Melissa McCarthy: Duchess Meghan is ‘incredibly threatening to some people’

In August 2021, the Duchess of Sussex turned 40 years old. She decided to celebrate her birthday by making a cute video with Melissa McCarthy, in which she basically encouraged people to donate 40 minutes of mentorship to someone. The British media, predictably, spent a full month crying about it, screaming “how dare she” and wondering why Melissa agreed to appear in the video. Melissa answered those questions just a short time later, saying that she thinks the Sussexes are cool and “very inspiring.” Well, Melissa was recently asked about the Sussexes again and she’s still a super-fan.

Melissa McCarthy has Meghan Markle’s back. The “Bridesmaids” star is perplexed and dismayed by the vicious barrage of hate hurled towards the “Suits” alum.

“It bums me out for every woman and every person, that for no reason people just like to attack,” she told Page Six at the Broadway opening of “Suffs” on Thursday night.

“A smart, interesting woman that has her own life, for some reason, is incredibly threatening to some people,” the actress, 53, continued. “I always think, how inspiring! I’ve never once been threatened by someone who is amazing. I just think how inspiring. It’s really on the people throwing the hate.”

McCarthy added that the Duchess of Sussex is “wonderful” and “awesome.”

[From Page Six]

I find Meghan inspiring too, and Melissa is right that the root of so much “hate” for Meghan is her haters’ own insecurities. They see a beautiful, accomplished, intelligent Black woman and they’re sick with jealousy and insecurity. I think it’s so cool that Melissa stans Meghan so hard. The coolest celebrities love Meghan! Melissa, Beyonce, Kerry Washington, Serena Williams.

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  1. vs says:

    She is so right… it is so sad that women (most of these haters are women) have so many insecurities. An accomplished woman should be inspiration to push forward not to hate!
    Go Meghan… you have a hoard of supporters just waiting to support your endeavors!

    • Cara says:

      The only reason the media began pushing their attack narrative is because someone in power flipped the switch on H&M, likely Charles and William. Well they need to flip it back. And the readers’ hateful comments we see out there are just sheep looking for a herd to follow.

      • Gabbygirl2 says:

        Cara the media indeed flipped the switch to H&M, not only because of Chuckles and Billy the Basher, but also because of Rupert Murdock. The Aussie Murdock will use any means necessary to fan and promote racism. He has used Fox and Politicians such as trump to launch and influence people to his biased rhetoric and succeeded. But now the pendulum is turning against the royal family and Murdock. The overturning of Roe vs Wade, and the true character of the heir William with his missing in action wife has caused a drastic change in the conversation and opinion of the public. It is the public who will make or break both sides.

    • Juls says:

      Haters like Angela Levin, the woman is a stalker everyday Meghan Markle do this and she does that its time for her to let it go

  2. K says:

    MM nailed it. I absolutely love her. . She really seems like a good person.

    • Cara says:

      Michael Moore said the exact same thing about the Sussexes, that he finds them interesting and to be doing a lot of good things for the world, during his rumble podcast about “the missing princess”. His words were soothing. It was great to hear a male’s perspective and why journalists should definitely question what they are being fed by the royal family.

  3. seaflower says:

    Not only is Meghan accomplished, but she supports and uplifts other women. She is definitely someone to stan.

    • Libra says:

      I wonder if Kate, in any way, understands what she threw away; a loyal friend and woman who would have supported her and had her back through thick and thin. A tragic waste.

      • Mei says:

        She would have absolutely been that. I wonder if Kate has never known that kind of friendship so she didn’t even think that was possible, so she just pushed her away rather than embrace her.

      • rosa mwemaid says:

        Hate doesn’t encourage rational thought.

      • paintybox says:

        It seems like Kate signed up to be a royal, Meghan signed up to be with the love of her life, Harry. They come from such different aims and have such different priorities. Everything Meghan is simply flies over Kate’s head. It’d be a waste if she knew what she was missing but I think her focus is incredibly narrow. Team Meghan for all eternity, she has a wide encompassing vision and a huge heart. ❤️

      • Blithe says:

        Nope. I have a blind spot re Princess Kate — in that I’ve often wondered why she wanted to be a princess and a queen. I didn’t see her embracing projects like Charles, or duty like the Queen, or even the fun of using her position to promote British fashion while using the dignity of her role to call attention to important causes like Diana. Now, I think I was asking the wrong questions. Perhaps Kate simply wanted to be the universally acknowledged Queen Bee center-of-attention — and Meghan wouldn’t play.

        I think Meghan approached Kate in friendship— which Kate may not have understood. I think Kate just wanted public curtsies and acknowledgment that being thinner than thin, whiter than white, and married to a FFK would be more than enough to make her envied. I think Kate didn’t value friendship, and likely hasn’t experienced enough of it to understand its value.

        In years to come, when more is known about this Carolean Era, it will be interesting to see if Kate was able to use it to spark some leap of growth.

      • QuiteContrary says:

        Kate will never understand what she lost in Meghan. She’s far too racist and insecure.

        Same goes for the other left-behinds. The rota only are missing Meghan and Harry because they realized, too late, that the Sussexes have far more shine than the others.

        Good for Melissa McCarthy to frame it all so well.

      • aftershocks says:

        Sadly, Kate’s jealousy, and her mean-spirited character did not suddenly spring up out of nowhere when Harry met and began dating Meghan. Kate’s faults, as well as Willy’s faults, only became more prevalent and thus, exposed. Especially after the success of H&M’s South Pacific tour when the smearing and the public hate campaign against Meghan gathered steam and momentum.

        In fact, every rotten thing about the British monarchy, the British class system, and British systemic racism, was exposed in the horrible way Meghan has been relentlessly treated. There’s no going back. Unfortunately, everything that has unfolded was, in many ways, inevitable. Lamenting and ‘what if-ing’ is a useless enterprise.

      • aftershocks says:

        @Libra and @Mei, I respectfully disagree in terms of the fact that Meghan was that person already. She did not have to become that open, generous friend to Kate. That’s who Meg was from Day 1 before Kate deigned to finally schedule time to meet Harry’s new girlfriend. At their first meeting, Meg gifted Kate with a thoughtful present, a personal journal. That was the time for Kate to recognize and begin to embrace Meg’s generous offer of friendship. But Kate was too set in being snobby, jealous, and self-centered.

        @Blithe, seemingly your ‘Kate blind spot,’ has you giving Kate more credit than she’s ever shown any inkling of deserving. She’s too far gone for ‘leaps of growth’ to be sparked.

      • JudyB says:

        I occasionally have some sympathy for Kate because we do not entirely know about her family pressures to marry William. This was her goal at a fairly young age, much as Diana was convinced to marry Charles at a young age. Personally, I made a lot of mistakes as a teenager because of the influence of my mother. That influence was not negative because my mother had only good intentions for me, but she envisioned me as the adult she had wanted to be, which was not the adult I would have preferred. My mother was not pushy, but I was nevertheless influenced by her to enter a typical woman’s career, get married right after university, and do a lot of other things I wish I had not done.

        Yes, Kate went along with her pursuit of the goal of becoming royal, but the plans apparently started even before university. On the other hand, Meghan had the advantage of deciding on her own goals and finding the man she loved at a much older and more experienced age. I suspect Kate has found that being Princess of Wales is not exactly as she had imagined it would be, hence, her turning to unhealthy jealousy, anger, and unhappiness with her “prince.”

    • Caribbean says:


    • LRB says:

      No No NO you have it all wrong… no one likes Meghan, she has no friends, Hollywood have abandoned her, she is not in touch with her Suits colleagues… trouble is the actual facts keep popping up and proving the trolls wrong. 😂

  4. Brassy Rebel says:

    There are a lot of women out there who hate on other strong women. But if you unpack this dynamic, you will find that often there are men quietly ( or not so quietly) egging them on. Our patriarchal society loves to manipulate women into jealousy, envy, and hatred of each other. It serves misogyny’s purpose: Divide and conquer.

  5. Jes says:

    My take is for Meghan, it is this combo of racism and jealousy.. how can she have more than what we have

    • North of Boston says:

      Misogynoir on full display.

    • Ciotog says:

      The way Trump feels about Obama is the way that Kate feels about Meghan. Obama is better than even Trump’s narcissistic conception of himself, and that cannot be allowed. Same with Meghan vis a vis Kate.

  6. Cessily says:

    Loved her since her Sookie days on Gilmore Girls, just love her more after this💖.

    • SameSame says:

      Same! This was a nice post to read. I’ve always liked Melissa McCarthy and I like her more after hearing her well spoken words of support

  7. Jais says:

    Yeah, jealousy and insecurity fr. Good for Melissa for answering in such a positive way. Be inspired.

  8. Amy T says:

    I think they’re both awesome and want a lunch, coffee date and/or lifelong friendship with either (or preferably) both of them.

    • LRB says:

      Can you invite me too please? But we need to make sure we don’t eat earth destroying avocados or of course jam!

  9. Jane says:

    I think there are a lot of people who look at life in a zero sum way. If someone else succeeds, it’s their failure when in reality it’s nothing to do with them at all. So with Meghan, people think she took something from them (Harry? Money? Fame?), when of course she didn’t.

  10. Amy Bee says:

    She’s absolutely right.

  11. Concern Fae says:

    Turns out Silicone Valley’s “Move fast and break things” does not transfer well to automobile manufacturing.

  12. AmyB says:

    I will never understand the hate that Meghan gets, but MM’s take here makes so much sense. I admire both of these incredible women!!

  13. tamsin says:

    It’s ironic that Meghan being non-threatening and presents herself as such, makes her threatening to those who are jealous, racist, and resentful. She has said, “I want all of us to succeed”. She inspires by uplifting others, and I think she has made that clear in her words and in her actions and in the way she lives her life. So happy to see more public voices lifting in her support these days.

  14. Val says:

    Melissa M. is right! People are just unhappy and hate to see women of color flourishing and living their life and minding their business. My one gripe though: please stop referring to Meghan as a Black woman. Based on what I’ve read and in her own words, she identifies as a a mixed race woman. Furthermore, based on her life, she doesn’t seem engrained in a Black community. The majority of her friends are White and her first and second husband are White as well. She benefits from the privilege of looking White which has defined her racial experiences.

    • Mimi says:

      I don’t understand the point of comments like this one. Meghan has identified herself as a Black woman, a long time before she met Harry. You can easily find her tweet should you bother to look for it. No one is mislabeling her. Anyone who looks at her and sees a White woman is either being willfully blind or never seen too many Black people in real life. We come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Meghan does not look White. Never has, even when she was a child. She has totally benefitted from her looks, light skin, and her proximity to/affinity for White people, no argument there, but she is more on the Black side of biracial than someone like Mariah Carey or Halsey.

    • Jaded says:

      The majority of her friends are NOT white. Your comment is disingenuous and based solely on personal opinion, not fact. She has close friends from every race — Black, East Indian, Oriental, Latin American and White. One of her proudest moments was when she did an ancestry test and found out she was mostly Nigerian. Why do you think the royal family treated her so badly? Because she is half black. Why don’t you paint Serena Williams with the same brush because she married a white man? Maybe these women have evolved to the point where they don’t see everything, including romantic relationships, in strictly black and white terms. They love who they love no matter the race.

  15. Underhill says:

    She hasn’t done anything bad to be criticized for. She is living her life. She wants to put out a line of farm products? So? Others have, including the king. It’s not like there is a zero sum amount of happiness that can be brought into this world, and if she does it others can’t. I still go back to this: if you can’t say something nice –to someone who has done nothing wrong– then don’t say anything.

  16. Lilly (with the double-L) says:

    Ah, Melissa you gorgeous, brainy, artist, you are correct. Thank you for pointing it out. I recently went through a woc incident, people who stand beside you are a treasure.

  17. Grant says:

    Man, that headline made me nervous. I love Melissa McCarthy so much and I didn’t want to have to cancel her if she was coming for my girl, Meghan. Glad to see that Melissa is 100% spot-on!

  18. swaz says:

    I share Melissa’s sentiments ❤ the root of all hatred is always jealousy and insecurity 🤢

  19. Mary Pester says:

    @Val, I don’t know where you were going with that comment, but your that far of the field, your nowhere near the game!!
    It’s simple really, Megan is the success story they thought bone would be, and they can’t accept that life outside the Royal bubble has proven to be so much more than inside it. So many people stopped seeing the vibrant successful woman that Megan was BEFORE she married into that cesspit, that they think everything she is and has is because of the corrupt monarchy. It’s only people that were never “in” the bubble, and don’t knee bend to everything Royal that can see IT. @KAISER, please check out the latest sht between that old BCH Colin Campbell and the disgrace that is Wooton

    • Tessa says:

      Campbell and Wootton are disgraces.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      @Mary Pester, why would anyone want to watch something involving Wootton & “L”CC. They’re what nightmares are made of. They’ve both been extraordinarily vitriolic in their incendiary diatribe against MEGHAN.

      Not giving their shite clicks. Okay, if it p*sses people off, it won’t be the first time in my life, if you’re a fan of Meghan, could you please spell her name right. The BRF/BM have taken away so many things from her, please spell her name right if you’re her fan.

  20. Normades says:

    I love MM. Comic genius that can also do any genre. Good on her for sticking up for Megan and telling it like it is.

  21. Myeh says:

    “Some people”… I think the words she means to say are racist a-holes.

  22. AC says:

    I agree with Melissa- I think though majority of Americans aren’t concerned what M does with her life, it’s her own life. M lives in the US, it’s a Free Country, if she wants to send jams to her friends , she has every right to do so. And her friends have every right to post photos on Twitter or Instagram or wherever if they feel like it.
    The only ones having a problem with this are mostly the BM and their royalist allies (who are mostly British). They all need to Get a Life- M doesn’t live in the UK, and she’s an American citizen. They don’t own her and can’t tell her what to do!

  23. blunt talker says:

    That Angela Levin person is such a foul human being-she gets up everyday and put on her pamper to spew shit out of her mouth about the Sussexes-mainly Meghan-you know you are insecure and jealous to talk about someone everyday whether they are news worthy that day or not-she seems to have some type of brain disorder-nobody does this unless there is some mental disfunction going on-she hides like a thief when she makes these vile comments-she better pray she does not run into some of the Sussexes fans-all hell will break loose-she will learn what vile really means-this guy who took her to task got it right- so did Melissa M.lifeless people these royal reporters-they are not bothering anyone in the UK-I wish someone would count up and name the number articles or statements about Harry and Meghan tomorrow-these are the people who keep writing or speaking in a negative manner about two people who left in 2020-Meagan has not said a damn thing about the royals in about two years-the royal family has a contract with the shitstain media in the UK- King Charles could put a stop to it with a snap of his finger-make you wonder why he doesn’t-these statements and articles will be used for historical reference when this couple is discussed-all the royal rotas pitch the same story using different wording. when Murdock meets his maker I wonder what he will say about how he has treated people in his media empire-the Lord dislikes gossipers.