Brad Pitt takes Pax & Maddox to Dave & Busters


While Angelina Jolie was working her ass off doing reshoots on Salt yesterday (and in her downtime reading a book about Afghan girls’ schools), Brad Pitt took their two oldest boys out for some play time. Brad brought Pax and Maddox to Dave and Busters, which was the second time (we know of) that Maddox got to go. There are actually photos of Pax smiling as they leave! I’m sure Pax smiles all the time, but he’s the Jolie-Pitt child who looks most terrified of the paparazzi, so it’s nice to see him enjoying himself out in public. Oh, and Brad’s brother Doug and Doug’s son joined them too! There’s more from Us Weekly (including someone shouting “I love Jennifer Aniston” like a 12 year old) and, by the way, this story was filed in the “Moms and Babies” section of Us Weekly’s site:

It’s a boys’ day out for Brad Pitt and sons Maddox and Pax!

The star, 46, and his younger brother Doug took the two boys to Dave & Buster’s in New York City’s Times Square Wednesday afternoon, confirms. (Pitt took Maddox to the same Dave & Busters back in September.)

While at the arcade restaurant, Pitt helped Pax, 6, with the controls on “The Big One,” an oversized crane used to grab stuffed animals. After several attempts, they won a giant stuffed animal.

The group — surrounded by four security guards — then moved on to war game “Razing Storm.” Pax and Maddox, 8, took hold of the life-size guns and shot at the arcade screen for a few minutes before moving on.

While the bearded Pitt watched them play, an eyewitness tells Us he handed out extra Dave & Buster’s game cards to a few children. One boy jumped up and down in excitement when the star gave him the card and patted him on the back, the source says.

When a crowd began gathering, Pitt, Doug and the kids got in an elevator to leave. As the doors closed, one onlooker yelled out, “I love Jennifer Aniston!”

Although Pitt didn’t look amused, his brother Doug laughed out loud, an eyewitness says.

Their afternoon out came one day after Pitt was photographed greeting Angelina Jolie with their two daughters, Shiloh, 3, and Zahara, 5. The clan has been braving the 30-degree temperatures in NYC as Jolie finishes several re-shoots of her action flick Salt.

[From Us Weekly]

I’ve always liked Brad’s relationship to his brother Doug. They seem genuinely tight, and it’s cool that Doug and at least part of his family are in New York to spend time with Brad, Angelina and the clan. Oh, and I love the boys’ style. Maddox especially looks so hardcore. Take note, Taylor Momsen.

Brad Pitt takes Maddox and Pax to ‘Dave & Busters’ arcade with his brother Doug and nephew, in the times square section of New York City. Credit: INF and Fame.


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  1. jzhz says:

    I love how Zahara is perceived as demanding/sullen when afraid of paparazzi, while Pax is seen as just afraid. Interesting.

  2. Ophelia says:

    My husband and I were at the grocery store the other night and we walked by the tabs and Pitt was on the cover and my hubs asked me if that was actually Pitt and I told him it was. He was like, “What the hell is on his face? Is that.. Is that a beard?” I think it’s an authentic goatee, as it literally looks like a goat’s.
    And Pax has such a sweet little face!!

  3. heb says:

    I think thats great, but are children allowed at D&B?

  4. javelin says:

    Zahara is perceived as assertive and intelligent– perhaps secretly calculating, based on the way she eyeballs paps. let it go, already.

  5. lisa says:

    Children go to Dave and Busters all the time.. thus all the stuffed animals for prizes.. As far as Brad’s goatee is concerned.. I think it would be nice if people focused on other things. I wondered what people say when they passed the trash rag bin and saw the cover of Charlie Sheen and his wife. drunk and getting arrested.. All around their babies.. hmmm Brad and a goatee seems a bit minor in the light of all the other scandals that have happened lately. I just think the obsession over his facial hair is one for the books.. I guess it is easy to see what is important to people Spousal Abuse vs. Facial hair.. Who would have thought.

    The boys are getting so big. I guess people say that because we don’t see them every single day. Cute family and nice that Brad’s brother Doug and his son were there for the fun..

    Happy New Year.. maybe people will leave them alone in 2010.. a fan can only hope.

  6. Jazz says:

    God, every time one of them takes a shit there’s a blow by blow description of it on Us Weekly’s website.
    Remember years ago when Brad had that big bushy beard for a movie he was supposed to be doing? Then he ended up not doing the movie. When he finally does shave that goatee off I bet there will be an Us Weekly cover “Brad gets hot again!”

  7. n says:

    he is such a bore.

  8. Firestarter says:


  9. Ophelia says:

    Jesus, Lisa, I was sharing something quirky and random. It wasn’t meant to be taken as social commentry. It was the only mag we glanced at as we shopped for food. Next time we’ll look for the most relevent and depressing headline we can find. My bad, I thought this was a gossip site article on Brad Pitt.

  10. Cheyenne says:

    @ n: Good dads are usually bores since their priority is their partner and their children. Doesn’t make for much exciting reading.

  11. PJ says:

    I thought it was hilarious that somebody shouted “I love Jennifer Aniston!” at them (and Brad’s bro laughed at it too), but I wonder what his kids think about that? Or are they too young?

    The food at D&B is horrible by the way, it’s about on par with McDonald’s.

  12. Liz says:

    Hey I love Mickey D’s esp the fries

  13. Desert Cat says:

    I will continue to say this, as a professional who has worked with traumatized young children for over 20 years: Maddox Jolie-Pitt is NOT a normal, happy child. His reported obsession with guns, his always unsmiling face, his likely early trauma in Cambodia before being adopted… this child is going to have severe social-behavioral issues. The only question in my mind is whether or not the Jolie-Pitts will be able to keep under wraps whatever harm this child eventually does to someone else. If this seems hysterical or ridiculous, just wait. I have worked with young children with mental health and behavioral issues for a very long time, and THIS child raises red flags for me in every photo I see of him.

  14. Firestarter says:

    @Liz- me too!

  15. BitterBetty says:

    Brad is looking like a homeless ape these days. I can’t even remember the last time I found him attractive.

  16. Rose says:

    Seriously Desert Cat, don’t make me laugh, a ‘professional’ would know not to diagnose anyone from a photo.

  17. skibunny says:

    Geez he looks terrible!

  18. QB says:

    Is obvious Pax is afraid he was the oldest child that Brad and Angelina adopted , he was also the one that had to learn a new language after only knowing his native one , the other ones may find it more normal since they have been around it before they were 1 year old but thats not the case with Pax.

    A lot of 8 year old like guns , my 9 year old nephew loves guns and all of that stuff.Plus there are a lot of pictures of him smilling and having fun , plus his past as the Cambodian orphan is not something he is going to be able to distance himself from since the press keeps mentioning it , the same with all the adopted kids of famous people , the press separates the biological children from the adopted ones.

  19. Sumodo says:

    Hey, enough hating and putting down Brad Pitt. And, the armchair psychoanalysis of the children is hilarious. The man wants his kids to have fun at Dave & Busters, a place that advertises family fun. This is what people who have children take them to do. Bravo, Brad. As for the beard, has anybody checked if he’s growing it out for a film? Chances are, he wouldn’t be looking like that if he didn’t have to. Then again, it’s downtime for him. Just let them alone!!!

  20. nana says:

    Dessert cat, maddox was adopted as a very little baby and was not involved with guns during that time. If hes not smiling in every photo you see it doesnt mean hes not a happy boy. Im surprised you say hes obssessed with guns. How did you know? Just because you read he plays it in the arcade?I think all boys likes toy guns and we never call it an obsession. I think that opinion is just too far away to judge a little boy enjoying the arcade.

  21. teri says:

    desertg cat I must say you are some piece of work. You see still pictures of these children and very few motion pics and you determin Mad is going to kill people and just end the world???? For real lady you are the one with mental problems not this boy. I also work with children on a dialy basis and find that your comment was just right down stupid based on what you’ve seen.

  22. WHERE?! says:

    Where is Brad?! I only see his uncle Charile!

  23. Tazina says:

    Too funny Desert Cat…you should try a stand-up act. Maddox is a very happy little boy. Every time you see him with his hand in Angelina’s he looks deeply contented. Mother and son are very close and obviously he is also connected with Brad and his siblings.

  24. Liz says:

    Maddox=Cambodian Pax= Vietnamese

  25. hatsumomo says:

    Both little guys look like they are going to be cuties when they get older.

  26. Moe says:

    He’s starting to look more and more like Billy Bob Thornton everyday! Maybe this was the plan all along. Hmm……

  27. e-non says:

    oh, good grief, diagnosing a child froma series of photos taken within seconds of each other that display annoyance at the scene of screaming morons ahead of him and his family, while being blinded by the onslaught of photo flashes.

    hell, even pitt looks pissed in a couple of those shots; and he’s normally nonreactive.

    dc — if you’re licensed, you might want to review your professional responsibilities.

  28. Cheyenne says:

    @ Desert Cat: If you are a professional who has worked with children for 20 years and think you can diagnose a child from a photo, I am the Queen of Sheba. When I was coming up, every little boy on the block had an air rifle or a cap gun. None of them grew up to be sociopaths or psychopaths.

    If you were seven or eight years old and had to cope with paparazzi screaming your name and shoving cameras in your face every time you stepped outside, would you be inclined to smile and say “cheese”? I doubt it.

    You haven’t looked very hard for photos of Maddox smiling. There are plenty of photos of him on the internet with one or both of his parents where he looks like a very happy, content little boy.

    I’ll say it straight up if nobody else will: You’re a fraud.

  29. crash2GO2 says:

    He was 7 months old when he was adopted. That is old enough to have accumulated and internalized plenty of trauma.

    Just saying…

  30. Sue says:

    People have every right to dislike Brad’s beard. It does not matter if it is for a movie or not, he still does not look good with it. There is no hate in that remark, that is just my opinion. No need to belittle people because they do not agree with you.

  31. Cheyenne says:

    If anyone doubts that Maddox hasn’t bonded to his dad, check this out:

  32. lo says:

    My sister and I actually ran into Maddox, Angelina Jolie and Zahara in the Central Park Zoo a few years ago. Like literally ran into them – my sister had no clue who she knocked into but Angelina was so unsually skinny that I knew it had to be a celeb. After the 3rd time of accidentally encountering them with their entourage of bodyguards, we realized who it was.

    Anyway, back then at least, Maddox seemed pretty happy. No paparazzi, people were leaving them alone. He was excited to see the penguins. If he seems glum in pictures, maybe he just doesn’t like being stalked and photographed. He’s old enough to realize how annoying it is.

  33. Essie says:

    Chey, you said it and I totally agree . . . Desert Cat is a fraud!! No real person who has worked with children for 20 years would analyze a child from a few photographs. They especially would not say he will grow up to be a dangerous person because he is “obsessed” with guns. Most little boys love guns and soldiers. Why do you think G.I. Joe has been so popular for so long.

    Crash, true, Maddox was adopted at seven months but he was in an orphanage for all that time. There was no trauma in his life. He probably didn’t get one on one care but a seven month old would bond easily with a new parent, as Maddox obviously did with Angelina. But, yes, a child under one year can be traumatized but I doubt that was the case for Maddox.

    I doubt Brad’s beard is for a movie role since he doesn’t have a movie scheduled for the near future. Maybe the guy just decided he didn’t want to shave for awhile. Nothing wrong with that. People can criticize all they want but it is his choice and apparently he cares not a bit what any of you think!! I think he looks great.

  34. Vicky Cathay says:

    Brad looks buzzed.

  35. sandy says:

    the negative comments are from jenn A. fans, they are as shallow as jenn, always with the outer appearances.

  36. tanner10 says:

    in response to #29 comment as follows:

    “He was 7 months old when he was adopted. That is old enough to have accumulated and internalized plenty of trauma.”

    lol – LOL!! – LOL!! – – ha ha ha ha!!!
    ha ha ha ha!!!!!! ARE YOU FOR REAL??!!

  37. sandy says:

    i was just over at tmz where they are showing brad and so many people surrounding him and his family, like he is God or something, i love brad, but give him and his lovely family some privacy. poor brad, he does not look happy.

  38. crash2GO2 says:

    @tanner10: Uh yeah. I am for real.

    Not saying that is the case for Maddox. Simply addressing the post that said that because he was adopted at a young age he could not have been exposed to much trauma yet. That is all.

    @Cheyenne – you are constantly lambasting people for reading too much into photos, aren’t you? Just checking…

  39. Cheyenne says:

    tanner10: lol – LOL!! – LOL!! – – ha ha ha ha!!! ha ha ha ha!!!!!! ARE YOU FOR REAL??!!

    Unfortunately, she thinks she is.

  40. Beth says:

    Some of these comments are bizarre. I can’t believe somebody said kids aren’t allowed in D&B. Kids are pretty much most of the people there. The story even says other kids were in the restaurant. I guess people will say anything to attack Brad and Angelna. Saying Maddox is a psychopath because he likes guns is ridiculous. Most boys his age like them. That’s why the toy section in stores is filled with guns, war games, etc. Maddox smiles a lot. These pictures don’t do justice to the huge crowd of paps, fans, etc. I wouldn’t be laughing either if dozens of people were surrounding me, flashbulbs going off, yelling, etc.

  41. Cheyenne says:

    Crash, did it pain you that much to see such a sweet photo of a dad and his son? I feel sorry for you. Hope the new year brings you a better outlook.

  42. loldongs says:

    He really needs to shave off the “king neptune” beard.

  43. rip says:

    That is not really brad pitt is it??? What happened to him???

  44. YAY! says:

    Wow how much people hate that just by viewing a photo they can conclude that a child is obsess with gun and will end up with socio-behavioral issues really just by looking at the pic which is only a nano second of their life and then even bragging that she’s a professional?? If you’re my doctor I won’t be back for another consultation.

  45. YAY! says:

    December 31st, 2009 at 5:45 pm
    He was 7 months old when he was adopted. That is old enough to have accumulated and internalized plenty of trauma.

    Just saying
    Really what medical journal was this published provide a link or is this something you pull out of your A S S lmaooo!!

  46. WTF?!? says:

    I’m with Desert Cat. These kids never smile. Despite posters’ claims that there are many pictures of them doing so, they never seem to show up here. There’s WAY too much pressure on these children and not enough one-on-one attention or stability. They always look pissed or stressed.

  47. H says:

    I will continue to say this, as a professional who has worked with traumatized young children for over 20 years: Maddox Jolie-Pitt is NOT a normal, happy child.

    As others have already commented, no ‘professional’ would write what you did.

    And to whom it may concern, yes…a child can be traumatized early in life. Typically because they are not held enough (when in foster care situations). It can cause them to not be able to ever bond if the trauma is intense enough. We have seen from pics that the kid has bonded with his family.

    But to say infants can’t be traumatized is B.S..
    Pick up any textbook on child development. Just because they can’t talk doesn’t mean they can’t feel. The world around them affects how their brain develops. Synapses ya know.

    Happy New Year All.

  48. Goddess711 says:

    It’s pretty common knowledge that children who are deprived of emotional & physical attention as babies (especially in orphanages) grow up dysfunctional. If you do a search you’ll find a lot of ugly info and pictures, especially of Chinese kids strapped into their cribs.This isn’t to say that Maddox was in an orphanage that neglected him because who really knows? It’s possible. It’s also possible that he was a happy camper before the rest of the family arrived – most of his real memories would’ve started with the just AJ and him times.
    Maybe he’s just one of those daycare/nanny types of kids who gets away with anything and has an attitude? Maybe the paps snap the pics at the wrong moments. He’s just a kid. Until he’s convicted of something, he’s just a kid with famous parents.
    Still, do some research – you might be compelled to adopt a kid or few of your own after you see what’s happening out there.

  49. Morgs says:

    Some of you are just nasty and mean for no apparent reason.

    And as someone who’s never been to a D&B, the way they advertise it, I thought it was an adult type of bar/game place. I didn’t know you could take kids.

  50. Lita says:

    Where do you get off saying the first 7 months of a baby’s life are unimportant?!? Either babies respond to love, attention, care (or the deficit of it) OR we can chuck them into some automated facility which feeds and changes them until they are at – sorry what age is it that life experiences start counting?? Do you need a medical degree to know that? Do you need to be a certified chef to make toast??

  51. Firestarter says:

    Why is it that anyone who makes a negative comment about Brad has to be an Aniston fan? Is it not allowed to not like any of them?

  52. SageAdvice says:

    Morgs is right, I had no idea that you could take children there. It isn’t a “just to be mean to Brangelina thing”. The way they advertise for it (I’ve never been to one), it seems like an adult Chuck E Cheese.

    Anywho, people are allowed to not like his beard. It looks dirty and gross to some people (me included). If you like it, you like it. Fine. But someone who doesn’t like it also has a valid opinion.

  53. says:

    i think it’s pretty hilarious that so many people completely lost their sh*t when Desert Cat expressed an opinion on a GOSSIP WEBSITE. who cares what she/he says??? why are you so personally invested of one person’s personal opinion of someone who is a total stranger to you?

    i understand where she is coming from… there have been lots of interviews with angelina where she talks constantly about how maddox likes guns and weapons. he also ALWAYS dresses up in army gear…he even had a soldier themed birthday party. and he does look unhappy in a lot of photos, but of course so would i if there were a million flash bulbs going off in my face.

    so before you jump on my back for sticking up for that comment, i’m not saying i agree with what Desert Cat says, but for christ’s sake, anyone with a brain could see where she is possibly coming from. i think its really funny how, like, 10 people completely LOST IT! GET A LIFE!!!

  54. Solveig says:

    December 31st, 2009 at 5:45 pm

    He was 7 months old when he was adopted. That is old enough to have accumulated and internalized plenty of trauma.

    Just saying…

    This is actually true. Most traumatic events take shape during the firsts months after birth, even if the child has no self-consciousness yet. Those traumas come from a mother who is unable to care for her own child (most times are depressed mothers), or because of forced separations, for example.
    Traumas are very easy to get when you are a vulnerable child, easier than most people think. There are loads of infos about children traumas on the internet.
    OF COURSE I’m not saying that this is Maddox’ case, I don’t know him personally, neither I know his parents.

  55. sandy says:

    love you brad, so much substance, who cares what people think about his beard, he still wears it, he’s gorgeous. it’s not about that with him,

  56. lisa says:

    OK.. no people don’t have to like his beard.. but dang do they have to say the same thing on EVERY post. He obviously either likes it or it is for a role. And since he has not cut it it is also obvious he does not care about the “public opinion”.. Regarding using the term HATERS.. I think fans say that in defense of the double standard applied to them (Brad/Angie). and to the fact that when you see these same comments on Hate sites devoted to the couple.. I think it is easy to see why fans have their radar up. The FFers love to claim something is wrong with the children. Nasty bit@hes that they are.. Racist too (in regard to the non white children) and their major claim is that Brad does not have a connection to their “adopted” children (because as they always say, if Angie and he break up.. he only wants the white ones). This is something they spread from site to site. They have devoted hundreds of threads on Angie controlling the children with pressure points, Angie hating her bio children and have even started campaigns to call CPS to report them (because they claim Angie abuses her children). Now these are just a sample of what these fools say and post..So as a fan, when I see anything that reminds me of what these idiots say on a daily basis.. YES I take offence. So if you are not a fan.. your right.. But it is not a right to spread disgusting rumors about this couple and their children because Brad Pitt did not stay in a marriage he no longer wanted. HIS right to pick the life and woman he wanted. and 5 years later one would think that these nasty fools would move on.. and from some of the comments I see (yes I recognize a few of the FFer here) and have seen on that site where they brag about the comments they have left on this site. So yes..I take offence and if any of you have gone to that site and read the ugly things they say.. I think you will understand why the fans are so quick to attack back.

    I and others are just calling them as we see them. Sorry my post is so long. I just needed to explain.

  57. WTF?!? says:

    LOL @ Lisa.

    “I and others are just calling them as we see them. ”

    As are the folks you disagree with. A & B don’t need you to “take offence” on their behalf, they are just fine. I have seen none of the racism of which you speak here or Brad’s White Supremacist approach to fatherhood; as long as Brad sports the beard, people will comment on it; and you and Cheyenne seem to be the ones hell-bent on dragging Aniston into every single Brange posting.
    I have no idea what an “FF-er” is, so how ’bout sticking to Celebitchy, where we’ve come to discuss the matter?

    Methinks you need to not visit gossip sites if you’re going to get upset and chastise people in tome form for posting their opinions. Not that that isn’t your right, but if it gets your knickers in *that* much of a twist, why subject yourself (and us) to it?

  58. lisa says:


    Yeah I remember you from JJ this week.. a new name I see.. And please don’t evern try the I don’t know what FF is. Fool a fool.. I am not a fool. And I am sure you would love a fan to leave and not point a finger.. OH and no my panties are not in a bunch.. You have a mission and I have read your comments on JJ.. and since you dislike Brad/Angie so much and feel the need to say something negative.. because you would dispute any postive about them.. perhaps you should find out what ff is (gag oh forgot you don’t know what that is… like we believe that).. They are beyond hateful and are racist.. So I don’t really give a rats As* about you not liking my post either.. I will say exactly what I think for as long as I want. If you don’t like it tough. and I will call you out on anything I want. so I guess we will be seeing each other for a while.

    Again perhaps you should find a new place to post your “objective” crap..

  59. PigskinMama says:

    He’s so weird. He just looks like he smells bad.

  60. Cheyenne says:

    @ WTF?!?: WTF are you full of? I never mentioned the ex; you did. Check yourself.

  61. J says:

    If I was Maddox, I would choose Papa Pitt when the fabulous couple split. At least I would get a pair of loving grandparents and some fun uncles/aunts to hang out with.

  62. Ophelia says:

    Hey now, it’s a new year! Let’s all chill out about a famous couple we honestly know very little about and remember we are all people and we have no reason to verbally abuse posters we don’t know just because they expressed an opinion. I really wish I hadn’t mentioned the goatee. Honestly, I don’t dislike it or like it; it looks like a goatee. I have a lot more important things to worry about than a celebrity’s facial hair and I’m sure you guys do too.
    Also, seriously, what is an “FFer”? I’m assuming “JJ” is JustJared, (although I’ve never posted or read the comments on there) but I have no idea how Lisa could know WTF is the same person who posted but with a different handle.

  63. lisa says:


    That would be because Lisa has a brain. And knows of what she speaks.

    Regarding Brad’s goatee.. I don’t like it either. And I am a huge fan. I just don’t need to say it everytime I see a picture of him. and that is all I meant by my comment. not an attack on people who are not fans. I have lots of celebs I am not a fan of. I just don’t feel a need to be nasty on their threads. but Hey to each his own. And WTF is a FFer or an IUC idiot.. I recognize this poster.. Enough said.

  64. Solveig says:

    Ophelia, I couldn’t say it better.
    It’s funny/scary how some people are so emotionally involved -in a positive or negative manner- with two personalities that none of us know personally and probably will never meet and talk to.
    We are here to have some fun and mock famous people who are generally luckier than us, so as the wise man says ‘opinions are like a**holes: everybody’s got one’ 😉
    Don’t fight for such unimportant things.

  65. Firestarter says:

    Great points Ophelia and Solveig. Couldn’t agree more.

    I have no idea whar an FFer is either.

  66. h says:

    I think FF stands for some JA fan site, not for sure but I think it’s been brought up on other Brange threads.

  67. Morgs says:

    Jesus Lisa! Take an effing pill and calm down.

  68. Cheyenne says:

    @ h: FF stands for Female First which is a Brit website. You can check it out here:

    Click on discussion boards, then scroll down to “Films and Celebrity” and click on Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Section”. As of right now there are 57,814 threads in that section with 1,019,451 posts.

    You might want to have a basin handy. Some of those posts are venomous to the point of being vomitous. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

  69. WTF?!? says:

    Lisa– what exactly is JJ? Is that a bar we met in in college? Do you ever type out an actual word?

    You have total recall of all things fictional, and clearly spend way too much time online. Believe it or not, some people only visit *this* site, we don’t perpetually troll and post and obsess on famous people we don’t know.

    Turn off the computer and go do some volunteer work.

  70. corine says:

    Same people arguing about the same thing, but just a different year.

    Isn’t it time y’all found something more important to discuss? This divorce is like 6 yrs old now. Seriously . . .

  71. Cakes says:

    Wow yall. Theres something to be said for internet bravery. I dont get why people feel the need to visciously attack each other because of differences in opinion.

    As for the Jolie-Pitt group: meh. I just came to read the comments. Its how I pass the time on occasion.

  72. PigskinMama says:

    How the hell does anyone know how good a parent someone is from a damn picture, or if a kid has problems or not? Some folks on here are reading waaaaaay too much into these pictures. Or they believe everything they read in the media and act like they know these famous people personally. For all we know Angie and Brad could be beating the tar out of these kids at night (remember Joan Crawford?) This website is about the superficial and that’s the fun of it capping on celebs with our observations. To delve much deeper into psychological and political issues somehow takes all the fun out of blogging on here, especially when fellow bloggers get into pissing matches with each other. C’mon the goatee is gross.