Mail: The new Kate Middleton photos ‘were not authorised by the palace’

Only a handful of American sites have published the new photos of the Princess of Wales, seen in an SUV in the Windsor area on Monday. TMZ spent the money on the mega-exclusive Backgrid pics, as did Entertainment Tonight. As of this writing, no British outlet has published the photos and royal reporters are not even retweeting anything. The reporters are calling the photos “unauthorized” and they’re claiming that they refuse to publish the pics “out of respect for her privacy whilst she recovers from her operation in the timescale we were given for it.” Keep in mind, when Backgrid gets mega-exclusive pics of the Duchess of Sussex running errands in Montecito, the British media can’t buy and publish those photos fast enough. But Kate and Carole arrange a photoshoot in Windsor and suddenly the British royalists are clutching their pearls.

The reticence to publish the pics in the UK also tells me that the photos probably weren’t intended for a domestic (British) audience. We’re underestimating how much the Salt Islanders were freaked out by the rampant online speculation about Kate, and this could have been a set-up specifically for the American/online/international audience. Or is that the way it played out? I don’t know. Curiously, Becky English at the Mail had some interesting details about the photos the Mail refuses to publish:

The Princess of Wales has been pictured for the first time since undergoing abdominal surgery in January – after an American website published photos of her being driven by her mother near Windsor today. The pictures were published by US gossip website TMZ but not in the UK after Kensington Palace appealed for her to be able to recuperate in private.

Kate was pictured wearing sunglasses in the passenger seat of a 4×4 Audi, which her mother Carole Middleton was driving near Windsor Castle. The photos were taken shortly before 9am, suggesting the mother and daughter were returning from the school run.

[Kensington Palace’s clear statements] failed to stop social media and overseas websites – from the New York Times to Vogue – speculating wildly about the princess’s whereabouts and what may have happened to her. The hashtag #whereiskatemiddleton has been trending daily. Even the BBC website tackled the issue, highlighting the outlandish speculation under the title: ‘Royal dilemma as public curiosity over Kate’s health grows’. Some of it has been farcical: such as the internet rumour she is recuperating from a ‘Brazilian bum lift’ or in a coma, a theory sparked by a journalist on Spanish television. Other trolls and conspiracy theorists have used her absence and the lawlessness of social media to spread deeply sinister and highly libellous claims.

Kensington Palace did not comment tonight but sources stressed these were paparazzi pictures that were not authorised by the palace.

Kate is currently under the careful watch of royal doctors and is benefiting from the London Clinic’s aftercare, with dedicated physiotherapists on hand with a personalised plan and a video check-up at home with a nurse specialist on offer. NHS advice about recovering from abdominal surgery says that, after a major operation with a large incision, it takes two to three months to be able to move around comfortably.

[From The Daily Mail]

So, a few things – if Kate and Carole were doing the school run, where was William? Isn’t that the whole reason why William has been largely MIA for months, that he needed to care for Kate and do the school run? Now it looks like Carole has to roll Kate out of her sick bed so they can both take the kids to school while William is hiding out at some undisclosed location (he had zero events on Monday as well). “Kensington Palace did not comment tonight but sources stressed these were paparazzi pictures that were not authorised by the palace.” Two options: KP is lying or KP is telling the truth and the photos were a Middleton operation. As for all of the bitching about the “sinister” conspiracies spreading on social media… place the blame firmly with the clownshow at Kensington Palace, they’re the ones who bungled this whole thing from a communications standpoint.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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  1. 2legit2quit says:

    Not authorized by the palace = mom and dad are fighting

    • ML says:

      Or people commented negatively about Camzilla scrapering off on a private jet to India after a measly 13 engagements and her cancerous husband tired her out and someone needed to be sacrificed for headlines.

    • Chloe says:

      But isn’t the whole point of the paparazzi to get photo’s that aren’t authorized? The whole premise of paps is catching celebrities in private moments. So when they say unauthorized do they means that other pap pics we’ve seen before were authorized? Including those with the kids?

      • Becks1 says:

        Interesting isn’t it Chloe?? If these pictures were unauthorized so the RRs aren’t sharing them 0 what about the pictures of Kate the day of the Queen’s death, in pearls and sunglasses driving around Windsor? Or pictures of the kids getting ice cream, or eating lunch at a pub?

      • ML says:

        To parrot Becks1, this is an excellent point, Chloe! Yes, unauthorized usually means exactly that.

        I’m still curious as to whom these pics are and clearly are not authorized. I think BP might have had a hand in this, because of Andrew and Camilla facing negativity. KP probably didn’t want them.

      • AlpineWitch says:

        They’re full of BS, it means they were threatened with no more leaks from the royal side if they were published.

        Clearly many photos are unauthorised (all paparazzi photos are, as you say!) and they are trying to distract people from the fact papers have been threatened with ‘no future access’ to Royal ‘approved’ gossip.

      • Jais says:

        So yeah that means certain photos were authorized. There should be a list.

        Kate at the train station when Meghan arrived on the scene.
        Kate book shopping after the glam Sussexes in the rain pic.
        Kate at the Sarah Everard protest!!!!
        Kate in sun glasses “doing the school run” with no security detail on the day of the queens death.
        The flybe pics.
        Family photos of all the kids eating burgers outside(although those did get taken down days later after all the happy family stories had already been written)
        So yeah that’s just a start of what must then be authorized pics.

      • Monica says:

        Looks like Pippa.

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        Unauthorized means the Palaces CENSOR what info the public can see at the behest of the Royal Family. Therefore, the public CAN see unauthorized pictures of Baby Archie and Lilibet and H and M, but they cannot see KM in a car with her mom.

      • Claire says:

        I agree that it’s weird that the palace would go out of it’s way to say that the pap pics weren’t authorized, but maybe only because so many are claiming that the palace arranged these photos? Still, it goes against the never explain motto to actually make a statement that these pics weren’t authorized

      • BeanieBean says:

        Wow, these dummies. They just don’t understand what they’ve done here, claiming the photo was ‘unauthorized’ & therefore unpublishable. 🙄

      • sparrow says:

        Jais. I remember the train station photo- I knew there’d never be anything but jealousy from then on. And yes the photo of Kate outside a bookshop in a turquoise coat the morning after M’s blue dress and umbrella photo. It really is so sad, because Meghan would be a great and supportive sister in law, esp now.

      • Jais says:

        @sparrow, I wasn’t even a royal observer back then and I’ve just heard of that train pic through comments here. That’s effing sad that you knew from that early on I honestly hoped it was the media making it into some kind of girl’s cat fight. Flybe was when I said oh hell no and have been paying attention ever since. Thanks for that obvious of most obvious of moves, Simon Case, original boy wonder of KP🙄

      • sparrow says:

        Jais. The reason the photo of Kate at the train station was just like an omen to me was – I had seen a picture of Meghan a few weeks before. Like you, I didn’t pay any attention to W&K once their wedding was over – I wasn’t even aware of the lazy drama that went on for years apparently. I came to celebitchy for American gossip re Madmen and fashion, and just American things in general, and ignored the royal stuff. But a few weeks before the train photo I had seen a picture of Meghan somewhere else and and thought wow she’s beautiful and wow she’s American, meaning modern and fresh to me. And then I just thought there is no way in hell Kate and her mother will make this woman welcome. And ta dah, Meghan does her first event and they release a photo of Kate at a train station in the most bog standard outfit ever, literally standing on a platform or walking up some steps. There was no reason to do it other than jealousy and fear of being overlooked. I immediately thought, here we go. And it really did go. I’m not sure Kate Middleton could ever have had a proper relationship with any royal sister in law, but knew immediately it wasn’t going to happen with someone as special as Meghan.

    • Lulu says:

      I think this was KP digging out t of the whole without admitting they created the whole. They arranged the pics then claimed they didn’t authorize them.

      • Tara says:

        I am still not convinced it is her. Lets assume its not and the fake will come out – then I would like to have distanced myself from prior authorizing the pictures.

        Also, this could explain why Carole needed to approach TMZ – when all reporters in UK know a different truth.

    • Wasn’t authorized by the palace but was authorized by Carol. I agree that Can’t and Peg are fighting.

      • WHAT says:

        This is the reason why

        Uncle can’t keep his 👄 shut and he let the 😺 out of the bag on big brother

        That’s why he was read the riot act and she had to come out

        She’s not anywhere near the Windsor estates so where is she and I can’t find the other article 😡 where it’s saying she’s receiving visits from her kids. Could this have been mental

      • Elvira says:

        Yes, it could be mental health or recovery treatment in an unknown location. That’s what I think it is. I don’t believe the abdominal surgery story but believe that is what everyone has been told including the royal family. I don’t think anyone knows the truth except for her husband and parents and maybe siblings.

    • Christine says:

      The British media and KP really are proving all of Harry and Meghan’s points.

  2. The Hench says:

    Well, I thought this was a Middleton pap set up and this seems to confirm it.

    Two other things – I know Windsor well – this looks like it could have been taken in the Park, parts of which are private – hence why no security with them. Also there’s room for cars to be in front and behind them but outside the crop of this pic.

    Second – it’s a set up because the car isn’t moving and it’s not at a junction. You can clearly see the tread on the tyres and the spokes of the alloys.

    What does this indicate? Wills and Kate are not working together.

    • Becks1 says:

      I was wondering if it was inside a private area of the Park – but then how did the photographer get there? I guess it makes sense if the Middletons invited them, right?

      • The Hench says:

        Yes, that’s my theory – the Middletons invited them. If it is in a private area of the Park then they had to have been invited in.

        I have spent way too long studying the bigger photo trying to see if I could work out the location – there does look to be the reflection of a small, stone bridge in Kate’s car door but that doesn’t help me if it’s a private part of the park – lol.

      • EasternViolet says:

        Maybe someone in the car, jumped out, took a pic with their phone and sent it along to Backgrid. If there was a long lens, wouldn’t there be a whole series of photos?

      • The Hench says:

        I assume there are a string of photos – photographers always fire off multiple shots – but they would also be charging £££ for each shot to be used. TMZ probably didn’t see the need to pay for more shots of the car – what else would they be getting for the money? This one shot did the trick.

      • Harper says:

        I would think TMZ would pay for at least two or three shots just because each different angle of Kate would add more information as to what might be physically wrong with her and double or triple the clicks on the site. I think there was only one photoshopped photo offered because CarolE and Kate wanted to show proof of life but not show too much. This is the Kate and CarolE show that we have been missing, so it is good to see some sense of normalcy returning.

    • WHAT says:

      All of a sudden Kate will be at trooping the color

      Not authorized but Rebecca English can do an article stating it’s good to see her

      Not authorized but all of a sudden wills doing events later this week

      Something wasn’t supposed to be and now Will is scrambling

    • SussexWatcher says:

      Hench – your last sentence sums it up for me. The divorce is coming and we’re already starting to see the two competing offices.

      We have Pegs’s Middle East wannabe-a-statesman statement signed only by him. Then we have the comment that came from Keen’s rep. And now we have this photo which KP was swift to denounce but is clearly a set up that came from inside a royal property.

    • Lady Esther says:

      I agree – when I saw this plus the announcement of Kate at Trooping, my first thought was “player has re-entered the game.” My second thought was the settlement must be nearly done and dusted and they’re pulling an Albert & Charlene. Major Royal events only, preferably with the kids, for Kate from now on and in exchange, she semi-retires “for her health” but keeps all the perks, maybe a big reno of Bucklebury Mansion?

      and William just does less and keeps shagging everything that moves while playing “global statesman” whenever Harry and Meghan do something. So, business as usual

    • Elvira says:

      There is one image only because it is heavily photoshopped. Badly, but heavily. Very amateurish job. It may have been taken by Kate. She is a photographer. They may have simply set a tripod on the ground. Whoever took it is not proficient in photoshop.
      It’s her location that has been photoshopped. The car and it’s surroundings.

      • Erin says:

        Yep those sunglasses don’t even look real to me, especially on right side of her face.

    • Lau says:

      It’s for sure a Middleton plot but I don’t think they realize how badly this might backfire because now everybody will question William’s laziness even more.

    • Jaded says:

      @The Hench — that’s the first thing I noticed too, the car isn’t moving. If that isn’t a dead giveaway that this is a photoshop job I’ll eat my socks. This is Carole’s shot across the bow at William. The look on her face isn’t one she’d have on a morning school run, she looks PISSED. I also noticed that she’s not wearing sunglasses even though the sun is directly on her face — she wanted the expression on her face to be shown clearly. William caused this whole disaster and this photo proves it.

    • Donna says:

      Glad that other people have noted too that it looks very like the car isn’t moving and it’s stopped. Also noting previous commenters on other threads that this is Carole with Kate and not Billy with her – very clear message that the Middletons are looking after her. Agree this was a Middletons move – staged shot (no seatbelt, among other things). Yes, if Kate wasn’t driving she’d be in the backseat. Not convinced it’s Windsor – it could be anywhere – we could be told it’s anywhere. It seems like several things could be true at the same time about what happened in December/January – including a combination of events. Still can’t help rechecking photos of Princess Margaret after her strokes – one with Billy looking at her. It’s Kate – really do think so – the close up on the eyes gave it away. But the face is somehow blank and just – off. Don’t even think Kate had the ability to be involved in organising this. This doesn’t look like a woman who is at all well, and a mother who knows she has to do this but is furious that she has to. My take: an ambulance was just out of shot ready to take Kate back to wherever she’s being looked after.

  3. sevenblue says:

    “Other trolls and conspiracy theorists have used her absence and the lawlessness of social media to spread deeply sinister and highly libellous claims.”

    lol. DM sounds like the spiderman pointing at other spiderman.

    I also believe that this was Middleton operation because it is so apparent how dumb the PR arm of KP is. They let conspiracies about the FQ fester for too long, so Middletons decided to get the job done. If they used british paps, the palace would stop them from publishing this, but they don’t have any power outside UK, so they chose American paps to send the message out there.

    • Shawna says:

      That 100% explains why it was TMZ.

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      Agree. Weirdly, the way the British tabloids move the goal posts seems to work on the royalist public because I was hearing “British news never buy pap unauthorized pap shots” said with a straight face.

      Do these people never ask themselves, then why were their drones flying over Harry and Meghan’s home in Canada and Tyler Perry’s home?

      • Christine says:

        They don’t, they fully believe Meghan has called Blackgrid each and every time she has been papped. Don’t bother trying to talk them off that particular hill, it is a lost cause.

  4. Chantale says:

    I wonder if Kate hiding is more about divorce/separation than sickness. Bully Boy seems to be going wild behind the scene. Maybe she caught him in the act with people and it could be either sex and that sent her into a tailspin.

  5. SNew says:

    Can anyone tell me why the car looks like it has five tires?? (In TMZ’s full picture)

    • Chloe says:

      It’s a tree in the background, not a 5th tire.

      • Agnes says:

        It is a tire. Take a closer look.

      • Elvira says:

        It’s actually not an ACTUAL tire. The car and it’s surroundings were heavily photoshopped. It was clone stamped, therefore looks like a tire. Whoever photoshopped it did a very poor job.
        When you clone stamp you basically take an image of what is in the image and move it into another location in the image to mask or cover what is actually there. It is time consuming and tedious and someone forgot to fully clean up / edit this image.

      • equality says:

        @Elvira I wonder if the extra tire is because they cut out the car shot from another location and pasted it in a new one. Wouldn’t be clone stamped would just be where they accidentally got part of another car that was originally behind them.

      • Elvira says:

        Respectfully, @equality this is clone stamping. The intent was to conceal the location of the car. It is not in motion. They could have taken it from their garage. I assume more than one photoshop tool was used here.

      • Underhill says:

        and, as has been pointed out here already, there is a no smoking sticker on that car. It looks to be a rental? I do think they photoshopped it, it’s got that Uncanny valley feel…disguised the location, and perhaps trying to make Pippa look a bit more like Kate? Why do that, Ma Midd? Curioser and Curioser. We may never know.

      • BeanieBean says:

        There’s an additional tire & a half, suggesting AI had a hand in this. Probably an extra hand somewhere, too. 😉

      • Jaded says:

        It’s a tire, it has the exact same highlights as the other tires.

      • Nerd says:

        Chloe it isn’t a tree because if it were a tree there would be branches in the rear window. If you zoom in it looks exactly like the inside of other two tires that are on the same side.

    • Mslove says:

      It reminds me of the Wail’s wonky
      Christmas pic with the extra feet.

    • Elvira says:

      It is NOT a tree. It is from something called clone stamping in photoshop. I am 100 percent sure. I wish I could demonstrate.

      • Chloe says:

        Elvira, I believe you, but why would they clone stamp extra tires if they’re trying to make a believable pap shot? What would the point be?

      • Elvira says:

        @Chloe. I think it was a mistake. The image likely required a lot of clean up, and someone simply forgot that part. I say this because I have done it so many times, and this is a common mistake. It is cleaned up in other places too, and the editor did a decent job. As far as I can see, the extra tires are the only egregious mistake.

      • Cee says:

        Remember Louis’ extra finger? Yeah, they used the same clown photoshop service.

    • NG_76 says:

      It’s a tree NOT a tire

      • Jaded says:

        It is NOT a tree. Look closely at the two highlights, they are exactly the same as the light reflecting off the other tires. Trees aren’t reflective.

    • Someone_Hears_a_Who says:

      There are actually at least two extra tires.

      • Elvira says:

        When you use clone stamping in photoshop, this is what it looks like. That is not a tree.

    • sammi says:

      I wonder if it’s AI enhanced as the grills on the front don’t match and that is the kind of giveaway of AI being asked to pull up an image of this car. Also, why is the hood wet and not the rest of the car?

  6. Talie says:

    The British press are definitely not happy that the American press just got the one-up on them. Ideally, they would’ve preferred a stage managed photo and exclusive story fed to them that they could then feed out to to the public. This blows that up. Kensington Palace is really testing the patience of these publications which hold so much power over them.

    • JT says:

      That’s what the BM gets for doing the royal’s dirty work. They were outdone by an American publication because they were too busy covering up for the Wales. Now the British tabloids look like idiots for getting scooped by TMZ of all places.

    • Amy Bee says:

      Yeah behind the scenes the British press has to be pissed off about that photo.

      • Jenny says:

        So taking this a step farther—the BM was already cranky and making vague threats pulling the Wails chain. Then the Middleton camp doubles down on tweaking them by giving TMZ the scoop on Kate pics. Are the Midds trying to provoke the 🐀 into revealing something?

    • EasternViolet says:

      I interpreted this as the Rota helping TMZ authenticate the picture (as an actual image of kate) … as theories are wild online about how its not Kate – ie Pippa, a photoshop hack or a double.

    • Jais says:

      Well, it’s interesting bc TMZ just bought the pic and said somewhere in Windsor. It was Becky English who added the detail that it was suggested they’re returning from the school run. English didn’t have to add that detail and blow up William’s spot like that. Especially, as English has been sycophantically reporting about seeing William at the London Clinic. That suggestion that it was a school run might have been a dig or a warning from English to William bc the BM is getting angry. It’s a big question. “Why aren’t you doing the school runs as you told us you were?” William had no event yesterday and no reason not to. Why is his sick wife doing it?

      • Shawna says:

        Ooh William, you don’t want to make Becky mad!

      • Mslove says:

        At the end of the day, Becky English and her minions have to do what the Wails say or they won’t have access anymore.

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        English wants us to believe that Kate would have her mom drive her to do the school runs while she’s supposedly too sick to write a thank you note or sign her name to a KP statement. Lol.

        Becky is always spinning fairytales about what perfect parents these two are, when it’s obvious to anyone with eyes that they are both self absorbed and petty, and we’ve been told have regular rows involving throwing things at one another. Not exactly ideal home life.

      • Jais says:

        Sure, and they do. But English saying it was probably the school run comes across as a direct hit. There isn’t actually a reason to think it was the school run. They’re supposedly driving a car the through Windsor. It could be for anything. But saying it’s a school run is spotlighting that William was not doin my the school run. It wasn’t necessary for Becky to say that. She’s poking the bear while also doing it’s bidding.

  7. Roo says:

    Or KP knows damn well that ain’t Kate and they want no part of it.

    I am intrigued by the theory that they took Pippa’s face and photoshopped Kate’s eyes and mouth onto it.

    • Interested Gawkee says:

      I suspect that’s what it is. She ‘looks’ like ‘Kate’ next to her mother but in a joke version where MaMids face at the wheel was replaced by Pete Davidson suddenly small aspects start to look Pippaesque…

    • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

      I tried an ai app where it created my face with a background I chose, it looked like me but with something off, and that pic looks like something that ai would generate. Her mole is missing. Im sure if we’d analyze what’s on the reflection of her sunglasses, we’d find out that it off with where they’re at. I doubt mom and kate are doing school runs. Mom is with kate and kate is hiding/hidden

      • seaflower says:

        Her nostrils and the cartilage under her nose are wonky too.

      • Debbie says:

        HOW in the hell are you guys able to locate missing moles on such a grainy and shadowed image in a photograph?

    • sevenblue says:

      I don’t understand what would be the point of faking a pic. She has to come out to the outside in a few months in the end. So, what? She is in a coma, they got a double to pretend she is alright? That doesn’t make any sense, does it? The simplest answer is her face is puffy or not in good shape for a normal pic, so they got a grainy pic to hide it.

      • Interested Gawker says:

        I think the uncle going on that reality show forced somebody’s hand. The clowning on SM too, but it’s come off as sinister because that begs the question why no missives to the public or KP SM accounts have been released in Kate’s name all this time. And the picture isn’t clear or pounced upon by UK papers, they are treating it like Kryptonite or vampires cringing away from garlic instead. And now William ISN’T doing the school runs, even as he’s taken another week off???

        We may never know the true story about all this but I’m sure it’s a doozy…

      • Elvira says:

        Exactly @sevenblue. Common sense.

    • Carmen says:

      There are some great pictures on Twitter that show why that photo isn’t Kate. The nose, the mouth, and the hairline are all wrong. But they are dead right for Pippa. That’s Pippa in that photo.

    • Underhill says:

      I know I am supposed to believe that’s her, in penance for believing that she was on life support somewhere. But I am struggling to imagine kates face, puffed up with steroids, equalling that face. maybe it is, but…also: they had a pic of Pippa on twitter, at the same angle, wearing the same jacket (looks like) and similar glasses. Yeah, it could be her, with a little puff and fuzz over her.

      • Jenny says:

        My first reaction when I saw the picture yesterday was “But that’s Pippa!” The nose shape is all wrong for Kate. Being a generous soul, I thought perhaps some over-eager pap had confused the two, but given how clearly set up this is, it makes no sense.

      • MinorityReport says:

        I keep coming back to…we’ve seen pregnant Kate with a fuller/puffier face while pregnant. It’s not like we don’t know what she looks like when she’s carrying some water weight. The person in the close ups looks like Uncanny Valley Aryan Princess Barbie.

  8. Eloise says:

    Well they just gave away that whatever her procedure was, it left a large surgery wound on her abdomen. If it were planned as they said, it most likely would have been done laparoscopically.

    • Jan says:

      It depends on what type of abdominal surgery you’re getting.

    • Dss says:

      The largest abdominal incision I can think of is a Mercedes incision used for liver transplant surgery. Although a large midline incision for a total colectomy. She may have developed a secondary fistula and those take forever to heal.

    • Jaded says:

      If she had a bowel resectioning she’d have open surgery with an incision starting just above the belly button to just above the pubic bone. I’m having this done in a few weeks.

    • Mary Eleanor Kidd says:

      Depends. I had to have a benign tumor removed from my duodenum two years ago, and then what was left of my upper colon had to be reattached to my liver, pancreas and stomach. I have a scar that runs from just below my breastbone to just below my navel. I had two JP drains after the surgery, one to drain the liver and the other the pancreas. I had complications post-surgery that sent me back to the hospital twice and extended my predicted recovery time from 2-3 months to 4-6 months. Two-thirds of the population have the same issues I had after the type of surgery I underwent. That Kate sailed through abdominal surgery as well as she did is somewhat surprising, if surgery is why she was hospitalized in the first place.

  9. Rapunzel says:

    Amateur hour. Someone (Kate?) got tired of William stomping his feet and having a tantrum over privacy. But they have to pretend that’s not the case.

  10. Eleonor says:

    The more the Palace minimise the more I think whatever she is dealing with is serious.
    William being Mia is the evidence that they are living separate lives.
    Whatever it’s going on it gives me the impression of another Charlene situation.
    I hope we can go back to judging her wiglets and buttons soon.

  11. Brassy Rebel says:

    I don’t get this at all. As in, I cannot figure out if it’s really her, and if it is, why not just embrace it instead of being all squirrelly about it. As I said yesterday, this is multiplying the conspiracy theories, not tamping them down. The MJ tweet says it all.

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      top theories on social are it was Ozzy Osborne or Kaitlan Jenner in the car with Ma. So yeah, this isn’t working out as they hoped.

  12. Liz says:

    In this debacle they’ve merely drawn attention to how little work they do, the clear rift in W&K’s marriage, the sheer ineptitude of their comms team and their lack of manners. A massive own goal

  13. WaterDragon says:

    Middle photo looks like Michael Jackson to me.

  14. Jan says:

    Pippa in a bad wig, pictures from a Murdock business and giving Page six, an exclusive, another Murdock business.
    Why CarolE is not wearing sunglasses, she is driving in sunlight, and the passenger in the same car is in the shade, things that make photoshopped obvious.

    • Jaded says:

      Carole wanted her face exposed because she looks PISSED. That was a deliberate shot across the bow at William. And it’s not Pippa, she’d never get involved in a ridiculous stunt like this and I don’t think she and Kate have much of a relationship these days.

  15. Ana Maria says:

    …The MJ comparison picture🤣

  16. Mia4s says:

    So even from that photo she’s very clearly puffy in the face as opposed to frailer, which means steroids. Completely unsurprising that she’d be taken that sort of medication post a major surgery. But frankly now I wouldn’t put it past them all for this is more about vanity due to the princess looking “heavier”, than this sudden obsession with privacy. This whole institution is such a mess (also: Abolish the Monarchy).

  17. Amy Bee says:

    The British press has a deal with KP that they can only take pictures of the Waleses when they’re on duty. So, that’s the reason why they won’t publish the photos and why they were sold to TMZ. As for the photos being unauthorised, I’m not believing that story. I suspected that a picture would have been released but I thought it would have been an official photo from KP instead of a grainy photo of Kate in the car. KP continues to be bad at PR.

    • The Hench says:

      The British press has a deal with William – and that deal allows off duty photos to be published when Wills wants them published – for example the Flybe stunt and the photos of the family eating burgers in a pub garden.

      What the BM non-use of this photo tells us is that it wasn’t authorised by William. However there are clear signs that it was a pap set up so the conclusion has to be it was authorised by Kate or CarolE – and that they and William are not therefore aligned.

    • JT says:

      Yep, those photos were authorized, just not by KP. I don’t think the palace had any intentions on releasing a photo of Kate, at least going by William’s tantrum in the Daily Beast. More than anyone, it’s William that has been milking Kate’s surgery. He’s the one acting like he’s been incapacitated and can’t work while his precious wife is down. This blows up a lot of narratives that were in play, most importantly, the sainted school run that William wasn’t actually doing. So what the hell has he been doing this whole time?

  18. Chantal1 says:

    “…not published in the UK after KP appealed for her to be able to recuperate in private.” Wow, that was fast. I have questions! Who did KP appeal to that imposed such a huge BM blackout that fast? What did Willy Nilly promise them? Is KP expecting a backlash from these pics so are distancing themselves?

    Michael Jackson : how did I get in this mess? That was funny tho. But seriously, the BM can STFU and STFD about ppl using “the lawlessness of SM to spread deeply sinister and highly libellous claims” when they are either the originators of similar claims about other celebrities (esp Meghan), or they retweet, amplify and/engage with the trolls who make those types of claims about other celebrities, esp the Sussexes.

  19. Lupa says:

    I was one of the tarot reader here said that lilibet wont have christening in uk. Anyways I stayed away from royals for longtime, Kate missing forced me out and read a few question for this shenanigans. Anyways its a long read bare with me.

    1. why carole didnt visit kate ?
    six of wands rev which is shame. She felt shame about the whole thing. Which leads me to question why 9 of pentacles rev which she is not capable of self sufficient (which is addiction or ed).

    2. What leads to this ?
    10 of cup rev and 5 of wands , I think fighting about prince George future is the huge fight and leads to mental breakdown.

    3. how the children and prince George feeling about this?
    5 of swords and 9 of cups, It seems prince George prefer Eton like prince William and he wants to mimic like prince William. Also kids are either brainwashed or believe more of their father side than kate (which is super interesting for me). Kids seems to fed up their fighting.

    4. How the palace feel?
    judgement rev and 7 of cups. They are little bit embarrassed and used this opportunity to move kids away from her. Ace of wand and Ace of pentacles , they feel this is new beginning , they feel they want to mold prince George into true brf puppet which they kind missed with chuck and willy because they feel both are liberals in their mind with their causes and issues.

    I didnt do their marriage at this point. They will stick to miserable end. What I find interesting is that they want to recreate chuck and co with these kids. For them being eco friendly or talking about conversation feel like liberal so they are molding prince George are true heir much like Elizabeth 2 with much better education and world view.

    • Tessa says:

      I think the queen with those teas with William was training him to be like her as a role model. It didn’t work for William he ignored the training apparently

    • Chaine says:

      That’s an interesting take on all of this. I can definitely see George clinging more to William and wanting to go to the same school William did. And the effect of parents fighting, to me George always looks under stress, with the dark circles under his eyes.

      • Surly Gale says:

        the dark circles under George’s eyes could also be an allergy to yeast. My son has them & was diagnosed by an allergist

    • sid says:

      Lupa, your writeup is interesting because someone posted a tweet here previously where the tweeter claimed the reason for Mrs. Wails’s illness involved one of the children. And your other comment about the children believing more of Willileaks’s side strikes a chord mainly because I have been saying for a while now that in public and in photos the children seem to be much more bonded to him than to their mother. Makes you wonder if efforts were made at parental alienation. As always, just an outsider who doesn’t know these people (thank gawd) and just voicing observations on this bizarre circus.

    • poppedbubble says:

      I hope you’ll do additional readings for us.

    • Pearl says:

      Thank you for doing this, it’s an interesting read

  20. Becks1 says:

    The pictures were not authorized by the palace – so Carole called a pap to get the shot. I wonder if it was agreed that they would sell one picture and one picture only.

    LOL at Becky English lamenting the “lawlessness” of social media. the lawlessness is just fine for the RRs when its aimed at Meghan, but they really hate it when its aimed at Kate.

    So my working theory is that Carole and/or Kate were pissed at the speculation and at being told no to any pap photos or the like, they staged this anyway, so when KP tells RRs the pictures weren’t authorized etc KP is not lying, per se. The pictures weren’t authorized by KP.

    • JT says:

      Kate was being blocked from implementing her own PR by KP. William was using her health issues to be even lazier than he already is and she had enough.

      I also think she arranged the pap shot because she wasn’t getting the sympathy she expected. I think it’s pretty clear that they, W&K, tuned into social media and saw that most people weren’t buying what they were selling. They longer her disappearance went on, the more unsympathetic she became, which scared her. She’s used to being the perfect white princess. It’s not fun when the conspiracy theories are turned on you.

      • The Hench says:

        Yes, I think you’re right. Kate has been blocked and K&W are not working together at all. Kate and her family have been shut down by William hence the absence of ANY comms ‘from’ them – no SM messages from the PoW, no embiggening tales of Kate or CarolE that we would normally expect to see etc. All the media that there has been has been from William ABOUT Kate – how he is nursing her, how he can’t work, how he’s doing the school run.

        Looks like Kate and CarolE wanted to rebel – but they had to do it via TMZ because the British Media is under Will’s thumb.

        The question is – WHY has William shut Kate’s comms down??

      • JT says:

        William was trying to disappear Kate and she said absolutely not. For all we know, Kate has has been up and about for months but if William was telling the BM not to publish them and block her PR, it would appear that was missing. Kate just put her hat back in the game. I mentioned before that the real conspiracy was the fact that Kate could be missing and nobody would notice. I think William tried it but it blew up because he’s an idiot.

    • Jay says:

      That’s what seems the strangest to me – why only one photo? If a pap is breaking out the long lens and they know these photos will be exclusive, wouldn’t they take at least 5? 50? 500? Just to get different angles or more detail on Kate. Even if these were somehow taken by a civilian bystander in a private park who hit paydirt, why only one photo? I take more than one photo for any groupshot these days, lol.

      • Elvira says:

        Because it is photoshopped. The location of the car has been concealed with photoshopped. Kate and her mom were not photoshopped but the car and it’s surroundings have been. Photoshopping takes a bit of time. Whoever did this did a rush job, hence the multiple tires.

      • JT says:

        @Hench it’s a preview of what’s to come. If W&K ever end up divorcing, William will have the British media on lockdown and Kate will have to run here to America to get her talking points out there. It’s kind of funny because all of the bitching the royals did about Meg being American, really seemed to be about her connections to the American media. Now Kate is having to turn to that very same media to get her PR out.

  21. Emily says:

    That was a photo of Pippa. Or Kate is extremely puffy — under the sunglasses looked like black eyes.

    • Elvira says:

      It only looks like black eyes in the image that was altered in an attempt to remove noise and sharpen. That is what happens when you remove noise and sharpen. Darks become very dark. I would discount that image that is on Twitter.

    • Debbie says:

      These reviews must be doing wonders for Pippa’s ego, especially with people speculating that the grainy picture is not really Kate, or it’s Kate looking puffy and sickly because she’s recovering from illness, or under the effects of steroids or other drugs — either that or it’s Pippa. Damn, if that was me and I wasn’t involved in posing for any pictures for Kate, I’d be wondering how I’d got into this mess.

  22. GMH says:

    The second pix is of Michael Jackson in aviators. Is it a joke?

  23. TheOriginalMia says:

    Amateur hour indeed. This pic was authorized by Kate and her family. Still doesn’t look like her but let’s go with massive amounts of steroids and bloating. It don’t have to come to this. We
    could have gotten a proof of life photo weeks ago, but no…super PR genius William gotta keep Kate hidden so all eyes are on him. No wonder Camilla is smug and amused.

  24. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    “out of respect for HER privacy”
    “appealed for HER to be able to recuperate in private”
    Boy ain’t THAT some sh*t right there. 🙄

    • Becks1 says:

      But notice they just say the line about “until the expected recovery enddate” or whatever – so after Easter will it be a free for all?

    • MoBiMom says:

      Yup…. we see you Willy Boy!

    • Jais says:

      “Boy ain’t THAT some sh*t right there.” Yeah, it is @merlin’s mom. The treatment of Kate in contrast to Meghan is eye-watering. It actually makes me a little sick. They could have protected Meghan. The outrage over SM abuse and pap pics. The whole BM has heaped that on Meghan for years and yet they’re surprised when Kate does not get sympathy. They’ve been teaching the public what’s acceptable for years now. Face eating leopards.

    • BeanieBean says:

      It is really disturbing that Kate can’t speak for herself. She never has & the press lauded her for being ‘quiet’, or more specifically, ‘silent’. That’s terrible! She never really developed her own team, with loyalty to her, and now she’s seeing the disadvantages. She can be disappeared and nobody would know. Or care. William controls the message, the purse strings, everything.

  25. Jay says:

    How would you feel if you were the rota in this situation? You’ve dutifully reported and amplified the palace’s frustratingly sparse talking points, you have minimized Kate’s absence due to “privacy” (which you mocked the Sussexes for) and pretended that William is totally fine, really.

    And what does KP give you in return? No exclusive interviews, no photos of the children, terse replies like “We already gave a timeline!” and then when Ma Middleton finally drops a crumb to the paps, KP bans you from publishing it! Becky English (the head of the rota!) is reduced to minutely describing the photo in her column but pretending that she doesn’t really want to print them. Lie!

    Personally, I’d start thinking about whether this invisible contract works for me anymore.

    • Midnight@theOasis says:

      I agree with JT’s theory above that Kate & CarolE took matters into their own hands because they were being blocked by “PR genius” William. The Rota rats should be very concerned because William is showing them who he really is and how things will be done once he’s king. The Rota’s entire livelihood is at stake. The entire Royal reporting industry that’s been set up with the British media and Rota is going to take a direct hit. They won’t be able to sustain the business model based on the crumbs William will feed them.

      • JT says:

        @Midnight Exactly. William is showing them that all of the covering up that the Rota does for him is for nothing. In the end, the American media got the scoop and they didn’t have to carry water for KP, they didn’t need access to the RF, and they didn’t need a royal expert. They simply got the shot and published it.
        Kate was tired of being made a mockery and tired of being benched. So she did what she’s been known to do, stage a pap shot. She probably would have been more than willing to post well wishes like Charles did, but William was trying to control her.

    • Christine says:

      You really nailed it, and I can’t imagine any rota “reporter” would consider themselves bound to the invisible contract at this point. All of 2024 has been proof of exactly what the royal family is going to look like with Chuck gone, and it will benefit none of them to protect Willnot.

  26. Nanea says:

    These amateurs. Not only at KP, but also in the Middletonedeaf clan.

    So they’re able to do an “unauthorized” pap shoot – with the pap clearly told who, when, where ahead of the time.

    But they couldn’t have produced some kind of proof of life anytime before this, thanking the hospital personnel for their taking care and the fans for their well-wishes?

    I mean, no one – not even Pippa/James, James/Alizée, much less Men in Grey and gold-plated advisers – able to tell them to do something before all those Where’s Kate tweets and articles got published and people went overboard with conspiracy theories?

  27. Olivia says:

    First and foremost, the image has had some photoshopping. There’s literally 5 wheels showing on Carol’s side of the car. Yes, it could be a parked car! But there’s no sign of it the photo. So something’s been removed!

    Also important is that although Kate’s side of the car is low light / in a shadow, the outside of the door has a bright reflection of what appears to be a stone bridge??? Perhaps someone with knowledge of Windsor or Berkshire can identify that ‘bridge’, and confirm they really are where they say they are.

  28. aquarius64 says:

    The pap shot is Middleton authorized. If this is from a school run where are the kids? The pre and post surgery shots where Kate looks different is fueling the conspiracy theories. This has blown up in Kate’s face, no pun intended.

    • sparrow says:

      That made me smile, no pun intended or otherwise. Can you help me (or someone else on here). Wasn’t there a photo of her leaving the hospital? It was officially released. To me it looked like a bunch of twigs and a fruit basket bunched up on the front passenger seat, like the stuff you get in a hotel and put there by the driver. Was that really her? I didn’t get involved in that thread because I was Kate maxed out by then.

      • Jaded says:

        Hi Sparrow — there was a photo of her PA driving a car from the hospital with some sort of weird, twiggy plant arrangement in the passenger seat. No sign of Kate in the car unless she was lying down in the back seat covered by a black blanket.

    • sparrow says:

      Thanks, Jaded – I thought it was meant to be Kate hiding behind a dried out flower arrangement! I couldn’t see it and just left the whole thing to others.

  29. sparrow says:

    It was arranged and it’s stupidly caused more nonsense than if they’d just done a William to camera thanks on his wife’s behalf. by the way Thank you Kaiser for the portfolio of Kate photos at the top – it includes one of my near favourites, which is Foodbank Kate about to check out a carton of longlife milk upside down.

  30. Agnes says:

    You can see the Swiss Alps reflected on the passenger door and why are there five tires? (No, it’s not. a tree trunk.) Why are they stopped? Also the back windshield is photoshopped to just show “leaves.” It may be Kate, but I doubt she’s in Windsor, and it could easily be Pippa.

    • Interested Gawker says:

      Wow! That’s some good sleuthing!

    • Underhill says:

      I agree. That photo is uncanny valley. I don’t credit anything anymore. If that was all about a face lift, they deserve the disgust they will recieve. If all this squirrelly behavior is because of a pending divorce, they need to just get over and through it. They are doing themselves harm every day they ineptly bungle their publicity. If it was about a serious abdominal surgery, they needed to do just a tiny bit more to head all this off, but they didn’t do it. And this picture is supposed to reassure, provide “proof of life”? It does feel a bit like “Weekend at Bernie’s”
      Would they be capable of trying to sell us Pippa as Kate? I dunno, maybe.

  31. Viaka says:

    I want to know why they’re in a rental car. That “no smoking” sticker in the windshield is a dead giveaway

    • Agnes says:

      Because they’re in Switzerland. It was shopped to look like Windsor.

      • Elvira says:

        Right. The location is what is being concealed.

      • Harper says:

        @Viaka great catch with the no smoking decal! Those are the kinds of minute details that give the game away.

        As for concealing location, I think you are right. There is some obvious photoshop blurring layered in the center of the photo to muddy the rearview scenery. It looks like it could be taken as a tree branch, except the blur also covers Kate’s hair, so it’s layered on top of the photo.

      • Sarah says:

        But the Swiss drive on the right side of the road?

      • equality says:

        With all the photoshopping the picture could have been flipped. Most think the car is actually parked anyway.

      • Shawna says:


    • Lady Esther says:

      Great catch! And, why is the car an Audi? Does Kate no longer have access to the Royal fleet of Range Rovers (the photo of Kate driving around Windsor with the jewelry and sunglasses was in a Range Rover IIRC). Or is it Carole’s car?

      • Becks1 says:

        Some of the royals have Audis, I’ think we’ve seen Kate in one before. and william rolled up to the London Clinic in a new hospital.

        I can’t see the Alps on the car that others are saying, but I do see the no smoking sticker. What on earth…..

      • Cairidh says:

        During the waiting years, Kate was criticised for buying herself a cut price Audi, given to her in a special deal because of her royal connections.

      • Jan90067 says:

        Don’t forget Billy Idle showing up for that ONE 15 min “visit” in the most expensive electric sports Audi. Must be a new “arrangement” with Audi for the family.

    • equality says:

      That’s probably why the plate is obscured also. So you can’t tell rental or location. This photo is just going to contribute to more theories, not end them.

  32. Shawna says:

    A different theory popped into my head: Carole and Kate really have been insisting on hiding Kate (reason doesn’t matter), but Uncle Gary compromised them. This is William demanding payback for the uncle’s thirst: “no, Kate, you have to be seen now.” But William can’t peeve off the British press so does this secretly in the US press in an unreliable outlet so he has plausible deniability. Or he orders Carole to figure it out herself. The other theories are probably better, but it would explain why they didn’t get a pap shot out earlier, when the Kate story first blew up. And it would explain why Carole looks so angry.

    Regardless of whether it really is Kate, the fact that Carole delivered a photo is itself interesting.

    • Jais says:

      So I lean towards Kate and her mom doing this on their own without KP or William’s permission. But it’s possible, William decided they did need a photo of Kate out there to quell the rumors but didn’t want to lose face after he’d told everyone there would be no new updates and the DM can’t tel him what to do. So he arranges this for the US publications while pretending he didn’t authorize it. Idk it’s possible. But he seemed so stubborn about his timeline that it feels more like the Middletons doing it on their own. But if that’s truly the case, watch this space. How will William react to that?

  33. KT says:

    I am not sure why people are finding it so hard to believe that this pic is truly unauthorised. A pap with an ultra-long lens hanging out on the route to/from school from their house could have taken this without needing to be called – after all this has been a huge story so there’s got to be insane demand for pictures like this. They would not need an incentive!!

    And the British Press really are not going to print it because they have pinky-promised to give Kate privacy – but they will as secure as hell publish stories about it. They still want the clicks.

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and KP are just incompetent. There’s no need to come up with elaborate conspiracy theories.

    • equality says:

      Then explain why the pap made the photo grainy. The graininess was added in, it wasn’t how it was shot.

      • Elvira says:

        How do you know it was added in? I can’t tell if it was or it wasn’t. The image may also be very heavily cropped which is what I suspect and will also produce grain. Many things produce grain. I doubt this was taken by a real paparazzi.

      • Becks1 says:

        We dont really know anything about this picture, photoshop speculation aside. Everyone is just guessing.

      • equality says:

        If the graininess was in the actual shot the people who cleaned it up wouldn’t have gotten such clear results. Bouzy apparently had an expert look at it to determine and clean it up.

      • KT says:

        The photo is grainy because it’s an ultra-long lens photo of a moving object with changing light conditions.
        All of those things will naturally limit the quality of the photo. It’s the best the pap could get, because it is genuinely unauthorised and not set up.

        🙄 Occam’s razor, folks.

      • sparrow says:

        Elvira – I’m finding your posts fascinating today. You say you don’t think they’re taken by a professional. How do you know ?Thanks in advance.

      • Elvira says:

        Thanks @sparrow. I don’t know if it was taken by a paparazzi or not. I highly doubt it, however. The vantage point makes me think tripod. It is taken from below. That isn’t very likely from a photographer, but could be.
        The grass in the foreground, if it is real and not shopped into the image, that says tripod to me.
        If they essentially took it themselves using a tripod, then why? Presumably to hide their location. There may or may not be a reason to hide their location. Maybe they are home, maybe they aren’t.
        I just don’t think if she is in the south of France or something, that they would contact TMZ and tell them that and have then send a photographer. I think if she is somewhere other than Windsor, then only a few people know that and they are her immediate family.

      • sparrow says:

        Thanks for getting back, Elvira. The more you say, the weirder it gets!

    • Interested Gawker says:

      Because it’s a god awful and grainy joke of a photo! We saw the diamond and pearl earrings on Kate’s ears in 4K after QEII died, that was a car pic too! Why should any self respecting pap in the twenty-first century sign off on ONE image looking that janky and be satisfied? And all the sudden the rapacious BM found religion and won’t run this picture?! That’s not a conspiracy theory, that’s them playing in our faces!

    • Catnip says:

      Weird that if it’s paps gone wild, why we haven’t seen more “unauthorized” and better photos? As for “conspiracy theories”, you can thank KP for them. They are often behind BS or they set up the Petri dish to grow them.

      The problem lies with the palace comms and the ratty rota. They’ve been spinning so much crap and get all huffy puffy when their lies are exposed or make no sense or aren’t believed.

      Whether it’s Kate or not, authorized or not, it’s clear the Brits are using the American press to spin and to hide the truth. Things are getting very uncomfortable for them. The fact that the Brits had to go to a low rent publication like TMZ to do it is a BIG tell. On top, they sent out Becky to be coy and drop breadcrumbs and be all sanctimonious (after all, what can you expect from those low brow Americans?). As if the KP and the rats had no clue to this.

      It’s desperation time here. And if there’s a conspiracy here, it’s of Kate and Willy’s KP (together or independently) and the ratty rota’s making.

      Desperate. Desperate. Desperate.

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      But other professional photos of Kate driving were posted and they were all clear as day, so they were also moving target, taken from a distance, etc.

      The grain doesn’t make sense unless it was taken by an amateur on a phone.

      • Elvira says:

        Well, you can add grain to an image in post production. I don’t think that happened here, however.
        I think the iso setting was a bit too low, and whoever edited the image, used the shadows tool to lift the inevitable shadow on the shady side of the image. It also looks like it may have been very cropped to me. That will create this grain as well. So many things can create grain. It could be a result of a few different things.

        Most likely is that the original image was taken from a good distance. Someone then crops it heavily, and drops the car into another location via photoshop. They then clean it up and forget to go back and remove the extra tires.

    • Interested Gawker says:

      “The photo is grainy because it’s an ultra-long lens photo of a moving object with changing light conditions”

      Look at the wheels. The car is stationary in this shot, the tread is visible.


      “the fact that the Brits had to go to a low rent publication like TMZ to do it is a BIG tell”

      Louder for the people in the back!
      Basic things around the release of this photo and the image itself are not adding up.

    • Jais says:

      It’s the timing to me. Are we to believe they couldn’t get a random pap pic at any time in the last 70 days? And yet they happen to get one right after all the SM attention asking where is Kate. It feels obvious that this weird pic is an answer to that question as the pic just suddenly appeared after it went viral.

      • Interested Gawker says:

        This is so, it’s the same sort of tit for tat, zig when they zag way they have been conducting everything about this situation. It’s the same energy we were given when KP announced she was already home from London Clinic when CIII was getting discharged, heading off the problem of Cam boxing them into a corner with all that press attention on ‘the same day’.

  34. Tursitops says:

    Boy Who Cried Wolf syndrome – they’ve lied so much and so often that we aren’t willing to believe what they say/write/show about anything. Maybe it’s her, maybe it’s not, but the real story here is that the public now question everything that they say and do. The best indicator of future behaviour is past behaviour; these people are inveterate liars.

    • Catnip says:

      You make an important point. When the public can’t rely on an old, venerated, expensive institution to tell the truth, they stop believing. The shine rubs off. The royals are no longer special. They became caricatures for entertainment.

      These days, the royals come off as petty, idiotic, vain, and out of touch. They live luxurious lives and their jobs aren’t that difficult. They don’t need to do much except to be seen often and look beautiful and royal. And keep their sh*t hidden. But they can’t do that because their fragile egos can’t take being less than #1.

      Instead, what the public gets is Love Island, Celebrity Big Brother, Made in Chelsea, Britain got Talent and the Apprentice roll into one royal sh*t show.

    • Kimberlogic says:

      This. 100%

  35. lagoon says:

    Never thought Will was driving the kids to and from school every day or even most days. Main point is Kate looks unwell. Hopefully, she recovers.

    • sparrow says:

      It’s really sad, isn’t it, I agree. Why didn’t William protect her from this by doing some kind of video thanks on her behalf. I bet Carole’s seething. No more cheese on toast.

  36. cazzie says:

    I think these pics were set up by the Middletons too. If they are of Kate, then there has been an immediate lash back by KP. Earlier this morning, a message came out that Kate would be appearing on June 8th at a pre-Trooping the Colour Parade. Now in the last hour or so that has been rolled back on. Apparently, according to the Middleton mouthpiece Maureen Eden of the Daily Fail, the Army jumped the gun and there is no guarantee of her presence at the event. Thats nearly 14 weeks hence??

  37. Just Jade says:

    I have a feeling the photo shoot was not for the island rats because they already knew what was going on and that was why they were not publishing it. The shoot was for the Americans and the rest of the world to stop the conspiracy but I am enjoying the craziness very much because of two things: 1- the Meghan makes Kate cry story and 2- Carole saying it’s not about making speeches when Meghan was really taking heat from the island rats.

    Oh, what a beautiful mornin’
    Oh, what a beautiful day
    I got a beautiful feelin’
    Everything’s goin’ my way

  38. Elvira says:

    Is there a way to post photos on this site? I have an image that may shed some light on the situation.

  39. Mary Pester says:

    Could this whole sht show be any more of a sht show?
    A picture of bone idle and her mummy appears in the American media, on the day an announcement is made about Megan appearing on a very select panel.
    On the day uncle hookers and blow is flapping his lips as he enters the bb house.
    Days after Billy idol is seen swigging whiskey with a real celeb on a day that NOTHING was in his official diary,and she hasn’t seen him since.
    Yeah Carol and keen were pissed. Camzilla was of on a jolly, she’s been getting all the good press, plenty of support and good wishes for Charlie in the press, but all bone is getting was an international panning for playing the dumn invisible woman. Rather than her usual dumn visible woman.
    So she’s going to be at trooping of the colour, which is in june, but a lot can happen in 3 months. Mothers day and Easter should be very, very interesting.
    Oh and let’s remember folks, the DM says its only trolling when we are talking about Kate, but, when they’re are printing absolute SHIT about Megan, it’s journalism, yeah yeah we see you DM

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Isn’t she also visiting the Irish Guards as well – am sure I read that this morning as well.

  40. QuiteContrary says:

    Yeah I totally agree with those saying this is a Carole Middleton production. Carole is a grifter (like the British royals themselves) but she does have some common sense, and she probably realized it was time to provide a proof-of-life photo.

    One of the kids might have done a better job of photoshopping this photo, though.

  41. sparrow says:

    Could I just ask – if they are photoshopping the image to hide the location etc what about Kate’s face? Have they tried to make it worse or better? Why would they stop with just the car? I was convinced it was Windsor and that Kate looks very ill. None of it makes any sense. Why an overseas location?

    • Elvira says:

      @sparrow I was just making that up about the south of France, lol. Why would they need to photoshop her face? Perhaps she is in a facility recovering from a psych issue? I don’t know but the faces do not appear to be photoshopped to me.

      • sparrow says:

        You’ve made my day with your suggestions and the south of france bit! I got thrown with someone keeping on about Switzerland. (I think Agnes) I just don’t get why all the switch around with locations and yet being realistic with her face. It just gets weirder. If she’s in a mental health situation perhaps they’ve plumped up and distorted her face to make it look like a reaction to surgery and drugs, making us think she’s not had a breakdown but that the story of abdominal surgery is correct. It’s just the weirdest thing. Thank you for all of your input – it’s been really interesting…all I had was the nose!!!!!!

    • Underhill says:

      There was a Swiss private facility where they treat, among other things, Eating disorders. It had popped up on twitter a couple of times as a possible place where Kate was. Based on nothing probably, but then who knows.

  42. Mary Eleanor Kidd says:

    Interesting that this photo pops up the day after the announcement of Meghan attending SXSW in Autin, TX this coming Spring/Summer.

  43. AC says:

    “…place the blame firmly with the clown show at KP, they’re the ones who bungled this whole thing from a communications standpoint”

    This above 100%. They handled this very amateurish. I’m surprised they’re even still employed. Who would want this as part of their resume when the whole world knows this is utterly a huge PR failure/disaster.
    But hey blame they want to blame all this on HM🙄. Not going to fly in the real corporate world.

  44. Oya says:

    The photo MJ took me out. I’m crine…

  45. JJ says:

    They keep hiring inept people at KP. If Carole and Kate did dream this up, it’s only because KP is out of their depth and has no idea what to do in any circumstance. It didn’t work but I don’t blame them if they felt they had to do something. If KP dreamed up this grainy ass photo op… Fire everyone!

  46. Emptynester says:

    Her eyes look very sad and despondent in the car pic, whoever it is.