The palace is ‘incredulous’ about Prince Harry’s change in residency

Over the weekend, the Daily Mail columnist Amanda Platell devoted some space to the whole “why doesn’t Prince Harry live in the UK anymore” conundrum. It’s clear that many people are heavily invested in the narrative that it was Harry’s choice to be evicted from the British home gifted to him by QEII, and one which he and Meghan spent millions renovating and leasing. The narrative is that Harry is wrong, wrong, wrong for changing his residence to America on Travalyst company filings. Well, Platell now says that Harry clearly hates the UK now and he should just go ahead and renounce his titles and become an American citizen. I truly believe Harry has probably already started the naturalization process but that’s a conversation for a different time. The point is that an entire national press is dealing with abandonment issues over someone they insisted should be exiled, mocked and destroyed. Speaking of, check out this exclusive in the Mirror:

The Palace is “incredulous” over Prince Harry’s decision to give up royal life for a “grubby” commercial venture, a royal expert claims.

Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, royal expert and author Tom Quinn has said: “The fact that Prince Harry has changed his primary residence from the UK to the US might not sound like much, but it’s actually a hugely significant change because it shows that Harry is shutting the door on his life in the UK – and it may well be for good. Changing his primary residence tells us Harry sees his future solely in the US with Meghan as he becomes increasingly involved with the couple’s Netflix projects and Meghan’s new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard – a purely commercial venture which claims to celebrate, ‘the joys of cooking, gardening, entertaining and friendship’.”

He then shockingly revealed: “At Kensington Palace and Clarence House there is incredulity – no one can quite believe the fifth in line to the throne has given up being a working royal for this. For a grubby commercial venture designed to make ordinary people think that by buying Meghan’s jams and yoga mats they can enjoy the kind of celebrity life she lives in Montecito.”

[From The Daily Mail]

“It shows that Harry is shutting the door on his life in the UK – and it may well be for good…” His father evicted him, he literally no longer had an address in the UK, and Harry already made it perfectly clear FOUR YEARS AGO that his home is with Meghan and their children. As for the “grubby commercial venture” and “given up being a working royal for this” – the man lives in a beautiful mansion with extensive grounds and 873 bathrooms, as opposed to whatever dilapidated shack was deemed good enough for the spare and his Black wife. He plays polo with his friends at a ritzy country club. He holds multiple jobs and his life, mental health and physical health has improved dramatically since leaving his toxic family and their even more toxic media handlers. The palaces can be as “incredulous” as they want but A) they are the reason all of this happened and B) what the f–k did Charles think was going to happen when he evicted his son from his home?

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  1. Tessa says:

    Why incredulous when Charles evicted them from frogmore.

    • Exactly. They wanted him gone and out of their spotlight and they got what they wished for. So crying incredulous now isn’t what they should be doing. If they want to cry incredulous the should do that about the lazy and invisible leftovers who wanted Harry gone.

      • Mario says:

        Oh. FFS. Your primary residence, for any kind of form here in the US (and, I am certain, in the UK) is where you live most of the year. That’s what makes it your PRIMARY RESIDENCE, it’s where you reside primarily.

        It’s NOT the place where you grew up, “feel” is “home,” where your parents live (once you’re done with college, military service, or one of the VERY few exceptions where your residence is tied to a term-limited project and, by definition, temporary), or any thing other than where you live, now, the bulk of the year.

        Misrepresenting that, on many forms – taxes, school enrollment, insurance forms, many public services, etc. – can actually be legal fraud/a crime, so the distinction is important for people to get right.

        And to top it all off, it’s no secret Harry is a legal “resident” of the United States, like many citizens of foreign countries who live, work, and have families here, but not citizenship. This is not news.

        These folks need to get a grip. Harry has no residence in the UK, as he was asked to vacate and surrender his legal residence there, by King Charles with the uproarious approval of the rota. He literally stays in hotels and with friends when he visits, because his family won’t allow him to stay with them “on short notice” or without strings. Conversely, he owns property and a house in America, where he RESIDES EXCLUSIVELY (not just primarily) with his wife and children, while working for and with American companies, as so many British and other citizens do.

        The lengths the rota will go to take perfectly normal things and spin them into scandal and outrage is beyond all reason. It’s pathological.

      • rosa mwemaid says:

        He certainly isn’t out of the spotlight of the gutter press, more stories about Harry and Meghan than any other royal. All as pathetic as this one.

      • Henry Mountbatten, U.S. citizen. Wouldn’t that be something.

    • nutella toast says:

      “You cannot live here. Get out”.
      “Why did you change your address? ”
      Make it make sense.

      • Oh come on. says:

        Whoops, commented essentially the same thing before I saw you’d already said it. ITA. Fer pete’s sake!

      • Christine says:

        This. FFS, this is never going to end.

      • aftershocks says:

        LOL! For sure, what did they expect? However, as we have seen, Chuck’s and the firm’s actions toward Harry have always been about trying to punish him with the expectation or deluded hope that he might beg and plead to not be cast out! 😂

        The punishing ensued with taking away Harry’s honorary military appointments just before H&M left the toxicity behind in March 2020. Then, it drastically continued with pulling Harry’s royal protection officers in Vancouver. Even the RPOs were appalled, but they had to follow orders. In Spare, Harry mentions how he contacted his brother, incredulous. Willy merely blamed the government and told his brother that nothing could be done about it. Yeah, right. They were rubbing in the punishment, not caring if something bad happened to Harry’s family. They expected him to cave and to come crawling back. They expected that the continual aided and abetted attacks by the media and the cruel, underhanded punishments meted out against Harry by the firm, would force him to come crawling back. They apparently had no clue who and what they were dealing with. Harry & Meghan have a strong, deep love and a bond that only grew stronger with adversity. Many admirers everywhere, in particular the SS, keep the Sussexes in constant prayer. Meghan & Harry are seeds, and they are blessed. 🙌🏽

        * Not saying H&M are perfect. They are human and flawed, like us all. But they are also courageous role models who continue to conduct themselves with grace under horrendous, uncalled for attacks. At the same time, they have the wisdom and desire to work on themselves to be better humans, to heal from the crazy onslaught, to protect and guide their children responsibly, and above all, to make it their priority to give back to others in need. They do not puff themselves up in anger or fear, because they know what is happening to them is not just about them. They don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk and put their money and their service to others where their hearts are. In the process, they have taken a road less traveled… “And that has made all the difference. ”

        — Robert Frost, “The Road Not Taken”

    • SussexWatcher says:

      They’re just incredulous that Harry and Meghan are making bank, booked and busy and highly sought after, international stars, friends with celebrities and politicians, and have the Midas touch when it comes to projects and success.

      They are incredulous that Harry and Meghan succeeded instead of what the derangers, rota rats, and Leftover Royals predicted – broke, alone, failures, and begging to come back. That’s what this is ALL about. They really fantasized (with all those comics in the papers) that Harry and Meghan would show up on the palace doorstep begging for money or working at a fast food counter. They’re delusional!

      Chuckles thought he’d make a power move by taking their legally leased (and paid for!) home, cutting off their already agreed upon funding and telling the lunatics their location. He thought they’d have no choice but to come crawling back. This is why they’re incredulous.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ SussexWatcher, I think we have a winner!!! Charles, but more importantly Billy the Basher, were certain that Harry, minus Meghan, would come to the US and fail miserably only to come on bender knee begging for forgiveness. I would bet money that Billy the Basher expected them to come running back and begging for forgiveness as Billy envisioned himself in Harry’s position to venture out on his own. Had Billy an ounce his own current self worth, or reality, he would have realized that as he played as Heir, Harry had built his own empire already. If anyone should be ashamed and disgusted by themselves, it should be Charles as he isn’t looking too good lately.

      • Xedos says:

        What they really want is for Harry to return without Meghan and the kids.
        If Harry return alone, all will be forgiven. They don’t even care about about the kids.

    • Deborah says:

      The Palace once again mistakes the word clueless for incredulous. This lot couldn’t find their arses with both hands, a compass, and a map. H&M were evicted from their home, run out of the country, and gave up Royal work. What’s there to be incredulous about?

    • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

      they must be joking. The head clown kicks out his son from his house, cuts him off financially and stops any security around him, his wife and his children, they get a freedom flight in the other side of the world for 4 years, are making a living, built a life, and they’re incredulous that Harry is living in the US? Are these people idiots? (Spoiler) Yes

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Exactly @Tessa. Why? Man changes his country of residency to the country of residency that he’s been living in the past 4 plus years. This is newsbreakin stuff. Especially after his Pa kicked him out of his beloved home his grandma, who was Queen for over 70 gifted him. Shrugs.

      Another difference between American and English language.

      In America, a gift is something that is given to you and is yours. In the BRF, a gift is performative. It’s not yours BUT it’s a gift that is not yours. My heart is warming up evermore./s

  2. equality says:

    So what are people supposed to think when they buy KC and PW’s merchandise? That they can be royal?

    • Swaz says:

      What they are not supposed to thing is that LIVING A ROYAL LIFE ON THE BACKS OF THE POOR TAXPAYERS IS THE GRUBBIEST OF ALL 🧐🧐🧐

    • Lorelei says:

      @Equality, IKR, I laughed out loud at “grubby commercial venture” because they were just boasting less than a week ago about how much jam Charles was selling 😂

  3. Eurydice says:

    Lol, the only thing they can’t believe is that Harry managed to get out and make a blazing success of his life, while they’re stuck in a dying institution.

    • Agnes says:

      Exactly. And I can’t think of anything “grubbier” than grifting off tax payers and getting paid 200k a day (or whatever the ridiculous amount is) to cosplay like you care (but can’t be bothered to wear a hairnet or gloves or even turn on the hob.) Actual work is noble not grubby.

    • SouthAfricanGirl says:

      Ouch. But oh so true.

  4. Nubia says:

    These grace and favour homes are really a ticking time bomb. I wish the Queen had put in writing complete ownership of Frogmore to the Sussexes. What good is a wedding ‘gift’ if it can be snatched right back. Harry needs to sue for his home back.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      What she should have done was purchase them a home completely separate to any royal properties, like she did for Anne. And then gift that to them. She couldn’t really gift them something belonging to the crown and she should have known how feckless her son and grandson are. She should have known Chuckles wouldn’t honor her wishes or even a legally binding lease. And now the house just sits empty proving that it was all for spite and not what they claimed at the time, that the property shouldn’t sit empty.

      I just really hope that behind the scenes the Sussexes (and I think it was primarily Meghan’s money, right?) have been paid back in full for every single pound they paid to renovate and decorate that house. I’m sure the Sussexes are just looking forward but I hope they’ve been compensated for what they paid out.

    • Lolo86lf says:

      If it’s not in writing it didn’t happen. Perhaps the queen never thought that her son would evict his own son out Frogmore and that’s why she didn’t deed it to Harry. So her wedding gift was more like a temporary shelter to Harry and family. I don’t think Harry has grounds for suing the king.

      • Scorpio says:

        Agreed. But he should be compensated for the cost to renovate.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Scorpio, Charles should reimburse Harry and Meghan as you know PoDoin’Nothin’ has stripped it down to the studs.

        QEII should have known as Charles has been walking around with that chip on his shoulder for 70+ years!

    • Kingston says:

      It wasnt a “grace-and-favor” home, tho. It doesnt fall into that category. According to wiki:

      “A grace-and-favour home is a residential property owned by a monarch by virtue of his or her position as head of state and leased, often rent-free, to persons as part of an employment package or in gratitude for past services rendered.”

      So obviously, Frogmore Cottage was NOT grace-and-favor housing offered to H&M by Betty.

      As H tells the story in Spare of how they got Frogmore Cottage: during M’s pregnancy he began to seek new and bigger housing (than tiny NottCott) for their growing family. Before going to Betty, he had been dealing with the courtiers who had made a few suggestions of housing which H said didnt appeal to him and M because they were ostentatious and expensive.

      So he approached Betty who, of course, would have the final say anyway. Thats when she mentioned Frogmore Cottage: that it was due for renovation; that it was an ugly construction site at that moment; but they could go have a look and if they liked it, she would fast-pace the construction so it would be ready before the baby was born.

      While H didnt go into the details of the financial arrangements regarding Frogmore, as we have subsequently learned, not only were they paying MARKET RATES for the rental of it, but in addition to the 2.4M Pnds that it cost to turn the structure into a 5-bedroom family home which was the monarch’s DUTY to renovate and maintain that particular property, H&M ALSO invested a further US$3M into making it their home AND, IN ADDITION to that upfront spend, they ALSO paid off the first year’s rent IN ADVANCE.

      H&M lived in Frogmore Cottage from just about a month or 2 before Archie was born in May 2019, until they fled the country just before American thanksgiving in November 2019.

      The NEVER lived there as a family again.

      HOWEVER, having paid a year in advance, they still had control of the property and when the lease came up for renewal by mid-2020 they again paid for the year IN ADVACE. Which is why they had the authority to loan it to Eugenie and Jack for that period when they lived there.

      The question as to whether they were pushed out (non-renewal of the lease or eviction by chuckyThe TURD) or they decided not to continue throwing away all that money for nothing, remains unclear to us.

      What we do know, however, is that instead of being able to recoup the US$3M that they had spent in making the interior cute and homey, they had to REPAY. THE. MONARCH. for the 2.4M Pnd cost of renovation works THAT. WAS. THE. MONARCH’S. DUTY. TO. PERFORM!!!

      And then those criminals in palaces had the gall to SMILE and say in their 2022 annual report that, due to H&M, the Institution has been left with a “valuable asset.”

      But I hear that nature is reclaiming it as we speak. Because it remains unoccupied, unloved and uncared for (along with several other properties the monarch owns) as a result of their dwindling numbers.

      May they CHOKE on it.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ 💯 👌🏽 @Kingston, Thanks for this well-researched, fact-based summary regarding Frogmore Cottage and the Sussexes.

      • 1960tlm says:

        @Kingston, thank you for sharing that information. I never new that H&M had paid all of that money. So no matter where they lived Charles and William were making it difficult for them financially. Even if they had stayed in England it still would have been an extreme hardship. Charles & William deserve each other, two of the most disgusting pathetic losers this world has ever known. They will bring down the Monarchy, a 1000 year institution, because of their ignorance, arrogance & greediness for power and fame.

    • Lorelei says:

      I know that both Harry and Meghan cared a lot about the Queen and still hold her in high regard, but I’ve always wondered why.
      There were SO MANY ways she could have helped them, but didn’t. In some cases, as with the house, as well as a stern word to the BM about laying off her grandson and granddaughterIL, she was the ONLY person in the position to help, the only one who had enough influence to change things, but she never did. Not even once. She didn’t lift a damn finger to make things easier for them when they were still in the UK.

      • windyriver says:

        @Lorelei – TQ (and other senior royals) doesn’t handle these types of things herself, that’s what the private secretary and other courtiers/staff are for. And as of late 2017, her PS was Charles’ man, Edward Young. I suspect H&M were aware, once Philip retired to Wood Farm and Geidt was bounced as her PS, TQ was increasingly being manipulated (viper Angela Kelly was around as well) and her power diminished. Harry talked in the doc and in Spare about how TQ invited them to stay at Sandringham when they went to the UK in early 2020, but Young then told her, no, she wasn’t free like she thought – and then was in the room listening when Harry called to ask what was going on. We don’t know how long she was ill; recall the interview around Invictus Hague when Harry said they wanted to make sure TQ had the right people around her. There was that photo of her coming out of church, where no one bothered to make sure her coat was buttoned properly before photos were taken. I always wondered if Harry told her at some later point, don’t worry about us, we can deal with all this. That’s what I would’ve done with a sick, elderly relative.

        Having said all this, the arrangements for H&M around the Jubilee were curious. TQ reportedly sent her own security for them, and it had to have been TQ who set up that church entrance. Charles wouldn’t have done it. She must have had some bargaining power there.

        In any event, it’s clear from the doc that Meghan has very warm memories of her, and H&M were very careful post-Oprah to make sure to say the racist comments didn’t come from TQ or Philip.

      • aftershocks says:

        Exactly @WindyRiver 💯. The Queen was in her 90s. What little power she had was diminshed, as she increasingly ceded power to Chuck and his minions. Plus, she was ill. People in their 90s tend to sleep a lot, too, as they slow down more.

        Another factor is that the Queen grew up in a different era. She could not change who she was or how she viewed the monarchy. She relied on her courtiers and on the men in government to guide her. Harry understood all of this. It’s a shame though, that the government was always also involved in the Queen’s personal family matters, albeit Philip was in charge of most domestic family dealings until his later years.

  5. Nanea says:

    It’s not like Jealous Chuck, Vindictive Side Piece, Racist SIL and Bulliam the Incandescent Puncher didn’t work hard, together with the 🐀🐀🐀, to get rid of H&M&A&L.

    That the Sussexes would succeed wasn’t a factor in their shenanigans. Too bad, so sad.

    And again a prime example of the Rota creating the news instead of reporting the facts.

  6. Proud Mary says:

    Thousands of years later, archeologists and historians have discovered nations that were composed solely of female warriors: the Dahomey Amazons, the Boudicas, the Fu Hao’s, etc. Thousands of years from now, the UK excavation will reveal entire tribes made up purely of female drama queens, including Ms. Platell, and their leader will be noted as one Maureen Eden.

  7. JENNIFER says:

    So we have resorted to classism? Why do Charles’s customers buy his grubby jams and rent his drafty houses, do they think they’ll be royals? What about William and his Duchy of Cornwall horses? Or is hypocrisy fine as long as you insult Harry and Meghan?

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Classism is the royal brand and this piece reeks of it.

      • Mario says:

        Classicism is the UK brand. Has been for a very long time. When I worked there it was breathtaking how ingrained it was. People “warning” me about (and openly making fun of) accents from less affluent or educated places, or, without prompting explaining to me where a new hire was from/where they were educated in middle and high school years/what car they drove/what their families did/etc. as if any of that had ANYTHING to do with their ability to do the thing relevant to us.

        This was a huge thing when people talked about who their children were dating, too.

        But most relevant here was how different it is from the US, where we love someone starting out poor and ending up rich, for the most part. The “American Dream.” My more affluent colleagues could tell me every person we worked with/in their village who was “new” money or who came from working class roots and boy did they RESENT them. One family was a guy who ran a successful auto shop chain and they never let me forget that his kids, born and reared there and educated at public (we say private) schools there, weren’t from a proper family.

        The next village over, a northern pop star from working class roots bought property and youl would have thought she’d painted her house neon and sent flaming poo to each of her neighbors, the way they talked about her and her children.

        I think of this all the time when I remember Meghan is an American biracial commoner, actress, child of a union TV crew member and black woman (that’s all that’s relevant to them about Doria), who never attended exclusive UK schools and wasn’t born into their version of class, and yet, somehow married into the most exclusive class level there is in the UK, where class distinctions matter…. WHERE SHE THRIVES. It’s unforgivable to them as it upends everything about their system and its rules, and she will never be allowed peace.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Wow! 😳 While I certainly already knew the truth of this @Mario, I thank you for spelling it out so clearly, succinctly, and with the clear-eyed starkness such vile, viciously cruel, and outdated class-based snobbery deserves!

      • Lorelei says:

        Tall Poppy Syndrome is alive and well in Britain!

    • MrsCope says:

      @jennifer they are totally doubling AND tripling down on classism. They’re mocking them for… earning a living, for being multifaceted individuals who can support communities AND enjoy life’s simple pleasures. They’re conveniently ignoring the fact that they are serving on a global platform instead of the shadowy corner they had allocated on the UK. Guess what, you can drink champagne, look fabulous, love your family, be happy AND raise $1 million for young people in Africa living with Aids. But they walked away from the Royal Family, what a shame… (Sarcasm)

    • bisynaptic says:

      Yes, their problem is that the business models are too similar.

  8. Lili says:

    I’m incredulous at their incredulity 🤣😂 what did they expect would happen at some point he would accept the position he is in. Did they expect him to beg and grovel? He is fighting for security so he hasn’t given up on the UK yet that would be when he stops fighting for his rights in the UK

  9. KT says:

    This is obviously all nonsense, but it was made perfectly clear by Harry that he wasn’t up being a working Royal to earn money, he did it to keep his family safe and sane.

    His first choice would have been for them to be within the fold as long as ‘safe and sane’ could be achieved. That was made impossible, so now he is doing what the rest of us have to do to achieve that.

    It’s incredibly insulting to the rest of us to suggest that working for a living is ‘grubby’. Particularly since Harry is not the only Royal who has to do so!

    • BeanieBean says:

      That last bit was just so insulting & disgusting, from start to finish; from the ‘revelation’ of the incredulity, through the ‘grubby’ commercial venture where us dimwits will buy ARO items hoping to be royal like Meghan & have the audacity to dream of living in a lovely place like Montecito. 🤢🤮🤬

  10. Izzy says:

    Of course they are. Lying grifters are absolutely shocked when… *checks notes* a company files accurate paperwork.

  11. janey says:

    that whole family is a commercial venture. William is building houses on his land so he can charge rent therefore becoming a landlord (read: end homelessness), Charlie boy sells his jams and chutneys and chocolate and honours, Andrew and Fergie have done nothing but sell themselves for cash since they got married. there are shops in all the palaces for crying out loud. and they are all grubby ones, pretending to be above it. honestly if I wasn’t so annoyed I’d be laughing.

    • Eurydice says:

      Let’s not forget Kate’s family and their business ventures.

      • Lorelei says:

        Good point! I remember CarolE often being extolled for managing to do so well with her “grubby commercial venture,” started at her kitchen table.

  12. Krista says:

    Wow, way to insult all the regular people who do the “grubby” work of commercial ventures. These people really believe there is some magic fairy dust that makes you special just because they have a title in front of their name.

    • Jais says:

      Right? Oh noooo. He’s engaging in commercial ventures! That’s just not a big deal to most Americans. It’s not seen as a bad thing. The man is making a living to support his family. And?

      • Miranda says:

        Right? Most Americans actively appreciate people who take that kind of initiative. Especially when it’s taken by someone who could’ve coasted through life on inherited wealth and prestige. Not that it’s just Americans, of course. I know some Brits who are avowed republicans, but have developed a newfound respect for Harry in light of what he’s accomplished since he left the UK.

    • ML says:

      Yeah, “grubby” is a loaded term and it’s doing some heavy lifting in this sentence: “For a grubby commercial venture designed to make ordinary people think that by buying Meghan’s jams and yoga mats they can enjoy the kind of celebrity life she lives in Montecito.” There is no way to interpret a “commercial venture” as anything positive or other than bad, and as you mentioned, it’s how most people make a living. Interesting that Meghan lives a celebrity lifestyle in Montecito—who is her husband again?! TQ is an a-hole.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Well, right! They didn’t even get Harry’s gigs correct: Travalyst, BetterUp, Invictus Games, the best selling memoir OF ALL TIME, the polo series, & I’ve probably left out a few things. The point is, they think they’re insulting Harry but they’re actually going after Meghan. Which is of course insulting to Harry. Do facts no longer matter in reporting? Oh, who am I kidding, they’re not reporting on either, they’re engaging in hate speech & propaganda.

      • Lorelei says:

        @ML, exactly, what ARO is meant to be is “aspirational” and this idiot knows it, but of course she just had to find the most negative word possible since she was talking about Meghan. (And also manages to insult Meghan’s fans, implying we’re all stupid enough to think we’ll be exactly like Meghan just because we like her enough to buy stuff from her 🙄)
        Vogue magazine is possibly the *most* aspirational thing I can think of, and Kate was happy to be on its cover. So hypocritical. As usual.

  13. Dee(2) says:

    Hmm. So what do the royals want people to think that buy from Duchy Originals or High Grove brands? Or from companies with Royal Warrants? Why do they all express shock that he “sees his future solely in the US with Meghan” his wife?!! You took away his home, and you won’t even let him PAY for security. Also yes it’s a totally commercial venture like Archewell is a philanthropic venture. They have to eat too, don’t you Tom Quinn?

  14. Mina_Esq says:

    From a strictly practical perspective, he literally doesn’t have a residence in England. I wish someone would ask these people exactly what address is he supposed to list? His dad wouldn’t even let him stay over at the palace when he visited.

    • equality says:

      Really. Had he listed any royal residence, they definitely would have had a fit over that also.

    • s808 says:

      Like…he literally has no home in the UK. Nowhere to safely lay his head at night. I know these people are just trying to hit their word count or whatever but incredulous? seriously?

    • VADER says:

      These fools probably expect him to pitch a tent and live in someone’s backyard. How dare he have 100 bathrooms in his Montecito home…

    • Gabby says:

      I think they expected him to run back to the UK and buy a place. Maybe bring the kids and let them spend the afternoon with the RR while the realtor takes him around.

  15. Tina says:

    Does this mean this is the end of all of the ‘Harry wants to return to royal duties’ stories??? If so I’m here for it!!!! Who knew one form could be so impactful.

    • Dee(2) says:

      Honestly I think this is the true source of their incredulity. I’m sure in a lot of press offices, and probably a few whispered conversations between private secretaries, who absolutely know what’s going on with William and Kate, they realized he’s really not coming back is he? Even after all that they have done, they’ve been treating him like a teenager having a tantrum rather than an adult saying you can’t treat me like this. All of this ties together. Trying to get him off the African parks board, trying to ruin any business ventures, trying to get Invictus back there, not allowing with him security or a home but offering him to stay on Royal grounds, the nonsense with the heritage Foundation. All of it designed to attack all aspects of his life away from the Royal fold to force him no other option, no way to make money, make him toxic to associate with,and to have to come back and put forth all of his good ideas, contacts, and general goodwill into righting their sinking ship.

      • MsDoe says:

        Dee(2) — Well stated.
        But they grossly underestimated him and his wife, and the strength of their union. He has an internal fortitude and charisma they can’t begin to fathom, because no one in that family has anything comparable — or has exhibited something like it in many generations. His mother gave him a powerful legacy, and his life partner only further nurtures and strengthens it. They had no clue, and still seem somewhat stunned.

      • StarWonderful says:

        This life-long harassment is what happens to people who leave a cult.

      • JEB says:

        “@starwonderful This life-long harassment is what happens to people who leave a cult.”

        THIS ALL DAY LONG!! 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻

    • Amy Bee says:

      @Tina: Let’s hope so.

  16. Miranda says:

    What I want to know is, how was there ever any doubt that Harry and Meghan would be successful outside the RF? Harry has always had more charisma than anyone else in the family, save for his mother, and was already respected for his military service and charity work. Meghan, while (previously) less famous, is intelligent, well-educated, and has a natural warmth that everybody who has ever worked with her has praised. They’re both insanely hardworking. The only way anyone could ever doubt their potential is if they believed that being born in a certain order to a particular person somehow made you magical and determined your entire worth.

    But that would just be ridiculous.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Merit is not a concept royals understand. It’s so completely alien to them that their brains shut down in response to any suggestion that some things should be based on merit. Or that some people navigate life based on it.

      • Lily Sykes says:

        @Brassy Rebel, The royals understand merit—they just assume they’re the only ones who have it. The so-called “magnificent 7” are deeply mistaken.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Miranda, the family always underestimated Harry, especially his intelligence. Then they underestimated Meghan, too.

      I LOVE that they’re finding out the hard way* just how wrong they were (:

      (*at the same time they’re finding out how worthless the Leftovers are!)

      • windyriver says:

        @Lorelai – consider too, the RF (with the Foreign Office?) still sent Harry all over (Harry said he must’ve visited at least half the Commonwealth), pushing him to the edge of burnout, because the lazy heir wouldn’t shift his royal arse to work. Thus, Harry learned the skills and made the connections he needed to find success outside the royal bubble. And despite the dark side of relentless media exposure, the continuing worldwide level of publicity boosts the profile of both the Sussexes’ humanitarian and commercial projects.

        TPTB created what they feared. No one but themselves to blame. It’s a beautiful thing.

  17. Oh come on. says:

    Landlord: [evicts tenant]

    Landlord: “Why have you changed your address?”

  18. Brassy Rebel says:

    I honestly think that when they removed all options for him to live in the UK he would just sleep rough until he got tired of it. Then they envisioned him crawling back. It’s now obvious even to their tiny pea brains that’s not going to happen so 😭.

    • Amy Bee says:

      This is exactly what they wanted to happen to Harry. I think Charles still behaves it will happen.

    • blueberry says:

      “You’ll be back like before
      I will fight the fight and win the war
      For your love, for your praise
      And I’ll love you ’til my dying days
      When you’re gone, I’ll go mad
      So don’t throw away this thing we had
      ‘Cause when push comes to shove
      I will k*ll your friends and family to remind you of my love
      Da-da-da, dat-da, dat, da-da-da, da-ya-da”

      (in my head every time I read one of these delusional stories)

  19. s808 says:

    “given up being a working royal for this”

    ‘This’ being a wonderful social life with friends that feel like family, his own business and ventures that afford him is own income and autonomy. A loving wife who’s literally been through Hell and back with him and 2 lovely kids who are safe and can grow up out of the spotlight. I guess for people who value power and reaching the top of the pyramid over anything else think all of ‘this’ isn’t worth it. But Harry’s been there and knows it’s not worth his family’s safety or sanity.

    • Interested Gawker says:

      Exactly! That polo weekend shows Harry has a fulfilling life full of love and hugs, friends, sport, good works, the ability to utilize his talents and is an appreciated and respected ‘global citizen’. If the rapacious BM and his vindictive brother would call off their harassment the Sussexes life would be genuinely perfect. They wanted him to fail, put all their energy into sabotage and raising the threat level of harm against them, took Frogmore away and can’t stand that they failed in their mission. They are so greedy and controlling they can’t even see Harry and Meghan are walking the royal walk, bringing honour to that family every time they ‘win’. The BRF and their BM press minions can’t accept that and want to destroy them. It’s tragic.

  20. Oh come on. says:

    Working for a living is “grubby”.

    Living your whole life off handouts from your mercurial, wealthy father and violent, jealous brother—now THAT’S dignity.

  21. Visa Diva says:

    And if he didn’t update his address as he’s required to do, they’d yell about corporate malfeasance

    • QuiteContrary says:

      They couldn’t spell corporate malfeasance.

      Heeding the rules everyone else has to follow isn’t part of their DNA.

  22. Shoemiracle says:

    This conversation is so annoying to me because you can’t just arbitrarily pick where your residency. While there may have been special rules for a prince, residency is determined by the number of days you spend in a particular country or jurisdiction. I know this because when I split my time between the US and the UK I had to meticulously count the days I spent in each country to determine if I was a resident for tax purposes. Also, while benign companies house filings are technically regulatory filings and Harry’s residency probably should have been updated well before the Frogmore eviction date. But I love a petty prince so using that date was amazing to me.

    • Eurydice says:

      I love the idea of petty, but it might just be that Harry used Frogmore as his permanent residence in the Travalyst filing and the end of June was the true end date of his UK residency.

    • rosa mwemaid says:

      I don’t think it was petty, the day he lost the house is the day that the US became his primary residence.

  23. Amy Bee says:

    Is the press just upset that they don’t get a chance to criticise Harry for continuing to state his residence as the UK? It’s the only explanation for the press outrage. He doesn’t have a home in the UK so what else is supposed to put on his forms. I saw the Sun royal correspondent asking why Harry doesn’t have an office at BP or a place at St James place? I mean why is the press behaving like they’re stupid?

    • Tina says:

      It makes it harder for them to write stories that Harry is desperate to return to the UK. They love the idea he is sitting in his mansion with 875 bathrooms yearning for salty island.

    • ABritGuest says:

      I think this is just bs from this royal “expert”. I do think that the palace are incredulous that their machinations & press bullying hasn’t destroyed Harry and Meghan’s union & caused Harry to submit & return to the royal fold. But I think this big fuss about the address is just because it ruins their recent fan fiction that Harry wants to help out as a part time royal

    • Jais says:

      The BM doesn’t want Harry to be completely cut-off. They prefer somewhat cut-off with a bunch of opportunities for snubbing. Charles went too far when he evicted the Sussex family from Frogmore. It’s Charles they should be angry at. Or Anne😂. If it’s true that the eviction was her idea.

      • aftershocks says:

        I kinda doubt the eviction was Anne’s idea. I think she was thrown under-the-bus on this. Or perhaps, she dutifully volunteered to silently take the blame for her big bro, C-Rex-III.

  24. Mads says:

    How has this guy emerged from the swamp to become the latest “expert” on everything Harry and Meghan related? From what I can see, he authored a couple of books (one on Alice Keppel, Edward VII mistress and the other on Billy Tallon, the Queen Mother’s favourite servant) and got the odd gig doing commentary and now he’s jumped on the Harry and Meghan negative speculation to earn his coins.

  25. KeKe Swan says:

    As you said:
    They. Are. The. Reason. This. Happened.

    I’ll just add: CRY HARDER!!!

  26. Lau says:

    Charles thought his son would come back crawling and begging to be given some other accomodation but Charles is also an idiot who thought his second son is as stupid as the first one.

  27. Mairzy Doats says:

    In their eyes Harry’s success sets a bad precedent as it will make it that much harder to control younger royals as they realize that there are more options than just remaining in the cult.

    • StarWonderful says:

      Exactly, Mairzy!

    • Tina says:

      It also gives the younger generations a powerful and wealthy ally outside of the firm and the UK. I can’t see the Wales kids walking away (knowing that they would be exiled) but they have a place that they could run away to if they needed it. Basically he could be their Tyler Perry.

  28. Mary Pester says:

    So, Harry hasn’t come back, won’t come back, isn’t broke, isn’t unhappy, IS happy, IS thriving, IS popular, IS successful, isn’t incandescent, ISN’T jealous, isn’t workshy and ISN’T beholden to any fkr in the UK, especially the rancid Royals or the toxic media. When are the likes of platell, quin, LEVIN and Maureen going to WAKE UP, and realise that they have written their own wage cheques with their trolling of all things Harry and Megan, and every month it’s getting less and less, cry harder suckers, you have earned every MINUS penny

  29. Shawna says:

    The grubby industry is the rota rats’ own.

  30. Mary Pester says:

    OK the word “grubby”, has just upended my T pot.
    I have to be very careful as I need to protect my friends job. But here goes. How would you feel if a person you really trusted betrayed you in the worse possible way. (I must point out here that a nickname was used to hide the female in questions identity), and to make the hurt even more painful, you found out that many of your *friends were in on it!
    See this is what happens when love and trust are irretrivably broken. Despair takes over and even the strongest of men END IT ALL.!! Was it guilt that made the “, third party”, miss a memorial service or are the incapable of feeling guilt. Could the “third party’s” wife have decided “fk you”, this is the last straw and I won’t support you in public ever again,! But I do know for a FACT that can be verified, none of the poor cuckholds family attended his inquest, but, a SENIOR MEMBER of the Royal household did. Now was this to insure nothing came out?? +

  31. lanne says:

    Royals and royalists really need to do one thing: ffs, stop underestimating those people you deem beneath you! It makes you look like the out of touch ratchets you clearly are, and not like the elitists you deem yourselves to be.

    • Deering24 says:

      They _have_ to underestimate everyone not like them. It’s what their entire identity is based on. And since they believe they make their own reality, it comes as one brutal shock when the real world drops a bomb on them.

  32. garrity says:

    I am reminded of the degree to which elder generations in my family were fussy about their dishes. Oh, no! We can’t use the good china! It must sit on a shelf, resplendent and untouched, to prove that we have class and dignity – if we used it, got it all ‘grubby,’ we wouldn’t be classy.

    I mean, I guess? But what good is a dish on a shelf that never serves any nourishment?

    The Windsors are going to continue to produce gnarled withered narcissistic souls, one after another, until they learn that humans don’t thrive on a shelf, serving no one. Look at their Dutch counterparts: they have meaningful work. The King flies people around in airplanes! The Queen supports microloan programs at the UN! And they’re not massive jackasses, because they are allowed to be humans, not just status symbols kept behind glass.

  33. Pam says:

    This is so INSANE. What part of “he doesn’t live in the UK anymore” do they not understand? His only residence in the UK was snatched from him, with the stupid excuse that he’s not there enough—never mind the fact that a lot of royal residences stay empty a good chunk of the year.

  34. rosa mwemaid says:

    To claim to live anywhere else would have been a lie, and on a charity form probably illegal. The King has successfully kicked his son, whom he claims to love, out of the country.

    • Kingston says:

      Isnt this quite the twisted fck-up and the height of hypocrisy. But oh so on brand for Toxicbritain: the m0r0ns on fleet street and in palaces are in-step with the jokers in the heritage foundation who hv decided that H lied on his visa appli and so they want the visa appli revealed, to see if their belief is true.

      Forget the backassward nature of that intrusion and consider: they want to prove that H lied; but here is H ensuring that he does NOT lie, regarding his true address and those twits on Backwater Isle have resorted to screaming crying throwing up and rending their garments in deNILE!

  35. Fwiw says:

    And would also explain KP saying 3rd-party’s missing a memorial service was not because of someone else’s death, since KP issues opposites of truth.

    Sick-Kate-on-bench did seem to support William in public again. Further evidence that it wasn’t really Kate?

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      fwiw, that video will always be suspect to me. I wonder if the bm/brf really think that H&M can provide the type of cover that will be needed when the truth comes out? What a bunch of delusional folks.

  36. Isabella says:

    I’m assuming that for tax purposes, he has to list his residence as the U.S.

    • Eurydice says:

      Well, for UK filing purposes. All the directors have to file their country of residence and a mailing address. Harry has to file as owner of 75% of the shares.

  37. kelleybelle says:

    Tough ass, you all brought it on yourselves. Shut up about it, FFS.

  38. TheOriginalMia says:

    So much gaslighting. Like be for real, BM & BRF! Charles took their home from them. The Grey Men won’t allow Harry to opportunity to pay for his security. William continues to be the worst sibling ever. It shouldn’t surprise anyone on Salty Isle why Harry considers his home in America where he’s resided peacefully for 4 years.

  39. Deering24 says:

    “… no one can quite believe the fifth in line to the throne has given up being a working royal for this.”

    Um … er… oh, forget it. Way too much stupid in that sentence. Harry is way more productive now than he ever would have been allowed to be as a “working royal.”

  40. one of the marys says:

    Was it a slap in the face? Are they holding their cheek, incredulous? Or has all the slapping stopped by now?

  41. VilleRose says:

    He’s been gone for 4 years. How much longer are they going to be incredulous for? They still gonna be banging on about their “shock” and “confusion” 10 years post Sussexit?

  42. Underhill says:

    So, after a few years Willy and his “Lucy” will get together publicly and it will be said that, as widow and widower, they consoled each other and so an affection was born. Ugh.

  43. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    I don’t think it’s the commercial success that the royals are jealous of, it’s the Sussexes’ popularity. Sure, the royal sycophants can manipulate polls to show how “popular” Charles and William are, but they don’t get the same response from actual, live people that Harry and Meghan get. The royals want (but don’t get) that same tangible adoration from crowds, and it’s killing them on the inside.

    • aftershocks says:

      Right @Mrs.Krabapple 💯 The firm’s main principals have always exhibited jealousy over the starshine and popularity of family members, e.g., Chuck of Diana, and William of Harry. At the same time, it’s quite obvious that the firm do not want H&M to be commercially successful either. They thought it would be so easy to destroy them and to ruin their love for each other. Nope. #LoveWins

  44. Kingston says:


    I used to feel this way too, even after her death. But knowing tht both H&M steadfastly supported her and after reading Spare, I now understand.

    Consider: it was in April 2022 tht H told the world, in his brief intvw with Hoda, tht he & M popped into the UK to see betty (before travelling on to the Netherlands IG) because he wanted to make sure she had the right people around to care for her. Rmbr how tht made the sycophants apoplectic?😁

    Consider also: H said in Spare tht the Bee, Wasp & Fly were Machiavellians who had so usurped the monarch’s power tht they thought of THEMSELVES as the monarch.

    And also consider: given tht we know they are wont to issue statements & sign the names of unsuspecting people to those statements (they did it to H) and we all suspect chucky did it to betty for the benefit of his side piece, who is to say how many times they did it to betty throughout her 90s.

    2 things stand out for me to solidify my belief tht betty was completely puppeteered throughout the last decade of her life:

    – the shameful response of the institution & their fleet street accomplices to Princess Lilibet Diana’s name reveal;

    – and tht statement tht was issued supposedly by betty in defense of PM Johnson’s wife when she was pregnant, in stark contrast to no support for M, neither when she was pregnant nor at any other time.

    The Machiavellians were in complete control.

    H&M knew this very well. Which is why they were the only ones in that family to truly mourn her passing. Bcos they knew how disrespected, used & abused she was during the last yrs of her life.

  45. bisynaptic says:

    “…no one can quite believe the fifth in line to the throne has given up being a working royal for this. For a grubby commercial venture designed to make ordinary people think that by buying Meghan’s jams and yoga mats they can enjoy the kind of celebrity life she lives in Montecito.”
    —Yes it’s quite shocking. Much better for ordinary people to believe that, by supporting the monarchy, they can (vicariously) enjoy the kind of celebrity life the royals live, in their various palaces.

  46. Lady Digby says:

    Please note from attached Guardian report on the opening of the Kingston inquest that the inquest was then adjourned to a later date YET to be fixed. This is standard to give usually 6 months for an investigation to be carried out and appropriate witness statements and forensic tests completed. Please note any witness called are legally obliged to attend and will be questioned under oath.
    Both the widow and parents are likely to be called and answer searching questions at the full inquest at which the press can be present.,are%20legally%20obliged%20to%20attend

    • Lady Digby says:

      Another link which includes 2 leaflets to help people called to attend a Coroner’s Court understand what to expect and the right of the bereaved to ask questions. There is also a jury to decide upon a verdict of how the deceased died.
      The purpose is to understand, as far as possible from all available evidence, what are all the relevant factors that lead to the death. It is about establishing the truth and witness are questioned under oath.

  47. CM says:

    The British masses have short memories … for some things. Speak Kaiser!!!!!