Let’s assume those photos of Princess Kate are real: who arranged them & why?

When a very prominent princess goes missing for 70 days, there will always be speculation, rumor-mongering and conspiracy theories. That’s what Kensington Palace found out in recent weeks/months. I think it’s interesting that KP wasn’t really feeling “the heat” of providing proof of life on the Princess of Wales up until last week. One week ago, Prince William pulled out of King Constantine’s memorial service at the last minute, citing a “personal matter.” That’s when it all began – suddenly, KP could not contain the speculation about Kate’s whereabouts and condition. What they thought would be a local, manageable story became an international news story, covered in all of its weirdness on American news channels and beyond. KP hemmed and hawed and tried to weasel out of responsibility for what they created. And now we finally have proof of life, via grainy-as-hell exclusive Backgrid photos.

Because Kate has been missing for so long, these grainy proof of life photos just added new layers of conspiracy and rumor – some claimed the person in the passenger seat is definitely NOT Kate, but Pippa. Some say it’s a Faux Kate, hired for the pap stroll/drive. Some say the photo is doctored and it is Kate, but it’s an older photo. There’s a whole thing with the number of tires, and Kate’s missing mole, and how the “grainy” quality of the photo was added in post.

Like… maybe some of these theories have some meat, but personally, I find it more interesting to assume that this IS Kate and go from there. Was she ordered to do this photo op by the palace? Did William know about it? Was this something Carole and Kate dreamt up together? Is she on steroids? (Likely.) Is Kate genuinely recovering at Adelaide Cottage? Or has she been staying at Middleton Manor? And, as I asked yesterday, if Kate is “well enough” to wear lipstick, sit in a car and be driven around, why didn’t the palace simply organize a simple “recovery” photo weeks ago, along with a message of thanks for all the well-wishes?

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Cover Images.

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  1. Nubia says:

    I think her meltdown began when she realised people may think she was a racist. She would rather be know as lazy or even bitchy but not racist. She probably started making demands after that bombshell and was giving the married- in treatment and started to rebel.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      If the literal king was the other named racist, I don’t think this would matter at all to her. In fact it probably made her fit in better with her husband and the rest of his family.

      • equality says:

        You’ve got a point there. It was after the reveal that KC called her “his beloved daughter-in-law”, wasn’t it? But Kate might see if differently since she wants to be the “saviour and modernizer of the monarchy”.

      • Supermario says:

        Why would it bother her? It didn’t bother her when her BIL wore a nazi costume.

      • Nerd says:

        It didn’t bother her when her brother sold nazi monogrammed items.

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        Absolutely. It is clearly a point of pride to be a nasty racist when it comes to Meghan. This is a woman who made a point of publicly shunning MM so her racist base could approve of her being cruel to a biracial woman.

        Her close friend was outed as a virulent racist. And these are all Trump supporters as well, apparently.

    • Caribbean says:

      Nah…She copies EVERYTHING Meghan does…so Meghan goes unseen for months (then appear and she almost break the internet), Mrs. Wales therefore must go unseen for months….But. There. Is. A. Dilemma! How does a ‘working’ royal go unseen for months during ‘working’ months to create interest? It will not drum interest if she is not seen when she is off from ‘work’ on school holidays etc…Decisions, Decisions….

      • julie jules says:

        As if she has any control over when she’s seen and when she isn’t seen. lol She doesn’t make her own schedule

    • yupyup says:

      Her meltdown began the second Meghan step foot in the UK. Also H&M were and are having such a fantastic 2024 that I also feel Will had a meltdown of his own. Once Charles knew he had cancer Will stop mattering. So K&W are just fully exposed and incompetent, lazy, rude and stupid. I’m sure Will compares Kate to Meghan’s star power and how he was trying to push Kate out. How Rose is back in the headlines in a more international way. Kate is the new “whipping boy” and I don’t think she ever thought it would happen to her and pushed her over the edge. She thought she was untouchable now the QE2 was dead and pissed of C&C left and right.

      • julie jules says:

        I don’t know that film premiere was a disaster that alone should have given Wills a boost.

      • Jules57 says:

        Northeast, I agree Kate’s whatever has nothing to do with the Sussexes. Meanwhile the British media are blaming both Tampon’s cancer and Kate’s ‘stress’ on the Sussexes. They also blamed the QE2’s death on the Sussexes. So think about that for a hot minute. Meanwhile the Sussexes live their life and the Wails react to them constantly (copying clothes, winning over America because Harry is there, doing events that try to copy, willy only going out because the Sussexes do). We know exactly what’s happening.

      • Ann says:

        A disaster? I know you’re a Kate stan, but that’s ridiculous.

      • julie jules says:

        @Ann … ha, as if I would go to bat for any of those crazies. The premiere was a disaster with the shitty seating and the bad fitting dress and the gross popcorn floor. It was a mess, they were totally disrespected. You’d need to have your head wedged permanently up Meg’s arse to think otherwise.

    • Proud Mary says:

      Wow, y’all! My cup runneths over. Why you ask? (1) the royals are in shambles, with William schedule to take another two weeks off, for unknown reasons; (2) Dan Wooton finally fired; and (3) TalkTv officially defunct. Don’t go thinking all three are not connected, ‘cuz they are.

      • Caribbean says:

        oh my…be still my beating heart…say what?

      • BeanieBean says:

        Oh ho ho! This is getting verrrry interesting!

      • Scorpio says:

        Wooooa wait, Workshy is taking another 2 weeks off? Why are we talking about Kate, that fact confirms to me he has real issues. Whether mental or physical or both, something bad is going down.

      • Northeast says:

        Sorry but this comment is just wild to me. I’m all for conspiracies and entertaining many lines of thought, but this obsession that the Wales’ and Sussex’s’ personal problems must always be related to each other is so juvenile or weird. Does any really think that either Kate or Meghan doesn’t have enough going on between family, work obligations, press, to really give a damn what the either is doing? I can think of 10,000 possibilities for what’s going on with Kate and is Meghan isn’t one of them.

      • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

        I agree! Everything is connected. Let’s not forget, Kate in Norkfolk when the King left Harry to go to Sandringham, the handsome equerry that had to change jobs so he’d be less in the public eye, pippa’s vacation, tom’s unfortunate death, andrew front & center, all the royals on vacation, Camilla on vacation in India, tim going out in public, wit a black eye. They want to make it point to eggplant prince william

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        I would potentially agree with you at @Northeast, IF Kate ever tried to correct the lies told about Meghan. She didn’t. Kate has obviously copied Meghan in a number of instances. Meghan’s popularity was a threat to Kate. Still might be.

        Camilla Tominey baldfaced lied about the crying story. She claimed she had well placed sources. She claimed it was Harry’s fault for not refuting. GMAFB. CT went with the lie. Kate went along with it. Guess she doesn’t have a voice as the jewel, lynchpin and savior. A savior who couldn’t stand up for the truth. Not my kind of savior.

        I agree that what Meghan does, thinks and lives her chooses to live her life has nothing to do with Kate.

        It’s who Meghan was before marrying Harry.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Correction, ack, I agree that what Meghan does, thinks and how she chooses to live her life, has nothing to do with Kate.

        Still, it’s who Meghan was before marrying Harry.

      • ElleE says:

        It’s possible that DWot, PMorg, Talktx are losing their platforms the same time for a reason. The behavior hasn’t changed, but maybe with the lawsuits, the consequences have.

        To borrow from a fellow CB’er “A Great Reckoning” is upon us.

        “All we do is win,win,win”, no matter what, what” lol

    • Olivia says:

      To answer ‘who arranged the photos?’, we must ask, who benefits most from them?

      I’d say Camila. First, it DISTRACTS from her recent announcement that she’s going on holiday overseas and leaving her cancer stricken husband behind.

      But it also shows the world that Kate is mobile, able to sit upright, able to leave her bed and house, and able to engage with other people. So… one might speculate that she’s also able to attend functions, but she just doesn’t want to. And that William’s lying and not using his time off to attend to Kate.

      These photos are Camila’s doing.

      It makes Kate and Peggington look bad, proving they’re able to work but aren’t because they’re lazy.

      • Olivia says:

        It’s also incredibly suspicious that only one image was released.

        And that it was released by USA outlet.

        I believe this proves there IS an arrangement between KP and the royal rota to NOT report on Will and Kate unless it comes directly from Will.

        One might speculate that Will has offered them a deal, where if they follow his demands now, they’ll be rewarded with something even more valuable later.

        I absolutely see a big announcement on the horizon. And that only press ‘who behaved’ will get to attend.

      • The Duchess says:

        If Keen was photographed on her own, driving perhaps, then I would be inclined to agree with you, but how do you explain Carole’s presence in the car? After months of hiding from the pair of them, suddenly they are both pictured together returning from a school drop off? It doesn’t make sense to me.

        Willy has based his entire PR around the school run since Kitty was struck down with this mysterious illness. It’s his go-to excuse to not do basic duties. So why would he allow his wife and mother-in-law (who he both detests very much) the chance to walk all over his turf?

        My theory: Carole finally took matters into her own hands after months of silence because she couldn’t handle not being in control of the narrative surrounding her precious daughter. She realised the palace was going to keep on hiding her away and realised it would do no good to Brand Middleton. When the coast was clear, she & Keen got into the car and did their pap runs as if it was 2013 again. Unbeknownst to Willy, they ensured that Kitty’s face was finally out there to prove she’s a-okay. Except now they have made matters much worse and KP is running round like a headless chicken to try and fix things. Announcing her banishment from Trooping is their first act of punishment.

  2. Brit says:

    Why no security detail?

    • Nubia says:

      Aren’t they within the Windsor Castle compounds? Do they need security even driving around the estate?

      • SussexWatcher says:

        Exactly. And if they’re inside the compound it makes it even more clear that the photo is staged.

      • HeatherC says:

        But if they were coming off the school run (I guess Bill Idle was too hung over to make it this time) wouldn’t they have the protection officers?

    • lagoon says:

      There is a widely distributed photo of Kate driving on a school run the day everyone flew to Balmoral when the Queen died. No security detail seen in that photo either.

      • Becks1 says:

        I thought in that picture she was just driving around the Windsor estate, which wouldn’t require RPOs. No way is Kate going to pick up or drop off those kids without RPOs, either in the car or following closely behind.

      • Felicity Fox says:

        Speaking of the children—I thought they had been pulled out of school. Are they back in school or no? If no, this def was not a school run.

      • Jais says:

        There have been no reports that the kids have been pulled from school. Except for the holiday when they went to anmer. Commenters have speculated that the kids were homeschooled to avoid rumors but it is guessing. There have been no official reports that the kids have not been in school. Genuinely wish those kids well as I would for any kid.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        There have been many photos over the years of QE2 driving around the Windsor estates. Many that were recycled and didn’t concur with the weather the day cited (or season lol). Happened a number of times through QE2’s last few years. Like, nothing to see here. She’s tooling around Windsor.

        That photo of Kate on Balmoral QE2’s passing was staged. She wasn’t on a school run. She managed to put on pearls for a school run? Before QE2’s death was announced. Maybe because I’m a “peasant” or not royal, what earrings I wore picking up kids/children (not suppose to call them kids), would not even register on things to do if I was concerned about what was happening that day.imo

  3. Daisy says:

    This definitely feels like a Middleton move. I think if the palace were involved she would’ve been seen with William.

    • Snaggletooth says:

      I agree. Which, again, is so suggestive of so much weirdness!! They shouldn’t have bothered but these clowns have never heard the phrase “raises more questions than it answers” apparently. When they said Meghan had more brains than the whole clan put together, they were right.

    • Jais says:

      Here’s my thing. If it was a Middleton move and done in defiance of William, how is William going to react? We would have to presume that he had shut down all Midd comms and this is them going rogue. So was he preventing them from planting stories beforehand? Bc if so they have just blatantly put an end to that. So what’s to stop them from planting stories in the us press from here on out? Will the BM start getting those stories? If that doesn’t happen, does it mean William actually was good with it?

      • SussexWatcher says:

        Jais – I think this is evidence that a divorce is imminent. This is now the third time in a few weeks they’ve had their own comms – the Middle East statement signed by only Pegs and on his letterhead, the comment from ‘Keen’s rep,’ and now this clearly Keen and MaMidds authorized but NOT KP authorized pap photo.

        If Keen was still tight with Pegs, we wouldn’t see her going rogue like this. This has echos of their past breakups when she and MaMidds would be briefing to the press and having Tanna take pap photos of them.

        Methinks they are going their separate ways very soon.

      • Sunday says:

        @Daisy totally agree. @Jais, the use of Page6 for that pushback statement (“we said Easter and we meant it!”) and now TMZ for this tells me that the rota won’t take Carole’s calls anymore. This was the workaround, and to release this photo knowing that it will follow Kate for the rest of her life, they had to be pretty desperate imo. Will will react poorly, this spiral is nowhere near rock bottom yet.

      • Lisa says:

        She’s not coming back until June

      • Snaggletooth says:

        Oooh I like this theory. The chaos going to American outlets is coming from the Mids because the RR is falling in line behind William. That would actually make so much sense.

      • Mary Pester says:

        @Jais, yes lovey the kids were pulled from school. It was supposed to be to protect them from unwelcome comments and questions, especially for George and Louis.

      • BlueToile says:

        Here is my predicted future spin from KP: Will and Kate decided late last year to amicable separate, grown apart, too much pressure, whatevs. They did not want to upset their family or the country during the holiday season so delayed separation rollout until the New Year, when Kate had recovered from planned abdominal surgery. All of our obfuscation and waffling was just trying to give them more time as a couple to prepare themselves and their children for the new change in their reality. Kate will keep her Duchess of Cambridge title (maybe POW title, but maybe pOW will be retired permanently after Chuck’s death). The press and social media are justa big bunch of meanies for being so rude to this family during their crisis. Will is single Dad for a bit and then remarried. Totally modern monarchy.

      • Jais says:

        @mary pester, shoulda said some commenters have actual tea and some are guessing based on it making sense if they want to keep kids away from gossip. Either way, it’s never been officially announced that the kids are not going to school. Honestly, it sucks for the kids all around. The monarchy is not a kind system.

      • Joy says:

        @BlueToile, but then divorced Willy runs into the same problem that KC3 had initially, a divorced PoW cannot become King and head of the CofE. Diana *had* to die for Chucky to get to marry ol Cowmilla. So Willy can’t remarry anyone and become King/head of CoE unless Kitty is no more.

      • BlueToile says:

        @Joy, I hear you. However, we have all heard rumors of how Will doesn’t necessarily want to be head of the CofE. Or the Commonwealth. (Too much work? I don’t know.) He has never been an even moderately religious person, and I think it’s weird AF to have someone born to a position like that, but maybe that’s just me. This is all very complex and made more so by a lazy and tantrum prone heir.

      • Joy says:

        @BlueToile, so true! It will be very interesting to watch it all play out.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think this is a Middleton move as well. We just had William’s temper tantrum about not doing what the Daily Mail tells him to do….and then this picture. It makes him look weak and like he does dance to the DM’s piper.

      So I think it just makes more sense that this is a pure Middleton move.

      • Laurac says:

        Agree, total Middleton move. I think this confirms divorce talks and she’s playing hardball

      • Nic919 says:

        Dealing with TMZ and Page six, both american publications are Middleton moves. And Kate is definitely not doing what William wants. Because it is very odd that William takes all this time to “care” for Kate but he’s not the one driving her around? Then what is he doing?

      • Gabby says:

        He’s drinking, watching action movies, playing video games and cyber-stalking Harry. That takes a lot of time, you know.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Battling with who is behind this. Palaces saying they have nothing to do with this leads to me believe they did. After the SM posts about Kate on a milk carton and what would happen if William was charged with a serious crime posts, comments, tweets, that went international. The whole thing looks orchestrated by people who have power to orchestrate things with grainy photos.imo Whoever we choose to believe those people are. Me thinks the BaRF.

        The best proof of life pic would have been Kate & William with the current day’s newspaper-obvious-yet obvious. Hey, they could have shot a scene of them together. Carole behind a wheel with Bernie isn’t a great proof of life.

        Backgrid is no longer an American agency. Three paparrazi agencies became one. Backgrid has a London office too. LOL the address is 4 Nutter Lane. Epic. Might be my own humor. Backgrid is For nutter lane in the UK.

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      I still think she left him due to the newest cheating allegation and the press having sight of them.
      KP stated she was in surgery to prevent any press leaks.
      This is Middleton management – without Kate, who are they now?

      She is negotiating hard and will get all she wants.

      • BlueNailsBetty says:

        What new cheating allegation? What did I miss?

      • Shawna says:

        @Bluenailsbetty, I think that was a Deux Moi blind item last week

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        I’m not sure she will get what she wants if she is negotiating, though I agree it looks like she’s possibly Melania-ing.

        She has already served her purpose. The royals left her family out to dry after the bankruptcy of PP. Now her uncle is on the scummiest reality show possible. What cards does she have left? Sadly, and I don’t agree with this but it is a reality, she is aging out of being a glamour piece and she lacks charisma to carry interest.

        Ruthlessly, this is the point where they need to being in a new younger pretty player. Yes, it makes it hard to sell perfect family, but the royals have the media in their palm and with a new woman to abuse and harass and obsess over, they will be thrilled.

      • Lauren says:

        What did the Blind Item say?

    • Rnot says:

      There’ve been lots of questions about where Carole was too. This is a twofer. Look, Kate’s alive and Carole’s with her.

    • Chelsea says:

      Yeah i agree that this is a Middleton move. If William approved he would be in the picture because KP for weeks has been briefing that he’s doing the school runs and he had no engagements yesterday so where was he? For the first time i actually think there might be a chance of a divorce because they had to know that this pic would fly in the face of KP’s briefings and bring forth questions about where tf William is.

  4. CBCB says:

    Come on!! She’s slightly smiling or smirking. Looks like a facelift to me.
    I mean really. What was wrong with one less asshole in the world Just saying. 🙄

    • seaflower says:

      It’s not Kate. Look at the nostrils and cartilage between them. Totally different to Kate.

      • ariel says:

        Do you think the differences in her face could be the effect of steroids or other reasons for puffiness?

        Incidentally, i am loving the twitter – my friend took out the “added” graininess.
        That really says something about how it totally was staged and was not supposed to look staged.

        It is all interesting. And weird.

      • Snaggletooth says:

        I must be the only person in the world who immediately thought it was Kate. I still easily see her face despite the puffiness and steroids. Now, could it be an altered pic or something? Sure. But just throwing it out there that at least some of our brains did recognize this face as Kate’s. Not saying I’m right obviously. Just that I see it.

      • LarkspurLM says:

        Is it Fake Melania doing a British gig?

      • Betsy says:

        What if someone had been badly beaten? How might that affect their appearance? Not saying I 100% believe this is her, or even a real picture vs composite or AI, but if that’s her, something is or went very badly wrong.

      • Harper says:

        @Snaggletooth you are not alone. I thought it was Kate too, and still do. She looks off, but she has been through some stuff so we aren’t getting glam team Kate.

      • Feeshalori says:

        @Snaggletooth, rest assured, you’re not the only person in the world who thinks that’s Kate. I think it’s her too, since I also recognize her features beyond the puffiness, especially after seeing the non-grainy photo. Now I’m sure the rest of the picture has been tweaked around and played with.

      • georgevna says:

        Thank you! Kate has a distinctly bony nose, and that is the main thing that makes me doubt this is her, though again, steroids really do blow up your face, so I suppose it’s possible that it’s her.

      • sparrow says:

        Snaggletooth. I saw Kate straight off…it’s the nose. For hell’s sake, I keep saying it and I’m boring myself, but she has such a distinctive nose tip, even here because she’s front on when you can see it best. Thinking of changing my name to “the nose has it”

      • BlueNailsBetty says:

        @Snaggletooth I think it is Kate, too. The photo is bad (maybe photoshopped to be bad?) but it looks like Kate with steroid face to me.

        Also, if she had a stroke and hasn’t fully recovered from it, that could account for the flatness of her face (muscles aren’t naturally tight) and the difference in her lips (again, slack in the muscles).

      • Becks1 says:

        @snaggletooth I am 99% sure it is Kate as well. I’m saying 99% just bc if it does come out that its not Kate, i wouldn’t be shocked, but right now I think it is Kate.

      • Bad Janet says:

        I would not be surprised if she had some considerable weight gain as well. Illnesses that may you up for a while can cause you to pile it on. And I have no idea if the rumors about her being bulimic are true (I hope they’re not) but she would NOT be able to do that after a major abdominal surgery without risking killing herself.

        I believe this is her.

      • Nic919 says:

        If she is taking prednisone or cortisone post surgery it often makes people swell up and since kate was so starved prior to this, any additional weight in her face is noticeable.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        I agree! I think the pictures look more like Pippa than Kate.

      • Anonymous says:

        Photographer here.

        In digital post processing, if a grain IS added for effect, then published, the only way someone else can remove it with their own digital post-processing program – that also goes for legitimate grain. Just because a grain can be removed doesn’t make it fake. Airbrushing and cloning are two ways to remove grain. If you look at the “removed grain” image, the background and her face is so smooth as to look plastic which can occur when the airbrush tool is applied too heavily. In other words the grain wasn’t removed to reveal the reality – someone just smoothed it out.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Not a photographer-know some. Didn’t ask their opinions. Asking my own. It’s quite obvious a grain was added. CaroleE clear view. Mummblegtin muddled. Why? The whole thing reminds me of a Sears photoshoot with trees? in the background In my inestimable opinion, we all know jack Sh*t. All we know, right know, is that the BRF/BM were quietly making noise about Kate. Now it’s a Murdoch owned agency succumbing. fyi, Murdoch might have US citizenship, his businesses aren’t American as far as I’m concerned. His mother would be disappointed.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      If it’s Kate, even allowing for steroids, she looks very bad. She’s been through something truly horrific.

      • sparrow says:

        I agree. It looks like she’s been through something really horrible. Why oh why didn’t William save his wife from this tawdry stunt and simply do a video to thank people for their best wishes etc. They’ve robbed her of any dignity.

      • Shawna says:

        I think it’s Kate, and I also think she’s been through something horrible. If so, then it’s awful they did trot her out in the end, photoshopping or not.

      • The Duchess says:

        Agreed. I’m sure it is her, but people are skeptic because they are not used to seeing her face so puffy. Even during her pregnancies, her face wouldn’t balloon as much, so whatever steroid regime she’s on, it’s doing the damn trick.

    • Kelly says:

      I have been thinking for a while now that she was having a facelift or some tweaks to her face. Exactly why she’s been hiding. Not at the hospital that Will claimed to visit her at either. Somewhere in another country.

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        This is what I thought when I saw the cleaned up version, because her forehead looks tight and her jawline looks different.

        A nurse on twitter said if she had been through a hard surgery they wouldn’t want her on steroids because they lower your immune system. So that is another dent in the steroid column.

        I sure hope for her sake it wasn’t a facelift.

      • Shoshone says:

        I have had two major abdominal surgeries- one open cut and one laproscopic. I had antibiotics but no steroids. The risk of infection is elevated but steroids hobble your immune system.

      • morgfunk says:

        I kind of agree she had something done to her face or some type of injury…all the comments about the bridge being reflected in the car, the 5th wheel, it’s really Pippa conspiracies…when no one noticed, if you zoom in on the non grainy photo, she has obvious black eyes. maybe not full facelift but upper and lower eyes for shiz.

    • Carmen says:

      Check out the comments in the Daily Mail. Even they aren’t buying it. 90% of the comments say the Oman in the photo is Pippa.

  5. Donna says:

    Stroke, whether post-op or not. Look at the left eye (from our view – her right eye from her view) and how drooped it is. And the mouth. Compare with Princess Margaret photos. That would allow for rapid convoy Dec 28th, genuine black outfits on newsreaders and royals on Feb 6th or 7th (touch and go moment), the lack of proper well-wishing recovery photos and messages, and the ‘physiotherapists’ on hand apparently now as part of her ‘aftercare’ according to the Daily Fail. I genuinely hope not. However, can’t help feeling something very dramatic has happened, hence serious media blackout. This does not look like a very well lady at all. Also, that car looks parked, not moving. She may have been placed in the car (and where is her seatbelt by the way?) for the photo, and then removed straight after.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      The eyebrows are actually what make me think it is her, because her eyebrows have always been wonky like that. Look at the pre-disappearance photos posted above and you can see one eyebrow is much higher and the other is lower. And they’ve always been like that. And her drooping lip on one side just makes me think of the Jamaica trip in the green dress where her smile was very post-stroke looking.

      • Interested Gawker says:

        The sunglasses are slightly crooked, mimicking the look of the runaway eyebrow

    • Inge says:

      She’s had a drooped eye for a while

    • Dee says:

      Sonia Sodha slipped and confirmed the December timeline.

      • smarmyo says:

        WOW, all the official timelines are out the window. And in that episode, they’re all looking at each other as they confirm the revised information.

      • Jackie says:

        What do you mean?

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        So, idk. She shared today on twitter: “ V important campaign from @KilledWomennw on hidden femicides – women murdered by a member of their family whose deaths are officially recorded as accidental or suicide. And highly recommend watching the very powerful The Push documentary fr @Channel4.”

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        I meant to add but missed my window: wow, she mentioned end of December for when Kate has surgery!

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me if this was an extremely staged photo op in which Kate was taken to the car, the photo was snapped, and she was returned to her current abode.

    • Renae says:

      Bells palsy could explain it and the timing (x days/weeks for resolve, additional x weeks for total resolution). They do use large dose steroids for treatment. Some need additional physical therapy to assist resolution
      Abdominal surgery? Steroids are NOT usually prescribed.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      Kate’s face has been crooked for a while, I always chalked it up to bad plastic surgery. However, it’s the “needing two nurses” that makes me wonder. I’ve also guessed that Kate visibly has an eating disorder, which can cause heart issues including strokes.

      I’ve known people who’ve had mini-strokes, and it seems like it’s rare to have just one. If you’ve had one, odds are you’ll have others. Maybe this is getting progressively worse? Dog knows I am no Kate fan, but I wouldn’t wish that on any woman with young kids.

      • Kate’s face has always been crooked, or at least since she got engaged which is when I became aware of her and noticed it. I suspect that when she had that childhood surgery for not-a-brain-tumor it caused some nerve damage resulting in partial paralysis.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Mrs.Krabapple, the mini-strokes and other things make the most sense. Abdominal surgery doesn’t cover for her not putting out a verbal message to supporters. She’s done Aarly Years videos that are hard to understand, yet they were put out. I don’t believe most people wish that on Kate. Do I believe that a lot of us wouldn’t mind hearing Kate say something off camera yet on audio that belies her *gag* perfect princess persona? Why, yes I do! Page 306 of Endgame is a good read. Omid, in opinion, was more favorable to Kate than Meghan, in Endgame. He’s not a cheerleader for the Sussexes. pg. 306 is a good read considering current events.

    • BeanieBean says:

      I first clocked that mention of physiotherapists as well, then re-read & realized they were simply noting that that’s the kind of thing the London Clinic provides, so Kate’s in good hands. Abdominal surgery wouldn’t ordinarily necessitate physical therapy afterwards; stroke would, coma would, but abdominal surgery? Nope. So I don’t know, maybe they’re telling us without telling us?

  6. I believe Carol wanted this out there and she went with TMZ of all places. I think there are negotiations going on behind the scenes. I believe Peg wants out. Carol is desperate so she went this stupid route. It leaves more questions than answers. That photo is grainy and just when and where was it really taken. Just my opinion.

    • Jais says:

      So from what I can tell, Backgrid put up the pic for anyone to buy. TMZ was the first which suggests maybe they were given a heads up.

      • I bet you’re right. With things the way they are with Carol she probably thought she could get around things by going to TMZ.

      • Cheshire Sass says:

        Isn’t TMZ a Murdoch enterprise? This is just a workaround

      • Becks1 says:

        But that still means someone got the pap there for the pics, so I wonder if Carole called a “friend”, staged this pic, and they just figured that even if TMZ bought it, so would the DM or something. Instead, the british press is refusing to run it.

      • Jais says:

        @becks1, but would it matter to Carole at this point whether the BM bought the pic?the us outlets did and everyone has seen on SM and the BM has talked about it.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Jais I don’t think Carole/Kate expected the strong pushback from KP and the refusal for the BM to run these pics. It doesn’t matter on the one hand bc you’re right, the pic is out there and we’re talking about.

        but it matters from a PR POV because now we’re speculating about how Kate and Carole went against KP.

      • Jais says:

        Okay, that makes sense. At the same time, it does play into the whole “how dare they invade Kate’s privacy” narrative for the home audience. And if KP has been barring them from doing any pr, it’s weird if they thought KP wasn’t going to push back. But maybe they really thought KP was going to be good with it.

      • Scorpio says:

        Interesting, wonder if KP would have bid on the pics just to bury them. They can stop them being in the press in the UK but not outside of their country.

      • Weatherby says:

        Jais: It certainly would matter to Ma Midds if tabloids are buying this picture. She’s hard up for money at the moment, and we never forget how ruthless Ma Midds is in her pursuit of money.

        I think she intended to make a pretty penny for these, but the Palace has since issued a blanket ban on it for their obedient media labradoodles.


    • seaflower says:

      KP has history with Tom Markle going there.

  7. Tursitops says:

    The fact that there is a history of lying by proven liars IS the story here. Had they not Boy-Who-Cried-Wolfed their way through the last decade (at least) then they might have some credibility, but they don’t. The conspiracies, the wild speculation and now the minute examination of these photos is entirely the fault of KP, its residents and its staff. The automatic rejection of any story that they peddle was entirely foreseeable to everyone but them because they are so dense and insular.

    Might as well stick fifty more people into that car and put a big top on the bonnet because this is a clown show.

    • Jais says:

      All of this.

    • Snaggletooth says:

      Exactly. And it doesn’t help that they have executed one of the most shocking, inept, obtuse, provocative, and suggestive PR strategies to cover this all up in modern history. Like why not hang a big neon sign over KP saying “Weird Shit Happening Here!!”

      • Mary Pester says:

        Ah Carol, will any of that money go to your creditors I wonder?
        Yep source of the pictures is obvious. It’s Been proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that “Kate, you ain’t all that girl” 😂😂 you see Carol your lieing racist BCH of a daughter hasn’t been missed. The Royals have gone on without their “saviour”, and oh how you panicked, so you called the US knowing full well the “Royal contract” with the British press wouldn’t be broken for you, and here were are. I hope it was worth it, but somehow I don’t think so, because it hasn’t got the response you hoped for. No church bells ringing, no choirs singing, just a world wide, “WTF”.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Mary Pester, it does make you wonder about all of them, doesn’t it. This should not have been some supposed pap shot. I think she should have put out a statement thanking medical staff and the public for their concern. She still hasn’t done that. Instead, we get the grainy photo that isn’t published in the UK. It’s bizarre. This makes me wonder if she was going to be ‘resurrected’ at Easter.

        If they hadn’t announced the surgery, would anyone have wondered about her? I guess when engagements were cancelled they might have, but it’s not like she has very many.

    • Proud Mary says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you. I do not believe for one second that this was not a palace operation. They lie so much, why should I give them the benefit of the doubt? Not only that, with her PP scandal, Carol(e) is on her backfoot right now; as such, why would she go rogue on KP right now? I think seeing how much this is backfiring, they want to distance themselves. This is their usual playbook.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      💯 tursitops! They brought all of this on themselves. It’s actually amazing how long they’ve been able to get away with being bumbling clowns.

    • Bad Janet says:

      Yup. KP can cry about how unfair people are being all they want, but you reap what you sow.

      When everything you do is unhanded with an ulterior motive, people will expect you to behave in a way that is underhanded with an ulterior motive.

      I’m sorry Kate wants privacy and won’t get it. I’m sorry Meghan wanted to give birth in a hospital where her doctor had privileges and wasn’t willing to give that up so she could take a stupid picture at the famous hospital. Maybe the royals shouldn’t be so in bed with the press that everything they do is (as is justly perceived as) a PR stunt. Just a thought.

    • Lauren says:

      The Forbes article about Kate missing pretty much spelled this out and the Cut had a youtube video on all the time the royals, including BP, have lied to the public about their health.

    • Carmen says:

      Putting that photo out there has made everything worse. Nobody believes it’s Kate. Almost everyone thinks it’s Pippa. Even the crazy commenters on the Daily Mail don’t believe it’s Kate. What’s more, she is getting clobbered in the comments. People are sick of the shenanigans and are saying she’s just lazy and hiding out so she won’t have to work.

  8. Bunny says:

    I’ve wondered about a kidney transplant with her mother as a donor. Carole’s has been scarce, too. It would explain the steroid face and the long absence – needing to be away from people with germs.

    Another possibility could be that she’s pregnant and wants to stay out of the public eye because of her severe hyperemesis gravidarum. It can be very serious, and wrecks havoc on the women’s looks and demeanor.

    • equality says:

      When she was pregnant before she didn’t stay out of the public eye.

    • Moondust says:

      She had severe HG when she had to work. There were articles praising her for still playing tennis while pregnant.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      Wouldn’t someone at the stage of needing a kidney transplant have other visible signs of deteriorating health? Like jaundice maybe? She looked the same as she ever did when we saw her at the Christmas events.

    • Becks1 says:

      Back when this first started, I was describing the circumstances to a doctor friend of mine who doesn’t really follow the royals, and when I mentioned the speculation that she had an ED, the first thing she said was “oh I bet it was a kidney transplant” – not a bowel resection, not any other kind of digestive related surgery, but kidney transplant.

      A transplant is something that would explain the long recovery time bc she couldn’t be around the general public. It could also explain either Kate not living with the kids currently if they’re in school (total germ factories) or the kids being out of said germ factory for the term.

      IDK. I don’t think a transplant would be something the palace would hide, but maybe they would if the reason behind it was something like an ED?

      • SussexWatcher says:

        The thing about a transplant though is won’t it be extremely obvious afterward? I worked with a woman who had had a kidney transplant and she looked about 20 years older than her real age and was very frail looking. Of course that’s just anecdotal evidence and I have no knowledge beyond that, but I just assume it’s such a major shock to the system that the recipient will look clearly different afterward.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        If this is Kate, she does look considerably older than 42. Again, I’m allowing for the effects of steroids.

      • MaryContrary says:

        NO way. A friend had a kidney transplant. He was on dialysis for a long time before. She would have looked really bad and there would have been evidence she was going in for a dialysis for a while before hand. You don’t go from walking around on Christmas morning looking fine to suddenly getting an organ transplant 6 weeks later.

      • Becks1 says:

        @marycontrary – I know, I have lots of friends/family members in the medical industry and I review medical records for a living, so I get what happens before a kidney transplant. And I agree she wouldn’t be walking around looking fine on xmas and then getting a transplant three days later. But she absolutely could have been receiving dialysis without anyone knowing.

        Or it could have been a different type of transplant, like liver – I know someone who literally was running a race and collapsed bc of liver failure (no prior signs) and had to have a transplant as a result.

        Do I think that’s likely? Meh. I dont know what to believe anymore. but i found it interesting that it was the first thing my MD friend said, but only after I mentioned the potential ED.

        And now I’m regretting even bringing that up bc I’m going to get 20 comments about personal transplant anecdotes, LOL, like we have every day about hysterectomies haha.

      • Jais says:

        @becks1😂😂😂. Alright now, don’t get us starting a transplant thread. Best wishes to everyone going through it though❤️

    • samipup says:

      Not sure how the NHS works regarding transplants. IIRC, in the US, you have to wait for you’re on spot on the long waiting list.

  9. K8erade says:

    This feels like Carole cobbled this op together as KP decided burying their heads in the sand was better. I think KP threw such a fit that’s why the photo could only be sold to TMZ.

    I do think it was Kate and I think she’s on steroids. Since the beginning, I’ve had a sneaking suspicion this was a bowel obstruction/Chrohn’s attack. Those types of surgeries post-op almost always involve steroids.

    I think if Charles didn’t have cancer and was more present, he’d have ordered a photo op exactly as Kaiser prescribed. Her in bed, reading well-wishes. Instead KP is fully in charge and it’s just an absolute mess. This is why William is laying low. I don’t think he can handle the criticism being lobbed his way right now and is in hiding meltdown mode to escape the had press.

    • Ashley says:

      I think you’re dead on.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      K8erade, no, a bowel obstruction does not include steroids after surgery. I certainly didn’t have them after my bowel obstruction surgery. I’m not saying she isn’t on steroids; I’m saying that your assumption is incorrect.

      • K8erade says:

        S&S, I was basing this on the idea this is still Crohn’s because I just get that vibe from this and why not project my own predicament onto it. If it was a bowel obstruction as a result of Chrohn’s or Celiac, she would be put on steroids as it would not heal if the body is still attacking the intestine.

      • animalsRus says:

        Steroids would align with the medical story the Palace wishes to promote, however they are medically counter-indicated for other than very short-term use circa surgery. William would have zero interest in covering-up to THIS degree any purely medical illness. There are only 2 things he’d be SO antsy about because they reflect on HIM: DV or ED. Kate never gave any indication of chronic illness of the sort where steroids are prescribed. In fact, such diseases would have her puffed up PRIOR to a surgical intervention. However, Kate is NOT naturally thin. She looks quite chubby in the face during early years, & wasn’t there a rumour that Carole set about fixing that at the time? It may well be that over 2 months of no ED, paired with immobility, has returned her body to its natural state. And the ‘sequestering’ mentioned by Sykes’ sources might indicate some unwillingness to cooperate, despite its acute medical necessity.

  10. sevenblue says:

    Honestly, I missed talking about whether she wore a wig or wiglet, how to spot wiglet, that weirdo hair she did which looked like she grew ton of hair in the front side of her head in a day. Reading about body doubles, Pippa’s face photoshopped into Kate feels dark. I don’t understand why she didn’t marry some rich guy just like her sister. It isn’t like they were crazy in love at any point in their relationship. Just sad really. I hope no family lets their daughter marry into BRF ever again. Such assholes.

    • sparrow says:

      I know. Why did she marry him? It wasn’t a love match. She must feel so down about it. If she’d married just a wealthy man, she could’ve spent and worn what she liked without any scrutiny, had a life free of making speeches, and been at liberty to find love and bring up her kids knowing they were not going into this mad lifestyle of constraint.

      • SussexWatcher says:

        Oh I think she believed herself to be in love with him. I just think it never went the other way from him to her. So on her part it was a love match and she probably thought he’d settle down or learn to love her once they had kids or whatever. Or that MaMidds would be able to bring him around with her lap and cheese toast. Or maybe at the very minimum she believed that he would never do to her what Chuckles did to his mother. But instead history is repeating itself.

      • Michael P Cowtan says:

        Mrs Mid wanted her daughter to be Queen.

      • gigi23 says:

        It’s super weird because (unlike the previous generation of Royals) Kate can’t even say she didn’t know what it would be like. Diana and Fergie had both talked publicly about how lonely and miserable being a princess actually is.

    • Kt says:

      Why is no one talking about the janky hair in the photo op. It’s soo messy and looks tied on almost. Not saying it’s not Kate, but maybe a shaved head sitch

      • Lady Esther says:

        Actually I think that’s her real hair sans wiglet, which we’re not used to seeing. First because it’s curly (Kate does blowouts to hide her actual hair texture) and second because it has no volume, which is how it looked pre – marriage. I only see a couple of grays so she’s at least had the roots touched up while away from the public eye, although for this photo it looks like she stuck in up in a barrette and called it a day

      • Shawna says:

        The hair looks super messed up to me as well, like it wasn’t possible to get a wig on right or to style her hair carefully. Again, all adds up to a very worrying appearance.

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        Lady ester, I agree, that’s her hair texture last seen at uni. She has curly hair that lacks volume naturally, though IMO was always pretty hair on its own.

        This looks like her natural hair without the added hair pieces and halo and wig bulk.

      • BeanieBean says:

        I do not understand what is happening with that hair! I’ve been zooming into those ‘take the noise out’ photos & it’s so bizarre! Up there at the top, there’s like little loop-di-loos, then a couple-three weird twisty thingies on the left side, sort of like a kid would do to keep their hair out of their face. Weird!

      • Grain says:

        I need to revisit the smoothed out non-grain version to see who the source is. TMZ provided 3 photos- cropped close up of Kate, cropped car with Kate and Carole, and a full photo showing the car, at what looks to me, totally dead stopped in the driveway. The wheels definitely aren’t moving.

        The non grain version however I suspect someone used an AI app to reduce the grain and smooth out the image. AI fills in the pixel details and so I suspect it created some weird braids of hair and random strands, similarly to how AI photos don’t do hands well.

  11. CC says:

    It’s nice to see Abraham Zapruder getting more work.

  12. LaraK says:

    That photo is so grainy it could be anybody.

    The whole thing is so messed up. What’s the plan here? Is she just going to start doing normal things one day like nothing happened? Or will they keep her hidden for years a la Shelly and just let people get used to that? Makes no sense.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      I wrote above that I believe she and Pegs will announce the divorce soon. And along with that, a statement that Keen will retire from public life to raise her children. I think that will be a demand from Pegs as part of the settlement so she cannot set up some sort of rival camp. So I think from now on we will only see her in these sorts of Midds-only authorized pap photos – driving the children to school, shopping, vacationing.

  13. Snaggletooth says:

    All they had to do was issue “normal” updates, vagueish and positive. All they had to do was issue a statement from Princess Catherine officially thanking everyone for their well wishes. Then sprinkle in some saccharine tabloid stories about the kids and Kate’s recovery. Voila! No need for the world’s most eyebrow-raising pap walk. Literally they could have gotten away with zero photos if they were freaking middling at PR. Instead they either can’t or won’t handle this with anything like a normal PR strategy.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Snaggletooth, exactly. It takes a fair amount of incompetence to arrive where we are today.

    • MaryContrary says:

      Yes! It’s like PR 101-how are they so bad at this??

    • Grain says:

      I totally agree, but I think though it’s clear that something totally sudden and unexpected happened on 12/28. I wouldn’t even be surprised they were slowly rolling out a separation campaign, but something changed before the new year. There was no plan and no joint levels of trust for how to navigate the situation. No matter how much you dislike each other, people usually get it together for the sake of their children, let alone being the Prince and Princess of Wales. My mind still goes back to an act violence (even something more mild than a coma, god forbid) or an unforgivable run in with Will’s other life. Christmas time brings out lots of drama and family related issues. Something happened, something got exposed or escalated. They are not working together here and it’s very revealing. Silence from the Middletons and actually tons of bad press about them for months at this point. There are two sides pitted against each other.

  14. Inge says:

    I think this is what she looks like withouthhaving her hair & makeup done for weeks.

    And I think the Midds are behind this, it’s no coincidence that this happened on the day that beloved uncle&unofficial spokesperson for the fam uncle G enters the BB house.

    • Proud Mary says:

      I just don’t see the Kate we know, getting out in public, under any circumstances, without hair and makeup done. Go and check the interwebs for all the photos of her driving herself around town. Check out the photo of her makeup gal showing up at the hospital to fix Kate up after she gave birth. That’s why I think she was propped up for this staged image.

      • Dee says:

        She did get her hair blown out. And she’s wearing makeup of some sort.

      • BlueNailsBetty says:

        That photo makes me think Kate had a stroke at some point. Her face seems slack. If that did happen, she may not have recovered enough to be fully cognitive and fully aware of what is going on so she wouldn’t have insisted on her usual full beauty regimen before being papped (in an obviously staged photo).

        I mean, the photo is proof of life but it isn’t proof of full cognitive function. And a lack of full cognitive function could be why they aren’t making statements in her name. They know it could be found out that she wasn’t fully able to consent to the messages being given.

      • Proud Mary says:

        My point precisely, BlueNailsBetty.

      • Underhill says:

        Could be a stroke. I have thought all along that it was notable that they wouldn’t just put something out in her name, seemingly to avoid the appearance of a cover up in case Kate can’t fully “come back”. If the stroke theory is true, there is a disagreement between Ma Midd and KP about (among many things I am sure) her prognosis. Maybe KP wants to wait and see if she makes a full recovery, and Ma Midd is sick of the noise online and is trying to get across to the public, “She’ll be fine, here, look, she can get dressed and sit up”.

      • Harper says:

        My first thought was stroke too and not fully recovered. She looks propped and uncomfortable and her mouth looks slack to me. Couple that with the rental car suspicion means she is probably somewhere foreign recovering quietly. Does she even know the photo went out?

    • Lisa says:

      It’s to distract from the uncle

  15. sparrow says:

    I’m Spartacus. Not really. I can barely handle a mobile phone camera.

  16. equality says:

    That the graininess was added in makes this even more suspicious. Why if it is Kate would they be adding in graininess? It’s not like it disguises the face shape. And obviously since it was just added in it can be removed. None of what they have done makes sense.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      It’s hard to know because nothing they’ve done for their entire relationship makes any sense, so why start now? Maybe they want her to look more ill than she (currently) is, hence the messy hair and grays showing. Maybe she and MaMidds think this will garner her some sympathy for the upcoming divorce, or the additional 3 months in hiding. Who knows.

  17. EasternViolet says:

    As other commenters in other posts have posited, I think the theory that this is a Middleton operation – that Kate and William are not coordinated, although the British press are helping in a sense by authenticating the image as Kate. I think William is trying to dictate boundaries for the press and 100% control everything, and that is not going very well at all. The interesting Camilla vs William addition is also fascinating. I think BP is done cleaning up KP messes and letting William run his own show independently.

    • equality says:

      Even as King, Charles likely has less control of PW since Will is now the Duke of Cornwall and has his own funds out of Charles’ control.

  18. The Hench says:

    I’m going:
    Kate and William are not aligned.
    Will has shut down all Kate’s usual embiggening PR – hence nothing ‘from’ her or the Middletons until now.
    Will is in charge of KP press office and the PR has been ABOUT Kate FROM Will
    That’s why the PR has embiggened him not her – the school run, the caring for Kate, the not being able to work because he is such a devoted family man.
    It’s also why the latest sniffy response has been so sniffy from KP – that’s William telling us to F off.
    Kate is not talking to or allowed to talk to the KP press office – so she’s had to watch herself get pilloried on social media without a voice.
    The only way for Kate and CarolE to get anything out there is via a foreign outlet – hence why this is via TMZ
    The BM have the deal with William not Kate – and as this didn’t come from him they aren’t printing it.
    So to answer Kaiser’s questions:
    It’s from the Middletons and it’s been done a) as the only thing they are able to get out there at the moment and b) to shut down some of the crazier rumours about Kate.

    • EasternViolet says:

      I think this is solid reasoning here. Very interesting and perceptive. (Great analysis!)

    • ariel says:

      It also shows that the public is interested in her and wants to see her and is relieved. And if she and rage monster are separated- he is hoping she will fade off into the darkness to never be heard from again.
      And she is not giving up.
      The interest in her is a threat to him. And he is hoping it dies out, and she wants to make sure it doesn’t.

      It will be interesting to watch. And, kind of sad.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      I agree, Hench! Everything you wrote makes perfect sense.

    • SarahCS says:

      Ok this does make sense. Thank you!

    • Becks1 says:

      I agree with everything you’ve said here. It all fits.

      and it still doesn’t tell us any details about wtf is actually going on LOLOL.

    • Bren says:

      Perfectly stated. I believe this is what’s happening.

      “Kate is not talking to or allowed to talk to the KP press office – so she’s had to watch herself get pilloried on social media without a voice.”

      If that’s not karma, I don’t know what it is. Kate is getting the same mistreatment from KP/Will as Meghan did. I don’t feel sorry for Kate because she had plenty of time and resources to correct the Meghan made her cry story.

    • MaryContrary says:


    • QuiteContrary says:

      Hench, your analysis makes a lot of sense.

      Both Carole and Kate look pissed off …

    • WiththeAmerican says:


      I really want to know who took this photo. That will answer a lot of questions too.

    • Iolanthe says:

      Who even cares? Do we want to keep seeing her face for years on end ? I would be grateful not to have any of the Waleses shoved in our faces any more

  19. Digital Unicorn says:

    Regardless of whether its Kate or not this was organised by Ma – this is typical of the pre marriage day pap strolls they used to organise to get his attention.

    2 things:

    1) They def have separated / officially divorced as this goes in direct contrast to the official comms from KP. The Mids were shut down when she was first hospitalised and now that she has recovered somewhat they are back to their usual games of briefing against KP and William. They and Gary’s fameho stunt are a sign that the Mids are not going to go away quietly into the night. This is not just aimed at William but Cams and the King. They want more money AND they want status post divorce.

    2) Seems she was in Windsor all this time and I guess the kids must be back at school if they were doing the school run – they are poking William and the press with this, This is push back that he’s been the doting father and husband. I don’t think this was coming from the school run or the kids are back at Lamebrook as it would have leaked on SM by now.

    Let the War of the Wails 2.0 begin! There is a massive pile of royal shit about to hit the fan!

  20. Elvira says:

    Is there a way to post photos on this site? I have an image that can shed some light on this situation. Maybe I can email it to the site owner?

    Also, the mole may still be there. You may not be able to see it because of the grain. The altered image isn’t one that you can go by, as that heavily heavily changes the image. I would discount that image entirely.

    • sevenblue says:

      Upload it to an image website and you can share the link here. It would be easier.

    • The Hench says:

      You can post a link to the photo. The site admin will then decide whether they will publish it.

      • Elvira says:


        I used the clone stamp tool in photoshop to remove the extra tires. It is a bad job, as you need a high res image to do a good job. You get the idea though. Whoever did this simply forgot to clean up the extra tires. I’m 100 percent sure the rest of the image is similarly photoshopped. Not Kate and her mom, but the car and it’s surroundings.

      • Lady Esther says:

        Thanks Elvira…I don’t get the difference between a “clone stamp tool” and regular Photoshop but my technical skills barely reach operating a toaster so that’s on me…

        Also, for me your photo shows what another poster (@Agnes I think?) pointed out is a reflection of the Swiss Alps on Kate’s passenger door…hmmm, the plot thickens!

      • Elvira says:

        I had to register and reupload the image. I don’t typically use that site. Here it is again.

      • Elvira says:

        Hope you can see the image. The site tells me that it’s hidden and I’m not able to unhide it. I will add another one and point out the areas that I believe have been photoshopped. Photoshopping means so many different things, as there are a number of tools that you can use to alter an image. Basically, there is nothing that it cannot do. One has to be skilled to use it well, however.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Are you referring to that tall blob behind what appears to be a stone structure on the passenger door as the Alps? Wow, I couldn’t even begin to identify a mountain range based on a car door reflection.

      • Beverley says:

        @Elvira, it’s not hidden on my device. Thanks for the link.

    • QuiteContrary says:

      So, Elvira, bottom line: You think this is Kate and her mother, but they’re not in Windsor?

      • Elvira says:

        I think it is Kate and her mother, yes. I don’t know where they are, I just know that the car and the car’s surroundings have been photoshopped. To me, it seems that the intent was to conceal their location. The car being parked is a give away as well. I don’t have an opinion about where they actually are.

      • Becks1 says:

        I think the idea that the car and the people inside are photoshopped into the picture (which I think is what people are saying?) makes sense for one main reason (other photographic reasons aside) – it explains the lack of RPOs. the RPOs are following or in front or whatever but they were not part of the new photoshopped image. And that means it could be anywhere, not just a private part of Windsor. (Bucklebury?)

      • Renae says:

        Anyone able to tell what the other windshield sticker is?
        My eyes aren’t good enough.
        Also, why are the left and right ‘grills’ different?

    • Cinder says:

      Is there really only ONE photo? I even see that the title of this post says ‘photos’ but are there actually multiple photos from this papped drive they apparently took? I’ve only seen one so far.

      Seems to me as though someone just couldn’t be bothered to photoshop (her or the background or both) more than one photo and make them look like a consistent series.

      • BeanieBean says:

        It’s just the one photo, but yes, people are saying ‘photos’. I also noticed on GMA this morning they said ‘new photos of Kate taken this morning’. No, the photo was taken–or at least, supplied–yesterday.

  21. GoodWitchGlenda says:

    I’m most interested to hear people’s ideas on why TMZ instead of a British outlet?

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      TMZ pay for their stories – the BM in general don’t with the exception of the Sun and the Fail.

      • Proud Mary says:

        Why not the Sun and the Fail, then? They are the primary parties to the invisible contract. American media other than TMZ and the Inquirer do not pay for stories either.

      • Lady Esther says:

        More evidence that it’s from the Middletons then, if TMZ paid them a princely (cough) sum for that photo….

      • Jais says:

        The BM actually does pay for tips and sources while I thought the American media does not? No idea about tmz though. But both would pay for photos from backgrid if they wanted them. That said, I’m not sure these specific backgrid photos are available for purchase in the uk.

    • ML says:

      TMZ is Murdoch. Rupert used to sometimes drop stories in his foreign media and then later use that as a source in wherever he wanted the story. In this case, if this is the plan, have gossip site TMZ get the story and pictures so his (son’s?) media empire can use it as a source in The Sun or The Times, for instance.

    • Elvira says:

      Because Kate and family know that no newspaper in BG will publish the image.

      Also important, no real newspaper will publish a photoshopped image. They will only publish images that come with full information embedded in them. The embedded information was removed in this instance, and the image was shopped. Only gossip non news pages will publish this or any image that has been retouched at all. Very good newspapers are very strict about this. They may publish it as ” this is what TMZ posted”, however.

      • Elvira says:

        I mean GB!

      • sparrow says:

        Wow, Elvira. Thank you for the photo and all your knowledge. I saw Carole and Kate but didn’t overthink the rest of it, apart from the weird over lighting of Carole and underlighting of Kate, who’s right next to her, which keeps her in helpful darkness.

      • Elvira says:

        I wouldn’t make much of the light, @sparrow. That looks natural to me. Maybe just a helpful coincidence.

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        Wait, the data was scraped from this photo as uploaded to Backgrid?! Who is listed as the photographer and is there a location listed?

        If not, yeah, TMZ is the only place scummy enough to touch that. Again, that no smoking decal is possibly telling a story.

      • Elvira says:

        @WiththeAmerican It is easy and common to remove the info. I can’t find any information in the photo, so no idea who took it or with what. When you export from photoshop, you can easily hide the data.
        It is important for the publisher of a good newspaper to be able to see all of the data. I don’t know if the publication may sometimes remove that info, however. Maybe TMZ removed the data, or maybe the person who took the image removed it, or maybe the person who shopped it removed it. Hard to know.

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        @elvira yes that’s exactly why I was asking! Normally a publisher checks the source and I’d imagine if this came from an unknown photog then they’d want to check the metadata too.

        Interesting that it was stripped at some point, possibly by TMZ. I mean, if it was supposed to be Windsor on Monday, why strip the metadata?

      • BeanieBean says:

        No real newspaper will publish a photoshopped image? What about all those photos of Kate they’re always running with? Of course they do!

      • Elvira says:

        @BeanieBean I don’t know which images you mean. If it’s a documentary image for a newspaper, it won’t be published by a reputable newspaper if altered. You are allowed to use dodge and burn, but not to remove anything or blur etc.
        I don’t mean fashion images, obviously.

  22. Just Jade says:

    Was that really her?

    • Interested Gawker says:

      I’m thinking no, it is not Kate in that photo and now I think it may not be truly staged in ‘real time’ Windsor either. Some CBers in the other post mentioned the different ways the image is photoshopped to oblivion.

  23. s808 says:

    For KP to go from basically saying “no you can’t see her, we’ll provide updates when we’re good and ready” to this also has me in the Team Middle Arranged This camp.

    Orrrr KP went through American paps/publications to get this photo out and have plausible deniability.

    Both are realistic theories to me .

  24. A says:

    I think maybe for the first time ever I’m going to give Carole and the gang some credit. She clearly realized that Kate was surrounded by idiots and took matters into her own hands. First by organizing the pap stroll to buy Kate some more vacation time, and two by putting an end to the ridiculous William the great caregiver stories. William didn’t go to that memorial service because he’s lazy, and was never going to play second fiddle to his stepmother, and as a result Kate got thrusted into the spotlight! My guess is it’s Carole who’s been the caregiver in tandem with the rest of the serfs/nanny for both the kids and Kate (hints her looking so pissed off). Given that we know how much Kate cares about her appearance the deal was probably, look will give you the shot but you need to photoshop the hell out of them, and they can’t be distributed in the UK!

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      Same. Carole is an ass but she is smarter than William and she could see how this was exploding. She created a staged photo op and then got Kate back inside of wherever she is staying. And it’s enough for proof of life.

      And judging solely from that photo Kate definitely needs a lot more time to recover.

  25. Jas says:

    If this really is Kate, her absence can probably be explained by the puffy face. Illness and medication can make you gain significant amounts of weight very quickly. This is hard enough to deal with when you’re a private person. When you’re a public figure who’s mostly known for being a clotheshorse, it would be devastating. I’m not surprised she doesn’t much want to show herself or have anyone explain why she’s not visible. Saying it’s a vanity thing isn’t something you want to do, even if it’s entirely understandable.
    And she looks like she feels horrid. No wonder she’s staying home.

    All that said, it’s more and more apparent that she and William aren’t in the same place and aren’t cooperating. I wouldn’t be surprised if she just quietly withdraws from public life even if they don’t divorce.

    • Proud Mary says:

      I don’t know what you mean by “[s]aying it’s a vanity thing isn’t something you want to do, even if it’s entirely understandable,” but there are things KP could have done two months ago to alleviate the rumors. If she wasn’t in a coma and this is what she looked like two months ago, they could have released a photoshopped image of her. Even if she looked different, it would have been explained away as the effects of post-op meds. I don’t think that two-months later, after abdominal surgery, KP can get away with this grainy image because, vanity. I am convinced that they couldn’t show her because her condition is/was far more dire than they had let on. Even seeing that image of her, and I’m inclined to believe it’s her, doesn’t obviate my suspicion.

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        Agree. I’m wondering why the rules are so different for Kate. So if she feels like she won’t present well, it’s fine for her to stop work all together, hide and not even thank people when as you say she has a lot of options open to her that wouldn’t necessitate sharing how she really looks.

        Why are we as a society infantilizing her so much? She’s 42. I just don’t get it.

    • Claire says:

      Yes, obviously she looks different and I could understand why she wouldn’t want to be seen this way, but at the same time, there obviously has to be a reason she is looking this different, and it’s likely a medical one – probably steroid treatment. Some have said her face also looks different in a way that is indicative of stroke (could also explain the sunglasses if her eyes are dropping on one side). Whatever else this photo was meant to convey, to me it does confirm that there is something medical going on with her. I also think it’s likely that there could also be marital issues going on, as well as mental health issues, but something medical has clearly happened to her as well. What is the question.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Devastating? Girl needs to develop some inner resources.

  26. Lula08 says:

    If her face is this puffy, she is on STRONG steroids. My Mom had glioblastoma and uncle had colon cancer and their faces puffed up like this after being on steroids for months. I can understand why she doesn’t want photos of herself like this out there. It is hard when value your image and thinness so much and then in a moment your life changes. I am not a Kate fan ( I only started reading CB because I was sick of all the sycophantic Kate stories) , but I can empathize with the life altering moment of losing your looks and health. What else is Kate I mean Catherine really noticed for besides her looks- maybe her buttons and wiglets.

  27. ML says:

    First off, if that’s K, she does not look at all like herself or well.
    Second, of all the ways to have K or KP respond to all sorts of rumors, this has to be about the worst. If people don’t believe it’s her, now you have body double theories in addition to proof-of-life crap: they must have foreseen that. And this is not how she wanted to be seen or treated.
    So thirdly, whoever is responsible for this is no friend of K or amenable to her wishes.
    My gut reaction, because W is part of her PR, is that this comes from Camzilla. K doesn’t benefit. W doesn’t either really. I’m going to assume her mother loves her and isn’t totally stupid. This came after Camzilla got criticized for deserting her husband and duties to go on an impromptu holiday. And when the RR is starting to report on major discord between QCC and PW.

    • Lula08 says:

      You are right. It is great cover for Camilla leaving Charles during cancer treatment. She is ruthless.

      • ML says:

        Lula08, Who knows—most people suspect her mother. I still think that if K wanted control of the narrative, she would have gone about it differently than this. And yes, I think QCC is exactly this ruthless.

      • BlueNailsBetty says:

        I don’t think Kate has the cognitive ability to control any of this. The slack in her face reminds me of the slack my dad had after having a stroke.

      • ML says:

        I didn’t click on TMZ…I’ve now seen the picture complete with tire treads and spokes on the wheel. It’s changed my mind and I think everyone saying Carole arranged this (presuming PW wasn’t the guy behind the camera) is right. The cruelty of this photo op and the stupidity as to how information is received is just gobsmacking.
        BlueNailsBetty, You’re probably right. If that is Kate (if you’re going to cruelly force her into a proof-of-life photo, why not just go all the way and remove the sunglasses so there can be no doubt?!) she doesn’t look as though she’s planning anything at the moment.

  28. Claire says:

    I think it is Kate in the car – I think she’s just very swollen from steroid treatment for whatever medical situation that she has or water retention from long-term IV use. Parts of her facial features I still recognize. While there’s a slight chance that these photos could be completely unauthorized by anyone (with the recent international interest re: a missing princess, maybe paps did see an opportunity to stake themselves out around Windsor (parts of which I believe are open to the public right?) hoping to eventually get a shot that they could sell to an international audience, even if they knew that the British tabloids wouldn’t but it due to their arrangement with the royals. But I think it’s more likely that Carole arranged this to get the Middleton narrative out. And if Carole arranged it, then yes, I think there is some type of separation or divorce proceedings going on and that the Middleton’s silence has been bought as part of those proceedings. They’ve probably all signed NDAs and/or aren’t talking/being seen in order to leverage a better settlement for Kate. But Carole saw an opportunity to get her narrative out by arranging this pap shot while still being able to claim plausible deniability. She’s trying to tell us that: (1) Kate’s alive she’s not in a coma, (2) the Middleton’s are caring for Kate, not William, (3) William isn’t doing the school run, Kate still is even if she’s too ill to drive herself.

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      I think those three things are exactly what Carole is saying with this photo.

    • Shawna says:

      “all signed NDAs” – intriguing!

      • Claire says:

        @Shawna – that’s just a guess on my part that the Middleton’s have signed NDAs. But if signs are pointing towards separation / divorce / information regarding this whole mess that KP (and BP) doesn’t want to get out – I can’t imagine they wouldn’t approach the Middleton’s with NDAs. The last thing they want is Carole (or Kate, but Carole is probably the bigger leaker) selling info to the highest bidder or doing some sort of post separation/divorce Oprah style interview or book.

      • Jais says:

        I’ll never forget how Meghan told the cut that she had never signed an NDA and she was free to say anything she wanted whenever she wanted if she so chooses. If Kate and her family hadn’t signed NDA’s before that you can bet they were asked to after Meghan casually mentioned that in an epic move.

      • ikeajane says:

        NDAs for the all the levels of emotional abuse that William put her through. What could have started as an eating disorder becoming a bowel resection with post-op complications would obliterate William’s reputation. Especially if put in a book. Do not mess with Mama Bear Carole or she’ll put out more photos.

  29. Amy Bee says:

    Why couldn’t KP just release a photo of Kate thanking everybody for their well wishes to the press instead of resorting to a pap drive? This is just bad PR. Lee Thompson was touted as this hot shot PR executive with Hollywood connections but he’s just as bad of all the other comms secretaries William and Kate have had.

    • Claire says:

      I actually believe that the palace didn’t authorize it. I think this was Carole going rogue. William wouldn’t arrange for a pap shot of Carole driving Kate to the school run. His whole narrative has been that he’s Kate’s caretaker and that he’s watching the kids and doing the school run. I think this photo was meant to dispell Williams claims. Carole is probably under a NDA, so arranging a pap shot where she still maintains plausible deniability was one of her only ways to get her narrative out there.

      • Jay says:

        It was English who mentioned the detail about how this was Kate and her mother doing the precious “school run” – TMZ didn’t specify. I think it’s a rogue Middleton op – KP would have wanted a photo of Kate and William. You know, because he’s constantly at her side taking care of her? [Cough]

        Furthermore, KP had plenty of opportunities to share an authorized photo on their social media, even if it didn’t show Kate’s face! That would have quelled a lot of the rumours and also given the rota some red meat. If they did show Kate, you can be sure that they would control the lighting, hair, editing and makeup – it wouldn’t be some grainy outside driving shot.
        What strikes me is how amateur this all looks – it’s given d-list reality show celebrity in the grocery store parking lot.

      • Jay says:

        And speaking of d-list celeb reality shows, this really knocked Uncle Gary out of the headlines, didn’t it?

    • ML says:

      This is also why I don’t believe that this was either KP or K related.

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      @Amy Bee I don’t think Kate is capable of her regular communication level. The slack in her face looks like when my dad had a stroke. If she had a stroke she may not have recovered enough to communicate.

  30. Elvira says:

    This is what I believe was done. The background was removed. I did this in photoshop to illustrate how easy this is.

    • Jaded says:

      Thanks for your editing skillz Elvira, this is great! Whoever did the original photo fudging managed to leave in a 5th tire so what does that say of their skill level? This has Ma Meddlesome all over it because she’s pushing back against William’s and KP’s tight control of the narrative that he’s the doting dad at Kate’s side and doing the school runs, etc. If that were the case then he’d also be showing himself as the doting son with Charles, but Charles ain’t having it. The family have turned against William, it’s plain to see, and the reason is he blew up his marriage in a disastrous fashion and is panicking at the fallout. I’ll leave it at that.

      • Elvira says:

        You’re welcome! I will try to do one that explains the use of the clone tool in photoshop, and it will be easily understood that this is the reason for the extra tires.
        Whoever did it was likely rushing and forgot to touch up that part. It may have been done by someone at TMZ. It’s impossible to know.

  31. Mads says:

    Firstly, I find it suspicious that there’s only the one pic and not a few from the whole sequence – paps don’t just click once and think “job done”, they want a variety of facial expressions etc, and the likes of TMZ would pay for them. Secondly, I think it is Kate and, as others have pointed out, she’s very puffy due to steroids prescribed after surgery. Off topic, I believe WanK have been living separately even before the move to Adelaide Cottage and William wants it over officially, yet I can’t see how that is going to be possible given her health issues?? Could the rota and UK media really spin them divorcing without William taking a severe PR hit, or wouldn’t he even care? There’s been another comms problem with the Ministry of Defence announcing her attendance at a Trooping of the Colour event in early June and then KP briefing the rota that only they (KP) announce Kate’s attendance, so her return to “work” after Easter is being questioned and concern about her true condition raised lol.

  32. Lau says:

    I keep telling myself not to start listening to conspiracy theories but they are making it so hard.

  33. Serena says:

    These people are pretentious and spoiled as hell. They’re used to do whatever the hell they want and have no one questioning them because they used H & M to deflect, constantly throwing them under the bus to distract from their messy life. Now, there’s a crisis, and that’s gone and I’m pretty sure they’re wailing and throwing hissy fits about that all the time.

  34. what;s inside says:

    It is definitely her with her mother who is the driver. Carole has been with her the whole time which makes sense as Kate historically completely relies on her mother.

    • paintybox says:

      I agree it’s her and honestly, she looks more or less fine to me? Her face seems very relaxed, actually. We’re so used to seeing photos of her being tense or mugging with that manic grin. It’s a very odd photo for them to put out, though, with Carole looking angry and Kate in the shadows. Whatever did or didn’t happen, one thing is clear to me – William sucks at everything, at being husband, father, heir, working royal or in charge of their PR. It’s clear that whatever did or didn’t happen, it is NOT being handled with any smarts or grace.

  35. SALADSPINNER says:

    Whatever has happened, it is deeply shameful to William. He is behaving very badly in response to this shame. So what would be shameful to William to this degree? Perhaps physical abuse, perhaps bulimia or some other condition or event reminsicent of Diana that he perceives as having caused. I think this photo is from Kate herself. Whatever has happened, Kate is not ashamed of it, and Carole is very, very angry about it.

  36. Jtrain says:

    This is William giving proof of life to get everyone off him. Carole is in on it, which is why she’s so pissed to have to do it. Camilla wanted nothing to do with it, which is why she bounced. Camilla does know that truth will always out. This picture only answers that Kate can sit in a car. Can she speak? Can she walk? Does she know her name? I don’t think this is about divorce. I think 12/28 was about the divorce. This is not a well woman or it’s her sister pretending to be her? This is serving weekend at Bernie’s.

  37. Agnes says:

    It’s so obvious the car is 1. a rental (no smoking sticker, and a German make common in Switzerland) 2. photoshopped onto the pavement of “Windsor” (extra tires, off shadows, mountains reflected in car door, fuzzed out back window) and that combined with the added graininess makes you wonder if whoever sent it out/set it up is deliberately trying to stoke the flames of speculation, not calm people down. It looks like Kate to me. But if they wanted to calm things down they would show her at home surrounded by her kids (and Billy Idle I guess, Swiffer in hand.) Weirder and weirder.

    • Elvira says:

      Yes, clearly photoshopped onto the pavement etc. I don’t see the mountains, lol. I’ll keep looking but I do see some reflection.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Elvira, l see a tall blob behind what looks like a stone structure reflected in the passenger door. But for the life of me, I could never identify it as a mountain range let alone the Alps. It looks like scraggly branches to me.

      • Bad Janet says:

        The Alps? Those are trees and a bridge. I am pretty sure that “extra tire” is also part of a bridge.

        I’m not saying the photo wasn’t staged as hell, but there isn’t any convincing evidence that her actual presence in a vehicle is fake.

        But that’s as far as I’m willing to go to defend them. They earned all the mistrust.

      • Jaded says:

        @Bad Janet — then why does the “bridge” have exactly the same highlights as the real tires? I expanded the image and there are two reflections of light on the so-called bridge that mirror the reflections on the actual tires. Bridges there are typically made of stone, not shiny reflective material like hubcaps.

      • Bad Janet says:

        Because I’m not seeing what you’re seeing? They’re close, but not the same. It is very clear to me that the hubcaps are silver on black, and on the alleged “fifth tire” in the back, I see white on black. The size of the white marks are also different.

        But you do you. I am not going to lose sleep over a disagreement about exactly WHAT the royals are lying about.

      • Bad Janet says:

        It’s also really common to put reflectors on bridges so people don’t hit them. That’s why they are showing up in shadow.

      • Jaded says:

        @Bad Janet — this isn’t a disagreement, and there’s no need to be sarcastic. Also, the sun is coming from the wrong direction to hit reflectors. You do you too. Have a nice day.

      • Harper says:

        I can see both a mountain range or an artful arrangement of tree branches against the sky reflected in the car door. I also originally noticed a stone bridge. However, knowing that they photoshopped some blur ontop of the photo to obscure the rearview window view makes me think there was something identifiable there that would raise questions.

      • Bad Janet says:

        I’m confused, Jaded. A disagreement means we didn’t agree, which we don’t, and I’m not sure how my comments are considered sarcastic, especially if yours are not.

        The sun is coming from the right side on the photo, so yes, it can be hitting the reflectors. You have a nice day too.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Harper, someone on another thread said this was the Alps, but I couldn’t even identify it as a mountain let alone a specific mountain range. And it also looks like it could be tree branches as well. So choose your poison, it could be anything and anywhere with the amount of fiddling and tweaking that’s going on here.

  38. B says:

    Jezebel had a funny headline calling the pic a loch-ness moster like photo.

  39. Jay says:

    I could certainly believe that Carole is keeping up with the rumours, especially those circulating on American media, and wanted to stage something to show “proof of life”. Sure.

    What’s interesting is that this photo is of Carole and Kate, not TOB and Kate. Isn’t William supposed to be waiting on his spouse hand and foot, and that’s why he can’t possibly do any events? Instead, it adds credence to the theories that Kate is being taken care of at her parent’s place. Add to that the fact that William wasn’t pictured picking her up from the clinic.
    Why doesn’t Kate’s spouse want to be seen with her? Why are the Middletons reduced to staging random outdoor photos on the grounds?

  40. Lara says:

    If KP or BP had anything to do with this appearance why isn’t William shown with her? I think there’s something going on with their marriage. Perhaps they are separating, Kate’s absence with royal duty would make sense then. Her refusal to be seen could be a negotiating tactic.

  41. MJM says:

    Sorry folks but that absolutely is a picture of Kate. The unfortunate looking Pippa doesn’t resemble her in the least and could never act as her pr stunt double. I am starting to believe the theories she had surgery for ibd and is on prednisone because of the fullness of her face. Kate is extremely vain about her weight and would not want to be photographed with a moon face. For that reason I also believe this wasn’t digitally manipulated (except for the grainy filter) because Kate would have chosen a less puffy faced visage.

    So putting all that aside we are left with the questions Kaiser posed. Why this now? Is Kate cut off from KP comms? Why a blatantly arranged pap shot instead of a posed shot and thanks for well wishes? To me all this is pointing to a separation between William and Kate and likely divorce announcement when the dust settles. I hope so because the situation at KP right now is bonkers.

    • JP says:

      I agree. I don’t think there’s anything at play here beyond Kate’s vanity, which would explain the pot shots taken at her in Charles’ press releases about his own health.

    • Carmen says:

      It looks absolutely nothing like Kate. The mouth, the hairline and the eyebrows are all wrong. But it’s a dead ringer for Pippa.

  42. Monlette says:

    I believe it is her. She has always had puffy chipmunk cheeks, which they camouflage with a manic grin and loads of contouring makeup.
    I first realized it when they put her on a coin and the absence of color brought out her doughy facial structure.
    The photo is grainy because it was probably shot from a great distance at a moving target.

  43. Over it says:

    I think it’s definitely Katie. See is like see, I am alive . I don’t believe what some others are saying. They will be no divorce, it’s not needed. They already live separate lives and wank has seen first hand how people are just not that into him so he will keep her around because it makes him look good. Should something happen to change that, then maybe divorce will be put on the table. I do believe Kate had a mental breakdown that’s why she been Mia .

  44. QuiteContrary says:

    I think it’s Kate, too. But her face is slack — she’s in pretty bad shape. I’ve never seen that combination of puffy from steroids, but also sagging. Maybe it’s just the Middleton jowls on steroids?

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      It is a weird combo and doesn’t suggest moon face steroids to me. I also noticed other changes to her face.

      • Here for the Fall of the British Empire says:

        It looks like Kate with her jaw wired shut to me. And why is her mother so angry? That doesn’t look like a woman with a brilliant plan so much as a woman with her back up against the wall. It seems the House of Windsor is truly crumbling right before our eyes.

        What are the chances Camilla could be named Regent over George after Chuckles passes if Kate dies or becomes incapacitated and William is deemed unfit?

  45. Dee N. says:

    Forgive me if this was previously asked and I missed it, but…why, in THE photo, is there no proper view out the back window of the car? I suppose they could have an opaque divider in the car, but what’s there looks kind of patchy to me, more like the rear view was blotted out with photoshop? Maybe there were kids or RPOs in the back seat, or…what?

    • Dee N. says:

      Actually, having looked at the photo some more (and than I need to STAHP!), I think that you can see features of the back seat – but it still does look to me like the view out the back window was blobbed over in post.

  46. rawiya says:

    They’re so bad at this PR thing. A clear photo of her sitting in bed or on a couch or on a bench outside, wrapped up with blankets, with the kids around her/giving her a hug would have been much better. Forcing a sick person to get into a car to drive up and down a driveway for a grainy photo won’t, and isn’t, quell rumours.

  47. Mary Pester says:

    @KAISER, Check out Talk TV

  48. Mari says:

    Whatever this is, and I admit I have no idea what it is (it doesn’t look like her to me, but I wouldn’t swear on that) I think it was authorized. They just can’t admit it for obvious reasons.

  49. alibeebee says:

    I think it’s kate too but her appearance looks off. her face ia puffy and slack. Honestly it looks as though they got her out of bed propped her up in the passenger seat slapped some glasses on her snapped some pics and bustled her out and back in bed. I honestly thi k she doesn’t have the cognitive ability to speak for herself if she wanted to. if she were in a Coma she’s probably still incredibly mentally foggy from that. This Pic shows that Wills is definitely not taking care of her . he also looks hella guilty and that he could have been a cause/ catalyst of her current condition. Something is definitely wrong, fishy and weird.

  50. Lady says:

    Definitely looks like Pippa to me, especially the mouth.

  51. Pixi says:

    You know what would redeem Kkkate in my eyes? If her and the Mids went to talk show to do a big tell all about this shI5 show, burn. It. All. Down.

    • Claire says:

      I don’t think Kate has it in her, and I can’t say that I blame her. Especially when she’ll still be co-parenting with someone that might be a narcissist, the personal repurcussions to her and the kids probably aren’t worth it. Carole on the other hand – the palace should be worried about any leaks that she might have. And I’m sure they’ve probably bought her off for that reason.

  52. Chantale says:

    I think it is her and the people on social media are just having a laugh. I think the Middletons staged that picture without Bully Boy and his pompadour hair secretary knowing about it. As a mother like her or not, she is probably distressed of all the things being said about her daughter’s health, especially if Bully Boy has anything to do with it mentally or physically.

  53. Cassie says:

    Yes it could be bells palsy or a mild stroke after surgery .

    I don’t like her but I hope she can leave him and have a peaceful life somewhere .

    That family destroys married in women .

  54. Me the queen says:


  55. therese says:

    Today, I don’t think this is Kate. And I think that the furor over Kate has now gone from the (not) sublime to the ridiculous. I don’t have a social media account, but if I did, I think I would first ask the idea that we had a Big Foot sighting, or she is in her own category. I don’t think she is able to be photographed, or she would have been. I do believe she is in some sort of recovery. And Kingsington Palace should look at which would be more untenable: to tell the world the truth, or watch the speculation spin completely out of control. I like my idea. Big Kate. We had a Big Kate sighting yesterday. I am disrespecting kP’s mishandling of media, not Kate’s recovery or any suffering she may be going through.

  56. Crystal says:

    https://www.royal.uk/media-centre/future-engagements Okay no work for work shy will for one year! This is a big F u to Bill lol Kathy has been mistaken for the one being phased out. Royals are phasing out Bill, no family contact, no cancer visit, no kid sightings. No memorials, he’s rouge lol
    What’s up???? Is she leaving? Is this divorce Is deuxmoi blind about cheating scandal true? Either way wills absence is something. Maybe family Jam is all against divorce? Trying to smoke him out. Or dry him out lol
    Cut the security take the home F take the title. What a bad heir! Lol the hypocrisy

    • Crystal says:

      Click on prince of Wales lol no results found from today to a year from now

  57. Crystal says:

    Work shy Bill doesn’t have an engagement on their website from today to a year. Shows, No results found lol. I was wrong they are phasing out Bill, not Kathy! No family contact no kids no cancer visit no memorial he’s gone rouge. Is deuxmoi blind to be trusted of cheating scandal. Are they divorcing? Did he find his Cams??? A replacement lol Legit does family not approve trying to rein him in smoke him out or dry him out lol. Bad heir take the homes take the security take the title lol the hypocrisy😜 this is pathetic. I want his job lol I didn’t think the last one posted because of my rural internet and thought because I shared the royal website sorry tried to tone it down- repeat lady liker lol

    • Crystal says:

      Kate is responsible for the pap stroll she is looking right at the camera looks like she was wearing a beanie our for a walk. That’s her 💯
      This is as bad a dip shit Tom. TMZ?
      Murdoch Kate are wanking on willies chain in foreign propaganda lol can’t post the pic in the uk but sure can talk and open the door. Bet that was like the mafia visiting in retro spec for wills perspective lol 😂 Roto hand reaches far dear boy and play dirty pool with your wife and mother in law. Imagine if they were sitting on divorce and cheating scandals omg they need to pay their families and leopards get ravenous

      • Crystal says:

        Faces change on change lol in Canada we are getting the new roll out of Charlie on our currency. Mom mids major botched face from clown show has cracked. She was glossed and pulled back. 150units worth lol of Botox in the forehead alone she does looks rough 🙁 but better than those botched pics lol. That’s Kate! For sure i agree with Mary Pester where are the bangs but I think she had a hat or tuc or beanie on lol the car is stopped she is looking us right in the camera eye. Appreciate the better pic, nose looks less sore face still looks swollen neck covered. It’s her. I’m a hat chick wide brim winter ball caps I have thick ass bangs can stick to me head just like that. Plus hers were almost tuckable in Dec. it’s her

  58. Beech says:

    Dear CC: 😂🤣😃😄😅😆

  59. DetachedObserver says:

    Thank you @Elvira for the photoshopping tutorial and showing us how it may have been done. I’ve been obsessing about the image on the side of the car, too. I know this is late in the thread, and likely nobody will read it, but to me it looks like an ornate building one might find in a castle complex. Reddish-brown colored bricks, contrasting white or cream stonework and double doors, pathways through manicured landscaping, a taller tower in the center. It makes me think of St. James Palace, actually. Or it could be a stately home out in the country where she’s hiding out. Anyone else see it?

    A lot of this photo resembles Kate, but the nostrils look very different. I go back and forth as to whether it’s her. As many have said upthread, removing the grain just smooths out the facial features and may not accurately represent how she truly looks right now. But overall, she doesn’t appear to be doing so well.

  60. Barb from SoCal says:

    As an internist (internal medicine doctor who has treated patients intubated, post op, etc.), this is definitely Kate. The bone structure matches Kate’s. The conspiracy theories that this is Pippa, or a body double are unhinged. The photo was very likely taken as they were driving through the guarded Windsor estate and so they didn’t require RPO. It was not on a school run. It was a set up shot. What this photo also tells me is that: 1) Kate (whom I absolutely do not like for a litany of reasons) has been through a lot with her surgery: complications, quite possibly a medically induced coma for the complications and unstable vitals, etc., and 2) this is a Middleton move engineered by Mommie Dearest and independent of KP, hence the organised pap shot with a US release. Kate looks like she has been through A LOT medically including an extended intubation (beyond surgery), intravenous fluids including blood pressure support as well as medication delivery, and very likely steroids. When someone has been through this sort of medical intervention, their face looks very distorted from their usual. It then takes a long time for the fluid shifts to restore their face to their usual, depending upon ongoing medication use including steroids. I suspect that she did have open abdominal surgery (i.e. a laparotomy with some sort of bowel resection for obstruction or inflammatory bowel disease) followed by significant complications which can include abscesses, sepsis, shock, multi organ failure, etc. She has been out of sight so long because it has all been very traumatic. Mommie Dearest arranged such a photo shoot with a singular pap so there was one shot released, rendered grainy to hide how ill she is/has been. Given her obvious condition, a cute bedside shot or video with the children reading get well cards would have shown all of us how sick she has been. She looks like she is just hanging in for this pap shot. Why this was organised and likely without KP’s knowledge is another matter.

  61. sparrow says:

    Thank you, Barb. That’s hugely informative. Yes, it’s Kate imo. Clearly her face. It was upsetting to see her like this and it just begs the question, why oh why didn’t William step up and shield her from the public gaze and see off the invasive attention by doing a thank you to camera with as much info as possible. Like you say, I believe her family set this up. I said it yesterday, and I’ll say it again – it’s tawdry. (I hope you see this reply, Barb, it’s landed below your comment rather than as a direct reply, which is standard for me!)

    • Liz says:

      Maybe he’s been kept in the dark Sparrow – if he’s caused her upset emotional or physical maybe she’s with her mother. And not returning his calls.

  62. Olivia says:

    It is the same playbook they used on Diana: fragile mind, breakdown, tantrums, fights… Soon the articles will come claiming that Bulliam has only been a bully @ during his life with impossible Kate
    because he had to support her, and help her and he was trapped in the marriage…
    People forget too quickly. A lot of i us saw this play the first time it was released ( and no, I am not equating Kate to Diana. The firm is just using the same old playbook).

  63. Lisa R says:

    I zoomed in on the X/Twitter picture above that had the grainyness removed. K appears to have two cuts going from her eyebrow (on the right side of the picture) to her hairline. The hair near there does appear to be tied on haphazardly. She does appear to have black eyes. The zoom was clearer on my phone. The grainyness is extremely, unnaturally uniform throughout the picture, which is obvious when you zoom in very closely. It would be easy to add and remove from the picture.

    Also, silencing the Midds is easy, just threaten to claw back Huckleberry Manor. The proceeds of the sale can pay off the creditors. In the unlikely situation that the Midds have an iron-clad title, the RF can withdraw the maintenance, i.e. security, taxes, gardeners, housekeepers.