Harry should save their children, which would require leaving his own.

        I’m sure you aren’t saying this but it comes from royalistes constantly that H and M’s kids and family are disposable and Harry is needed for his brothers family.

        Harry has his own family, as he said on TV, and they are in California. Williams children are not Harry’s responsibility.

  23. Sunday says:

    I think they’re still aiming for an Easter appearance. Kate loves a theme and does think of herself as the savior of the monarchy…

    Yesterday was the first time since this started that I thought maybe Kate is milking this. Because if we look at the results, it’s everything she wants. She’s trending authentically, people actually want to know where she is, she’s making Will look like the idiot he is without having to implicate herself in the process – if she’s really not ill, this is all a huge win for her.

    Especially since in November she was outed as one of the Royal Racists. Funny how that has completely disappeared from the discourse.

    • sevenblue says:

      So, you are saying she IS actually the Gone Girl. I don’t know, if the palace would accept 3 months of bad press of people speculating that the future King abused his wife in order to make Kate look good. Isn’t it the rule to protect the heir and the monarch always?

      • Sunday says:

        @sevenblue I don’t think the palace would accept that, I just don’t think they have a choice.

        My personal theory is that Will demanded a divorce around Christmas. The “ER surgery” announcement was a Hail Mary from Kate/the firm to buy them some time to get Will under control. By saying she was in the hospital, they temporarily prevented him from announcing the split. So to the palace it’s not ideal, but at least it’s not another Wales divorce (at least not yet).

        The confused palace comms are because they’re coming from 2 camps – Will’s side, and the Firm/Kate’s side. The Firm is protecting Will to a point, but he keeps generating new bad news for them to squash. His swaying investiture appearance, the BAFTA’s gaff, skipping this, the Gaza statement – obviously he’s out of control and the firm has no clue how to rein him in without pushing him over the edge and giving away whatever they’re trying so desperately to keep hidden.

        And if she isn’t really ill then yea, I think she’s loving the attention and especially loving everyone seeing her husband for the idiot he really is.

    • The Hench says:

      The DM ran a story yesterday that specifically said within it that Kate would not be returning until AFTER Easter now…

      • Sunday says:

        Thanks for the insight @The Hench. So over a month away and they’re already saying she won’t be seen? …unfortunately for Kate even my wild imagination can’t dream up an explanation that isn’t dark and dire.

        Best I can come up with is, after yesterday’s chaos they sat Will down and told him this can’t continue, he has to make up with her and keep up appearances and he flatly refused and so they had no choice but to push the timeline further and hope that nobody notices with all the other hullabaloo at the moment. (but again, they could simply say nothing, so maybe Will told the DM that Easter isn’t happening, and then we’ll see some walkback of that from the firm, like we did with the “Kingston’s death isn’t Will’s excuse” pushback?)

      • CC says:

        “We never specified Easter 2024.”

  24. CrispyBacon says:

    I’m starting to think she’s dead or has been Bertha Rochester’d by William. Also, when was the last time the Wales kids were seen in public? I thought I had read something about how they are being “home schooled” now.

    And if this is a cover up, wow, are they bad at it. All they had to do was have a “royal” vehicle leaving the hospital with a fake!Kate riding in the back so you could see her shadow, and this story would have disappeared, but all the weirdness makes it so ripe for conspiracy theories, especially combined with stories about their knock-out rows and Willy’s temper. If the story about the nanny leaving is true too…hooboy!

    • CC730 says:

      Apparently they are home schooled indeed. Which is strange.
      I think that a fake Kate could have happened for a plastic surgery…otherwise it’s dangerous if she was to be later unable to go out for month like right now.

    • Underhill says:

      Someone said (Mary Pester I think) that they put extra staff on at Balmoral. My thinking is that they had the kids taken to Balmoral, to a media free zone, where they can’t read about all this in the papers, or be papped or whatever. They are more isolated there. Maybe the Middletons are staying there with them. I am sure they are concerned about their grandchildren.

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        I just read that they sell tickets to Balmoral on Feb and March, I hope Mary Pester can explain how that works or if it doesn’t impact the access to where the Midds and kids might be staying.

      • TigerMcQueen says:

        Tickets to Balmoral usually run through Spring/Summer (late March through Early August, before TQ would take residence). But there are other properties at Balmoral, including Craigowan Lodge (a seven bedroom “cottage”) where Liz would stay if she went to Balmoral before the tour season ended. Also note that access to Balmoral Castle itself is limited, most of the tour is restricted to the grounds.

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        Thanks Tiger! The website said they sold tickets on Feb and March, which would make this risky but late March as you’re saying makes a lot more sense.

        The “cottage” looks far enough away, too, for privacy, I saw that on the map.

        One day I’d love to get to Scotland.

    • Sobiewski says:

      I’m leaning more towards Kate having been ‘Shelly Miscavage’d by Will. She may never be heard from again. People have not seen shelly in years or so it’s been said..

  25. Snuffles says:

    My current theory is that they are scrambling behind the scenes to come up with a game plan. Because if Charles dies, or is forced to abdicate because of his health. And they deem William incapable because of…let’s say “mental health reasons”. Who will take over until George turns 18? It SHOULD be Harry but they seem to be digging in their heels about banishing him.

    I feel like they are desperately scrambling to come up with an acceptable solution that wouldn’t trigger a call to abolish the monarchy.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Snuffles, Harry wasn’t banished. He left with his wife and child to build a life elsewhere. Stranger things have happened, but I can’t imagine Harry wanting to go back to that sh!tshow.

      • CC730 says:

        Harry in this case is their only option because otherwise it’s Andrew…. Can’t imagine anyone sane thinking that it will be okay to have him on the throne.

      • Underhill says:

        Anne would twist Andrew’s fingers until he agrees to step aside in favor of his daughter Beatrice.

    • Kit says:

      Oh c’mon, you all are forgetting pervy pedo Andrew leading the lemmings at the Memorial this week. He’s making his show to the world, he’s so ready to take over the heavy mantle.

      The best thing for the 3 young ones would be the republic. Gives them a chance to breathe on their own and be their own person. But with such parents and grandparents, these kids are doomed and to be pitied. They’ve been used since birth, just like their royal dad and uncle. Trotted out for cute PR, to deflect scandals, to protect others, to be subjugated and their personal will subsumed. In the process, they’ve learned behaviors from the worse people.

      • Agnes says:

        Andrew looked so cluelessly jolly leading the parade, too. I’m sure he still believes there’s a path forward for him.

    • Underhill says:

      They would be LUCKY if Harry agreed to step in and muck out their stables for them, by being regent. They won’t think so though, and it will be Beatrice, who is a bit thin in the charisma department, but whatever. When there is a worse choice to be made, the current Royal Fam is here for it.

      • CC730 says:

        Beatrice will never be regent as she’s too close to her dad and will do what he say. Plus some of Andrew’s Tories friends would do anything to have him on the throne….

  26. Dee says:

    Someone photoshopped her in the Glasgow Willy Wonka Experience. It’s become meme territory now.

  27. B says:

    I bet H&M are -so- glad they are out of the BRF / on a completely different continent right now.

  28. Delphine says:

    63 days is the length of gestation for a cat. So a whole litter of kittens could have been inseminated and born in the time she’s been out of sight.

  29. Snuffles says:

    Dead, brain dead, coma, life support, permanently disabled, psychotic break…all options are on the table as far as I’m concerned.

  30. Relly says:

    I just keep remembering how gracious Meghan was about Kate, and wondering if she felt pity for an abused spouse…

    • Kate (Not Middleton) says:


      This exactly. I distinctly remember Meghan saying Kate was a “good person” in the Oprah interview. I don’t think she’s good enough NOT to be racist, or NOT to be a jealous mean girl (and I don’t downplay any of that), but damn if she hasn’t been put through her paces waiting for a ring and then dealing with the consequences of being the heir’s wife.

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        Kate seems very much like a mean girl who knows she isn’t loved by her husband or mother. A brutal existence for anyone, but doesn’t excuse her cruelty to MM.

    • Princessk says:

      Yes, Meghan knows that Kate is in a bad marriage

  31. Relly says:

    I don’t think dead only because they’d come up with an “oh no, she died of a brain aneurysm totally unexpected whoops” story and throw a lavish funeral, and ride the wave of sympathy to chastise anyone who looked too closely — how dare you, the Prince of Wales is grieving!!!

    But I do think she’s in a coma.

  32. Ann says:

    My theory. Charles gets diagnosed. Kate rushes off to get a facelift, expecting to be queen sooner than she expected. That is why there are no pics of her. William proves himself to be totally unfit for the job without the cover of Granny or Pa. There is a reason Diana said the wrong son was the heir.

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      Facelifts do not take months to recover from, nor do they preclude one from issuing a statement thanking the public for their support.

    • Aurora says:

      Unless a seedy facial surgeon (which I’m sure hers is not) gave her sort of the Linda Evangelista Special, whatever damage a botched facelift might cause is easy to disguise with makeup, filters, strategically placed hair etc. Or they could just have come with the extraction of a benign face tumour etc as explanation for any scars.

    • Underhill says:

      I am pretty convinced that, if that is really all it is, a botched face lift, then she is lucky. Because it look a hell of a lot worse than that by now, and her husband is acting very strange.

  33. Giddy says:

    Hey Princess Michael, you old racist bag, is your family suddenly part of a royal scandal that will be hell to cover up? What a shame. Thoughts and prayers.

    (I meant to say “ you old racist hag”;but bag works too!)

  34. NotSoSocialB says:

    You know, if she were refusing to cooperate with PR (I think that’s highly unlikely) for any kind of photo op, her hands (with big blue) holding greeting cards or her kids’ hands or whatever could be published.

    Why won’t they even offer that?? Because she isn’t capable of participating, IMO. Willnot is behaving even more strangely than usual since this speculation began. Something is UP.

  35. Sasha says:

    Could it be possible he seriously assaulted her?

    • Melissa says:

      I wonder if he told her there would be a divorce, she pushed back, and things spiraled out of control from there. This is giving serious bad vibes.

    • Jaded says:

      He assaulted his own brother…anything is possible. Even when Kate and William were at Uni people around them said he was verbally abusive to her and they couldn’t understand why she stayed with him. I guess big blue was too much of an enticement…

      • CC730 says:

        She stayed most probably because thanks to her mother she must not have thought she could have a good life without big blue. Her own brother said to the press (during the Waity years) that Kate had nothing going on without Will….a story that later was confirmed by classmates and teachers that all said that she was uninterested in whatever class she was.

      • Liz says:

        She seems a clingy type Jaded. In a previous romance the guy was hot and cold with her and friends said she spent her time trying to woo him back.

      • Kit says:

        It’s about money. As a mother of FFK, Kate would still reap taxpayers’ fundings, royal protection, royal housing. It’d be far less than what she’s getting now. She doesn’t even have to be divorced. Just put in a country house somewhere and minimized. Her parents have no money. Sis isn’t giving a cent and living her best life in a bikini. Bro schlepping dog food. So no help from her family.

        That’d be hard let down for Kate as mother of the nation and best female CEO ever. She loves a good courting press and it’s tough to be all dolled up with no where to go.

        I think this is what Will offered to Kate and what happened afterward is a great big mystery. A vacuum to be filled with crazy stuff.

        You don’t have to like her. But people are right to be concerned about Kate.

    • clarabelle says:

      But, how would they know (from the beginning), that she would be recovering for (at least) 3 months.?

  36. Ann says:

    Facelifts can take a very long time to go back to full normal. My other theory is she didn’t have anything done and her “surgery” is the cover for William to have time off to be put back on the tracks. This would make sense with why she doesn’t want to issue a statement of thanks. It would be adding a lie on top of a lie. Either way, I believe the problem is William, not her.

    • MsIam says:

      So why can’t they announce it was cosmetic surgery? Unless they prefer people speculating about DV and self deleting. Even though they are being squirrelly about Charles’ situation, BP are being more transparent then KP.

      • cee says:

        Because they’d rather say/allude she is mentally ill before admitting to cosmetic procedures. They threw a tantrum over articles commenting on her obvious botox, fillers and hair pieces. Imagine if they were to say “Oh, yea, the Princess of Wales fucked off for 4 months because she wanted a face lift to fight gravity and the pass of time that comes naturally. All while being kept by public monies and your taxes! Thoughts and prayers!”

    • Underhill says:

      I don’t think William is freaked out because his wife had a face lift though. Maybe his losing it right now is purely a coincidence. But I don’t particularly believe in coincidences.

    • Jaded says:

      William is running scared. It’s patently obvious that he can barely get through something as boring as a BAFTA ceremony or an investiture without effing up, and that his family is shunning him, even preventing him from doing the barest minimum of events where he won’t be questioned about Kate. This is something dire.

  37. Melissa says:

    I remember commenting on here “What if he attacked her” and couldn’t even say “What if he lost control unalived her?” That just sounded too crazy. But the longer this goes on, William out in public clearly not well, bailing from appearances…what on earth is going on? We’re at a point where “is Kate still ALIVE” is a valid question now???

    • Shawna says:

      After I briefed my husband on the drama, he’s 100% convinced she has been gone for awhile, and they’ll eventually roll out a narrative that things just got dramatically worse all the sudden and they couldn’t save her. I think it’s too extreme, but something nasty is happening. If telling any part of the truth would get William sympathy, surely he would be pushing to have it known.

      • Underhill says:

        Just this. There is what really happened, and then the sanitized version of a fairy tale they will feed the public, as soon as they have thought up that fairy tale. I didn’t want to believe that WIlliam did to Kate what he did to Harry, but I came to that finally as the only sensible explanation left. In any other case they would have gauzy pics from a distance or riding in a car or some such. They can’t because they just can’t convincingly airbrush out that vent tube.

      • Jaded says:

        @Underhill — I had a sad thought that if, and it’s a big IF, William did hit her, she fell down and struck her head on something, it’s not unrealistic to think that she could have experienced a brain bleed like Natasha Richardson did after a minor fall on a ski hill. The 5 year old grandson of a friend of ours recently fell off his tricycle, hit his head on a curb, and ended up in hospital undergoing surgery for the very same thing. Fortunately the little fellow is OK now, but all the frantic covering up means this is wayyyy more serious than a facelift or tummy tuck.

  38. Lau says:

    Given that she only communicate through pie charts I don’t think that Kate would be capable of Girl Goning herself.

  39. Lisa says:

    Just talked to my friend in England and she told me there is basically a media blackout concerning news on the Royals over there. She said they basically are being told nothing. All they are taking about as usual are Harry and Meghan and his lying about his drug use. I still am worried about the kids!

    • sevenblue says:

      And they are saying Harry is a non-working royal. Even now, he is doing the duty of the spare by getting sacrificed to the press.

  40. Just Chelle says:

    I keep thinking about all the reasons Kate is being kept out of the public’s eye, and they’ve all been nefarious, and somehow Willy’s fault. But… (stay with me)… what if Kate got pregnant by someone other than her husband, and was starting to show. What if the “abdominal surgery” was supposed to be a termination of the pregnancy, but she decided to keep it.

    That could explain all the crazy changes in the timeframe for her “return.”

    I know this is totally insane, but for some reason, this idea has been tickling my brain since I woke up. I should probably go back to bed.

    • LC says:

      I’ve thought the same. It would explain her abscence.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Interesting theory, although given how she wasn’t really showing in December, would an Easter return be feasible? More likely Wimbledon, which we’ve all been speculating. Huh.

    • clarabelle says:

      Oh, what if the father was the royal dude who had the funeral that William backed out of! I’m in fantasy land too now.

  41. kelleybelle says:

    Gawd, that hideous hat …

  42. Jay says:

    This has certainly gotten strange. Whatever we might say about KP’s incompetence, BP is not – they’ve shown by the way that they have handled Charles’s recovery. By royal standards, he’s been very forthcoming and reassuring! If William and Kate continue to be a distraction and show the “fragility” of the monarchy ( the exact opposite of what Charles wants), wouldn’t he say: OK, you guys are a mess, my comms team is handling everything from here on in and William? Get yourself together in public or prepare to take an extended actual leave where we don’t see you for months because you are “caring” for your family. No more swaying at fancy galas or wading in to the middle east for you: you are a threat to our very existence.

    But Charles hasn’t done that, and maybe at this point he can’t rein in his heir. After all, William has his title, he has his own funding, and he has never had to be accountable to anyone. Why would he start now? He can do (or not do) whatever he wants.

    • sevenblue says:

      I think, at first, Will’s team tried to do that: hiding together with Kate. They said, Will won’t be doing engagement until Easter just like Kate. But, the backlash was bad. People were saying, if Kate isn’t dying why Will is going away for 3 months. Then, Harry visited his father after his cancer was made public and Will’s disappearing plans got shelved.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      I thought I read on here (last week?) that BP was taking over the comms from KP? Whoever is in charge, something needs to be done about it. Their messaging is terrible.

      • TigerMcQueen says:

        It was speculated on here that BP took over the comms from KP. Never confirmed. I doubt it happened given the still messy ongoing comms from KP.

  43. QuiteContrary says:

    She can’t be dead — concealing a princess’s death in 2024 would be insane.

    I think I spent hours on Twitter last night laughing at some of the wilder conspiracy theories. This is an epic clusterf*ck.

    • Sylindria says:

      Back when Kate first (supposedly) went into hospital someone posted some footage of an ambulance surrounded by police cars heading to hospital and said they had filmed it near Sandringham at Christmas

  44. Bee says:

    In a coma or on ice.

  45. Kateee says:

    Cosmopolitan just published an article about how speculating about Kate is giving them the ick, how dare we speculate about the notable absence of a public figure while her husband publicly unravels. She’s probably reading these stories in bed and crying about how mean we are, you guys! Just give her privacy already!

    Like. Are you new here? This is so far gone beyond *did she get bad face work done lol*. It warrants a comment, a photo, anything, but the fact they cannot provide it is telling. Sane people are now legitimately worried.

    Or maybe I’m just insensitive to the plight of a person who has willingly chosen an extremely public, publicly financed life.

    Did anyone else read it?

    • MsIam says:

      If Jill Biden disappeared after an unspecified surgery, do they think the public and press wouldn’t speculate? And part of the reason they release details is to tamp down speculation. Otherwise it runs wild like now.

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        This only works one way. Jill Biden can’t disappear, but Melania had “kidney surgery” and disappeared for a while, came back looking different, no questions asked.

        It’s all about being right wing, aka entitled to be protected by the people who want Trump /Royals/Tories because it maintains their own power.

    • Jais says:

      See, that annoys me. Bc Cosmo should really be writing about how systems of power that engage in vague and weird comms strategies engender conspiracy theories. They can miss me with the hypocritical scolding. Not feeling a need to read it or give it a money click.

  46. smee says:

    The Nostradamus prediction is starting to seem plausible. Perhaps his royal baldness committed a crime against her, it fits.

  47. Bad Janet says:

    The Mail had a story on Feb 9 about how Kate was “convalescing” at Sandringham with their kids, for a term holiday, three weeks after surgery. If she is well enough for travel, she can sit up for a photo, a tweet, etc. She was to be “working ” from bed.

    If they don’t respond to accusations THIS out of control, she is incapacitated, refusing, or completely out of the picture somehow. I hope she is in control of the situation, but I have my doubts, and that worries me.

  48. Libra says:

    If she was never actually at the Clinic, how do we explain Charles and Camilla popping in to see her?

    • equality says:

      Charles SUPPOSEDLY visited her when he was there for his own procedure. Cam was popping in to see Charles. They didn’t make some trip to see her. How do you explain no one else visiting her, except Will once, if she was actually there?

    • LynnInTx says:

      @Libra. Was it ever actually confirmed the did see her, or was it just a lone rota writer throwing sh*t at the wall to see what stuck? I seem to recall it was just the one person who said they visited, but I could be mistaken.

    • Crystal says:

      Can you imagine hiding in the hospital with cameras and witness to speak to charlie or a face time with witness and recorded. Why did wills show up with and not the kids. They pre sold the story for a donation to the hospital lol and being the hospital that births heirs and cares for KINGS they abideD. LIKE YOU SAID LIKLY NEVER THERE. All smoke and mirrors

    • ArtFossil says:

      The Palace has lied about everything connected to Kate’s illness, from the very beginning.

  49. Libra says:

    Perhaps it was never Kate at all, but one of the children? Kate is being used as a smokescreen. Explains why no one has seen the children going to school.

    • Crystal says:

      I think she has a gastric sleeve from a long time ago, can’t be reversed and she was never a candidate. 13 yrs since the wedding we watched her from healthy to Not! Dec ambulance may have happened in that hospital for like triage and then moved. Stayed with the story paid the hospital a donation for cover gave them time to discern, because in fact she was there. I think the coma story stands except she is awake now leaving and not playing Roto. When they announced the surgery she was awake. But medical induced in her state of malnutrition forced weight gain to prepare for surgery. I think she’s done with Windsor’s, I think he pushed her hit her in the stomach or threw a very large ottoman at her guts ruptured her spleen stomach weakness from lifestyle and choices sleeve, medical induced coma to prepare only because going under multiple times is not acceptable can cause damage to brain and organs.. So they did keep her at that state until surgery that was announced days later and Spain, late to the party should have been out first of Jan preaching. I bet she is leaving him. Smart!

    • DetachedObserver says:

      There has been speculation that one of the kids was involved in some way, @Libra . One source on X said that both Kate’s legs were broken in some incident involving one of the children – also said “someone” will need to take meds ful-ltime, as opposed to just when being seen in public. It implied ADDHD meds for Louis, and my first impression wasthat Louis had gotten too hyper and somehow Kate’s legs got broken in the incident. However, another poster here responded that perhaps it’s Will that needs the meds, and maybe he lost his temper with one of the kids?

      Gives me chills to even consider it involving one of the kids. Perhaps that would explain how isolated Will seems. If he hurt one of his kids, holy sheet.

      Still doesn’t explain why Kate can’t be seen, unless she refuses to cooperate bc Will hurt one of her babies.

      • Liz says:

        Seems unlikely – the distancing/arguing seems to be between W&K – the kids will no doubt be with Nannie’s a lot of the time.

        If K had broken legs she could still be pictured with the children, reinforcing her image of loving mum in the event of a split/divorce

      • Aurora says:

        I also thought that the only reason William seemed so shook since the beginning -before we knew Charles was also ill- is that whatever happened to Kate involved the kids. Or even worse: That Kate is fine, and it’s one of their children who’s injured or very sick.

  50. Aurora says:

    Catherine was up in heels and totally put together a few hours after giving birth, every time.
    It’s at least reasonable to think that her looks, present or prospective functionality have deterred KP from creating positive expectations. That’s pretty much the one plausible cause for not even having concocted a thank you message below a heavily edited pic upon her release from hospital, the start of her ‘recovery’ at Sandrigham, or her birthday.
    If consequences for her condition are still not fully appraised, it’s understandable whty details of her health are kept private; since the opposite might also upset or worry her kids.
    But I don’t see how the lack of an articulate PR strategy helps their cause or is good for the children, since its main result is insane speculation all over the media. Particularly when a theory where W might have caused whatever K is suffering from gains traction. G and C are grown enough to get second hand commentary on it from their friends.
    The growing ominous undertones of this story are hard to miss, even from the sanest perspective. I wouldn’t wish on anyone whatever they suggest.

    • Crystal says:

      She was playing the part before that’s why she hated Meghan so badly it was her role. She is done playing a losing game where rule change. The four walls of Windsor are closing in on her. If he hurt her it’s over. If she came to her senses it’s over. That partial solar eclipse and Moon eclipse is so true. She is a shadow in this showdown. He wins no matter what. Hope she’s leaving! Poor ghost

  51. Mrs. Smith says:

    Another episode of Panic! At the Palace. Since this story has gone fully off the rails, I’m going to ask if K got Dick Cheney’d at Sandringham during the holidays? I apologize for the question, it’s in poor taste, but here we are. I hope K is recovering well.

    • Underhill says:

      You are not the first to ask. It makes sense. But I doubt she was out there hunting with anyone…could be wrong.

  52. TheOriginalMia says:

    I want to thank all the posters in this thread. I’ve been wondering if the kids were actually going to school and you’ve answered that question. No way those kids were still going to school and Kate’s condition was still a mystery. KP really did screw this up.

  53. SIde Eye says:

    Their silence is deafening and I agree with Kaiser they lied since day one. I agree with the posters above – why haven’t they released a photo of just her hands bearing big blue holding a get well card with a message thank you for your well wishes. It would stop the speculation. But they haven’t done this – why? She is unavailable, not cooperating, or worse. Did Nanny Maria quit? Is that the link with the Spanish media leaks? The kids are out of school? I think what did it for me was the appearance where he was swaying, crying, looking SHOOK. He didn’t look normal and it wasn’t just the look of I drank too much. Then there’s these articles about Will’s temper suddenly popping up – it’s as if they are indirectly hinting something sinister has happened and it’s giving me chills.

    I am starting to think we will never know what happened. Like at some point we will get a vague statement from them. If Will did something to her he needs to be held accountable. Doubtful we ever get that story or any accountability whatsoever.

  54. Jk says:

    This is like North Korea levels of secrecy, with Will being Britain’s very own Kim Jung Un, only lazier and more incompetent.

  55. cee says:

    I am more and more convinced she either had major plastic surgery to the face and this is a cover until the “work” settles and looks natural to escape criticism, or she’s been assaulted in some way that has incapacitated her for the time being.
    So, it’s either something very shallow or very grave.

  56. Sarah says:

    Didn’t the original announcement from KP say she would be out until Easter? That’s still like a month away so makes sense that she wouldn’t be seen.

  57. Crystal says:

    “They” claim she wasn’t in a coma after surgery, all wording. Because she wasn’t. Medical induced coma was to prepare her for surgery and keep her body at rest I think she had a sleeve in her stomach, sepsis and leaks rush to hospital. Induce coma, we don’t hear about surgery until she is awake. Days later. Never hear about the ambulances in Dec. and Spain late to party. And miss wrote (sic) lol when so “they” say with ease no comas AFTRR surgery. I believe she was at that hospital briefly and triaged moved and stabilized until surgery sugar coat the stay charlie visit maybe by FTime pay off the hospital because well you know “she was there” just not now…. We birth heirs and care for kings and take private donations And was in a coma just not now. She is leaving. Imagine waking from a coma from accident or attack life would flash! GET OUT GIRL!!!!! Panic!!!!

  58. sarah says:

    When I first heard the coma story, I brushed it off as far fetched. But yall, I watched the clip of Concha Calleja on Fiesta (a Spanish magazine-tv show). She seems very certain. I mean for her to confidently show her face on TV–doubling down a few days later saying that she is sure of her source–and saying basically that time will prove if she’s right or not. Saying that their outrage is because she touched a nerve. I think she’s either right, or at least believes her source told her the truth.

    • sevenblue says:

      Just checked it out @sarah. I will say that she is more straight talker than any british royal reporter I’ve seen. It is obvious that she got some kind of confirmation, wouldn’t make such certain statements without seeing some kind of evidence I assume. She isn’t just annoying BRF, but also going against british media talking points. Looking at what is public right now, I think, it is likely that Kate isn’t conscious. Otherwise, the palace would give out some kind of statement from her thanking public for their support. It only makes sense, the palace can’t get her personal approval for any kind of statement. For her children’s sake, I hope we are all wrong and she is okay.

    • Feeshalori says:

      The NY Times is now reporting on William’s absence at the memorial and Kate’s health concerns. This situation has now become a runaway train.

  59. LivingDesert says:

    You know what? It isn’t even funny any longer. If I were British I would feel really, really miffed at what those guys are doing on my dime – or not, depending on the point of view.

    I’ll probably still scan CB for the latest developments, but only because out of force of habit and because I like the writing style.

    Apart from that – wake me when something important happens which is not some figment of a so-called reporter and only there to drag H&M through the mud.

  60. AlexS says:

    I am flashbacking to that weird sideshow we had with Melania Trump disappearing from the public eye when Trump was “President” for months. My guess is Kate is hiding from the public eye becuase shes in recovery from some medical procutral or even she had an mental breakdown. Wildcard theory is Kate and William are seperated and or divorced

  61. AC says:

    A lot of people have finally started to join the scavenger hunt. As the pro-royalists are getting more and more panicked 😆 and becoming a laughing stock to the world.

  62. Debbie says:

    I must say that the BM kicked up more fuss about not hearing from Meghan the very day she gave birth to Archie. They were still irked at not getting a photo of her outside on the hospital steps and had to wait two whole days for a look at baby Archie. At that time, I remember the stories speculating about when Archie was born, divided by when the birth announcement was made, subtracted to when she arrived home. Heck, it’s been about four years and they’re still miffed about Archie’s godparents. Now, one of their own has been missing for over two months and they’re all like, “Nothing to see here, let’s all move along.”

  63. yupyup says:

    I know I went down the rabbit hole. I wonder if Kate realized that Rose or/and Mr. Rocksavage and Will were not only back on but backed by C&C. That she needed to accept her dead marriage but not rock the boat endless William ended it. Like Will might have institutionalized her or showed her he can in fact get rid of her in the public eye and all they will do is ask until they stop asking. Other heirs (Burnei) is one were you haven’t seen Princess Sarah in decades despite her incredible popularity early on in their marriage. She hasn’t been seen at the Queen funeral or any other royal related event in decades and people just never asked after a while. But I could be wrong please prove me wrong about Princess Sarah.

    I just don’t think this will work for Will because its to high profile after their sad parade of trying to out do H&M. Also the look Harry had after he visited his dad and why his dad was like *we need to talk so please gallop away* to cam and why she was pist. Like heads up Harry its about to get really effed up.

  64. Susannah says:

    “Without William’s expected attendance, a hole has been blown wide open in the House of Windsor.” Hmmmmmm

  65. ohwell says:

    So odd that the two royals called out for being racist are both in recovery. Their PR is looking for maximum sympathy.

  66. I suspect she has had a full hysterectomy and is feeling very depressed because of slow recovery, recent death of a royal relative and bad news about King Charles’ prognosis.

  67. Justjj says:

    I think it was Will’s incandescent rage and malice turned accidentally dangerous (not deadly, I hope). It seems to me like he reacted to something with violence and screaming and it either startled her and she lost her footing, he intimidated her or came at her and she was trying to dodge him, clearly a bad accident… I get the feeling he was just blind with anger, might not have directly hit her or tried to unalive her or whatever people are saying; but as a result of his temper somehow, he put K and the kids maybe in extreme danger and there was an accident that resulted in serious injury. Either that or he got aggressive with Louis or one of the kids and the rest of this is to cover it up. Hopefully everyone is okay and the rest of this is just fallout and discussing whatever the next steps are to keep K and the children safe.

  68. Mia says:

    I’ve had this theory for a while, before the wild speculation began. Kate is fine, her surgery was not such a big deal and she is recovering well. The fact that they are being so weird and indirectly fueling all this is because they want to, as a distraction to what is really going on. That someone else has terminal cancer and not long to live, something they’ve actually known for many months.